How to Detach from Outcomes and Trust in the Universe

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Do you struggle to detach from outcomes? I see so many people try to control the outcomes of situations, and this includes myself.

For many years I was very determined to create the outcomes I wanted. I always had a plan, and I didn’t let myself feel safe unless everything went according to that plan.

If you have a hard time letting go and accepting the way things unfold, this post is for you. I want to help you let you go and start receiving!

How are you attached to outcomes?

Get honest with yourself right now: In what ways are you obsessing over an outcome?

  • Are you attached to something happening in the timeframe you’re comfortable with?
  • Are you fixated on someone doing something in the way you want?
  • Do you think something will be a disaster if it doesn’t go exactly as you planned?

The Law of Attraction

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? Maybe you’re familiar with that phrase but don’t fully understand what it is. Here’s how I describe it: In order to attract your desires, you have to get into an energetic state that matches the frequency of whatever it is you’re seeking. Being abundant starts with feeling abundant, for instance; and attracting love starts with being more loving toward those around you. I like this mantra: energy flows where my intention goes. Make a whole-hearted intention each day to dwell in the energy of your desires, and— by law!—you will attract them.

The power of detachment

When you embrace your Super Attractor power, you can stop controlling and start receiving. The more we turn over our desires and goals to the care of the Universe, the more greatness we allow. We can stop worrying and trust that whatever is coming our way is of the highest good.

When you’re attached to an outcome, you actually block your ability to manifest your desires and co-create with the Universe.

But when your energy is aligned with the energy of the Universe, you blast open the doors to receive support, ideas, inspiration, solutions and opportunities you couldn’t have imagined!

The moment you release the results, you allow the Universe to back you up.

How to detach from outcomes

If we want to manifest the reality we want, we must be in an energy of detachment. In this energy, we become willing to allow and receive.

These 2 steps will help you detach from outcomes. When you practice this simple process, you’ll live with ease and confidence. And you’ll manifest your desires!

Step 1: Recognize how you’re attached to the outcome

Before you can detach from an outcome, you have to get honest about you’re attached to it. Maybe you post in the comments below and just get honest with me, and get honest with yourself about an outcome you’ve been obsessing over.

Then start to pay attention to how that attachment is affecting your energy and your vibrational frequency. How is it making you feel? You can start to see how it’s not serving you and how it may be blocking you from manifesting your desires.

Step 2: Surrender the attachment with prayer

The moment I embrace my peace within and surrender the outcome is the moment the Universe can truly get to work | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckThe next step is to surrender it fully. This is so simple. It’s just a prayer. You can say this prayer daily for the next 30 days if you want to detach from an outcome. Just say:

“I surrender this attachment, and I allow the Universe to show me where to go and what to do.”

That simple prayer will shift your energy immediately. It connects you to the voice of your higher self, which will help you allow and let go.

In that space of allowing and letting go, you start to come into an energy frequency that is receptive and detached. You start to vibrate with the Universe and trust the Universe with the details.

Remember: It’s this or something better.

Release every outcome

As I say in Super Attractor, the Universe responds when we let go and welcome divine guidance. When there is a controlling energy behind your actions, you won’t receive the outcome you truly want. The key to attracting your desires is to release them.

Tweet: The key to attracting your desires is to release them. @gabbybernstein #SuperAttractor

People often ask me how often they should surrender to the Universe. My response is: Every day. You can use your prayer as often as you need. Turn to it anytime you catch yourself trying to control, or when you’re really hung up on a certain outcome.

It helps to begin practicing detaching and surrendering in the areas of your life where things don’t feel so “high stakes” and you have a more relaxed attitude toward the outcome. In time it will become easier to release your bigger attachments. Get into this habit by surrendering something that you’re less attached to. Release it all!

Focus on feeling good

Gabby Bernstein on an Adirondack chair with a vase of flowers | Detach from outcomesAbraham-Hicks say:

“The reason you want every single thing that you want, is because you think you will feel really good when you get there. But if you don’t feel really good on your way to there, you can’t get there. You have to be satisfied with what-is while you’re reaching for more.”

Your satisfaction with what is allows you to be happy and peaceful regardless of whether you have exactly what you think you need. So just forget what you think you need and focus on feeling good!

Feeling good will bring you far more than whatever you thought you needed. You’ll release the need to get something, be somewhere or have certain circumstances in place to be happy. Happiness will become the outcome you desire most.

You can start cultivating happiness now. Follow the tips in my blog posts on the #1 key to manifesting and creative visualization to focus on feeling good!

Get more guidance in Super Attractor!

Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinIn Super Attractor, I lay out the essential methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams. This book is a manifesto for confidently claiming your desires.

In its pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Do less and attract more
  • Relax and trust that what you desire is on the way
  • Know that spiritual guidance is available to you at all times
  • Feel a sense of awe each day as you witness miracles unfold

Order the book and claim your free Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop!

Witness the miracles unfold

As you practice detaching from the outcome, you’ll start to see many beautiful miracles begin to unfold in your life.

Look out for them. Pay attention and don’t dismiss anything. Celebrate and appreciate every miracle.

You can come back to this blog post and share with me how you detached from the outcome and what miracles you manifested.

And, if you want more help relaxing your energy so that miracles can unfold naturally, I have good news! My 21-Day Meditation Challenge starts on April 1, and you can sign up now.

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