True Abundance: 3 Steps for Attracting the Abundance You Want

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Note: Updated in November 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

Do you ever get jealous of other people’s abundance? Do you wish you had someone else’s success?

There is a different way to understand abundance. True abundance is not about comparison or competition.

I want to help you see other people’s abundance as a reflection of your own abundance.

Rather than compare, attack and judge people who have something you want, it’s time to celebrate their successes. Honoring the greatness in others guides you to know the true meaning of abundance.

3 steps to true abundance

Watch the video below to learn what true abundance really is. You can also keep reading for a breakdown of the three steps I share.

Step 1: Remember that abundance breeds abundance

It’s far too often that we get caught up in the ego, our fear-based mind. That voice tells us that when we see abundance in others, it means that there’s not enough for us. Or if we see someone who has something we want, we think, “Oh, well, they have that so it means I can’t have that.”

Tweet: When we see abundance around us, that is a reflection of the abundance that is within us and available to us. @gabbybernstein

As a result, we start to perceive abundance in others as lack in ourselves. This is quite the opposite of the true meaning of abundance.

From a spiritual perspective, abundance breeds abundance. When we see abundance around us, that is a reflection of the abundance that is within us and available to us. So our job is to become extremely conscious of how our fear-based ego mind wants to attack others, compare and judge.

We can really dig into others when we’re trying to perceive abundance as a reason to attack. Witness that. Get honest about it. And remember in those moments that abundance breeds abundance.

Step 2: Celebrate abundance in others

Put love on the altar | Gabby Bernstein quote | Judgment DetoxWhen we can be proud of our contemporaries, friends and family members for all that they have, that ignites that loving presence within us. It gets us back into the in zone. It makes us feels good about everything that is happening for them, and that raises our energy level.

When our energy level is raised, you know what happens? Our attracting power is amplified.

So rather than looking at others and saying, “I’m annoyed/jealous/pissed off that they have that and I don’t,” celebrate what they have, and know that your celebration is attracting abundance into your own life!

Step 3: Recognize others’ abundance as a sign that yours is coming

All that I need will be provided for me at the perfect time | Spirit Junkie AppWhen you see abundance in another person, that is a sign that abundance is getting closer to you! When I was starting to write my first book, I kept meeting all these amazing bestselling authors. Rather than looking at them and saying, “They have success and abundance, so I can’t,” I saw them as gentle reminders that what they had was coming to me, too.

Shift your energy and your perception around people who have something that you want. See their abundance as a sign that what you want is coming to you. See it as a gentle reminder from the Universe that it is on the way.

The teachers Abraham-Hicks call these signs “driftwood.” They’re the subtle, smaller signs that indicate that what you want is close. Don’t bulldoze past the driftwood. Pay attention to all the beautiful signs the Universe gives you to remind you that everything you desire is on the way! Appreciate what is around you and you will attract what you want.

Amplify your inner abundance

These tips are all about amplifying your inner abundance. When we have that inner abundance flowing, everything we desire will flow to us naturally. Be conscious of how you may be judging and attacking others when they have things that you want. Stop comparing, stop judging, stop gossiping.

Celebrate the abundance of others. Honor people for all that they have. Be proud of them. Be thrilled for them. And know that that energy will only support you calling in the abundance you want!

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  1. Love this… I play a game called I spy Abundance and seek Abundance where ever I go. Then before I go to bed I write in my abundance with gratitude journal. On this list is a smile from a stranger, lunch paid for from a friend, a dollar I found on the street, and in nature, leaves on the trees, blades of grass, the wood panels on my floor. It’s not joke – like attracts like. I totally appreciate you Gabby. Hope to see you at RHH-Live in Oct. xo Hillary

  2. Thank you so much for this! Every so-called “negative” thought is a beautiful opportunity to open our hearts towards greater freedom. It’s all about neuro-plasticity. We each have to the power to change our thought patterns and make that shift from a negative self-perception to an understanding of true abundance.

  3. I am guilty of this actually, not something I am proud of ๐Ÿ™ I appreciate you covering this topic and helping me choose a new thought pattern around it and how to choose a positive reaction to others’ abundance. It is coming my way too, like you said. Wow, what an amazing thought ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thank you for a great vlog today! I was just experiencing the comparing monster yesterday. I participated in a triathlon and the competition thing was getting me down. I will celebrate the good stuff in others and recognize that it’s coming to me by shifting my energy. Love this!

  5. I was very inspired by your words. I especially love what you said about seeing people who have what we want as gentle reminders that what we want in the universe is on it’s way. Thanks!

  6. this totally spoke to me personally after spending the weekend with my colleage friend and her 2 amazing teenage daughters. so inspired by this vblog! really shifted my thoughts and gave me an excellent reminder that what we want in life is on the way. thank you gabby. you have honestly changed my life. Jen Greene. xoxo

  7. I love the idea of seeing others abundance as a reflection of our own abundance.

    I often use the idea of reflection to see areas I need to work on, meaning I see the challenging aspects of myself in others. But it’s great to be reminded that we also have the positive aspects of ourselves reflected back to us all the time too.

    Plus, it just feels way better to celebrate others successes then to close down and shrink in jealously.

  8. Thank you, I needed that reminder this morning! There is more than enough love, success, money, etc for us all. We lack nothing if we stay connected to loving energy.

  9. I just wrote “Abundance Breeds Abundance” on my board at work!! Definitely something I need to remember and really work on. Just like Kai said above, it does feel better to celebrate other’s successes than be jealous…….jealousy is not a good feeling for me!
    This is definitely one of my favorite vlogs!
    Thanks Gabby!

  10. Thanks Gabby! Absolutely love the driftwood analogy, that really brought it home to me. It’s amazing and beautiful how the Universe speaks to us, so long as we’re open to its signs.

  11. Love this! An absolutely incredible message indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

    I especially LOVE & ADORE when you mentioned perceiving others who have what we desire as gentle reminders that what we desire is ON ITS WAY!

    Ahhhh blissful ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much Gabby xx

  12. How nice to hear positive thoughts and feelings from such a young woman. It often takes to many years to arrive in your space. I find all of your info refreshing and inspiring. I would love to have you visit my area. I live in a rural town of Hope, NJ and someone like you would really be a firecracker in the night. You would bring outstanding energy to those that need an inspiration like you. Come visit–Stay at The Inn At Millrace Pond, Hope, NJ and I will get a gathering together. People that are waiting for you and would get so much out of seeing you , as I did in person. Keep up the great work and my love to Kris Carr and to you too. Peace and Love

  13. I have been envious and angry at my half brothers and sisters sort of unconsciously ever since they were born. I was the only one of my dad and mom and got lost in the shuffle of their new families(in boarding schools) Their new families have been very affluent and happy. Listening to you talk about celebrating others abundance made it suddenly click for me, that I could also see it that way,and be happy for them.

  14. Aha moment. It never ever occurred to me that I could see others who have what I want as a nudge from the Universe that what I want is on its way. That brings a whole new level to being able to put aside envy / jealousy and being able to appreciate others doesn’t it???! Amazing… Thank you for the incredible insight!

  15. This v-log couldn’t have come at a better time! I recently found out that someone in my company with less experience than me was promoted before me. This broke my heart when I found out and really upset me. After talking to my bosses, I realized that I too have promotions in store. This v-log sums up exactly how I need to realize that what other have, I too can and will have! Thanks again! This was so helpful!

  16. As always Its inspiring to hear from Gabby and take some missing pieces for ourselves and out it in an entire puzzle,
    I am so happy for ability to catch my own Ego who is trying to come into me silently and invisibly,like for ex yesterday,I felt him comming into me,and I stopped it,I said No Simona Its not you who wants to complain and wants to get more attention and be speciall,I will get more and more if I will not expect to get it back….Lovely

    wish you all beautiful people Inspiring and miraculous week

  17. I’ve noticed thoughts of jealousy in me and I just knew there was more to it. This really helped me connect some dots. Thanks Gabby. I look forward to these!

  18. Gabby, your vlogs are always exactly the lesson i need to hear!! I’m currently a laid-off teacher and as this school year starts and my friends are returning to their classrooms I have really let jealousy and lack take over my thoughts. It’s been very difficult for me to feel happy for my friends for their accomplishments even though I really want to be thrilled for them!…. Now I realize that all of my friends with their teaching jobs are my gentle reminders from the universe letting me know that my position is on it’s way!! I’m truly surrounded by other teachers who are right on the path they want to be on. I guess that means I am too!

    Thanks so much for this!

    xoxox Karen

  19. Wildly abundant & STOKED in your reflection & in celebration of you, me, ALL of us!!! Thank you for the Monday reminders of miraclemindedness, Gabby ?

  20. I absolutely love the driftwood concept – I haven’t thought of it that way before. What a beautiful way to perceive the success that surrounds me, knowing God must have something up His sleeve ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Gabby!!

  21. Thank you so much for this Gabby! I’ve been dwelling in jealousy-ville lately as I recover from a back injury that is taking waaaay longer than I imagined, feeling sorry for myself that I can’t practice yoga or run and freaking out and feeling super duper jealous of the healthy people around me. I practiced a meditation tonight to let go of my jealousy, and am now focusing my energy on cultivating love and abundance rather than fear and scarcity. Your post is just the motivation and inspiration I need to keep it up and continue to invite abundance into my life. Thank you again! You are a true inspiration. xo

  22. Hi Gabby!
    I just watched this and it is exactly what I needed to hear. I am in the final stages of my law degree in Perth, Australia, and am currently trying to find a job. I haven’t had any luck so far, but one of my friends has gotten not one, but TWO jobs which I would kill for. I sunk into a bit of a depression when I found out, and even blocked her from my facebook page so I could avoid thinking about it. I have been trying to feel happy for her, but it has been nearly impossible up till I watched your vlog. So thank you for reminding me about the complete abundance of the universe, and also for my AHA! moment when you talked about someone else’s abundance being a sign that yours is on its way. xxxx

  23. Thank you for your thoughts on abundance! As I make a concerted effort to shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, I have really started to be conscious of my envious thoughts and then shifting them around in my head to wish others well. I also make the effort to be compassionate to myself for feeling jealous, rather than amping up the guilt I often feel for thinking less-than-gracious thoughts. Keep up the great work you’re doing, Gabby!

  24. Just what I needed today… thank you Gabby!! So perfectly said… and I’m so happy to be in a receiving mode for this message. xox

  25. I’ve been looking for a way to feel grateful and celebrate that someone close to me has so many opportunities to travel and I can’t help but feel a sting of envy. Not that they’re seeing that world, but because I’m not there with them. So I finally found this that made me realize that it isn’t just the envy that I was feeling but the lack of abundance and love from that person. Waw! The sure is an eye-opening.

    Thank you, Gabby for always reminding us of the love and guidance of the universe and the reflection it shows us of what’s to come and that we’re being guided constantly. <3

  26. Ok, with the Prosperity Game…I love it. But I have a question, it says to not save (like for a house) until the mental cheque is worth more. Does this also apply to paying down debt? Can you pay down debt with the cheque?

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