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In 2015, I was writing my book The Universe Has Your Back. I finished it a month early, sent it off to my publisher …

And then I reread the manuscript. 

It. sucked. 

Seriously! It was baddddddd.  

The book was choppy, disconnected, and clearly not written from the heart. 

Just as I buried my head in my hands, thinking “EFF! What am I going to do!? I cannot put this book out into the world!” … my phone pinged. I had a new email from my publisher! 

I braced myself for her response … and then I let out a little whoop. 

“Gabby, honey,” she’d written. “I’m swamped!!. I’m sorry. I can’t read this for at least two more months. Please send me the manuscript then!” 

>>>>The Universe had my back. 

my spiritual intervention

I had two more months to write the book. And for the next eight weeks, I made it my mission to get super aligned with the Universe. I had to live it to tell it! I spent two months giving myself a total spiritual intervention. (You know the show House Flippers? I was starring in my own version of soul flipper!) 

As I rewrote the book, I reconnected with the Universe, I strengthened my alignment, and I truly stepped into my power as a super attractor! You can do the same.

the universe has your back

In today’s bonus episode of Dear Gabby, I’ll share exactly what I did to sync back up with the Universe, at a time when I’d been feeling really low.

co-create your dreams with the universe

Listen to this Dear Gabby and get a front-row seat to one of my talks from The Universe Has Your Back book tour!

listen to this episode to hear:
  • How to put a lid on that pushy, controlling voice in your head, and tuned into the voice of love instead! (Trust me: it’s so much more chill.)  
  • The embarrassing thing I had to get super real about while I was writing the book. (THIS is why I had to give myself a spiritual intervention!) 
  • How to start feeling so aligned with the Universe that you wake up every day and say: “hell, yes!” 
  • How to recognize what’s up so it won’t keep coming up. (I’m talking fear, anxiety … all those annoying things that hold you back!) 
  • The radical shift in perspective I had after the most FRANTIC workday ever

Annnd, last but not least, I will share the answer to the question I get asked most frequently: “Gabby, how the EFF can I just ‘let it go?!’” 

Well, I’m glad you asked …

surrender & trust that the universe has your back!

In this talk, I cover some of my 4-step method to spiritual surrender … and I’ll give you the most important step now! 

the first step to spiritual surrender 

The first step to getting aligned with the Universe is to take your hands off the wheel through prayer. That’s it! 

The Universe Has Your Back is filled with prayers for you … I joke that my Insta bio should have “prayer-giver” in it! Here’s a simple one you can say aloud right now: 

Thank you, Universe, for taking this issue from me and reinterpreting it for me. I surrender.

After saying these words, sit silently for a moment. Let a feeling of calm wash over you, and have faith that the Universe has heard your prayer. 

prayers is a medium for miracles

I used that prayer daily when I was writing The Universe Has Your Back, and it connected me to a feeling of peace and inspiration. By the time I wrote the second draft of the book, I was deeply connected to its message. 

I knew that the Universe had my back … I could feel it every day! And this connection inspired me in every area of my life… including in my writing! I can unapologetically say that my second draft of the book did not suck in the slightest. 

I also used prayer as a medium for miracles while I was writing my book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace. The book — which came out on February 22, 2022 — shares my personal journey of overcoming trauma. It wasn’t always easy to write, but it was deeply worth it. 

willingness to heal

In Happy Days, I break down the tools I used to break free from fear, anxiety, and insomnia. My prayer is that by reading this book, my healing becomes your own.  

As I say in Chapter 1 of Happy Days: “The slightest willingness to feel better is a prayer to the Universe asking for help, and an acceptance that there has to be a better way” 

Because of this, you’ve already already started co-creating with the Universe! By reading my blog, by  listening to today’s episode of Dear Gabby, or by reading spiritual books, you’re forming a deep connection with the Universe. 

So be proud of yourself for being here. Be proud of your willingness to feel better. 

And know that you can return to this episode again and again, anytime you need to remember that the Universe has your back! 

And if you want some extra credit, press play on the video below to hear me reveal another key step in the spiritual surrender method. 

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