You Are the Guru: An Introduction to My First Audible Original

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You Are the Guru by Gabrielle BernsteinI’m thrilled to share that my first Audible Original is now available! It’s called You Are the Guru: 6 Messages to Move You Through Difficult Times with Certainty and Faith. It’s exclusively available on Audible and free with Audible Plus membership or 30-day free trial!

In this blog post, I want to introduce you to You Are the Guru, its six messages, why I wrote it, and what it promises. Keep reading…

Introduction to You Are the Guru

Let’s start with a question.

Do you feel anxious or overwhelmed?

I can only imagine the answer is yes — and we don’t have to recount the hundreds of reasons why. When difficult things happen in the world, it’s normal to feel powerless, afraid, uncertain, or even frozen. We’ve tried to find a sense of security in leaders, institutions, and systems outside ourselves, only to realize it doesn’t exist. No wonder we feel anxious and overwhelmed!

But deep within all of us lie spiritual solutions.

That’s why you’re here.

Simply reading this blog post about You Are the Guru means you’re listening to your inner guidance system. It’s led you here for solutions beyond your logical mind — simple, reliable, spiritual solutions that will free you from fear and inner turmoil. Whether you’re having a moment of minor overwhelm or find yourself in a state of panic, you can turn to these spiritual solutions for support.

In order to show up for life and all its challenges, we must be able to regulate our nervous system, calm our mind, and trust our inner wisdom to give us clear direction. That’s why I created You Are the Guru — to teach you the six Messages you can use to guide yourself back to peace at any moment. Think “Messages” with a capital “M.”

Why I chose the 6 messages in You Are the Guru

These Messages are simple philosophies that are easy to remember and apply. They also have great power, much like the sutras found in ancient traditions.

Sutras are meant to be brief, easily memorized, and thought-provoking. They’ve been handed down from generation to generation as axioms to live by. When a person acknowledges a sutra by saying it out loud or repeating it in their mind, they can feel certain, secure, connected to truth, and oriented in the right direction.

In our time of mass distraction and information overload, the concept of the sutra is still as important as it was in ancient times. With so many conflicting opinions and stories hitting us all the time, we can become overwhelmed and have no idea what to do.

The simplicity of these Messages cuts through all the noise and gives us the confidence, clarity, and support we need to take action. Keeping it simple helps us establish new, positive ways of thinking and living.

The spiritual teachers Abraham-Hicks say a belief is just a thought we keep thinking. The thoughts we have on loop generate either positive or negative energy. As we repeat the thoughts, that energy gains momentum, and if it’s negative we can become overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty — and then we freeze. We become so horrified that we go into an immobilized state in which we don’t trust our intuition and get stuck in addictive behaviors, worry, and fear.

These Messages will unlock you in an instant. When you follow these Messages and choose to live by them, you will open up to your own spiritual connection, allowing your inner wisdom to come forward anytime you need it.

The Messages are modern-day sutras

Consider these six Messages in You Are the Guru to be your modern-day sutras. You’ll be able to memorize them fast and apply them in the moment. Anytime you feel stressed, uneasy, or unsure of what to do, you can repeat one of the Messages and come back to a place of calm, ease, and certainty. They’ll give you clear direction while strengthening your sense of purpose.

You Are the Guru quote, Love it the only response to an attack

Each Message also offers practical and spiritual ways you can put them into action in your daily life. You’ll no longer feel like you’re the victim of news stories, global events, or chaos. You’ll learn how to navigate through fear with faith and ease. These six Messages will be your lighthouse, guiding you safely home.

I can say with conviction that these Messages are necessary right now. My inbox is perpetually filling up with emails from readers and people in my community opening up about what worries them and holds them back. We’re all looking for clear direction and a sense of peace in the midst of uncertainty.

That’s why I collected these six Messages. They’re my personal tools, the ones I turn to whenever I need to reconnect with my inner guidance system and realign with love. It’s an honor to share them with you, and I invite you to join me on a journey of learning these Messages and applying them to your daily life.

Each Message builds upon the next, offering you a path toward inner peace and self-assurance. Let these Messages soothe you, support you, and inspire you. Listen now as I say each Message out loud to you and give you a sense of what you can expect.

You Are the Guru First Message: See through the lens of love.

This Message embodies the philosophy that what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. Simply put: This Message asks us to confront our ego and the ways in which we see through the lens of separation rather than love.

When we take responsibility for our thoughts, projections, and experiences, we strengthen compassion, heal separation, and better understand others. Most importantly, we dissolve the boundaries of separation with the truth of love that dwells within each of us.

You Are the Guru Second Message: Surrender to creative solutions.

This Message reminds us that while we experience challenges in life, we always have a choice: We can suffer through them or we can learn through them. When we live by the Second Message, we can perceive obstacles and difficulties as opportunities for spiritual growth and inner healing.

By tapping into our creative capacity to see our life through a spiritual lens, we feel empowered and attract solutions. Instead of trying to ignore or avoid challenges, we can surrender them and open up to creative solutions and endless support.

You Are the Guru Third Message: Inspired action clears the path.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in this era of rapid technological changes. The world moves faster than ever before. We’re constantly bombarded with unsettling news from across the globe. Instead of letting the energy of the times overload us, our work is to release that pressure with small, right actions.

We are being called to consciously grow, and in order to grow we must embrace change. We cannot stay stagnant—stuck in the past and scared of the future. We must make movement in the present with our inspired action.

You Are the Guru Fourth Message: In stillness we receive.

In order to navigate an uncertain and ever-changing world, we must have a spiritual practice. When we tune in to our intuitive mind through prayer and meditation, we establish an inner life that guides us in the outside world.

A rich inner life gives us clear direction, a sense of certainty, and faith. We can find solutions to our problems and live with more ease. When we make our inner life a priority through our meditative practice, we can feel a sense of peace we’ve never known before.

You Are the Guru Fifth Message: Compassion creates connection.

We cannot live with the mindset of “What’s in it for me?” In order to help humanity and the planet move forward, we must ask ourselves: “How can my actions benefit the whole?”

This is the time to focus on the collective consciousness and the whole, to challenge the ego’s desire to see others as separate and join in the spiritual union of oneness. When we let go of our judgments and see through the lens of compassion, we will thrive.

You Are the Guru Sixth Message: You are the guru.

The final Message inspires you to learn to rely on your own inner wisdom and strength. The greatest sense of certainty and inner peace doesn’t come from wholly depending on other people’s advice, opinions, and teachings — it comes from knowing that you are the guru.

You have the answers within you. Your willingness to turn inward and tap into your own intuition is enough to give you the clear direction you long for.

What It’s Like to Live the Messages of You Are the Guru

When you embody these six Messages in your day-to-day life, your entire worldview changes. You begin living with a positive perception of everyone and everything — a perception that is required of us now. I finished You Are the Guru in the midst of the COVID-19 chaos, which we’re still living. The world is in crisis and everyone is terrified. I’m spending hours each day responding to fearful posts and comments on my social feed.

Amid all the fear around public health, racial injustice, and the economy, I have maintained a steady sense of peace by living these Messages. Each day I practice the Messages and feel a sense of oneness, optimism, and faith in spiritual solutions.

Practicing the Messages builds up positive momentum in my thoughts and energy, thereby guiding me to more signs from the Universe that all is well. Synchronistic support floods into my consciousness daily.

You too can experience the world differently when you live the Messages. In any moment you can return to the Messages and be realigned with love, faith, and unshakable peace. Living these six Messages is the best way to feel safe in uncertain times.

Living these six Messages is the best way to feel safe in uncertain times.

When I live by the Messages, my life flows. The simplicity of the ideas and practices keeps me aligned with my spiritual connection. I can hear the voice of my inner guidance system. I can find solutions beyond my logical mind. I feel connected to all humans, and I easily release resentment and judgment.

Most importantly, I feel safe. I feel safe in the certainty of my spiritual connection. When things seem to be falling apart around us, there is only one place to turn: inward.

What you can expect when you live by the Messages

  • When you feel overwhelmed, you’ll have a quick and simple way to return to peace.
  • You’ll accept the power of your thoughts and energy.
  • You’ll feel a strong connection to others.
  • Whenever you feel lost, you’ll know exactly how to access clear direction from within.
  • You’ll embody an energy of safety, serenity, and calm no matter what is going on around you.

The biggest promise of all is that you’ll feel a deep connection to your purpose. You’ll have a greater understanding of the collective consciousness and how we all affect one another with our thoughts, energy, and actions.

With this new level of awareness, you’ll feel inspired to make a difference with the energy and thoughts you put out. You’ll take your actions more seriously, and you’ll understand on a gut level how important you are to the whole of humanity. You’ll embrace your true purpose, which is to have a positive impact on the world.

Why I’m teaching the Messages

You Are the Guru quote, I surrender to creative solutionsBy teaching the Messages, I’m responding to an inner call. I’m committed to carrying the Messages far and wide at a time when we need them most. I know we all long for a roadmap to navigate life, and each of these six Messages offers a simple path to find peace and solutions amid the turmoil. I have lived the Messages for years, and now I’ll teach you to live them too.

It’s time for us to wake up, rise up, and speak up. We must learn to let spirit move through us. We must release to a spiritual presence within our need to control and surrender. We must recognize our interconnectedness.

There is a gentler, softer way to live — a way of taking fearless action with peace and grace. The six Messages show us the way. In You Are the Guru, you will learn to awaken the teacher within and become your own guru.

You Are the Guru, my first Audible Original, is available now! It’s exclusively available on Audible and free with Audible Plus membership or 30-day free trial!

Attention, Miracle Members! On Thursday, September 17th at 1pm ET I’m leading a quarterly training on You are the Guru. This is the first time I’m breaking down the steps for a live training. Not a Miracle Member? Click here.

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