Let Yourself Off the Hook This Valentine’s Day

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I choose love no matter what | The Universe Has Your Back card deckValentine’s Day is coming up! For many people it’s an exciting holiday, but for others it’s a source of dread.

There are so many expectations for Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, there can be all kinds of drama around it. In a new relationship? Drama! In a relationship for years? Still a good chance for drama!

So how do we deal with all this madness? I’ve worked out your best Valentine’s Day plans ever.

Make Valentine’s Day about self-care and self-love

I want to take the focus off Valentine’s Day and put it onto you! Instead of getting tripped up about romance and relationships and what we think things should look like on this one day, I have a new idea…

Make Valentine’s Day about your self-care and self-love.

Pretty awesome, right?

Devoting Valentine’s Day to your spiritual practices and nurturing yourself takes the pressure off. Instead of freaking out about being single, you can bask in the amazing experience of treating yourself with love.

Watch the video and keep reading for my breakdown…

Activate an energy of self-love on Valentine’s Day

Make a commitment that your Valentine’s Day is going to be all about you! Write yourself a letter. Send yourself some flowers. Make yourself a beautiful meal. Go get a massage or give yourself a foot massage. Just do something that’s very gentle and loving towards yourself.

Nurture yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Our commitment to ourselves is something we often forget. We forget to nurture ourselves, support ourselves and love ourselves. Let’s use this holiday as an opportunity to activate that energy. If you enjoy it, bring it into every day of your life — because those moments of self-care are what keep us consistent on our spiritual path.

If you’re someone who hates Valentine’s Day, this is a great way to reignite the love. When we focus on nurturing ourselves, we activate a feeling of self-love, compassion and generosity. That’s an energy that’s quite sexy. If you’re in a relationship, your partner will pick up on those vibes and feel really good in your presence. And if you’re single, this energy only magnifies your attractiveness!

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  1. LOVE! I said to myself in gym today…TODAY is IM GONNA LOVE ME DAY AND LET IT SPREAD FROM THERE…not ez for me…but i felt alive in that!! to me eery day should be a B LOVE day xoxox

  2. Perfect divine timing! I broke up with my ex after new year’s and it was horrible and it has been hard to find forgiveness but I know I need to work on loving myself more.

  3. Gabby, I love you because you helped open my eyes to so much. I am interested in the kundalini teacher training and wanted to speak with you about your experience as well as schools, etc. Can we connect at all? My story is very much like yours, but I’m at the part where you were called to be a mentor and kundalini teacher. Looking forWard to hearing from you. I know you are busy. .. you are the best of the best!! I’m grateful you found me.

  4. I am single and today I spend Valentine’s Day at a Kundalini Yoga Workshop. It was all about “Living with a Open Heart” it was Divine. I couldn’t have spend it doing anything better. Sat Nam <3

  5. Gabby, I’ve got an unrelated question. How can we live fearless and free, surrender to the universe, and not be controlling of the outcome of a situation if we have used a psychic medium that has told us where we are being directed/ what is in store. In my case, I am single and fairly young. A medium whom I trust, told me I will be getting married in two years time. It’s hard to let that go and be open to all situations when I have this in my mind. For example, I find myself writing situations off because they don’t seem to lead to marriage (ie. writing off guys who don’t want to get married until they are much older). I don’t even want to get married in 2 years! That isn’t my desired outcome, but I am so fixated on what the medium told me and it is really messing with my head!!

  6. Focusing on Love is so important and blessing the Day I discovered you, dear Gabby. Am a 40 year old French fashionista looking for spirituality on Corsica Island. It all started à ces months ago with Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and it reached a peak last week with the best encounter in my Life : you !!! Never slept that peacefully and never had such a feeling that I could at last BE who I was and believe in being the LIGHT .. Lately miracles have started to happen:am on the verge of fulfilling the dream of my Life which is … to be officially recognized as an English teacher and share my Love of this beautiful langage with students… And who knows I chérish the other dream of helping people by encouraging them to become the LIGHT as well…
    Have to confess that you were truly STUNNING in Wanderlust and you made me cry today…. Tears of joy as I watched such a beautiful SOUL on stage, you are an angel and such an inspiration that I feel blessed to have met you !!

  7. Hi Gabby , since I’m watching your videos and Redding your book I feel a little bit different! I can’t wait to see you in May . Happy Valentines Day .

  8. Hi Gabby, thank you for this! I dread Valentine’s Day…I have a beautiful husband (new husband!) and was dreading our first Valentine’s day together because I was sure I was going to be let down. I tend to imagine all these wonderful things, which people never deliver, place all this expectation around this day and it’s never as great as I imagine. I hope this tool will help relieve some of the craaaaazy expectation.
    Verity xx

  9. Thanks Gabby that was a perfect post . Vday will be my day and I’ll share these thoughts with my hubby and children . It’s not always about all that material stuff !!

  10. You nailed it Gab!! Thank you for your commitment to the work and with sharing your amazing tools for taking the pressure off. xoxo

  11. Hi Gabby,
    I love this video! Last year was my first “single” Valentine’s Day after getting out of 5 year relationship and ended up doing a lot of things you mentioned in this video (making the day about loving yourself) to distract myself from my new single status. I ended up making a few new Valentine’s Day traditions and watching this video was a great reminder to keep it up this year!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  12. Since Gabby is promoting it, has anyone actually taken B-School before? And would you recommend it? I’m on the fence, but I can’t seem to find any non-affilate reviews out there that are positive. I’m just wondering. Thanks!!

  13. Love this message of “self love”. And it’s just what I needed to hear to reaffirm where I am on my path. Thank you, Gabby!

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