How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Trust the Guidance You Receive

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I want to address a question I get asked pretty often. This is a topic I cover in my book The Universe Has Your Back and it’s part of my new book, Super Attractor.

Are you confused about how to ask for a sign?

the universe has your back gabby bernsteinPeople tell me, “I got my sign but I’m not sure what it means,” or “I’m not getting my sign and I don’t believe I’m being guided.” There’s a lot of stress around asking for and receiving signs from the Universe, and how to trust in the signs you receive.

I want to address this topic head-on, because when you can relax into faith and know a divine sign when you see one, you will receive beautiful guidance and your path will unfold naturally before you! I want this for everyone. So watch the video below and then keep reading to learn how to trust in the signs you receive from the Universe.

But first, here’s a quick refresher on how to ask for a sign, from The Universe Has Your Back.

How to ask for a sign from the Universe

Asking for a sign means that you’re willing to collaborate with the Universe. It means that you’re committed to releasing structure and control to instead be led by a power greater than you. If you don’t get your sign, that’s a sign too! Asking for clear guidance is an exercise in receiving good, orderly direction that is unrelated to what you think is right. Remember and trust that the Universe has a better plan than you do!

owl journal gabby bernstein|ask the universe for a signYou can ask for a sign to guide you toward anything you desire. If you’re unsure about a decision or you simply want to know you’re on the right track, ask for a sign. And don’t get hung up about what your sign should be. Just choose the first thing that comes to your mind.

Maybe you think of an animal or a song or a book title. (In The Universe Has Your Back I tell a story about how I chose my sign, which is an owl!) Just let whatever comes to your mind become your sign. Let it come to you naturally and commit to what you hear.

Often people receive signs as numbers in sequence like 1111 or 444. Or maybe your sign is a song, a fragrance or a name.

Once you ask for your sign, the next step is crucial. You must turn over your desire to the Universe with a prayer. Say this prayer: “Thank you, Universe, for offering me clarity. Show me my sign if I’m moving in the right direction.”

Then be patient.

How to recognize that you’ve received a sign

Watch below and keep reading to learn how to recognize that you’ve received a sign and trust in it:

What to do when you receive a clear sign

The greatest way to stay connected with what your sign means and the guidance it offers is to tune into how you feel when you receive it. If you receive a sign that makes you feel connected and aligned, and you feel that you’re receiving an intuitive message to move forward, don’t second-guess it. Trust that guidance. As I say in The Universe Has Your Back, “Limitless guidance is available to you when you surrender to receive it.”

The guidance truly is limitless! You might be a little psyched out when you first start receiving signs and noticing lots of synchronicities. It might seem a little too good to be true. But it’s not. That is simply the miraculous way of life that is available to you when you surrender to the Universe and have faith in the guidance you receive.

The key words are SURRENDER and FAITH

Many people will ask for a sign but they don’t surrender to the Universe. Or they don’t trust that the guidance they receive is better than what their ego wants. They try to manipulate situations so their sign will show up, or they specifically pick a sign they know they’ll see.

As I say in the book: Try not to control your sign. Your sign will be crystal clear if you’re going in the right direction. And always remember that if it’s not clear, then that too is divine guidance. The medium Colette Baron-Reid says that your sign needs to be like a billboard, so clear that you cannot deny it.

What to do when your sign isn’t clear or you’re unsure about it

So what happens when you see your sign, but you don’t feel connected to it? Or when you realize that you’re trying to play tricks with the Universe?

The answer is simple: Tune back in. Turn to your prayer practice and your meditations to get centered again.

When we use signs from the Universe as a way to manipulate or control an outcome, or to feel a sense of certainty when we’re uncomfortable, that is not the process. Manifesting is a conversation with the Universe. When you’re in alignment, you’re in conversation. That conversation isn’t based on ego or a specific outcome. It’s based on a free-flowing energy that is supporting and guiding you.

Tweet: When you are in alignment with the loving energy of the Universe, you can ask for a sign and trust that you will receive the guidance you need. @gabbybernstein #theuniversehasyourback

If you find yourself trying to search for your sign or control your sign, or you see it but don’t know what it means, that’s an indication that you are out of alignment. Get back into alignment through prayer and meditation, or reread The Universe Has Your Back and use the practices and tools in the book to gain a stronger understanding of what your relationship with the Universe means to you.

Practice spiritual surrender

And if you really struggle with the concept of surrender, try my five steps to spiritual surrender. This is a beautiful practice to use when you’re having a tough time with letting go of an outcome. Maybe you’re hung up about a crush or wish an ex would come back to you. Or maybe you’re looking for a new job and have a lot of anxiety around hearing back from companies you applied to. Whatever it is, this practice will bring you great relief.

Once you’re back in alignment, you can ask for your sign and trust that you will receive the guidance you need. When you open up that conversation from a place of alignment rather than from a place of neediness and control, you will receive CLEAR direction.

When you try to control, you only get in the way. But when you ask from a place of wisdom and receptivity, you can trust that the messages you receive are putting you on the right path.

How to be patient and trust in the Universe’s plan

Here’s another excerpt from The Universe Has Your Back that will help you further when it comes to trusting in the signs you receive:

Some signs come quickly and some take time. If you don’t get your sign right away don’t worry. There may be some personal fears you need to clear up, or perhaps faith you need to strengthen, before you can get it. If you’re not getting your sign right away consider that your impatience may be blocking it.

trust the universe gabby bernstein card deckOften when we find ourselves impatient it is really because we do not trust in the outcome. If you’re impatient, maybe it’s because you’re afraid that something won’t happen the exact way you want it or exactly when you want it to happen.

Remember that this need to control the outcome stems from your lack of faith in the Universe. There’s also the belief that if something doesn’t happen in the timeframe that you want that something bad will happen. Worse, this places your happiness and safety in the outcome.

Your true power is the love and peace within you

When you place your happiness and safety in the outcome you lose sight of a plan beyond your own. You cut off communication with the Universe and disconnect from all of the infinite possibilities that could occur. The key to releasing this control is to surrender all your outside needs and obsessions and remember that nothing can take away your true power: the love and peace within you.

No matter the outcome of a situation, your true power is the love and peace within you. This inner sense of love and peace comes from being connected to the love and peace of the Universe and trusting that it always has your back.

So remember: Anytime you want to ask for a sign, tune in to your energy first. If your energy is ego-driven, the responses will be muddy. If the energy is aligned with love, you will always get clear direction. Be very conscious of the energy you’re putting forth when you ask for guidance and make sure that it’s clear, connected and aligned.

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  1. Hi Gabby,
    About a year ago I decided my sign would be a red ladybug. In the past, I’ve had many incredible experiences where I would ask the universe for this sign and I’d be presented with either a physical ladybug in my garden, I’d hear someone say “ladybug” in a movie, I’d see it on someone’s Instagram post – just some wild encounters that sometimes I think I was dreaming. Recently, I asked for a sign and it’s taken longer than expected, however I surrendered and didn’t give any thought to it.
    However, last night I had a dream about a ladybug. I don’t know if subconsciously I was thinking about it so it appeared or if this is a sign. I woke up feeling confused. How do I know this is a sign and not my subconscious relaying images/thoughts/concerns etc?

    Ps. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. But what exactly is “the universe”? Is it a person? Is it a thing? Is it an energy source? When you are praying to the universe, what or who are you praying to?

  3. Hi Gabby! So I’ve been trying this sign thing this week along with having multiple conversations of gratitude and the things i’m trying to manifest with the universe. I have asked for a signs like seeing the random number “479” or a yellow bird with a red stripe on its tail, and within the same day i’ll see the number “478” or a yellow bird with a red stripe on its head. Does that mean anything specifically ?

    1. Great question, Tarriana. Often when this happens, it’s a sign that our expectations are interfering. Once you ask for your signs, release your expectations / stop looking for it to appear, and surrender the outcome. You’re always being guided and protected– we just need to create the space for the sign/guidance to come through. xoxo

  4. Hey Gabby, I have a question about a recent sign I received. Throughout my life, my sign has been chills or goosebumps. If I am struggling with something and I say the truth, I will get an intense energy followed by chills or goosebumps. Recently, this same thing happened but it wasn’t as intense as other times before but the chills and goosebumps were still happening after I said something. Do you think I can still believe this past sign to be truth even though it wasn’t as powerful as other times before?

  5. Dear Gabby,
    dear all,

    First I want to say thank you for your work! It gives me hope 

    I am struggling with my trust issues a very long time already. And every time I am trying to let go and to trust, I m getting such an outcome, which conflicts with my desire or is a complete opposite of it… and this reinforces my issues…
    How can I trust and connect with the Universe if I constantly getting such results (with very important things for me) ?
    I am trying not to give up but it feels like a betrayal… like the Universe has everything for everybody, but not for me… and I feel unworthy and unhappy, as if I am lost somewhere and I do not want to be there, but do not see the exit … I feel that my vibrations are very low and I do not know how to raise them…
    How can I stop this feeling and how can I find trust? Especially if I do not know how it feels… I do know how the betrayal feels, but complete trust…. no idea…
    But want to trust the Universe… big time

    Please HELP

    Thank you 

    1. Great question, Ana. If you haven’t read Gabby’s book, The Universe Has Your Back, I think you will find it very helpful. There is a chapter in the book called, “Obstacles Are Detours in the Right Direction” that I think will really resonate with you. In the meantime, you may want to check out this video clip: as well as these posts: and xoxo

  6. Hi Gabby and team! I once asked the universe to show me a sign if a certain person is right for me. I said if he is right, then show me cactus, else bamboo. I happened to see both on the same day. So, I asked the same question the next day and choose different signs for yes/no. Again, I saw both the signs on the same day. How should we interpret this?

    PS: The signs chosen aren’t commonly visible in my place. Hence, the likelihood of seeing either sign was not much.

  7. Hi Gabby and Team, I have been asking myself some difficult questions lately. When I asked for guidance and signs from the Universe I asked to see 3 Specific things. I was outside in my back yard relaxing by the pool and I couldn’t believe I received 2 out of the 3 signs. Do you REALLY think the Universe is saying go for it? I’m excited and nervous about it. Any thoughts?

  8. I’ve been seeing repeating numbers like crazy for about a year now, 1111, 333, etc. and I’ve been skeptical about them being signs, as I left the Christian faith a few years ago and it was a pretty awful crash. I was feeling the familiar twinge of being lost and low tonight, stumbled upon this page and I was hit hard with a sign. I was talking to a girl today, trying to get her number and I brought up spirit animals just for fun, and I’ve always felt, if I had any at all, it was… an OWL. Then I scroll down and you’re talking about repeating numbers and other things I experienced but didn’t think on much. If that’s not pure synchronicity, idk what is.

  9. Hi Gabby, I read this last year while in Japan and the image of a red crested woodpecker came into my head. I saw it everywhere in all sorts of forms which made me feel I was on the right path. Sadly, just now a real red crested woodpecker has just flown into my window and died…. I’m totally heartbroken. Have I just received a terrible omen from the universe?

    1. Mae, some people see the death of an animal as a sign that any stress, anxiety, or pain that you have been suffering from is coming to an end. Rather than see this as a terrible omen from the universe, how do you feel about seeing it as a metaphorical death symbolizing the end of limitations and resistance? xoxo

  10. Hi Gabby, do you have to ask to see a sign within a certain timeframe? I asked to see a sunflower by the end of the day, and I saw it the next day. I then asked to see a locket the next day to confirm it and I didn’t see one. Is it wrong to use a time frame? x

    1. Great question, Jess. It’s helpful to use a time frame, but sometimes what happens is that the time frame results in an energy of expectation/waiting (fear). This energy can block the sign, which is why the sign often appears after the time frame is over and we are no longer in the energy of expectation/waiting. It sounds like your assignment here is to keep asking for signs within a certain timeframe but truly surrendering the outcome. Here are some posts/practices to help you do that:

      1. Thanks for your response, i will work on surrendering the outcome.
        I received 2 contradicting signs yesterday that really confused me! One sign implied one thing would happen, and the other implied something completely different. Do you know why that might be? Many thanks xo

  11. Hi,
    This is my first attempt at asking for a sign. I asked, as did Gabby for my sign to be an owl. In what shape would a sign appear? Because strangely today on Facebook a sponsored post for an owl sanctuary came up on my feed! I’ve never searched for anything related with an owl sanctuary and I’m not sure if this is my sign or just a coincidence? Any guidance would be gratefully received.


    1. Wherever you see your sign, it counts, Pete! Signs don’t always appear in the physical sense– sometimes we see them in books, online, or even hear them in conversation! More importantly than how your sign appears is how you FEEL when you hear it. If you feel that the owl that you saw is for you, then it is. xoxo

  12. Hi Gabby, my love left me and she didn’t let me to say goodbye and I sent a message for her but she didn’t answer I asked the universe to make her come back I dreamed 2 times about her that she told me she will come back the things I have to do is just be patient.
    Does dream about her a sign of the universe is helping me!?

    1. If you’re not clear about the guidance that you have received from the universe, return to your meditation practice. Ask the universe to reveal to you whatever it is that you need to know. You may also find it helpful to check out this blog post: and read the chapter in The Universe Has Your Back called “Obstacles are Detours in the Right Direction.” xoxo

  13. Hi Gabby! I asked for a sign to decide if I should reach out to a past love or I should continue to distance myself from them. I received my sign but now I am doubting that it is truly what I want. Since we have separated I have learned how to love myself and have had a spiritual awakening. How would you interpret this? Thank you!

    1. Trust your gut intuition, Cassidy. Whatever you think the moment you see your sign is your intuition guiding you. It’s when you start overthinking it that your ego gets in the way. Trust yourself. xoxo

  14. Hi gabby, I’ve received a few signs within two days, is that normal, I’m very connected to universe, and I asked for a sign on wither to move forward or wait for my boyfriend, they came up in different ways, I won a prize using his birthday, I felt an easy rush of air come over me, then had a dream of him and me,

  15. Hi Gabby I was searching for your guidance today as I have just quit my job because of bullying, with no job to go to – during the Covid crisis!! But because I have put my trust in the guidance of the universe, over the weekend I had a very clear vision of a railway track and the track that I was on I could see was a dead end, but the track that the signalman has switched me onto has a beautiful bright colourful journey stretching into the distance. I was held at a red light of this new track at the weekend but when the bullying continued today, I knew I had to quit, which I did, and the green light came on. I am now moving forward, without any money or job but by truly surrending and following your abundance guidance I know the universe will provide for me. All aboard!! Ann x Tell me what you think …

  16. Hi Gabby, I have been trying for a baby for 3 years. I’m 45 and before I embark on IVF that we cannot afford I asked for a sign. An owl if I will have a baby. And a parakeet if I wont have a baby. I have seen parakeets on two occasions since – on a tarot card and on TV – both times when I was focusing on the question. I feel devestated. Should I accept this and stop trying or doing IVF?

    Does that mean my life is predetermined and my path already set and a baby is not on it?

    1. We can’t answer this question for you, Razia but what we can do is give you the steps on how to allow that answer to be given to you.
      Gabby has said that when we get caught up in trying to figure things out, we block our sense of feeling and knowing the next right action. In other words, we block our intuition. So the greatest gift you can give yourself is to stop trying to figure it out and tune into your higher self through prayer and meditation.
      Gabby often suggests this simple prayer: “Thank you universe for showing me what to do. Thank for showing me what is of the highest good.” Then sit in meditation to receive guidance. xoxo

  17. Hi Gabby, or Gabby’s team. I am 14 years old and just had a spiritual awakening. I’m getting frustrated finding my sign. For example, some people in the comments have a bird or a flower. But I don’t. Should I make my own up, or…? Also tips on explaining spirituality to someone who’s not familiar with it?

    1. Great question, Fiorella. Like Gabby says in the post, “Don’t get hung up about what your sign should be. Just choose the first thing that comes to your mind.” So maybe just take a minute to sit quietly, close your eyes, and and ask the universe to show you your sign. Try not to control it, just allow whatever comes to mind to come through.
      If you haven’t read Gabby’s book, The Universe Has Your Back, you might find that helpful because she talks more about asking for signs and receiving guidance there!

  18. This information was extremely helpful thank you for explaining every aspect in detail.
    I am definitely doing each step you provided and I am excited to open my heart to these experiences.

  19. Hi,

    What about when I ask for a sign about a particular interest that has somewhat been happening. I ask for one of two specific signs if I should be with this person. Within like a minute of asking thag person contacts me but the other signs dont appear. It has happened 3 times the exact same way in a week.

    1. Sometimes the universe sends us a different sign than the one we ask for, Ashley. Be open to the messages that the universe has for you. Also, any time you need additional clarity, it’s a great opportunity to return to your meditation practice. Here are some additional posts that you might find helpful:

  20. Hi Gabby, I have been receiving signs for years now. However, it’s four months after my breakup and I’m beginning to wonder if the signs I am receiving just my ego (being lonely and bored in quarantine) and being excited at the prospect? Or if it has just resurfaced as a sign? What should I do?

  21. Hi Gabby, my sign is a cardinal and typically I don’t see cardinals often. Since quarantine started I have been focusing on my spiritual practice and focusing on manifesting a relationship. In early April I have been talking to this man I met online and I asked the universe for a sign if things will work out with this specific relationship. Every time I ask I have been seeing cardinals, I’m actually seeing cardinals in abundance. However things don’t seem to be making traction with this relationship. So I’m wondering if my sign is telling me everything is working out for my highest good or in this relationship? Thanks!

    1. Great question, Nadia. If you’re not clear on the message that the universe has for you, return to your meditation practice. Take this time to ask for clarity and receive additional guidance! xoxo

  22. Hi Gabby! I had a quick question about my sign. Months ago I thought felt my sign was an elephant, and I got my sign. But then I kept feeling like my sign was changing–and every time I asked the Universe a question, I had an impulse of a different sign–and sometimes I saw the new signs, and sometimes I didn’t. That was working for a while, but then I felt scattered. A few days ago my impulse came back to stick with the sign of elephants. And in the last few days I’ve seen elephants in videos on social media, in an art project my friend did, and finally last night in my DREAM I saw a herd of elephants, and in my dream I told my sister, “Oh I’m so happy I’m seeing so many elephants, because they are my sign from the Universe.” It was too cool! Am I right to think our dreams can send us signs from the Universe too?? And does this mean I should stick with only elephants for now?
    Thank you so much!! Xoxo

    1. Hi Emma,
      Try not to overthink it. The Universe is always communicating with us- your sign is simply one way of recognizing that. Let your intuition guide you. xo

  23. Yesterday I asked the Universe to show me a rabbit in 24 hours if what I’m manifesting is me making the right decision and going in the right direction. I didn’t stop thinking about what I’m manifesting so to speak but I let go of the fact that I’d asked for a sign and suddenly when I was watching a YouTube video, a card with a rabbit on it came up and I just froze and couldn’t stop staring at the realisation of what just happened. I was just amazed. I know I need to let go of the outcome now of my situation and just let whatever’s going to happen happen and let the Universe further guide me and trust. This happened after yesterday committing to my faith statement also.

  24. Hi,

    I am feeling a little lost and unsure about what to do about my life path in terms of career. I know when asking for a sign clarity and precision is key. But what if I don’t know and can’t steer my question towards a particular question? I can’t ask the Universe is this job right for me because i don’t know what this job is. Is it enough to ask the Universe to send a sign on what path to follow?

    Thank you x

  25. Hey Gabby,

    This morning I was caught in a dilemma of giving up on a dream or continuing with it.
    I felt this way because I’ve always been met with failure Whatever i tried and not tired has always been met with the same results, I’ve even forgotten how many times I’ve surrendered and let it all go.
    So this morning I was like, “right that’s it, I’ve done my best and I’ve still failed”
    “It’s coming up to 5 years, Universe, what do you want me to do?!”
    So I asked for a sign, “send me a 1 penny coin if I’m supposed to quit and give it all up because it’s not my True path, or, send me a 5 pence coin as a sign to not give up on the dream and continue with my band”

    With in the hour I found a 5 pence coin.

  26. I did just what this article said I asked for a sign if I’ll become pregnant again. I don’t see rabbits too often, so I thought I’d ask to see a rabbit if the answer is yes. 2 days went by and nothing, On the 3rd day I saw 3 different rabbits at 3 different times but in a short period, the following day I saw another rabbit. Nothing is confirmed yet, but I’m hoping this is it.

  27. Hi Gabby.
    Firstly thanks for reading and responding to our messages. I have been feeling really confused about many things over the last year and have some questions.

    I have been in 6year situationship with this man to whom I feel a magnetic connection too and from his behaviour it doesn’t feel one sided. He also cannot let go of me but will not commit. A few months ago my friend caught him on a date (i feel that was the universe intervening) I confronted him, he knows how I feel, He said I’m like family and wants to be best friends and that his future relationships will have to accept that I will be in his life.

    But my gut tells me we will end up together and that he has romantic feelings for me but is in denial, scared of his emotions and just not ready for a commitment. It resulted in me stopping all communication and separating from him, at least for now. I am truly feeling physical heartbreak and pain.

    5 days ago I asked the universe that if we will end up together, married , the one etc… then to show be rainbows (first thing that popped in my head)

    Immediately I have seen rainbows everyday online accidentally, pictures, heard the word too. I feel affirmation and happy, but then doubt creeps in. How do I trust? I feel maybe timing is off for us the moment.

    Secondly, I am thinking to move back home (abroad) as I’m wondering if all the strange happenings are telling me I’m on the wrong path. So in the last 1.5 years, I have to relocate homes because of crazy landlords, had a nightmare a spirit was trying to enter my body which followed but 2 car accidents a month apart ( which was totalled ), and before that happened had car issues such a randomly stalling, garage door hitting the front of car, fallouts with people, not getting the career I want, No financial stability and now no love life.

    I just feel sooo stagnant in life. No forward motion and everything feels like a battle. I feel like I’m being forced out of the country through external forces. What is the universe telling me?

    I know this is long and I never write stuff but I would truly appreciate some insight and wisdom you have to offer.

  28. Hi Gabby-I finished your book: Super Attractor awhile ago and I’m drawn towards reading it again. I’m not sure if this is my sign-but for a few days there I was seeing ladybugs everywhere-even inside my house-and not because I was looking but they came across my vision. Is that my sign? Please help.

    1. How do you feel when you see a ladybug? Are you grounded, calm and in a state of faithful surrender? Are you excited, happy and feeling connected? When you see your sign it will feel GOOD! I hope this helps! xo

  29. I was seeing someone and ended it because I didn’t feel he was that serious. But was gutted about the decision And immediately regretted it.
    The next day I was cycling and I thanked the Universe, then asked for a sign to confirm if he is the one. I requested a clear yes or no by the end of the day.

    20 minutes later I cycled a country lane I don’t usually, and as I turned a corner, there on the road were to turtle/mourning doves. I stopped and they got up and slowly went across my path. I literally just cried. Then further down the road there was a cottage. And the name of the cottage was the name he used to call me.

    So are they a clear sign of a yes? Or a no? Or not a sign at all?

    1. Hi Louise. For more clarity interpreting the signs that you have received, return to your meditation practice. As you sit in stillness, ask your inner guidance system to reveal to you the meaning of these signs. Please be patient and gentle with the process. I think the following blog posts on relationships will also serve and support you: xoxo

  30. HI Gabby! Thank you for taking the time to read my words, I am searching for some insight after what feels like a lifetime of fog. I hope this is the right place to land. I was raised very strict southern baptist, with a slew of tacked on beliefs that i have never felt were peaceful or even ‘right thing to do’ category. I have been away for many years now, yet everyday i feel more and more fearful the further i run from those beliefs. Unfortunately, due to borderline abusive conditioning and childhood neglect i have struggled for many years to find my own path and spirituality. When i try to reach out to the Universe in prayer, asks for signs, meditate or even build a self care routine, that something is wrong or ‘evil.’ Once i start feeling relaxed or peaceful, my conditioning throws up red flags because i was taught anything that doesnt directly come from God or the bible, is of the devil and i will be damned. Again, i do not believe in these things my family lives by, but that fear of eternal damnation glooms over me. Which causes me to struggle with even experiencing pleasure; not strictly sexual. I am asking for advice on how to overcome this. I understand its quite a thing to ask a stranger for, but if i have been lead this far to read your writings, i figure it is worth a shot. Take care. Sincerely, a lost girl longing to transform into womanhood.

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you’re ready to make some big shifts. Here are some posts and practices to help you release fear and embrace a spiritual practice that works for you:
      Sending you big love! xo

  31. hi Gabby! I became a MM over a year ago and want to thank you for all your guidance…your podcasts, meditations, and in person classes have been so helpful. I’ve recruited a number of friends who are also now MMs and it’s great to have a such supportive community. I was doing so great last summer, feeling emotionally stronger than ever before, and attracted someone into my life that I was having a wonderful time with. While we were together, I often asked for signs if we were meant for each other and would see them constantly. Unfortunately, things abruptly ended right before Christmas and after a few months, I wrote a brief letter of things I wanted to say to him. I prayed for signs if I should send it to him, if he read it, if I would hear back… and the signs I received were bizarre with no connection to me or him. But I saw them, and not in a ‘manic’ manifesting way (I wasn’t looking for them). Even my friend who I confided all of this to was freaked out. But now I’m in this place of, ok God, thanks for all the signs… now what? It’s the surrendering part I’m having trouble with. Like what you said above… ‘if something doesn’t happen in the timeframe that you want, that something bad will happen. Worse, this places your happiness and safety in the outcome’. So true! And now I feel like I’m in an imaginary relationship. I know you went through the “let go and let God” – HOW?! thank you!!

    1. So glad the Miracle Membership is serving you, Kelly! It sounds like you’re asking about how to surrender. Here are some tips and practices that will help you detach from the outcome and trust that the universe has a plan for you:
      You’re doing great work!

  32. Hi Gabby! I need your help here. I am over and over again with a past event. I think I received 2 signs but at that moment I was not asking for any sign, I just was wondering if I should apply to a role in the country where I always wanted to live in… (but that country was one of the options for relocating and no info about the work permits). Around that time I received in my mail box a letter from that country that ws not for me, was for a neighbour that doesnt have my same lastname (or it doesnt sound similar, nothing in common) and I couldnt find him in the list. Then I received an email from an airlines saying:february destination THIS country. But when I was supposed to have informal talk about this role I got sick.. We had the talk days later but the post was closed, he said he could open if I wanted. But I freaked out and didnt do anything and I am still wondering of something that happened 2 or 3 months ago. And I go over and over again. I analyse pros and cons of that place and where I am. All the time. I dont know what to do. Can you please guide me? Thanks! ❤️

  33. Hi Gabby,
    I’ve asked for signs to see if my ex boyfriend is the right person for me, choosing different signs every time! I’ve seen the signs that he is but I’ve also asked to see signs if he’s not the right person and I’ve seen those signs too! I’m so confused 🙁

    1. When we receive a sign from the universe, it carries the message that we are being guided and supported. It sounds like the universe is letting you know that no matter which option you choose, to be with your ex or not, the universe will have your back.
      For additional clarity, you may want to take this decision to your meditation practice. You may also find these blog posts helpful:

  34. Hi Gabby,
    So I’ve been seeing alot of repeating numbers lately. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years, and I asked for signs thru animals, if I will get pregnant and it shows me my sign. I get so happy. So I believe I just gotta be patient. Because I always get the signs I’m asking for. It’s good to see repeating numbers right? I see 1010 1234 111 222 333 444 555 1111 all day

    1. Sending you lots of positive vibes, Rose! In this post I talk about the meaning of seeing repeating numbers: r I hope you find it helpful! xoxo

  35. Gabby, I just wanted to share that I’ve read super attractor as soon as it came out and I remember about asking for a sign. I have a lot of uncertainty and fear about an upcoming event, and I’m a huge planner and have to know things right away or anxiety gets the best of me. I turned my anxiety and fears over to the universe. I put it all aside and I let go and put my trust in the universe. I asked for a sign and the first thing I thought of was a yellow butterfly. Hours later, a yellow butterfly flew right in front of me, and in the middle of my family on Easter. I was so overwhelmed I started sobbing. I was so happy and I felt overcome with peace. I freaked out a little because it was my sign! On a cloudy, rainy day, of all things, I saw the yellow butterfly. Thankfully my family didn’t notice me crying, but that overwhelming feeling of connection was incredible and almost indescribable. Is there normally an emotional connection like that when you see your sign? I don’t ever cry happy tears but yesterday I was a mess over it. In a good way though!

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Super Attractor and that you experienced this miracle moment. Yes, it is common to have an emotional reaction when you see your sign. It sounds like this was a really powerful experience. Amazing. xoxo

  36. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for all you do for people like myself. I have been talking to my spirit guides and trying to develop a stronger connection with them.

    Can i be super specific with my sign?
    I have asked to receive a sign that i am on the right path and i have requested to see a specific bird. I said it could be a live bird, or it could show up in my dreams or it could be a photo but it cannot be a logo (as my city’s baseball team has this specific bird as their logo).

    i have given my reasons as to why i chose this as my sign.
    a bird to me, represents freedom and also its a very beautiful bird and to me its beauty is a representation of the goal i am trying to reach as in, i can do a lot of beautiful things with what i am trying to accomplish.

    thank you Gabby. Your help is always appreciated.

    1. Yes, Madison. You can be specific with your sign. It sounds like you’re doing terrific work. Keep shining your bright light. xo

  37. Hi Gabby,
    I have started reading your book and have a question about asking for a sign.
    My husband passed away 2 years ago this July and I have been blessed to have received so many signs from him in his absence. They usually come in the form of songs or light – flickering lights, etc.

    Is it wise to choose a totally different sign when asking for guidance from the universe or go with what I’ve already been receiving? Are the two connections different or one and the same?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ashley,
      I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. When you ask the universe for guidance, it may be helpful to choose a totally different sign, but don’t be surprised if your husband weighs in. For example, you may ask the universe for guidance, and receive a song/sign from your husband to show you that you are being guided and supported. Other times you may simply receive your sign from the universe. I hope this helps! xoxo

  38. Hi,
    Currently reading your book. And needed some guidance.
    Im going through a rough patch in my relationship. My partner is carrying a lot of darkness, grief, regret anger and most of all guilt. I’ve taken a step back and taken some time away. I have a feeling in me telling me stay. But fear screaming things won’t change. I asked for a sign as I was driving home from work the other day. If I see him in my travels (which would be unlikely has he would still be deep at work). Then its a sign. Sure enough. He pulled up right behind me at the headlight. My heart was breaking, and I could feel his too. But is this a sign or should I be more specific? Is my ego getting in the way? Are we meant to be together?
    I dont I should be asking for something more specific.

  39. I lost my son about a year and a half ago. And I’m still pretty lost.
    I started reading your book and love it. It’s helped me immensely, when I’m stressed or just lost and I pray every day to get a sign from him that he’s ok. I don’t feel any kind of connection yet. And getting very discouraged. I don’t know if it’s to much stress or whatever it is. But I would love to have some kind of sign of connection with him. Is there hope that it will happen for me.

  40. i listened to Super Attractor ch 7 yesterday & a possible guide popped in my mind: a relative named Diana who passed away a few days after her birth. As suggested in the book I asked the Universe to send me a sign that Diana is my guide to help me with being in a loving relationship someday (I just went thru a break up in late Jan). Less than 24 hrs later I literally saw a giant hand written chalk sign at the park today – about 3 ft x 5ft big – saying: “Diana” then below it “We love you forever” . My jaw dropped. I am in awe… excited… a little scared. Now what do I do? 🙂

    1. Amazing, Kathleen! Thank you for sharing your miracle moment. Glad you received this sign that you are being guided and supported by your relative, Diane. xoxo

  41. I asked the universe for guidance in a decision and if I was supposed to go with this huge change I wanted to see a purple heart within 24 hrs. I got in my car and look over and see a purple heart on an envelope I’d tucked in between my purse and seat! It seemed so obvious but then other things that happened after that during the day seemed to counter-act the sign! I dont know what to think now?!

  42. Hi Gabby,
    I love that I have found you, and thank you for your books as I listen to them as I walk my dogs. I find it so peaceful and I love that you narrate too. I was driving as I was re-listening to the chapter on spirit guides. I asked my spirit guides in the highest truth and compassion to reveal their name to me and I see this hotel called Ambers and a twinge in my gut was like – is your name Amber? Then later that night I asked again, to reveal their name or a sign that was there name and I see Amberleigh pop up in a feed. Am I looking too far into this? I find it hard to believe that it was revealed like that and I am not trusting that it is because I asked for it to be revealed. Your thoughts and imput is much appreciated. Thanks, Jamie

    1. Great question, Jamie. If are not certain if this is your sign, then you can always return to the meditation found here and ask for clarity:
      But if you felt a twinge in your gut that you received the name Amber for a reason– trust that. Interestingly, Archangel Uriel is often associated with the color amber.

  43. Hi Gabby

    I am drawn to look at the time and when this happens it is alway 11 minutes past 9 or 7 or 11 and other times but also with past 11. I have no idea why and have been asking for an answer but nothing. This has been happening since about 2010.

    Can you suggest how to help me understand this?

    Love your website.

    Warm Regards

  44. Hi Gabby, thank you for this, I’ve just followed your steps and put out there to receive a sign, something I always struggle with, I always ask and then am never sure I tend to receive conflicting signs, is this because I am not clear in my own head? I am struggling In life at the moment mainly because of feelings of insecurities, which is affecting my relationship, but I’m torn between is this my unhealed issues (I know I have unhealed issues that trying to sort) or intuition keep telling me something about relationship as it wont go away, would I ask for signs for this or is meditation the answer? (I don’t feel I switch off enough of that) I appreciate your time if you could answer thank you lots of love xx.

    1. Great question, Jo.
      Here are some practices to help you work through your unhealed issues:

      In the meantime, meditation is a great way to gain clarity regarding the signs that you are receiving. Begin by asking/praying for clarity, sit in meditation to receive, and then continue downloading your guidance by free-writing!


  45. I got my signs , they were christal clear and they felt so good and right at that time , I had tremendous faith in the universe and the guidance I received and it made so much sense , everytime I tried to question the path they were leading me toward they got me back to the direction they wanted me to head toward ..after I took that path trusting the divine signs ,I was faces with heart breaks and traumatic experience , I have no idea why the universe would lead me to a heart breaking experience …I am confused

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Lalual. The universe doesn’t lead us to heartbreaks and traumatic experiences– the universe gives us the courage, and strength to cope with these challenges. The signs that you received from the universe likely served a reminder that you are always being supported. xoxo

  46. Gabby, l have been having a lot of confusion as to what the universe me to do in my life. I have prayed very har for answers and felt l wasn’t receiving any answers. I became very weary in my confusion. I stumbled across your article and got curious about synchronicity. That night before l went to sleep l asked the angels to send me a sign that l am to receive a life partner as that is the one thing I have always wanted; Someone who will cherish me as much as l will cherish him. I asked to find a penny if I am going to get a life partner. The next day when l went jogging, l found a penny on the street. On the way home, l looked down and saw 4 fluffy white & grey feathers. I think finding is also significant. After reading your article, l feel my prayers will be answered. Please respond to this comment as l would like to hear your thoughts. I know you must be busy, but l would be grateful for your response. Thank you.

    1. Anytime that we receive a sign from the universe, DJ, the message is that we are being guided and supported. So penny and the feathers are the universe’s way of letting you know that your prayers or intentions have been received. As you continue to show up for your spiritual practice, you will receive the guidance that you need to recognize the next right action. In the meantime, keep working on surrendering the outcome: xoxo

  47. Gabby I am 17year old girl from a small town of India. And believe me you have just changed my life.
    Please visit India…..
    Thank you so much.. You are just awesome and keep working for the amelioration of mankind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loads of love!!!!

    1. Wonderful, Vallabhi! I’m so grateful that my work resonates with you. May you experience many miracles! Keep shining your bright. xoxo

  48. Gabby — I have a question and I could really use some guidance. There is a specific person who was very cruel to me and my husband. My husband has forgiven him. I have as well but to me forgiveness doesn’t mean that this person is welcome into our lives even on a very minimal basis. My husband says this is holding grudge. I explained that it isn’t a grudge to me. I forgive this person but I see him for who he is and I am not interested in pursuing any sort of relationship with him. While I have forgiven him, I think this person is extremely negative and I don’t want anything to do with him. What are your thoughts on how forgiveness fits into setting clear boundaries in that someone is simply not welcome because of past behaviors?

      1. I love that, Gabby! It truly speaks to me. Thank you so much. I more than get it!! Here’s the dilemma. I set my boundary. I forgive this person and accept this person for who he is. Based on that, I have chosen to not stick around. My husband, however, feels differently. That means, at times, I will likely see this person again as my husband will likely want to invite him to family events (he is my husband’s brother) and I would prefer he not be there. This is where it gets sticky. To me, it is so clear that a boundary of no contact (coming from a place of forgiveness and acceptance) is necessary. So, how do I set that boundary while still respecting my amazing, loving husband’s desire to have this person around occasionally? Thankfully, he lives in a different state and the in-person contact would be rare but the times he would be included would be for milestone celebrations at which he hasn’t earned a seat at the table.

  49. hey gabby my names celyn ive always heared storys from my dad of ghosts and spirits near him and his experience with it and thats why ive always had intrest and wanting to experience myself and I came across your article wich helped me understand much more! tonight I read about connecting with a spirit and wanted to see if a spirit of a loved one was near I placed an empty choclate net on the side of my bed and reas the words out loud id read to say and 30 seconds later the packet moved and suddenly fell off is this a sign of a spirit near me, I was really frightened at first abd wondering is there any other more predictable ways of seeing if their here and am I connecting with them. ive been hearing louds bangs when its late at night and strainge noises keeping me up can you please help me with this??

    1. Hi Celyn, In my book Super Attractor I share a meditation for invoking your guardian angel (there is a guided version on the Super Attractor meditation album: I also have a blog post with my guided meditation for connecting with spirit guides (

      Guardian angels and spirit guides are different guides, so remember that you have multiple beings looking out for you! I break them all down in chapter 6 of Super Attractor. You can find some information here on my blog as well:

      Lastly, I want to emphasize that it’s important to be clear, when calling on guides, that you are calling in ONLY guides of the highest truth and compassion so that you don’t invite in any lower vibrations. Your intention is all that is needed.

      I hope this helps! xoxo

  50. Love this piece thank you, I asked the universe for a sign within 24 hours and I got it this morning, it was just what I had dreamed might happen and I’m so happy. I didnt pick a sign I just asked the universe to send me one if they could. My wish came from a place of kindness and love. Lets see where this goes.

    Thank you

  51. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you so much for this article. I’m having some relationship problems and I decided to ask the universe for a specific sign. I asked to see a butterfly if I will meet this person again and to see or hear his name if this relationship really stands a second chance. I made my request but I went on with my life and temporarely forget about my request. After two days I enter a caffe and I hear someone call the waiter and he has my bf’s name, I tried not to get too exicted. But when days went buy I got flooded with pictures of butterflies, people on the street wearing butterfly T shirts or accesories. One day I hear a woman call her son that had my bf’s name and after a little bit a girl wearing a dress with butterflies on it appeared. I don’t know what to think, have a picked common signs or Universe is really trying to communicate with me.
    Thank you!
    Ps: I also see 333, 444, 555, 777 almost everywhere, not only on my watch.

  52. Hi Gabby,
    I think there’s reason that I found my way to your blog. For a while now I’ve been thinking about two situations that I’ve been praying about, one about my dream job the other about a woman in my life that I want to be with. Both mean a lot to me and I’m willing to do whatever it takes even if it means waiting for years, I’ve been thinking/hoping about this for years and can’t explain why but I just always felt it was fate. Awhile back I had started crying and prayed to God for sign to not give up on her and I believe I got a response, I came across some feathers and remember reading once that they can be signs from Angels especially the ones right in your path and decided to look up feather signs, one was Grey and White which symbolizes Hope. I had decided in my mind that I wanted to ask the Universe for a sign in the form of a Green Feather that I would have a future with this woman one day. I picked Green because it’s my favorite color and the I knew the chances of seeing one was slim to none, but I never actually prayed for it believing I’ll never see it and a day or two later as I’m walking to my job from my car, I notice 3 Green Feathers on a dream-catcher in someone’s car who had the same paint color that she had. I was blown away but still had doubts, I remember freaking out later due to her being more open about her current relationship,don’t get me wrong I love seeing her happy and I’m in no way shape or form asking to break them up. But I continued to ask for clarity, one time I ask for clarity for both situations a Red Feather if I should stay hopeful for her and Blue if I should move on and the opposite for my dream job Blue stay hopeful Red move on. I wind up seeing both Red the first day and Blue the following in the exact same spot at my job, I figured it’s either yes for both answers or no for both. Eventually my anxiety has gotten the best of me(this has been going on for months) and I find myself constantly having doubts and asking every so often and I know I shouldn’t but I decided to try animal signs and asked for a sign of an Eagle if I’ve been right this whole time and that I needed to be patient and wait and once again I received it a few days later. I thanked the Universe again and said that I trust it, next thing you know I started seeing signs everywhere like Angel Numbers not realizing that not every sign was about her. Seeing all this and writing it all down in a notebook probably wasn’t helping my anxiety at all. But one day I was thinking about her and a few minutes later the strangest thing happened, as the lyrics “baby I will wait for you” was playing the exact type of car and color that she once drove, drove by me, I just know that it had to have been a sign that I have to wait but some reason despite none of the responses being negative, I can’t seem to let go, that’s when I started to look online to see if maybe I can figure out why and I came across your blog. It has been a real eye opener and I plan to put some of your methods in practice. But on Monday I had freaked out again and started thinking to myself that I can’t do this. But I told myself I have to keep pushing and that I know what I have to do and that I’m overacting and need to calm down and I should probably ask the Universe if this is the case, I actually didn’t but what happened later that day caught me completely off guard. I had a friend who messaged me on Facebook about something I was upset about and I noticed he said in his sentence “…It seems like you’re going against the will of the heavens which is making everything difficult” and it finally stuck me that maybe this whole time I knew what the answer was but I was so concerned about it not happening that I’ve let my fears control my emotions. So I told myself once my emotions are calm and my mind is clear I’m going to ask one more time for final clarity, for her a sign of a Cardinal and my dream job a Blue Jay. Instead I prayed to the universe and told them a lot has gone wrong lately and that I’m sorry that I’m constantly asking when I know the answer and that when my mind is clear that I’ll will ask one last time and whatever the answer is I’ll trust them completely and let go. I also asked if they can hear me and heard my prayer to send a sign in the form of a Cardinal, since I had decided to go with and Eagle instead for both her and my dream job and haven’t prayed yet. Yesterday, without even thinking about it and not believing I will see anything soon not only did I see a Cardinal, but a Blue Jay and a second Cardinal as well. I couldn’t help but think that not only did they definitely responded to whether or not they heard me, but maybe just maybe they were responding to my thoughts prior as well. Tonight while listing to “Waiting for You”(not related to this) on YouTube I noticed one of the recommend songs(that I listen to often) was a song called “Fight” and I don’t think that was a coincidence either. I think the Universe was making it pretty clear what I have to do. In your opinion do you believe they have answered my questions?

    P.S I’m extremely sorry for the long post, I was trying really hard to get everything out

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Antonio. It sounds like you are asking for clarity about the signs that you are receiving. My suggestion would be to turn inward this time and shine some light on your thoughts and feelings. Let your intuition guide you and light the way. Here are some tools to help you do that:

  53. I tried one of your meditations today. I never thought that I could ever get a clear answer to any of my questions. Well I got clarity, it was not what I had been focused on. I have to let things go and move in the right direction. Thank you for the audio. It has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

  54. I really needed to see this article today. Ive been chatting to a psychic for a little over a year. I read your article this morning and i asked the universe to send me a white feather in the next 48 hours if i should continue to believe and trust in her. I was thinking about it on and off all day and then i went onto pinterest and saw tattoos of outlines feathers and then a few drawings of white feathers. Ive read your book too and it was life changing!

  55. I have been doing a lot of mediating. I asked on my drive to work to see a particular out of state license plate three times if something will be coming my way. I hardly ever see this state’s license plate normally. But I’ll be darn if I didn’t see it three times today during my drive. I have to believe what I am asking is going to come to me. I don’t believe it was coincidence.

  56. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for helping me re-align with my spirituality and the power of the law of attraction. I took your manifesting challenge and it was just what I needed to start off a brand new year.

    I followed your guidance on how to ask for a specific sign, and I’d love some feedback on my process.

    Specifically, I was asking for guidance from the Universe around hopes for a reconciliation. Within days of asking for the specific sign, every few days I have received the sign- first through a podcast I was listening to while I was falling asleep where it was vividly referenced, next an internet article included this object and explained it’s symbolic meaning, this weekend I spotted the object on a fence one day when I was taking a walk, one day I was literally thinking about the idea of the sign and it popped up on my phone, and just last night the last scene in a Netflix show I was watching had a scene with the object I picked for my sign cascading across the screen. It’s everywhere!

    This seems and feels like clear guidance! Whenever I feel hopeful around reconciliation, I feel more peaceful. The situation as it stands however is that I had sent two very loving and powerful letters, and let the other person know my door was open. Since the other person on the receiving end of my letters had asked not to be in contact the last time we spoke in December, which prompted my second letter, I’m not sure what to “do” besides respect their wishes unless I hear otherwise.

    I feel hopeful about the signs, but unsure about “letting go” or “moving on” which might open me up to infinite other possibilities. I want to remain open, but being hopeful with no contact might be limiting me to one outcome.

    I would love your guidance on the best way to stay in flow and abundance, when the sign I asked for (and received!) feels tied to a specific outcome.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Vee. The energy of letting go and moving on with our daily lives is not the same energy as giving up or closing the door. When practice non interference we are finally allowing the universe to intervene. While the universe is at work, it’s totally okay for us to focus on being present in our daily lives. Remember, when we feel good, we become an energetic match for experiences (relationships) that feel good. So rather than see letting go and moving on with fear and disappointment– are you willing to see it differently? Are you willing to see this with excitement and see what miracles the universe has in store for you? If so, here are some practices that you might find helpful:

  57. Hi Gabby!!!
    I also wanted to ask you this, yesterday a got the signs I was asking for, both times it was truly unexpected! I had fun yesterday receiving my signs I even heard the song in a restaurant while I was passing by ” I saw the sign!” My question is, that even though I received my sign very clearly then I started to wonder if I had chosen a very easy sign (which was not my intention since I was looking for clear guidance no matter the outcome) I then wanted to ask the Universe for another sign but then I feel that to the Universe that might be like “I dont trust what I receive…….”does any of this make sense!!!!! Please I would love to here your feedback! thank you so much for your time!

  58. Hi Gabby I have a question about asking my guides for signs. I don’t know if you’ll even see this.. and this could be a bit silly! But over the last 7 weeks I’ve smashed 3 of your books and your manifesting challenge. I asked for a sign about something really important and i got the signs instantly and a lot of them. That thing hasn’t arrived, so today I asked if it wasn’t for me and I also got that sign. Now I’m really confused… I’m assuming the answer is I need to surrender but I’m wondering if this has ever happened to you? And any guidance on what I should do to clarify

    1. Rhi, it sounds like the universe is letting you know that no matter what happens, you are being guided and supported. In situations like this it is helpful to ask ourselves:
      If I knew that the universe really had my back, how would that change my thoughts, feelings, and behavior?
      Then we can do the work to let go of any limiting beliefs that keep us from living in this surrendered energy. Here are steps to help you do that:

  59. I have been really curious about my sign. It started out that one day I asked for a sign that everything would be ok between my best friend (male) and I. Things have been pretty rocky for a bit now between us. It seemed if I were to see a company vehicle that he works for, I would here from him. I want to ask for a sign that if maybe him and I were to ever be together? How would I ask the universe for that?

    1. When we try to control or get tight around how the signs show up, we are operating from a place of fear. Deepening your daily spiritual practices is beautiful way to break free from the fear energy. My favorite ways to do this is through a daily meditation, journaling, and prayer.
      These blog posts may support and inspire you: <3
      I hope this helps, Joanne! xoxo

  60. Morning Gabby, I saw your talk in London back in September 2017 & that really kicked off my understanding of the law of attraction and everything to do with the Universe. The universe has your back, was the book that started my whole spiritual journey & I cannot thank you enough for what that has done for my life.

    I asked the universe three questions all with their own sign for each answer (butterfly, penguin & parrot) I told my dad these questions too. One or two days later he has seen one of those signs on multiple occasions but I still haven’t and it’s been 2 weeks now.

    Does him seeing them and telling me count? And how long should you normally wait before no sign is your answer?

    He has not told me which sign he has seen yet and won’t until I’ve waited a month he is saying. He said that doing this exercise has shown him what my path is but he wants to see if it unfolds to me first.

    Not quite sure where to go from here.

  61. Hi Gabby
    You’re information here is really great. I’m writing you because I’ve had (and having) years of bad luck. I’m Quite aware of universal consciousness for decades and have received many many signs and direction over the years. But As I lay here with a broken leg and face multiple massive problems in my life I’m finding that I’m getting angry at the universe. I feel discarded. I’m lost. At times I see this as an opportunity but I don’t see any opportunity and can’t help but feel I’m being consumed. I no longer know what to do with my life. It saddens me. I’m not happy.

    1. Hi Jason, first and foremost, sending you healing light and positive vibes. When we talk about seeing obstacles as opportunities, the first opportunity is in your mind. It’s witnessing your fear and lack thoughts and taking the opportunity to choose a different thought, such as hope or gratitude. This subtle shift in thinking will shift our energy so that we become more of a magnet for miracles. Here are three additional blog posts with practices that you might find helpful:
      May you experience many blessing! xo

  62. Yesterday, I asked god & the Universe for a sign and I chose roses or a rose as my sign if a certain man is the man that I will marry when the timing is right even thou him and I are not communicating right now. First thing yesterday morning when I was client telling a client I asked for her address and it was Rose Boulevard, second sign was I sat next to a man that I had no idea who he was he had a rose tattooed on his hand and my third sign was this morning and I wasn’t even asking for it I came across a little Christmas tree that was in the basement I never realized it had roses on it till this morning

    1. So cool, Rene. Receiving signs from the universe is a nice reminder that we are always being guided and supported. xoxo

  63. I asked for a sign… an owl… I started reading this article… and boom! The picture of the owl and you mentioned it as well!

  64. Hi Gabby.
    Recently, I was awoken from a deep sleep by something that quickly stroked down my shin bone. I jolted upright and grabbed my phone, which is always next to my bed. I quickly took a pic and caught an image of the brightest light I’ve ever seen, hovering over that leg. Then, I suddenly felt the worst feeling of dread and fear that something was very wrong. It’s the feeling you get when someone close has passed away. Long story short, I looked at my phone app to see if my 19 yr old son was still at his friend’s house (it was 5 am at that time). I saw that he had returned from being at a hospital just an hour prior. Panicking, I called him and he assured me he was fine but did receive 25 stitches at 3 am. Before he told me what happened, I first asked if his leg was injured and was it his right shin. He was absolutely blown away and shouted, “How on earth did you know that?!!” I’m wondering, Gabby, if this was a spirit guide? I can’t think of any other explanation.

  65. First I would like to thank you Gabby for being a shining light in my spiritual journey. I am eternally grateful for the love, light and most importantly awakening I have experienced while both reading and listening to your messages. A work in progress I am, but the journey is amazing.

    I have been involved in a relationship for several years with a nagging feeling that something is not in balance. Naturally I ignore these thoughts as this man has treated myself and my family wonderfully. We are loved unconditionally. This imbalance has lead to increased stress, anxiety and a general feeling of unhappiness. My light is dimming and I am trudging along because how could I not be happy with such a loving, selfless individual? The gut feeling persisted and finally before the New Year I allowed myself to release this to the Universe and ask for a clear sign…which was provided and continues to be provided on a regular basis! Yet for some reason I find myself questioning. Initially it felt so right on. Is this my ego at play?

    Any guidance will be appreciated. Thank you for all you do.

  66. Dear Gabby,

    I was not aware of signs till I read The Universe has Your Back and Super Attractor
    Looked at the sky and been thinking about the jets/planes and the white line of smoke
    Witnessed one yesterday
    Witnessed more today
    Should I take these as signs from the Spirit/Universe?
    What does it suggest spiritually?
    What is the spiritual significance of flying jets/white tail/smoke behind it?
    Would wait for an answer.. love you.


    1. Hi Bibi. If you’re feeling unclear about your signs or how to interpret it, commit to a daily meditation and journaling practice for 30 days. This will help you get grounded and feel clarity on the messages that you receive. Sending lots of love your way. xo

  67. Dear Gabby,

    I never knew asking the universe for a sign was something. I have seen signs in my life but always attributed to God. I am going thru a tough time with my landlord and the not so respectful neighbors upstairs to the point my landlord is so fed up he basically told me to start looking for a new place because he does not want to renew my lease. I love my home – I really do! but I have 20 something yr old’s above me that don’t really care about noise or what time it is in the middle of the night.

    Anyhow, after reading this page – I went to the window looked outside and just asked the universe – what do I do? Do I move or fight and stay? That night I had a dream that I had my bags packed and ready to go and then I was jumping up and down that I was staying. Part of me wants to believe that its my sign, but the other part does not just because my landlord is so so mad. He is so fed up and does not want to deal anymore. Any suggestions….

  68. Hi Gabby,

    I have been seen alot of numbers in sequence like 11.11 / 20.20 / 44.44… its been happening for a while now and I really do believe that this is my sign that the universe in in tune with me and guiding me the right way.
    Is there anything else I need to be doing?
    Someone times they even appear when I am not calling out for a sign. Is that ok?

  69. I have been listening to Them Universe has Your Back’ and I really liked when you spoke about asking for a sign. As you were talking through I picked my sign- a hummingbird. The next day I asked the Universe for a sign and saw my hummingbird! But what I see all the time now are Owls! Every day I now see an Owl! I never used to see them or maybe notice them, but Owls pop up somewhere every single day!! Its amazing!

  70. I asked for a sign. I asked that if I am on the right path I will see a guitar today (first image that popped in my head). Just watched a TV programme, totally unrelated and saw about 12 of them!!

  71. Hi Gabby,
    I have not read your book yet but stumbled upon this article online when I was researching for universe signs just to reassure myself and now I am looking forward to actually reading your book. Everything you have written in this article really resonated with me. I had a break up with my boyfriend that deeply affected me. I felt so lost, depressed, and hopeless. For the first two months I felt so desperate and needy – that I HAD to have him back no matter what until I started reading more about the power of the universe and manifestation. It was really hard at first to believe in all of this stuff but I just needed something to give me hope in what I felt was a hopeless situation. For the last two months, I feel as though I have grown so much and learned that my happiness and joy did not depend on another person and that it resided in me this whole time but was diluted because of all my negative energy and subconscious blocks. I still want to be with him and deep inside I know that this is not the end for us. The only difference now is that it is NOT coming from a desperate, pathetic need to be with him because I now know and feel that I can be happy with or without him. It feels completely different this time and that I know that my desires will manifest and the universe will take care of the “how” for me so I can just continue living my life and not worrying or creating circumstances.

    You talked a lot about receiving signs from the universe and how some people would see repeated numbers and that completely resonated with me! I am not sure if it is because I am more aware of it now having discovered the power of the universe but I have been seeing repeated numbers EVERYWHERE for the past two months. I see everything from 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, etc. I see it when I randomly look at the time, on buildings, presentations at work, license plates, etc. My and ex and I have recently started talking more (going from no contact at all) in which he would initiate (which I feel that I have manifested him to do so). For the first couple of months, I’ve been so angry and resentful with him and I really don’t feel like that anymore because I chose to let all that go and I do feel better and more at peace – I feel like once I fully decided to let go and detach, I was getting more and more signs from the universe and received a text from him. Yesterday before I got home, I went to the store and at the cashier line, I looked up and saw the total on the screen to be $4.44. These are not coincidences – I really feel strongly that these are signs and the universe is communicating with me that I am either on the right path or everything will work out. And so that night I texted him to see how he was doing and it ended up being a nice conversation and I am glad that I did that. Of course these past 4 months have not been easy and I have experienced setbacks that triggered negative thoughts but I really do feel like everyday I am becoming more aligned with the universe and on the right path and that all my desires will manifest into this reality.

    I really do not have a specific question for you but just wanted to tell you of my story and get your input.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful honesty here. I’m so glad that this blog post resonated with you. It sounds like you’ve already begun the process of surrendering. Amazing. When we let go of our need to control the outcome, we make space for miraculous shifts. Check out this post, The Five Steps To Spiritual Surrender to support the great work that you have been doing: . I’m so proud of you for allowing your intuition to guide you. xo

  72. I asked the signs it shows a lot of time about one thing but still it is not happen what does it mean and what should i do? Whenever i ask sign it shows about that but nothing happend

  73. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for this wonderful book of yours. I recommended it to two friends and the love the book as well.

    I have a question about my sign. I asked the universe if it would show me a blue bunny (I chose it since it has a deeper meaning to it for me) when i’m pregnant.
    So I would know when it appears.

    Months went by and I didn’t saw a blue bunny, until two days ago. I walked by a shop and there were 9 blue bunnies place behind the window. And I thought woah this is my sign but now I doubt the sign since I’m also still on birth control.
    Will you give me so insights on if when not pregnant how it could be that I still saw my sign so very clearly.

    Thanks a lot

  74. Gabby, this is for you-
    pure magic!
    A few weeks ago I just had found my sign for my very own spiritual journey: a bird. As it represents freedom and this is what I guess most people long for. I made a drawing to underline my sign in my journal.
    Today, after a few weeks of deep self-growth work I celebrated my last day of a retreat at the baltic sea. As a souvenir I bought an Amber bracelet, the German name for the stone that can be found at the beaches here is: Bernstein. Though I did not realize the coincidence with the name, I felt really satisfied about my retreat time which is about to end now.
    When stepping out of the café near the sea I felt deeply grateful and confirmed myself to have a rise in energy. I walked to the sea to get back to the house when I realized THOUSANDS of birds in the sky above me! At first, I was just fascinated by this wonderful moment, but then I felt this inner voice saying: This is for you, this is your sign-you asked for a bird – and you can imagine what this impression ment to me.
    I felt in awe of this moment, thankful for this extraordinary sign of the universe. Instead of 1 bird the whole sky was filled with them…I picked my phone and made a quick video as a reference.
    Anyway I see this as a clear sign to continue with my way.
    Thank you so much, Gabby, for the wonderful and lifechanging tools you offer.
    Lots of love to you, your family and community!

  75. I used the method written in the Super Attractor book about praying/asking the Universe for a sign over the next 24 hours and nothing happened (Monday night to Tuesday night). However, today, (Wednesday afternoon) about 36 hours later, the sign appeared. What does that mean? Is it still a valid sign? Should I ask again, but with or for a different sign?

    1. It sounds like you received your sign Jacqueline. Be open to all the ways in which your sign can appear. If you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to a prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Big shifts are possible when we truly believe. xoxo

  76. Hi Gabby,
    I am very confused about what the universe is trying to tell me. I have had a series of synchronicities happen in my life for the past few months. Continuous, and every few days. I am seeing patterns, and repeated conversations (one person says something, then I’ll be speaking to another person and the same conversation, not initiated by me, comes up), songs, etc. However, I would say that 80% of these synchornicities are random, and I’m not sure how to place any significance to them in my life. I can’t connect the dots to the messages I am receiving, but they keep happening, over an over. It’s frustrating to say the least.

    There are two topics currently in my life that I get “messages” about… but not enough to formulate a clear path for (80% of all the other synchronicities and “messages” I get are random and unrelated to these two topics). Its so confusing. I am trying to detach myself from the outcomes, and let it just come in… and for the most part it does… but many times I can’t decipher what is being said to me, other than “wow, that’s amazing that that just happened… no coincidence”.

    Sigh. I need help. I need you to please tell me what this means.

    Thank you.

    1. Susie, if you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to a prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Big shifts are possible when we truly believe.

  77. Hi Gabby!
    I first learned about asking for a sign in “The Universe Has Your Back”. I have asked for signs and received them. I absolutely love this!!

    I have a question… the other day I asked to receive a certain sign by the end of the day. Since I didn’t get it by the end of the day I thought well that’s my sign to not go ahead with my idea.
    Then I saw my sign today. If it’s later than what I asked for do I take it as meaning yes or no?

    Thank you for your time and help, and the amazing spiritual teacher that you are.

    “Super Attractor” is my new favourite book!


    1. Sharla, when asking for a sign from the Universe, be open to all the ways in which it may show up. When we try to control or get tight around how the signs show up, we are operating from a place of fear. Deepening your daily spiritual practices is beautiful way to break free from the fear energy. My favorite ways to do this is through a daily meditation, journaling, and prayer. xo

  78. Hy Gabby im really fascinated about ur Blurb on How to Ask for a sign from the universe. I often received 111 or 11 each time asking for a sign. My real issue is that ive always had low self worth issues and self confidence and these issues often make me doubt the Universe even though it has shown me signs . These doubts i think stem from fear of getting dissapointments. How can i overcome this.

  79. My sign I believe is a Mylar balloon. I ask for signs often and I receive them. Generally I see them in a field or up in a tree or some random place. Not like tied to a mail box or in a store. I can be driving down the road and something nudges me to look to the left or right or up or down and at that moment there is a balloon. As strange as it may sound I believe this is my sign.

  80. Hi Gabby! I was watching an interview with you last night about picking something as a sign from the top of your head. I deicided to veer from the usual thing I use as a sign and pick something new. So off the top of my head I picked strawberries. I work at a library and this morning I was checking out some children’s books to a patron and as I was scanning them it occured to me that perhaps I will see this sign on some book I’d be checking out to someone. The INSTANT I had that thought I scanned a small book which had an illustration of a young girl eating from a basket of strawberries! There it was! But here is the kicker, my usual “sign from the universe” is the owl (so much so that I actually have an owl tattoo) and when I came to your website to read more about signs I see owl images and find out that the owl is your sign as well! Would this kind of thing be considered a double whammy? Could I choose to go back to the owl? Could I have both? This is starting to give me the peace I have been craving for the last week. Thank you!!!

  81. At the beginning of the article I immediately chose a dragon fly for my sign. As I continued reading I saw the picture posted of the dragon fly!!! Ask the universe for guidance, surrender to it and it will come.

  82. Hello Gabby!

    I was wondering I asked for guidance on something and asked for the sign to show up within 24h. It showed up 2 days later instead. Are you meant to put a timeline to when you want your sign to show up? As I’m confused if this is a sign or not now. Thank you!

    1. Camilla, if you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to a prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Be open to all the ways in which your sign can appear.

  83. Wow!! I had felt like I wasn’t sure if I was really in tune with the signs I had asked for and then at the end of your article there it is, as clear as crystal, a dragonfly. I had asked for dragonflies, butterflies, and for our songs (which are not very common) to play. I had seen butterfly things but since they’re so common, I brushed them off but as I read your article I asked again. I there it was. <3

  84. Hi Gabby,

    I am in the middle of your “the universe has your back” book. Enjoying it immensly. Reading about your “ask for signs” story I remembered something that happend to me a few weeks ago. I was driving towards the school of my 5 year old daughter and on the phone with a friend. Going through a very though crisis in my relation with my wife (now my ex-wife) I’ve always believed that things will happen the way they were supposed to. But at that moment so much was going wrong, things were very difficult, I cried out to my friend “F*ck the universe, I don’t believe it anymore, I really trusted it, but the universe is letting me down….” ranting like this I arrived at my daughters school. As I walked into the classroom she ran towards me shouting: “daddy, daddy, come look there’s a caterpillar coming out of it’s cocoon”. For my the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies is so linked with trust in the way of the universe. Tears popped up in my eyes and I thanked the universe for this sign.

    While reading your book, more of these magical moments occured, one particularly stands out. I turned off my phone because I got sick of looking at it waiting for a reply from an amazing woman I met… started reading about leaning towards love instead of fear, and the moment I turned on my phone after half an hour of reading, this woman, from whom I’ve borrowed your book, immediatly called me.

    As was to be expected, the book came to me at the richt time.

    Remco – The Netherlands

  85. So uhm i am new to this well not so new but still. I really need guidance right now cause well eventhough i’m still a kid i have my problems i need help . I need to decide for 2 carriers that are completely different from eachother and i need to know which to take i already asked my spirit guides and my guardian angels and i’ve even been looking out for signs but i can’t seem to see it. do you think something is hindering me? Maybe some bad energy? or something like that? Well before you think i only want to connect to my guides or angels is because of this desicion it’s not. I already tried connecting to them before this problem but i didn’t have any results. It’s not like i’m saying i don’t believe in them or even thinking it but i think maybe something is hindering me . uhm so i really wish you could give my a reply it would mean a lot to me thank you. And it’s not that i only need my guides and angels for this but i uhm how should i put it uhm i feel like giving up like giving up everthing . I really need someone to talk to and someone to guide me . It would be really nice if you could give me a reply . Thanks again for reading this .

    1. Jumin, when asking for a sign from the Universe, be open to all the ways in which it may show up. When we try to control or get tight around how the signs show up, we are operating from a place of fear.

      Deepening your daily spiritual practices is beautiful way to break free from the fear energy. My favorite ways to do this is through a daily meditation, journaling, and prayer.

      These blog posts may support and inspire you: <3

      1. Oh Gabby, thank you so much. I am reading Chapter 5 in “The Universe Has Your Back” where you speak of signs from the universe; I asked myself, ‘what is my sign? How do I find my sign? How do I know my sign?’ My intuition responded, ‘Taige, you know your sign is a dragonfly’ – ‘yeah, right, my sign can’t be the same sign in the book’, I replied. I did a quick google search and low and behold your name popped up in response to my question. Through reading, my intuition repeated dragonfly and through my scrolling your beautiful picture of a dragonfly and the affirmation popped up, solidifying my sign. Synchronicity of the universe is wonderful. Thank you for being a part of my journey and helping me give myself permission to fully lean in and trust my intuition and trust in the universe.

    1. Landing on this page and sharing here is a wonderful sign that you are being guided. That signifies your willingness to be open to some shifts. Try practicing the steps in this blog post for at least the next month. Do it daily and commit to having fun. Allowing yourself to have fun with it takes off the pressure, which will help you get into alignment and flow.

  86. Hello, Several years ago I started seeing feathers and other things I felt were signs. I was going through a bad time and they gave me comfort. However, one day I told someone about the feathers and they replied flippantly that maybe it was ‘molting season’. This planted a seed of doubt and I didn’t see a feather for a long time. Or, if I did, I didn’t get that ‘zing’ of recognition and joy that it was indeed a sign. Then, about 6 weeks ago, while getting in my car, a feather was floating in the air on the passenger side. I knew it was a sign even though I hadn’t consciously asked for one. After that, I asked for more and got them. I never see a feather or a coin on the ground when I’m looking for one. Twice when I was saying the Rosary, a feather has floated in front of me. I’m going through a rough time again. I continue to pray for guidance and help. These signs – and I know them when I see them – help me to remember that everything will be alright and all works out as it should.
    Thank you for this website and for letting me share what some don’t believe.

  87. I am new to all of this and don’t want to invite anything bad into my life. I love being connected and have always been intuitive. I asked for my guide’s name and heard Kevin. (?) How do you protect yourself from negative guides or negative spirits?

    1. Set an intention and even announce out loud that you are only open to messages and experiences of love, positivity, and for the greatest good of all. <3

  88. Currently, I am at a retreat center. I turned 40 and wanted to come here to get connected with myself. Everything that could go wrong did. I had a legal issue that I had to do but was unable to finish it before my birthday. Friday while in the prayer garden I asked for a red bird. I have not seen any of those birds out in the wildness. I figured this would be a hard one. Birthday came and went and didn’t finish legal stuff. The day after my birthday, I go back to the prayer garden while it is drizzling. I was crying a little upset and felt alone. Then I said u know what, I will get my bird when the universe thinks I’m ready. Out of no where’s I see a big white dog. Very strange and odd for this dog to be in this secluded location. When I turned around, all of a sudden came my red bird. It stayed looked at me for a second or two and then took off. I literally sat there with my mouth wide open and totally speechless. I feel like I don’t know if I want to scream, cry or faint. My adrenaline is going 90 to nothing and I feel like if I keep going my spirit is going to catch a cramp. I’m just getting into this and I am only on chapter two of your book. Oh I didn’t mention that right before I saw the dog, I was writing down what I wanted to see. You were saying something about meditating and so I found the prayer of assis in your book and that is when I saw the dog and then the bird. Can’t wait for this journey and what the spirits have left for me.

  89. Gabby’ book has helped me a lot. I got my sign and keep on getting it in the most amazing ways. What I asked for hasn’t happened, but I am still getting the signs. So I wait. I also get loads of heart shapes, in food stuff , stones, in the most unusual places. That’s not my sign, but I feel it’s related. I know I am supported. I don’t know where it is all going, but it is an extraordinary journey. It is difficult to explain to anyone I know, they don’t understand or they believe I am a little crazy and that makes me doubt it. So it is great to read this on Pinterest.

  90. when you are referring to the universe are you talking about GOD the creator of the universe ?
    the secret or the practice of manifesting seems to be coping a bit of flack ‘ in fact people liken it to witchcraft or demonic practice .
    I was wondering if you could show if there was a connection between the bible and manifesting ; I have often wondered if the people that are dishing out the flack are angry because they don’t have the ability or the belief or the knowledge that they can make a decision for themselves without the religious control of the church.
    I do think that there a lot of areas that do need to be addressed

    1. I use terms like the Universe, God, Spirit, Higher Power, love, and inner guidance system interchangeably. The Spirit Junkie approach is non-denominational, and I encourage everyone to use the term that feels right to them and create a spiritual relationship of *their own* understanding. You can use whatever word/words resonate with you. xoxo

  91. So I stumbled accross your website when I was doing research on signs the universe sends and I thought Id give contacting you a shot to get your imput on my situation. (Or anyone else can comment as they wish)

    Im in a long distance relationship with a man Ive been with for almost a year and a half. I met him wile he was incarserated in a Correctional Center in NC and belive it ir not it was threw an inmate penpal I had that we where connected threw. Romantic I know lol. We had an almost instant spark from the beginning and it didnt take long for us both to reolize we where ment for each other.

    Now things havent all been roses and sunshine. Its been quite rocky the last several months with cercomstances popping up all the time thats been proventing him from moving up here to WA to be with me. Communication has been speratic and to often I question if we where even ment for each other and if the whole waiting thing is worth it.

    But here is the thing. He’s the first guy in my whole intire history with men that Ive remained 100% faithful to. Ive recived at least 4 “psycic” readings from 4 difforent people saying point blank we are soul mates and we have a strong connection twords each other. One even stated he is infact the real deal. Ive been seeing signs..mainly on licence plates that point to him like North Carolina or licence plates that start with the letters “AKJ” (when Josh would write me way back when he ended his letters with J=K Always) … Id sometime see images of dragons (his chinies zodiac animal) and even seen signs that would remind me to trust God on this. Half of the time I want to brush these images off thinking im just so intuned with my feelings tword him that I just so happen to bring these symbolic imagery to my attention and its just some form of a coincadince….but the other half of the time I sence its much bigger then that. Its been an on going battle for sure and I wanted some insite from someone who knows more about this then I do on my current situation. So what do you think?

    If you could shine some light on this for me Id totally appreciat it!

    Much love


    1. Hi Kristen! Thanks for showing up and sharing here. It sounds like you are starting to tap into that inner guidance. If you’re feeling unclear about your signs or how to move forward, whether it’s this relationship or in another area, commit to a daily meditation and journaling practice for 30 days. This will help you get grounded and feel clarity on the messages that you receive. Sending lots of love your way. <3

  92. I’m relatively new to LOA, but I’ve already seen it work. Still, I have my doubts at times especially when asking the universe for a sign. I recently asked for a yes/no sign regarding something that would or would not happen the following day. I got my yes sign within hours. It was an uncommon object so I felt excited about the answer. I even saw the sign again the next day… but what I asked for and got a yes response for did not happen. Now, I’m left feeling let down by the universe and wondering if I just attracted the sign thru LOA or if it was truly the answer from the universe.. and if the latter why it didn’t come to fruition.

    1. Hi Tracy. When asking for signs from the Universe, be open to all the ways that it can show up. Know that we cannot create time constraints when working with this energy. If you’re feeling confused about receiving your sign, try sitting in meditation and then journaling, which will help you feel grounded and get clarity. <3

  93. Hi Gabby,
    I recently listened to your Super Soul Conversation. It felt as though the A Course in Miracles kept coming up for me through different channels so I decided follow the path to see where it would take me. I grew up in an atheist household, however the language, though foreign to me ,has not been a barrier. I have also been making a practise of a guided meditation from the Monroe Institute that uses binaural beats and hemi sounds to bring deep relaxation and calm. Well this past weekend I went with my family to a beautiful location in nature to camp for the night. While star gazing with my partner I had an experience that I can only describe as an unveiling of the cosmos. I felt a deep almost ecstatic sense of love coming from the universe. The feeling of love felt like it poured into my insides and healed all of the places where I don’t practise self love. As you can imagine the experience was profound. When I got back to the city a couple of days after the trip we saw a flock of baby peacocks with one adult peacock. I have never seen baby peacocks in my life despite living close to a park that has many peacocks. I looked up the spiritual meaning of peacocks and this is what I found:
    Peacock symbolism: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness. In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock tail has the “eyes” of the stars.

    So…. now…. trusting the signs. Feeling the love. Following the path.
    Thank you for your work.

    1. 222 is my sign for my ex. We both broke up over pride, and even after 2 years he still to this day contacts me to tell me he loves me, but die to his new meds gets anxiety I will “leave him” and breaks up before we even try. It has been excruciating.
      I have tried to move on, several times. I have prayed, begging for a sign that I should move on completely, or hold out for him if its him. I can’t tell you how many times I do that, immediately look up, and a license plate with 222 is directly in front of me. Or his name on a truck drives right in front of me, immediately. This isn’t me searching, these signs present themselves directly and immediately, all of the time.
      Why I am so devastated now, is I got frustrated with the back and forth (him contacting out of the blue that he loved me, me being excited, then him changing his mind because he is too scared). I gave him an ultimatum: man upand try, or don’t contact me again (said nicer than that, but it’s been 2 years. I’m tired of it). I was absolutely POSITIVE he would contact me this past Friday. Nothing. It is now Sunday, a full week since I sent my txt to him, and nothing. I am at my wits end. Did it all mean nothing? Was I deceived? I will say, my other sign is a dragonfly, and reading your article I saw the dragonfly with its message, and I hoped once again. But honestly, I am just so devastated and confused. Please, any insight at all would be incredible. I’m just grateful to have found this page.

      1. Kayla, if you are unclear of what you’re being guided towards, return to a prayer and meditation practice to help you get grounded. Big shifts are possible when we truly believe.

        1. Thought you would like an update, if you read this.
          I have since been getting continual signs that my ex, Michael, is the right choice for me, and to be patient. However I experienced another setback, yet again, that left me devastated. I have had sign after sign, yet I was having doubts, blocking myself with fear from love.

          I was praying for a sign, taking a break from reading your book The Universe Has Your Back, and was just feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I knelt and said a prayer, and I got the words “read pg.94, then 93.” I opened to it and it was the meditation for trusting and letting things go, which is 100% what I needed, but what truly made me gasp, was looking at page 93. I saw the words “How are you blocking your Michael?” I couldn’t believe it. Another sentence also said “Michael was waiting for her.” I know he loves me, it’s just been hard. I also had an insane spiritual experience after doing 2 of your meditations, things that were so sacred I hadn’t experienced in a long time. Thank you, and bless you for doing God’s work and spreading the Light to all who need it. You are changing my life.

          One of the craziest things also, was I supposed to be on vacation in Utah, when my mom got kidney stones, so we had to cancel. Also, the place we were going to stay at, flooded. And also, Michael texted. Had we gone, I doubt I would have read your book, had these spiritual experiences, and started to work on changing my life. Thank you again, the floodgates are opening spiritually and I owe it all to you.

  94. I’ve been trying to pay attention to my inner voice. I haven’t heard it say something clearly, but I’m taking small steps to do things that I think and feel are meaningful and necessary. Thanks for your guidance and teaching us about universe.

    1. This is beautiful James. Know that daily small steps add up to a major impact. Continue to tap into that inner knowing and be patient and gentle with yourself.

    2. From past many years i have been confused in life. Its like going in an automatic mode with no goals. Don’t know what to do and what signs to follow from the universe. I m totally lost and confused.

      1. Dewashish, follow the steps in the post above and be patient with the process. If you are feeling unclear of which direction you are being guided, return to meditation and prayer to get centered again. <3

  95. Hi gabby just a quick question
    When asking for a sign and choosing to see a certain thing like an elephant and then you see elephants
    How do i no this is my sign
    Or just something i have manifested.
    I asked to see a certain thing now i have seen it a couple of times im wondering whether its a sign or i have just manifested this certain thing im seeing.

    1. Hi Shay! When asking for a sign from the Universe, be open to all of the ways that it can present itself. It sounds like you’re seeing you’re sign but if you’re feeling unclear about what it might mean, return to meditation to get grounded and receive clarity.

  96. What happens if you never receive a sign? Like people ask for 3 elephants and see them. I asked for tigers and nothing!

    1. Hi Sharon! If you’re not receiving your sign, tune back in. Return to meditation and prayer to get centered again. <3

  97. Hi Gabby…
    I just purchased your book “The universe has your back” and I love it so far. I also saw a video about you talking about how you saw your owl as a sign. I have been really struggling with a break up but something inside me keeps telling me this is still the person for me even though union seems impossible because of all the obstacles in our relationship. I feel like love always wins and somehow the universe will find away to make it work. But at the same time I have a lot of fear and doubts and I was thinking is how I’m feeling real or is it something I’m waiting for that will never happen and I thought I wish I had a clear answer. I have been praying for and manifesting this person so much. But we haven’t had contact in 2 months and it still may take more time because I feel like I need to work on myself and he needs to work on himself. So after watching your video I thought I’d ask for a sign but I was also afraid cause I don’t want to get a sign I didn’t want. 2 days a ago on Wednesday it was 10 am and my mum called me at home to bring a pair of shoes to her work that she had bought and wanted to return and I was mad at her cause she should have taken them with her in the morning. But I still said ok I’ll bring them. I was to meet her at the store at 12:30 pm. As I lleft my house I saw yellow road signs and I was like ok universe let’s try this… I said this in my mind…”if this person is for me show me the color yellow” and then I didn’t think about it much. I went to the store and I got a call from
    My mum that she can’t leave work until 2 pm
    And I should drop off the shoes at her work. She works in a school so I took the shoes there and I saw a yellow school bus pass by and I said to my self let me make my sign more specific and say show me yellow busses. I dropped of the shoes and headed home. I was on a call with a friend on my way home and decided to take a different route home that was a litter longer so I could enjoy the ride and talk to my friend. As I took the different road home I heard a weird sound in my car and decided to make a u turn and head home. The sound in my car got louder and louder and I decided to park at the side if the street and get road side assistance I had a flat tire.. by now it was about 1:20 pm. I thought to myself I should just drive home cause I’m a mile away but then I decided I don’t want to damage my car. So I waited for an 1.5 hours and In this time I saw 8 yellow busses pass by. I never stop on this street and there is no school on this street so I was really surprised. I have also been seeing the number 222 a lot and on the same day as the time turned 2:22 another yellow bus passed my car at that moment. Since then I have been seeing yellow busses, cars, trucks everywhere. I went to get a pedicure at a new place that I had never been to the place is very colorful and the lady made me sit in a chair that had a yellow light above it the only chair in the whole store with a yellow light as I left the pedicure store a lady with a yellow shirt replaced me in the same chair. As I left the store and was at the traffic light a yellow cab stood in from of me with the number 222 on it… so I can see that it doesn’t get any clearer than this and I feel amazing seeing these signs but I feel my mind always plays tricks on my And says “the signs are great but you still haven’t heard from him
    And how is it really going to be possible” how do I stop these thoughts and get rid of the fear and doubt…

    1. When asking for a sign from the Universe, be open to all the ways in which it may show up. When we try to control or get tight around how the signs show up, we are operating from a place of fear. Deepening your daily spiritual practices is beautiful way to break free from the fear energy. My favorite ways to do this is through a daily meditation, journaling, and prayer. I have another blog post that will help support and inspire you: <3

  98. I have a question regarding signs… I am not yet divorced but will be May 13th 2019. Roughly one year ago I had made the conclusion that she is not the one for me. After a month (give or take) I asked to be shown what my future held, who and what was I to become, and I also asked for guidance with love AMD finding my forever partner. That night I had a dream that my soon to be ex and I were back together so the following night I asked for clarity. Low and behold exact same dream, absolutely nothing changed. 6 months passed and feeling like I was lost I asked again for a vision, and once again exact same dream! Last week I was having a hard time emotionally and once again asked to be shown what was to become, once again for the fourth time I was shown the same dream but with a twist, in it (this sounds repulsive) she had passed gas with a tremendous force and I just laughed opposed to how I would usually be disgusted. So I have had the exact same dream 4 times with the fourth time that little twist. Now before you say it was my heart playing games please realize that before I had asked the first time I had moved on from her emotionally and took my feelings and hung them on the coat rack so I wasn’t desperately looking for “her” to come back. Since 3rd dream I have come to realize that I wasn’t the man I once was and therefore wasn’t the man I knew I could be or the one I grew up thinking I would be. I prayed to God for these “signs” but I am questioning if I am supposed to end up with her again after I strengthen my morals, emotions, and overall self worth. Were those exact same 4 separate dreams my sign? I am in desperate help and will ask again before I fall asleep tonight but I need an outsider’s opinion. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Zac. Sometimes our signs show up to let us know that we’re moving in a healing direction. This can also often happen in our dreams. It sounds like you are actively healing the relationship with your ex, both while awake through signs as well as in a dream state. This is a beautiful thing. Be gentle and patient with your process. Continue to be open to connecting with a loving partner, knowing that it’s ok and safe to not know exactly who that is at this time. Keep trusting that inner guidance.

  99. Hello Gabby, my 8 year old daughter had a spontaneous lung collapse. After talking with her doctors, they said that sometimes a move to a drier climate could be beneficial. We currently live in the midwest and have a lot of humidity. We are currently planning our move to Nevada on June 27th, 2019. As the time gets closer, my car keeps breaking down. Ive put $3800 into my car in the last week only to have a new potentially expensive problem arise. I feel like the state I live in does not want to let me go. Almost as if my family is cursed here. In my heart, I feel that moving to Nevada is the direction that the universe is telling me to go. Then I feel with all of my car issues, 2 months before the move, it is telling me I shouldnt leave. Everything has aligned for the Nevada move years prior. My dad lived there for a short while and loved it. I reconnected with a classmate and he lived there for 8 years. He only moved back here to help the family finalize all of our loose ends so we could move. My daughters lung collapsed and it was recommended that we go to a drier climate if we could. I can not understand what the universe is trying to tell me with all of these recent car issues. Please help!

    1. Sending lots of love and healing vibes to you, your daughter, and entire family. Keep coming back to that inner guidance and trust the messages you are receiving. If you’re feeling unclear, give yourself some quiet time in meditation and ask for support in making this decision. Always trust your heart and the messages coming from a place of love. <3

  100. Hi Gabby. I am wondering if signs of the universe are given to us to show that we have to act or are they just given to us to show us that the universe is working for us. For example: i saw a sign concerning my ex-boyfriend. I am new to all this and I was not that sure if the signs want to tell me that i should contact him or does the sign just means that the universe has started to work for me and i am on the right track? Thanks a lot for replies. Sophie

    1. Hi Sophie! If you’re feeling unclear about the messages you’re receiving, try sitting in meditation and/or journaling to see what comes up. This will help with grounding and clarity. Don’t edit yourself and really trust that inner guidance. XOX

  101. Help gabby. Im always seen 1010 or 1212 or 1111. Or 88. The universe is always giving me this signs. What is that mean?

  102. Hi Gabby, thank you for all that you share! What does it mean when you ask for a signs (for say, 2 different requests for clarity using 2 different signs that are obscure-ish animals essentially), see them and it shakes you because it’s unexpected, but the things you asked about don’t actually happen? For context, I asked if I would hear back about something within a specific timeframe and a ‘meant to be’ type of question using what you said in a video I watched. I saw my signs unexpectedly within 24 hours (one came up really quickly for the timeframe and the other was closer to, but before the 24 hour period, about 23 hours). The timeframe question response didn’t happen. I have no clue about the ‘meant to be’ question as of yet. I asked from a heart centered space. It all leaves me confused. Thank you for your guidance!

    1. When asking for a sign, be open to all the ways in which it can present itself. The Universe collaborates with us in amazing ways when we don’t have strict timelines.

  103. I’ve been looking for this information for a while now! Finally found it! Thank you! I asked for three signs to appear if a guy I like is the one for me and all three appeared. However I fear that I manifested those signs. Did I manifest the three items or were they actually signs?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Ana! If you’re feeling unsure about your signs and messages from the Universe, try creating a regular meditation practice. This will help you to feel grounded, strongly connect with your inner wisdom, and get beautiful clarity.

  104. hey
    all in all
    does it mean that we need to keep our vibrations at a high frequency and keep affirming as to what we ACTUALLY WANT OUR LIVES TO BE and then trust that universe will manifest it if we are on the right path?

  105. I am soooooo excited!!! I can’t believe it.
    I fell on your video a few weeks ago and it couldn’t have been at a better time. I then ordered your book and started reading and asked for a sign. I asked the universe for a sign to guide me in the right direction. ..
    The next day I saw a fox sitting by the exit of the highway just outside of my neighbourhood.
    I google the meaning of the fox and it says spiritual guide!! I was floored by the coincidence and thought it could be a sign. Kept reading on… and got to the part where you asked to see an Owl… the first thing that came to my mind was a FOX. I actually thought to myself… why did I choose a fox…it’s not very popular when am I ever going to see that.
    I was decluttering the very next day my office space and found a baby card I bought 2 years ago with a fox on it!! I open the card and it says welcome baby with love and joy. I right away turn to my husband and asked, am i crazy is this not a fox?! He didn’t understand what i was referring to then but did indeed say it was a fox. I was in tears.

    Life is so so so amazing. I KNOW the universe has my back.

  106. I typed in goggle, god of the universe that which i do not understand please guide me in the direction you want me to go,,, my prayer, and you came in first. good going I am sure you are helping lots of people,, some of us just need to share and talk. at 69 i am applying for a prospectors licence, lol,, only limited by our minds! Take care and thanks, glad you are here!

  107. When I asked for a sign from the universe I didn’t see it but I overheard someone talking about the number 222 that I used as a sign….does hearing it count or do I have to see the number 222

    1. Hi Lola! When asking the universe for a sign, be open to all the ways in which it can show up, such as seeing it, hearing it, and feeling it in ways that you may have not previously imagined.

  108. So I would pick animals or insects. But I’d pick one for yes and another one for no. For example I would pick owl for yes and hawk for no. But I started thinking maybe I pick two that are equally likely to be seen. Because I see hawks more then owls. Or I would avoid picking mongooses if I knew I’d be driving in areas where you’re more likely to see them. Then I thought of something. If the universe is helping with this, it shouldn’t matter if your yes sign is less likely to be seen then the no sign, because spirit is in charge . Yes or no. And I did wonder if seeing your sign not as a live animal but in a drawing or photo count. I did read it does.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Gabby recommends having a quiet moment in meditation and asking for your sign, picking the first thing that pops up. Meditating will help your ego get out of the way and allow you to tap into your own inner guidance.

  109. You’ve just inspired me to re-read the Universe Has Your Back again – especially during this transition phase into 2019! Thanks Gabby! I also asked for a sign whether something with my soulmate was happening within the next 3 – 6 months and whether that was the right direction, choosing a blue butterfly as a sign. Thinking IF it came up, it would probably be in the form of an emoji (Although who even uses that emoji?). I follow this healer on Twitter and like to catch up on her energy tweets every few days, something in my head kept reminding me to do it as I hadn’t checked for the week, but I’d get distracted and not check it. Maybe an hour after I asked for a sign, I finally popped onto her twitter and came across a photo with a crystal bowl holding what looked like shells. I took a closer look and it was butterflies. I thought nothing of it and went to scroll past until remembered butterflies were my sign, then looked back to see if there was a blue one but there wasn’t only an ambiguous light blue-green that I couldn’t figure out and I thought it was just funny that it was almost my sign but not really. I thought maybe she posted another closer photo of that butterfly so I could determine the colour and low and behold directly below the post there was a completely different photo, this time of her gallery wall (that I had just skimmed over a second ago while reading and before coming to the other one), of a completely different butterfly, but bright blue, the same as the emoji but a real version. I thanked the Universe for the guidance and felt thankful and excited. A little while later, as always, my doubt creeped in and I convinced myself that by scrolling down to determine the colour, I had manipulated the sign. What do you make of this Gabby? Was it still a clear sign? Why am I thinking it’s too good to be true?

    1. When asking for a sign, Gabby always reminds us to be open to all the amazing ways that it can show up! It sounds like your butterfly sign has shown up in fun, different ways. Continue to stay open, as the the Universe often presents things in ways we hadn’t imagined <3

  110. Hi Gabby, I have intended to manifest someone and few days back some just said their name and my name. It was unusual as there was no corelation, it was just a discussion of some random movie characters. Do you think this might be a sign from the universe that my desire has been noted or something similar?

    1. If you’re feeling unclear about receiving signs, Gabby always recommends taking a quiet moment in meditation. Creating a daily meditation practice will help you connect with your inner guidance, so you can recognize your signs and get clear and grounded.

  111. Hello gabby
    could you give a sign for me I can’t seem to decide … Maybe I can tell you about myself and issues faced or I should just let u give me one because I seem to control / change everything.
    So could you give me one.
    Thank you and sending u many hugs… happy holidays for u and ur just new little family

    1. Hi Cynthia! If you’re feeling unclear about receiving signs, Gabby always recommends creating a daily meditation practice. By giving yourself moments of stillness, you can connect with your inner guidance and ask for a sign. Don’t overthink it and pick the first that comes up for you. XOX

      1. I do have lots of time… but I never come up with one but many… none seems to stick out and I am feeling controlling the sign… thank you so much for helping me maybe ill try to meditate when I feel good on asking for a clear sign. Happy holidays thank you again with love

  112. Hi I am Jimmy, I have been a practitioner of the law of Attraction for a while now, so I know its power and that it works. I have a very long lengthy message that I need help with answering, just because I am hesitant or unsure of this sign I asked for and received. So I really like this woman, and I know she really likes me because we had two amazing dates; but now it feels like she is hesitant when it comes to asking for the third date. I believe I manifested her to come into my life because she has all the qualities of the woman I listed down that I would want. However, I am unclear if she has one of them which is “Emotionally available.” So In my attachment is a picture of asking God and the Universe for a sign, with each question of what I should do listed, and with a number underneath the sign associated with them. Sorry for the terrible handwriting. However the time frame for asking for that sign was probably an hour or so. I first was trying to look for the sign anxiously, but then during the time frame of not looking for it and writing stuff down on paper; I went to a youtube video I watched, and I liked a while back; plus the video really reminds me of her. However getting to the point, the number and sign I chose to signify for what I should do “333,” just popped out at me, and caused my heart to sank right away. The associated sign was “Should I give (name) some space and let her come to me? I really don’t know how to feel about this is all because It is one of the questions I asked, but did not anticipate receiving a signal for, and am just worried is all. If you have any wisdom or comforting suggestions, at this point I still have faith in God and the Universe, but I just want to know if the sinking feeling in my chest, and the feeling of uneasy was normal, or was this just coincidence? Then also just, as I finished typing all of this and rereading to edit, I heard the “Hoo hoo,” of an owl this morning, and still can hear it as aI type, and when I looked to my right I saw a dove out the window on my roof. What does all of this mean?

    1. Hi Jimmy! When asking for and receiving signs starts to feel confusing and abstract, Gabby always recommends checking in with your inner guidance. One of the best ways to do that is through a meditation practice. Creating a daily practice, even for 5 minutes, will help you really tap into your intuition, so you can trust your process and the signs that you’re receiving.

  113. Thank you for this article. As I was reading, I chose ‘dragonfly’ for my sign as it automatically popped into my head. I wondered when I would first notice this sign and, wow, I didn’t have to wait long! As I scrolled down in your post, there it was! Amazing.

  114. Me and my Gf of 5 months broke up with me becasue of my ocd issues and her feelings changed towards me. Her parents and friends told her to leave the relationship and she left me when this problem repeated over and over again. She was really good person and i was always honest with her with what i was going through. I loved her deeply but she was in that state of confusion and she pushed me away and strictly told me to move on. It’s been 2 months no contact. I even blocked her on instagram yesterday so that i can move on. But previously i asked God for a sign that was a red button as a symbol of reconciliation. And today morning i saw the sign and the time was 11.11am. I always see 11.11 and i confused whether to move on or keep hopes. My ex told there is no chance of getting back and don’t keep any hopes. She also told we can be friends once i move on. The only means of communication is WhatsApp now. I have blocked her on instagram. Please help.

  115. Hey Gabby!

    Thank you for this! I recently had a very tough breakup. He cheated on me and I ended it. I felt like my world ended. But, two months to the day after the breakup, I came across your 5 steps for spiritual surrender. I was ready to move on and put them into practice. So..I asked for a very clear sign that this relationship was behind me and I was going to be ok! Not even 5 minutes later I saw my ex couldn’t miss him. A week later I gave it another try. Got in my car, getting on the freeway there are 5000000 cars everywhere…. same thing. I ask for a sign, pulling onto the freeway ramp, there he is. And then the same thing happened the next morning. I miss him everyday, but the relationship is over. I felt like from the beginning I was being told this is about him and not me. I don’t know what the Universe is trying to tell me, but I’m kinda afraid to go outside now! Lol.

  116. Gabby. While I was travelling I asked the Universe to give me a sign if a man, who I am not together with yet, is the right guy for me. I asked the sign to be a Dolphin. The reason I asked for a Dolphin that morning was bc I went on a boat tour that day and I knew it was unlikely to see Dolphins at this time of the year. I was hoping that by seeing one I would have the answer to my question. When I came by a street stand I went closer to see if I could discover a Dolphin in the jewelry collection. It was three tables full of vacation jewelry and only ONE, a picture frame, had a dolphin on it. It gave me some peace, but I knew I tried to trick. Two days went by and I was looking for another evidence everywhere I could. On the third day I arrived at a new destination of my travels and I finally haven’t been thinking about the dolphin anymore.

    The next morning I sat nearby the hotel pool and I decided to meditate while waiting for for a tour to start. I had let go of thoughts for a little while and felt in peace when this thought came to me: did you see the dolphin painting by the pool area? I jumped out of my chair and walked over to the pool and indeed there were dolphins painted to the floor all around the pool!! I had not noticed them the previous day!!!

    Gaby, is this the true sign I had been looking for?

    1. When asking for a sign, be open to all the ways in which it can show up. Get clear on what you want, but then let the Universe do its thing. We often receive messages in experiences in a totally different way that we would ever imagine or expect. If you’re feeling unclear, ask for guidance and clarity in meditation. XOX

  117. Hi,
    I recently asked to see signs about 2 choices I had. I asked to see 2 different animals – a sloth for choice 1 and a llama for choice 2. I saw a sloth firstand then repeatedly after that. Then, I saw a llama a few moments later. Ive continued to see both, so I’m not sure what choice I’m being guided to. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Amy! It sounds like you are receiving your signs! If you aren’t clear on how to connect with their meaning, try sitting in meditation. This will help you get some clarity. When things feel complicated, go simple and allow yourself a calm moment of silence to get grounded. XOX

  118. Hi Gabby, I asked the universe for a sign regarding a love interest. I asked to hear a certain song I associate with them within under a 24 hour time period. I heard the song 3 days later. Is this a sign in itself? I have to admit I didn’t expect to hear the sign within that time period as it seemed so unlikely, then I heard it when I wasn’t thinking about it at work. I’m very confused about this person (nothing has happened between us yet) and this just seems to be further confusion rather than clarity… Many thanks, Emma

    1. Hi Emma! When asking for a sign, be open to all the ways that it might show up for you! If you’re feeling unclear, try meditating so that you can tap back into your inner wisdom. XOX

  119. Hi Gabby:
    Thank you for your inspiration.
    I have honestly been asking the universe for a sign , a certain band for guidance for over a year, I get my sign every time I ask with out fail. ., My frustration is that nothing is happening with what I am asking the sign for , I feel that I am blocking the universe from delivering. I know the universe would not deliver my sign if this was not meant for me.

    1. Hi Suzanne! If you’re feeling unclear about your sign, return to meditation. Incorporating a daily meditation practice will help you deeply connect to your inner guidance, get clarity, and feel grounded. XOX

    1. Hi Lily! It sounds like you’re receiving the sign that you asked for! If you’re feeling uncertain or it’s not clear, return to meditation. By creating a daily meditation practice, you’ll tap into your inner wisdom and guidance, get grounded, and have a sense of clarity. XOX

  120. Hi Gabby, I’ve recently joined the Miracle Membership and you’re changing my life to be so much more fulfilling than it ever was. I’m mediating daily and surrendering to the universe and to God and asking for guidance. Recently I asked the universe for a sign whether my dad was present as a spirit. He died when I was 11 (I’m 56). The other night my clock radio turned on at 3:03 am – we don’t use that radio and in fact when I checked the alarm was set for 5:15 am, not 3:03. I also saw an aura and a huge wind swept through the room and then everything went still. My husband witnessed it as well. When I told my mom the next morning she said my dad died at 3:00 am. Wow….then yesterday I was driving and I was listening to an am talk radio show when the station changed to fm music…this is all so strange and yet I’m finding a lot of comfort. I really do feel the universe is supporting me and miracles are happening. Thank you so much for this gift. xo

    1. I’m also seeing a lot of 4’s. This am I woke up and saw it was 2:44 am, then this afternoon I saw 3:44 and then 4:04 and then 4:44.

      Also I just signed up for your workshop at Kripalu in May. I’m so excited to see you live.

    2. This is gorgeous Dana! Thank you for sharing here and for being part of the amazing MM community. Grateful these tools are serving you. XOX

  121. I keep getting signs to be a light worker ?? I’m so confused as I don’t know what the nest step to take have you a book about this please to help me gabby xxx

  122. Hi im’a na empath & have premonitions & always see the numbers 711 777 & 444 I know this is the universe communication with me thew numbers thanks for you’re post gabby much love Caroline

  123. Hi. I always talk with universr and universe guide me in all terms, but from past few days I am really depressed and I have obsession. Some of my cousins I was not getting good vibes they abused me . Firstly if someone abuses me I can’t reply but I felt as if universe told me to respond them and cut off with them so I did. But then I felt suicidal. I try to talk with universe and universe says whatever happened that I cut off with that abusive people was good as also they try to harm me. So shall I go by how it is going? I am confused as I am in depression and people laugh at my depression and be very I am internally became weak … please help what shall I do . The people who are rude and mean I got angry and say and cut off with them . Is this sign from universe to stay away with harmful people also to stop them to being rude with me

    1. Hi Disha. If you are feeling suicidal, please call this number right away to get support: 1-800-273-8255 (in the US). This is a suicide hotline, with trained, wonderful people to support you. They will be able to provide you with a nonjudgmental, safe, and supportive plan of action. You can also chat online with them here if you do not feel like calling or if you are not located in the US: I am holding you in my prayers and sending lots of love and healing your way.

  124. Hi Gabby, if we surrender the outcome to the universe, how are we able to get what we want? Isn’t the law of attraction about being able to get whatever our heart desires? Then if that’s the case, we should be able to get the outcome we want even if the process of reaching the outcome isn’t how we imagine but the outcome should be what we want is it not?

    1. Hi Jan. It’s good to get clear on what it is you want but then release those desires to the universe. By setting an intention for the highest good for all and letting go of the outcome, you open yourself to endless possibilities, rather than trying to control the outcome and not being open to how and when it shows up. <3

  125. Hi Gabby, I just stumbled here. If the universe can give us everything we want and you say surrender and not be fixated by the outcome, doesn’t that mean we are not manifesting what we want? Doesn’t that mean we can’t have what we set our minds to have and we can only have what the universe wants us to have?

    1. Hi Jane! It’s good to get clear on what it is you want but then surrender those desires to the universe. By setting an intention for the highest good for all and letting go of the outcome, you open yourself to beautiful outcomes. Trying to control or fixate on only one specific outcome holds us back from receiving.

  126. Hi Gabby,
    May I know can we ask for different symbols each time or do we have to stick to the same symbol everytime we asked for a sign? Thank you

    1. Hi Yin. If you are feeling confused, return to meditation. As you sit in stillness, ask for a sign and then trust that inner guidance. It may be a sign that you’ve seen before or it may show up as something entirely new.

  127. I asked the Universe to show me two red balloons as confirmation of a reunion with a certain person and yesterday around 2 AM, I woke up to a commercial that had hundreds of red balloons in it. I choose to think that this was NOT a coincidence but the Universe confirming/affirming me. And I am thankful for that.

  128. Hi Gabby,
    I have asked for a specific sign while I was undecided about a decision but did not receive it. However, I still went ahead with my decision and after that I started to see the signs which I had asked for previously. Is there any reason why this happened? Thanks

  129. Dear Gabby – I am so appreciative of your work, it has helped me through my painful divorce (i was devastated in a way I’d never knew existed) and subsequent dating adventures. I manifested my “ideal” man and began dating a man i adored. I asked for signs and very clearly received them, even during challenging times in our communication i seemed to continue to receive real signs that he was my future. I had asked for a specific number sequence to show up telling me he’s my future and ultimately where I am meant to be. I couldn’t believe how many times the sign appeared – completely without manipulation. Sadly he recently broke it off with me. I have been rereading your books, doing the exercises and I am feeling some relief. I have chosen to see it differently, I now see we weren’t as deeply connected as I hoped and want for my partner and ultimately this split must be a blessing. I am still very sad but believe my sadness is that it didn’t work out, not so much because of him, and am working on surrendering my future to the universe. I am confused why I saw the signs…many times. I am releasing him, I am doing my best to surrender but this has got me tripped up and to be perfectly honest is giving me doubt about signs. Much love to you and I am deeply grateful for your work.

    1. Thanks for showing up here and for this beautiful share Julia. If you are feeling confused and disconnected from trusting the process, please try incorporating a daily meditation practice. This will help you feel grounded, get clarity, and continue to surrender. You are on a lovely healing journey, so please be patient and gentle with yourself. I think a recent blog posts on relationships will also serve and support you: XOX

      1. Thank you so much. I am working on moving past this and growing from the experience. I still don’t understand why I saw signs (which I deeply believed in) telling me one thing when the outcome ultimately wasn’t in sync with the sign. Has this happened to you before? I was shown this number sequence again just yesterday. Seeing such clear strong signs kept me believing in the relationship even when things felt hard bc I so firmly believed the signs, it also is giving me pause in letting go….the voice that says “what if the sign is telling you he really is meant for you”. He’s told me he doesn’t feel deeply for me (ouch) so I am forcing myself to let go but the signs are a challenge for me. I asked for another sign yesterday to let me know all will be ok and that I will move past this and received them right away so I suppose I still have faith in signs, but I am confused about the one in regard to my relationship bc it’s been so painful to move on. Have you seen this happen in other circumstances? A sign given but with a different outcome? Maybe the sign is just telling me I’m in the right path to love? I’m really struggling with this. Thank you for listening. Much love to you

  130. “Not getting a sign is also a sign” can you elaborate on that. I often ask the universe and my higher self to give me signs but I never get them. I pay all the attention, its not like I might have missed them if they appeared.

    1. Not receiving a sign can often be a result of personal fears, impatience, or not trusting the process. Return to meditation and see what comes up for you. Know that it can take time, so please be patient with yourself and the process. <3

  131. Hey Gabby, appreciate your knowledge and experience around receiving guided messages..

    I’ve become almost a master at asking and receiving messages from the universe/guides but I’m embarrased to admit that at times I’ve become a master at not always listening, mainly around love relationships.

    I’ve been dating a girl for the last few months, some red flags, I guess enough to question if this is for me and was pretty much out the door after several attempts of hanging in to let the experience show me. My body spoke to me at times, that GPS inner feeling, think u get me here, feeling very off but wanting this to work !!!!!
    On my run the other day, I stated my usual mantra to the universe, asking if I’ve made the right choice in leaving this relationship, I clearly asked for a feather as a sign and to show it to me before I walked back into my house.
    I had a message on my cell from my girl that she had just finished work and found a feather. Literally, 30 seconds before entering my home a feather blew in my path, no lie.. That’s 2 …..

    I was in amazement , but the next day I started questioning, I guess it’s when I see her again, I see her greatness and not all the red flag stuff, maybe my fair tail block …….. I know this is my calling, to master this voice within, Why am I questioning such a powerful experience, and it’s not the first one.
    Any suggestions.. Thank you for your help. Love and Blessings

    1. The ego will alway resist the guidance from the Universe. Totally normal!!! Just continue to stay committed to your practice and let the light shine brighter than the darkness. xoxo

  132. Hello gabby..i asked universe to give me coins like pennies, dimes or any other currency..and i found a man wearing a saint christopher this a sign ?

    1. Hi AJ! Your inner guidance always has the answers. If you’re feeling unclear about your signs, try sitting in a moment of silence or meditation to get clarity. Be open to all the ways in which your sign/s can show up!

  133. Hello i asked universe to show me coins as signs..pennies or dimes or any cash..and i found a man wearing the saint christopher that a sign ?

    1. Hi AJ! If you’re receiving messages but not sure of their meaning, I recommend sitting in meditation. Creating a meditation practice will help you tap into your inner guidance and get grounded. XOX

  134. Hi gabby..thank you for such an amazing article..i have a question though ! So i asked the universe to give me a sign for a question i asked.. i asked the universe to show me I cleaned my purse one day and i found a currency note..i was impatient and i was clearing out my purse hoping to find the sign..but then i gave up..and I immediately found a note in the middle of some trash papers in my purse..that note was unexpected though ! I didn’t know it was there but I found it unexpectedly..can i take this as a sign from the universe or no ? Please help !

  135. Is this is a good sign? I have been trying to manifest something lately and for awhile. I asked the universe 2 days ago to give me a sign. I asked the universe give me a number 119 as a sign. 3 days later i buy a random lotto ticket and the date said “11 september 2018”. Something clicked in my head and i remembered asking the universe for a sign of a number 119. I looked at the date on the ticket and converted 11 september 2018 to 11-9-2018, so it was 11-9 (119). Without realising the date when purchasing the ticket.

    Is this a universe sign?

    1. If it feels unmistakably clear to you, then it is the sign you asked for. The Universe does not try to play tricks with you or ask you to do mental gymnastics to understand the signs you have asked for, so if you feel like you’re forcing it or like you are unsure, then it’s not a clear sign. That being said, noticing guidance does require us to pay attention even to small details. The more you stay in communication with the Universe and stick to your spiritual practices, the easier it will be to discern when you are receiving spiritual guidance.

  136. Hi Gabby and everyone reading!

    I read this post after a night feeling that I strongly needed to walk a more spiritual path, since I’ve been off track for a while. I read this and decided that my sign is going to be a lion. I then let it go, and forgot about it.
    Two days later my 2 year old daughter looked at me intensly and told me “Mom, I’m a lion, grrrrrr!”. She just began speaking, and never told me such a sentence before. I thought it was the cutest way possible to receive my sign from the universe and just wanted to share it with everyone here.

    With love from Sweden

    1. I love this!!! The Universe loves to give us winks and smiles, and deliver signs and guidance in ways that will really resonate with us.

  137. Hi Gabby,
    I am really confused about asking for and getting signs. I have several vibe-stories that I have written but I don’t know if I am supposed to ask for different signs for each story or if I am always using the same sign every time I write a story or ask the universe to show me my sign. I have always been a complicated person and I’m thinking I’m making things way to complicated. Thank you.

    1. When things feel complicated, go simple. Try sitting quietly in meditation and ask for one sign. Or just close your eyes and sit in stillness. Be open to whatever sign comes up and trust your inner voice. XOX

  138. I have been helped by much of the work you do but I am struggling with this aspect. Namely, I don’t fully understand how one can know the difference between a universal sign and wishful or magical thinking – especially when it comes to decisions that can have serious consequences (eg someone with cancer deciding whether or not to have chemo). It seems dangerous to me to put faith in a sign when dealing with a decision that could literally mean life or death. Is there something I am misinterpreting about this process? Please know this question is not meant to be at all disrespectful – I very much want to understand. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jo! Another way to look at asking for and receiving signs is trusting your gut, that inner knowing. When making decisions big or small, your inner guidance has the answers. This is not magical or wishful thinking but truly connecting with that inner wisdom. If that sounds or feels abstract, a daily meditation practice can help you connect with your intuition, get clarity, and feel grounded. <3

  139. Hi Gabby,

    I suffer with chronic anxiety and have asked for two signs. Firstly am I ok to ask for two signs? I feel unhappy in my marriage and have had a massive crush on someone I work with for 8 years and my feelings for him mean I am struggling in my marriage. I nearly left my now husband 8 years ago but was scared of rejection and comforted by the familiar and security. It is so unbearable as we now have a toddler and a lot of debt so can’t just leave. I can’t stop thinking about the guy I fancy and dream about him all the time. I even moved offices for 3 years and didn’t see him but still thought about him all the time. The thought of him makes me feel so happy and I he gives me butterflies. I have asked for a black sheep 3 days ago to guide me whether to leave my marriage and saw one but didn’t feel connected, however I asked for a half moon this morning to show that my crush fancies me and will approach me and within an hour I was seeing half moon shapes everywhere which I felt deeply connected to and made me feel really happy and hopeful. I just don’t know what it means as I’m not getting the black sheep signs yet so as it stands I should stay in my marriage but something may happen with the guy I like? Or maybe I need to tune in to the black sheep more? Or maybe I’m fearful of seeing them and scared to leave my marriage for the unknown/know I can’t afford to leave. What does it all mean? Is it really as simple as it seems? I wondered whether to ask for another sign to say if I should talk to the guy about my feelings but is that overkill? I am so down and it’s now affective my mental health even more and really need answers. It is all I think about. Please help.

    Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much hope these signs have given me. I need the guidance so much and don’t feel I can make the decisions on my own.

    1. Melissa, sending you lots of love, healing, and peace. I believe that Source/God/The Universe works through therapists and skilled practitioners. It sounds like there is a lot coming up to be healed and it can be extremely helpful to get the support of a trained therapist. When asking for signs from the universe, check in with your inner guidance and see if you’re receiving those signs and acting from a place of fear or a place of love. Loving, grounded energy means you’re connecting with your signs and intuition. If you’re feeling fear and shaky, try incorporating a daily meditation practice to get back into trusting your intuition. <3

      1. Thank you Gabby I have been wondering whether to talk to someone. I have had the craziest day today though, I have been talking to my guides lots today and thanking their love and guidance. I choose love over fear. Whenever I feel fear I thank my guides and choose love. I instantly feel better.
        I have seen so many numbers today. It started with 444, then 000 multiple times, 999, 555, 333 and 222. I also asked for 323 if I should leave my marriage and have seen this twice. It has given me such a warm feeling and massive reassurance throughout the day. The timing has blown me away with what I am thinking and the numbers I see. It all seems to point to new beginnings. Can the 323 I asked for come in a different order? I also saw several alternatives today after asking for it, like it was telling me I’m sort of on the right track but a bit muddled? X

        1. Wonderful Melissa. I know you’ll connect with a great practitioner for support. It sounds like your signs are a beautiful reminder that you’re connected to spirit and open to big healing. <3

  140. Hi Gabby

    Ive been asking the universe for a clear sign in relation to a question i have which I want answered. I’m asking everyday,I get the requested sign, but next day i might not, day after I will get it and i.might ask again later on in day to no avail.
    So what’s the issue? I feel I’m getting mixed signals!

    1. Hey Mia! When asking for a sign, be open to all the amazing possibilities and outcomes from the Universe. It’s awesome if you’re seeing your sign so don’t worry if it doesn’t reveal itself every day! <3

      1. Cheers Gabby 🙂 I think also because I give a deadline i get more anxious if it doesn’t show up and then I find myself actively looking for it!

  141. Hi Gabby!

    I just want to begin by thanking you for The Universe Has Your Back. It has really helped me with my anxiety and way of thinking. Thank you so much.

    More than a month ago I started visualizing and manifesting my SP. I started seeing a lot of synchronicities almost immediately (2, 22, 222, 2222, 44) daily. I asked the Universe to show me a red spider if this person and I will be in a romantic relationship again. I saw a red spider within 30 minutes. I felt completely in alignment during that time.
    A few weeks later while feeling more desperate, I asked for another sign a blue balloon. Never got it.
    A few days ago (I felt in alignment) I asked to see a green bunny. I never got it. However, I continue to see synchronicities.

    My question is… if you’re out of alignment do you not see any signs at all? If you ask for too many different signs will you not see them? Why do I not see signs but see synchronicities daily?

    1. Hi Thelma. If you’re feeling out of alignment, return to meditation to feel grounded and centered. Then when asking for a sign, check in with your inner guidance to see if you’re looking for and feeling things from a place of fear and that desperation energy you mentioned or from a place of love. Trust the signs from that place of love. XOX

  142. I had an intense brief relationship with a woman about two years ago. We stopped communicating but are still a part of the same organization, but different geographical areas. She and I were at the same conference recently and I unusually asked for a “sign”. I I wanted to keep my distance, but I was asked by her boss to help out the head table close to where the same woman was sitting. We were also asked to give a presentation together. Finally, it was decided that she be moved to the location where I am. Ultimately, those plans were changed. So were those signs I got, or just coincidence, or did the universe change course?

    1. It sounds like there is a lot coming forward to be healed around the past relationship. Showing up here and sharing is a beautiful sign that you are ready and open to the process. Our signs show up to help us be exactly where we need to be. Use this present time to practice forgiveness, towards yourself and towards the entire relationship. <3

  143. Hi Gabby,

    My wife and I are looking for a house, much like you and your husband were before you found your mountain house. We asked for our sign (a bear) and yesterday we looked at a house and to my surprise there was a statue of two bears. I was surprised because I saw the sign but I honestly did not love the house or feel it was for us. My wife liked it more than me but it is overpriced and needs some work. If I did not see my sign I would have just kept moving but I keep going back to my sign being there. Could we be manifesting our sign with no real or deep connection to the Universe or what that sign means to us?

    1. Hi Ben! When seeing you signs, such as the bear, check in with your intuition. The gut always knows the answer. Ask yourself if the bear was a sign that this is the house or if the bear sign is letting you know you’re getting closer. See if your thoughts and feelings are coming from a place of fear or love. If it’s from a place of fear, it’s the ego talking and not your inner guidance and knowing.

  144. Yesterday, I asked my guides to show me a yellow butterfly. I kept seeing butterflies throughout the day but not in the color yellow. Instead, I saw them in the colors orange, pink and blue. I got confused because I saw 3 different colors in the same day and even this morning but not in yellow. What does that mean?

    1. Hi Lisa! When collaborating with the Universe, ask for your sign and then be open to all the amazing possible outcomes. Check in with your inner guidance and see if the other butterflies mean something to you! <3

  145. Hi Gabby,
    I have received definite, amazingly orchestrated signs in response to my questions to the universe. My question is what do I do now? Do I just wait with patience to see these events unfold as per my questioning or should I be taking action to make it happen?

  146. I recently asked for a sign when i was feeling frustrated and angry with my partner. I was on a subway and said if i see a rat that means i should leave relationship. Someone then pointed out a rat straightaway and scared myself. Does this sound like a sign from the universe? I’m not sure i was in alignment as i didn’t pray before hand and now I feel confused.

    1. Bobby, if you’re feeling unsure and out of alignment, return to meditation. If you’re unsure if your inner guidance is connecting with a sign from the universe, check in and see if the experience feels like it’s coming from a place of fear or a place of love. Fear energy means it’s the ego speaking, while love energy will always protect and guide you <3

  147. Yo Gabby (sorry if that sounds rude), I was thinking about this girl yesterday who left me like 4 years ago and idk I was feeling great while I thought about the things we used to talk about and all that, btw I still love her, she’s such an amazing person. Well anyway while I was thinking about her I just turned off my laptop and looked up and saw 11:11 pm on the microwave and the weird thing is that I didn’t even ask for a sign or anything. Soooo yeh what could this mean? I just thought I’d ask you because I tend to overthink so yeh lol (yeh I know I don’t talk professionally or whatever but I just find it more comfortable to talk like this you know hehe).
    Thanks a lot 😀

    1. Hey Tirth! It’s awesome what can happen when we open ourselves up to signs from the universe. Number sequences, like 11:11 are a great sign that you’re trusting your inner guidance. Thinking about your past relationship and reflecting on all the positive things, especially the love, can help you tap into new ways of finding love and connection in your life. XOX

      1. Hey Gabby thanks for the reply. I was wondering, could it also mean that if I keep that up that we(her and I) might get back together again? Just curious.

  148. Hi Gabby,
    I need some help interpreting a sign.
    I didn’t ask for a sign but something just kept appearing in my life.
    I was travelling in Europe a couple of years ago and at 3 separate times, I stumbled into places where Saint Benedict had a huge influence.
    I am convinced this must be a sign. And when I thought about it all 3 schools I attended growing up were Saint Benedict schools.
    I cant see the message though.
    I even read the biography of St Benedict but I’m still uncertain what the message is.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Turn to your prayer practice and your meditations, Greg, to get centered again. Ask your spirit guides for clarity. Stay aligned with the Universe and remain open to what comes. xo

  149. I’ve been struggling tremendously for months with my job. Working in Fashion may seem so glamorous to many but it’s NOT, at least it’s not for me. I’ve past the point in my life where material things have held such high importance and realize that life is too beautiful to allow such materialistic things define me. Needless to say, working in a superficial environment with people who have constantly judged me and are filled with false promises has gotten the best of me. It’s always been a mindset of mine to never leave a job before finding a new one but I’m at the point where I just can’t take another day of this anymore.
    After reading The Universe has your Back, I sat in my Zen Garden where I go to meditate and put it all out there to the Universe. I asked for a sign —A red cardinal to come and make me feel like it’s ok to let go ( I live in Florida and Red Cardinals aren’t all that common so I was testing the Universe) ..leave this position that is so unfulfilling and break free from this culture that is so depressing. Let go-cause things will shift after you break free from this weight that is pulling you down.

    Two day later, I’m sitting in my yard and a red cardinal flies on to a tree and starts singing away. Of course, I’m in doubt that the universe sent a sign this quickly and I ignore it.

    As the next two weeks pass, several cardinals come to me at different times. Again, I ignore it.

    This weekend, I am visiting my in laws in S Dakota. I’m sleeping in the guest bedroom which is mostly glass overlooking the beautiful landscape -and at 6:30 am, I am awoken by a big thump. I open my eyes and to my disbelief a red cardinal is flying into the glass window …NOT once but 5 or 6 times. SHe WOuld get up Tom the branch of the two tree and make another’s attempt at the window.

    At that very moment, I sat up and said —I got it Universe -Loud and Clear!!!!
    ITs time for a change.

    Thank you Universe & Thank you Gabby!!!

  150. I asked the Universe to show me 3 lions in the next 3 days if the guy I’ve just met really is my twin flame. Later that night I was surfing on Instagram when someone commented on one of my photos, mentioning (3 times) he’s a Leo, as my bio says I’m an Aries.
    I didn’t think much of it, but then few minutes later I got a message from another user whose nickname was a very common synonym for a lion. That’s when I started to freak out a bit but still tried to stay cool as a cucumber.

    I wasn’t convinced enough so today, as I was walking home from work, I asked for one more lion. Literally 2 seconds after that some boy passed me with his bicycle and he was wearing a shirt that said “I am with you” with a photo of two hands holding each other. And as I kept on walking, the next car I saw was a Peugeot (the one with a lion logo).

    And now I’m totally freaked out. My mind says this is just coincidence but my heart says “hey, you asked for signs, remember?”. Aargh. What should I do? I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to trust the Universe 🙁

    1. Take some deep, grounding breaths and ask yourself if your thoughts are coming from a place of fear or love. The universe will present us awesome signs when we connect from a place of love. You got this girl!

  151. Hi Gabby after reading this blog i was reminded of one my first signs i ever recieved! I was 16 years old and had recently been broken up with my boyfriend. I was laying on my bed with my eyes closed feeling sorry for myself and just resting. When all of a sudden i saw a picture of a blonde man with long curly hair. It came to me quick and was gone just as fast! However i never forgot it! So fast fwd a couple years later my then husband who i had met not to long after this vision had occurred was going through some things in a drawer and found his old first drivers license when he was 16. As he showed it to me i almost fell off my chair! It was him in my vision i had seen!I hadnt ever put it together before because in my vision he had long curly hair but the man i met and fell in love with looked very different! He was in the Air Force with very short hair!I also remembered that vision had him standing in a library which i remembered that day as well was i use to go to the library all the time to study and hed come to see me there at the library all the time! Also i had had another vision (sign) before meeting him before seeing a young boy about 4-5 years old sitting on a couch! I use to believe that could possibly be my son some day! But we had two daughters? So one day his mom sent him some old pictures she had found of him! Yep you guessed it! That sign back then was also him! My spirit guides were alive and well then telling me literally who i would marry! And that has been the love of my life for the last 38 years! So i just tell people trust in your instincts pay attention to your thoughts and have faith your spirit guides are with you sometimes loud and clear and others not so much! But when we are truly paylng attention they are communicating with us!!! Thank you for all yoiur great work your books your blogs and all you do! I learn so much from you!

    1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It offers up powerful spiritual proof for you and a lesson to tune in, ask for guidance and pay attention.

  152. I love your book and finding a sign really helped get me through my doctoral dissertation. I thanked the universe, chose my sign, I opened up, and waited. Then my sign was everywhere and right on target I finshed as my sign guided me. So thank you. My question is, do you change your sign for different thoughts? Am I considered greedy that I am wanting multiple signs? Thank you so much.

    1. Gorgeous Kelly! Be open to all signs from the universe and fully surrender to all possibilities and miracles <3

  153. Hello Gabby!
    After reading the section of the book where you ask us to choose a sign, you said to just choose the first thing that pops into your head, a frog was the first thing that I thought of so I picked this as my sign. But on my way home from work, as I was rounding the corner to my house, I saw a deer right out in the open. It didn’t move, I even slowed down and made eye contact with it. It never ran away. I had to make the first move in leaving the deer. AND then when I got home, while making dinner, there was a frog on my window!! Which do I go with? Is it possible to have both? The deer really spoke to me, but then the frog was there! I am torn on what I should do. I love your book! I was introduced to this book in a FB group where we are all supporting one another in being alcohol free. Thank you!!

  154. After reading this blog at work, I tuned into the feeling of surrender and committed to letting go of control of my situation. I was thinking about what sign or my symbol could be when I had just gotten a patient (I am recovery room nurse). I got distracted with work, but then looked down to see his room number was 3-26, which I always notice (because it is my birthday) and it felt like something! But I don’t know if I notice these numbers because they are my birthday or because they are a sign for me. And….. what does it all mean?!

    1. Well it can be both 😉 The fact that you notice them when you do is what matters. Your guides know this number sequence catches your attention. xo

  155. Hey Gabby!! Thank you so much for everything you do! I recently practiced your advice of asking for a sign – except I assigned a specific sign to a specific question, for example: during meditation I asked a clear question (should I try to have another baby) cleared my mind and the sign I received was a very particular dog breed with specific coloring. I didn’t question it – I understood that if I saw this sign I should try to have another baby. Then I asked a separate question and waited for a sign to pop into my mind, it did and it was a different sign – Daisy’s – white petals with yellow centers. In both instances I saw my sign popping up in the physical world within the next few days – in the most unexpected places. (I did ask for guidance via signs for other questions I had and each time a different “sign” popped in my head – some I haven’t seen and others, like the dog and Daisy’s I have) After reading this a second time it seems you only have one sign that tells you if you are in the right path.. am I doing it completely wrong – or can I ask for different signs to affirm different questions? Thanks!

    1. You can ask for different signs to affirm different questions… the key is to pay attention to how you FEEL, make sure you are clear on what you are asking for, and not to manipulate or play magic tricks with the Universe.

  156. Hi Gabby!

    I asked for my sign to be shown 3 times, but only saw it once. Does that still count as being a sign from the universe? Does it mean anything if it’s only shown once opposed to 3 as asked?

    Thank you.

    1. The key is to pay attention to your energy. Was that sign undeniable and crystal clear? When you received it, did you immediately know you’d received what you asked for? If you are confused or unsure, as it sounds like you might be, then wait until you are energetically aligned before asking again. Check out this blog post & video on what I call manic manifesting to ensure that you aren’t trying to manipulate your sign. xo

  157. Dear Gabby,

    I asked for a sign of an owl appearing three times in a specific day if my business project will work out the way I dream it. An owl appeared 4 times. However on a following day I saw 3 owls in a line in a library just when I was thinking about this project and was a bit scared if I will succeed. How should I understand both of these events?

    Thank you

    1. There’s no right or wrong way to tune into your guidance- just ask for what you need and miracles happen.

  158. Gabby! I love your beautiful soul! I’m reading your book and loving it, you really speak to me. Last night I was at the part about signs from the Universe and i prayed for gerbera daisies and this morning I saw my first one on a blog I check daily! One single orange gerbera daisy in a vase on a desk and I was so excited! I’m still so excited and grateful that the Universe sent me that. It will never get old I am sure. Thank You so much for sharing with all of us. You are very extraordinary.

    1. Thank you for being the light and being part of this movement! Trust in that sign. It really never gets old…

  159. Follow up:
    It appears that the Universe REALLY wants me to know that it’s listening and is guiding me. When I read this post earlier today I was drawn to that dragonfly image from the card deck. A few minutes ago I pulled a few cards from the deck and that was one. Yes, I know there are few “coincidences”, okay?? 😀
    (I’m amused.)

  160. Thanks for this! I remember the owl story well.
    “If your energy is ego-driven, the responses will be muddy. If the energy is aligned with love, you will always get clear direction.”
    So true.
    I needed this reminder to keep my ego and rational mind out of it. I often get muddy esponses. Sometimes I think too hard about what my sign should be and then I judge that decision and add caveats to it such as “A red Jeep! But not the red Jeep that’s always parked down the street, because that’s always there so it doesn’t count.” or “An elephant! But not a cartoon elephant.” It’s not a suggestion from my guides, but a decision. I need to chill out, get centred, tune in and let it come to me. No judgment.

  161. Hi Gabby, I have only just discovered your work and this is very helpful as I have felt strongly guided to offer vision board workshops. I have been working as a healing facilitator for a long time but felt that providing a space to just be creative with others would be very empowering. I realised I might not have the tools necessary to do this and then allowed the thought to just lift from me, and continued doing other work. Not very long afterwards I started to get tips and random emails bobbing up, about running workshops, what materials I would need, etc etc, all very helpful…and so I started just gathering this together. I had tried to push through with a specific date, as I had been offered a venue not far from me, which is very luxurious and could host a large group. At this point, although I was excited at this prospect, I also had quite a lot of fears about it….. and needless to say I only had a few who booked on. I suddenly felt like my idea was no good 🙁 Later I had a real good think about what I was actually tapping into, and I realised my ego had taken over and wanted to create this impression, which is not who I am at all. I have a small studio on my property where I see clients and so then decided to run much smaller and more regular groups. This felt more in alignment with how I want to support others and open them up to their energetic potential.

    1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. What a perfect lesson. This is a story you can share with your students! This is what it means to take spiritually aligned action. Xo

  162. Dear Gabby,
    I have a question regarding the signs from the Universe. Whenever I put a deadline for receiving my sign, I usually don’t get it within the designated timeframe. But as soon as the deadline is passed, I receive the crystal clear sign right into my face that just leaves me in astonishment and wow !!!! Just wondering why is this happening?
    Is setting a timeframe to recieve a sign part of controlling the outcome?

    1. The Universe works on its own timeline. I smiled when I read this… your guides are being playful with you and encouraging you to relax and loosen the grip. You are guided. You are supported.

  163. Hi Gabby. I listened to your book The universe has you back on audio and I tried asking for a sign. I went for the 1st think I thought of and it was a red Ferrari. I have know idea why other than I really like red Ferrari’s but went with it without over analysing. I am working on something new in my life (property investment) and hoping this is what will give me the financial and time freedom I really desire and I put my attention on this and asked for a sign if I was on the right path with what I want in my life. It showed up on a tv programme several days later as a small toy car being sold for auction and I was buzzing. The thing is after that I wanted to reaffirm I was on the right path by asking to see this sign again and show up some more and since then it has not shown up. Now I am confused as to whether I am no longer on the right path after it showed up the first time. Any ideas why it showed up and then stopped after asking again?

  164. Hello Gabby,
    I wanted to share an experience I had regarding this particular video on receiving and trusting signs from the Universe. Yesterday, April 9, 2018, your SuperSoul Session segment came up on my YouTube feed. Love all things SuperSoul and I have recently been introduced to your teachings. During your Session, you mentioned that while in your office one day, you saw wild turkeys in your yard and later discovered their Spiritual meaning. Hand to God, not 15 minutes after I finished watching your video, I had three wild turkeys enter my backyard. They are around my area, but have not made an appearance since last fall.
    So, I took that as a sign from the Universe since I do not believe in coincidences, but what do you think it meant as I am not able to have children? Thank you!

    1. Turkeys symbolize not just fertility but also abundance, generosity, satisfaction in life, community and connection to the natural world. If you want to have children and it is not biologically possible for you, the turkeys may have shown up as a reminder that there are other ways to build family and that reproductive fertility is not our only form of fertility. If this resonates with you, let it be the opening of a conversation with yourself. Perhaps you are ready to consider other options. If that doesn’t resonate with you, look at the other things turkeys symbolize. What is speaking to you? You may want to let this settle and meditate on it for the next few days or even the next 40 days. Trust the guidance that comes through and know you’re supported.

  165. Hello ! LOVE THIS ! I learned all this with the Universe has your back, that book marks a before and after in my life, thank you Gabby !! I have requested 2 times to the Universe to send me a sing, and I have received them, It feels so amazing, it´s like an invisible hug  , however, I have a quick question, not sure if is my inner witch trying to sabotage me but the 2 times that I saw the sing was on picture in social media, still counts right ? I repeat to myself what you say , that the signal will be crystal clear, and the pictures were SOOO CLEAR , sooooo, even though is a picture in social media, still counts right ? Please come to COSTA RICA ! 

  166. Dear Gabby,
    I’m so overwhelmed from the event that took place after reading your article, and implementing your guidance to ask for a sign. I just recently broke up from someone that I felt he is the one, I decdided to be brave and after 2 months of disconnection, I have texted him and suggested to meet. Before we met I’ve asked for a sign – for some reason I saw a wolf in my imagination. I was thinking to my self that it’s so weird as wolfs are loners and it’s not what “I’ve wanted to get as a sign” So after 2 Days we have met and while we were together he suddenly told me – I’m like a lonely wolf.
    A day after I have left him.
    I’m sad and devisteded, but also I forgot what I asked exactly that I’ve asked from the universe before asking for the sign, I only remember that I thought that i Wasn’t satisfied that I saw a wolf when I’ve asked for a sign and that my ex saison that he isn’t like a lonely wolf. I also have to say that it’s so unlikely him to use this wording as he always showed up as a family person.
    What do you think?
    What wasn the sign purpose in my case?

    1. Think about this… wolves usually live in packs. A lone wolf is the exception. That may be the way your ex sees you, but that doesn’t at all mean it has to be YOUR story. Perhaps this sign surprised you because you don’t yet identify with the qualities within you that a wolf symbolizes. Wolves have strong instincts. They are independent and strong. They are incredibly intelligent. Here is some good guidance on wolves as signs.

      1. Thanks Gabby
        I’m into this spiritual journey for 3 years. I have been searching for my soul mate and I really want to have my own family. I have started with Louise Hay, Dr. wayne Dayer and recently more and more listening to you and I’m digging into my soul. And just yesterday ive bought your book.
        I’m having hard time to “let go”. Lots of miraculous things happened to me during this spiritual journey of mine (career, income, new and real friends ext) and the only thing that left is my love life. So when I’ve asked for a sign and got the wolf – I remember that I said to my self “a wolf is a sign for being a lone, and I don’t want it” ! But now that the relationship is over and after I’ve read the link that you’ve sent me, maybe it’s my strong instincts that I deny.
        And still it’s so hard to know when it’s my instincts talking, and when it’s my fearful thoughts.

        1. Try this surrender practice. Getting into the habit of turning over your fears, desires and control to the Universe will help you to loosen your grip. You will begin to notice what it feels like to be in alignment and you will open yourself up to guidance. You can turn this into a 40-day practice and really focus on surrendering for the next 40 days. If you do that I know you will experience breakthroughs. Trust in the Universe’s plan! <3

          1. Gabby
            Thank you for replying back ! It is much appreciated.
            I feel so blessed that I have found you In this world during my spiritual growth, And also It’s the best timing I could ever ask. you are so accurate and clear that I can grasp your teachings easily and they resonate in me naturally.
            You are the perfect combination of Dr. Wayne Dyer & Louise Hay.
            You are truly gifted.

            Hopefully I’ll be able one day to attend one of your seminers in NY

          2. Thank you for your beautiful words. Wayne and Louise have gifted me with so much incredible wisdom and I am privileged to continue sharing their powerful messages in my way. So happy it all resonates with you xo

  167. I keep seeing my sign. I had asked the universe if I should continue to keep a conversation going with a friend/potential love interest. When I feel like I should back off or start to feel insecure, I seem to get bombarded with the sign. This friend is crazy busy and usually only speaks when spoken to. So I keep wanting to let myself off the hook. But then the elephants (sign) are everywhere. Starting to feel like I’m just supposed to learn something I haven’t learned yet maybe.

    1. Get aligned and surrender daily to guidance. Pray and meditate and let the guidance come through. Check out my SuperSoul Sessions talk on the steps to spiritual surrender for more guidance on how to make this a practice. 🙂

  168. Gabby-
    I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to have found you and your amazing words. I just read the chapter of Universe Has your back about picking your sign just last week. So the timing of this post is great! The first thing that came to my mind was the color teal. The next day I was laughing to myself because it was everywhere. Teachers at my kids preschool wearing it, the receptionist at work, clients of mine. Having certainty of being guided is the most calming feeling I have ever felt. I have been a fan of Louise Hay for awhile and finding you has been one of the greatest gifts from the Universe. So thank you for your words and guidance.

  169. Hi Gabby,
    I’m going through a seperation and it’s been very difficult. I have been worried that I won’t find love again. I really don’t want to be alone the rest of my life, I want to find my sole mate – someone who truly loves me just the way I am. I watched your video about asking for signs. I asked the universe/God for a sign that I will find love again and I asked that the sign be a yellow car. I drove to work that morning and as I closed my door and turned around to walk to work I saw the brightest yellow car staring right at me. I was in shock! I immediately felt a sense of relief and thanked God for this sign. This may be a strange question but when I’m feeling like love will never come it seems that at that time I see a yellow car. Is that a sign or does the sign only happen the one time.
    Thanks Gabby! Your book and videos have helped me through this very difficult time. God bless!

  170. Hi can’t wait to read the book I am buying it This week. So here’s my question if I want my sign to be a cat is that too general first off because I have a cat and secondly because cats are popular, so would that be a fair assessment of a sign?

    1. Your sign isn’t necessarily an animal, object or anything else that you love or want it to be. Your sign will come to you when you are in a place of alignment. How do you get aligned? One way is to pray and then sit in meditation. I recommend that you say a prayer of surrender and allow yourself to truly surrender to Universal guidance. Pray for the highest good. Turn over your fears, expectations and desires to the care of the Universe (or God, your inner guide, etc. – whatever resonates with you). Sit in meditation and feel what this surrender feels like. What does it feel like to know you are supported at all times? When you have fully turned over all outcomes to the care of the Universe, you will be in a good position to ask for your sign and let it come into your mind spontaneously and naturally. Trust what comes up.

      Here is some more guidance for you:

  171. Hi Gabby! Thank you for this post. I have read all your books and did your masterclass last June right after I quit my 20 year corporate career to follow my dream. Lately I had been feeling nervous that I made the wrong choice and then I kid you not out of nowhere my instagram started blowing up….I had not posted anything in a month…when I went to see what all the hype was about, it was a t-shirt saying that I had posted 6 weeks ago that said “ordinary life does not interest me”. 82 likes in one hour. I don’t get that many, the original post had like 10. I knew right away that was a sign that I should not give up. The universe shows up when you least expect it and most need it. Blessings to you and for all you have taught me. Sat nam

    1. Kelley I’m so glad this post inspired you to continue forward! Don’t give up love. Follow the signs and know I’m rooting you on… big love g

  172. Hi Gabby!!!
    I “Stumbled” upon your book “The Universe Has your Back” as I was on a 2 day drive. I listened to the whole book in one go on Audible and it blew me away!! As I was driving and hanging on every word I wish I could write notes as I listened, now I will listen again and make notes but now I know this book was 100% meant to come to me at this time. The next day as I started my 2nd day of driving I asked my Angels and Spirit Guides for Safety and Protection on my drive and to send me my sign. I had decided that my sign was a Rainbow. Halfway through my drive I was listening to music and I look to my left and what do I see a FULL complete, end to end PERFECT RAINBOW over the empty field I was driving next to …. I burst into a combination of tears and laughter hahah it was amazing!!!! Since then, which has only been about a month, I have seen Rainbows in some strange places and every time I see one, I get the biggest smile because I know that I am guided and it is the most amazing feeling. Thank you for everything! I just finished reading Spirit Junkie, today I bought Judgement Detox and May Cause Miracles 🙂

  173. Hello! I asked a question and I got a very clear answer which Iam over the moon excited about my question is since I was told yes. Do I continue to pray and meditate and manifest that witch I know is coming or do I literally nothing? I love your books your Amazing!

  174. HI Gabby

    Thanks so much for this post… I have been dealing with some uncertainty in this area lately.
    My question however has more to do with the last part of the post where you touch on not having your peace and happiness rely on something outside of yourself. My question however has more to do with the last part of the post where you touch on not having your peace and happiness rely on something outside of yourself. I struggle, especially since just recently losing my Mother (only real family), with balancing my reliance on my husband. We don’t act codependent, but he is truly wonderful and my best friend. I enjoy life so much more having him in it, that I now have fear that if he were not in my life, I wouldn’t be as happy …Any advice how to love without losing your ability to see life can be just as fulfilling when you lose those people/pets? Thanks x

  175. Hi Gabby!

    I have a podcast called The Thinkergirls Pod channel and was sharing your 5 Steps to Spiritual Surrender for our listeners. I was sharing with my co host how it works when we got to the sign part, I didn’t mention what mine was and went through a few examples where I had tried and tested it and it worked. I had a big question though in my mind that I hadn’t yet received a sign for… as we were finishing up the show (still recording) she mentions my PEACOCK sign. It was all recorded! And it was the most epic moment ever. You would loose your mine if you heard it!

    My question is I am going through such a time of transition and am needing to surrender A LOT. If I have chosen a peacock for my sign what happens if I have more than one question… I think I am starting to confuse the universe (and myself)


    Kindest and so much gratitude for you and your work,
    Stacey x

  176. Hey Gabby,
    Like so many, this post came at the right time. I shall re-read your Universe book, but quick question. How can you identify or recognise when “your energy is ego-driven”? I had believed my question to the Universe had come through openness and love but upon reading your blog, I’ve began to doubt. Thanks a mil. Claire x

  177. Hi Gabby! I recently was asking the universe for a sign to move. I’ve been struggling with seasonal depression up in Portland and have tried everything up here to stay it happy but I still feel unhappy even though I have so much good here. Recently I went on vacation to California and while I was on the beach I asked the universe for a sign on if I should stay. About an hour later driving in Los Angeles I got an overwheling feeling that I have been wasting my time up in Portland and I have been neglecting this want/desire or possibly need for too long. Unfortunatly, this would mean me starting over in school along with my parter who isn’t thrilled about the idea of ever leaving the PNW. What are your thoughts on this?

    Thank you in advance!

  178. Thanks so much for diving deeper into this, Gabby! I’ve been meditating and asking for signs, and then when I do receive them, I’m often unsure exactly what direction they’re pointing me in. I recently was on the receiving end of a breakup that still doesn’t feel cosmically “right.” I was debating reaching out, and after reading this blog, approached from more focused alignment and asked for a sign that I was on the right path by leaving the situation alone. The first thing my quiet mind heard was “Pretty Woman” – seemed pretty obscure, but I trusted that I’d heard my sign correctly. Later that day, while I was struggling to let go, I stopped myself and thought “I’m willing to see this situation differently, and I’m willing to release it.” Not 30 seconds later, I opened Instagram and the first caption was “Pretty Woman,” exactly how I’d pictured it in my mind. I was overwhelmed with comfort – even though the breakup still doesn’t feel “meant to be,” I trust that I’m being guided to the right path. And thank you for sharing the light!

    1. yessss! the universe is showing you that you’re being guided. even when things don’t work out the way we planned there is still great guidance behind it. trust.

  179. In the back of my mind I’ve been wanting to be guided to know what I should be doing for a career/if I’m on the right track. However, I haven’t even made the time to sit down & ask for a sign. I’ve been pushing this off constantly. I don’t know why. I’m one of those people that always has to be busy, busy, busy & even when I’ve meditated in the morning I haven’t even slowed down enough to really focus on what I want. -I know. That sounds counter-productive. Anyway, two days ago I got a message in my inbox about an article, about a woman who does event design & travels some of the time while she is doing it! I was blown away. A definite sign from the Universe! Someone who has a job that incorporates two of my top 3 loves – design & travel. I didn’t even know this was really possible. I didn’t have anyone to look to in the world to emulate before. So I got a sign, I guess, by maybe letting go?

  180. Hi Gabby,
    I have listened to every single one of your books, except Add More Ing, which I’m reading. 4 years post divorce (after 24 years of marriage) 2.5 years into another relationship that is not seeming to be the fit and I keep thinking it’s me since that is my negative self talk, I am trying so hard but the old patterns are hard to break. I ask for signs and don’t see them. I try to meditate but have focus issues. I know this is a practice and I have to keep at it. It’s just so hard when patterns are so cemented in your brain. At 54 I feel too old and really want to find peace and a partner will come. I’m going to start listening again and keep it up. It will come! I keep praying…thank you for all you have given me. Your voice and wise words bring me peace. <3

  181. Hi Gabby, I read your book last week and I have to say its one of the best books Ive ever had the pleasure of reading. In fact Im re-reading it and Ive brought a couple more of yours . Ive been waiting for my sign but I dont appear to see anything – im trying really hard not to get impatient and to learn not how to pre-judge .
    Thank you for everything

  182. Hi Gabby! I asked for a sign and I received it – I wrote a book in 2014 The Wedding Insurance Handbook – I was the Founder of WedSafe Wedding Insurance in 2000 and sold it to AON in 2007.
    I was asking G– and the Universe for a sign to let me know if I should get back into the wedding and event insurance business the public at large after a decade still did not know that you can protect your wedding milestone event. Literally 2 weeks after asking the for a sign one of the worlds biggest wedding & event coordinators in the world called and asked if I could find him wedding insurance coverage for a 2 million dollar wedding – Your teachings and wisdom WORKS!!!! I love you for all you teach me and sharing your wisdom. XO K

  183. Gabby,
    I wanted to cheer you on as a modern day Guru that can lead people towards love & faith! We all need more of that in the world to make it a better place! My question is that I see repetitive numbers on the clock multiple times a day every day. My friends thought it was a coincidence when I wasn’t working a lot, but know I am beyond busy and I can just look up and smile. This started with 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, & 5:55. I’m usually thinking of work which is a selfless position for helping others, but it tends to not leave much for personal time. I pray for strength and see 9:11 now too. I do feel like I’m being guided, but is it to continue in my current field of work???

  184. Hi Gabby!

    I’m reading The Universe has your back, and I always felt connected to the universe when I didn’t over think it. And things would happen and I would notice oh ok wow!! In the past my sign was a song, now I feel like I can’t find my sign. What should I do? Can our signs change through time?

    Thank you so much for making me learn to believe. I need to continue to have faith and listen to my gut.

    Tanya xx

    1. I love that you always felt connected when you weren’t overthinking. It’s our overthinking that creates resistance from the flow of the universe. you can change signs over time. ask for your sign and then stop thinking about it. let the universe do her thing.

  185. Hello ma’am!!
    Myself Vrushali.
    I m just about to graduate and have passion in media. For me sometimes the sign of some specific cloud works. My dad is against getting me in media industry. But I had a gut feeling or believed in nature and saw that specific designed cloud up there.. And I gave media a shot and same day I visited a radio fm to allow me for internship. They did. Eventually my dad was less worried and he believed in me.
    As you said, we shall have faith and surrender to the universe.
    “We should follow our hopes and not fears… ”
    I hope I will get what I want.
    Sending positive vibes.
    Thank you.

    And another sign(maybe it is) I get to see a bharadwaj bird a breed in India. It have brownish red feathers. Whenever I see that bird, situation gets lucky..
    And that view of bird calms my anxiety as well.

  186. Hi Gabby, great article and great lessons in #TUHYB This came at the right time for me as I have just finished making my website and set it live, done some ads in magazines and now am anxious about waiting for the signs as to where to take it next to get it seen. I’m going to ask the Universe for guidance – sometimes we get so locked down in the practical, we forget about the spiritual solutions! Or at least I do
    Thanks again, Gary

  187. O my gosh! Gabby! No no no! In such amazement! So I was telling my best friend on Sunday that my universal sign hasn’t showed up. I choose a sign after I intend goals and I literally get so specific with my sign that it’s not hard to miss and it creates this “ah-ha! There you are. I see you” moment. Last year I chose a car. Specific car. Model. Colour. This year I chose an animal. Well. Truth be TOLD I am so guided. After telling my best friend generally I see my sign EVERYWHERE and this year it’s maybe shown up twice… it kind of made me not excited. Maybe i should change my sign? I go into this emailer to see what on earth am I missing? Am I “looking to hard” not surrending… read the universe has your back 4 times. Obsessed. Anyway. And boom… as I scroll down. There it is. The Dragonfly how special! How universal! From the card deck! Literally I gasped “ah-ha!” I almost started crying I was so shocked! Amazing! This is a special symbol clearly.

  188. Gabby,

    I Have just this year learned about you and some of your teachings. I now own your book, “The Universe Has Your Back,” and have read quite a few chapters! I have always been an intuit, and frequently meditate and look to center my energies, so that I may better receive the universe around me in all of its forms. There have certainly been slight differences In my practice and what I have read from you, although most times, I still find the guidance, connection and love from the universe. I guess you could say I am self taught in my spiritual practice, in that I never really conform to one system of beliefs or another. Rather, I find myself building my own personal faith through using my intuition and taking ideas from many spiritual disciplines. That being said, I have a question, one that I feel I know the answer to, however it seems to be different than what you speak of on this particular article.

    In regards to asking and receiving signs, I find that mine are rarely the same. However, I can certainly feel when I have been given a sign, most times. As an example, the other night I was in a bit of a tough spot emotionally, physically and spiritually, and happened upon an article that mentioned being able to ask for a sign within a particular time frame as long as one kept an open mind. so, I decided to give it a shot.

    I meditated for awhile, and asked the universe to give me a sign that I would clearly recognize within a 24 hour period, though I never focused on what the sign was, trusting that the universe would make it very apparent. I asked for this sign in an effort to seek reassurance that the universe was guiding me on a specific situation in my life, and that the outcome that I had asked for from the universe some time prior to asking for this sign, was aligned to what the universe itself had in mind for me. After getting home from work, I paused in my car for a moment, and allowed myself to recenter and calm myself from the busy day, before going inside. I opened my eyes and there it was! It was so blatantly obvious that the universe had heard me, that it sent a surge of energy up my spine and I almost came to tears, both of joy, and of deep, deep connection to the universe in that moment!

    For reference, I live right behind a church with a big open field in between. One night I had seen a doe and her two fawn peacefully standing in that field. It made me happy to see them there since I love nature in all of its forms, and it made me think of family.

    Unfortunately they had disappeared for some time, but on the night I asked for the sign, there was the doe!! totally unexpected, yet linked directly to what I had asked for guidance on! So, my initial question is do you think that I correctly interpreted that sign? And my follow up question is, how do I obtain a consistent, reoccurring sign from the universe? As it seems, most people have specific signs, yet I feel that I do not.

    Any help and guidance on this would be appreciated the world over! If not, I still thank you from the depths of my soul, for being a powerful source of spiritual knowledge that I can lean on when I can’t seem to wrap my head around what I am experiencing in my relationship with the universe.


    A fellow believer that the Universe has our back!

    1. your immediate reaction to the sign is your intuition. that is the correct response. it’s when you start overthinking it that your ego gets in the way. and you can have more than one sign.

  189. Hi Gabby, recently finished reading your book and loved it. After making a decision to put my dog to sleep recently (at the time I knew it was the right decision) the very next day I starting regretting it and have been carrying around guilt ever since. I constantly question my decision so asked the universe for a sign to let me know I had indeed made the correct choice. I chose a rabbit and immediately saw them everywhere! Live ones running around my dad’s backyard, photos of them on social media, on book covers etc but kept telling myself it was all a co-incidence and reverted back to telling myself I made the wrong decision. I also had feathers fall at my feet, a sign I know the angels are watching over but yet again let my ego tell me otherwise. Why aren’t I letting myself accept my signs? Why am I allowing my ego to run the show? It’s like I want to be told I did the wrong thing.

    1. it sounds like it may be time to read The Universe has Your back again. You’re resisting the grace and so let’s transform your fear back to faith;)

  190. Thank you Gabby. I was just re-reading the book this weekend as we live in California since 6 years and are having a lot of blocks from staying ( immigration ,visas, job opportunity for my husband etc..)
    My husband received a job offer in Belgium, where we are originally from, and this weekend he told me that he think these are all signs from the universe to bring us back there ( he has read the book as well ;o) ). I get what he means but I started feeling so sad and tired, I feel so depressed considering going back. My whole body is reacting so strongly. Can the right direction make me feel this way? I’m doing my best to step back and let the universe guide us and I am practicing the steps from the book but I’m wondering if those physical and emotional symptoms can be my fears of going back or me being not aligned with that direction. How can I know? Merci Gabby

    1. there is a spiritual condition behind physical conditions. you may want to tune in and ask yourself where you may be fearful and lacking faith. make sure to care for your body with modern medicine but always pay attention to how your emotions create a stress response in your body.

  191. I always believed in the universe, and I must say you are completely right. Sometimes things happen and I think omg this is crazy, I’m on the right path and I feel it. Other times I try to manipulate the situation and I feel terrible. I need to continue to believe that the universe will guide me. My friends always tell me . It’s been crazy you just feel things and they happen. I guesss when I surrender and don’t overthink it happens organizcally. I’m not sure what my sign is right now but can it be that my sign can change based on the situation? In the past, with a situation it was a song. And now I feel like it’s not really appropriate for where I am in my life? Can it change? I see a lot of 111 but I dont Think it’s my sign, I think that tells me Bepositive and think of the situation because the angels are guiding me. I’m not sure what my sign is right now. Thank you!!!

    1. the first thought that comes to your mind can be your sign. What’s the first thing that comes to you right now?

  192. Hi Gabby!

    Your book is incredible, and it has changed my life for the better. Thank you for the support you give to others, and sharing your stories with the world!

    Something I have learned from you is to let go of praying for a specific outcome, and instead praying for the highest good for all. It has really helped me to begin to let go of things that I obsess over, and truly hand things over to the universe.
    Recently, I’ve asked for signs about specific things – pursuing a specific person, for example. Once I was finally able to let it go into the universe, I saw my sign a couple of days later…and when I did see it, it was like the pieces clicked together, and I remembered that I had asked for a sign. I also saw it multiple times, in different places.

    Is that how it’s supposed to be? I just want to make sure that I’m not manic manifesting, or twisting things to simply see what I want to see.

    1. you know you’re not manic manifesting when you feel like you’re in the flow and allowing. just pay attention to the signs and trust the intuitive hits you get along the way. the universe is also reminding you tha you’re on track.

  193. Gabbie!! I’m so thrilled you posted this, I’ve had this exact question for a while. My sign came to me without even asking, I not only started seeing 11:11 too often on some bad moments in my life but also, I realized I kept seeing the “Superman” logo everywhere in every medium you can imagine even in places I travelled to that I never expected. I see it almost everyday it’s insane, it’s been like this for more than a year.. Still don’t know, but my gut-feeling wants me to believe that the man I’ve been wishing for so long is on his way (God knows I’ve has a terrible love history) Seems too good to be true, seems to obvious, but I cannot think of any other reason. Drives me crazy and scares the heck out of me as too how often I see “Superman”!! <3

    1. trust in the signs you receive and don’t block them. the language “it’s too good to be true” is sending out the wrong message. do your best to suspend your disbelief and reconnect to faith. Re-read The Universe Has Your Back.

  194. Hi Gabby,

    I have seen the number 8 appear several times in my life in dates, events, etc. And have come to believe that it is a sign, but could not understand.

    What does the number 8 stand for? Thanks very much.

  195. Hi Gabby,
    What are your thoughts on synchronicity? Lately I am having a steady flow of random things that show up as I am thinking about a person or a subject. An example is today as I was thinking about someone I know, at that exact time, I passed a street and the name of the street was her last name. Yesterday, I randomly picked up an item at the store that is NEVER on my radar and later that evening there was a commercial on for the same obscure thing. I have been asking for guidance at a deeper level and as these thing continue to happen, I tell myself that these are God winks from the Universe that I am on track and to just keep moving forward. Since reading your post just now and watching the video, I plan to be specific and ask for a true sign! It has been some time ago that I listened to the audio version of this book and I loved it. It feels like time to give it another listen! Thanks for all you do to keep us tuned up and tuned in!

    1. synchronicity is the norm, we just block it. the more you experience synchronicity in your life the more you’re in alignment with the universe. nice work!

  196. Hi Gabby! Hello from Denmark!
    Thank you so much for sharing…
    I believe in signs and I have experienced many inexplicable things in that context…
    The Universe really do has your back <3

  197. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you so much for The Universe Has Your Back! I really thought it sounded a little crazy asking for a sign and for the longest time I couldn’t think of anything that I could use as a sign. There is an idea that has come to me several times over the last year and a half or so and this idea manifested itself as an email to me and I literally just said out loud, “Ok if this is the path I need to follow, I’m going to need a sign please. Let’s go with a star.”
    After I said this I thought it was too easy of a sign and I blew it off. I left for work that morning and the sky was cloudy so no stars. I thought I would have seen this star at some point during the day and I admit I had my eye out for it.
    I went to a gong sound healing that night. My friend has cosmic things all over her house, angels, moons, suns, crystals, but seriously no stars??? Anyway after this session I was on my way home and I was so relaxed from the experience I just had and at a red light I looked to my right and there it was….MY STAR! It was a gas station sign with a star in the middle lit up as bright as anything. I shouted “There’s my star!” Then a revelation came about, isn’t the sun a star? I was surrounded by suns/stars at my friends house that evening but I just didn’t see it.
    I am so certain of my path now, just not certain on how to get there. I will figure that out. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me into that practice!
    Lots of Love,

  198. Thank you Gabby x

    I have several signs that show up. Feathers always make me feel connected. Ever since my miscarriage 3 years ago the presence of a monarch butterfly stops me in my tracks and I know I am connected at this point. I see alot of consecutive numbers with 22 or 222 being the ones that make me break out in a huge smile because I feel aligned. I realised at the beginning of the year that so many significant dates in my life were 22. The date my partner proposed, the date I started my business and my due date also.

    Much love to you and the beautiful work you continue to shine light on x

  199. Just perfect, Gabby, as it so often is when I tune in and receive your wisdom! My sign is the dragonfly and there she is, right in your post. Warm, happy tears of peaceful recognition. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and leading the way for so many of us to share ours!

  200. Gabby- I recently lost my mother. While she was sick I asked for signs that I was on the right decision making path. Sure enough, I received them. While in the hospital chapel, I asked for a sign in twos and threes. When I turned to my mothers favorite bible verse, there were two dollar bills with a note “found a $1 while reading this and added one to it.” My dollar made it three. Further signs came, like finding a $2 bill on her kitchen counter, blue birds in my yard and more. Now that she is gone, I asked for another different sign from the universe (and her) that things will be ok. I haven’t received it yet. I’m not sure how to get myself back into alignment or if I’m asking for too much too soon.

    1. Rest assured that your mother is with you. Let yourself settle back into alignment. Pray, meditate and do whatever allows you to feel connected to spirit and to your mother. When we are grieving we often need to give ourselves extra time and lots of care to find alignment. When you feel grounded and surrendered, ask again. Know that the Universe has your back. All my love to you during this time.

      1. With her being sick and as her only child/caregiver, now that she is gone it’s been a bit of a challenge to find my way back to my practice. But I won’t give up. Thank you Gabby, for your response and encouraging words.

  201. Hi Gabby,

    Thank-you for all you do :).

    A few months back I asked the universe for a sign that I was in the right path. The sign that popped into my head was tall poppies :). For 3 weeks I saw nothing – and it was around Remembrance Day Nov 11 ( I am Canadian) and though I saw poppies – in my mind they were not tall poppies and also I felt not really ‘fair’. Then – one day – as I was walking up a street I walk all the time – something compelled me to look over my left shoulder … and look backwards – and there on the front porch of a house was a painting of 50 tall red poppies. Amazing as I had walked passed it many times in the previous month and somehow never noticed it.

    I felt so happy and that this was a sign from the universe telling me I was on the right path.

    I now feel I need some more ‘specificity ‘ around my path. And am thinking on how to put this out there.

    I also believe I am now channeling the beginnings of more abundance in my life.

    ANy words of guidance welcome.

    AM planning to attend may 20 in toronto and hope to meet you. Heather

  202. Hi Gabby
    Thank you soooo much for your work! I love my miracle membership! <3
    So I feel this connection to a man, we started dating but then 3 weeks after he ended it saying he might be too afraid, have a closed heart or are not attracted to me. He is still very much in my life and I am still feeling something but I am having trouble trusting in what I feel as he says he dont – or maybe are to afraid to open up. I asked for a sign – a butterfly – which comes but I don't trust believe in it….I guess I would only trust it if a saw a more clear sign from him….what am I doing wrong?

    1. my advice to you is to focus on the having more fun! Today take some time to do something that brings you joy. No matter how busy you are you can find joy. If you’re an extrovert like me, go out of your way to connect with people in person. If it’s fun for you to put your mind to work then do a crossword puzzle. It doesn’t matter what you do, all that matters is that you seek joy. What happens when you focus on something fun is that you forget about what’s not working. You give yourself a reprieve from the incessant fear-based belief systems that keep you in a negative spiral.

  203. Thank you for this Gabby! It’s amazing because I feel like I’ve been seeing guiding signs everywhere, and for me it makes me feel like the Universe is listening and that my manifestations are going in the right direction and are happening. I have had to learn to truly surrender, and when I do, that really does make me feel so much more aligned! Once you get a sign, though, do you need to take inspired action, or should you wait? Thank you! I love this!

    1. trust your gut intuition. whatever you think the moment you see your sign is your intuition guiding you. trust yourself.

  204. Thank you, Gabby. I just ordered your book…I cannot wait to read it. I see different number signs (11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33), most everyday. I also find dimes. I know 11:11 has meaning but what about all the other number signs and the dimes?

  205. Hi Gabby,

    After i read your book ” the Universe has your back, i prayed to the Universe and asked to show me the sign i had chose. Not long after to my amazement it show off out of the blue when i was walking in the park right off the middle of a soccer field…a Orange Monarch Butterfly came out and flew right by me. Note that i was not seeing one at the time only black and white one. Anyways, i was ecstatic and shouted Thank You Universe. And i just read Jugdment Detox.

    Thank you for the inspirations and the good work Gabby.

  206. Oh my gosh! I was just reading your blog thinking about my sign symbol from the universe (a dragonfly) and as I scrolled down, there it was! It is amazing how many times the universe communicates now that I am learning to look for the signs. Thank you, Gabby! Your books, “The Universe Has Your Back” and “May Cause Miracles” are a great source of guidance and reassurance that I am finally on the journey I was meant to undertake in this life.

  207. Thank you! This was truly amazing! I asked the Universe to show me a sign about a week ago by way of a dragonfly. When I saw this post come to my Inbox today, I knew I had to read it. Lo and behold as I continued through the content, there it was! A dragonfly.
    Truly amazing!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  208. Gabby! I was thinking about you this morning and how my life has changed so drastically for all the forgiveness tools you have put out into the universe. I am thankful, grateful, and blessed for all that you do and all that you share. I wanted to send my own blog article your way that talks alot about sexual assault and forgiveness with my own spiritual twist on it. I wasnt planning on sending this message via your blog article, but am feeling ~called~ to do so:

    Thank you for everything. Keep it up, you wonderful human you <3

    P.S. I so love all your messaging on universal signs, animal symbolism has become my fav thang these days <3

  209. I so needed this today. I am struggling to get pregnant with my third after ease with my first two. I’ve been obsessing and controlling everything and it’s been so difficult. How do I let go when I want another baby so bad but don’t know if it will happen?

  210. Two good stories about signs.the first time I asked for a sign what I chose didn’t resonate with me. A few hours later a woodpecker has attacking my neighbors house & it hit me. The woodpecker is my sign. These birds don’t come around often & do not seem to show up in pop culture very much either. Sloths are popular now I should have chose that -haha. Today I received my second invitation to join the miracle membership. I’ve felt drawn to join but worried about money. Cash is always tight. I asked for a sign if I should join. This is what happened- hours later I was taking a walk while Listening to the universe has your back on headphones. Suddenly I could hear a woodpecker. I took my headphones off & it stopped. I put them back on & the woodpecker started again. I couldn’t see the woodpecker anywhere just heard it. 3 minutes later there was the pileated woodpecker flying out of the trees next to me. Guess I’m joining the miracle membership today!
    My other story- I’ve used the woodpecker as a sign once when asking for clairity in my romantic relationship mostly before what I perceive as a hard conversation (hard for me to express my needs) it has come. Recently I was lying next to me lover in the early morning feeling so blessed & happy. After 17 years in a unfulfilling marriage I have a hard time accepting that I can be myself And be be happy with a man. All of a sudden a woodpecker is pecking at his cabin. It worked it’s way around the house until it was pecking behind my head! Loved by it. Two more woodpeckers showed up that day. I feel so lucky & grateful. The universe does have your back.

    1. I love that your sign is a woodpecker! They are good at hiding but make themselves known with that unmistakable sound. Welcome to the Miracle Membership 🙂 So happy you’re joining. xoxo

  211. Hi Gabby,
    I asked for a sign that my son would be okay. I also said that I release the control and ask for the highest power to guide him.
    I ended up seeing heart shaped rocks on 3 different days. I didn’t ask for this sign, but what wow’d me was that I have asked for this sign in the past & this is what I saw. I have also been seeing 11:11 or 12:11 a lot.
    I have read your book twice already, I love it. Thank you so much!!!!

    1. That “wow” is an indication that you are receiving guidance. Love and light to you and your son. xoxo

  212. I will never forget the first sign I saw after choosing a rose as mine. A few days had gone by and I still had not seen a rose. Not a single one. I told my friend about how I was patiently waiting for a sign, but still had yet to experience it. The following day I started drinking a new type of tea and on the end of the tea bag string a quote was printed. “He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” -Persian Proverb

    It could not have been more clear. Thank you Gabby for opening my eyes to seeing the universe.

  213. I have asked for signs regarding a same topic and from my father who passed away almost 5 years ago, and guess what? He answers to me every time I ask… however, sometimes I feel I have no one to talk about it and tend to lose some of that momentum… I think I don’t know exactly how to take action after receiving those signs… any ideas how I can make the most out of them? Thanks!

  214. I will try to keep this short, as I have thought about writing many times. I am living with a family member who is a very negative person. He has nothing good to say about anyone or anything. I am stuck in this situation, as I am living on a very small income. I moved here believing this would be good for me as I had lost my job and my home of 32 years.
    That said I have read your book “The Universe Has Your Back” several times, I use it everyday for inspiration. I thank you for this insight. When asked about a finding a sign it came very easily to me. I had been in a store and was buying a lighter, the one I chose had a dragonfly on it. I had never been drawn to this sign, but for some reason that day I was. Later I was reading the chapter about signs, and there again your mention of your friends sign of a dragonfly. Coincidence? I think not. I find myself in depressions and I go to your book. I ask for my signs and find it almost everyday. Today I read this and as I was scrolling I saw the dragonfly. I see this and I have hope for my future. I have hope that yes The Universe does have my back and one day I will see my dreams fulfilled. until then I thank you for the support, your visions, guidance and your books. It has helped me immensely living with this negativity.

    1. You are supported in every way. I am so sorry to hear that you are in a difficult situation, and I hope you can find a way toward more peace and positivity. If you have the ability to see a low-cost therapist or social worker, such an expert may be able to help you a lot in finding a better living situation and coping with your current one. I believe spirit works through people and don’t hesitate to seek help when I need it, and I encourage you to do so if you are able. My book Judgment Detox may serve you greatly when it comes to interacting with this family member and accepting him while creating healthy boundaries and protecting your well-being. I am holding you in my prayers and I know the Universe has your back. xo

  215. This practice has been very helpful to me and really helps me stay in a place of peace, calm, and trust. I’ve been following you for a long time- I very much appreciate the lessons and guidance! I always get shivers and send out my gratitude to the universe, and ultimately to you for translating this guidance so beautifully, when my sign shows up at just the exact moment that I ask for that guidance (knowing or unknowingly)! Thank you again for all the truth and kindness in your words. All the best…

  216. I really needed to see this today, so thank you, Gabby! I see a lot of 1111 and 444 and the sign I usually ask for is a rainbow. I’ve been struggling with a specific situation and being patient about the outcome. I need to get realigned with my true power and give it over to the universe!


  217. I’m almost without words. Tears welled in my eyes as I read this passage. Letting go of control (having true faith) when sh*t has already hit the fan is the toughest part.

    1. It can be so tough. I truly understand. But there is a flip side… leaning on your faith when times are very difficult gives you strength and the certainty that you are supported. Love and light to you, my friend.

  218. Hi Gabby, thank you so much for this post and your work in the world. I’ve been on this spiritual path for a while and felt guided toward going back to school which I am currently doing and yet when I ask for a clear sign of alignment I do not receive it and since I’ve been back in school my connection to myself and the universe has felt less present, this has got me wondering if I am not on the right path. Trying to trust the process but wondering if you have any specific advice for me? Thank you!

    1. stay consistent with the exercises in the book. they are all designed to help you transform fear to faith and stay connected to the universe:) maybe listen to the audiobook so I can constantly be in your ear:)

  219. Oh dear Gabby…
    The Universe Has Your Back introduced me to seeking signs from the universe, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool. I have had great experiences with asking for signs in the past. However, I recently found that when I ask for signs, I get conflicting messages. For instance, I assigned two different signs for two different outcomes in a this-or-that situation. Instead of getting one clear sign, I would get both! It’s confusing, and I’m not really sure what to make of it. Any suggestions?

    1. if you’re getting both the universe is making it crystal clear that you’re on the right track. but in the future be very specific about which sign you’re asking for;)

  220. Wow! How timely for this post (I love how the Universe works). I’ve been struggling to get pregnant for nearly a year and a couple of months ago, I was at a low, incredibly sad place when once again, I wasn’t pregnant. I immediately went to your book The Universe Has Your Back and re-listened to it. When you talked about signs, I felt I needed a sign to tell me that everything is going to be OK. After listening to your story about choosing an owl as your sign, I thought, “What is mine going to be?”. I LOVE owls and see them all the time so knew that wouldn’t be the right sign for me. As another commenter mentioned above, I too heard “eagle” When I thought of eagle, I thought “Really? Is that too close to an owl? I don’t ever see eagles. I’m not sure how I’m going to see that sign.” Well nothing else came to me so I went with it and I’ve seen it three times now, the third being yesterday at Easter church service. One of the singers in the band had this super cool t-shirt on and I kept wondering what was on her shirt. Close to the end of the service, I was finally able to make out what was on her shirt and saw that she had an eagle with its wings spread across her chest. I immediately teared up and knew it was a sign. When I have seen these eagle sightings I am immediately taken over with emotion and comfort. I take these as signs that yes, everything is going to be OK and that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. It’s a sign to trust in that. I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, but I do believe everything is happening just as it should. This post helped me have faith that my sign is truly a sign. Thank you Gabby! You rock sister! Much love to you!

    1. You are EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be and you are supported greatly. Thank you for sharing this miracle moment.

  221. Hi, Gabby!
    This post came at a very coincidental time for me. This past weekend it was my birthday. I have trouble with setting expectations and letting go of these expectations. Often times when I feel like I have let go, I find myself disappointed with some outcomes. For my birthday I made myself have no plans, this way I would not create expectations for how the day would go. I began the morning by talking to the Universe while I drove to my house and surrendered. I told the Universe I was willing to see love today and to let today be whatever it was suppose to be. It ended up being the best birthday I have had in awhile. The best part was my boyfriend surprising me and taking me to a sensory deprivation tank, where I floated for 2 hours and conquered one of my looming fears of darkness. It was scary at first, but as time went on I learned to let go.
    Yesterday after feeling frustrated, I surrendered to the Universe and asked it for guidance. I did not know if I am on the right path of my life or doing the right thing. During my family’s Easter dinner, they gave me gifts for my birthday. One of my uncles gave me a card. After pulling it out of the envelope on the front was a big, blue butterfly- my sign. I felt a wave of emotions overcome me and thanked the Universe for providing me with this. It was an undeniable moment, something that I did not have to search for or force, like The Universe has Your Back says. But I am feeling confused and second guess if this was actually a sign. I feel like I have several signs from the Universe too. Like when I am thinking of my dad, our song will play on the radio when I get in the car. Or I will be thinking of a person or a song, then it appears shortly after or later that day. I don’t know if these are signs or not. Can you help clarify?

    1. Also, after having this experience yesterday, I checked my email to see the headline of this blog post. I want to believe that these are signs, but I don’t know for sure.

    2. happy birthday. all you need to do is trust the signs you’re receiving. you are on the right track for sure!

  222. Hi Gaby! I haven’t recently asked for a specific sign (symbol) but I do get some clear messages. Recently I’ve been exploring more and more that the Universe does have my back. This is difficult for me as I need to learn to let go of wanting to control everything, that the Universe does know better.
    Last week I left a post it for myself to remind me of something. I had drawn a simple heart knowing with that I would remember. Later that day, I realized going home that the post it was stuck to my sweater. I have no real idea how but this was a certain sign of the love and support I am getting. Thank you for helping through your book see these wonderful manifestations.

  223. Thank you for this message Gabby. I have not picked a sign from the universe for myself but have seen (and collected) white feathers and number combinations. I stopped for a bit because I found myself sitting there waiting for the clock to change time like it was a sign from the universe… 11:11 happens twice a day I’ve discovered! 🙂 I’m going to read the Universe Has Your Back to understand it better.

    I’ll be attending your workshop in Toronto in May and I’m SO excited about it. I can’t believe that this is happening.

    Actually… this might be a sign from the universe – I had been telling friends that my dream list included seeing you and Dr. Joe Dispenza live. Imagine how far my jaw dropped when I got an e-mail saying that you would both be in Toronto on the same weekend. This is a dream come true. Looking forward to it very much.


  224. Dear Gabby, I’m trading all your books and following you all the time but you know when it rains it rains heavy and I’m getting so tired and trying not to give up 🙁 I’m keep asking Universe to show me a sign and guide me the right direction but some how I don’t see anything and don’t know what to do . Please guide me

  225. This was so timely for me today since I’ve been struggling with feeling guidance. Just wanted to thank you for the message and the work you do. You’ve been very impactful in my life!

    1. This requires slowing down and paying attention to how you feel. Are you grounded, calm and in a state of faithful surrender? Are you excited, happy and feeling connected? The way you feel when you’re in alignment may be a bit different from someone else’s but it will feel GOOD. When you are not aligned you may feel nervous, desperate, un-grounded. You may feel physical symptoms like a tightness in your chest or you may be mentally obsessing over the situation you’re asking about. Think about situations in which you feel particularly aligned, like after a meditation or while doing yoga or journaling. Write down how it feels for you in those situations. That is how you know when you’re in alignment. xo

      1. So I took your advice and waited until I was in alignment with my issue before I asked for a sign…which was a cardinal. It took about a week, and then while at my parents on Saturday, I saw a cardinal fly to the birdfeeder right outside the window. Does it matter how long the sign takes to appear?

  226. I’ve been reading The Universe has your Back (and loving it). A few weeks ago I was reading the chapter about asking for a sign. During this time I had some things going on in my relationship that we’re hurtful and confusing so I asked for a sign from the universe for clarity, and to tell me that I am on the right path and staying in my relationship and trying to move forward was right. My sign was a hummingbird. (I live in a city, in Canada and it’s stilllll cold right now, so i figure if I’m seeing a hummingbird, it’s definitely the universe! lol). Fast forward a few weeks, I never saw my hummingbird, my relationship ended last week and not in a good way, BUT on Friday within 30 mins of waking up I got my hummingbird. It was so in my face I was kind of in shock. I truly believe that it was the universe telling me that NOW I’m on the right path and I will be fine, and better without him. Thank you Gabby, your book continues to give me positive light ❤️

    1. When you say “it was so in my face I was kind of in shock” – that is how you know you’ve received a crystal-clear sign. You are supported.

  227. Devine timing and so much freakin’ awesome!!! Thank you so much for today’s blog. I’ve been on a journey, increasing my connection to Love and the Universe over the past nine months. I picked two signs (which I wasn’t sure was “right” or “okay”…and so it is ). I was born 7/12/77 and weighed 7lbs 7oz… so naturally, multiple 7’s is one. Last year, while reading “The Universe has your back, I also chose a dragonfly. I’ve seen both many times and get very excited and feel joy, awe, and alignment more times than not. I’ve recently been at a crossroads with what is next, debating if I’m going to do a yoga teacher certification. I received an email and found a immersion program in India that seemed like a perfect fit. I asked for a sign. After telling a friend who I didn’t know was interested, I looked for an email conversation with the yoga rep and there it was…their phone number ended in 777. This morning I woke up with a little fear, “was I trying to manipulate what I thought I wanted?” Then I read your bog and BAM!!! Dragonfly big and bold in the middle of my screen. And the buzz in my body screaming “YES!” I’m going to make the deposit today to secure my spot. Thank you Gabby and thank you Universe ❤️✨

  228. Hi Gabby!
    I’ve been getting very strong signs from the universe about a certain situation but didn’t want to get my hopes up about it. Last night I was reading this chapter from the Universe has your Back, wondering how I can tell for sure that I have received a sign. When I got to work this morning, I saw your email “How to know you’ve received a sign from the Universe”… pretty amazing 🙂

    Even if I don’t get the outcome I want, I know that I’ll get the outcome that I need. Time to surrender and have faith!

    Thank you so much for the guidance, your books have helped me so much.

    1. Surrender and have faith! Yes… you are supported. You will get what you need. Love and light to you. xo

  229. Good morning. I have been seeing different signs since losing my husband almost 4 years ago. Some Consistent signs were many, many rainbows that first year after his passing . Many double rainbows. The day of his passing the most beautiful double rainbow appeared above our home where he had passed. Hummingbirds, feathers were some of the other signs. An actually humming bird let me pick it up. It’s colors were so vibrant that I cannot even describe the colors. They were not earthly colors. Only colors that I can imagine heaven with visualize and be like.. The most amazing sign I see Constantly and over and over and over again every day
    is see 11:11. All the other signs I was seeing have seen disappeared. Last year I let go of the grieving process of my husband. I know he is in a better place. The only sign that I see continually seeing is 11:11. I see that all the time. Or variations of it like 111. A very very dear close friend and I share this same sign 11:11 with her. We both are seeing it at the same time. She is the one that introduced me to you. I have your books and cards. Your story is so amazing. Thank you.

    1. This is so beautiful – thank you for sharing this. Your husband is with you and is not shy about letting you know. xo

  230. My sign is a red balloon but I mainly see them on tv or in a book , does this count ? However when I did ask the universe ” is what I want on its way ?” I saw two ‘ yes ‘ signs on car number plates. I suppose I’m trying to put my own time frame on things Btw have you seen Francesca Amber on YouTube ? She’s also into manifestations and reminds me a little of you

    1. Wherever you see your sign, it counts! I found my sign on a car’s bumper sticker one day! As for the “yes” signs you saw after asking the Universe, return to that question of how you FEEL. If you feel like you’re in an energy of manipulation or neediness, say another prayer when you’re more aligned. xo

  231. Thank you so much for this! Is it possible that we can have different signs for different things? Does it always have to be the same sign?

    1. you can absolutely have different signs. just be clear with the universe about what you’re asking for!

  232. Thank you for this reminder, Gabby.
    It’s time to re-read The Universe Has Your Back..
    I’m at this almost stagnant point in my life right now.. with more questions than answers on my path.. where I can feel a big change coming, something is brewing and I’m really looking forward to it, to starting fresh, to the new beginning.. just not sure which way to go.. at the fork of a road and not knowing if I should turn left or right or keep going straight.. Sometimes I feel like I should ask for 3 different signs associated with 3 different things and go with the first one showing up for me 🙂 I know that’s ‘pushing’ the Universe and really patience is the key but this indecision is taking a toll on my present moment. Meditation and walks in nature are just spinning my ideas and creating more options, more paths to choose, more questions.. Hoping Spring season brings clarity and a few answers for me 🙂
    Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing your knowledge and light with us, always.
    Lots of love,

    1. totally read the book again. it will give you the patience and peace you’re looking for. and it will remind you to trust… xoxo

    2. I am feeling just like that! I started reading The Universe Has Your Back for the 2nd time…my symbol is the butterfly and I see one whenever I need comfort and it makes me smile. The biggest sign are the Angel Numbers everywhere, everyday, multiple times-I’m caught between surrendering and seeking the correct path. My big crossroad at the moment is whether I’m about to make a career change and I’m ready, just no idea why my next journey will be!

      1. it’s all about surrender. When you surrender clarity will come to you.
        read the chapter in the universe has your back called “when you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more”

  233. I have been dating for a couple years now, trying to find a partner. I practice kundalini, EFT, and am definitely much more confident in myself and my wants, and much more at peace. I read your book about 6 months ago.. and with all the sincerity asked for a sign to know when I had found something special. Like you chose owls, I chose eagles. As I arrived at my latest boyfriends home I walked into his bathroom and saw a mirror painted with eagles. I saw myself and the eagles and rejoiced. I spoke with him about what I wanted, someone to communicate their feelings and a supportive partnership that went both ways. He promised me he would communicate. As someone who does a lot of self work, I notice that men have leaned on me as a therapist more than a partner and that it is not my responsibility to wrangle the uncertain emotions of someone else. I would like support, not just giving it. Anyway, this partner a few weeks later invited me over to his home, rejected me in his bed and only after I asked him if everything was ok.. twice… began to dump me. This is not what I had in mind in terms of communicating. I gathered my things and left.
    I’m confused. Surrender more I think, but does that mean stop dating? Does that mean opening myself up to more hurt? I know the hurt will let in more light.. but I am confused by the signs. Discernment is so hard.
    Thank you for your work and the community of awareness you are fostering.

    1. there’s a chapter in the universe has your back about universal assignments. in that chapter that I reference a romantic relationship. Check it out and. I know it will give you the answers you’re looking for.

      1. In that chapter the partner is good for him, in my case the partner was not. The partner was triggering my fears of rejection and my need to work on my sense of worthiness. Why would I get a sign that this was where I should be? This lesson is one I am aware of already.. it was why I talked to him about my needs, but he still rejected me.

        1. Excellent question…. I wonder about this too. I sometimes think we are put in these situations because we aren’t totally clear of the issue yet, and it’s a test for us to trust. This is what I am struggling with right now.

    2. Hi Erika, I have experienced the same for a long time and very recently … again. I feel I’ve healed and have had plenty of time, yet it keeps happening. I want to believe the Universe will take care of things but geez I’m getting very emotionally exhausted, losing faith and my trust that I build each time reduces to zero after every “assignment”. I’ve been on a journey for 15 years on and off to find my soulmate, manifested, looked for signs, connected, yet it seems like it must all be in my head because it never turns out. Finding my soulmate has still not happened and I don’t want to keep going through this torture and pain of putting 110% into something I thought was real, but turns out it was one sided. It can take you to a very lonely place. Sorry to be so negative but it’s got to a point where it upsets me to be on my own even though I’ve tried so hard not to. Thank you for sharing your story. It really resonated with me.

  234. OMG,,,I needed to see this video today Gabby. I am going through a work harrasment situation, and experienced an unfair dismissal from my job (it was my side job by the way, not alligned with my purpose which is wedding & event planning). I follow your work and wisdow which I love and I have my sign (a butterlfly). I am in the process of asking for my rights and suing the company I worked for, but I had some hesitation whether I should or should not do it. I had a meeting this morning about this situation and the girl I was talking to was wearing a butterfly necklace. I think this was my sign that I am on the right path. Thank you Universe and thank you Gabby

  235. I asked for a specific sign to determine if a a guy was the right direction for me, I received my sign a fair amount. However, it turned out he isn’t the right direction for me and as I observed him from a distance, I determined he wasn’t the right path for me and isn’t in my life. This left me really confused by signs because I wondered why was I receiving my signing regularly if the situation wasn’t a direction for me. I’m confused now, fairly skeptical of signs and not sure that this process carries much weight. Can you shed some light as I’d like to believe in this process but am weary to trust this. 🙂

    1. read the chapter in the universe has your back called “obstacles are detours in the right direction” answers are there!

  236. 2 months ago i attended a new ladies connect group event and i got drown to the woman who was speaking about her business on that day;dhe happened to be a hypno therapist specialising in infertility resolutions; i have now had several sessions with her and it has unlocked so many unconscious truth + she also makes me practise tapping when my emotions are too rough.Yesbi have not miracuoous got pregnant since but i am convinced she was the sign I had been waiting for the past 5 years. ..

  237. Thanks Gabby – I hope it’s ok with you if I buy “The Universe Has your Back from Amazon UK when I tried to use your way to buy it seemed too complicated. I promise I will buy your book today love you from Mair xxxx

  238. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you. I have been given two signs one for my work and business and one for finding a romantic relationship. I rarely see either of them! Am I completely out of alignment?
    I think you are an amazing lady and an example to us all.
    I have nearly finished your Universe has your back. I have done the exercises and use your prayers. It has really helped me.
    Thank you,

  239. Hi, I’m new to this, so I have a question – should I be asking for a “specific item” as a sign, or just asking for “a sign”?
    I recently asked for an animal (ie anything not mineral or vegetable!) to appear as a sign that I am on the right track, and then within 20 minutes (!!) I came across people observing an *incredibly* rare (for that location in the wild in the UK) snowy owl. So I took that to be “my sign” from the universe, and that it signified clarity and changes coming in my life.
    Now I am seeing owl pictures everywhere – including your post 🙂
    But should I have been asking differently, eg “if I’m on the right track then show me X …” ?

  240. Hi Gabby,

    What happens if you are struggling to move in the sign’s direction. I was travelling and landed in Sydney and before going through border control I went to the bathroom. On the cubicle door at the bottom was a small sticker with “Live Vegan” and my sign , the butterfly, above it.

    I am really struggling to put this into practice. What do you think it means and what happens if you cannot move in the direction of a sign?

    1. your job is to just stay consistent on your spiritual path and remain in alignment with the universe. do the best you can and don’t judge your process.

  241. I read the book last year and loved the simplicity of the steps. I was using some of the practices for a while but have fallen out of “habit”. I am in a job where I feel bullied and violated and have a Manager that uses there authority in a harmful way. It’s impacting my mental health in a very big way but I stay because I need the cashflow as I get my business to grow. I was driving on the freeway a couple of weeks back and had a panic attack. It was so frightening. I got into a long tunnel and didn’t feel I could see the end of the tunnel. There was no side road, nowhere to pull over inside the tunnel and there were trucks behind and to the side of me. I had to talk myself through the panic attack and as I came out of the tunnel I said the the universe, “OK, I have to let go. I literally felt like I wasn’t able to keep my hands on the wheel while I was having the attack so please help me understand what I’m meant to do!” I was shaking and crying as I looked up ahead, there was a billboard that caught my eye and I couldn’t stop looking at it. As I approached and it became clear I could see that it said “FOLLOW YOUR CALLING”. My calling is to get out of this situation and focus more on my business but I need cashflow and I keep applying for other jobs to support myself and I’m not even getting an interview! I feel I’m supposed to reflect more on this billboard sign because when I literally had no other choice but to surrender and ask for a sign, it was right there! Any ideas what I should do next ? xxxx