10 Simple and Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

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In this blog post I share how to connect to your spirit guides by following 10 steps.

I believe we all have spirit guides, and when you cultivate a relationship with your spirit guides you will receive clear, wise  guidance to help you in every area of your life.

These steps work together to help you establish a relationship with your spirit guides!

My experience with spirit guides

Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinSince I was very young, I’ve felt a presence of spiritual guidance within me, around me and connected to me.

In my book Super Attractor, I open up about spirit guides in a way I never had before. I’d written about Universal guidance and God, but until I sat down to write this book, I’d always held myself back from sharing about the presence of my nonphysical guides.

For many years I was always worried I might freak people out or make someone feel like they had to share my beliefs. But when writing Super Attractor, I felt called to push the metaphysical envelope and speak openly and unapologetically about the spiritual realm. I knew the world was becoming ready to open up to new forms of guidance.

When we become willing to see a world beyond our physical sight, then life becomes easier, we feel safer and we can access our true power.

I’ve grown to rely on these nonphysical guides in every area of my life. Knowing that there is a presence always supporting me has given me unshakable faith and strength. There have been countless moments in my life when I’ve witnessed the divine intervention of my guides.

We all have spirit guides

I'm in awe of the magnificent guidance available to me | Super Attractor card deckHere’s what I believe:

I believe there are beings of the highest truth and compassion working on our behalf to guide our thoughts and energy back to love. They’re not physical and aren’t bound by the natural laws of this world. They’re spiritual beings.

These beings come in many forms and they have different purposes, but their common goal is to help guide us back into alignment with the love of the Universe.

When you get stuck in a fear-based thought or pattern you can turn to your guides to help lead you back to love. When you want to receive their guidance, all you have to do is be willing to surrender your fear and see with spiritual sight.

We all have our own spirit guides. We have guides that are ancestors and deceased family members. Some spirit guides may have names. In some cases you may have a group of guides that all have the same name, like with Esther Hicks and Abraham.

Tweet: Our spirit guides are here to give us love and light. The simple act of asking for help opens us up to receiving divine guidance. @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie

If you haven’t connected to your spirit guides before, I welcome you to keep an open mind. These 10 simple, beautiful steps will help you cultivate a connection to your spirit guides and deepen your relationship day by day.

If this all sounds a little trippy to you, let me reassure you that your guides are loving and wise. They’re here to support you, and connecting with them is a comforting and joyful experience.

How we experience our spirit guides

Once you begin inviting in your spirit guides, there are different ways you might experience their presence.

Inner knowing

You can experience a spirit guide as an inner knowing. You may feel or sense your guide’s presence, or “hear” a voice within, like a strong intuition or realization. Some people audibly hear (or see) their guides.

Sparks of light

Sparks of light are another indicator of a spirit guide’s presence. Sometimes when I know my guides are with me, I see little sparks of light. It’s so cool to see that light and know there’s a presence with me at that moment!

Books falling off the shelf

When books fall off the shelf, your spirit guides are the ones who are kicking them off for you! I can’t tell you how many people have written to me or spoken to me at an event and said they discovered my book because it literally fell off the shelf in front of them. You can experience this kind of guidance! It is available to you.

Free-writing after meditation

Another way you can experience the presence of a spirit guide is through writing. You can call on your spirit guides through meditation, and following your meditation you can free-write and allow the voice of your guides to work through you.

Connecting to your spirit guides is about learning to rely on the voice of love. The reason these guides are here is to constantly bridge your thoughts from fear back to faith, forgiveness, love and light. They present you with creative solutions and beautiful opportunities.

10 steps to connect to your spirit guides

If you’re ready to invite in that voice of love, follow these 10 steps to connect to your spirit guides.

Step 1: Get into the habit of asking

The first step to connecting with your spirit guides is to get into the habit of asking.

Connect with your spirit guides step 1: Get into the habit of askingWe often forget that we have guidance within us and around us. In the busyness of day-to-day life, it’s really easy to forget this connection.

When we forget that we can call on spirit for help, to call on, we start to rely on our strength. That’s when fear sets in.

Therefore, the first step is to get into the habit of asking your spirit guides for help. The more you ask, the more you receive — period.

Think about all the things that you need help with. Maybe you need help conceiving, or making more money, or healing a relationship that’s struggling.

Make a list of what you need your spirit guides’ help with

Make a list of the 5 to 10 biggest things you need help with. You can do this now, or you can come back to this exercise after aligning with your inner wisdom through prayer or meditation.

Once you make this list, your next step is to offer up everything you need help with and invite your spirit guides to reveal solutions.

Say, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to these problems.”

Then go through your list.

Some examples…

  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for offering solutions to my issue with my health.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to the problems I’m having in my marriage.”
  • “Thank, you guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to my struggle with finding a career I love.”

Just go one by one asking the guides to help you. If you want to get really laser focused, you can choose just one and offer it up daily for a while.

Only call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion

Remember always to call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion. You don’t want to invite the funky guides to the party! Be very specific and clear about what kind of guidance you’re calling in so you don’t get any riff-raff coming through.

As with the human world, there are lots of different characters, and we don’t always want to invite every character over for dinner. The same goes for spiritual relationships. We want to open up our consciousness, space and energy only to the guides of the highest truth and compassion.

Don’t worry about this too much. You call the shots, so don’t fear those other beings. They can’t come in without your permission.

You can call on your guides anytime

You don’t have to wait for a problem to crop up in order to call on your spirit guides. Every time I give a talk, the first thing I say backstage to myself is, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for speaking through me.”

Whenever I say this silent prayer to call on my guides, I know the words that I need will come through me. The simple act of asking is all that’s required for the guidance to show up.

Step 2: Listen

Connect with your spirit guides step 2: ListenThe second step in connecting to your spirit guides is to listen. The way to do this is by meditating. When you meditate, you quiet your mind so that you can hear the wisdom of the guidance that’s within you and around you.

We have to slow down our vibration to become aligned with the presence of these guides. When we attune our energy to the frequency of love and peace, we can more easily connect to the vibrational messaging of our spirit guides.

Align your energy through prayer and meditation

You can say a prayer such as, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion. Thank you for showing me what I need to know. Thank you for leading me in the right direction. Thank you for whatever it is that I need.”

Then you can sit in meditation for 5, 10 or 20 minutes. This can be a very simple meditation. You can simply pay attention to your breath, becoming mindful of the sounds and sensations around you. I also have a spirit guides meditation to help you connect.

Step 3: Write with your spirit guides

Once you’ve meditated, your next step is to write with your spirit guides. Open your journal or just grab a few sheets of paper. At the top, write an invitation to them, such as:

  • Connect with your spirit guides step 3: Write with your spirit guides“Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me the solutions to these issues.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me whatever you want me to know.”
  • “Dear guides of the highest truth and compassion, I welcome you to write through me now.”

Then simply let your pen flow.

Just riff onto the page, allowing whatever needs to come through. Ideas, stories, topics, inspired visions, things that you may not have thought of on your own, will begin to come forward. Don’t second-guess yourself or edit a word. Just write.

Your guides may speak directly to you

You may find in this writing experience that your guides begin speaking to you directly. Instead of writing in the first person you may begin writing in the second person. When I am channeling my guides they often say, “Dear sister…”

In some cases, your handwriting might even change. You might feel a presence of energy moving through you. That means that there’s a presence that’s working through you to give you direction.

Step 4: Ask for a sign

Connect with your spirit guides step 4: Ask for a signYour guides can play fun games with you! They like to show you that they’re present. So get playful with them and ask them for a sign.

Have you never asked for a sign before? Or have you asked but not known whether you received it? Learn how to ask for a sign and know when you’ve received clear guidance.

You’ll be blown away when you start to ask your guides to show you signs! It will rock your world.

Step 5: Pay attention to the guidance you receive

It’s one thing to ask for guidance. It’s another thing to witness it, to really take it in and relish in the presence that’s supporting you.

Connect with your spirit guides step 5: Pay attention to the guidance you receiveWhen you pay attention to the guidance you receive, you’re letting yourself be in the awe and wonder of all the love that is around you. It’s a big deal. This beautiful feeling is available when you truly let yourself witness of the amazing support that is always with you.

The practice of paying attention to guidance isn’t about demanding. You don’t go around all day asking, “Where’s my guidance? Where’s my guidance?” Instead, you simply allow yourself to be open to the wonder of that guidance.

Your guidance may show up in cool and unexpected ways, even in ways I haven’t mentioned here. Your guidance can show up as a song on the radio, a billboard on the freeway or somebody saying to you exactly what you needed to hear.

Our guides often work through other people. They work through doctors, friends, children and even strangers. Spirit guides love to work through technology, too, which is something I talk more about in Super Attractor.

Step 6: Stay in an energy of gratitude

Connect with your spirit guides step 6: Stay in an energy of gratitudeAs I mentioned in step 5, you want to thank your guides. Rather than being in a place of neediness, you want to be in a place of gratitude and appreciation for their guidance and love.

Shift the way you talk to your guides. If you find yourself thinking things like, “Guides, why haven’t you given me this yet?” or “Guides, I don’t believe in you. Why haven’t you shown up for me faster?” — you’re showing your distrust of them. You’re telling them you’re not really open to their guidance and that you want to be in control.

Your gratitude keeps your relationship strong

Instead, you want to be thanking your guides, appreciating them and feeling deep love and gratitude for them.  When you receive any form of guidance, thank them. Just say silently, “Thank, you guides, for showing me this solution.” Or, “Thank you, guides, for this sign.” And when your guides give you a spiritual assignment, thank them for that as well!

Your gratitude keeps the relationship so strong and keeps those guides present with you all the time, because they know they’re welcome.

When you open your heart to offer your guides gratitude and appreciation, they boomerang that energy right back to you. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be in this place of constant love and gratitude with your guides. It’s a tremendous and beautiful feeling. And it’s available to you.

Step 7: Release the outcome and trust in a plan better than your own

Connect with your spirit guides step 7: Release the outcome and trust in a plan better than your ownYour guides have a plan that’s better than yours. They’re loving and wise, and they want to bring you to the right relationship, the right career, the doctor you need, the experience that will help you.

We get in the way of that guidance. I’ve often avoided divine guidance by trying to control situations. I’ve obsessed over how things should go and tried to manipulate outcomes to get what I thought was best. Inevitably, this only pushed my guides away.

But… when we let go of our plans and trust in a plan that’s much greater than ours, we start to truly feel like we’re being led. When we surrender, we can feel our guides leading us to the next right action.

We must release outcomes in order to truly be in co-creation with our spirit guides.

Step 8: Be more childlike

Connect with your spirit guides step 8: Be more childlikeIf you have young kids in your life, you may be aware that many children can still see their guides. They may even speak about them. Usually around the age of 7 the veil starts to close and we shut down to this guidance system.

To lift that veil and reconnect with your guides, be more childlike! Do things that bring you joy. Jump on a trampoline. Go for a run. Paint. Swim. Cook. Whenever I’m cooking, I feel the presence of my guides around me.

Do the things that bring you joy, and that guidance will just show up fast. You’ll feel it. Remember, joy is the most powerful vibration we can embody!

Step 9: Ask your spirit guides for their names if you feel called to do so

Connect with your spirit guides step 9: Ask your spirit guides for their namesYou don’t have to do this step. But if you feel called to ask your guide’s name (or multiple guides’ names), ask them to reveal it to you. The first name that comes to mind will be the name of your guide. Even if it sounds strange, you can trust that what you hear is correct.

One of my guides is a guide called Lily, and she came to me many years ago. I just knew her name was Lily. After several years of knowing Lily, I had a medium give me a reading. At the end of the reading, she said, “Lily wants me to tell you thank you, because she loves working with you.” I hadn’t told the medium about Lily or written about this guide. The medium just knew she was there.

Step 10: Trust in your own psychic ability

Connect with your spirit guides step 10: Trust in your own psychic abilityBelieve in yourself and  in your capacity to call on this presence. Trust in your ability to connect to these guides and to feel that support. Know that you have an ever-present energy of love that is always within you and around you supporting you and guiding you.

The more that you trust in your own psychic ability, the more you’ll be able to hear and the more you’ll allow this divine guidance to lead you to the highest good.

Allowing spirit guides into your life is a great gift. Not only will they support you, but they’ll also help you help others. They’ll support you in being a light in the world.

We need this presence of light to support us right now, in the chaos, drama and violence of these times. We need this presence to bring us back to love.

Take this practice further with Super Attractor!

Super Attractor by Gabby BernsteinIn Super Attractor, I lay out the essential methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.

This book is a journey of remembering where your true power lies. You’ll learn how to co-create the life you want. You’ll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Most importantly, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you give off a presence of joy that elevates everyone around you.

In Super Attractor I push the metaphysical envelope and talk about spirit guides, angels and the spiritual realm in a bigger and bolder way than I’ve ever done before. I break down the different types of guides, share personal stories and offer up more ways to connect with them.

When you order the book you’ll also get my 2-hour Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop free! The steps I teach in this workshop set you up for the powerful methods in the book.

Order Super Attractor and claim your gift!

How to ground yourself after connecting with your spirit guides

When I cultivate a spiritual connection, I can trust the Universe no matter what | Super Attractor card deckWhen you tune into the spirit realm you may feel your energy shift. It’s important to take time to ground yourself after connecting with your spirit guides.

You want to always remember that you are having a human experience and you’re here on this planet in a body. To ground yourself back into your body you can do a few simple things:

  • Stomp your feet to ground yourself into the earth.
  • Sit on a rock to feel connected to the earth.
  • Take time to sit in stillness and drink a cup of tea or eat a snack. Do something that is consciously caring for yourself.
  • You can also zip up your energy. Imagine there’s a zipper at the bottom of your feet and zip yourself up all the way over your head and back down to your ankles.

Follow any one of these practices to get grounded after connecting to your guides.

Connect with your spirit guides regularly

The more you talk to your spirit guides, the more you’ll rely on this ever-present guidance system. As you ask for and surrender to divine guidance, miracles will occur more and more often. (For more, check out my blog post on angels and archangels.)

Your spirit guides want to connect with you. Follow these 10 simple steps to open up the conversation.

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  1. How do I ask for my spirit guides name? Do I just ask “what’s your name?” out into a room or do I need to ask it a specific way? Also, when I was a kid I would hear and see a black figure but only a few times. More recently I’ve been hearing sounds that I cant explain. Could this be a spirit guides that’s trying to contact me?

  2. Hey Gabby,
    So I have been feeling a small connection with my spirit guides or guardian angel I have been seeing spherical shapes or orbs, feel the presence of someone definitely in my room, I saw feather and when I try to hold them they disappear, I have been seeing no.1027 everywhere till the time I googled it and read the article about angel no.1027 and that universe is trying to connect with me and also some guidance which were really relatable to my life. Honestly I googled “How our guardian angels try to connect?”and 90% of them I am into. Also I believe it is my guides only who have brought me on your page and ask for correct guidance. But when I consulted one of my friend who is a Jehovah Witnesses told me that there is no such thing like guardian angels because angels don’t live or come down to Earth,they recite in heaven. Its the Satan,the fallen demon angel who is trying to deviate me from my right path ,like he did to Eve and Adam the first humans and is also taking my help to open doors for the other side. But I am unable to believe him I don’t why and I am really confused who to believe and who to not. And why am I one of those people whose guidance angels try to connect with? am I blessed with some physic gifts? So Gabby please help me because these things are always onto my mind and I really want to know what to do?

    1. Wow, these sounds like powerful experiences, Aashi. Gabby incorporates many different teachings, sources and lessons that resonate with her into her work that include angels and spirit guides, but if you are looking for a clarification specifically from a religious standpoint perhaps reaching out to your spiritual teachers/religious community would be helpful. xoxo

  3. I just finished reading Super Attractor not long ago, and absolutely loved it. Reading this blog was a great review for me and as I read it an utter peacefulness came over me and I just felt calmer than I have felt in days! I absolutely recognize the need to meditate and continue to try and connect with my spiritual guides. I need to get to the bookstore and get The Universe has your Back! Thanks you for your help in leading me on this spiritual path. It’s all new to me, but I have to admit, I love the inner feelings it brings!

  4. I sincerely believe my guides brought me to your page! There is so much synchronicity! I think my guides wanted you to show me how I can connect to them, as I have been sitting under the stars every morning at@2am asking for their presence..Thank you for what you do! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  5. Hello there!
    Weird things have been around in my life. A paper fell from my desk on it’s own (I had no windows open or fans on and I was sitting on my bed), I can hear second footsteps behind my back when I walk even though nothing’s there, and my cat once stared at something I couldn’t see. I also see and hear things that do not exist. Are those examples of my spirit guide’s presence?

  6. Hello! I have a question. This may sound pretty funny, but which language should I use to connect my spirit guides? I speak fluent Finnish and studied English. Can I use English because it feels better to me?

    I have an another question, too. Sometimes when I walk, I can hear second footsteps behind me. When I turn around, nothing’s there. I also hear and see things that are not there. Is this a sign of my spirit guide’s presence?

    1. Great question, Kate. Connect to your spirit guides in the language that is most comfortable and natural to you. xoxo

  7. Hello! My name is Shea and I was hoping to connect with my guide(s). I was wondering what mediums you go to (at least the credible ones 🙂 I hope to see some good mediums and I would like it if they could tell me what my spirit guides wants me to do. Of course, I trust my guide, but it would be amazing for better communication between me and my guide.

  8. Hi Gaby,
    I am confused of the purpose of a recent situation that occurred. I am currently always seeking to enhance myself, I would consider myself very spiritual and open to connecting with my spirit angels and ancestors. I had an opposite sleep schedule one night, up until 3am doing work on my computer and tv on in the background. I left the room for a snack, and returned to a room full of about 50 “people”. Clear replicas of people. I had to take in consideration the time it was pretty late, was I delusional? but I realized quickly they were spirits. They were not scary or uninviting but I said out loud, “Im not scared, please join me” they all at the same time dissipated into the corner. I am open and acceptable to having my guides/ancestors/positive spirits/guardian angles reveal themselves. but has not happened again visibly but heavily I always feel the presence of the other world around me most often.
    What would they want? If this only happened once, how would I be able to communicate that I am not afraid to receive guidance? Are these all my spirit guides or lingering spirits from overtime?

  9. Im adopted and have no idea of that family. I would like to know if there are people- my people. I can connect with.

  10. Hi there! I am reading this at the perfect moment in my life, thank you for uploading this.

    I am a novice when it comes to spirit guides 101. I have always felt a presence in my life but I have a tendency of being inconsistent with connecting to it.

    My question is, is it possible that spirit guides provide us with signs that are very visible, traumatic, and negative life experiences to get us back in alignment with the universe? A few months back, I had asked my spirit guide for a sign, my assignment, on how to be of better service to the universe and increase my alignment with it. I told my spirit guides that I was ready for my assignment. I felt such a strong connection to my spirit guides that evening. The next day I had a really bad situation happen. Ultimately, that evening changed my life for good and for the better. But it has had a major negative impact on other areas of my life.

    Immediately after the negative experience, I felt it was a sign (a very visible and assertive sign) from my spirit guides. I knew exactly what I had to change in my life to align more with the universe and my purpose.

    Is it possible that could have been a sign from my spirit guide? Are their signs so “aggressive” and negative like a test or challenge to grow towards a greater good? Thank you!

    1. Mary, in A Course in Miracles we learn that God’s will for us is perfect happiness because when we are happy, we are inspired to heal the world. And so there are no room for “tests” in this paradigm. The universe, being love (aka the absence of fear) is always working towards our perfect happiness. If something is removed from our experience, it is either a reflection of our energy (such as fear or lack) or there is a lesson for us that will help us evolve because there is something better for us.

      If you’re not already doing so, we would recommend seeing a therapist, perhaps one that specializes in trauma recovery. This is a wonderful action in self-care. Here, Gabby shares that she would not be where she’s at right now if it weren’t for her therapist: https://gabbybernstein.com/mental-health/

  11. Hi! I have been practicing connecting with my guides for over a year now and have become more keen on trusting their guidance and listening to their messages through journal and meditation. One thing that I have noticed is that when I have called for a specific sign form the universe I haven’t received it. Although, I do receive other very clear signs that I am being guided with synchronicities and inner knowing. Last night for the first time the sign that I asked for over a week ago came to me in my dream. Is this my subconscious presenting it to me because I have been thinking about it or is this a sign from my guides that they are indeed with me?

    1. Great question, Ali. Often when this happens, it’s a sign that our expectations are interfering. When you’re asleep, your conscious mind is at rest and that creates the space for the sign/guidance to come through. Once you ask for your signs, practice releasing your expectations / stop looking for it to appear, and surrender the outcome. https://gabbybernstein.com/how-to-detach-from-outcomes/. And remember, you’re always being guided and protected no matter what. xoxo

  12. Hi Gabby,

    I was woken up this morning by someone/thing tapping 3 times on my lower lip. I thought it was my daughter waking me up because she needed something but when I opened my eyes there was no one there, and I realised that I was home alone because my daughter is staying with her dad.
    Why do spirits wake you up? What is the purpose? This has never happened to me before.

  13. Hello gabby,

    My name is Rachelle. I’ve felt a connection with the spiritual world my whole life. And for a long time now I’ve been seeing repeating numbers, lights, white misty spots, a few orbs and sensations of a presence. It is scary to me even though I’m curious. I have asked a few times for it to stop and leave but then I feel it or see it again. I don’t want to open a door I don’t understand or invite something not friendly into my life. My biggest fear is negative and mean spirits (demons). I do want to be able to be more intuned with the positive guiding energies. Im afraid to start and would really appreciate some kind of guidance myself. I see the numbers 123 all day everyday and would like to know what they be trying to tell me. I had my first baby recently and since him I’ve felt so much anxiety and protectiveness and wonder if that could mean something also. Thank you so much for your time i appreciate it more than you know.

    1. Hi Rachelle, you may want to take a look at a couple of Gabby’s blog posts around angels and spirit guides:


      Additionally, here is passage from Gabby’s book Super Attractor that I think you will find helpful:

      “Being willing to connect with your spirit guides opens the door to guidance, but you want to be conscious not to leave the door wide open for any guide to step in. Think about it like this: You’re throwing a party and you want only the most positive and loving people to show up. Therefore, you make a guest list and are sure not to invite anyone who doesn’t support you.

      Similarly, welcoming your guides into your consciousness requires an invitation. If you’re not clear about the type of guides you’re willing to connect to, then it’s possible to attract lower-vibration beings that do not serve your highest good. You decide who you want to invite to the party that is you. My medium mentors have taught me that the best way to begin connecting to our guides is to recite a prayer. One I commonly say is, Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me what I need to know.”

      You can call on a spirit guide of the highest truth and compassion to clear your space and protect you. I also suggest checking out Rebecca Rosen’s blog (rebeccarosen.com) and her book Spirited, as well as MaryAnn DiMarco’s book, Believe, Ask, Act.


  14. I have experienced a loss of the abilities I’ve had before. I used to dream prophetically and symbolically, have visions and intuitions, etc… and for the last many years, nothing. I know I’m still dreaming, but I can’t remember them. I seem to have lost the intuitions, visions and clairvoyance. I sooooo miss it. What can I do to get it back and remember my dreams again?

  15. Hi! I’ve been trying to connect with my spirit guides this past week. I’ve been doing the meditation to invoke the guardian angel. But I feel like I haven’t connected yet. Should I continue doing this meditation daily? Is there another meditation that would also help? I feel like sometimes I’m too in my head during the day and I’m missing the signs….

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Great question, Heather. If we are anticipating or expecting something to happen, it may create an energetic block. Continue to practice the meditation and trust that your guides will come through at the right and perfect time. In the meantime, here are some other ways to connect to your spirit guides: https://gabbybernstein.com/spirit-guides/.
      Additionally, Gabby addresses this on this episode of her Instagram show called #DearGabby: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB04bgYJgnn/.

  16. I read the firststep which I can relate to as a Jew because there is actually a request we can recite to the angles which accompany us to wait patiently for us while we use the bathroom which they do not enter. To thank angels we don’t do because they are only servants therefore we thank the master G-d himself. To thank souls who have helped us maybe its like thanking a living person which we do for ourselves to become a thankful person as well as the giver to encourage them and make them feel good. To pray to a soul or an angle we do not do for they are not in control therefor a request is only made to G-d the one in control -every other entity needs a permision including negative forces or the Satan which is only an angle (and not a fallen one at all but a servant of G-d with a unique purpose in creation). I intend to read the rest but I feel some clarity can be offered from a Jewish standpoint.

    1. Hi Epstein, thank you for raising this point. Gabby incorporates many different teachings, sources and lessons into her work but if you are looking for a clarification specifically from a Jewish standpoint perhaps reaching out to your rabbi would be helpful. xoxo

  17. For the past year I have been trying to connect with spirit guides/guardian angel(s) and seemd to have prevailed….I seem to have connected with an angel(s) along with others who have passed…I just speak to them in my head when walking on the beach and they speak back….I am not sure however, if I am imagining these connections because I want them or if its actually happening. Most recently, I was walking the beach and they were very quiet, I asked why so quiet and they I sensed seriousness and they told me that I was going to have to be strong…insinuating something was to occur. A few days later, our beloved family dog had to be put down, myself, my kids and my ex were devastated….not sure what to think…. can you help me?

  18. Hello!

    I tried to begin my journey a little while ago and came into contact with my spirit guide a few weeks in, but I ran into a bit of a wall. The person I’m living with started an argument after finding my meditation journal, and told me not to bring “demonic” things into the house. Very frustrating.

    I was wondering if you have any knowledge of spirit guides being… upset, feeling hurt, or feeling abandoned if communication is cut off. I never asked my spirit guide’s name, but I knew him to be incredibly safe and to radiate strength and acceptance. I only saw him a few times, but I really miss him. I’m afraid to try to contact again in case he isn’t around anymore.

    What do you think? Do spirit guides stay around for long periods of time? What advice would you give someone who is… instead of coming to this for the first time, returning after a long period of no practice?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Your spirit guides do not feel hurt or abandoned, they are always there to guide us and support us no matter what. The next time you are ready to return this connection, you can call on your spirit guides, you can use this simple prayer: “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me what I need to know.”

      For more information about spirit guides, I also suggest checking out Rebecca Rosen’s blog (rebeccarosen.com) and her book Spirited, as well as MaryAnn DiMarco’s book, Believe, Ask, Act. xoxo

  19. I work in machine shop. Will my spiritual guides playfully pic on me? Every time I get dirty hands I get itches on my nose,eyes or ears . seems like someone is playing with me.

    1. It’s possible, Thomas. You can try asking your spirit guides to communicate with you in a different way. You can use one or more of the ways included in this blog post as an example! I hope this helps! xoxo

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