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In this blog I share how spirit has guided me throughout my book tour. Learn how spirit works through people and begin to consciously connect to your own divine guidance.

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  1. Oh wow!! My good friend gave this book to me for my 25th birthday. This birthday marked the beginning of a major meltdown. I never read the book, but in the last week this book has been showing up everywhere in my home (thanks to my daughter). Time for a read I think. Thanks Gabby xx Glad to hear your book tour is doing AWESOME!!

  2. I love this Gabby. Sometimes it’s just as simple as being aware that spiritual guides are present and ready to help you. They’ve probably been there all along, but unless your eyes are open, you’ll miss them. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  3. Dearest Gabby ~ what a beautiful vlog! You are truly an angel on earth with a message of pure inspiration.
    I love how you’ve shared your spirit guide experience with us here and mentioned human guides as well.
    I have many occurrences daily of my guides (spiritual and human) ~ recognizing them is such a gift and brings sheer bliss to many moments in my life!

    It was a sweet treat to meet you for that moment at the I CAN DO IT conference inNYC!

    Sweet travels and loving thoughts fellow angel,

    Jeni Combs Brocato

  4. Amazing Vblog I start to hear this story and tears appear in my eyes Gabby, and I feel the love of your message and I feel so bless right now because I found you and I am able to spread the love with you.


  5. I was at your book lecture in Los Angeles…your were great!
    Thank you for reminding us to be aware of our spirit guides. I find it’s literally like creating magic in my life when I stay alert and open.
    Sometimes it’s so amazing it kind of freaks you out. I guess the more you practice this the less freaked out you are the more “this is normal” it becomes 🙂

  6. Gabby! This is AMAZING! We met on Saturday and an experience I had right after gave ME the hit that Richard is working thru you! I love this vlog – so perfectly validating, on time, beautiful. I’m gonna email you about it on FB – I hope you read it, you’ll love the story. Much love to you! You are such a beautiful expression of living a life that is loved! xxoo

  7. Amazing Gabby, and I totally understand and know what you mean about being guided by Spirit. And, believe it or not, you have been guiding me a lot here in Jamaica as I have been replaying words I received from your vlogs over and over in my head to make sense of things I see manifesting around me…

    Thank you so much and hoping Spirit Junkie will hit the bookshelf here in Kingston soon.

  8. I just got shivers up and down my spine listening to this vlog. Are you psychic? Just wondering, cause I was just talking to my Dad about this EXACT thing last night.

    Thanks for being an inspiration as always. 🙂 I’ve ordered Spirit Junkie, can’t wait to read it. 🙂 xx

  9. I am so wonderfully happy right now, for Gabby you spoke through the spirit, for I always hear the messages, being sent to me from my friends..messages from billboards…televisions, and humans of course..You rock, and I got “goddy bumps”..

  10. My story of divine work was when my friend handed me spirit junkie after Gabby spoke at Google (I intended to go but I couldn’t make it). I put the book aside, but did listen to some Gabby videos that I enjoyed and definitely got me thinking. Last night, I decided to open it and start reading. I read chapters 1 & 2, and learned all about the ego and how it feeds on fear, and to witness ego every day. I decided to stop at the end of Chapter 2. I looked at facebook and scrolled to my friend who had a post that said, “Ego why are you so tricky” or something like that. I thought, hmm, that’s pretty odd. Who posts about that stuff? When I turned on the TV, I watched some bad TV for a bit, but then I stumbled upon TLC’s Oprah’s Lifeclass Lesson 1, which deals with, guess what, the same exact topics from chapters 1 & 2 of Gabby’s book! Woah. If you’ve read the book too you know that “the Course” is where this all stems from. I decided I had to tune in, stay up until it was over, and soak it all up.
    You’re right, when you’re in need of a message, it comes at all angles. Awesome post and glad your book tour has been a success.

  11. Gabby,

    I don’t come on Her Future as much as I should.

    My mom has always said I should be a writer, but I’ve always been afraid I “couldn’t” write a book, didn’t know what I’d write about, or how I’d have enough material to write about anything anyone wants to read, or how I’d write a book that was different from the hundreds of books I own, let alone millions that have been written. (Ego, ego, ego!)

    A while ago, on Career Connections, I found Alice Grist of Soul Rocks Submissions. I submitted a proposal to her on turning my book into a blog. She gave me some feedback and told me to concentrate on what my focus would be, since my blog is covers such a wide variety of topics and my posts are usually very topical.

    This week as been a huge week for me as far as writing- A post I did for She’s the First about attending the WIE 2011 symposium was posted by WIE Network; I got a contact at the Huffington Post and emailed her a pitch; I found an article written by a Huff Post blogger that featured quotes from me on the WIE Network blog….

    It’s also been a huge and draining week for me diagnostically, having spent 5 days out of the 7 day week in the hospital or with doctors.

    Tonight, I paused on everything for a while and then spirit hit me- talk about my current experiences undergoing cancer diagnosis. Use my background as a mental health professional to help people make lifestyle changes that support healthy living. Use my story of medical mismanagement to inspire others to advocate for themselves.

    I emailed it to Soul Rocks and William Clark (a literary agent). Soul Rock emailed me back; they want to see the first three chapters! Still waiting to hear from William Clark.

    Still playing around on the net, I logged onto herfuture.com, where I somehow came across this v-log. I clicked it and what do you know? Richard and you, speaking about what a successful book entails.

    Don’t worry, Richard. I WILL write this book. Thanks Gabby, for giving me the green light and another positive affirmation that this is what I NEED to do.

      1. Thanks Gabby!

        I heard from the first literary agent, who said he didn’t feel he’d be the best advocate for my work, but amazing things have been happening yet. (“No” doesn’t mean “no”; it means try harder, in this case!)

        Yesterday while brain storming in the hospital waiting room, I thought BAM, Hay House would be a great publisher. Incidentally, last week I received a random email asking me to review a book called The Beauty Blueprint by Michelle Phillips. When I came home from the hospital, it was in my mailbox, along with a note from Michelle. Guess who the book is published by? Hay House. They only accept queries from agents though, so last night I emailed about 20 many literary agents.

        I also got my own column on hellogiggles.com, which has 30,000 readers. My first article was published on Tuesday: http://hellogiggles.com/be-a-boss-babe-why-your-doctor-disliking-you-is-a-good-thing#comments

        I also posted it up on Her Future: http://www.herfuture.com/profiles/blogs/be-a-boss-babe-why-your-doctor-disliking-you-is-a-good-thing

        Love & light!

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