How to Meditate Regularly (and Get Back on Track with Your Practice)

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Bessel van der Kolk quote | meditate regularlyAre you struggling to meditate lately? If so, you’re not alone. One of the most common comments I’m seeing is, “Gabby, I’m having a hard time meditating right now.”

Another one I’m getting a lot: “How do I meditate regularly when I don’t have my typical routine?”

I want to address this in a major way!

The other night I was watching a YouTube video of the trauma expert Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and he said, “We need to organize our interior lives because our exterior structure has disappeared.”

He went on to explain that what’s happening to us right now is that we’re in an immobilized state. In that state, trauma and fear can get stuck in our subconscious and in our bodies. We need daily rituals to move that energy and clear out our subconscious.

My meditation routine (and committed schedule) is what’s getting me through this time. And I’m actually feeling more centered than ever before.

I can see and feel the collective chaos in the world right now, so I’m responding with a clear direction for anyone who feels out of control and disconnected from meditation.

Whether you’re new to meditation or you’ve had a practice for years, it can be hard to commit to stillness when we’re in times of crisis.

But stillness is what we need most right now.

And as Dr. van der Kolk suggested, we need to make that meditative stillness and self-care routine our priority.

Are you struggling to create time to meditate?

Gabby Bernstein meditating | How to be more confidentBefore the global shutdown, there were all kinds of things going on in life to distract us from meditating — busy workdays, kids’ activities, hanging out with friends, going shopping, running errands, feeling rushed in the morning and so on.

Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, many stress factors are new or greatly amplified. Even if you have more time, you may be struggling to relax and use it well given all the anxiety and uncertainty of the times.

Meditation is one of the highest forms of self-care.

When I asked people why they were struggling to meditate, here were the most common responses…

  • I have no spare time now that my kids are home and I also have to work.
  • I have too much time and I have no idea how to structure my day.
  • I feel guilty because I’m sitting around doing nothing but I think I should be impactful with my time.
  • I’m extremely overwhelmed because I have to go to work at this time and I need a meditation practice but I can’t imagine how I’d fit it in.

I understand all of these concerns and I’m committed to helping you create the spiritual structure that you need to thrive right now.

Yes, you can thrive.

All you need is the desire to meditate and to follow the plan I made for you.

The benefits of regular meditation

I slow down and listen to the guidance that's available to me | Super Attractor card deckMeditating helps us relax, recalibrate and energize our minds and bodies. It gives us the divine opportunity to connect with our deepest selves and realign with the flow of the Universe.

It also gives us the gift of being present.

Meditation helps us become better at dealing with all that stress and finding peace. The more you meditate, the better you are at accessing that feeling of peace and grounding all throughout the day, not just when you’re on your meditation cushion.

That means that even in the most difficult times, you can feel calmer and more centered.

Meditation is one of the highest forms of self-care. We don’t meditate because someone is making us. It’s not an assignment or a chore. It’s a privilege.

Let me be your guide.

How to meditate regularly

If you’ve fallen off with your meditation practice, just follow these three steps to get back on track!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve gone days or months (or years) without meditating. You can change the pattern today.

Step 1: Ask yourself, ‘How do I want to feel?’

Revisit all those amazing benefits I listed above! When we take a little time each day (even just a few minutes) to quiet our mind, the rewards are massive.

Not only does meditating make you feel physically better, but it also gets you into alignment with the Universe. Your energy is elevated, you feel supported and you allow intuitive guidance to flow.

So if you find yourself resisting the idea of meditating, pause for just a moment. Ask yourself how you want to feel and connect with your desire. Whatever it is, meditation will clear the path.

Step 2: Forgive yourself for falling off track

Forgiveness is a constant releasing of resistance | Judgment DetoxDo you tend to beat yourself up when you don’t meditate? Do you think something like, “I’m such a slacker. What is wrong with me? How can I call myself a spiritual person if I can’t even meditate regularly?”

Stop that spiral. When you fall off track with meditating regularly, forgive yourself immediately.

Let’s just accept that we always fall off, even if it’s just for a few hours or a day. If you get into that story of, “I suck, I can’t believe I fell off again, I’m not good enough,” then you won’t get back on.

So just forgive yourself right away and remember that you can get back into meditating regularly at any moment of any day.

Step 3: Meditate!

Meditation Challenge by Gabby Bernstein

I want to support you in your commitment to meditate regularly. That’s why I created my first-ever Meditation Challenge.

During this 21-day challenge, I give you a simple, structured, daily practice that will get you excited about meditation and make it easy for you to apply.

I’ve laid out the plan for you and I’ll guide you every step of the way. You don’t need to overthink it. You don’t need to be the perfect meditator. And it doesn’t matter whether you have an established practice or you’re a complete beginner.

The challenge is currently closed but will open again soon. Get on the waitlist now!

Just start

In stillness I receiveIf you want to meditate regularly and reap the benefits of this practice, don’t give up when you fall off track. Don’t make excuses or beat yourself up. Just get back on!

Once you do, you’ll feel instant relief.

Even five minutes of meditation in the morning can recalibrate your mind and energy for the rest of the day. Meditation is the way we reconnect to the loving nature within us.

Through meditation we slow down our mind and reorganize our energy, which clears space for our inner guidance system to function. But we have to slow down to tune in.

I hope this post serves you and helps you commit to meditating! You deserve to feel good no matter what’s going on in the world. Meditation clears the path.

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  1. conocí una psicóloga MADELIN y me guio como era la vida verdadera y me dio de regalo el libro por ser muy juiciosa el Universo te cubre las espaldas dé GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN , siento que mi vida esta cambiando y guao que sorpresa cuando recibo el correo de la persona que verdaderamente quería también darle las gracias .

  2. Hi Gabby !! You are AMAZING !! I want to start meditating but I do not know what to do ? Say, think, chant or listen to ? I need help starting

  3. I began a meditation practice years ago, and went astray. The Pandemic and the accompanying anxiety brought me back to the practice. Then, my daughter introduced me to Gabby. I now have 3 books, signed up for meditation challenge, and intend to follow my spiritual path going forward. Gabby, such important work you are doing! My dream is to attend one of your workshops (in Eastern Canada, just sayin’), when circumstances permit. Thank you.

    1. Amazing, Myrna! Thanks for sharing your miracle moment with us! I hope the challenge serves you! xo

    1. Amazing, Marta. If you’re hoping to return to your meditation practice, you might find the 21-Day Meditation Challenge helpful! With the help of Gabby’s structured teachings and the support of the Meditation Challenge community, you’ll love your meditation practice and stick to it! xoxo

  4. I really need these tips for getting back and track and forgiving myself for not meditating right now. I can’t wait for the challenge to begin and to be guided. Thank you for sharing this Gabby xx

  5. I have had the desire to start meditating again. Have been feeling lost on where to begin. I’m looking forward to your guidance and having q plan to follow. Thank you Gabby!

  6. Dear Gabby,
    I really loved your morning end evening meditation (I found it on spotify and now it is gone ) from which album is it so I can buy it?

    Best regards!
    Juliette from Amsterdam

  7. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for the video, yes it is me…. I fall off many times and climb up again. My biggest problem is not knowing which meditation to choose, so I end up searching the web and spending less time on meditation. So my question is… which meditation do you recommend for the next 40 days. I feel really out of allignment with the Universe at the moment and the road is a bit rough for me now…

    Hope to hear from you.

    Love Marjolijn

  8. HI Gabby fell of meditation ,my boss made me feel crap and very thing gone with my job ,relationships gone wrong ,put in new got ,my old boss not happy knock my confince ,love chantel xx x my boss left me in charge all went wrong .so ask new boss need suport in paper work ,training so why feel bad
    leaving old job .blessings

  9. Love this Gabby. Especially the part about not beating yourself up if you miss a meditation. I do Vedic meditation and sometimes I miss my second one for the day… And then, without fail I say to myself ‘why am I so tired and irritable tonight?”. That’s when I pick up my phone and schedule my meditations for the next day. Thanks for spreading the light and love Gabby!

  10. I have gotten into a meditation practice for the first time with consistency. I do it first thing in the am. I now know I can’t start my day until it’s done, so I make sure to do it right away!

    I often ask my clients when they share with me how stressed or anxious they are if they are meditating. The answer is always no! When we do meditate regularly, everything feels easier and lighter.

    Currently loving the HeadSpace app. Lots of great medications and series within it.

  11. Thank you for this, Gabby! Always at the exact time it is needed is when I receive your amazing vlogs in my email! I do feel I’ve gotten off the wagon- I get stuck on what’s the “right” meditation, what’s the best time, do I lay or sit– took many rules and then I find myself not doing it! And at the same time, I really resist structure as I feel it takes away my freedom… Wow that actually just answered part of my question! My belief system… Shifting my belief that having a structured daily practice actually GIVES me more of the emotional freedom I am seeking! Any suggestions on my rules? I would really love to enjoy meditating and actually want to do it! It is a privilege… Thank you in advance!

  12. Gabby, I feel like you were talking directly to me. I have being putting others before myself lately and am now paying that price. Thank you for the reminder that I need to forgive myself and go again!

  13. Sat nam!

    When it comes to my Kundalini Yoga Sadhana I don’t have that issue. However, I go through a program right now and boy ! It is the same thing I know. As a teacher of k.y. myself I would like your suggestion as to which Kriya from either the master class or may cause miracles /finally full / etc to use to manifesting results. Thank you for your time!

  14. Thank you so much for this video! Exactly at the right time for me. I’ve been doing transcendantale meditation for about a year now (you insipred me to start this meditation with a video you made talking about the benefits of this meditation, yes it is truly magical!), but I usually get off the wagon on the weekends where I feel sluggish and don’t feel like taking care of myself as much (kinda like if I’m lacking discipline). So yes I need to forgive myself and accept that I’m not perfect, that’s really a hard one for me. Thanks again!

  15. I have been enjoying your Manifesting Love meditation. And coincidentally I’m trying to stick to that one for the time being. Thank you 🙂

  16. Good message! I love guided meditations by The Honest Guys on YouTube, esp Blissful Deep Relaxation! I try to listen and relax daily in the middle of the day when I need a lift. Try it!

  17. My first intuitive thought was to go through the add more -ing and do the 30 day practice of the meditations in that book! Looking forward to it – I’ve read all your books and that one is still my favorite.

  18. Hi Gabby,

    Spot on advice and perfect timing as usual. I have neglected my meditation recently as I have a lot of upheaval in my life. I’m feeling so stressed out!!

    I’ll be doing ‘Peace begins with me’ at my desk after posting this and then hitting my meditation pillow tonight.

    Happy Monday from a very sunny England! Sat nam, Catherine x

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