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dear gabby #125 mar 20, 2023 spiritual connection

angels, guides & the afterlife

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*Warning: This episode discusses suicide.

Nearly a decade ago I started to connect in my meditation with a female angelic presence. She told me her name was Lily. I could see her in my mind’s eye—her long blonde hair and porcelain skin. I felt deep peace whenever her energy entered my meditation. 

One week after my first encounter with Lily, my friend and medium, Rebecca Rosen, came over to do a spiritual reading for me. 

We tuned in to Spirit and the first words out of Rebecca’s mouth were, “There’s someone here with you. She’s quietly on your shoulder, ready to support you when you need it. She doesn’t interfere—she gives you space and grace to make your own choices. Her name is Lily.” 

My jaw dropped to the floor! Rebecca validated the guide I had sensed in my meditation. 

Rebecca is a master at connecting with the other side and using their infinite wisdom to guide us and improve our lives.

And on today’s Big Talk episode of Dear Gabby, you get to hear Rebecca share all about angels, guides and the afterlife. Get ready for some major chills!

Dear Gabby podcast: Angels, Guides & the Afterlife

When it comes to connecting with angels or spirit guides, I get this question a lot:

“How do I know I’m hearing spirit guides and not my own thoughts?”

Don’t worry … it’s normal for doubt to creep in and make you question whether you’re actually receiving messages from something other than your own imagination. 

Throughout my spiritual practice, I’ve learned that there are trusted signs to look for when you are connecting to spirit guides.

Here are 5 signs that you’re connecting to your guides:
  1. You feel a sense of inner peace and calm. When you receive messages from your guides, you’ll often experience a deep sense of peace and calm. This can feel like a warm, comforting presence that surrounds you and helps remove any fear or doubt.
  2. You see repeated signs or symbols. Your guides may communicate with you through signs and symbols that have special meaning to you. If you keep seeing the same symbols or signs, this could be a message from your guides.
  3. You get sudden insights or inspiration. Your guides may also communicate with you through unexpected insights or inspiration. If you suddenly have an idea or a solution to a problem, it’s possible your guides are directing you.
  4. You feel guided to take specific actions. If you have a strong urge to take a specific action, even if it doesn’t make logical sense, this could be a message from your guides. Trust your intuition and follow the guidance you receive.
  5. You experience physical sensations. Some people report feeling physical sensations when they receive messages from their guides. This can include tingling in the body, a sense of warmth, or pressure in certain areas.

Everyone’s experience of receiving messages from their spirit guides is unique. What’s most important is to pay attention to the signs and messages that resonate with you, and trust the guidance you receive.

If you want to learn more about tuning in to the wisdom from your angels, listen to this week’s episode with Rebecca

Remember, your spirit guides are here to help you on your journey, so don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance. Trust in their wisdom and guidance, and know that you are always surrounded by their love and light.

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