I am so excited to share this talk from my 2014 Miracles Now book tour with you … and not just because I was sparkling like a pink-and-gold disco ball while I spoke! 

As I said at the top of this talk, “If I’m going to stand up in front of you in a wild sequined dress and talk about God, I better be walking my talk.” Well, I’m proud to say that I really was walking my talk as a miracle worker … even back then! 

The excitement, inspiration and alignment I felt as I stood on that stage in New York City eight years ago was palpable. No wonder I was sparkling! And that energy will transfer to you as you listen to this Dear Gabby podcast.

Manifest Miracles Now!

At the time I gave this talk, I was so incredibly jazzed about being an author. (Nearly a decade later, with nine books under my belt, I still feel the same way.) My stepmother had just visited a Barnes & Noble, and she was floored when she saw a whole book display for Miracles Now

“Gab,” she texted me, “I was just looking for the self-help section … I didn’t realize you were your own section!” The picture she sent me from the bookstore nearly took my breath away. 

Years before that, I had been the girl in the bookstore, crying as I thumbed through passages in Wayne Dyer’s books. But through inspiration, devotion to my spiritual practice, and the unshakable belief that I could use my voice to be a force of light in this world, I’d come to live in this time! A time when people could walk into a bookstore, pick up a handbook for manifesting miracles in their lives … and see my face on the cover! 

Unshakable Faith

Today, I’m bottling up that unshakable faith I had and I’m delivering it to you in a bonus episode of the Dear Gabby podcast. This will inspire you to become a miracle worker yourself, whether you write books, compose songs … or simply enter a room and light it up just by being there. 

Believe me, that power is in you. And in this Dear Gabby, I’m going to help you tap into it. I’ll break down: 

  • The number one way to break an addictive pattern, reorganize your energy and get out of the “crazy place!” (Listen, I’ve been to that place too!) 
  • How to change your energy field so you can elevate your presence and make a massive impact on the world. (When I do this, I feel like I’m wearing angel wings.) 
  • A foolproof way to find your purpose. (This sounds lofty, but the answer is actually quite simple.) 
  • A simple perspective shift that will make your life feel infinitely lighter and brighter. (Things that would’ve bothered you for a week or a month … won’t even faze you!)  

Make an Impact

And speaking of making an impact, so many of the beautiful souls I’ve coached over the years come to me with this issue: “Gabby, I want to share my story and my light with the world! But I’m not a writer.” Or I’ve had people come up to me and say, “Gabby, I was so inspired to share my message that I wrote a book! But I don’t have a huge following. How can I get my book into the hands of people who need it?” 

As I mentioned, writing books has been one of my most powerful tools for sharing my message of light, resilience, love, hope … and for manifesting miracles! And I want to help others do the same. 

That’s why I’m going to share 4 Secrets to Your Bestselling Book in a free live training! You can join the training at two times on May 11. I can’t wait to reveal how I went from having ZERO writing experience to becoming a #1 New York Times bestselling author … and how you can too! Click here to get the details and secure your spot. 

A Miraculous Shift

Psst … in this bonus episode, I share one of my favorite stories. It’s about a time when I coached a friend of mine who was feeling super low-vibe and disconnected at work. Actually, I didn’t coach her … my spirit guides did! 

In her personal life, my friend was this amazing fashionista. She was really into music and art, and she was so creative—but she worked in a bank. Don’t get me wrong: Working in a bank is great. It’s a very powerful job. But my friend wasn’t quite jiving with the culture at her office—and I wanted to help her feel more aligned. I said a prayer for direction so that I could help my friend show up to the bank as the fabulous, lit-up vessel of creativity that she was. 

Dear Gabby Ep 34 Key to Resilience, Stop Judgy Miracles are natural

And then one day, I downloaded a message for her. We were having coffee when I felt a surge of energy rush over me, and I said, “I have to tell you something right now.” This wasn’t me speaking: It was a divine force of love that had a message for her. And when I shared that message, her whole experience with her work transformed almost instantly.

I’m not talking about a subtle shift … this woman’s whole world changed and she started to manifest miracles in a major way! I share the divine download that I got for her in this episode of the Dear Gabby podcast. Listen carefully, because you can use this message to bring more light to your career no matter what field you’re in! 

You Are a Miracle Worker

If you take only one thing from this talk, let it be this: You are a lightworker. You have the power within you to live a miraculous life, and to manifest more miracles than you ever thought possible. 

I didn’t call my book Miracles Maybe … I called it Miracles Now. And I meant it. Trust that you have all the tools you need to see miracles in every area of your life. And any time you need to be reminded of that you can come back here and press play. 

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Get More Gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention in the episode: 

If you have a book in you, you must bring it forth! We need your light. And I want to help you shine. That’s why I’m leading two free trainings on May 11: 4 Secrets to Your Bestselling Book. Sign up here to join me at 1 PM/ET or 8 PM/ET!  

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My book Miracles Now is one of my most high-vibe, powerful works. Check it out if you want 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose. (I have a feeling you do!) 

If you need more support, please consult this list of Safety, Recovery and Mental Health Resources. I’m proud of you for being here. 

This podcast is intended to educate, inspire and support you on your personal journey toward inner peace. I am not a psychologist or a medical doctor and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological  or medical conditions, please seek help from  a qualified health professional.


The following podcast is a Dear Media production.

Hi there, Gabby here, this podcast is intended to educate, inspire, and support you on your personal journey towards inner peace. I’m not a psychologist or a medical doctor ...

The following podcast is a Dear Media production.

Hi there, Gabby here, this podcast is intended to educate, inspire, and support you on your personal journey towards inner peace. I’m not a psychologist or a medical doctor and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from a psychological or medical condition, please seek help from a qualified health professional.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed so many of my readers and students go on to awaken a part of themselves that they never knew was there—a part of themselves that feels called to share their empowering message, a part of themselves that feels called to give voice to their stories and their experience, or to bring their creative visions onto the page.

I’ve witnessed a lot of people make the commitment to write books. And it’s really beautiful to see that commitment come through people. And that’s why I decided to do something very special for all of you out there. Anyone who has had the dream of writing a book or written a book before, I wanted to share my expertise with you.

And so I’m doing a free live training, live free live training called the 4 Secrets to Your Bestselling Book. It’s an hour live online training. You can join from anywhere in the world. I’ll be sharing the only thing you need to prioritize. Making your book a best seller. The only thing that you need. I’m also gonna share some of the biggest mistakes that most writers make and how you can avoid them.

And finally, I’ll be revealing the number one reason that you’re blocking your best-selling book and how you can fix it. And these are some of my secret marketing methods for writing a book that’s going to be widely read. I’m sharing it all with you, revealing it all on this free live online training, head over to deargabby.com/secrets to sign up for the live training on May 11th.

That’s deargabby.com/secrets. My free live training 4 Secrets to Your Bestselling Book. How I went from zero writing experience to number one New York Times bestselling author and how you can too. Deargabby.com/secrets.

Hey there. Welcome to Dear Gabby. I’m your host Gabby Bernstein. And if you landed here, it is absolutely no accident. It means that you’re ready to feel good and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s get started.

I did something really special for you today. So special. I went into the Gabby archives and I picked out one of my absolute favorite live talks from 2014. It’s so heart-opening for me to go back and listen to these old talks because there’s such passion and such conviction coming through my voice. And as I said at the top of the talk, if I’m going to stand up in front of you in a wild sequins dress and talk about God, I’d better be walking my talk.

That was a good line and the dress was freaking awesome. So I’m really proud to say that I was really walking my talk as a miracle worker, even back then, and continued to carry that mission forward. The excitement and the inspiration and the full-bodied alignment that I felt standing on that stage so many years ago in New York City is just so palpable even listening to it now.

And so if you are ready to activate miracles in your life right here, right now. Keep listening. Enjoy this bonus episode.

Let’s get this Miracles Now party started. So I’ve been on the road with this roadshow for about a month now. Um, I was in Germany. I was in London. I was in Toronto. Yesterday, I was in Connecticut, but I’ve learned so much about myself sharing the Miracles Now gospel.

It’s a really great message, which is, um, A Course in Miracles message, which is to teach is to learn. Being a teacher of any spiritual practice is really being a student. And it’s a daily surrender to the lessons that I teach because if I’m going to stand up in front of you in a wild sequence dress and talk about God, I better be walking my talk.

And so it is a daily practice of living in the journey of being a miracle worker. And it’s so neat for me to witness these books come into form. My stepmother and my family are here actually like to really thank them as well. My stepdad, my stepmom. My totally nonconventional, bizarre family is all sitting together in that row.

So thank you for being here and they all love each other. And my, and my stepbrother Adam is in town. I, I just love you, my brother Max, and my sister-in-law. I mean, they’re all. Alison, they’re here and they show up and there was a text that I got from my stepmother where she called me and she said, oh my God, I just went into Barnes & Noble.

And she’s like, I was going to go to the self-help book section. And then I just saw there was a whole section for you. You can thank my publishers for that.

And so there was this huge display of Miracles Now. It was just overwhelming to her. And I, and I said, oh, send me a picture. And so she sent me a picture and I just, when the text came in, I just had this moment of like, oh, 10 years ago, I was that girl in the corner of the self-help books section of the bookstore, crying, reading some Wayne Dyer book.

And now I am the woman on display in the front of the house. And yeah, that’s pretty nice, but, but, um, let me take that back. I’m not the woman on display. My book is on display, right? It’s not, it’s not me. It’s my book is on display and now I am the author. And so that is a miracle in itself, the road and the journey that I have been on. And, and this journey that I’ve been on is a really interesting journey.

It’s a journey of remembering; it’s a journey of unlearning and remembering. Unlearning the fears that I had chosen to believe in and remembering the love and the light that I am. And there’s this great story I once heard by a spiritual teacher who I cannot remember who told me this, cause it just fell into my lap.

And it’s the story of, of, uh, people being in, um, a really, really bright room like this, a bright room with their hands over their eyes, screaming. I’m so scared. I’m so scared. I’m so scared. It’s so dark. When all you have to do is just take your hands off your eyes and remember that you are in the light.

And that is the journey I have been on for the past decade. I have been on a journey of releasing my hands to the presence of the light within me, the light around me, the light within you, the light within this chair, the light within every being I encounter. And that has been my experience of just one day at a time, one moment at a time releasing the presence of the blocks to that presence of that light within me.

And so that journey of unlearning and remembering has required a lot of tools and a lot of principles and a lot of people and a lot of assignments that may not have always been fun, but they have been exactly what they needed to be. A lot of people will say things to me like whether it’s an interview or just to a conversation or a lecture, how did you get where you are? Whatever that means, but how did you get where you are?

And my response is lots of little right actions. Lots of little right actions, moment to moment, right? Actions to release the blocks to the presence of love within me. Moment-to-moment right actions.

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And so then it came time to write my new book and I felt like I had to tell the story of what I, what are those right.

What are those little right actions? And those little right actions, 108 of them are in this book. And truthfully, these lessons in these tools are the daily tools that I have been cultivating, and I have been practicing and I have been mastering and I have been sharing so that I not only can wake up the light within me, but I can also help you wake up the light within you and help you wake up the light within all the beings that you know, in your lives.

And so that is the intention of this book. For any of you out there, I noticed a lot within my communities that there’s a lot of people living in this place of darkness with fleeting moments of light. But what happens when you make that commitment to go on a Miracles Now journey and start to awaken to that light on a moment-to-moment basis, you start to live in the light with fleeting moments of darkness. And living in the light is a lot more fun.

It is a lot more fun. And so tonight, I welcome you to join me on the journey of living in the light. Would you like to join me? Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s time. It’s time. You know, this whole book is like Gabby’s greatest hits. It’s like a top 40 album, top 108. And it really is. It’s just this cultivation of all these different lessons that I have been practicing one day at a time. Just cultivating and using, and people will say to me, you know, well, how often do you meditate?

And my response is I meditate all day long. These tools are meditations. These tools, not just meditations, but they’re contemplative exercises. These are tools to bring you back to center and recognize when you’re out of alignment and when you need to come back home. And so I use these tools interchangeably. I have a massive toolbox; it’s invisible. It’s really big. And it’s a beautiful handbag.

My toolbox is a handbag and I just dip into it whenever I am out. Whenever I reorganize that energy out of alignment, I know how to reorganize it back into alignment. And that is the practice of living on the Miracles Now path. Coming back to home, coming back to the light, opening up, awakening, releasing, surrendering, and coming back.

And that’s the simplicity. Those lots of little right actions. So I have three specific intentions for this book. They show up in the subtitle, right? De-stress, more flow, find your purpose. It could sound like some self-help mumbo jumbo, but it is for real. Okay? It is for real; these are the intentions of this book.

And so it came time to write the book and I write my books based on what I think my audience needs and what I hear you asking for. And you guys are really loud on the social media and in these rooms and on emails. And I mean, I see it all I see. But the main thing I kept seeing come up over and over and over again, was this experience of people saying, I want quick change, Gab. Show me how you got there.

Show me what you did. And show me how to do it really fast. Cause I, I don’t have time anymore. I kind of started to sense this moment for people where they started to feel like they were in a pressure cooker. Anybody feeling like they’re in a pressure cooker? Just tell me now, are you there? Some people are very honest.

Yeah. Maybe you’re feeling stressed out. You’re in New York people, everybody gets your freaking hands up. Anyone feeling like they’re out of alignment with the natural flow of life, right? So maybe doors are not opening easily. Maybe you continue to stay stuck in that habit or that pattern or that addictive cycle that you’ve been in for a decade.

Anybody there? Yes, you are. Yes, you are. And so maybe we clear it up in one area, but then we still hold onto it in another. And so that experience of being out of alignment with the cosmos, out of alignment, with the natural order of things, out of alignment with whatever you call it, the kingdom of heaven, the angelic realm, the vortex, your ING zone, whatever you call it.

I don’t care. That flow experience is available to all of us. We just forget. And then we believe and remember and think that this is supposed to be a really tough ride. We think that this is supposed to be difficult and we start to give pain purpose. Anybody have that experience? Where you start to put so much emphasis on the pain and have the pain have so much purpose.

And so, living in that way really sucks. And I heard you, I heard you all. You just really wanted out. And all of the technology and all of the, the combination of all the tools and all the quickness and the disconnect and the fast-pacedness of our lives requires a strong toolbox, a massive fancy handbag with tools that you can dip into at any given moment.

This is a time for us to all begin to cultivate those tools in our lives so that we can come back home on a moment-to-moment basis. And so that call of, I need tools fast. I need it now. It was really loud. It was really clear. And I had written three other books that were very self-reflective. They’d take you on a journey.

You can get into the weeds with all your crazy stuff. So now it’s time to just make some quick change fast. Right? Do you all want that. Yes. Yes, you do. You want that change and it’s available to all of us. And so I responded with this book. I responded with Miracles Now. It’s this very easy, very tangible do them now tools that you can just tap into at any given moment.

And you can just find your way out. You can just think your way out. There’s a really groovy way that we’ve been using this book and it came up actually on my Hay House radio show. I was on my radio show and I was getting all these colors and the topic of the show was Miracles Now. And so I was getting all these really cool callers coming in and they were like, oh my God, I’m addicted to this.

Or someone else would say I have no money or someone else would say, um, I, I hate my body. They all had different problems, but I found myself intuitively prescribing the exact same thing to all of them. And one woman who says that, you know, I’m in this addictive pattern and I can’t get out of it. And I constantly, you know, go to the food and I’m so addicted to food.

And I said, okay, honey, this is what I want you to do. I want you to pick up your copy of Miracles Now. I want you to put your hand on the book, I want you to repeat after me Miracles Now, I need a miracle. Show me what you’ve got and then open the book to any page, whatever page you get. This one’s tap on pain anyone, whatever landing it is for you.

Get to that page, open the book wherever you need to be. And so say the prayer, open the book. Whenever you notice yourself stuck in that addictive pattern. Whenever she’s standing in front of the refrigerator about to go headfirst into it, I said, pray on the book, open the book, land where you need to land.

Then don’t just read the exercise, do the exercise. Okay. If you want to see change, you have to show up for that change. If you want to live a miraculous life, you have to proactively activate miracles in your life. You can’t just come to these events and walk out there with a book and be like, oh, I think I got a miracle maybe.

You have to show up. You’ll have to bring forth your commitment and your conviction. And A Course in Miracles teaches that miracles arise out of conviction. So your conviction saying, I’m going to pray on that book. I’m going to open that book and I’m going to practice that tool. That is what will create a new habit.

I hope you’re enjoying this episode of this live talk and I hope you’re feeling the magic and my energy coming through. It was such a beautiful moment for me. A quick interruption to tell you about one of my favorite brands called Seed. It turns out everything you think about probiotics might be wrong and you guys know I am a big advocate for gut health.

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That’s seed.com/deargabby and use code, Dear Gabby.

Earlier in the episode, I spoke about Whoop and how I’ve been loving using their fitness wearable to help me stay on top of my health. And a huge part of this is through tracking my sleep. And you guys know that I believe that sleep is a spiritual practice. Sleep is how we really can stay in alignment with the universe.

It’s one of the most important things we can do to improve our recovery, boost our immune system and really make fitness improvements as well. And if you’re a frequent listener of this show, you know how seriously I take my sleep hygiene and the sleep coach from Whoop analyzes sleep duration, quality, efficiency and consistency every single night.

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I am such a sleep hacker. Oh my God. It’s like my big thing. Go to whoop.com W H O O P.com and use code Gabby at checkout to save 15%.

So the process here that’s so miraculous is that you’re stuck in the addiction. You have the power to witness the addictive pattern, and then you come out of that addictive pattern just for a second.

And you say a prayer on that book, and then you open that book and you have an exercise and you practice that exercise. And what happens when you practice some kind of self-reflective spiritual exercise in place of acting out, you create a new pattern. You create a new habit.

One of the greatest places in the world that’s taught us this is the 12 steps. Don’t drink, go to meetings. Don’t drink, go to meetings, don’t drink, go to meetings, whatever it is, you know, call your sponsor. These are the patterns. These are the tools that we would use in the 12 steps. In those moments when you think you need a drink, you use these tools.

Well, the rest of the world, not the entire world has not been blessed necessarily with the 12 steps. So you have 108 steps now.

And my advice to all of you. So I said this to the woman who is addictive with the food. And I said, this is the woman who was having bad relationships. I said, this is the woman who was broke. It’s the same lesson. You’re in an addictive pattern. You’re addicted to your fear and you’re acting out with your fear.

Use this book as a tarot deck, open it for the message that you need and get to work and put that lesson in place of the addictive pattern. So if you have that one moment of just practicing the tool, whether it be a breath tool or a tapping tool or a self-reflective thought, whatever it is that this lesson is giving you and you do it, and you reorganize your energy and you get out of that crazy space, that is the miracle.

That is the miracle. So that’s one of the really important messages here is that when we’re in that place of stress, when we’re in that place of addiction. We want to have these tools to get out. And that is how I recommend we use it. And when we do the questions tonight, we’re going to do a little bit of that.

I might not actually give you an answer. I’m going to have the book answer you. It’s cool. We’re going to make, we’re going to make a deck. I forgot to tell you, we’re going to make a deck, just telling my publishers all the things that they’re going to do with me. So the next lesson in the book that is just so radical for me.

And this is when I was saying that you, that I’m learning from my book, my book is teaching me. Your presence is your power. If you want to live in that life of flow, if you want to attract that partner, if you want to get that book out into the world, if you want to make more money, if you want to just feel better, you have to stop worrying so much about how you look and what you say and start practicing how you be.

How do you be? What do you bring forth? What do you show up with? What is the energy that you imprint onto your office mates? What’s the energy you imprint when you come into a room of strangers? What is the energy that you imprint on a date? What is the energy that you imprint when you’re walking on the streets of New York City?

What is the energy that you bring forth? Is it an energy of fear? Is it an energy of tension. Is it the energy of chaos or is it an energy of free-flowing awesome power? Is it an energy of spirit coming through you? Is it energy of inspiration, excitement, enthusiasm? I had such a radical example of this last night of seeing the extreme difference between the energy of someone in one arena and the energy that they bring forth in another.

A woman slowly walked up to the microphone in Connecticut and she was like, very nervous. And she looks at me and I’m staring at her and I’m like, I know you. And she looked at me and she goes, I’m your wedding photographer. I shot your wedding five months ago.

I was like, oh, sorry. But it actually wasn’t my fault. I didn’t remember or recognize the energy she was bringing forth. Her question that came out was about how she said, look, I don’t know what to do because when I’m behind that camera, something electric happens in me. When I’m behind that camera and I’m at a wedding, I am just a machine.

I was like, that is how I would describe you. You are a machine at a wedding and I just bring it forth. And I come with all of my light and all of my enthusiasm and all of my power. When I put that camera down, I don’t know who I am. I crumble. When I go home, I’m stuck. I’m scared. I’m anxious. When I come up to this microphone, I don’t know what to say.

I said, oh, so you know what, honey, it’s not that I didn’t recognize what you look like. I didn’t recognize how you made me feel. Cause the woman I met at my wedding made me feel comfortable, made me feel electric, made me feel beautiful and sexy and excited to be getting married. And the woman that just walked up here made me feel like I needed to save her.

And that was such a radical example of how we have these areas of our life, where we have that moment of bringing forth that great presence. And then we have these areas where we just shut it down. We cut off communication. We just completely lock ourselves up. And do you guys know the difference when you are in your light and when you were out?

Yes. Okay. So this is the lesson in this book. Your presence is your power. As each of us starts to wake up that presence within us. We start to elevate all of the beings of light around us because each person that you encounter is a holy encounter. It’s an opportunity to bring that person down, or it’s an opportunity to bring that person up.

And it doesn’t matter what you say or how hot your outfit is. It matters what you bring forth, the energy and the presence that you bring forth. That is all that matters. If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your words. Your presence is infused in the books you write, your presence is infused in an email.

Your presence is infused in a phone call. Your presence is infused in a glance; what is the presence that you bring forth? And you have such a power within you to heal so many just with a glance, but we just don’t take responsibility for that power. We don’t, we focus so much on, on the externals and not enough on, on how be.

And so that’s a huge message. And, and you, I had another really neat experience of my presence working on my behalf. Um, I visited Germany a few weeks ago and they were all on their headsets and they were not necessarily understanding my language. So they had to have an interpreter. And so I come out and I was one of the first speakers in this series of different, this full weekend event.

I was in Germany one day in London and closed. So opened in Germany and closed in London. I show up to Germany and I’m like, I am going to bring it for these German people, my ancestors. And so I show up and I’m almost dancing. I mean, you probably have noticed that I speak with my physical presence as well.

So I was. I was dancing with them a bit and it came like halfway through the talk and we were vibing. We were in a good zone, me and the Germans. And I said to them, I said, why don’t you take off your headphones? Why don’t you just listen to me with my energy? Not with my words. So they took off their headphones and they never put them back on.

They kept them off and they, and they just spent the last half hour of this talk with me, just with me, feeling me, getting the intention of the message through me, not through my words. And we didn’t even need those words because the energy and the connection was so much louder. And so that is the power.

We all have that power. We have that connectedness and it’s our choice and our tool on any given moment to just tune it up. Or tune it down. I’m here to help you tune it up, people. Okay. The last part of this talk before we open up to all of you, is this message that you may be walking through life, feeling a little bit disconnected to what we call in our lexicon purpose.

Right? Does anybody feel like they don’t necessarily know what their purpose is? Anybody like looking for their purpose in their career? Anybody in a career where they’re like, I, this is not my purpose. Hmm. Oh, okay. So this concept of purpose is interesting and I very boldly put on the cover of my beautiful cover book.

I said, this book will help you find your purpose. Kind of bold. How will I find my purpose with 108 short tools? Well, it’s quite simple. We all have the same purpose. We all have the same reason for being here. We’re here to learn and unlearn. We’re here to awaken to the presence of light within us. And we are here to share the light.

That is your purpose. Your purpose is to heal all of the fear-based wounds that you have chosen to believe in. And in that healing, awaken that light within you and then go out into the world and be the light. And so had a really powerful example of this come up in my life. I said a prayer for a girlfriend of mine who, um, was having a lot of trouble in her career, she was in a career that was not in alignment with who she is, uh, she’s uh, in finance.

And she’s just really amazing fashionista and really into music and really into art and just really creative and groovy. And then she goes to this bank every day and she doesn’t feel connected. And not that there’s anything wrong with going to a bank every day, because that’s a very powerful job and it’s an amazing job.

It’s not for her. And so for almost a decade, she’s been in this career path and she’s just felt so disconnected from this career path. And so I’ve said a prayer for her when I was in Brazil, I just said, you know, speak through me, help me guide this person in my life, let me be of service. And however I can, I’m gonna pray for them to have a healing.

They need a miracle. So come back from this trip and within like a few days of my return, I’m with her and I get this download, like, you know, when you’re like, I need to tell you something right now. And you have no other choice, but to just speak. That happens to me a lot, actually, but in this moment it was clear.

It was downloading, okay? I was no longer, it was no longer me speaking a voice greater than me came through. And I said, I just need to tell you something. I was like very directive. Your job is not to be a banker. Your job is not to be the best at creating these deals. Your job is not to do the best spreadsheet or be the most liked in the office.

Your job is to be the light. Your job is to bring your positive attitude into an environment that is not positive. Your job is to elevate the people around you in an environment where the boss is leading with an iron fist. Your job is to show up with a good attitude so that you can just infuse that with every being that you meet and make people feel better when they’re knocked down.

And your job is just to be the light. And for whatever reason, the universe aligned that day. And my message was exactly what she was ready to hear. And so she went to work and she put on her little suit and she walked to work and said, I’m going to be the light. And she walked into the office and said, I am the light.

She didn’t tell people that, but she brought it. And then she, she called me and she said, had a good day at work today, being the light, good time being the light. And then within a matter of days, Her whole perspective about her career, change her whole energy around her career changed. People started wanting to work with her more things that would have bothered her for a week and a half or a month or a year didn’t even faze her anymore.

She just became so elevated and so much more magnificent and so much more in her power and in her presence and in her greatness as a result of just being that light. And showing up and realizing that. And so the message here is that you may think that your job is to be a mom and your job is to be a banker. Your job is to be a publicist.

Your job is to just be fashionable or whatever. Uh, no, you know, that is what part of what you do is your day-to-day experience. But your job in all those experiences is to bring forth that light within you; is to be the light.

I’ve touched on some of the reasons why I’m loving Whoop, but really I want to stress this most, most important. It’s not just for athletes with their feature called the Journal, I’m able to track the impact that meditation and other mindfulness routines have on my recovery and sleep. I’m also able to track the impact of CBD, melatonin and more.

Whoop is a wearable, but unlike other wearables, Whoop is designed to help you optimize your performance based on your sleep, your daily recovery and your activity habits. It tells you when you’re primed for a big day and when you should really chill out. And this is so important for us, we need to have that information to really sometimes have a little coach intervention saying chill today, please.

And it sets exertion targets based on your body, not your friend’s bodies, not your trainer’s body, not some statistical body index. And I love knowing when I’m ready to go, but I appreciate it even more when Whoop tells me that it’s time to take a rest day, it’s time to just relax.

And really the app just tells me to chill. Which all the people in my life were very grateful for. Burnout is a really popular term in our society right now. And it isn’t just from physical exhaustion. Stress plays such a huge part in your mental and physical health. And Whoop is designed to measure the impact that stress has on your day-to-day living.

So go to whoop.com W H O O P.com and use code Gabby at checkout to save 15% today.

And so I challenge anyone who’s been struggling with finding their purpose to, to tap into this message and start to apply it in your own life. Go into your office tomorrow or Monday and say to yourself, I am the light. In that moment, when that boss comes down on you, in those moments, when you feel disconnected from your inspiration. Okay, well, what do I need to do to bring forth the light, you know, call somebody be of service, right?

That great message. If you’re feeling helpless help someone. Aung San Suu Kyi says this. So that’s the final purpose point is just to be the light, bring the light. It’s a time for collective awakening. It’s a time for each individual to have their own awakenings so that they can wake up their sister and their mother and their brother and their friend and their neighbor and the cab driver.

And just bring that message forth in all that they do. And so that message of, I am not here to create disciples. I am here to create teachers is my mission. And this book is a teacher’s manual. It’s a teacher’s manual. It’s a book for you to master on your own. And then it’s a book for you to share. As you master these principles and these tools, they become yours.

These are not my tools. These are your tools. The last lesson of this book is you are the guru. You are the guru. We need you. There is a call for Lightworkers. There is a call for people to wake up to their highest potential. And I welcome you to use this as your guidebook and use this as your teacher’s manual.

So that is the primary purpose of this book. It’s to wake you up so that you can wake up everybody around you. And so that you can most importantly, wake up to your highest potential and your highest truth. And that place within you. I said, at a talk one time, and I don’t even know where it came from.

Don’t dance around the perimeter of who you are here to be; dive in fully and completely dive in. Don’t dance. Just go dive and do it now. Get that miracle right now. We need you.

So that’s the story here. That’s the message. That’s what this book is about. This book is about helping you get out of that stressful place quickly and having that toolbox that you can use it and own it. Magnifying your presence and recognizing that your presence is your purpose, being the light and extending that light in all that you do, and then teaching it and sharing it.

Thank you.

If you made it to the end of this episode, that means you’re truly committed to miracles. I’m really proud of you. If you want to get more Gabby, tune in every Monday for a new episode. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the guidance or special bonus episodes.

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