What to Read Next: A Guide to All My Books

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Open book | Gabby Bernstein bookTwo questions I see on social media all the time are:

  • “Which Gabby Bernstein book should I read first?” and
  • “Which Gabby Bernstein book should I read next?”

I decided to answer the question in the simplest way I know how — with a blog post that breaks down what each of my books is about, why I wrote it, reasons to read it, and what to read once you’re done! (I’ll keep updating this post as I publish more books.)

I’m deeply honored every time someone picks up one of my books. They are all true labors of love and mean so much to me. I’ve witnessed thousands of readers experience radical transformations as a result of reading the books and committing to the practices.

I want that for every single person who picks up one of my books.

If you get to the end of this post and still feel stumped, don’t worry. Go with your gut. Trust that your inner guidance system is leading you to the book you need most right now, even if it doesn’t make logical sense at first. I don’t say this lightly — my intuition has guided me to read spiritual books that truly changed my life, even though I had no idea why I was led there at first!

“Which Gabby Bernstein book should I read first?”: A book-by-book breakdown

In no particular order…

Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles

Spirit Junkie by Gabby BernsteinWhat it’s all about

Spirit Junkie is my memoir. In it I share the story of how I transformed my life through my spiritual journey.

For years, I struggled with eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, and constant self-doubt and self-loathing.

And then I hit bottom — and everything changed. I asked for guidance and I received it. I was led to read the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, which in turn empowered me to trade self-doubt and addiction for a new kind of high.

Why I wrote it

I felt called to share my story of transformation. I knew there were other people out there who would be able to see themselves in my story and feel inspired to walk their own radical road.

In Spirit Junkie, I offer up my spiritual journey as a guidebook for overcoming fear, changing perceptions and creating a life you’re psyched to wake up for.

Read Spirit Junkie if…

  • You know you’re meant for more, but you don’t know how to start.
  • You want inspiration on your spiritual path.
  • You’re looking for an honest story of healing from addiction of all kinds.

What to read next

After reading Spirit Junkie, pick up May Cause Miracles for a 40-day guidebook that dives deeper into the lessons of A Course in Miracles.

Order Spirit Junkie here.

May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle BernsteinWhat it’s all about

Simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to miraculous change in all aspects of our daily lives. In May Cause Miracles, I lead you through a 40-day practice of unlearning fear and remembering love.

Each week focuses on a specific aspect of life, such as self-image, relationships and finances. Every day there are short, powerful lessons with spiritual tools such as mantras, meditations, affirmations, journaling exercises and more.

By following this 40-day plan, you’ll amp up your gratitude, strengthen forgiveness and learn how to consistently choose love. The subtle shifts you’ll experience will add up to a truly miraculous life.

Why I wrote it

I wanted to share my favorite lessons from A Course in Miracles and make them super accessible.

I chose the 40-day format because following a consistent plan every day helps us stick to our path and create powerful new habits. I’ve always loved structured guides and was psyched to write my own!

Read May Cause Miracles if…

  • You want a simple, structured plan that’s easy to follow.
  • You’re willing to witness your fearful patterns so you can transform them.
  • You like the idea of adding up subtle shifts in each area of your life.

What to read next

If you dig the structured practice of May Cause Miracles, check out my first book, Add More ~ing to Your Life! In it I teach a 30-day process I call “The ~ing Equation.” It’s a high-energy book that helps you get unstuck and clear obstacles.

Order May Cause Miracles here.

Add More ~ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness

Add More ~ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness, by Gabby BernsteinWhat it’s all about

Add More ~ing to Your Life is a 30-day adventure involving physical activity, positive affirmations and creative visualization.

I call this “The ~ing Equation.” It will bulldoze negative thought patterns and create positive change so you can move forward and live an awesome life!

Why I wrote it

I had been studying spiritual texts, coaching groups and speaking in small NYC venues for several years. At the time, a new zeitgeist was emerging. I noticed that young women who before had been obsessed with cocktails and designer heels were getting into green juice and meditation instead.

I’d created my ~ing Equation for myself and my clients, and I saw how well it worked to bust through blocks, clear fear and rev up happiness. I knew I had to share it with the masses.

Read Add More ~ing to Your Life if…

  • You want an energizing experience that involves physical activity, affirmations and creative visualization.
  • You feel stuck in work, relationships or life in general and want to get out of your rut.
  • This is also a great book for older teens and young adults!

What to read next

Miracles Now is a great-follow-up to Add More ~ing to Your Life because it has short, potent lessons and exercises that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. More on that one next…

Order Add More ~ing to Your Life here.

Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose

Miracles Now by Gabby BernsteinWhat it’s all about

Miracles Now contains 108 of my favorite spiritual and practical tools to combat our most common problems. There are Kundalini yoga meditations, lessons from A Course in Miracles, and tons of other techniques, affirmations, and inspiring wisdom.

Why I wrote it

In this day and age we need ways to clear our stress and fear quickly, because most of us don’t have time for an hour of yoga or 30 minutes of meditation every day. We’re overwhelmed as it is.

Our spiritual practice shouldn’t add to it — so that’s why I wrote Miracles Now.

Many of the lessons require just a couple of minutes. This is the perfect book to keep on your nightstand, coffee table or desk for a lesson anytime.

Read Miracles Now if…

  • You like opening a book to a random page to find inspiration and insight.
  • You want to check out a lot of different spiritual tools and practices.
  • You’re busy and want to bust through fear fast!

What to read next

The lessons and meditations in Miracles Now give you a strong foundation for the transformational work of The Universe Has Your Back.

Order Miracles Now here.

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby BernsteinWhat it’s all about

Each story and lesson in The Universe Has Your Back guides you to release the blocks to happiness, security and clear direction.

I’ll guide you how to let go of the need to control so you can relax into a sense of certainty and freedom. Making the shift from fear to faith will give you a sense of power in a world that all too often makes us feel utterly powerless.

When you follow this path, you’ll begin to feel a swell of energy move through you. You’ll find strength when you’re down, synchronicity and support when you’re lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy when you’re otherwise in pain.

Why I wrote it

Before I sat down to write this book, I thought it was going to be about manifesting. But it became clear to me that I needed to strengthen my faith first…

So The Universe Has Your Back was born.

As I said when it came out: My commitment with this book is to wake up as many people as possible to their connection to faith and joy. In that connection, we can be guided to our true purpose: to be love and spread love.

These words can no longer be cute buzz phrases that we merely post on social media. Rather, these words must be our mission. We will find the happiness, safety and security we long for in our commitment to love.

Read The Universe Has Your Back if…

  • You want to reclaim your true power in a world that often makes us feel powerless.
  • You’re ready to strengthen your faith in the Universe with specific, step-by-step lessons.
  • Your mind is open and you’re ready to receive intuitive guidance.

What to read next

In chapter 9 of The Universe Has Your Back, I open up about a habit that made me feel sad and disconnected: judgment.

Writing this chapter was such a powerful experience for me that I quickly realized I was being called to write a whole book on the topic of judgment.

It’s the book I recommend reading next: Judgment Detox.

Order The Universe Has Your Back here.

Judgment Detox: Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back From Living a Better Life

Judgment Detox by Gabby BernsteinWhat it’s all about

In Judgment Detox I outline a 6-step process for healing judgment so you can rediscover oneness and feel truly free.

When you follow this practice, resentments will lift and compassion will replace attack. Resistance will transform into freedom, giving you more peace and happiness than you’ve ever known.

Not only that, but healing judgment raises your energetic vibration, creating miracles on a global scale. The more people who detox from judgment, the healthier our world becomes!

Why I wrote it

Judgment is pervasive. No matter how spiritual, kind or compassionate we may be, we all suffer from judgment — and that includes me.

Judgment is the No. 1 reason we feel blocked, sad and alone. Our popular culture and media place enormous value on social status, looks, racial and religious separation, and material wealth.

We are made to feel less than, separate and not good enough, so we use judgment to insulate ourselves from the pain of feeling inadequate, insecure or unworthy.

I wrote Judgment Detox to help us heal ourselves and heal the world. Through my personal healing journey I created the six steps you will find in the book. I’ve put myself through all six steps and continue to practice them daily.

Read Judgment Detox if…

  • You want to take on the #1 block to your manifesting power.
  • You want to let go of resentments and jealousies so you can strengthen your connection to others.
  • You’re excited to commit to a clear, proven process to help you witness your fear, bring it to light and heal for good.

What to read next

Once you’ve done the beautiful and necessary work of the Judgment Detox, you’ve cleared a major block to your Super Attractor power! You’re ready to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams with Super Attractor.

Order Judgment Detox here.

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinWhat it’s all about

Super Attractor is a manifesto for confidently claiming your desires. In it, you’ll learn how to co-create the life you want. You’ll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want.

Most importantly, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you’ll give off a presence of joy that will elevate everyone around you.

Why I wrote it

As a spiritual teacher, I’ve witnessed hundreds of thousands of people begin to wake up to the presence of freedom within. I see these transformations daily.

But while that awakening is beautiful, it isn’t enough. Too often we treat it as the endpoint when it’s really just the beginning.

We may know that we can feel better and therefore attract more, but we must go further and fully embody that truth in order to be free. Embodying this truth begins by undoing the belief systems of fear that block us from being Super Attractors.

Accepting that you’re a Super Attractor will change everything. You’ll trust that it’s safe to release the past and you’ll no longer fear the future. You’ll tap into an infinite source of abundance, energy, joy and well-being.

And you’ll know intuitively how to show up for life and bring more light to the world around you.

Read Super Attractor if…

  • You want to do less and attract more.
  • You want to feel a sense of awe each day as you witness miracles unfold.
  • You’re ready to accept that you’re always being guided and you have the power to co-create the world you want to see.

What to read next

If you’ve read Super Attractor but find yourself still struggling with judgment of any kind, then Judgment Detox is the book for you.

If you realize you need to strengthen your faith so you can truly manifest the life you want, pick up The Universe Has Your Back.

Order Super Attractor here.

I want to hear from you! Tell me about your experiences reading Gabby Bernstein books!

Spirit Junkies, now I want to hear from you! If you’ve read any of my books, let me know which one(s)!

Do you remember which one you read first?

Has any book surprised you? How so?

Did you put one down and come back to it later, when you were ready for it?

Did you come across one of my books in an unexpected way?

What’s happened as a result of reading one or more of them?

Leave a comment and let me know! And from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It’s such a gift to share these books with you and I’m deeply grateful to you for reading them.

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  1. I have read all of these books and they changed my life!! I have now read “A Course in Miracles” as well.
    Thank you for this!! I began this journey 2 months ago and have received so many Miracles since.
    I truly appreciate you!!

  2. Love this list! I personally had to do Judgment Detox first. I felt I was having trouble getting through the lessons in the other books because of my judgment, mainly of myself. Once I completed Judgment Detox, I was then able to more easily take on the lessons in the other books I read.

  3. I seriously started my spiritual journey about a year ago. I’ve read all of Gabby’s books (except Judgment Detox, which I’ve started a few times), but I haven’t really “done” any of the books. If that makes sense? I’ve also been super inspired to purchase a lot of Gabby’s digital classes/workshops. But now I’m overwhelmed. I have all of these resources (books, classes, workshops, meditations) that I’m not utilizing and I don’t really know where to start. What is the next right action for you when you could argue that they’re ALL the next right action?

    1. Great question, Holly. When people ask this question, Gabby typically says, “Let your intuition guide you.” It’s not so much about which book or course to go through first, it’s more about making a commitment to your practice. Read more here: https://gabbybernstein.com/spiritual-schedule/
      In this case, May Cause Miracles may be a great place to start because it’s a 6 week practice with daily lessons.

  4. Hi. I’m currently in a really dark place in my life, although I have two beautiful healthy baby boys I struggle with being here and now. Maybe it’s due to first mental abuse from the babies father to physical abuse and now he wants to “fix” things. I’ve lived overseas for a couple years but now for about 9 months I’m stuck in Yemen. I’ve been experiencing anxiety lately and I don’t wish to feel this feeling because it stops me from showing up for myself and my babies. Any advice or which book can you recommend? I read also meditation to let go of this fear and anger and anxiety so I can be in the present moment. I feel like such an idiot because I have done work for myself in the pass and I can’t believe I’m in this situation now. I want to reclaim my power back and be secure and safe.

    I hope to hear back from you.

    Thank you much

    1. Hi Ferida,

      If you’re not already doing so, we would recommend seeing a therapist, perhaps one that specializes in postpartum anxiety or trauma. This is a wonderful action in self-care. Gabby shares that she would not be where she is right now if it weren’t for her therapist. You may also find it useful to attend a support group for people facing similar challenges.
      You can start by checking out Gabby’s blog post here:
      Also, a while back Gabby did a workshop on anxiety that I’d like to share with you:
      Sending you big love.

  5. Hi Beautiful Gabby,
    I came to your blog today because I have been feeling so low and needed a some inspiration, I think I need “Add More Ing to Your Life!” to get my out of this rut!

    -Emma 🙂

  6. I just started Spiritual Junkie, I’m so excited to have found Gabby! In the past six months I have addressed my relationship with alcohol and since then have been following signs and doing work toward a seemingly new life. I have SO many self limiting beliefs but I am working on them all. Do you recommend I read A Course in Miracles as well?

    1. so proud of you for facing your relationship to alcohol. if acim is calling you, pick it up:) xoxo

  7. I had bought Super Attractor in April with several other non spiritual books. I some how went in to a depressive state and then noticed this book and decided to start reading. Holy sh#t thank you Gabrielle and universe. I read it in a few days and felt like I could breathe again and my flow and faith were back. I wrote my goals and put them on the wall beside my bed to read each morning and night and they are already starting to manifest. I bought tge meditation album.. Awesomeness. And for the bonus Jumpstart.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am now going to buy your other books and I hope to meet you some day Gabrielle because you are fabtabulous
    Love and Kindness to you and your family always

    1. Beautiful work Maryanne. We are so grateful for this shift. Sending much love and light your way.

  8. I literally collapsed in a wee heap with overload of work and exhaustion a few months back.Work had taken over my life.Took time off work to recover. Was not in a good place. A very good friend Jan send me a video recommending the Universe has your Back as it had encouraged her to move in a creative direction. There was do much I could relate to in the book.It brought a sense of calmness, and a rethink of my life.It made a huge difference to finding the old me. It also got me into meditation which I do regularly.Love the Ride Emotions and Waves one.Love the seaside. Read through recently a second time and seeing from a different perspective now I am in a happier place.Still learning.Thanks Gabby

    1. Tracey, we’re so glad that you have connected with Gabby’s work. Keep up the great work. <3

  9. I just started listening to Spirit Junkie after stumbling across your Instagram page and watching a bunch of Dear Gabby’s – I find these sessions so raw and honest and beautiful! I love the energy and the teachings. I quickly realized while listening to the audiobook that I was taking so many notes and needed the book so I could highlight! Went to my local used bookstore and ended up coming home with not 1, but 4 Gabby books!! So thankful I found you as a spiritual teacher… thank you Gabby.

    1. Amazing, Erika! So glad Gabby’s books resonate with you. Love that you went to your local bookstore to pick up one book and came back with four! xoxo

  10. Thank you for this wonderful guidance .I came across your book in 2018 i.e. The Universe has your back ,although at that time i was not into spiritual gtowth at that time so i read it casually but something in me started to believe in universal support and something stayed with me , now in 2020 when i saw jay shetty podcast with you on super attracter , i searched all of your books and was confused which book to start with and which to read next and here this blog just sorted everything for me magically and I guess this is the sign from universe that this is the perfect time to read your books .Thank you Gabby .

    1. Love this, Anisha! So glad the universe delivered this blog post to your inbox at the right and perfect time. xoxo

  11. I read Super Attractor first when I was looking for a way to change my outlook and feelings of stress within life. My second was Judgement Detox. Judgement Detox hit me as I realized I have been living my life without noticing that mostly the person I judge consistently was myself! I bought this book to try to gain some tools to deal with my marriage, but realized it all comes from within me. All of it! My third book that I am on right now is The Universe Has your Back.
    Thank you Gabby – as always,

    1. Love this, Heather! So glad you experienced this wonderful shift while reading Judgment Detox and that you’re committed to your self work. Expect miracles! xoxo

  12. Your books are wonderful. The Universe Has Your Back was my first and I loved the book so much, that I prayd to find other ones and the universe was listen. Next was Spirit junkie and now I read Super Attractor. Each book is better and better. Thank your words. During this summer I will read Judgment Detox.
    I had tried severall a of times to read Course of Mircles, but you make it easier and more understandebly.

    1. Awesome that gabby’s books have resonated with you in this way. Hope you also enjoy Judgment Detox. xoxo

  13. I read The Universe has your back first followed by Spirit Junkie. I have read all apart from Miracles Now which I will definitely buy. My favourite is Super Attract. Strangely this was the one I expected to like the least. I loved the way you spoke of spirit guides and free writing also. I am fairly new to this all but am happy to have discovered you. You’re extremely engaging and you’re enthusiasm is infectious.

  14. I started with The Universe has Your Back in 2017. It was the catalyst to my journey. I witnessed some many miracles and I believe I heard my inner whispers for the first time in a real way. Truly a life changing book for me. I have recommended it to others many times…. I have gone on to read most all of Gabby’s books.. all inspiring

  15. Weeks ago, I was looking for a comparison guide to help me decide which of Gabrielle’s book to read first, but I couldn’t find one! Though I went ahead and ordered Super Attractor. ;D I’m almost half way into the book right now, and am bookmarking sections that are I resonate with or want to re-read again. Gotta love the morning mantras! I read it every morning to ground myself. If there’s only one thing that I can get out of my day, I want my day to unfolds with ease and grace. After I’ve finished this book, I’m gonna get a copy of The Universe Has Your Back!

    1. So glad to hear this, Soo! Awesome that Super Attractor resonates with you. You’ll love The Universe Has Your Back! xoxo

  16. Loved Universe has your back and need to read it again and highlight certain paragraphs
    I have now ordered the judgement detox
    Super Attractor and journal and cards
    Can’t waist for them to arrive

  17. I read the Universe has your back as my first book and didn’t really stick. I’ll have to re-read it. I then went to Super Attractor which I loved and I will re-read. But I really want to get Spirit Junkie.

      1. I started with Miracles Now in 2014, and loved it. It came with me wherever I went for many years, I used it daily. I started by sticking to only two of the practices the first six months. Then I read the Universe has your back, which is great! And one day in 2018 I was guided to May Cause Miracles (which had been sitting in my bookshelf for a year…). It was life-transforming. I’m doing it for the third time now, but in a slightly different way. I have your other books but wait until I feel guided to pick them up. I was so excited about judgment detox, knew it was going to be super important, but still haven’t read it…! Interesting. One day… What I would LOVE is a follow up on May Cause Miracles. An expanded take on that, based again on A Course in Miracles, from your perspective. Love the format of the daily practices, in print, not digital. Your books have really had a HUGE impact on my life. Forever grateful, Tina

        1. Amazing, Tina. So glad Gabby’s books resonate with you in this way and thank you for the suggestion. I will pass it on to the team. xoxo

  18. Absolute crippling heartbreak led to me to finding a Podcast series with Jay Shetty, where you spoke of Super Attractor. Directly after I stumbled upon (or the universe led me to) a Podcast series called A Life of Greatness. You discussed Super Attractor again. Something resonated deeply with what you had to say. I promptly purchased Super Attractor, followed by Spirit Junkie. I downloaded your Super Attractor Meditations, became a miracle member and most recently purchased The Universe has your back. I have since spread your joy to so many people by gifting copies of your book (up to around 15 now!). The person who broke my heart recently came back into my life. I realised he wasn’t ready or healed to share my life. I would have never had the strength to say goodbye or realise I deserve better without the support of my spiritual journey. My sign is a flamingo – and without fail – when I ask for a sign – the universe supports me. It is the most comforting feeling knowing when you surrender to a power greater than you, miracles happen. I can’t thank you enough. This has been the most empowering journey of my life.

    1. Love this, Petrea! Thanks for sharing your miraculous shifts with us! So glad that Gabby’s work resonates with you and that you’re feeling supported by the universe! Sending you big love! xoxo

  19. I remember standing room only in St James Church, London. I walked in full of judgement ( i know!)but curiosity. Who is this chick people are saying is like Carrie Bradshaw mixed with Marianne Williamson?! I remember listening to you share your story and i had tears streaming down my face as you were relatable, authentic and most of all you moved me. I think I bought Spirit Junkie that night and you helped me apply “A course in Miracles” in a new way. Keep recommending you as a way in to people seeing their truth. Spirit Junkie, May Cause Miracles so many faves. “Universe has your back” really encouraged me to stop drinking and trust. Hard to pick one book!

    1. Love this, Trish! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! So glad Gabby’s books have served you in this way! Sending you big love! xoxo

  20. Super attractor first time. Changed. My. Life
    Then I hit judgement detox, WASNT ready, put it down.
    Picked up Spirit junkie YES YES YES.
    Audible Super Attractor SECOND time. Heard different stuff! Amazed
    Spirit junkie second time, was just that good.
    Universe has your back, audible.
    Spirit Junkie one last time, maybe
    MAY CAUSE MIRACLES currently, yes yes and YES .
    (Doing mediations daily)

    1. Love it, Kaylin!!! So glad Gabby’s books resonate with you. It sounds like you’re doing great work– keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  21. I started with the heavy weight champ Judgment Detox and journaled my heart out to overcome and close old chapters and begin new ones. Then, I read Super Attractor… and the same day I finished it, I received a message from a very special someone asking for a photo of myself. Most recently, I read Spirit Junkie and it allowed my to be honest with myself about my issues with addiction and seek help from a transitional, transformation coach… I am now on a radical new path… and will move to Colorado this fall for one year to heal, reflect and connect with my higher self… Thank you, Gabby!! XO

    1. Wow, Susanna! It sounds like you’re doing great work! So glad Gabby’s books resonate with you. xoxo

  22. The first book I read was The Universe Has Your Back. I’ll never forget the feelings I felt reading that. Things just started to click for me, everything in the book just made sense to me. I’ve read it at least 3 times(as well as many of your other books). I fell off track for a bit and recently decided I needed to step back into finding my spiritual path. I signed up for your meditation challenge, rejoined your miracle membership, and just finished a book that you recommend A Return to Love. The strange part about this blog is I asked the universe last night, now what, how do I know what book I should go to next and I woke up to this email. The first post I saw on Instagram was yours talking about this blog. Thank you thank you thank you Gabby! Thank you Universe! I’m starting spirit junkie now ❤️

    1. Wonderful that this post was delivered to your inbox at the right and perfect time, Stephanie. xoxo

  23. I read Super Attractor. I don’t even remember how I came upon it. It was destined. It helped me go higher. I added some things from the book to my daily routine. I have been on this journey of self discovery for a couple of years after experiencing cardiac arrest of unknown reason. I knew my life had to change and there was more to life because I was still here. I have a second chance. I truly loved the part about Angels and I call upon them regularly. I look forward to reading more of your books.

    1. Awesome to hear that Super Attractor resonates with you, Staci, and that you include some of the practices in your daily routine. I hope this post helps you decide which book to choose next! xoxo

  24. First book – Super Attractor – I was ready and it was perfect timing!! Came to me by way of Audible email.
    Second – The Universe Has Your Back – reading this blog, I want to re-read/refresh as I’m facing a lot of fears right now.
    I’m working through Judgement Detox, I sense I’m not fully ready for it but I know it will come back to me when I need it.
    Much love! Thank you Gabby!

  25. Hi Gabby!! I love you!! I was led to The Universe Has Your Back in the audible version several years ago, when I was “awakening “. It was transformational for me! In fact, the day I decided to do one of the kundalini mediations, I was led to the place I’ve called home for two years!! Totally a God thing!! I own May Cause Miracles, and I had started reading it but didn’t stay with it. Now might be the right time for it, and I’m excited to pick it up again.

    I’m going to order another one also, I’m just not sure which one yet!! Eventually, I will have them all!! Thank you for sharing yourself so easily with us. I am loving my spiritual journey and you’ve played a big part in it!! Thank you

    1. Love it, Becky! Now is a great time to dive back into May Cause Miracles. I hope it serves you and helps you create meaningful shifts. xoxo

  26. The first book of Gabby’s I came across was The Universe has Your Back. I listened to it on the Hay House audio app and became a huge fan of her work the moment I heard it. Since then I have gone on to order the book plus Super Attractor, Spirit Junkie and miracles now. I have read all but miracles now at the moment and Gabby’s work has truly changed my life. I have completed her meditation challenge and continue to meditate now. I have recently signed up for her bestseller masterclass as I feel more inspired to write about my own experiences and share them with others to help them. Gabby is a beautiful light worker who helps so many people. Thank you for your wonderful work and I also want to thank Gabby’s team for the amazing help and support they give to all of Gabby’s readers.

    1. Fantastic, Lauren! So glad Gabby’s books resonate with you and that you’ll be joining us for Best Seller Masterclass. Can’t wait to hear your story. xoxo

  27. The Universe has your back was the first book I read during my spritual awakening. I was at rock bottom and this book helped me focus on being the light in the darkness. It was one of the first step in leading me back to myself. I had to let go of so much, it was so hard and this book helped me make sense of it. I am now leading my own group coaching programmes and my students/clients are reading this book. As far as I’m concerned it is THE book for those awakening, as we move from ego into trusting our soul and the universe to truly have our back. Xxx

    1. Awesome, Aimee! So glad The Universe Has Your Back has resonated with you in this way! It sounds like you’re doing great work! Keep shining your bright light. xoxo

  28. First book: Super Attractor
    Second book: The Universe has your back
    Gabby Bernstein came into my life, when Super Attractor was published.
    I am really greatful for these books and MM:)

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