how to practice the cord-cutting meditation

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I want to share one of my favorite spiritual practices with you: the cord-cutting meditation!

You may know about this practice if you’ve been on a spiritual path for a while, or if you’re familiar with visualization meditations.

But even if it’s totally new to you, I promise you’ll love it once you try it!

Check out the video below and keep reading for a breakdown of cord cutting.

Practicing the cord-cutting meditation regularly can repair you energetically, change your relationships and improve your overall well-being.

why we need to cut the cords

When you have some kind of attachment to another person, an energetic cord can form between you.


You can have energy cords connecting you to family members, lovers, friends, exes, coworkers and even people you’ve met briefly or don’t know personally at all (think celebrities).

These energy cords can become a huge drag, particularly when they hold negative energy. If you have a cord attachment to someone you judge, resent or need to forgive, these cords can bring you down big time.

If there’s someone you’re hung up on or long to see again, like an ex, a former friend, a person you burned a bridge with or even a fling you still obsess over, then you almost certainly have an energetic cord keeping you tied to them. This attachment can feel like an immense weight and you don’t even know where it’s coming from!

the cord stays intact even when a relationship ends

Even when you think a relationship is over, you will still feel the pain and drama because those strong energetic ties can make you feel drained, tired and even upset. That’s why it can be so hard to stop thinking about an ex or stop obsessing over a business deal that went wrong.

physical separation is not always enough to end a negative connection

Often you need to clear it on a spiritual level in order to let go of the relationship and find closure.

Not only does a negative connection make you feel low-vibe, it blocks your ability to attract what you want! When you have a cord attachment to someone you’ve judged, you’re stuck in a low-frequency relationship. That negativity lowers the vibration you put out. As a result, you attract people and situations that match that low-level vibration.

This is where the Cord-Cutting Meditation comes in.

you can cut cords with people you love

The cord-cutting meditation isn’t just for people who are no longer in your life or who you wish weren’t in your life. In fact, many of these energetic cords likely lead to people you care for very deeply.

By practicing this meditation you’re not cutting this person out of your life. You’re simply cutting the energetic cord that transmits negative energy.

You can even cut a cord that’s positive but feels too needy. For instance, maybe you have an awesome friendship but you know you depend a little too much on this person. Cut the cord and restore health and ease to the relationship!

how the cord-cutting meditation works

For the practice of cord-cutting, you sit comfortably, close your eyes, slow your breathing and get into a meditative state.

Once you feel a sense of calmness come over you, you invite in any type of guide you believe in, whether that’s angels, God, your inner wisdom or the Universe.

I like to invite in Archangel Michael, the protector, a powerful angelic being who carries a huge golden sword.

In my mind’s eye, I invite Michael to cut that cord for me.

You can welcome in Archangel Michael or any other being or presence who can cut cords on your behalf. Ask him to go down that list, slicing through those cords with ease.

Say to Michael or whatever presence you invite in: “I ask you to cut these cords now.”

When you do this, you’ll feel a sense of peace and a great deal of support. When you practice this meditation regularly, you’ll feel happier and healthier, like a weight has been lifted.

Try it out and trust in the process. This isn’t just a visualization — this is an energy shift that will support you in ways you can’t even imagine.

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