How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Trust the Guidance You Receive

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How do you ask for a sign from the Universe? How can you tell when you’ve gotten your sign? What if you don’t get your sign?

I hear these questions all the time! If you’re confused about how to ask for a sign, you’re not alone. That’s why I’m dedicating this post to how to ask the Universe for a sign and trust the guidance you receive!

(For a deeper dive, this is a topic I cover in my books The Universe Has Your Back and Super Attractor.)

How to ask for a sign from the Universe

the universe has your back gabby bernsteinPeople tell me, “I got my sign but I’m not sure what it means,” or “I’m not getting my sign and I don’t believe I’m being guided.” There’s a lot of stress around asking for and receiving signs from the Universe, and how to trust in the signs you receive.

I want to address this topic head-on, because when you can relax into faith and know a divine sign when you see one, you will receive beautiful guidance and your path will unfold naturally before you! I want this for everyone. So watch the video below and then keep reading to learn how to trust in the signs you receive from the Universe.

But first, here’s a quick refresher on how to ask for a sign, from The Universe Has Your Back.

How to ask for a sign from the Universe

Asking for a sign means that you’re willing to collaborate with the Universe. It means that you’re committed to releasing structure and control to instead be led by a power greater than you. If you don’t get your sign, that’s a sign too!

Asking for clear guidance is an exercise in receiving good, orderly direction that is unrelated to what you think is right. Remember and trust that the Universe has a better plan than you do.

You can ask for a sign to guide you toward anything you desire. If you’re unsure about a decision or you simply want to know you’re on the right track, ask for a sign. And don’t get hung up about what your sign should be. Just choose the first thing that comes to your mind.

Maybe you think of an animal, a song or a book title. Often people receive signs as numbers in sequence like 1111 or 444. Or maybe your sign is a song, a fragrance or a name.

Just let whatever comes to your mind become your sign. Allow it to come to you naturally and commit to what you hear.

Once you ask for your sign, the next step is crucial. You must turn over your desire to the Universe with a prayer. Say this prayer: “Thank you, Universe, for offering me clarity. Show me my sign if I’m moving in the right direction.”

Then be patient.

How to know you’ve gotten your sign

Watch below and keep reading to learn how to recognize that you’ve received a sign and trust in it:

What to do when you receive a clear sign

The greatest way to stay connected with what your sign means and the guidance it offers is to tune into how you feel when you receive it.

If you receive a sign that makes you feel connected and aligned, and you feel that you’re receiving an intuitive message to move forward, don’t second-guess it. Trust that guidance.

The guidance truly is limitless! You might be a little psyched out when you first start receiving signs and noticing lots of synchronicities.

The signs and synchronicities might seem a little too good to be true, but they’re not. This is simply the miraculous way of life that’s available to you when you surrender to the Universe and have faith in the guidance you receive.

The keywords are SURRENDER and FAITH

I'm in awe of the magnificent guidance available to me | Super Attractor card deckMany people will ask for a sign but they don’t surrender to the Universe. Or they don’t trust that the guidance they receive is better than what their ego wants. They try to manipulate situations so their sign will show up, or they specifically pick a sign they know they’ll see.

Try not to control your sign. Your sign will be crystal clear if you’re going in the right direction. And always remember that if it’s not clear, then that too is divine guidance (more on that below).

The medium Colette Baron-Reid says that your sign needs to be like a billboard, so clear that you cannot deny it.

What to do when your sign isn’t clear or you’re unsure about it

So what happens when you see your sign, but you don’t feel connected to it? Or when you realize that you’re trying to play tricks with the Universe?

The answer is simple: Tune back in. Turn to your prayer practice and your meditations to get centered again.

When we use signs from the Universe as a way to manipulate or control an outcome, or to feel a sense of certainty when we’re uncomfortable, that is not the process.

Manifesting is a conversation with the Universe. When you’re in alignment, you’re in conversation. That conversation isn’t based on ego or a specific outcome. It’s based on a free-flowing energy that is supporting and guiding you.

Tweet: When you are in alignment with the loving energy of the Universe, you can ask for a sign and trust that you will receive the guidance you need. @gabbybernstein #theuniversehasyourback

If you find yourself trying to search for your sign or control your sign, or you see it but don’t know what it means, that’s an indication that you are out of alignment. Get back into alignment through prayer and meditation, or reread The Universe Has Your Back and use the practices and tools in the book to gain a stronger understanding of what your relationship with the Universe means to you.

Practice spiritual surrender

And if you really struggle with the concept of surrender, try my five steps to spiritual surrender. This is a beautiful practice to use when you’re having a tough time letting go of an outcome. Maybe you’re hung up about a crush or wish an ex would come back to you. Or maybe you’re looking for a new job and have a lot of anxiety around hearing back from companies you applied to. Whatever it is, this practice will bring you great relief.

Once you’re back in alignment, you can ask for your sign and trust that you will receive the guidance you need. When you open up that conversation from a place of alignment rather than from a place of neediness and control, you will receive CLEAR direction.

When you try to control, you only get in the way. But when you ask from a place of wisdom and receptivity, you can trust that the messages you receive are putting you on the right path.

Be patient and trust in the Universe’s plan

Some signs come quickly and some take time. If you don’t get your sign right away don’t worry. You may need to clear some fears or strengthen your faith before you can get it.

If you don’t get your sign, that’s a sign, too

trust the universe gabby bernstein card deckNot receiving your sign is guidance, too. If you asked the Universe to confirm you’re in the right romantic relationship and you don’t receive your sign, that’s a sign! Take this direction seriously.

I’m not saying to break up with your partner overnight. But I am suggesting that you look more closely at the fundamental issues that need to be resolved.

You’ll always exercise free will, but consider the signs from the Universe (or lack thereof) as supportive direction on your path.

Your true power is the love and peace within you

Gabby Bernstein | ask the universe for a signDo you tend to feel impatient after asking for a sign? Consider that your impatience may be blocking the sign!

Often when we find ourselves impatient, it’s really because we don’t trust in the outcome. We’re afraid that something won’t happen the exact way we want it or exactly when we want it to happen. (Try this tip to practice patience.)

Anytime you place your happiness and safety in the outcome, you lose sight of a plan beyond your own. You cut off communication with the Universe and disconnect from all of the infinite possibilities that could occur.

The key to releasing this control is to surrender all your outside needs and obsessions and remember that nothing can take away your true power: the love and peace within you.

No matter the outcome of a situation, your true power is the love and peace within you. This inner sense of love and peace comes from being connected to the love and peace of the Universe and trusting that it always has your back.

So remember: Anytime you want to ask for a sign, tune in to your energy first. If your energy is ego-driven, the responses will be muddy. If the energy is aligned with love, you will always get clear direction. Be very conscious of the energy you’re putting forth when you ask for guidance and make sure that it’s clear, connected and aligned.

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  1. Hello

    Hello, I pray for signs all the time for something I need to end. One entity has attemped to sabotage and is controlled by greed over the matter. However I see white butter flies show up, I’ve had humming birds appear just as I am looking out the window or almost run into them outside. I also have had orange dragon flies show up and allow me to touch their wings as they land over my pond. I do meditate and feel these are the signs, I end up looking up their significance and there are some. The timing on these visuals is almost like as I am in the yard or just happen to look out the window?

    1. Hi Linda,
      It sounds like you are doing great work committing to your meditation practice and opening up to receive signs from the universe. If you’re not sure how to interpret the signs that you’re receiving, then Gabby suggests turning to your spiritual practice for clarity. Prayer is the medium for asking for guidance and meditation is medium for receiving guidance. Here is a meditation that you might like to try:

  2. Hi, I really hope you can help me because, at this point, I’m desperate.
    Nobody has really discussed what to do in my condition. Throughout my life, people have told me I have great potential, but the problem is, I can’t really connect to the universe. People tell me its as simple as meditating, clearing your mind, and not thinking that much, and be free. But that’s the problem. I have been through a lot in my life, and am undergoing several mental illnesses. Because of this, I can never seem to quiet my mind. No matter what I do there are a thousand voices in my head. I really hope you can help me because I really need some advice on what to do.

    1. Hi Aaliyah,
      Thank you for your honest share.
      First I want to assure you that you are already connected to the universe. We all are. The part of us that knows not to put our hand in the fire or gently tells us that it’s time to sleep– that’s the voice of our higher self. We don’t always hear this guidance in words– but experience it as an inner knowing. It might be helpful to take some time at the end of each day to reflect and express gratitude for the moments when you felt this sense of inner knowing.
      Second, not all meditation requires you to clear your mind. For example, acceptance based meditation is about listening to your inner chatter without judgment. This helps foster a great sense of connection to your higher self / the universe.
      Finally, mindfulness and meditation takes practice. Even if you feel like you’re not doing it right, or nothing is happening, stay committed– and be patient and gentle with your practice.
      Here are some posts that I think you’ll find helpful: and

  3. Hey,

    I had asked for a sign in 24 hours time frame. But I didn’t get it in 24 hours, instead got it in 72 hours. Can you please tell me is it a sign kr not?

    1. Great question, Saee. Often when this happens, it’s a sign that our expectations are interfering. Once you ask for your signs, release your expectations / stop looking for it to appear, and surrender the outcome. You’re always being guided and protected– we just need to create the space for the sign/guidance to come through.

      If you’re not sure how to interpret the signs that you receive from the universe, it’s an opportunity to return to your meditation practice for clarity. Here is a mediation that you might find helpful:


    2. I asked for a sign of a specific type of car in an evening to let me know if what I want from the universe/ higher power/ God will be with me. I seen one so I said OK, it can be a popular car so can you show me two more but one being a darker colour? I seen two more, one white, one black. Started feeling really happy.

      Is this right, was that the sign?

      I also asked to see a bright yellow car / motor as a sign if I would beat my addiction (currently in recovery). Seen two and a bright yellow van. Started freaking out a little.

      I’ve just asked to see a butterfly (actually or image) within the next four days to see if one of my wishes will come true this year.

  4. Hi. Okay so im finding myself in the middle or on the fence of something.
    I’ve been trying to find ways to quit my job whereas I have been very unhappy under alot of stress. I was diagnosed with Hypertension and Anxiety 3 months ago. Ive been dreaming of doing my own thing, i have all the capabilities and tools to do it. Im just overthinking it alot… asking myself if this is the right choice and so scared of failing. I know Ill have inner peace in doing my thing. On thing that keeps me at my current job is.. my salary.

  5. Hi Gabby! I loved Super Attractor! I have been wanting to get get divorced for some time now. I haven’t yet out of guilt and fear. My thinking is definitely changing; the positives of what I want to do are showing up for me. I still sometimes struggle with proceeding to do it because divorce is “negative”. How do I get away from thinking something that has such a negative connotation, when it’s something I want to do?

  6. So I asked for specific signs. I wanted to know if I was in the right romantic path with an individual. I used an owl as one of my signs (like you’ve suggested in a YouTube video!), I got all my 4 signs including the blue feather you posted in your ig story on Saturday. I’m blown away. Now I’m thinking “how is it going to happen? When?” Is that controlling the outcome even though I got my signs already? I mean who am I not to trust!?!!! I got my signs! All of them and the synchronicities!!! Omg

  7. Hi! I asked The Universe a very detailed question and chose a very specific sign for the ‘yes’ answer. The sign is so specific that it can nog be seen in normal dat life, like a flower for example. Every time I asked the question the sign was shown to me. The manifestation is nog there yet but now the sign starts popping up even without me asking the question again. Even in dreams I see it. Because I am very new at this I wonder if the Universe keeps sending you the specific sign even when you did not ask the question again. Must also dat that sometimes I get a little sad because the manifestation is not here yet. But I never give up believing. Thank you for your help.

  8. It’s so strange, but I was seeing someone pre covid & we fell in love, but he had a 7 month overseas trip planned. He said if it wasn’t for the trip, we would be together. We got matching tattoos, he said he wanted to be with me when he got back, and after he left I asked for a sign that everything would be ok. I said I wanted to see an image of a black skunk. I focussed so hard & thought about it so much, and then forgot. But 2 days later, on Instagram, I saw on a tattoo page I follow, a whole page with small black outlined images, but in the dead centre, a black coloured in skunk.

    Fast forward 4 months and we’ve broken up, he left me for another girl in Amsterdam, because I caused too many insecure fights while he was away. I really truly am lost because I feel like for me, he was the most perfect man I have ever met, and the universe even confirmed. But now we’ve gotten to the point where we have each other blocked on everything. I’m so extremely lost

    1. Sending you lots of love and compassion right now. Gabby always says, “Rejection is often the Universe leading us in a different direction. See rejection as guidance rather than loss.” What this means is that even though it might not feel like it right now, the universe is guiding and supporting you. Here are two additional blog posts that you might find helpful:

  9. Hii gabby..
    I feel so excited to tell you that today only i got your book The universe has your back.. I had finished just the first 5 pages… Then i opened my pintrest and since from last few days I am reading about spirituality and dreams synchronicity etc… I just got attracted to open this article about how to ask universe for guidance and trust it.. To my surprise it was by same author.. You… :0 i now feel yes… It’s true…universe giving you sign… And see my dign us you.. 🙂 also few days back i was really off… Then just before sleeping i saw 01:01 time… Then i woke up and picked up phone it was 02:02 and then again i got up and checked the time it was 05:05… Although i had not seen this earlier.. But i was reading about all this.. But it has to be major first coincidence that day..and second one with your name and book today May be my mind was looking for some sign.. Can you please throw some more light on this.

    1. Wonderful, Sim. When we receive signs from the universe, they carry the message that we are being guided and supported. If you’re unsure about how to interpret the signs that you are receiving, you can always return to your spiritual practice for more clarity. Prayer is the medium for asking and meditation is the medium for listening. xoxo

  10. Thank you so much for this Ma’am

    I recently saw this guy on national television in my country. He is on a show that runs 24/7 and for some reason, I feel really drawn to him. So much so, I recently told my friend I feel like he is cheating on me with his love interest on TV. I know this sounds crazy. I would see him come on TV and my heart would start pounding so fast. I tried talking myself out of it convincing myself it is just a crush and it would pass, it hasn’t. I try to stay calm when he comes but I get all happy and Gidi.

    I don’t want to be the crazy fan girl so, I stopped watching the show for a while and chose to focus on me. The problem is, even when I try, he is still on my mind. I have un-followed him on all social media. I try to avoid the show. I have stopped feeling anyway towards his love interest and I am focused on me. I recently found out my closest friends is friends with someone who is very close to his family and he lived in the city I grew up in.

    About a week ago, I decided to surrender this to the universe. I wrote down that if he is my life partner, I will start seeing roses , red roses.

    I surrendered and moved on. For that whole week, I was seeing roses online , tiktok, instagram . I talked myself out saying it was me manifesting it. Please note that I haven’t tried to search for these things myself

    another day, I walked into a big departmental store and I asked the universe to send me roses if he is my partner.

    I went about buying things without looking for roses. When it came to checkout, I walked up to one of the cashiers and while paying, I turn to my left just to look around and there it was again, ROSES, lots of them.

    I ask the cashier if those were roses as I hadn’t seen them there before and she said yes.

    I still shrugged it off. Today, after watching him again, I remembered the page in your book where you say the sign will be like a bill board

    So, I have asked for someone or some people or I don’t know where from to gift me a rose or a bouquet of red roses. Not white or yellow but red.

    If this happens, I will know for certain. Just after saying that, I go on instagram and while wondering, a bouquet of roses come up again. I know it isn’t given to me in person so, I am on the look out for that.

    I won’t search. I have chosen to surrender. I noticed I have a slight fear of what if I get this sign. How will we meet? He will be a super-star by the time he comes out from this show and I promise, I am not drawn to this man because he is a star or on TV, I just really like him.

    I am choosing to surrender even though I know I sound hella crazy. I trust that if he isn’t the one, the universe will send me the right person. She has already given him to me. I trust that the HOW isn’t my business.

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Orie. It sounds like you are very intuitive and open to receive signs from the universe. Congratulations. Here are some tips and practices to help you surrender:

  11. Hi Gabby,

    I just want to start by saying thank you for gifting the world with love and helping others find their path to love as well. Your books have meant so much to me and moved me during this season of my life. Your practical guidance to get grounded in faith, hope and surrender are setting me free and on my path to joy. I have a conundrum and would like to ask for a sign. The problem is I haven’t chosen a path. It’s either A or B and I want to ask the universe to tell me which one is the highest good. What do you think about asking for a sign of X if path A is the highest good or a sign of Y of path B is the highest good. I have surrendered this path to my angel basket from the meditation practice in your book the universe has your back. Trying to live each day in the present moment and to chose love in each moment. To know that what is best will be revealed and to have hope my inner spirit will guide me. My ego aka my brain has stifled my connection to my inner intuition and I am committed to changing that through meditation and practice.

    Thank you in advance for your time responding.

    1. Yes, Maria. You can ask the universe to show you a sign to indicate which path is of the highest good. When we’re in the logical mindset of “How do I figure this out?” and ultimately that blocks our sense of feeling and knowing the next right action. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to stop trying to “figure it out” and let our intuition be your guide. The way that we develop tuning into your intuition is through prayer and meditation. I want to offer you this simple prayer: “Thank you universe for showing me what to do. Thank for showing me what is of the highest good.” Then sit in meditation to receive guidance. Here is a meditation to try: /spirit-guides-meditation/. xoxo

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