Turning Fear into Faith: My Interview with Lewis Howes

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In honor of The Universe Has Your Back being released in paperback, I’ve updated this post with more resources.

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby BernsteinMy book The Universe Has Your Back is now out in paperback in the U.S. and Canada, and it includes the introduction to my next book, Super Attractor!

The Universe Has Your Back has served over a half a million readers, and I’m so excited that it will now reach even more people.

My interview with Lewis Howes on how to heal fear

In this post I’m sharing one of my most vulnerable and honest interviews.  While I was on my book tour in late 2016, I stopped by my friend Lewis Howes’s studio for an interview on his School of Greatness podcast. I talked with Lewis about the core message of the book: turning fear into faith.

In our conversation I talk openly about what I experienced while writing The Universe Has Your Back and how the book healed me from trauma and fear.

Enjoy my interview with Lewis. (You can also stream or download the audio on iTunes, Stitcher, etc. This is episode 391.) Below the video is a partial, edited transcript of our conversation focused on healing fear.

An edited transcript of my interview with Lewis Howes

Trauma and recovery

Tweet: When you say yes to healing, the healing is presented to you in very profound ways that you could never imagine. @gabbybernstein #theuniversehasyourback

Lewis: You’ve already written a couple of bestsellers. Why did you want to write another book about fear?

Gabby: I used to think that I wrote my books for my readers. This time, I believe I wrote this book for myself. I wrote it during the worst year of my life. During that year, I didn’t realize it, but I was hitting a major bottom, a bigger bottom than when I got sober 11 years ago.

How did you hit rock bottom more than being an addict?

There were hidden parts of my shadow that needed to come forward and memories I didn’t know. I spent a year cracking into that place of remembering what I needed to unearth so that I could be free.

I wrote this book while I was going through that bottom. So in the midst of breaking down and picking myself up, I had to write. I had a publishing deal, a word count, a deadline.

The process of writing the book healed me. When you’re called and committed to writing a book on love and the Universe and connection to a higher power, there’s no other choice but to be in the daily remembrance of what is real to you.

That was my experience of writing this book. While I was going through the toughest time, it also was the remedy.

What was it you were holding on to or rejecting or afraid of?

Gabby Bernstein at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco for the launch of 'The Universe Has Your Back'I had been going through what I now know was the process of cracking into a traumatic memory, and ultimately, that memory was the reason I was a drug addict in the first place 11 years ago.

It was something that I’d shut away for 30 years. While I was writing this book, a lot of the ways that I controlled my life and kept things in order so that I wouldn’t have to remember that trauma started to be taken from me.

My husband left his job to come work with me. It created this feeling of, “Oh my God. I’ve got to let go of the rope.” Wanting to have a baby, I realized, “Wow, I’ve really got to let go of control there.”

These monumental shifts in my life created this breaking point for me. And so month after month I was cracking open to something I didn’t know, and it was horrifying.

The month that I submitted this book was when the memory came in. So in the editing process, I used the book through this very raw, scary, horrific time. The book healed me again.

What came up for you then? Are you allowed to share?

True healing occurs when I give myself permission to feel whatever feelings live below the triggers. | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckOf course. The memory was one of childhood sexual abuse. And I didn’t have any recollection of it at all. Over the years, many psychics and mediums had said to me, “What happened to you when you were 6 years old, Gabby?”

I had been asked that many, many times in my life. “There’s trauma, there’s fear from 6 years old,” they’d say. And I would be like, “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. What the hell are you talking about?” Because I had no idea.

And if anyone out there has had the remembrance of trauma, it’s horrifying because you go back into the memory. You go back into the time, and your whole body constricts.

Thankfully, I was in therapy when I remembered it, and thankfully I have this world that we live and work in that is filled with the greatest trauma therapists, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioners, EMDR people, Somatic Experiencing experts and all the people that can serve me.

The practice that helped me overcome work addiction

This is the first time I’ve been around you that I’ve actually seen you calm.

It’s the first time I am calm.

When I was in this early recovery from trauma, I noticed I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

I’d wake up in the morning, feel really depressed and walk up to my office. I’d sit down to the computer and start working. I realized this was my way of numbing out. And so while I had put down the drink and the drug and had been clean for 11 years, I was…

You were on the go constantly.

My drive, my work, create, create, create, while it was funneled into something that was serving the world greatly… it was killing me. I was addicted to work, which is something no one talks about.

In fact, we’re praised for it. People say, “Oh, you work so hard. You do everything. You do so much.” And you’re proud of your accomplishments, sure, but at what cost? Your relationships, your physical presence, your capacity to be with someone, connected in some way.

You’re still pretty driven.

Gabby BernsteinWell, it’s amazing. I haven’t lost any drive, but I have let go of the control, and I let people help me. I let my husband step in and run my business in the most beautiful way, and I just got out of the way.

I had this affirmation that I was using throughout the year when I was falling apart. The affirmation was something that I wanted. I wasn’t there yet, but I wanted it. And so I would say out loud in the mirror or walking around, “Everything is happening around me and I am truly taken care of.”

I had one area of my life where I felt like that affirmation was true. I have an event planner named Anette, and even at the time when I wasn’t letting people help me, I let her help me. I would think about what it felt like with Anette, because it was the one reference that I had.

I would use the affirmation, feeling the feeling of what it felt like to do an event with Anette. And then four or five months into my trauma healing, all of a sudden I was looking at my life and I realized my affirmation had manifested. Everything is happening around me and I am truly taken care of.

Transforming fear to faith

What’s the first step to overcoming fear or transforming fear?

When I lean toward love I am led. | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckWitness it. Be the nonjudgmental witness of it. Look at it and say, “Something’s got to give.” If you don’t show up for what’s up, it will keep coming up. So witness your resistance. Fear is the resistance to what you desire.

In the absence of resistance, you become a magnet for what you desire. When you let go of that fear, that’s when you start to become a Super Attractor. That’s when you start to let what is truly of service for you into your life, when you let true happiness into your life.

And even if you don’t have the tools yet, when you look at the fear and you’re like, “Oh, I see this fear. I see this resistance. I see how it’s blocking my life, and I choose to see it differently,” you’re led to the guidance you need.

You crack open your consciousness to find solutions rather than find problems. When you’re not looking at the fear, you’re just living in the fear and believing in the problem. But when you witness the fear and you’re willing to see it differently, you start living in the solution.

So it’s acknowledging that you’re experiencing the fear […] not beating yourself up, saying, “I’m such a loser.”

Gabby Bernstein and Lewis Howes
Photo courtesy of Lewis Howes

No, be proud of yourself for looking at it. Look at the fear without any more judgment. Then start using an affirmation or a prayer such as, “I’m willing to see this differently. Show me what to do.”

That’s when you’re going to be led to the book, the author, the yoga teacher or therapist or whatever it is that you need to transcend that fear. That’s when a book like yours falls off the shelf.

I believe that the Universe works through people, so when you say yes to healing, the healing is presented to you in very profound ways that you could never imagine, and it comes through because you open up your awareness for it.

That’s powerful. Is there anything you have yet to heal?

My faith has the power to turn trauma into healing, conflict into growth, and fear into love. | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckI’m still healing this trauma stuff. I’m in such early recovery, and while I’m out of the weeds, I’ve got stuff to deal with — with people, with my physical body, with my sexual energy. It’s brutal.

I’m not going to be the victim. I’m going to be the survivor and someone who’s going to thrive as a result of this knowing, and heal people through knowing. But it’s work.

I had dinner with my friend Sheila Kelley last night, the founder of S Factor. She and I were talking, and it’s like here I am sitting next to this woman who’s embodying this physical, sexual freedom that I really long for, and she’s like, “I’m going to help you.” And there was so much resistance. I was like, “I can’t go there. No, that’s too scary.”

And then I thought, “Wait. This is what I’ve been praying for. I’ve been praying for some healing, and it’s right in front of me offering to be my mentor and guide through this. I have to say yes.”

That’s the next step in healing fear: If you ask for guidance, and then guidance shows up, you’d better say yes to it. Trust in the guidance you receive and know that the Universe is supporting you. You’re not alone.

What would you say are your three truths?

  1. There is an ever-present energy of love that is supporting you and around you.
  2. Compassion will remind you of who you are and will help you forgive whatever it is that you thought you knew.
  3. And the final one is very simple: Choose love. Because that’s what this whole gig is about.

Resources for trauma and abuse

If you have experienced trauma and/or abuse, I encourage you to find help on your healing path, to the best of your ability. Here are some resources:

Start your journey of transforming fear into faith

Gabby Bernstein holding The Universe Has Your Back bookAre you ready to experience miraculous transformation? Order your copy of my #1 New York Times bestseller, The Universe Has Your Back!

In the United States and Canada, the new paperback edition includes the introduction to my next book, Super Attractor (coming out in September 2019).

As you can tell from this interview with Lewis Howes, The Universe Has Your Back is a deeply meaningful book for me. It healed me when I was in a dark place.

The stories, lessons, meditations and prayers I teach in this book will:

  • Guide you to release the blocks to happiness, security and clear direction.
  • Help you let go of the need to control so you can relax into a sense of certainty and freedom.
  • Crack you open to a spiritual relationship of your own understanding so you always know that the Universe has your back.

Order The Universe Has Your Back and as a bonus you’ll get my 2-hour Art of Manifesting online workshop free!

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  1. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you so much for sharing this, for your honesty and vulnerability. I really loved this interview! I got the email about it from your newsletter a while ago, but only watched it now which turned out to be the exact right timing. Crazy how the Universe always sends you what you need at the exact right moment. I am going back and reading ‘the universe has your back right now’. I think I am finally ready. My biggest learning from this interview is “Fear is the resistance to what it is that you want” – I have never seen it from this angle and it really resonates with me.
    I am sending lots of love and healing your way x Eva

  2. A good friend recommended your 1st book to me. I believe our friendship bought me to you. You are so strong and are inspirational to the world. X

  3. Thank you for sharing this in your email today. You never cease to move my soul. Thank you for always being so open and vulnerable and honest. I’m glad I opened this email today. So much love and respect for the both of you.

  4. Hi Gabby, I also experienced sexual trauma as a child but didnt know what it was or how to explain it until 2016 (25+ years of holding so much shame and confusion inside). It has been a very intense journey but also a very empowering one and I am getting even more strength in reading your blog now. I bought The Universe Has Your Back and read it while I was going through this in 2016. Somehow, I missed this post when you first published it. I cant believe you were going through the same thing at the same time. Two years later I am happier and more at ease with myself than I have ever been. I have returned to love again and again and it is setting me free. I am going to reread your book now, with this all in mind, and look forward to an even deeper connection with Spirit and experiencing an even greater joy. Thank you for everything you do.

  5. Your blogs always appear in my Inbox at the right time. Incredible how the universe keeps reminding to TRUST. Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby. XOXO

  6. Hey Gabby,
    This hit hime for me. I struggle to trust my soul, love or God after such horrific experiences.

    Please share why you still belive in love and God.
    Virtual hug your way

    1. Hi Simona. I believe that there is a gorgeous energy within us, around us, guiding us, and supporting us. I call this force God/The Universe/energy. My daily meditation practice and prayer keeps me connected to and in conversation with God. I talk about it more here: https://gabbybernstein.com/how-to-talk-to-god/ Sending lots of love your way. <3

  7. I hear you Hanby and thank you for having the loving courage to share this sensitive message.
    Have you heard of yoga nidra? I practise it daily helps me bring into greater balance and deep inner peace. If this yoga practice resonates with you feel free to check out Karen Brody-Daring to Rest. Hugs to you with love and compassion xx

  8. Thank you so much Gabby for this heartfelt podcast. I also experienced sexual abuse by my half brother when I was 11 and have completely blocked out that whole year from my memory. I always had a small part of me that was afraid I was sexually abused by him but ignored it. 21 years later Im finally facing it head on and am on my healing path. Tomorrow I have a healing session and Ive been giving myself reiki daily.
    It’s scary to face this but this podcast has really helped me summon more courage and I’m so ready to let this go and surrender it. The Universe has my back!! 🙂
    Thank you Gabby, with lots of love xxx

  9. Hello Gabby,
    Thank you for being you. I have listened to you in the past, and read some of your books but to be honest, I never felt your authenticity……I gave up on you, I felt you were fake. A friend sent me the link to the above interview more than a week ago and I almost didn’t listen, I didn’t want to waste my time.

    Well I was pasted to the screen, today I felt and experienced the realness of you. I too have trauma to heal, I allowed it to wreck my marriage of 26 years and I have never had any comfortable interaction with any man. You are the catalyst for much healing and I make a promise to myself today to move on, to also heal this part of myself.

    If you can be totally authentic, so can I! XX

  10. Gabby, I just watched this interview and I am so moved by it. I too am a victim of childhood sexual abuse and physical abuse and coming out of that shadow is really hard but it can lead to so many powerful and good steps in life that you wouldn’t otherwise take. I do think it’s important to say that it is a lifetime journey, not to be negative or cynical about recovery, but to be honest and accepting of the reality of recovery. I’m 50 and there was a time in my life where I didn’t think I could make it through life this far and have it as good as I do now because life was so hard and seemed so unfair and it made me so angry. That kept me from knowing and using my strengths and wisdom and kept me stuck. I think if you are in that place, just start with three minutes of meditation, three times a day, maybe using music as your focus, and you will start to see and feel differences in your life, maybe small at first, but they build on each other and keep getting bigger and better. Remember faith is what happens most powerfully when we are in the most pain and know that good things will come from places of pain if you keep faith and practice faith. It’s not maybe, it’s for sure.

  11. What an amazing interview. I was almost moved to tears when you started talking about Wayne. Wayne has recently become my spiritual teacher and I’m so happy to know that he is still helping people in spirit! I’m about to start your book I cannot wait. Much love x

  12. This video landed in my inbox at the right time. Sexual abuse is a topic I had unknowingly been running from for the last 6 months when the memories first began to surface. I dismissed the whole thing because it was absolute agony to go through with it. When I saw your video, I cried the whole way through, and that’s when I realised – yes, it really did happen. I didn’t make it up – it’s real. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing what happened to you and what the process of recovery was like – I am putting myself back on the path to healing. It will be difficult and painful, and I have no idea how to even start, or how to recover memories of what happened, but I am setting that intention now.

    Your book also arrived at the right time – I found out some bad news about a close family member and that’s when I first got the message: How to Feel Safe and Trust Your Life No Matter What. It felt like someone is always watching over me, that I am never alone, and that message put me at peace, it was more comforting than anything else. So I just want to say THANK YOU for being genuine and not hiding from pain. You really are a channel and the Universe works miracles through you.

    1. I’m so glad that my interview gave you permission to honor your trauma. That’s the first step towards healing it. I recommend seeking a trauma therapist so that you can be held in the healing. I believe that there are great guides waiting for us. when we’re willing and ready to heal they come into our life. Pray for the right guide to enter into your world so that you can safely begin the healing process.

  13. Thanks for sharing Gabby! <3 This is so timely as stories about trauma and healing are all around me, while I am learning to sit with my own trauma leftovers and meet them with love. I can so relate to the frantic energy it creates inside to keep the memories away, and how hard it can be for others to be around, and in the end it makes it hard to have really close relationships, and to feel at home in your own body. This is such an important discussion, in order to spread hope to all people who have experience trauma and abuse in any way. Thanks again, I can truly feel your relief through the screen, and recognize it because I am starting to feel that same relief from my own past months of meeting my own hidden shadows. Blessings from Kristina

  14. Wow, I can “feel” deep within that I need to relisten to this , so many teachings within this talk, kind of like hearing between the lines of what is being said. Thank you so much for this interview, to the both of you.
    Blessing both of you,

  15. This interview has served me so well today – thank you! I got so much hope from your discussion of growing within your marriage, as I sometimes give into the fear of my spiritual journey and how it affects my marriage. Thanks for your vulnerability and honesty.
    I’ve been in 12 Step and trauma recovery for over 7 years, so I really identify with your journey, especially being driven and always busy (numbing out), although it was how I worked, not how much. I’m in recovery from Work Addition through WA (workaholics-anonymous.org) – the WA basic text feels like it was written about me and I would really recommend it as a gentle and loving fellowship. It works if you let it! God bless you xx

  16. So much love to you Gabby! I honour your vulnerability, your honesty and your authenticity. So glad to hear you have hired your team and are working with a therapist and are healing. Thank you for continuing to shine your light through your own darkest moments x

  17. I love you!!!! I’m so inspired by you Gabby. You’re stories, your talks, your videos heal me more and more with each experience. I remember when you said in one of your talks about a knowingness you had about Wayne Dyer and that you would be on that stage. I KNOW I want to keep learning and growing from you and living it in my life and in my work in the world… Learning through love. I want to share your teachings through my own healings with your work and help the women I work with in a career I am so passionate about. … Be more of service than I am currently. .. In a space I had never known possible…. I dreamt of something big… Had no idea how I’d create it…. And I’m still cocreating….And spread the love. Thank you!!! Forever grateful!!!

  18. Gabby, I was so moved by your video.
    I could totally feel the new energy and peace you project.
    You show us the way to heal ourselves through love so beautifully.
    Thank you for being such a miracle healer and teacher through your loving presence.

  19. Dearest Gabby,

    I really hope this message reaches you. I just watched your interview with Lewis Howes. And I have to say I have always been moved by your messages really, I love your videos as well as your new book. I love the way you speak your and stand in your truth.

    But then yesterday when I watched this interview I thought “Vibes speak louder than words” and I realized that your words – even though they have never failed to reach and move me – for the first time really hit me in the heart! Which is the same with The Universe has your back. I felt a deep connection, I felt you like a sister. Not because I have the same story. But the way you sat there opening up, sharing your traumatizing story and just being you – you never appeared more authentic and beautiful to me. And I thought isn’t that the present after hitting rock bottom? We feel our truth more, right? There is no room for any walls. Your words, or even more your appearance, your being, had a sense of deep, earthly comfort underneath the inspiration your words spread.

    It must be terrifying beyond words to face such a childhood trauma and I just needed to tell you this. You are on such a miraculous path. (I know you know that. Still it needs to be said… 😉
    May you find the strength to forgive that person and may your beautiful feminine self shine through more and more.

    I live in Hamburg, Germany and I hope to see you here some day.
    Gosh, that would be so awesome!

    With love
    – Britta

  20. Gabby,

    I wasn’t going to listen to this interview when I saw that it was an hour or so long. However, something drew me in, and I’m so glad I did! Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty in front of all of us. Most of all, thank you for your courage to show up. You are an inspiration for us all.

    With love, healing, and light for all,


  21. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you for sharing your story. It gave me the courage to seek counseling for the first time tonight for molestation. I haven’t acknowledged it for 24 years. I haven’t acknowledge to anyone, not even myself. I though that as a child I had made it up. Tonight I know that I didn’t, and it’s rather terrifying. Thank you for sharing your truth, so that I could see mine more clearly.

  22. THIS IS IT!! Seeing your presence and hearing the assurance in your voice has me yelling YES!! I am with you sister. I am on the path with you. I agree that the root of addiction is trauma. My research into embodiment and somatics is in this and the releasing of the trauma for healing. I am so happy for you and so inspired!

  23. Sorry to hear about the traumatic experiences of your childhood, dear Gabby. Glad you healed and have evolved into such a wonderful blessing. Best wishes.

  24. Hi Gabby,

    The only problem is, I love hearing your interviews and fb videos EVEN more than reading your books! .
    This touched me and thank you, (sometimes I feel your book editors reining you in when I read them). Don’t ever be reigned in. ❤️


  25. Gabby,
    Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing interview. You are Hope and Love embodied. Thank you for sharing your very private parts. I can’t imagine what youve been going through and yet you allowed all of us to experience your journey, with the intent of helping others. I’ve got your book, which I’m just beginning to read. My BFF has had similar childhood trauma and has missing memories, and Ill be buying the book for her and sending her this interview. You are a blessing and Godsend. Thank you! Oh! And Lewis. He’s completely wonderful Love you Gabby

  26. Great interview, I received so much from this. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your trauma, I’m sure that wasn’t easy. Your connection with Wayne Dyer is really incredible. Love knowing he’s still with us and sharing his message to the world. 1st time hearing Lewis Howes…..he had some great questions and quite cute haha;)

  27. Thank you Gabby. This is an exceptional interview and it resonated with me in so many ways.

    Thank you for opening up to the trauma you experienced as a child… Why do things that happen when we are 3 (or 6) come back to haunt us in our 30s?! I actually believe it must be a something about our bodies and minds just being so overworked (I bulldozed my way through my 20s as well!) and adrenals screaming “I can’t take it anymore”… when we are forced to slow down we are forced to confront the demons.

    I appreciated that you shared the struggle with your sexual energy.
    I have been dealing with this for about 5 years and it was the catalyst to my deep dive into healing and yoga (I now teach restorative yoga).

    I don’t know if the root cause is/was an abusive incident from my childhood.
    However, in the last year, I did have a wellness practitioner say to me, “It’s clear someone violated your personal boundaries”… She said this without any previous discussion related to such issues, but I just thought, “Finally! Someone nailed it.”
    I guess there is always more work to be done. Thank you for your honesty because it really helped me feel safe enough to leave this comment. xo

    1. I just wanted to say how much I relate to what you’re saying. Well done for sharing – it’s not easy. I hope your healing takes you to places you never imagined – take care 🙂

  28. Thank you for your vulnerability. I have been following your work for several years, and while it’s always been beautifully deep and insightful the shift that you have made is obvious. I had the pleasure of hearing you speak in LA last week and now hearing this interview I can tell that your transformation has been profound. I have been able to connect to your message in a way I hadn’t previously. You continue to be inspiring, thanks again. Your vulnerability is magic.

  29. Wow! So many wonderful things in this interview. So well done!

    Earlier today, I was actually watching something that was really a lightbulb moment for me, so it’s interesting that I started to watch this interview later on, only to make some much deeper connections.

    I relate so much to the work addiction issue. People in my life often commend me on my work ethic but at the same time, worry about me for overworking. I always shrug it off but I know they are right. I work every day. I can be sick, it could be Christmas or my birthday and I still work. I know there’s a reason and I know that I have to step back and really understand why I do it.

    Another thing I really connected on was when you spoke about channel your books. I sat down to write my last book with no idea where I was going with it; I had a few things jotted down that I wanted to bring into the story but that was it. I didn’t know who would come into the book, I didn’t know how it would end (this is fiction, btw) but I just knew it would all come together. I knew because that’s how the process works with all my books and in fact, the longer I write, the more I channel, the more I’m amazed with the end product. Sometimes, I can’t believe what I read while doing revisions. In everyday life, I can barely write a letter and be articulate but somehow, I can write a book and it has beauty behind it, the characters stand out and feel so real and I feel so connected to the story. It’s like an adventure; I often say it’s like jumping in a car with a friend with no destination in mind but somehow, you know you’re in for a wild ride. And like you, I feel like these books are for me. I don’t write with an audience in mind and when I’m interviewed and asked who my audience is, I don’t know who to answer. There’s a big part of me and my struggles that come out in my characters. It’s really cathartic experience.

    Thanks so much for this interview. I feel like I connected with it so much.

  30. Hi Gabby –

    My boyfriend and I are going through a hard time. He hates his job and is constantly feeling bad about himself. He’s taken a break from therapy because he felt like it was making it worse. How can I see this differently?

  31. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for this awesome interview en your truth … and love you being open about your mediumship … I have this to … it’s great how we can channel great messages and heal our self or other people … Thank you so much for revealing this story with us … Lots of love
    Veerle – Belgium

  32. Gabby, your pure love and teachings have helped me these last two years beyond what I can put into words. You have helped me work through my own trauma recovery which I am still working on as well. But, the thing that I love about you is you are an open book. By sharing your experiences, you have helped me move into the next stage of my own healing. It’s scary but I almost feel like we are on this journey together. Every time I read your books I feel like I have a friend right there by my side. Your work means the world to me and I consider it a deep honor to have you as my teacher. I love you Gabby and I hold your healing in prayer right along with mine. Xo

  33. Your purpose to serve and crack people open to spirituality shifted my recovery. I’m profoundly grateful for you and the work you do. I tear up thinking about how I found your book Spirit Junkie during a very painful time. You opened me up to meditation, breath and healing with energy.
    Much love

    1. I am so honored that it has inspired you… thank you so much for sharing your transformation with me! Sending you big love xo

  34. Love your honesty with Lewis it’s really having an affect on my own life I’m reading the universe has your back its interesting I’ve read many books in the self help and recovery movement and they have their own merits .your book is definitely helping me to look at my own childhood trauma without judgement and let go of some long held fears you are truly divinely guiding through your writing and work Sat man God bless gabby

  35. Gabby, thank you so much for sharing your story. For so many years, I told myself that the faint memories of sexual trauma I experienced as a child were false or a mistake. I was always afraid to admit and accept that I actually experienced such an horrific traumatic event. It’s time start the healing. Thank you <3, Elisabeth

    1. It’s so hard to accept. I understand more than you can imagine. I hope to give you a voice and the freedom to own your experience so that you can truly heal. You are not alone. So many of us have suffered from this type of violence and we must stand together in our truth. God bless you and I pray for your recovery.

  36. Wow wow wow, Gabby – you’ve blown my mind for years with your speaking and vulnerability… a quality I believe will help bring more compassion in our world. But this is really powerful… probably the most powerful I’ve heard you. I’m sending a virtual {hug} to you right now.

    I’m enjoying your book very much, and I already consider myself very spiritual and very spiritually connected… still, I’m learning and growing. I need to keep watching your interview with Lewis, but I had to jump in here to say THANK YOU… for sharing, for your courage, for your inspiration in the world, and for being you. I adore you and am grateful for you. Shannon

  37. Both of you are incredible, thank you thank you and thank you for spreading love where there is so much hurt, and going through the brave process of sharing your truths with a steady voice, with all the courage to make it to this moment. I am sending all the love of my being. Your energy makes everyone braver.
    Love you love you love you,

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