You Are Guided and Supported No Matter What

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I always trust in the direction of the Universe and know that I'm being guided | You are guidedIn this strange, difficult, unprecedented time we’re living in, so many of us are suffering. In these circumstances, it can be hard to remember that you are guided and supported.

I want to acknowledge that many people are suffering in serious and immediate ways — they’re coping with the loss of loved ones, they’re struggling with their own health, they no longer have an income.

I also want to acknowledge the millions of people going to work every day in hospitals, driving ambulances, stocking supermarket shelves, mopping floors, driving buses, keeping cities running, and doing countless other essential jobs, all in a stressful environment.

And no matter your circumstances, the fact is that anxiety, stress and overwhelm are at an all-time high.

We need our spiritual connection now more than ever

In these difficult times,  we need to tune in to our spiritual connection. Our faith is what gives us patience. It’s what gives us optimism and hope and helps us feel a sense of peace and safety no matter what.

I want to help you feel inspired and strengthen your spiritual connection, so in this blog post I’m sharing three videos to remind you that you are guided and supported.

You are guided and supported, now and always.

The full versions of these talks are all available as Gabby’s Greatest Hits videos in my Miracle Membership.

Now… press play on these videos and let them support you and inspire you right now. Because you are guided, now and always.

Finding gratitude in difficult times

(Miracle Members, you can watch the full video in your Membership portal — this is Gabby’s Greatest Hit from October 2018.)

We need to honor our wounds. Rumi said that the wound is the place where the light enters you. The wound is the place where the light enters you.

It’s safe to look at your wounds and call resistance by its name, which is fear. You can say, “I see you,” and you can witness your wounds, your fear, without judgment.

Rumi says the wound is the place where the light enters you.

This is massive. In the experience of witnessing your fear, you’re taking the first step to transcending it.

We can’t outrun fear, but we can look at it, acknowledge it and say, “It’s time to move on. It’s time to open up more, heal more and love more.”

There’s a beautiful message from A Course in Miracles teacher Ken Wapnick. He said, “We should be grateful for all the situations that make us the most uncomfortable because without them we would not know there is something unhealed in us.”

We should be grateful for all the situations that make us the most uncomfortable because without them we would not know there is something unhealed in us.

Right now we’re in an undeniably uncomfortable situation, to say the least. But you’re here, reading this blog post, because you’re willing to release resistance. You’re willing to feel your discomfort, honor your feelings and go bigger.

There’s a voice within you that says, “I’m ready to heal more. I’m ready to love more. I’m ready to learn more. I’m showing up. I want to be in that presence of my power. And in order to do that, I’ve got to be willing to look at the darkness.”

And so we have to be grateful for those wounds, because they present to us what is unhealed. The wound is the place where the light enters you.

Every moment is an opportunity to shift

(Miracle Members, you can watch the full video in your Membership portal — this is Gabby’s Greatest Hit from March 2015.)

Every moment is what A Course in Miracles calls a Holy Instant. It’s an opportunity to shift, to see things differently. It’s an opportunity to change your energy, change your perception, change your life.

We can and will make mistakes and detour into fear. This might be something you’re especially noticing now, some old behaviors and negative patterns coming back.

I’m not asking you to not screw up — I’m just asking you to experience those screw-ups differently. To meet those moments with a different vibe, a different energy, a different intention.

When you catch yourself in those moments, thinking, “I picked up that drink and I didn’t want to,” or “I started eating that meat and I didn’t want to,” or “I texted that guy and I didn’t want to,” in that moment — first and foremost — forgive yourself. Forgive yourself instantly.

Radical forgiveness, moment-to-moment forgiveness, is one of the greatest tools for living a miraculous life. Judging and attacking yourself only keeps you in the chaos. Forgiveness sets you free.

How do you do this? Forgiveness is an intention. It’s a desire. It’s is a choice. Your willingness to forgive yourself is all that’s required. In an instant you can say, “I choose to let this go right now. I choose to forgive myself. I choose to be okay with whatever just happened.”

Release your blocks and live a miraculous life

(Miracle Members, you can watch the full video in your Membership portal — this is Gabby’s Greatest Hit from May 2017.)

A Course in Miracles says,

There is a way of living in the world that is not here, although it seems to be. You do not change appearance, but you smile more frequently. Your forehead is serene and your eyes are soft.

When I first read that passage, all I could think was, “I want that. I need that. How do I get there?”

I stayed committed to that path and I stayed committed to that desire. I came to learn that you don’t actually get there. I came to learn that I already was there.

Through my journey inward, with the willingness to receive spiritual guidance, I came to understand that all I had to do was simply release the blocks to the presence of love that was already within me.

One day at a time I started unlearning and remembering. Unlearning the false perceptions of the world that I had chosen to believe in. Unlearning the stories of “I’m not good enough without that romantic partner,” or, “If I’m not struggling and suffering, I will not accomplish my goals.”

When we make a commitment to be on a spiritual path, however we get there, we all go on this same journey. We all say, “Yes, I’m ready to unlearn and remember. I’m ready to go deeper and go bigger. I’m ready to awaken to a presence far greater than me. I’m ready for a world beyond my physical sight.”

When you do this, you open the door. You are guided.

Add up the little right actions

The true miracle is having faith no matter what | You are guidedI remember about a year into my sober recovery, I was hanging out with this guy who’s a friend and a mentor of mine in my recovery group. He was about 20 years clean and he had a really groovy life. He had an amazing career, an awesome wife, a cool apartment.

But more importantly, he had this thing that I just couldn’t put my finger on. It was just this serenity and confidence. Nothing seemed to sway him. A sense of peace that just came over him.

I remember saying to him, “Joel, man, how did you get that chill? How did you become like that? How does your life get so big? How did your inner life become so strong?”

He looked at me like a good, wise sober friend and said, “Lots of little right actions.” One little right action at a time, he was chipping away at the false stories that he believed in. One moment at a time.

When he said that, I realized that this spiritual quest isn’t a one-time thing, an overnight success story. The journey inward is a daily gig. It’s a moment-to-moment gig.

When we’re on a spiritual path, we don’t just have one part of our day that is dedicated to our spiritual practice. Instead, we choose to live a spiritual life. We show up for life differently, committed to choosing again, forgiving our past, letting go of old stories, coming back to love.

That freedom is the most miraculous thing you could possibly imagine. My hope is that you have had moments of connection to that freedom, and that through your spiritual path you start to dwell in that freedom.

I want to help you commit to your spiritual path and feel free

I release the blocks to the presence of love | You are guidedI’m committed to showing up for you as much as possible right now.

In addition to the free resources I’ve been sharing on my blog and on social media, I decided to make my Miracle Membership more accessible at this time.

As a Miracle Member, you get on-demand content that helps you feel supported, safe and spiritually connected. (Including my full lecture videos, like the ones these clips come from.)

The hundreds of hours of content in the Miracle Membership also include guided meditations, my monthly podcast, deep-dive spiritual trainings and more.

Click here to become a Miracle Member!

Listen to my Positive Energy Meditation to feel uplifted

Finally, I want to leave you with my Positive Energy Meditation. Press play and give yourself permission to feel good with these affirmations.

I recorded this meditation to bring you hope and lift your spirit during difficult times, helping you feel safe. Remember, you are guided at all times.

Keep the meditation forever — download it free now.

Remember: You are guided

When I lean toward love I am led | You are guidedThe Universe will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. All the greatest healing I’ve experienced in my life has come from an experience that the Universe placed in front of me and not something that I made happen.

That’s the beauty of a spiritual path. When you surrender and allow the Universe to get to work, true healing is presented to you.

In every moment the Universe is conspiring to bring you toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love. It’s your choice to lean toward love or lean toward fear.

Spirit Junkies, I hope these videos support you, inspire you and remind you turn inward. And I hope they remind you that you are guided no matter what.

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    1. Great question, Julia. First and foremost it will help to become really familiar with the difference between the voice of your intuition and the voice of your ego. Here is a post to help with that: Second, having a daily practice (regularly turning inward and taking an honest inventory of what’s coming up for you) will help you to understand the difference. For example: or Finally, you can always turn to spirit and ask for clarity:

  1. I was so happy I came across you today,
    I had been searching for so long for someone to inspire me in my spiritual journey you have inspired me so much in just one day, I have come so far in understanding what it’s all about, I found your blog through Google but I truly believe I was sent here, I needed direction in so many ways you have truly helped me thankyou from my heart ❤️

    1. Wonderful, Bernadette. So glad that you were guided to Gabby’s work and that it resonates with you. Sending you big love! xoxo

  2. Gabby – Thank you for this message of love and freedom and choice! I so needed it this morning! I had listened to the meditation before today and saved it to a favorite. Lately, I have been struggling with fear based thoughts creeping in and not seeing the joy in each moment. When I was opening up my email this morning, this page opened up instead – I thought I may have hit it by accident but I know it was a sign for me to listen and be still! I feel so uplifted and empowered – I am free! Knowing the universe will for me what I cannot do myself!
    My super attractor card deck is the one that says “I am in awe of the magnificent guidance that is available to me”…. and I AM!! So grateful and appreciative of your intentions and purpose to be here for all of us! May you be infinitely blessed! XX Gina

    1. Love this, Gina! Sounds like you experienced a miracle moment and you received this email at the right and perfect time! So glad this practice resonates with you! xo

  3. I was on a flight to Mexico when I started your book The Universe Has Your Back, and as a test I chose a giraffe as my spirit animal. My thought was that there was no way that I would come across a giraffe in Mexico, but when we reached our destination the streets were lined with vendors, and almost every single one had stuffed giraffes on display! It was such an amazing aha moment for me! Thank you for the work you do! You are a gift.

  4. Hi Gaby,

    Thank you for being such a guide over the past couple of weeks.

    I was curious on when you talk about radical forgiveness. What exactly do you mean here?


    1. Great question, Govind. Radical forgiveness is the transformation that occurs when we choose to release a person, a situation, or even ourselves from resentment– even if it seems counterintuitive. It’s the realization that it is only in releasing someone/something from resentment that we set ourselves free. Here are some additional posts to check out:

  5. When I first started on this journey and your book, “The Universe has your Back” I saw a dragonfly flying around outside my balcony. Shortly afterwards, in the book you reference your medium whom uses dragonflies as their sign. Which is when you discovered your owl. I took this as my sign for the beginning of aligning with love, and my sign the dragonfly. That evening when I was birthday shopping for my mom I came across dragonfly jewelry which caused me to know for certain I was on the right path. This morning, I was listening to your audiobook “Super Attractor” and learning to let go and call on my spirit guides. I asked for a sign, and was lead to this blog through email with the very first image being a dragonfly. The point of this explanation is to let you know the profound influence and comfort I have found in your words and guidance and how the shift has begun to change my life in ways I didn’t know was possible. Everyday I feel I’m living in the present and from someone who has suffered from anxiety most of my adult life struggling on and off medication I can finally say I have found my ante dote and it was within me all a long. I am so excited and have a sense of eagerness and peace that has no limit and can’t wait to learn more and more. Thank you so much!

    1. Amazing, Ashley! I’m so glad that you’re feeling guided and supported. May you continue to receive signs from the universe and know that the universe has your back! Sending you big love! xoxo

  6. Thank you for this beautiful set of videos and the messages of love and hope at a time we need to remember them. I will look up the full videos on my Miracle Membership dashboard. Namaste.

    1. Wonderful, Elsie. So grateful the videos are serving you. Look forward to connecting with you within the Miracle Membership. xo

  7. First, I would just like to extend my deepest gratitude to you Gabby. Your messages and meditations are so profound and so inspiring. I also find that your voice is so beautiful, you have so much expression and joy and love when you speak. You are a ray of sunshine in these crazy times. I am truly grateful for all that you do. Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome, Barb! I’m so glad my messages and meditations resonate with you. Keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  8. Gabby I truly love & adore you. THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom & being such a bright light for me & my family right now. Listening to your positive energy meditation daily helps us tremendously. I even have my 7 1/2 year old listening. Truly, thank you. All is well

    1. Amazing! So glad the positive energy meditation is serving you and your family! Sending you big love. xo

  9. Gabby, your work has helped during this time. I listen to one or two meditations each day. Thank you!!!

  10. My dad passed away last week from alcoholism. I just started a new job. I’m in my first year of sobriety. Everything is going in circles. This meditation was so beautiful. I have the power to show up with serenity and grace and extend my love to the world. My heart and soul go out to anyone who is hurting or grieving. Thank you

    1. Hi Nicole,
      I’m deeply sorry for your loss and I want you to know that I’m holding you with a lot of love and compassion right now. So grateful that this meditation is serving you. May you continue to be guided to the right and perfect resources to support you during this time.
      You’re in my thoughts. Sending you much love.

  11. Thank you Gabby this is what needed to hear today. Trying to get back in alignment this has helped so much. ❤️ I surrender to a power greater then me:)

  12. I absolutely love your meditations, and that’s what gets me through this very trying times. My favourite mantra is “All is well” I have incorporated that mantra through everyday conversations with family and friends, and they kinda look at me with a little bit of hope. I share all your meditations, because like you, I’m trying to make a difference.
    Thanks for all that you do, because it has certainly helped me

  13. I love this positive energy meditation – I have listened to it several times. It brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I’m an RN working in the mother/baby unit of a hospital and take care of these scared mothers giving birth to their babies in this uncertain time. This feeling of “all is well” arms me in the best way when going to work. Thanks so much Gabby for your guidance and your light in this world!

    1. I deeply honor you for serving in this way, Lorraine. I’m so glad that the meditation and mantra are supporting you. Keep shining your bright light and may you be divinely protected during this time. xoxo

  14. I am 65 years old incest survivor who discovered you about 9 months ago. Since that time I have seen miracles in my life as I read your books and followed the teachings. I am deeply grateful for you.

    1. I’m glad my work resonates with you, Christine. May you continue to be guided and supported as you continue on your healing journey. xo

  15. “All is well.” My guides have been whispering this to me for the past few days. As a hospice nurse, I found myself holding my positive patient’s hand today and told her, “all is well.” As I took off my PPE at my car after leaving yet another nursing home infected w the virus, I reminded myself “all is well.” As I sat in my car, trying to decompress, I opened your latest email and listened to the meditation. “All is well” came flooding through the speakers. Thank you, dear Universe.

    1. Dana, first and foremost, I want to honor you for answering the call to serve in this way. May this mantra and meditation continue to support you during this time. Sending you big love and light. xoxo

  16. Bless you Gabby for your wisdom and sharing your journey to choose the profound love of the universe again and again, moment by moment. You are a beautiful light to the world. Cannot express my gratitude enough!!

  17. I was just listening to Universe Has Your Back and working on “I am willing to see Love” exercise. I got onto my email afterward and I love how the Universe does have my back!! I love it!! Thank You!!

  18. Thank you so much Gabby for all of your support!!!! You are such an inspiration to grow and love and open wide for all of the blessings and guidance from the Universe!!

  19. You are an Angel. I too am in recovery here in London 32 years now.
    God Bless You

    Hugs A
    Always a day at a time.

  20. I just want to take this moment to thank you for all the resources you have made available for us. You have changed my life in such beautiful ways and you are still showing up for us in these very trying times. Thank you for supporting us and being a light for us. I’m trying my best to live a good and connected life. <3

  21. Love your vibe Gabby. I too am in recovery and live the life you mentioned. It feels as if my practices and life style choices have prepared me to be helpful and supportive to many at this time. I get informed by the news for a few minutes so I am aware. Then I read and feed my mind body and soul with positive affirmations and meditation on healing words. I can not allow the current affairs to become thoughts I spend time ruminating In. I believe it’s my job to take care of myself so I can then assist others. Thank you for being a Chanel of Peace with the message of love.

    1. Congratulations, Bonnie. I want to honor you for doing all you can to show up for yourself in this way so that you can be of service to others. Keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  22. Thank you Gabby for your kind words your wisdom your trust in the universe, they will gide me. They will gide me to ask the universe for help, to ask for a sign. I need them so much right now. They give me strength.

  23. Thank you so much for this valuable video’s and beautiful meditation, Gabby dearest❣️
    I realize it sounds cliché but it was just what I needed. All is well. Just take little right actions, one moment at a time. I am ready to show up and be present. All is well.
    Love, Veerle

  24. Perfect timing to see this after I had emotional melt down because my devices crashed and I was struggling already due to the virus so I was lead to listening to a podcast from march 2018 and then came across to this blog post. Thank you Gabby bless you xx

    1. You’re welcome, Lori! So glad you came across this blog post at the right and perfect time! xo

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