When I ducked into my recording studio to chat with Martha Beck for this episode of the Dear Gabby podcast, my kitten Jimi Blue sauntered in after me. (Jimi couldn’t WAIT to hear about the spiritual realm.)

Martha is a world-renowned life coach, speaker and author. She has such profound wisdom on connecting with the spiritual realm, trauma-recovery, integrity and more! I’ve wanted to meet Martha for so long, and I knew I was going to hang on her every word … 

All while Jimi purred on my lap, nipped at my hand and pawed at the wires on my headphones. 

But even if my furry baby can be slightly distracting in the recording booth, I know that I can’t do it without her. 

A Gift From the Spiritual Realm

Ever since she came home with me, this angelic creature has stayed by my side. And she’s not just angelic … She’s truly an angel. Jimi Blue is one of my guides, coming through to me in cute-kitten form! (I share the story of how and when she came into my life on today’s podcast.) 

It may sound odd to say that my kitten is my guide …. but this is something I know to be true! And if you’re an animal-lover yourself, you probably know what I’m saying. 

When you really start connecting to the spiritual realm, and opening up to the guidance that’s all around you, you’ll start to recognize that the Universal presence of love can show up in almost anything. 

It can show up in books; it can show up in people … and you bet it can show up in pets. We all have spiritual guidance within and around us. We just have to learn how to recognize it. 

If you need help connecting to that guidance, today’s episode of the Dear Gabby podcast is for you! 

Let’s Get Metaphysical

In this wide-ranging Big Talk, Martha and I dig into the mystical and the metaphysical. And, Martha reveals some of the profound techniques she shares with her life-coaching clients (Oprah Winfrey is one of them). 

In Martha’s view of the world, spirituality and reality aren’t separate, but deeply intertwined. I believe this too! 

The truer we are to ourselves, the more miraculous our lives become … or, as Martha puts it: “When you start to be really honest, the magic in your life goes bananas.”

Want your magic to go bananas?! Listen in to learn: 

  • Why suffering doesn’t have to shatter you … and how it can crack you open instead. 
  • How to bust through blocks to the “wildy mystical existence” we all have access to 
  • The one question you can ask yourself to let go of needless suffering 
  • A beautiful mantra you can use to activate your inner peace …. and start manifesting like crazy! (I had a full-body reaction when Martha said these 7 words.)

A Journaling Exercise to Help You Feel Good!

PLUS, this Big Talk inspired me to create a journaling exercise for you! Think of it as a BONUS for today’s episode.

While we were chatting, Martha suggested a technique you can use to stop dwelling on any perceived failures, and start celebrating your successes. (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: As you celebrate your successes … you’ll start attracting more. Feeling good is the key to manifesting!) 

The technique Martha shared is based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. I came up with a journaling exercise based on that … and I think you’ll really dig it.  Here’s what to do:

Before you go to bed at night, find a quiet spot and an uninterrupted chunk of time. I’d recommend allotting at least 20 minutes to this exercise, but even 10 minutes will work. 

On one page in your journal, jot down anything that disappointed you or frustrated you throughout the day. (Think of this as a mini version of my “rage on the page” exercise, which I teach in my Meditation Challenge.) You can list out small issues, complex problems — or anything that’s lowering your vibe. After about 10 minutes, draw a big X through that list or crumple it up and toss it into the recycling bin. 

Now, start a new page. In your mind’s eye, go back over the day … and this time, remember anything that went well. This could be anything from a delicious morning coffee to a cathartic talk with a friend. And if your day felt particularly rough, you can just write: “I am breathing; I am alive.” That is enough! Do this for about 10 minutes. 

Manifest More

Now, read over the list of things that went right in your day, and celebrate each one of them. As you make this a daily practice, you’ll learn to focus on what’s thriving in your life … and you’ll start manifesting effortlessly — as if by magic! 

^^^^This worked for Dante and it’ll work for you. I hope this isn’t a spoiler, but this is what happens in the Divine Comedy, as Dante starts to celebrate his successes: 

“He starts to experience the world as filled with light,” Martha says in today’s podcast. “He has things come to him, effortlessly and magically. There’s beings of love all around him.” 

Whether you call it beings of love, or spirit guides or the Universe, there is indeed an energy of love that’s within us and around us at all times. And the more we can tune into that divine guidance, the more we can be divinely led. 

Tap Into the Spiritual Realm

Having a deep spiritual connection has helped me in every single area of my life, and it’s ultimately what allowed me to survive and thrive after trauma. As I write in my new book Happy Days

“When we face our discomfort with faith instead of fear, we can grow in profound ways. It’s faith that got me out of the darkness, and it’s faith that keeps me in the light.” Page 134, Chapter 6, Happy Days  

Whether guidance comes to you through this podcast, a book like Happy Days or Martha’s book The Way of Integrity, through meditation, or through a kitten, my prayer is this: 

May you open yourself up to a deeper level of spiritual connection than you’ve ever known …. And watch the magic in your life go bananas! 

Get More Guidance

Oh, and if you want more help deepening your spiritual practice, I have good news! The 21-Day Meditation Challenge starts again on April 1 You can sign up now to get access to the prep work in the members-only portal!  Click here to join the challenge now.  

For more info on connecting with the spiritual realm and the guidance that’s around you, press play on the video below:

Get More Gabby:

The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 

My meditation practice has always helped me feel connected to the spiritual guidance that’s within me and around me. Whether you’re new to meditation or an experienced meditator, I’d love to give you my favorite practices for shifting my energy and feeling spiritually connected. To claim 2 free meditations, click here

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Happy Days is my most vulnerable and personal book yet. In it, I share the 9 spiritual and therapeutic tools that helped me become not only a trauma survivor, but a thriver. If you feel called to read this book, my prayer is that it brings you great comfort and healing — and a deep knowing that you are not alone. 

About Martha Beck: Martha Beck, PhD, is a world-renowned life coach. She’s a Harvard-trained sociologist, a nine-time author, and a highly sought after life coach and speaker. Her most recent book is The Way of Integrity

The 2022 Meditation Challenge starts on April 1! If you’d like to join me for 21 days of meditations that will calm your energy, help you feel connected and elevate every area of your life, join the challenge now! I’ll help you make meditation a habit. 

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