Did You Know You’re Part of a Tribe?

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I want to take a moment to talk about something we are all a part of and that’s deeply valuable in our lives: community.

As a young kid, I didn’t have much of a community. And then I got involved in the youth group at my temple and everything changed. I actually became president of the youth group and started leading groups of people on the weekends. This experience really spoke to me — people with shared intentions, beliefs and energy coming together for higher purposes.

Ever since that first eye-opening experience with my temple youth group, finding community has been really important to me. In fact, it’s a big reason why I became a spiritual teacher! I love being part of this beautiful tribe of Spirit Junkies. And no matter where you are or when you’re reading this blog or watching the video below or anything else, you are too. You’re a Spirit Junkie. You may have other communities — your family, your yoga class, your religious group or friends circle or literal neighbors down the street. But even if you don’t, know that you have this one. The support and energy of the Spirit Junkie tribe is with you anywhere, any time.

Tweet: When you want to cultivate community, focus on bringing light into the community in your life @gabbybernstein

Watch the video below for more on this powerful subject! And after you watch it, leave a comment to let us all know what it means to you to be part of the Spirit Junkie community. I hope this video serves you.

If you’re looking for more Spirit Junkie connections online, check out my Facebook Page for soulful people and my Miracle Membership for weekly and monthly support on your spiritual path! (If enrollment is closed when you read this, just join the waitlist and I’ll email you as soon as it opens!)

You can also build up your social community by checking hashtags #SpiritJunkie and #TheUniverseHasYourBack on Instagram!

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  1. Thank you, Gabby! It’s so wonderful to know that no matter what relationships I have in my vicinity, there are always other Spirit Junkies out there on the same journey. Thank you for reminding me of this beautiful, loving connection <3

  2. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Mainly because … I’ve been thinking *a lot* about community lately, about the communities I’m a part of, the ones I want to be a part of, the ones I’m creating etc… thanks for the inspiration and for creating this beautiful community!

  3. What;’s so very cool is that you are one of many teachers that I claim in my tribe, although Spirit Junkie is yours- Its growing on me. Open heart, open mind. Community is most definitely key, Love to you and thank you for sharing your Light and inspiring other teachers to connect, seek, and find their own unique audience and tribe.

  4. Gabby, this is unrelated to this post, but I was at your talk last Tuesday in NYC, and I asked for a sign (a peacock) for something that I was needing direction on, and this weekend I saw in a craft store someone walking and holding peacock feathers. Is that enough of a sign? xo

  5. It is a extraordinary honor to be a part of Spirit Junkie community and to share the Ligth with all of you, thank you Gabby. I am willing to amp up my openess to the Spirit within me even more towards all the communities in the world,that I am here to be apart of, create ones, and even those, which not nescesserely be in my path. Let’s share our light and take spiritually aligned actions towards being the lighthouse for each other!

    Much love, Gabby, and all Spirit Junkies,

  6. That’s a beautiful video. I’ll be travelling from Ireland to london to meet more of this community at your weekend in London. ..can’t wait!!

  7. Hi Gabby, thanks so much for creating the Spirit Junkie tribe! I listened to your thoughts during the talk yesterday about surrendering about being pregnant and it resonated with me because I will be 50 this year and I really am grateful for an amazing life that I live (never married), but I dream about having a husband one day – parts of me are scared to have a husband and parts of me are really excited. I try to surrender, but it is taking such a long time for me to find my husband or for him to find me – what else can I do to manifest this dream? I am saying yes to health & love this year! I am trying to wait for God’s plan, but I sometimes lose hope… Any suggestions? Thanks for your passion & spiritual teachings.
    Thanks again, Sandy

  8. Around 6 years ago I came across “Add more ~ing to your life”. It came after a break up and reassured me I made the right choice. It came when I was seeking guidance. Then I fell off the Spirit Junkie path until about a month ago. These videos have been life changing for me. I am currently in a relationship that I have chosen to show up for and that has brought my most challenging issues to the surface and it’s hard as hell but SO WORTH THE WORK! Gabby, I am grateful for your teachings and guidance. I am connecting with my ~ing again and seeing the miracles show up within me and all my relationships in addition to my romantic one. Mounds of gratitude, light, peace, and love to you and this community! Xoxo!

  9. I love that our communities are like overlapping circles! I meet Spirit Junkies in my yoga classes and among my coaching peers. The community is even larger than we think. We are all so supported!

  10. This was perfect, thanks Gabby.
    I’ve been in your community for about 3 years now and I just got how connected our community it. I may not be watching this video with any of them right now, but we share something.

    Thanks Gab!


  11. Thank you Gabby,
    I wondered what the rules or membership guidelines were to be a Spirit Junkie. I am happy to hear you validate that I too am a Spirit Junkie. Thank you for sharing your light with us.
    Love and Light,

  12. Hi Gabby and my wonderful Spirit Junkie tribe,

    Today’s video resonated with me very deeply. Since awakening to spirituality and to myself I have found it very difficult to find a local tribe that I have DEEP relationships with. I have friends, and soul sisters around the world, but in my home town, I have really missed and craved a community.

    Thank you for creating Spirit Junkie, so I can be reminded of how connected I am to all of you and that I can cultivate a tribe of amazing souls. Right now, the universe might have other plans.

    Sending you all love and light. We are connected, we are not alone.

  13. For me as I live in France, it’s wonderfuk to be part of the spirit junkie as I love each moment, spending each day trying to bring light to everyone I encounter. Thank you Gaby for your work

  14. Whenever you say “community” it touches my heart and I cry -with love-!
    I love you Gabby so much and thank you for being my guru.
    Love from your sister, student, Spirit Junkie Sevil from Miami, Florida.

  15. Thank you, Gabby. I love being a Spirit Junkie and knowing that I can come here anytime I need some love. Today, I will focus on bringing light to my other communities and getting more involved. I truly realize how grateful I am to have so many amazing people in my life. ?? Sat Nam!

      1. thank you, Gabby….I truly enjoyed listening to you…….recently I started tapping meditation for just 5 minutes…..apart for my daily Rosary prayer, that I loved……I feel blessed surrender by lovely people……..
        thank you, once again and GOD bless you

    1. Gabby, other than in storytelling, do you still consider yourself part of the Jewish community (is your mother, her mother, her mother and so on Jewish, or do you keep traditions etc.), as well as a Spirit Junkie? Can you belong to several communities?

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