My Top 5 Manifesting Secrets

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Life is meant to feel good.

We live in a time of fear and uncertainty, but that’s not how things are meant to be. We are meant to experience joy and serve one another in profound ways.

Wake up to your greatness

We change the world one loving, empowered thought at a time. Therefore, it’s critical that we claim our manifesting power with confidence and joy. When more people wake up to their greatness, we will attract what we desire and the world will have a radical shift.

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I want to guide you to wake up to your own greatness and attract what you desire. So  I’m giving away the recording of my live workshop where I teach you my top five manifesting secrets so that you can become a Super Attractor!

This workshop is free when you order my book Judgment DetoxI want to give you a preview of what you can expect in the workshop, so here’s a sneak peek at my top five manifesting secrets.

My top 5 manifesting secrets

1. The Universe always delivers

Every thought you have is a message you send to the Universe. The Universe is always responding to your thoughts, energy and emotions. Therefore, what you put out you will receive back — whether you want it or not. That’s why it’s really important to pay attention to the energy you’re putting out and learn how to raise your energetic vibration when it’s low.

2. It’s good to feel good

One of the biggest blocks to being a Super Attractor is our resistance to feeling good. We’ve all grown far more comfortable in a state of fear than in a place of joy and faith. We’ve learned to rely on fear as a way of protecting ourselves from being disappointed, hurt or triggered. In order to claim everything you attract, you need to welcome worthiness and happiness. You need to accept that struggle and pain aren’t required for growth, success or meaning. It’s good to feel good!

3. The more you tune in, the more you attract

have faith in the universe do less attract more|manifesting secretsMany people believe that we need to push and control to get what we want in life. Pushing is one of the greatest blocks to manifesting. Being a Super Attractor is about strengthening your faith, tuning in to the energy of love and allowing the Universe to catch up with your dreams!

When we tune in to the energy of love, we also dissolve the fear of not having enough. When you see yourself as not having enough, you invest in the illusion that there isn’t enough to go around.

Your true power lies in your capacity to tune in to the energy of love. When we learn how to cultivate a presence of peace, stillness and inspiration through conscious contact with the Universe, we get into alignment with the flow of well-being and attract what we desire.

4. Fun is the destination

having fun makes you a magnet for miracles|manifesting secretsJoy is the ultimate creator and the most powerful vibration we can embody! When you calibrate your energy to the experience of joy, you become a magnet for whatever you think about.

Going hand-in-hand with joy is appreciation. Appreciation dissolves all blocks to our power. When we’re in a state of appreciation we’re actively creating more of what we want and letting go of resistance.

5. Put out what you want to receive

Did you know you can clarify your desires through the power of intention? There are so many fun and creative ways to co-create with the energy of the Universe. (Creative visualization is one.)

The Universe is always guiding you to the highest good for all. Embracing the power of positive expectations allows you to embrace a sense of faithful knowing!

Join my 21-Day Manifesting Challenge

Join me and start the new year by learning how to turn what you want into the life you live! You’ll discover how to act in alignment with the energy of the Universe, allowing good things to flow to you easily and naturally.

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  1. Dear Gabby,

    I wish to manifest true love. In my desire to find it I have mistakenly believed I found it in wrong places. It is exhausting to be continuously heartbroken….

    I’d like to learn the most effective ways to bring myself out of the heavy sadness to a better, happier place. Also, how do I find the best way that resonates with me and in my heart to communicate with Universe and ask for what I desire in my life.

    Thank you Gabby.

  2. Hi Gabby,
    I have a question pertaining to the law of attraction vs. destiny.
    Let’s say that I’m currently implementing law of attraction techniques (i.e visualization, affirmations) in order to attract a soulmate, but I’m meant/destined to meet a soulmate at a later stage in my life rather than now. Does this imply that my manifestation efforts won’t come to fruition as I’m not meant to meet someone for the time being? If so, doesn’t that imply that destiny overrides the law of attraction? Or can we somewhat alter or ‘speed up’ our destiny by tapping into our free will via using law of attraction methods?

    More generally, will I not manage to attract something into my life If it isn’t aligned with my destiny?

  3. I love that your sign symbol is an Owl. I have a question about the ‘sign’ symbol I chose for myself. When I was reading that chapter in ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ I was sitting outside in a park, and birds were the first thing that came to mind (I’ve often had dreams I’m flying and feel I may have been a bird in a previous life). Owls have always been my thing but didn’t want to feel like I was copying Gabby so I looked down, saw a sparrow and that’s what I chose. However, I live in NYC and sparrows are fairly common. I see them frequently. I wonder if I chose poorly, something that would be giving me ‘false positives’ because it’s too common in my environment? I do enjoy seeing them when I walk around feeling like ‘oh I must be on the right path’ but I of course second guess my choice. What do you think?

    1. Does the sparrow as your sign resonate with you? You aren’t copying me to choose an owl. 🙂 If you have a very clear connection to owls and feel that they are a sign for you, follow that guidance. Reread the section on signs from The Universe Has Your Back and let it settle in. Honor your feelings. There will be no ambiguity when it comes to your sign.

      1. Yes, a sparrow does resonate with me. But I will reread the section on signs and check in. One of my biggest struggles is ‘hearing’ my intuition and being connected to it’s guidance so I’m often unsure whether what I’m feeling is guidance, ego, fear, ambiguity.

  4. These are good simple tips to remember. Lately I find that I am able to manifest well in certain areas of my life, and not in others. For instance, I manifested what I wanted with work. I asked for it specifically. And I got it. Even though, I am finding that the ‘you aren’t always happy when you get what you want’ idiom is true. Other areas of my life I feel ultimately blocked. I follow you, Abraham-Hicks and really am digging in to uncover everything that I am not allowing. This workshop sounds so wonderful I’m so sad to miss. It is the one night my company is hosting a event, and I have to attend. Are there any recordings or options that will be available otherwise?

  5. Hi! I’d like to attend your book launch in Ridgefield. Will you cover the “Top Five” during that event? I’d pre-order but the event includes copies of Judgment Detox!! ❤️

    1. Thanks for reaching out and for your support of my book launch! My lecture during book launch events will be different and focused on the lessons of the book. Book launch tickets are not applicable to the preorder event on November 30th. In order to get this bonus you’ll need to order another book (perhaps as a gift for a friend), but when you do this you can still get the event for free. 🙂 The course is valued at $149, but I’m offering it for the cost of a book.

  6. Gabby, this is your most profound work yet! I’m so excited to read this book and use each of these precious nuggets!! My favorite part of this post today is, “Your true power lies in your capacity to tune in to the energy of love.” I plan to work on that today in my classroom. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  7. As someone with anxiety I definitely feel like negative thoughts attract more negativity. I need to work on my own mindset and dark thoughts and the universe will follow suit.

    1. Just reach for whatever good thoughts feel most accessible when anxiety sets in. It can simply be, “I’m trying a new technique I learned from Gabby Bernstein. I have tools that can help me calm down and feel better.”

  8. I love all of this! I am coming to see you in Boston and will get a book then-which means no workshop to preorder. Is there another way to access it?
    Blessings! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reaching out and for your support of my book launch! Book launch tickets are not applicable to the preorder event on November 30th. In order to get this bonus you’ll need to order another book (perhaps as a gift for a friend), but when you do this you can still get the event for free. 🙂 The course is valued at $149, but I’m offering it for the cost of a book.

  9. Hi,

    Is it possible to attract a spesiffic person back, like ex-boyfriend?
    My boyfriend broke up with me after almost three and a half years relationship and I love him so much, I want us to be together again.


    1. Hi Jasmina, I deeply sympathize with this feeling of heartache. The Universe says yes to the feelings you put out, and it gives you exactly what you need when you are calibrated to a high frequency. That may mean you will reunite with your ex-boyfriend, but it may not. Trust that when you are in alignment with the Universe, that loving energy will give you just what you need in the time you need it, whether you consciously realize it or not. Reach for loving thoughts that truly make you feel good and excited and secure, including thoughts of non-romantic relationships. Raise your vibration and let the Universe know you are ready for love. Turn over that desire and know it will be taken care of. ❤️

  10. I live in a constant state of anxiety… my body is always in fight or flight. I struggle with always wanting to be perfect because I never feel good enough… ever! Whether it’s in my job, as a mother and as a partner. I had a nervous breakdown 18 months ago where everything just exploded, I had always kept everything supressed and just ‘managed’ my life. I’m trying incredibly hard to embrace all that is me but seem to be stuck in a cycle of self sabotage as I know what I should be doing to help myself daily (meditation and yoga) but I’m constantly battling my mind which appears to want to stay in this constant state of fear so I end up not doing what I should be doing, I then get very depressed because I cant break this cycle. I am plagued with self doubt, paranoia and constantly thinking that bad things are going to happen… I have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and OCD (unable to stop horrific thoughts) reeeaally need to get a grip of this as it has really affected my health-pysical and mental!

    1. I am so sorry to hear you’re going through such a difficult time, and I want you to know that I am holding you in my prayers. I recommend seeking some help from a therapist trained in EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing. I am a huge advocate of this therapy and have found it incredibly healing. You might prefer to find a traditional talk therapist as well or instead. Either way, when we are gripped by anxiety and OCD and other emotional and mental disorders, seeking help from a professional is often the most loving and enlightened thing we can do for ourselves. In the moment, this Kundalini meditation technique can also help you calm your mind. So can meditating with a mantra. Here are some other techniques to stop racing thoughts.

      I am sending you love and light.

  11. Beyond – (Phantasie)

    I need someone to take me by the hand,
    to take me into a new land,
    into the land of light,
    into the land of loving Spirit,
    beyond the mud
    into a spiritual land

    A beautiful fairy take me by the hand,
    lead me into this new-old land,
    with her loving wisdom,
    with her inner freedom,
    beyond the mud
    into a spiritual land.

    Every smile is a step,
    I am listening to the word.
    I try to heal the sick heart,
    sick for love, sick for light,
    beyond the mud
    into a spiritual land

    Between Earth and Heaven
    let us learn to movin’,
    always light on our hands,
    always full of loving hearts,
    beyond the mud
    into a spiritual land.

    Yesterday morning after a Little Meditation I wrote this. Don,t know if it makes sense,
    yeah, in some way for sure,….
    I want to dedicate it to you, Gabby – and everyone who likes it.
    Have a good day,

  12. I think is book and workshop couldn’t come st a better time. I’m going thorough a troubled relationship and need to get out but fear of being on my own with 3 kids is holding me back and money of course. I’m always trying to control everything. I need to let go and and let the universe play its part and I don’t know how. I know this book and workshop is s gift from God and will answer my questions. So I can experience happiness and true live again. Thank you Gaby your an angel.

  13. Hi Gabby!

    I would love to be a part of your workshop, but I live in Austria. I wait for the german translatet book. Hopefully I Do Not have to wait to long.

    Love, Sabine

  14. Sometimes If we are not feeling good, we are not being ourselves so Acting on our excitement Following our hearts with love and integrity is always a wise choice.
    Gabby let us know if you coming to Wanderlust LA anytime soon.
    The Universe loves you Gabby and so do I. Thank you for being a Light Warrior!

  15. Dear Gabby ,
    I look forward to your mails every Monday and your mails and books help me monitor my thoughts on not going negative . I am staying in Dubåi and desperately want to get your new book . Please suggest how I can get an access to it

  16. I was driving down a crowded LA boulevard trying to get to the bank by 5 pm. I wanted to deliver documents to the bank officer by the end of day so we could hit the ground running on something the next day. It wasn’t life or death but it’s something I really wanted to accomplish. At first I went into my Victim story getting annoyed with every single car that was an obstacle. As the clock a closer and closer to 5 p.m. my rage started to mount with every brake light I saw. Then a voice went off in my head and asked “Why do you believe that the Universe wants you to fail? Where does that belief system come from and why is it running your life right now?”

    I instantly calmed down and accepted the fact that I was probably not going to get to the bank by 5 pm. However I went to the bank anyway open to the possibility that the person I needed to deliver the documents to was still there. The nagging little naysayer said that bankers never stay a minute past 5 and that I was on an impossible mission. I politely told the naysayer to be quiet and I kept driving.

    When I got to the lobby of the bank the two security guards were telling me that I was on an impossible mission but one of them was kind enough to let me go up to the floor that I needed to be on. The security door was locked but it was glass and there was a man behind it and I just looked at him imploringly and told him that I just needed to drop something off. It was the boss of the man that I needed to drop the documents off to and he said he was heading up to his floor just now. It was so great to walk down to that Lobby empty-handed. It’s a small victory but very powerful for me because I usually get very wound up.

    1. The moment you accepted that whatever would happen would be okay and that you could handle it, you reorganized your energy and realigned with the Universe. Write this down in a journal – this is spiritual proof. You detoured into fear but were able to come back to love. A miracle.

  17. Hi gabby I’m really blessed that I’m getting an opportunity to manifest by you I wanna be healthy happy and financially be strong and as I’m in a sales profession I want to attract more positive clients and to attract people who help me in this profession in in to banking sales of personal loans so I want to attract people who provide me good data base where I can do good business and be a topper in my company please help me to manifest thank u gabby

    1. Join me on 11/30 for awesome guidance. These practices will help you attract all you want and use it for good.

  18. Gabby,
    I stumbled across your books a few months ago when I was going through a particularly rough patch. Lots of life changes in a very short period of time. I am grateful that you share your wisdom, faith, love, and encouragement with us. It has been a joy learning and experiencing that the universe really does have my back! I am SO excited you’re coming back to the city and for the workshop! I’ll be there in person 🙂

  19. Hey Gabby..I am inspired by your book The universe has your back..I love to manifest Abundance, a perfect partner and more success in my career

    1. I love it! Thank you. Join me for the Super Attractor workshop on 11/30 and you’ll ramp up your manifesting powers even more!!

  20. Hi Gabby,

    This is something I truly need. I am currently listening to Miracles May Happen to help me get over the feeling of not feeling worthy and unappreciated. I am also need an abundance of time and wealth so I can cut down on my job that pulls me away from my husband.

    Going through some tough times and looking forward to this.

  21. I’m at day 37 of miracles, it’s been perfect for where I am. After 20 years being a single mum, my children are independent and I find myself looking for ‘what next’. I’ve uprooted and moved to a new town and new work, however my purpose, my passion of instructing dance (Zumba) is still strong and the universe has provided once more. I would very much like to unblock my fear of relationships and find my soul mate.

    1. First I want to honor you for raising kids as a single mother and uprooting yourself to find your next adventure. That inspires me and I applaud you! The Universe is always saying yes, so dwell in the feelings of love you have for those people already in your life, and let yourself imagine how wonderful it will feel to meet your soul mate, knowing it will happen. You will raise your vibration very fast with these loving feelings. My MediDATING meditation album can help you go deeper with meditations for fearless romance.

  22. All I can say is thank you! You have changed my life in so many ways. Where I once lived in fear And doubt, I now live in forgiveness, happiness and peace. I try to choose daily to see things differently. It’s a constant struggle when your thoughts stray back to fear. Especially when Life tests you constantly.I’m raising 4 amazing kids from 18-8yrs. I am dealing with bullying , gossip, fear of the world we live in, and more. It’s so hard sometimes to be the strength and light for 4 other beings..
    I really can’t wait to read your new book. I read the Universe Has Your Back twice! Congrats and Thank you!!!

    1. Your thoughts will always detour back to fear. The question is: How quickly can you come back to love? Choosing daily, or even moment-to-moment, to see things differently and to align with the vibration of love will bring you back faster. Your kids are fortunate to have such a spiritual and deeply caring mother. xo

  23. I just need help hanging on to hope & foreseeing Joy and happiness. Going through a difficult time with career and marriage.
    Need any tips on pulling yourself up from the trenches!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. I’m holding you in my prayers. When you are deep in the trench, reach for any thoughts that feel good. For instance, you can say to yourself, “I’m reading Gabby Bernstein’s blog and it’s giving me hope. I’ve been courageous and committed to my spiritual path. I’m proud of myself.” No matter where you are on the emotional scale you can always reach to a higher vibration. Just keep it simple and reach for thoughts that feel better than the one you just had.

  24. Hi Gabby,

    Stumbled across your Instagram page and absolutely love it. Staying present in the now while still focusing on positive thoughts, being mindful of your words & what you put out into the universe is something I believe in, yet can’t seem to stay the course. Stress, work & life just happen. I am looking forward to this new book and the workshop. Thank you for doing this.

    1. You’ll love the workshop! So glad you’re joining me for it. Sticking to a spiritual path happens one step at a time. We get detoured by fear all the time, but we can come back quickly with practices like meditation, prayer, journaling and anything else that helps you realign with the energy of love. You may want to start with my book The Universe Has Your Back to strengthen your faith and see how completely you are supported. There’s an audiobook version, too. 🙂 Xo

      1. Thank you so much! I’m so ready to master this. I’ve struggled for a while now with trusting the power of my words and how to not live in fear. I just ordered The Universe Has Your Back! Can’t wait to get started. ☺️

  25. Hey there, I pre-ordered through Audible. There does not seem to be a receipt number, just a listing of this file in my Pre-Ordered audiobooks. Any advice on getting this to you for confirmation? Thank you.

  26. I love the not pushing people to do what you want them to do, but do to things with love, honor, and joy. I am looking forward to this seminar. Thanks!

  27. What about when your in the midst of a healing journey and you’re feeling real pain (physical and emotional)? How do you manifest positivity to turn it around without denying your current experience?

    1. Reach for thoughts that feel good right now. for instance, you can say to yourself, “I’m reading Gabby Bernstein’s blog and it’s giving me hope. I’ve been so brave and committed to my spiritual path. I’m so proud of myself.” No matter where you are on the emotional scale you can always reach to a higher vibration. Just keep it simple and reach for thoughts that feel better than the one you just had.

  28. Gabby, your books have brought so much of faith in me . In fact I actually followed “choosing the number ” from your book “ the universe has your back ” and each time I asked the universe , I kept getting the validation from the universe , as it kept showing me my chosen number even now 🙂
    I know the magic will happen sometime soon … it’s fun to play with the universe:)
    I have actually worked a lot in surrendering to the universe & my faith continues for the divine guidance .
    Much love to you !

  29. I’m in, loved The Universe Has Your Back. What I’m manifesting: carefree happiness, abundance, a new home for me and my son, and (finally) THE breakthrough in my career I am so close to. Thanks for being such an inspiration

  30. I’m so excited for this workshop and to read your book, thank you for sharing these tips with the world
    I’ve recently started my journey of becoming a reiki healer, and my broad intention for manifesting is to help inspire and heal people in any way I can. I feel somewhat stuck in my current life circumstances, but inspiration from other spiritual, like-minded people like yourself is keeping my energy and attitude positive.
    Beyond grateful and excited to be a part of this spiritual community ✨✨✨

    1. stay connected to this work and these practices and you’ll get unstuck! so psyched you’re coming to the workshop;)

  31. I’m SO excited for this workshop, and it’s coming at the perfect time!!! Ever since my little brother tragically died 4 years ago, I have been in a bit of a “joy” rut and just not sure “What’s next” for me. I went through the grieving process like a champ, and while I’ve often struggled with depression….what I feel these days is not depression. I am content, but not joyful. I have a great job, family, boyfriend, living space and have been dealing some health issues head-on. I have gained over 40lbs since my brother died and I’ve recently been taking that on, but it’s been a very slow process. I’m working on not beating myself up and I’m “content”, but I’m missing more of a joyful, pep-in-my-step, feeling that I know would help the pounds fall off of me. Not sure what I’m missing spiritually, so I’m SOOO excited for your talk & new book. THANK YOU!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your bother. I can guarantee this. What he wants for you more than anything is for you to be happy and healthy. The greatest gift you can give him is your joy… I can’t wait to connect at the workshop.

  32. Dear Gabby,
    I really resonate with point #2. Logically and intuitively, I know it’s good to feel good.

    And I know I deserve it, but what comes up for me is the ‘addictive’ feeling of fear and the voice of ‘this is too good too be true.’ I then pull away and protect.

    I get really caught up in the ‘what if’ the things I desire, my biz, my relationship, my future doesn’t pan out the way I want, then what?

    I think I believe it into being, but then that voice says–well it might not…Then what do I do?

    Besides recognizing and witnessing my fear, what can I do to finally flip that switch to full on belief, full attracting, and completely dropping the fall back of fear?

    I’m all signed up for the workshop and I continue to be inspired and truly grateful to you. xo

    1. OHHH this workshop is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD… It’s all about fine-tuning your attracting power. You’re ready for this! woo hoo

      1. I love what I am learning from you. <3 I am growing in so many ways.
        Endless GRATITUDE to you. XO
        I sincerely look forward to the day when we can know each other.

        I am holding the vision that I will work with you either 1:1 or in a very intimate setting. I look forward to that day(s) with a wide open heart.
        ~Stacy Cohen

    2. When I worry and worry… I finally stop myself and say…”I will deal with it if it happens”. That always helps me. Anxiety stems from not being in control. And I always tell myself… this problem won’t seem so bad to me in the morning. Hope that might help someone when they worry. It helps calm me down.

      Manifesting really works. I’m going to have to tune into your class Gabby. I would like to manifest more intentionally. You have beautiful words and I think helping and empower so many people is incredible.

  33. I’m preparing to start yet another small business. I have two failed ones on my resume. I am terrified but trying not to be. I want to manifest a living via providing a valuable service/product which enhances lives/our planet without stressing myself to the point of illness. (Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt) So, #3. The more you tune in, the more you attract, definitely has all of my attention. Your book, “The Universe Has Your Back” came into my life and prepared me for the most challenging experience of my life. I have no words to adequately express my gratitude except to say thank you and wish every blessing to you and your life that the Universe has to give…You are an Earth Angel

  34. I want to be a mom and it has been a journey for me. I have had many ups and downs. I recently got into a much healthier place by honoring my feelings and finally allowing myself to unapologetically claim that I wanted to be a mom. I had major fear and resistance…What if I can’t be a mom was my biggest fear? To prevent myself from being disappointed I was blocking myself from even stating what I wanted.

    I like “fun is the destination.” I have been having much more FUN in the baby making process. Allowing myself to enjoy pleasure and connect with myself sexuality and my husband on a different level. Mostly I have been MUCH MORE relaxed. I am certain having FUN is a great way of manifesting a baby. She will come when she is READY. 😉

  35. The universe is currently building a house for me and I would say that the fact that the universe always says yes is something I try to remember every day. I’ve been such a worrier in the past and its been a beautiful transition becoming a warrior instead, saying yes to all the beauty life has to offer and ignoring any imagined possibility of something going wrong.

    And I just want to say, YES, GIRL! I AM EXCITED FOR YOUR BOOK! Thanks so much for sharing your truth with the world!

    1. I’m so so psyched to get this workshop to you and for you to experience the miracles in this new book. so much to come!

  36. Fun is the destination. I soo agrea. For a while now I have been saying ” I want more joy in my life, more fun” and also what I am missing is the feeling of accomplishment. Appreciation and fun seem really nice to me and I honestly think you can help me find what I’m looking for. I have most of your books and they have all given me hope when I was running out. Thank You!

  37. On Mon., 10/23/17, at 7:08 AM, Suzanne Horton wrote:

    Hi Gabby,

    I already preordered your book from Amazon (some time ago), can I have access to the Super Attractor Workshop. I’m sure there are other fans like me out there who preordered your book early and would like this benefit. “The Universe Has Your Back ” is one of my favorite books. I’ve read it several times and have your card deck. Looking forward to your new book. Thanks, Suzanne H.

    1. yes of course. just head over to amazon and grab your order receipt # and drop it into the page

      woo hoo thanks for preordering

  38. Hi Gaby, Can I order on and still be able to join the workshop? Much love from Ibiza. X

  39. More abundance and success with my career and financial goals at this stage of my life. I just found love after 20 years of being single after a 14 year marriage that turned out to be a hurtful major disappointment. I hope and pray this feeling never ends and want to continue to manifest positive happy thoughts and have this elated feeling forever. I am so excited you are doing this and looking forward to it! Thank you Gabby!

  40. I love the emphasis and reminder that coming from a place of joy will help bring more of the love and things that we desire and need.

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