My Top 5 Manifesting Secrets

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Life is meant to feel good.

We live in a time of fear and uncertainty, but that’s not how things are meant to be. We are meant to experience joy and serve one another in profound ways.

Wake up to your greatness

We change the world one loving, empowered thought at a time. Therefore, it’s critical that we claim our manifesting power with confidence and joy. When more people wake up to their greatness, we will attract what we desire and the world will have a radical shift.

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I want to guide you to wake up to your own greatness and attract what you desire. So  I’m giving away the recording of my live workshop where I teach you my top five manifesting secrets so that you can become a Super Attractor!

This workshop is free when you order my book Judgment DetoxI want to give you a preview of what you can expect in the workshop, so here’s a sneak peek at my top five manifesting secrets.

My top 5 manifesting secrets

1. The Universe always delivers

Every thought you have is a message you send to the Universe. The Universe is always responding to your thoughts, energy and emotions. Therefore, what you put out you will receive back — whether you want it or not. That’s why it’s really important to pay attention to the energy you’re putting out and learn how to raise your energetic vibration when it’s low.

2. It’s good to feel good

One of the biggest blocks to being a Super Attractor is our resistance to feeling good. We’ve all grown far more comfortable in a state of fear than in a place of joy and faith. We’ve learned to rely on fear as a way of protecting ourselves from being disappointed, hurt or triggered. In order to claim everything you attract, you need to welcome worthiness and happiness. You need to accept that struggle and pain aren’t required for growth, success or meaning. It’s good to feel good!

3. The more you tune in, the more you attract

have faith in the universe do less attract more|manifesting secretsMany people believe that we need to push and control to get what we want in life. Pushing is one of the greatest blocks to manifesting. Being a Super Attractor is about strengthening your faith, tuning in to the energy of love and allowing the Universe to catch up with your dreams!

When we tune in to the energy of love, we also dissolve the fear of not having enough. When you see yourself as not having enough, you invest in the illusion that there isn’t enough to go around.

Your true power lies in your capacity to tune in to the energy of love. When we learn how to cultivate a presence of peace, stillness and inspiration through conscious contact with the Universe, we get into alignment with the flow of well-being and attract what we desire.

4. Fun is the destination

having fun makes you a magnet for miracles|manifesting secretsJoy is the ultimate creator and the most powerful vibration we can embody! When you calibrate your energy to the experience of joy, you become a magnet for whatever you think about.

Going hand-in-hand with joy is appreciation. Appreciation dissolves all blocks to our power. When we’re in a state of appreciation we’re actively creating more of what we want and letting go of resistance.

5. Put out what you want to receive

Did you know you can clarify your desires through the power of intention? There are so many fun and creative ways to co-create with the energy of the Universe. (Creative visualization is one.)

The Universe is always guiding you to the highest good for all. Embracing the power of positive expectations allows you to embrace a sense of faithful knowing!

Dive deep into my top 5 manifesting secrets

free super attractor workshop judgment detox gabby bernstein 
Get psyched to dive deep into all these secrets in my Super Attractor Workshop! Remember, it’s FREE when you order Judgment Detox! Order the book now to get the workshop instantly.

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  1. Dear Gabby,

    I wish to manifest true love. In my desire to find it I have mistakenly believed I found it in wrong places. It is exhausting to be continuously heartbroken….

    I’d like to learn the most effective ways to bring myself out of the heavy sadness to a better, happier place. Also, how do I find the best way that resonates with me and in my heart to communicate with Universe and ask for what I desire in my life.

    Thank you Gabby.

  2. Hi Gabby,
    I have a question pertaining to the law of attraction vs. destiny.
    Let’s say that I’m currently implementing law of attraction techniques (i.e visualization, affirmations) in order to attract a soulmate, but I’m meant/destined to meet a soulmate at a later stage in my life rather than now. Does this imply that my manifestation efforts won’t come to fruition as I’m not meant to meet someone for the time being? If so, doesn’t that imply that destiny overrides the law of attraction? Or can we somewhat alter or ‘speed up’ our destiny by tapping into our free will via using law of attraction methods?

    More generally, will I not manage to attract something into my life If it isn’t aligned with my destiny?

  3. I love that your sign symbol is an Owl. I have a question about the ‘sign’ symbol I chose for myself. When I was reading that chapter in ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ I was sitting outside in a park, and birds were the first thing that came to mind (I’ve often had dreams I’m flying and feel I may have been a bird in a previous life). Owls have always been my thing but didn’t want to feel like I was copying Gabby so I looked down, saw a sparrow and that’s what I chose. However, I live in NYC and sparrows are fairly common. I see them frequently. I wonder if I chose poorly, something that would be giving me ‘false positives’ because it’s too common in my environment? I do enjoy seeing them when I walk around feeling like ‘oh I must be on the right path’ but I of course second guess my choice. What do you think?

    1. Does the sparrow as your sign resonate with you? You aren’t copying me to choose an owl. 🙂 If you have a very clear connection to owls and feel that they are a sign for you, follow that guidance. Reread the section on signs from The Universe Has Your Back and let it settle in. Honor your feelings. There will be no ambiguity when it comes to your sign.

      1. Yes, a sparrow does resonate with me. But I will reread the section on signs and check in. One of my biggest struggles is ‘hearing’ my intuition and being connected to it’s guidance so I’m often unsure whether what I’m feeling is guidance, ego, fear, ambiguity.

  4. These are good simple tips to remember. Lately I find that I am able to manifest well in certain areas of my life, and not in others. For instance, I manifested what I wanted with work. I asked for it specifically. And I got it. Even though, I am finding that the ‘you aren’t always happy when you get what you want’ idiom is true. Other areas of my life I feel ultimately blocked. I follow you, Abraham-Hicks and really am digging in to uncover everything that I am not allowing. This workshop sounds so wonderful I’m so sad to miss. It is the one night my company is hosting a event, and I have to attend. Are there any recordings or options that will be available otherwise?

  5. Hi! I’d like to attend your book launch in Ridgefield. Will you cover the “Top Five” during that event? I’d pre-order but the event includes copies of Judgment Detox!! ❤️

    1. Thanks for reaching out and for your support of my book launch! My lecture during book launch events will be different and focused on the lessons of the book. Book launch tickets are not applicable to the preorder event on November 30th. In order to get this bonus you’ll need to order another book (perhaps as a gift for a friend), but when you do this you can still get the event for free. 🙂 The course is valued at $149, but I’m offering it for the cost of a book.

  6. Gabby, this is your most profound work yet! I’m so excited to read this book and use each of these precious nuggets!! My favorite part of this post today is, “Your true power lies in your capacity to tune in to the energy of love.” I plan to work on that today in my classroom. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  7. As someone with anxiety I definitely feel like negative thoughts attract more negativity. I need to work on my own mindset and dark thoughts and the universe will follow suit.

    1. Just reach for whatever good thoughts feel most accessible when anxiety sets in. It can simply be, “I’m trying a new technique I learned from Gabby Bernstein. I have tools that can help me calm down and feel better.”

  8. I love all of this! I am coming to see you in Boston and will get a book then-which means no workshop to preorder. Is there another way to access it?
    Blessings! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reaching out and for your support of my book launch! Book launch tickets are not applicable to the preorder event on November 30th. In order to get this bonus you’ll need to order another book (perhaps as a gift for a friend), but when you do this you can still get the event for free. 🙂 The course is valued at $149, but I’m offering it for the cost of a book.

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