How to Handle Uncertainty and Feelings of Helplessness

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Let’s take a moment to think about the concept of choice. These days we obviously have been given a reality that feels like there’s not much choice, right? We have to stay home. We have to follow the rules out of respect for everybody else. We have to be mindful of our community and the world around us.

It’s easy to feel powerless, given the circumstances we’re living in. We feel powerless over the political issues that are playing out in the world. We feel helpless in the midst of the global pandemic and the daily terrors we experience through our newsfeed.

But even with all this, we have the power to choose our own perspective on our circumstances. We can choose to show up every day looking for solutions rather than problems. We can choose to turn off the news. We can choose to be mindful and conscious of how our actions affect others.

This is a time when we want to really become aware of the ways we’re stuck in our feelings of helplessness. So I want to share with you the methods I’ve used to reclaim my inner power when the outer world is unsteady. 


I recorded a video early in the lockdown that I recently watched again. It remains just as relevant now. In it, I share a story of how even during the greatest uncertainty we can lean into love. 

When you’re faced with challenges, know that there is a plan beyond your own. Allow yourself to feel supported and guided, and know that you’re making a major contribution to the world by choosing to live in the light. 

Each time you lift the veil and step into the light, the world shines brighter. Let your fear be your guide back to love, and make love your priority. Believe in the Universe and follow the guidance you receive. 

Watch the video here for more ways you can shift your energy right now.


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When you begin to pay attention to how your thoughts and words affect your energy, you can start to see how that energy affects every corner of your life. 

Your energy is really your greatest source of power. 

One way to be sure you’re conscious of how you feel is to pay attention to your interactions with others. Remember that we are all vibrational beings, so it’s easy to pick up what other people are putting out. You may not even realize that someone has an energetic hold on you. But you can become much more aware of the way other people’s energy affects you. Energy Flows Gabby Bernstein card deck

Pay attention to how you feel around certain people and do your part to be conscious of your own energy when you’re with them. You don’t have to shun or judge people for having low vibes. Instead, choose to create clear boundaries, ask to change the subject of a conversation, or even politely remove yourself from a situation that’s lowering your vibrational energy. 

It’s your responsibility to take care of your energy, but remember that other people’s energy is not your responsibility. You are not responsible for other people’s happiness. Every individual has the power to shift their own life; you can’t do it for them.


In this video I share two Japanese healing modalities that will help balance your body, mind and spirit. The moment you feel anxiety, turn to these for a sensation of energy flow and relaxation. Watch here to learn how to practice these techniques.


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When you become humble enough to truly ask the Universe for support, you will get it. But you have to stay committed to asking. 

Each month in my Miracle Membership, I remind you to ask the Universe for help through prayer and listen for guidance through meditation. Daily prayer and meditation give you the opportunity to create a shift in your life. 

Gabby Bernstein in church

If you’re new to prayer or would like a small, simple way to make it a daily habit, I love the practice of creating a Universe Box.

It’s super simple. Find a box (maybe it’s a shoebox that you decorate or a jewelry box that you love), label it “Universe Box,” and each day for 30 days, put a devotional prayer in it. You can write something like, “Thank you, Universe, for helping me stop eating unhealthy foods.” Or, “Thank you, Universe, for helping me change my patterns of talking about other people.” Or, “Thank you, Universe, for helping me to release judgment.” Write a clear statement, and trust that it’s being received.

This may sound like a sweet little trick, but it’s actually quite profound. The action of writing down your desire and putting it in the box is an offering and a way to start forming a habit of asking for help. 


There’s an exercise in my book Judgment Detox that is actually something I’ve been doing for a long time—and it truly makes an impact. This practice is really fun because you can feel your energy and mood shift the moment you activate it.

All you do is silently say this prayer throughout the day: The light in you is all I see.

Saying this prayer instantly shifts your perspective. Each time you say it, you begin to see the world differently.

Here’s how it works: Go about your day paying attention to the thoughts you have about others. Notice whenever you make a judgment. At the moment you witness your judgmental nature, say your prayer: The light in you is all I see.

The simple truth is that it just feels better to be accepting and compassionate. It feels empowering to see love wherever you are. When you consciously choose to see the light in others, you allow the stream of well-being to flow. In the absence of judgment, all that’s left is love.


In my book Super Attractor, I write about how your good-feeling vibrations lead to positive experiences. The more you accept that and even begin to expect it, the more positivity you put into your life and the more supported you will feel. These positive expectations will give you a sense of freedom and ease in all your day-to-day experiences. 

Your Purpose is to be the light

For instance, suppose you have a falling out with a friend. You may be tempted to find an immediate solution by fighting back or trying to fix the issue. But instead you can follow this guidance from Abraham-Hicks and seek relief instead of solutions. When you seek relief, you achieve a good-feeling vibration, and soon the solution will be presented to you.

How do you seek relief? 

You can do this by praying (think: The light in you is all I see prayer), repeating a positive affirmation, or even distracting yourself with any activity that brings you joy. You have the power to redirect your focus away from the need to find a solution. Sometimes I even ask myself, “Would I rather be right or happy?” This question always helps me return to the truth of what I want and need to feel good. 

When you make happiness your priority over being right and seeking solutions, you can instantly return to an energy of ease. Try this every time you’re tempted to fix a situation; look for relief instead. The moment you find relief, solutions will find you.

Be conscious of what you’re putting out into the world. You can be a big part of the solution by not seeking solutions, but seeking relief.


Cat Meme Be in Moment
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This year, I want all of us to take more moments to just breathe. We’re constantly in a forward-focused mode of thinking: “What am I getting done? Where am I going? How am I going to get there? What’s happening?” 

All that future-tripping blocks your capacity to change in the moment. If you notice yourself stuck in fear of the past or fear of the future, revisit this video. This practice of holding your heart and breathing will always guide you back to the present moment. The more you dwell in the present moment, the more you shift on an energetic level—and that’s when helplessness melts away.

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