Cut the Cord: Practice the Cord-Cutting Meditation

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I want to share with you one of my favorite spiritual practices: the cord-cutting meditation!

Introduction to the cord-cutting meditation

You may know about this practice if you’ve been on a spiritual path for a while, or if you’re familiar with visualization meditations, you may know about this practice.

But even if it’s totally new to you, I promise you’ll love it once you try it!

Check out the video below and keep reading for a breakdown of cord cutting.

What are the benefits of the cord-cutting meditation?

Practicing the cord-cutting meditation regularly can completely heal you physically, repair you energetically, change your relationships and improve your overall well-being.

Why we need to cut the cords

One person's energetic shift has the power to create a ripple effect around the worldWhen you have some kind of attachment to another person, an energetic cord can form between you.

You can have energy cords connecting you to family members, lovers, friends, exes, coworkers and even people you’ve met briefly or don’t know personally at all (think celebrities). People can send you cords and you don’t even know it!

These energy cords can become a huge drag, particularly when they hold negative energy. If you have a cord attachment to someone you judge, resent or need to forgive, these cords can bring you down big time.

If there’s someone you’re hung up on or long to see again, like an ex, a former friend, a person you burned a bridge with or even a fling you still obsess over, then you almost certainly have an energetic cord keeping you tied to them. This attachment can feel like an immense weight and you don’t even know where it’s coming from!

You can cut cords with people you love, too

The cord-cutting meditation isn’t just for people who are no longer in your life or who you wish weren’t in your life. In fact, many of these energetic cords likely lead to people you care for very deeply.

By practicing this meditation you’re not cutting this person out of your life. You’re simply cutting the energetic cord that transmits negative energy.

You can even cut a cord that’s positive but feels too needy. For instance, maybe you have an awesome friendship but you know you depend a little too much on this person. Cut the cord and restore health and ease to the relationship!

How the cord-cutting meditation works

Angels surround me today and every day | Spirit Junkie App by Gabby BernsteinFor the practice of cord-cutting, you sit comfortably, close your eyes, slow your breathing and get into a meditative state.

Once you feel a sense of calmness come over you, you invite in any type of guide you believe in, whether that’s angels, God, your inner wisdom or the Universe.

I like to invite in Archangel Michael, the protector, a powerful angelic being who carries a huge golden sword.

In my mind’s eye, I invite Michael to cut that cord for me.

You can welcome in Archangel Michael or any other being or presence who can cut cords on your behalf. Ask him to go down that list, slicing through those cords with ease.

Say to Michael or whatever presence you invite in: “I ask you to cut these cords now.”

When you do this, you’ll feel a sense of peace and a great deal of support. When you practice this meditation regularly, you’ll feel happier and healthier, like a weight has been lifted.

You can get my guidance in this practice by signing up for my free Judgment Detox Mini Course. It includes a cord-cutting meditation.

This practice will heal you, serve you and change you in the most miraculous ways.

Try it out and trust in the process. This isn’t just a visualization — this is an energy shift that will support you in ways you can’t even imagine.

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  1. I recently heard of having a spiritual session with someone who can help you break these chords but I am unable to find a reliable source. Can you help me find someone that can assist me in cutting energetic chords?

  2. Just went through the meditation, my divorce came final today.My hands are pleasant ly warm, palms and finger tips tingly, a normal sign of free flowing chi, that has been my experience with my Tai chi and level one Reiki.

  3. Hello I am in need of healing in my relationship there is a third party ruining our relationship with thoughts and memories

  4. Hello. I have had kind of a back and forth thing with my twin flame for years. I was always ready while he would freak out everytime he got close. So I was not only picking up my energy but his negative as well. I love the man and of course didn’t want to lose him but I realized that negative energy was having a horrible effect on both our emotions. He still had things he needs to work on as far as his own emotional issues. In the meantime I realized I needed to sever that cord with the negativity. Gosh I wish I would have done it much sooner because man it really helped me. I can still feel him but I am able to recognize the difference and I can say ok this is not my emotions. It is helping me heal from the YEARS of soaking up that negative energy. I have had to repeat the process a few times ( literally 4 years worth of that up and down energy) but what a difference!

  5. I’m trying to cut my cords with my 1st love. I haven’t seen him for maybe 15 years, but I still dream of him (even last night!). We live on 2 different continents. He has a a family and 3 kids! How is this even possible? It disturbs my peace of mind, and it drags me back in the past, every time I dream of him. I find myself smiling every time I think of him, and I secretly wish to see him one more time. This is exhausting.

    1. mood! send help lols , i try to remember that that version of him only exists in my head. who he is in this very moment, might be different.

  6. How did you know I had cord that needs to be cut. I have been on a spiritual journey for it feels like the beginning of my life I remember past lives and they become foggy I have a lot of course I need to be cut I feel like I may be a Reincarnation of my grandmother Ruth.

  7. I just performed this the other day with my daughters father and the cord turned black (I heard the word magnesium) what does that mean? Also when I did it with my person he swatted my hand and then finally he allowed me to cut the cord only if I was holding him and telling him that I love him. What does that mean?

    1. thank you for your question, Charlye. We’re working on a new blog post which will answer this question, stay tuned!

      In the meantime, any time we’re unsure about how to interpret our guidance, we can always return to our spiritual practice for clarity. Prayer is the medium for asking and meditation is the medium for listening.


    1. Yes! Here is another post cutting the cord in our relationships that I think you will find helpful: /get-closure-past-relationship/. xoxo

  8. while practicing the meditation,I cannot cut the cord completely[seems hard] and it doesn’t dissolves , comes back full as soon as I stop the sword

  9. Hi!
    My current situation is a bit different than others I´ve read here, so I´d truly appreciate your guide here.
    After breaking up with my ex I moved out to live in another city, saying also goodbye to my little dog.
    I feel that I need to cut the cord with her as well as she is also suffering this separation.
    Would you give me any advice on how to do this?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Angel, you can also do the cord cutting meditation for you and your dog and then pray for her to live her best life. If this triggers feelings of grief and loss, here are some additional resources to check out:
      Jack Kornfield’s meditation for grief:
      Brad Yates video for tapping on loss & grief:
      The Tapping Solution (Nick Ortner)’s 52-minute audio lesson and EFT guidance on processing grief:

      I hope this helps.

  10. Hi! Question, how many times should or could I do a cutting cord meditation for a person? I am trying to energetically let go of an ex. I am ready to move forward, move on in every-way. I Have done this meditation 2 nights in a row. But I still feel some attachment there.
    Thank you!

    1. Great question, Alyssa. If the cord is really strong, you may want to make it a fourteen or thirty day practice. Let your intuition guide you. xoxo

  11. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for this article. Yesterday, I tried the cord cutting ceremony for an intense romantic relationship that I am/was in. I invited Archangel Michael to assist with his powerful sword. It was beautiful and I felt so much lighter afterwards. But today I feel exhausted and depleted. I know it’s not physical, this is spiritual. What could possibly be happening?

    1. Great question, Keisha. Sometimes when we work to create an energetic shift, we feel the effects in different ways. Depending on the wound and the work that we’re doing, we may feel energized and free or exhausted and depleted. You might find it helpful to do a light bath meditation, found here:, but if you continue to experience physical symptoms we always suggest that you consult your doctor. xoxo

  12. Gabby, Lovely article but I have a question :). I have mostly been cutting energetic chords with people in my past who carry very bad, negative, energy and I wish to have no energy connection with them. I have noticed that whenever I cut the chords with these people I will feel light-hearted, free, healthy, and wonderful afterwords. However! Days later I will notice that the people I have cut the chords with will without explanation come busting back through my door again in an attempt to get in contact me. Most of these people are friends I have not spoken to in ages! Even years!!! So I’m just wondering… What gives? I am completely ready to move forward in my life to a good place. But it is counterproductive to do this peaceful practice then have these people who like to manipulate and energetically dominate/feed off of others also come back in full strength. Aside from cutting all other contact with them – Do you have any suggestions on how I can energetically prevent them from coming back to me? Thank you kindly.

  13. I need help. I’ve been tryomg to cut the cord with my ex husband ( we were together for 30 years) but I haven’t been able to do it. He’s taking all,my energy.

  14. Hi I’ve started cutting cords with my ex boyfriend in hopes of getting him back. Will cutting cords cut him out of my life forever or help reconnect again?

    1. Great question, Nicole. The intention of the cord cutting meditation is to be release ourselves and others from thoughts, feelings, and expectations that we project onto them. When we cut these energetic cords and we allow the other person to be exactly who they are, (instead of who we want or need them to be), it is possible that they may then feel “free” to come back into your life. It sounds like you are on a lovely healing journey, so please be patient and gentle with the process. I think a recent blog posts on relationships will also serve and support you: xoxo

  15. Looking forward to trying this as my daughter is first year university and suffers anxiety. I have been dealing with her emotions and unable to separate myself . I live with depression and it has been very hard as I feel the low energy & take it on. As much as I love her I struggle keeping my mental health in tack.

  16. Hey ,

    So recently me and my ex broke up ,

    I thought he was handling it well but he hasn’t he’s been in a downward spiral ever since I’ve reached out and asked for us to be together again but with no response ..

    I do feel he is my soulmate and we will get back together

    I’ve been having the same dream about him for about week if not more different situations but in the end we sort everything out and get back together

    By cutting the cord is that cutting him out of my life completely or is that getting rid of the negative energy so we may stand a chance again?

    1. By practicing this meditation you’re not cutting this person out of your life. You’re simply cutting the energetic cord that transmits negative energy.

  17. Hello
    I’ve recently watched a video by Flora Sage that cord cutting is dangerous as it only cuts doesn’t remove completely and the cord will grow back even stronger so your forever repeating the same process
    She recommends to release cord attachments as this removes it completely.
    I am confused please help

    1. Hi Tia. Here’s an excerpt from my blog that I hope offers you some support and guidance:

      “You can welcome in Archangel Michael or any other being or presence who can cut cords on your behalf. Ask him to go down that list, slicing through those cords with ease.

      Say to Michael or whatever presence you invite in: “I ask you to cut these cords now.”

      When you do this, you’ll feel a sense of peace and a great deal of support. When you practice this meditation regularly, you’ll feel happier, healthier and lighter!” <3

  18. Gabby, this is so helpful! I had heard of but wasn’t familiar with Archangel Michael. I was looking up some info on him, and come to find out, he is the Angel assigned to my day of birth- Sunday! I just did this cord cutting meditation, calling for his aid, and felt such a comfort. The info also states that: “if your spiritual growth has been growing exponentially, if opportunities to grow are being put in front of you, or if your appetite for spiritual knowledge has increased, Michael is at work. “ Add to that last part- Michael is at work through Gabby. 🙂 Thank you for the referral to my Angel of Protection.

  19. I have recently left an emotionally abusive husband, but I still feel drawn to him because we had been together for 17 years-is this something that could help me move on in a healthier way, and not feel like wanting to contact him anymore?

    1. Thank you for this brave share, Cheryl. I deeply honor your path and your choice to take good care of yourself. Cord cutting is helpful in energetically letting go and moving forward.

  20. Hi Gabby
    I have a troublesome neighbour who keeps troubling me always by playing tv loud or causing other issues. I have lost peace of mind due to this. I have tried to explain to him in person abt the t.v. Noise and he just shouts back. There is no peace in my house because of this. All other neighbours too fear this person. Can I use cord cutting to get this person out of my life?

    1. The cord cutting meditation is a wonderful tool for you. Gabby recommends this meditation to help support how you interact with the situation. Notice how your energy changes, which will then shift how you view this person.

  21. What if when you try to cut the cord it fuses back during the meditation?. Like the cord is too strong to actually cut? Ive been dealing with an awful cord I have been dragging around with me for 5 years. The ex lover has moved past and I havent. I still think of him daily. He and his girlfried blocked me from social media but I still can google him and see his stuff. I havent had contact with him in a year. Why can I not move on?

    1. Jackie, thank you for showing up here and for your both brave and honest shares. My book Judgment Detox will serve you greatly. The 6 step process will support you in working through the judgment around the relationship and everyone involved, including yourself. There’s a lot coming up to be healed and this process will support you through it. My past blog post can help you get started: Sending you lots of love and healing. <3

  22. when i visualize the sword cutting the cord of a specific past lover the cord fuses again. Its like my brain will not LET GO of this cord for some reason and its very upsetting to me. I was wondering if maybe this is a cord I need to accept will always be there? I have no contact with this ex lover in fact he blocked me from social media even though I can just google him and his pictures of him and his new lover pop up. I am confused as to how this will actually help me move forward if everytime I try to do it I still feel the weight of the cord in my soul. Its so frustrating and I want to be free from this past relationship and all of the baggage that came with it. He hurt me but I also hurt him and i still havent forgived him or myself for what went down and its been over 5 years.



  23. Gabby,
    I cannot thank you enough. I feel like I have a real partner in turning my life around right now.
    I don’t remember how I found you…I can’t remember where this part of my life journey began even though it was only weeks ago. However, the change in me I am loving!
    Thanks for all that you do!


  24. Gabi, I am just reading the Judgement Detox book and I love it. It definitely inspires to follow the steps. I am on Step 5 and would like to do the meditations with your audio but cannot fine it anywhere on your site. Could you send me the link?

  25. I did my first cord cutting tonight and I am still in love with the person. Will this cord cutting make him not come
    Back to me or be out of my life or will the negative energy be gone?

    1. Cord cutting helps to release the negative or unhealthy energy between you and another person. It sets you free from that connection. We cannot control whether someone comes back to us. Cutting the cord will help you to surrender this outcome to the Universe. Know that you have a power far greater than you working on your behalf at all times. I recommend you try my practice of spiritual surrender for the next 40 days around this relationship. Turn it over and trust the Universe has your back.

  26. I can’t thank you enough for this today! I needed this, I needed to be released, with love. Love to those who have brought pain into my life, some so cruel it is so hard to forgive while still having to be around them and pretend all is well. To have other family members have expectations of you for others well being, not having care for mine. Some of old memories, that still bind my heart, actions others have taken, with carelessness that left me wondering why, why would they do such things without regard to another. I want so much to be free of them, and all the scars they have left on my soul. I did meditate, asking Archangel Micheal to take his sword and cut these cords, and it felt so wonderful! Calming, freeing, I wish them love, happiness, away from my experience, as I wish to surround my experiences with people who have genuine care for my soul. I will continue this process each day. Thank you Gabby for your love, guidance, helping us all to live a beautiful life.

  27. What if a cord comes back… bigger than ever? I am reading Judgement Detox and did cord cutting (on a recent ex) yesterday evening. I kid you not, within second of doing this the guy I’m currently dating texted 4 times and I thought phew, left the other one behind me. I wake up this morning and the cord is back, it’s all I can see when I close my eyes… bigger and stronger than ever. Done cord cutting before and this has never happened. What else do I need to do?

    1. Hi Fiona, I recommend you read Judgment Detox and apply the six steps of the practice to this relationship. The cord-cutting meditation is part of Step 5, along with five other meditations that build on each other. Practicing each meditation in order will help you greatly. You can also take my new online course, The Secret to Living a Better Life, which amplifies the Judgment Detox practices and brings them to life. I expect that the practices in the detox will bring you major relief. Xo

  28. As always the universe truly does have my back and I have stumbled upon this amazing meditation exactly a year later!
    I love, love, love you Gabby and all the work you do.
    Thank you for finding me time and time again.


  29. My fiancee of 3 years disappeared on me for the 3rd time. It has been 12 weeks since I have heard from him, and I am in so much pain. Although he has been very verbally abusive in the past and has not wanted to be there for me and my kids in practical ways (going to their football games, band concerts, etc- he is very annoyed at participating and only wants to work out and watch tv when he is off work), I still love him and am having a hard time with accepting him disappearing again. I have tried to be silent, but I find myself tryoing to reach him every few days. He completely ignores me.
    What do I do? Is there anything I can do?
    Also, should I tell him I forgive him and set him free in a letter, or text, or do I just try to stay silent and do it without vocalizing it?

    1. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. In life’s most challenging times I know it seems difficult to believe in a peaceful future, but please know there are many resources and people that can help you move through this period with hope, faith, and grace. If you fear for your physical or emotional safety, or for your children’s, please don’t hesitate to seek help from a qualified professional who can give you support. Please check out and this resource on emotional abuse.

      Your safety and the safety of your children is what is MOST important.

      When it comes to forgiveness and releasing your fiancé, what is most important is that you feel safe and free. You do not have to vocalize it to him, but if you feel called to speak your truth, you can do so in a voicemail or by sending a letter, only if you feel safe doing so. Please put your and your children’s emotional and physical safety above ALL ELSE. In the midst of an emotionally abusive and toxic relationship, it can be very difficult to see the freedom on the other side and to accept that the other person will not change unless they want to (and they may never want to, or be willing to).

      These other blogs and videos of mine can help you forgive, release and move on knowing that you are loved and supported by others and by the Universe. You may want to make the cord-cutting meditation a daily practice for the next 40 days.

      How to forgive someone
      How to tell the truth
      Cut the cord
      Showing up for your spiritual assignments
      How to heal trauma and accept yourself

  30. This is exactly what I need. I’m such a happy positive person and my partner whom I love to death absolutely drains me out with his negative energy. Need to cut this off so it does not drag me down anymore. Bless

  31. Interesting concept. Can an energy cord sometimes be good and positive? Someone current in your life that you love? OR – can it be negative in that you are too needy….but can you replace it with a cord of better energy? A more positive cord? I am pretty sure I create cords all the place with regularity! I kind of like the idea of being attached with a cord to those that I love. I want them to be good cords though. Is there a way to control this phenomenon? Thank you so much

    1. We have energetic attachments that are both positive bonds and dark, negative attachments. You can cut the dark cord and make space for a healthy relationship to develop in its place. If you have an attachment to someone that is not good for you, practice cutting the cord. You are in no way cutting off the possibility of forming a new bond. xx

  32. Working with complex trauma and families who find themselves in distress, I find it extremely helpful to cut cords at the end of the day. It allows me to not take ‘stuff’ home with me. Both clients and I get to leave what’s been released behind- turning it all over to a Power greater than me.

  33. Thank you, Gabby, that´s exactly what I´ve been looking for!
    Funny though that I need to cut the cord that ties me to a not-so-angelic Michael… ;D

  34. This is so strange, when I was younger I used to cord cut through visualization when I felt like I was figuratively drowning in someone else’s energy. I had this strange sense that there were cords of energy between other people and myself and some of these cords would be causing me a lot of pain and negativity so I would visualize cords of different colors attached to other people and cut them. I had no idea what I was doing then but I’m excited to see it actually is a practice and I wasn’t being a silly child. This article alone has taught me to have more faith in myself, the universe is guiding us all with loving hands. Thank you Gabby. I needed a few more pushes to stop doubting and denying myself the spiritual journey I’ve been desperately screaming for inside. Fear has definitely been playing a heavy hand in my day to day life but I’m willing to change that.

  35. Hello Gabby! thank you once again for great video!
    Can this be used for situation when you love someone who may love you back but ‘not in that way’? I do not want to cut the cord completely, i.e. as long as I live i want to be there for this person with my purest love for them, but I also want to be loved and happy, & so I beg universe for guidance and help (as it hurts damn a lot… )

  36. If lets say you dont feel that effect of cutting off person is complete yet, can you keep doing same meditation and keep cutting it until you feel its better?

  37. Do you think that the person on the other end feels you leaving their space? (This other person may or may not actually want this – so that’s why I am asking) Essentially, will they feel the pulling away – and possibly pull you back?

  38. I am on day 3, doing 30 days like you did. I bought and am using your guided Cord Cutting mediation. Should I use that one every day. I am still a newbie at meditating, but let me tell you, something happened the first time I did this on Dec 1. I was able to actually meditate so deeply that it felt like I was in a trance? I didn’t even hear the music end. When I came to, I had to immediately close my eyes and sleep. I actually set my alarm because I had to pick up kids at school in 8 minutes. But I had to sleep and I fell deep! And thank God the alarm was set because I was OUT. What is going on when that happens? I am so curious where was I in that state? And was is the power that is going on at that time? I do feel better, less emotionally attached. Thank you!

  39. Hi Gabby!
    I want to try this but I am still very new to the practice of Meditation. I’m wondering if it is realistic to practice a meditation like this even if you aren’t yet experienced with meditation. Thank you so much! xoxox

  40. Hi, Gabby,
    I LOVE the cord cutting meditation! It’s so appropriate! When are you coming back to Chicago? I saw you there with your previous book. We want you back here. Happy Thanksgiving!

  41. Hi Gabby. I have deep feelings for a guy who doesn’t want me.I have hurt him so I understand where he’s coming from but it’s a weighing feeling. I hate that he feels resentment towards me.I will practice this meditation and ask for help to let him go
    I love all ur advice. Ur an inspiration to me. Marianne in Ireland

  42. I have been in a divorce process that has gragged on for what feels like ages! I have been married for 21 years and my husband cheated on me three years ago, we have been separated for two years and three months.
    I need to let go of him and this woman he’s with. We are slowly arriving g to a settlement out of court. And I need to cut cords with three properties that my family and I have shared for many years.
    I must detach from these places where my three children have grown up, where we’ve had great times and sad times together. I need strength and peace.
    Thank you so much for this meditation, it is just helping me so much!

  43. HI Gabby I”ve been doing cord cutting on a daily basis for 5 years now. It’s life changing. Been able to forgive people and heal relationships through this. Haven’t found anything stronger than this.

  44. I have been doing this practice of cord cutting with Arch Angel Michael for as long as I can remember. I feel that it’s an important daily practice I invite in Arch Angel Michael and ask him to please cut cords to all people, places, and things that no longer serve my highest good
    Thank you for sharing you video dearest. Love and Light to you

  45. Hi! Is this the same Cord Cutting Meditation that you have as a single on iTunes? I was about to buy this new one and realized I already had the iTunes one and LOVE it.

    I’m also curious about how you do it for 30 days. Do you cut cords with different people each day? Or is it the same person for 30 days?

    Thank you for this! It was perfectly timed, per usual. 🙂

  46. I love this! Thank you! As an empath I am very sensitive to other people’s energt. I was woken up twice recently (out of the deepest sleep – scary!) by someone sending me very bad vibes. I invited Archangel Micahel in and instant peace. Thank you!

  47. Gabby.

    This was an amazing advice, specially coming from a light worker like you.

    Even if we don’t do the meditation practice you just taught, the message behind the message was powerful. You were explaining energetically what is defined by codependency, psychologically speaking, which is a very draining phenomenon.

    Thank you for the amazing tools you bring to the world, specially when they come full of truth and love.

    Blessings to you always,


  48. That is so powerful Gabby, I can feel it just from what you’ve written, thankyou. Possibly the strongest meditation you’ve mentioned in a long time. Will practice with undeniable faith. Looking forward to the lightness!! . xx

  49. Gabby, I am feeling a calling to work with my angels…angels in general, and I really don’t know much about them. This vlog, and its visuals, were exactly what I needed and in the perfect, Divine timing. Blessings to you.
    ~ I love the light orb on the table to your right…I always notice it. Do you know where I might find one?

  50. I first tried this recently. I really was finally able to forgive after carrying around resentment for about two years. Thank you for pointing out that we would benefit by practicing this regularly.

  51. Thank you, Gabby!!! Perfect, Divine Timing…I am going to a cord cutting/full moon release event tonight and this just gave me a jump start!! xoxoxo

  52. Thank you for posting this Gabby. I just wanted to say that this powerful practice can really be felt by the people who are on the other end of the cord-cutting. They will also feel a sense of release and feel more loving and energized as a result. Coincidentally, I have also been doing a form of cord-cutting for about a month and I already see a big difference in the people to whom I have been energetically attached. I truly wish them well and want to mend any misunderstandings or any mistakes that I have made – sometimes it is difficult to know how to apologize appropriately even though you desperately want to.
    Thank you for your wonderful post.

  53. Gabby, I heard you speak in Massachusetts yesterday. It was great to be inspired by yourself and many other people in the room. Your book came to me at the right and perfect time in my life.
    I have used this cord cutting in the past, and most recently to I have recognized what I truly want in my life through all of this. I can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration and guidance.
    I will continue to use the cord cutting over the next 30 days to be free of all that is weighing me down.

  54. Beautiful! Perfect timing! There is a past lover I need to cut the cord off! Looking forward to walking free! ❤️

  55. Will this also work for setting the other person free? I was/am so in love and needy with someone who does not want me and I am sure this hurt him too.. I want to (energetically) ask for forgiveness and set him free.. will this work?

  56. Thank you Gabby! I have been feeling the need to cut the cord on many situations and people that I am realizing that have been really toxic in my life. I´ve been sick, anxious, and having trouble sleeping and I am very ready to let that go. Thank you for your message and I´ll try the meditation!

    God bless!

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