The Do’s and Don’ts of Manifesting

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IG Stories poll: Have you ever felt confused about how to manifest? | What is manifestingThe Spirit Junkie community recently opened my eyes to something.

I kept getting messages from people on Facebook and Instagram asking about manifesting and saying they weren’t sure they were doing it right.

So I ran a poll on my IG Stories that said, “Have you ever felt confused about how to manifest?”

I was shocked to see that 96% of people said yes!

I felt called to clear things up, so in this post I’m sharing 3 do’s and don’ts of manifesting.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is cultivating the experience of what it is that you want to feel — and then living and believing in that experience so that you can allow it to come into form.

Gabby Bernstein smiling and laughing | What is manifestingYou can practice manifesting to attract whatever you want, whether that’s a successful business, good health, a relationship or even a material object.

Sometimes we manifest things far beyond our wildest dreams. So when manifesting, it’s important to stay open to possibilities that are beyond what you think you need. When you align with the loving energy of the Universe, there are no limits to what you can attract.

Manifesting is the process of vibrating at a high frequency so that you become a vibrational match with the Universe and can co-create your world.

The do’s and don’ts of manifesting

Let’s break it down more. Keep reading to discover 3 big do’s and don’ts of manifesting. Follow them and you will truly co-create with the Universe!

Don’t: Expect exactly what you want to just drop in your lap

This may be the biggest manifesting misconception around. There’s this idea that all you have to do is make a vision board and write a thousand affirmations in your journal… and then the exact thing you desire will magically appear before you.

Tweet: Manifesting isn’t about getting; it’s about becoming. @gabbybernstein #SuperAttractor

Vision boards and affirmations are great because they offer clarity. I love both of them! But we can get caught up in thinking that we know what’s best. We get very attached to a specific outcome or want things to happen on a particular timeline.

When we do this, we cut off Universal guidance and shift into manic manifesting.

Do: Trust that the Universe has a plan better than yours

Manifesting isn’t about having complete control or satisfying all our short-term desires. True manifesting isn’t even about getting what we think we want. It’s about receiving what is of the highest good for all.

You will have experiences in which you’ll attract exactly what you want. But controlling outcomes to get just what you want isn’t the goal. Remember, your plan isn’t always the best plan.

For example, if all your meditations and affirmations are around landing a promotion at work, you might completely block a way better opportunity at a different company!

In this video I share about how I surrendered to a greater plan when it came to having a child…

There is a plan greater than yours. When you surrender to the art of manifesting you can trust that spirit is guiding you toward your desires — and much more.

A prayer to let go trust

Here’s a short prayer from my new book, Super Attractor, that will help you surrender your desires and practice patience:

“Thank you, Universe and guides of the highest truth and compassion. I am ready to feel free. I welcome a newfound faith.”

Say the prayer out loud and take a moment to settle into the feelings of what it means to surrender to faith in the Universe.

If you feel some resistance, honor it and then return to this prayer. You can say it as often as you want. It’s a request for guidance. You’re turning over your plans and clearing space for the energy of the Universe to support you in ways you can’t imagine.

Don’t: Try to “make it happen”

Trying to control and force things to happen is a deeply ingrained habit for many of us.

If you’re on a spiritual path, you may have done some beautiful work to release this pattern. But the ego’s need to control is sneaky, and we can fall back into this pattern without realizing it.

Even if you don’t really identify as a control freak (and I’ll be honest: I do), there are some subtle ways that we try to control. If you:

  • Sweat the small stuff,
  • Ask a ton of people for their opinions before doing something, or
  • Avoid dealing with things…

…Then it’s likely you’re secretly trying to control your life.

Remember, the Universe has a plan far better than our own. You can stop controlling and start receiving by tapping into that guidance.

Do: Practice the Spiritually Aligned Action Method

Manifesting is also known as co-creating because it’s a collaboration between you and the Universe. In Super Attractor, I teach a method that I intuitively developed and applied in my own life. It’s called the Spiritually Aligned Action Method.

When we take spiritually aligned action, we can trust that an energy beyond our own is working on our behalf and that everything is working out for us — even if we don’t know exactly when or how it will happen.

I want to give you a sneak peek at this method now…

Step 1 of the Spiritually Aligned Action Method

Oneness is my true nature | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deck | What is manifestingPracticing step 1 on its own is a game changer. Try this practice to get ready for the full method in Super Attractor!

Step 1 is to make sure your desire is backed with inspiration and service.

When the desire you’re manifesting is aligned with service and inspiration, it’s invincible.

You might be thinking, “How do I know if my desire is backed with service and inspiration?”

Or, “What if what I want isn’t about changing the world? What if I want to find love or get out of debt? How is that of service to others?”

If your desire brings you sincere joy, then it’s backed with inspiration! And as long as you surrender to the highest good for all, spirit will support it.

However, you also need to understand why you want something and what energy is behind it. If you want a new job so your family will approve of you, or if you want a relationship because you feel incomplete on your own, then your desire is likely backed with neediness and fear.

Here’s how to clear up the energy behind your desire: Ask yourself, “Does this desire make me feel inspired and serve others?”

Open your journal and write about how your desire lights you up inside. Write about how your inspiration and positive energy serves others. When you align your energy with service and inspiration, you can trust that it will propel your vision forward.

Finally, let yourself cultivate the feelings of joy, inspiration and great contribution. Give yourself permission to celebrate your desires!

In this video I share more about what it means to take spiritually aligned action:

Don’t: Save your manifesting practices for one special time and place

Many folks think of manifesting as something they do only while in their Zen den, on their meditation pillow, with every crystal lined up and candle lit. They spend some amount of time in that space meditating, journaling and doing whatever else helps them get aligned, feel good and connect to spirit.

…And then they get up, go about their day and leave their spiritual practices behind.

When you compartmentalize your spiritual practices like this, you’re cutting off the flow of inspiration.

Inspiration isn’t something we can feel only on a retreat, in a yoga class or at a religious service. We do ourselves a great disservice when we put it in a box and keep it separate from the rest of our life.

Do: Make manifesting part of your daily life

Manifesting is something we do continuously. In fact, we’re always manifesting and attracting — it’s just that we usually do it unconsciously.

Instead of saving your manifesting practices for “special” places and times, infuse them into your daily life.

  • Commit to meditating every morning, even if that means sitting in stillness for a couple of minutes and tuning in with your breath.
  • Turn to prayer when you want support or guidance.
  • Play the Appreciation Game!
  • Stay aware of your finances to help attract abundance.
  • And when you do get into your Zen den, be sure cultivate the feeling you want!

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Manifesting is an art

If you’ve had any confusion around manifesting, I hope these do’s and don’ts have helped clarify things for you.

I want to wrap up this post with a short excerpt from Super Attractor about what manifesting truly is…

Manifesting is the creative process of aligning with the energy of the Universe to co-create an experience that elevates your spirit and the spirit of the world. Manifesting isn’t about getting; it’s about becoming. The more you let go, the more you become a match for what you desire.

I hope this serves you.

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  1. Thanks Gabby, I am finding it bit difficult to know if I’m manifesting correctly. I have my Super Attractor book now so will read it and try out your techniques and tips.

  2. I live in NYC and I am really struggling with dating. I go on a lot of dates with guys from online or on apps. They try to be physical with me ASAP on the first date and it makes me so uncomfortable. I tell them “no” and I never hear back from them again. I keep attracting all these men that just want sex. I am so frustrated because I just want to attract a high-quality man who treats me well and is also someone I am physically attracted to. Any advice?

  3. Gabby, hoping you or one of your support team can clear something up for me. In the Law of attraction, like attracts like. But in scientific Laws, opposites attract, eg positive and negative charged particles, or north and south poles of a magnet. Like repels. It’s difficult for me to reconcile these two seemingly opposing Laws of the Universe. Hoping you can help clarify this for me, particularly in a scientific sense. Thanks.

    1. Hi Annette! The principles of negative and positive ions, or attraction and repulsion, are what prevent a solid object from moving through another. However, when it comes to humanity and our energies, the Law of Attraction holds true. I hope this helps! <3

  4. Hi Gabby, I’m an avid follower of your guidance, however, I’ve got a health problem that is really getting me down. Because of severe childhood trauma, I’ve got an autoimmune disease that is attacking my hair. My diet consists of literally 6 things, and if I deviate from this, I lose more hair. I would have lost all of my hair if it wasn’t for my perseverance of trying to stop these attacks from happening, and of getting my body under control. I have had this illness for 3.5 years and I have made improvements in the sense that I can now absorb food and my weight has normalised. However, it’s just so disheartening to be still losing hair, especially from the front of my head, just because very occasionally I might have something ‘off-piste’ like a small piece of birthday cake or a tiny piece of plain organic chocolate. I have to pay the consequences of any ‘treat’, which I know I occasionally deserve but which the universe is denying me. All my products are completely pure and organic including toothpaste, shampoo etc. and they cost me a lot of money. I know I receive healing in some areas and I am grateful for this, but with my huge burdens in life I would like to think that the universe will cut me some slack on this, so my lovely hair is not taken away from me as well, as it doesn’t seem to be growing back. I follow your guidance on manifesting abundance but for some reason I feel so far it is not working on my immune system. I wonder if you can help me with this? Thanks.

    1. Ann, I appreciate that you continue to show up and share here in such a heartfelt way. It’s amazing to witness your journey and your beautiful progress. I deeply believe that the Universe works through talented doctors. I too have sought out amazing support from doctors for challenging health issues and grateful for the help I received. Continue to use all the amazing spiritual practices that we have discussed in our discussions here. I also have a daily mantra for you: “My willingness to heal allows whatever I need to come through”. Try saying this in the mirror each morning and be gentle and loving as you move forward. <3

      1. Thank you very much Gabby, I love this mantra – I will say it every day as you say, and I believe something good will come. x

  5. Aligned action. I love this so much. Thank you. When my desires, my spirit, and my purpose are all aligned, there’s simply no stopping. It’s a magical feeling.

  6. Thank you so much Gabby!!! You truly inspire me every day! I feel a fuzzy buzzy energy around me and through me – I KNOW I am on the right path. I am so excited for Sunday!

  7. I was literally praying for direction when a friend sent me this post. I’m reading this with tears in my eyes as my answer was immediately manifested to me. Thank you sweet friend for posting this

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this blog. This is exactly what I’ve been struggling with —I’m in this constant fear that I’m not manifesting correctly and therefore won’t get the things I desire. I so appreciate the reminder that it’s not about a thing per se and more about cultivating feelings I want to have and then trusting the Universe to provide exactly what that looks like.

  9. Lovely Gabby,
    Thank you so much for your words as clarification☺️♥️ I had always the feeling if I am in my Center- as I call Aligned with the Universe- things will fall into one Good place and all the people, places, situations are serving my way toward my Highest Sevice. I am grateful for your confirmation and looking forward for the Masterclass and Your new book❤️Gratitude from Hungary
    Xxx Kata

  10. This is one of the most EPIC events that I get to experience with all these gifted and talented, divine co-creators HAPPY EVER NOW, I am loving all of it so much SUPER ATTRACTOR is highly anticipated by all of us, thank you for inviting us Gabby on this delicious ride and knowing we can have it all with EASE, all time!

  11. Thanks so much for this Gabby.
    I started Manifesting every morning when I was trying to get my Coaching business off the ground.
    I would start with do pranayama practices, then meditation and followed by 5 mins of manifesting
    This seemed to totally work for the first month, as in I actually “almost” got a client with the same name as my Avatar!

    However, it seems to have gone a bit quite and I do believe that I need to reconnect with manifesting and attracting success into my business.

    Thank you so much for writing this

    Much joy to you
    meditate first then

  12. Here’s a little exemple i wish to share. I wanted a cap and so i went to the store. I found one but was not sure because i had no money. The next morning i wanted so much this cap … but i was not there… made phone calls everywhere to find it and even told a store employee how do u know you don’t have it anymore is it possible your bought it when i asked you to put aside. Anyways i decided i let go cause i felt it was time for me to let go. The next morning in the middle of nowhere on my second neighbour’s garden was a cap of basketball ( one valued of around 69$ ) …i asked the neighbours if it is theres … no all said take it..need less to say it was not fitting at all on me… so i decided to walk to the basketball parc since so many kids are playing there… of course when i gave it to this kid he almost cried he was so happy… well can you tell what happened… the vanished cap from my first encounter reappeared…
    so i bought it but i realized that i actually don’t want it as much…

    funny how you feel when you let go

    just wanted to share…

  13. Thank you

    In total agreement that trusting that you always have guidance and that manifesting is not just for meditation but a flow of energy or spirit that is open to you and receiving.

    Question. Can you offer advice for feelings of anxiety. Knowing that it will pass and you are guided but feeling anxious none the less. Is it okay to feel it, notice and let it pass thru you?

  14. Hi Gabby! With the help of your book The Universe Has Your Back, I landed an internship in an industry I feel passionate about and where I can express my creativity! This felt miraculous as I had only sent a few applications because I first needed a break after my stressful final year at school and I didn’t feel inspired by the other job offers. I truly believe the Universe is guiding me and supporting me to live the life I desire. Thank you Gabby! I’m excited about what Super Attractor has to offer!

  15. Wow! The sneaky-ness that is manic manifesting. I have been manic manifesting my children living with me 100% of the time. (Recent divorce and sharing my children was NEVER in my plans….and they are MY babies and well…being honest who wants to share their kiddos with an X who has a host of issues). This hit home today when I realized I am grasping tightly and trying to control it in every way possible to the point of my own internal misery. Great reminder that I have to relax, let go and trust the Universe here because I see clearly I have been doing the exact opposite. I cannot say what that looks like in this situation but I do see all my angst is getting me nowhere.
    Thank you Gabby.

  16. I dabbled in this yesterday. I am a teacher and have the summer off. I wrote down that I wanted to work more creatively and collaborate in education. I want to use my knowledge and be seen as an expert in elementary education.

    A friend called me this morning and hipped me to a work shop being held next week. Participating in the work shop insures eligibility in an out of state later this month!! I was up for the local work shop and keen on an opportunity to travel out of state to learn more. As soon as she said that there were thirty slots to go out of state and over eighty people registered already, I thought ” I will be one of the thirty selected.”

    After I hung up, I listened to a Gabby July posit cast. During the pod cast Gabby talked about celebrating the small manifestations. Groovy. The fact that my friend called and that I can be a part of something interesting, fun and a feather in my cap is worth celebrating.

    A miracle a day keeps the ego away!

  17. Gabby! I am SO excited for your book and for the Manifesting Workshop. So far, I have manifested a three week trip to Italy next and I can’t think of a better way to prepare for it than to attend your workshop. I create art that is spiritual as much as it is about the unknown. I manifest through teaching and helping people open up to their inner creator. My meditation practice and your book has helped me in continuing every day to make and to remain awake. Super Attractor is so well times and aligned with my continued manifestation and what my trip will bring. Thank you!

  18. Thank you Gabby! Just yesterday I was reminded by that quiet little Voice to focus on what is working. I can hear the words right now as I heard them then, and it brings such peace to connect with that place within. And to remember that God’s plan is probably better than mine is just wonderful! Go for it Universe! Can’t wait to see what You come up with this time!

    Sending wishes for a beautiful day to you and yours,

  19. Hi Gabby! Love and light today from Montana! GREAT thanks and excitement for your book. I pre-ordered and have a good girlfriend who also pre-ordered. We are so ready for August 11! Thank you SO much for this blog. YES, have been SO confused with cross-wired information about manifesting in my brain and heart and how to do it. Seems like I have a shoebox full of information jewels along with quite a few haphazard and random practiced systems that make me feel so frustrated with processes. Reading this blog did make me feel amused at myself with how much I try SO hard and yup, lol, have been in manic manifesting mode, expecting things on only one specific timeline, and forgetting gratitude often! Taking suggestions in the blog to heart and to my journaling & what practices I’m working on getting more regular with. Keep doing such amazing work and sharing! Thank you and congratulations on the book! <3

  20. Always a great reminder to focus on the feeling – rather than the outcome or particular goal or thing that I want/need/desire. Feelings create vibrations, vibrations attract that energy… All the good stuff. Thanks for bringing it back into focus

  21. It’s so funny, my anxiety I think was leading to manic manifesting. What I need to do is trust my gut and trust the universe and know that everything good is coming to me — some goodness beyond my wildest dreams!

    I was getting so tied into the specifics that manifesting wasn’t becoming fun. It’s inspiring and fun once again!

  22. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for this! I stumbled upon your book The Universe Has Your Back when I was, and still am, in a rather low place in my life. Your book gave me comfort and strength and I have noticed synchronicites happening as I did the exercises.

    Thank you so much for everything and bless you for the wonderful work you have done.

  23. This was helpful! I have always had an ability to manifest certain things into my life- love, material things, my living location/conditions… but I had struggled with finances, sharing/practicing as a classical singer, and fitness/healthy diet…. but I realize it’s because in these areas I still have been applying a mindset of scarcity and fear! Whereas in the other areas in my life, for some reason it has been easier for me to feel gratitude and trusting the universe to provide. I now know that once I release the fear and limiting thoughts, the other areas in my life will flourish as well. Can’t wait to see my beautiful life continue to grow!!!

    Thank you Gaby (and the universe for providing her messages to me when I need them).

    See you Sunday at the live lecture!♥️

  24. Gabby,
    When I ordered your book I was too late for an in person seat but I manifested one and your team emailed me that they have a spot for me! I can’t wait! And I have a gift for you- a manifesting tool that I use. I have been calling it active prayer because until a few weeks ago when I started your spirit junkie masterclass, I didn’t know what manifesting was! But it seems I’ve been doing it for some time. I’ve already learned so much from you these past few weeks, and can’t wait to learn more from you at the workshop and from this book! THANK YOU for being an amazing spiritual teacher!
    Xoxo, Colleen Ann

  25. The “Thank you Universe” Prayer made me cry! It was like a release because I want to surrender and have faith. I’m so tired of worrying and trying to figure it out or find the how. This really hit my heart. Thank you!

    1. So glad it served you Heather. Surrender and know that the Universe has your back always. ✨ Sending you much love and light.

  26. Thank you so much for your guidance and sharing this gorgeous practice! I’ve been working towards cultivating a feeling of excitement, joy, and gratitude to attract what I desire (a Spiritual Partnership, a thriving business that allows me to combine my love of dance and psychotherapy, and amazing health). I can’t wait for this Sunday! I’ll be there in person . Sat Nam ✨

  27. Hi Gabby. This really helped me out. Right now I am living in the zone. People are reaching out to me for help and I love sharing myself with them. Like you said I feel inspired and in a place of joy as this occurs. I do not know what the Universe has ready for me to step into but I have a feeling it is going to be spectacular. I am thinking right now I could be a motivational speaker. Your best friend ever. Bernie.
    I just love all of these practices. Thank you so much.

  28. Thank you so much for this great post! Exactly what I needed to her today…It has helped me to see back again that manifesting is about surrender to a greater plan and be open to creative possibilities that may come to us. When we try to control and get things the way we want we cut that flow. Fantastic reminder for the ego!

  29. Wonderful !
    Thank you for these words and for sharing insights from the new book.
    I do a meditation in the morning but want to bring at least 1 practice for manifesting over the day. It is just a matter of building up the habit 🙂

    Look forward for your workshop !

  30. Thank you so much God, I needed this. Struggling right now with my fears coming from past experiences in churches.
    Thank you Gabby, can’t wait to assist at your workshop

  31. Thank you Gabby for this amazing post. it’s very helpful

    I am waiting eagerly for your new book I have it on pre order. I will be joining you online also for your MANIFESTING JUMPSTART WORKSHOP!!

    I would love to be with you in person, but I’m in New Zealand

    I’ve only recently found you, I just wanted to let you know I find the way you share your gift with us very loving, caring and beautiful.

    So thank you I send love and light to you and all

    Lorraine x

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