You Have a Transformational Story and the World Needs to Hear It

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There is something important I want you to know: You have a transformational story.

And that story has the power to heal others.

I talk often about the power of transformational stories. About how sharing your authentic truth not only helps you heal, but inspires others as well. In all my books and talks, I share my own transformational stories. It’s also a core theme of my Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

Why our stories matter

spirit junkie gabby bernsteinI share my stories, and I encourage other people to share their stories, for an important reason. It’s because I know they will help other people. There is a reason your ears perk up when someone says, “I have a story for you.” We love stories. We learn through stories. Stories inspire us to change our lives in radical and amazing ways. I’ve seen it happen countless times.

People tell me all the time how my story of getting sober, which I share in my book Spirit Junkie, inspired them to put down drinks and drugs, too. They also tell me how my story of spiritual surrender helped them find their faith and release the need to control.

And I can’t tell you how many times another person’s transformational story has been the catalyst for my own growth.

“What if I don’t have a transformational story?”

But even though we all recognize the power of transformational stories, I have noticed people getting hung up on something. When I talk about this topic, oftentimes someone will ask,  “But what if I don’t have a transformational story?”

I want to call this out right now!

The fact that you are reading this blog means there is a voice within you. It’s proof that you have experienced some kind of inner transformation. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t on a spiritual path.

Your story doesn’t have to be a trauma story to have a major impact. This is a misconception, and it’s a harmful one. This myth leads us to think our pain has purpose and that we must suffer and struggle in order to succeed. It can keep us stuck in the story of victim.

Your story doesn’t need to involve overcoming trauma in order to be powerful. In fact, if you haven’t been through serious trauma then that is something to be deeply grateful for.

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Your story also doesn’t have to involve a total life overhaul. You don’t have to quit your job, sell everything you own and backpack around Europe for two years to gain beautiful insight. Deep inner transformations can happen in the most familiar and ordinary places and situations.

If your transformation did happen as a result of something very painful or traumatic, then I want to offer you a lot of love and support for being willing to heal and doing the spiritual work required. And I want to remind you that you don’t have to tell a story you aren’t ready to tell.

So let’s settle this once and for all. You are here because you have a story. And your story is what heals. Now your work is to embrace that truth and uncover your story.

There are many kinds of stories

When you read my books, you’ll notice I include many different stories. Many of them are not earth-shattering stories of life upheaval. Rather, they are stories about mindset shifts around topics such as money, work, relationships and happiness.

gabby bernstein transformational storyWhat matters about your story is that it’s authentic. Your truth is what heals. Everyone’s story is different. Remember that you got here today because you have a voice inside you that wants to share your story. Honor your own transformation for what it is. When you stand in your authentic truth, you give others permission to do the same.

Your transformational story may take place over a few months or a few decades. Regardless of your timeline, it’s likely that your “big” story contains smaller stories of more subtle shifts.

Take the example of Spirit Junkie. In it I told my story of detouring into fear and addiction, and then surrendering to spirit, getting sober and changing my life. That’s a major transformation. But it played out over many years. And in that time frame, I experienced many smaller transformations and revelations that added up to radical change.

And, of course, my story didn’t end when I published Spirit Junkie! As you continue on your spiritual path and in your life, you will experience new miracles and have more stories and lessons to share.

Now let’s begin uncovering your transformational story!

How to uncover your transformational story

Below is a fun writing exercise that will help you unpack your transformational story and bring it to life!

Step 1: Free write

Open your journal, a notebook or a Word/Google document and free-write the answers to the following 3 questions. Don’t edit yourself at first. Just let the words flow.

  1. Where were you (literally or figuratively)?
  2. What happened?
  3. Where are you today?

Step 2: Review your story

Add anything you may have missed and edit your writing to make it clearer and cleaner.

Step 3: Learn how to own your story!

This is a central element of my Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course. In this course I teach you how to inspire others by doing what inspires you!

spirit junkie masterclass digital gabby bernstein

The first few modules of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course make up my Spiritual Deep Dive, laying an important foundation for the money- and business-oriented lessons in future modules.

This spiritual work is truly transformational and will help you heal your fear and claim your transformational story!

Join the waitlist today and be the first to know when enrollment opens in June 2019!

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  1. Hi Gabby,
    I love your videos and look forward to the others to follow.
    I have been on my own spiritual journey for the last 6 years , with some amazing progress in the last 2 years and particularly the last 3 months.

    I am not surprised that the universe has put this / you in front of me at this time.

    I have been getting closer and closer to the belief and realisation that I should / need to share my story , as while many women are connecting spiritually in many different modalities , unfortunately there are not many opportunities for men (or boys / teenagers) to hear another mans story. I intend to change that.
    I had tried to send the above comment after watching your first video , but I couldn’t get it to send , (technology and I are not great friends yet). I am so glad I have another opportunity.

    Many thanks for your Great Work


  2. Gabby, this is such a helpful message and practical exercise. I am founder-editor of a conscious lifestyle website and have been sharing my transformation stories only when I have bursts of confidence.

    But you have reminded me to always come from that place of service.

    P.S. Thank you for addressing the idea that we need to have had something traumatic happen to us before we are qualified to share our story.

    I realise this has idea has held me back. My story is about the abusive self-talk and self-beliefs that were happening on the inside for many years that kept me in constant pain before I realised I could actually choose and break free from the cycles of self-abuse, even those inherited from my lineage. This is the transformation I am called to share.

    Thank you for the abundant, supportive resources.

  3. Thank you and love you Gabby. I’m grateful for having come across you in life and the knowledge that your share with us always ❤️

  4. This came to me at exactly the right time . I have ideas and feel inspired and confident to move into my next chapter of transformation. I just needed help organising my busy mind and knowing where to start .
    I am so proud if my story and yes it is probably built around traumatic experience’s but in no way does this make me a victim – it’s my story , I own it and boy have I been a brave , kick Ass , Warrior.
    I didn’t realise at the time how brave I was being and my positive attitude of gratitude saw me through – unknowingly.
    I’ve benefited hugely from your books amount others . I filled my head and being with spiritual lessons until my truth poured out and became my reality.
    I’ve manifested the life I have been designing in my head for decades. So now I’m here I need to maintain it . I’m skint financially and can’t loose what I’ve worked so hard spiritually and physically to produce . I literally have bailiffs at my door however I’m ready to push down my blocks and move inot phase 2 – sustaining my family financially without loosing my inner peace …… it’s a challenge but I’m not scared , just excited !!!

  5. I’m proud of my story and own it with both hands and my whole being . Sure enough it is scattered with traumatic experience’s but that in no way makes me a victim . It actually makes for an interesting and inspiring colourful backdrop to a sucsess story.
    I look back over decades and realise how brave I was and continue to be . I didn’t know it then but everything happens for a reason right ?
    I’ve manifested a life that I have been designing in my head since I was a tiny girl . I’ve physically got to the space in the world with the people I love in the mindset I’ve strived like hell to unravel.
    With the help of your books and others , meditation , yoga and self believe I’ve healed myself to around 80% the rest will come .
    I’m ready for my next chapter, I’m here and I need to maintain it financially.
    I literally have bailiffs at my door and court orders because I desperately had to take physical time to heal and also be here for my son ( another story x)
    I won’t loose what I’ve worked hard to achieve so my story , my work needs supporting.
    I have big challenge’s ahead but I’m not scared …. I’m excited! !!! I know I can achieve anything , with your guidance and my other spiritual practice’s I’m going to secure my future for my children and my husband and inspire as many people as possible x

  6. What an awesome exercise! Thank you! It feels great to see how far I’ve come and that the best is yet to come. It’s nice to do this exercise post SJM in NY. It was such a pleasure meeting you. You are a rockstar!! Love and light. XoxoM

  7. I was just sitting outside reading a book called Love Does by Bon Goff and I thought I could tell my story. It may only help one person but it would be worth it. Even if it only clarified things for me!! Then I came in the house and saw this article. Oh how I love the Universe. And oh how you have my back!! Thank you Gabby. I bless the Universe for the day I found you. Much love. Kylie

  8. Just told my story this morning to a group of people and mentioned how the universe delivered Spirit Junkie to my doorstep and read that book in one day. This book was the spitting image of my life 10 years ago. I got sober, stopped my idolizing relationships and turned my coaching practice into a successful business. My story started when I received your tools. Becuase of this I will be forever grateful. You are a walking angel.

  9. Good Morning Gabby,
    When I saw this email in my inbox this morning, I was floored. I literally texted my sister yesterday with the title of my book for my story. When I read your message, I swear it felt like you were talking directly to me. I believe we will meet one day. Thank you Gabby!

  10. I learned that not sharing my story is actually being selfish. My story can help inspire and transform. Being sexually abused brought me right here, right now! I like here…yoga, teaching, travelling and being a part of the Africa Yoga Project is my passion. Gabby you are my inspiration and your story is really amazing and I listen and read all your offerings, always transforming my way of being. Thank you ♥️

    1. You are amazing Melanie. Your authentic story will absolutely help inspire and heal others. Keep sharing your light <3

  11. Hi Gabby,
    Your posts, videos etc always seem to come to me when needed the most. They always seem to help boost my confidence & know that I am on the right path. After watching video 1 the other evening I came across your video on addictions. Yes….. I am an addict of Nicotine…where you said except your addiction & surrender……I realized that’s it….all that I am doing to make my life healthy, calm, loving, letting God back into my heart this addiction is eating away at me…its a battle. I realized then I must except I have this addiction….& surrender it to the Universe God the world…so that is where I am at the moment. I have my pad here in front of me to write my story along with a vision that has come to often showing me helping others with addictions. So thank you I’ll write my story there is so much more to this story but God willing it will help me to stay focused & on this path to where deep inside of me I want to be. I hope this makes sense…
    Love to you & thank you!

    1. Beautiful Kimberly. Thank you for sharing from the heart here. Continue to return to the mediation and writing exercise, and be loving and patient in your process. <3

  12. I have felt the call to share my story for years. I have journaled and healed and transformed myself over the years, yet feel so scared to share all of who I am. I experienced sexual abuse as a child and my instinct for the past 40+ years is to hide, stay small, don’t speak out and I’ll be safe. I’m feeling so confused about the religion I grew up in and in many ways love, yet I don’t feel like I fit in there. Because of my beliefs I don’t feel like I fit in with the spiritual communities or the transformational communities or the 12 step communities. I guess I’m feeling that little girl’s terror at the thought of sharing all of me. Keeping quiet was life, speaking out meant death, threats, rejection. I’m feeling untethered, floating alone in the abyss. I’m staying with it, feeling the “white hot lonliness” that Pema Choudrin speaks of. Meeting myself with love and compassion. It’s all I can do right now. Be with it and remain open to receive.

    Growing my heart.

  13. Gabby thank you for this beautiful reminder. I am in a HUGE transition right now and I keep forgetting that’s it’s OK to be “RIGHT WHERE I AM”. We own a successful video business (as you know:) and I am now moving into mentoring women leaders and entrepreneurs and it scares the bejes*s out of me. All those thoughts: “does what I say matter, who am I to do this and do I really know what I am talking about” all play havoc in my head. Time to own up, and as Oprah would say, let the “what I know for sure” to come out and play. It’s time to not take ourselves so seriously, and find the joy in sharing our stories and perspectives to make positive shifts in our world! We need everyone to rise up and your work is needed now more than ever. It’s time to “be supported for our great work” 🙂 Sat Nam Gabby.

    1. GORGEOUS Adera! I see and feel your amazing shifts. Yes, being in your joy and knowing you are exactly where you need to be, will continue to create momentum! XOX

  14. Dear Gabby,

    The Universe and synchronicity brought you to me and it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

    I’ve been on and off my spiritual path since a little over 5 years now and I had a major awakening two months ago and I’m now embarking on a transformational phase. I’ve been doing a lot of inner work and meditations lately and suddenly felt drawn to share my spiritual journey with the world through writing (via creating a blog or a book). But the heavy voice of fear and self-doubt are still holding me back. I also have another obstacle and would love to have your advice. I’m from the french part of Canada and English is not my first language. And it’s not just a language barrier. I’m an accountant and I’ve been working in the accounting/finance field for over 10 years where it’s not mandatory to write very well (very corporate environment where we mostly write memos that are short and conciseand the contents are mostly about numbers). I thought about writing in French first then having it translated, but even in French, I struggle. I feel I lack vocabulary and structure due to the fact that I having done “literature” in so long and I have no background in communication. I’m willing to do the work, take some classes if required and have my copies corrected and arranged but everytime I start to write, it comes out all wrong and I get discouraged and give up. I recall watching one of your interview where you mentioned that you haven’t studied English for many years either. Can you please tell me how you found the courage, inspiration and abilities to write and convey your messages so beautifully?

    You are such a gift to this world and I thank you for inspiring us and lighting our spiritual path.

    God bless

    1. You DO have a gift for sharing your story. Just by reading these words, I can see that you have gifts within you that you’re ready to share. Remember to start where you are, give yourself time and space in the process, and always be loving and gentle with yourself. You’re doing great! <3

  15. This is such a wonderful post. I have watched video 1 & 2 of the free training and was so inspired that I started a blog. I do have a question. How do you mitigate the fear you feel from judgement of others after sharing your story? I fear that some parts of my story may shock people or make them think I am unstable.

    1. When you feel judged by someone, try to make someone else feel loved <3 Expressing love and gratitude for someone else is awesome way to turn around the energy. It's natural to want to defend yourself or even attack back, but instead try turning the energy around. Perhaps call or text a friend and express your gratitude for the friendship or whatever feels best in the moment.

  16. I was just thinking about this earlier today! Cosmic. I have a light load to share and a heavy load which I’m not ready to share but either way has me thinking of getting my voice. Thanks for the inspiration and timely messages. <3

  17. Amazing synchronicity. I want to write a book about my cancer journey but just today I was wondering (and fearing!) what may happen if I am too open and share my innermost feelings and challenges with family life with everyone. I just felt I had to open your email today and now I know why 🙂
    Thank you! Lots of love.

  18. Synchronicity at its finest Gabby! It was only yesterday I was talking to new friends about the past 4 years for me, when I realised what a total 180 my life has turned, and I had a story that may be inspiring to others. I woke this morning to your email and felt that meant I had to share!
    4 years ago I left my husband for a woman. At the time I thought she was my world. She was my happiness, my everything. Over time she became very abusive. I was the sole provider, she didn’t work. We bought a house together and she never contributed. She was cheating on me, and emotionally and physically wearing me down. I still felt I could fix this, make her happy. In the end I lost me.
    I realised if I had the strength to stay in a relationship that was so wrong for me, believing I could help her, then I had the strength to put me first and end the cycle of codependency.
    I left her. I sold the house. I left my 20yr career to follow my dream of becoming a midwife, and am now a full time mature age student. I have rekindled friendships I had lost and created new ones. I am completely alone and not wanting or looking for a new relationship any time soon. I am still healing.
    I am at peace. My journey of awakening I know is only just beginning, but I see this chapter as a complete and necessary blessing. Some days are hard, but there is nothing but total gratitude for this life. Xxx

  19. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for posting this. I watched the first video (and the second!) in your new training series the other day, and it made me want to tell my story – but it left me wondering how. This post is so perfect for me – it helped give me a way to act on the inspiration you gave me through the video I have one question. In Step 1 above, you say to answer the question “Where were you (literally or figuratively)?” How do I know what time in my life to write about? It sounds strange, but I guess I’m wondering what my story IS! Any advice on identifying what in my life experience can help people? THANK YOU!!

    1. Great question Hannah! Come back to the meditation and then revisit the writing exercise and see what comes through for you. Be gentle with yourself and your process. There might be some healing in your story, so make sure to create space and lots of love. XOX

  20. Dearest Gabby,

    I first learned about you when Lewis Howes interviewed you on his podcast. I was inspired by your story…and i immediately started to follow you on social media. Ive been a bit out of balance for some time now….and had been thinking of buying your book “The Universe has your back”. Something about the book kept tapping me. Right before I bought it, a very good friend who went to your event in NYC a few weeks ago gave it to me as a gift. I read the first chapter without knowing what was about to happen….I binged read it in 2 days. Through out the book many times i felt you were speaking to me directly…I even got emotional a few times. I have a health/wellness and fitness podcast in Spanish. I have a story…but i’ve been holding back. Ive asked the universe….if It was ever the right time to tell it to give me a sign. Today I receive this email….and your topic is about telling our transformational story. You were the sign I was waiting for. Thank you, for the motivation and inspiration to do so much more! Wishing you the very best.

    1. Hey Liz! What´s the name of your podcast? I´m a native spanish speaker passionate about nutrition and wellness. I´m actually just launching an online detox with a friend. Lets connect!

  21. Thank you so much Gabby! Acknowledging and being aware that trauma is not necessary to have and own a transformational and inspiring story was relieving for me. And being grateful for that is opening to flow and ease by appreciating it. Thanks for sharing your stories and confidence. Is there a way you can ad the option of increasing video speed with vimeo as it´s usualy enabled in youtube embedded videos? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  22. Your words speak to my soul and they have for years and years! Thank you for sparking a fire as well as inviting a softness that I’ve desired for a long time. (and it was always in me – right?)

    I’m wondering what story do I choose? What if I feel there are multiple stories from many angles? How do I narrow it down to “THE STORY”?

    I welcome any feedback and suggestions.
    In loving respect and gratitude,

    1. Most of us have more than one story, Stacy. The narrative of our life contains many different stories. But those stories are often related. Can you see the connections between your stories? Do they have common themes? Did you experience transformations that took you deeper along a path? If you can’t really connect them, that’s totally fine. You can choose whichever story or stories you want to share and the lessons you learned as a result. But if you do some work to connect the dots you’ll likely see that they’re all connected. xo

  23. Dear Gabby
    I am new in my spiritual journey, but I am not sure why it’s calling me to learn more on spiritually and this path. I have had some momments of “wow this is beautifully real” but what’s my purpose, who/what/how? I feel confused because I’m not sure where I’m going, but something is telling me not to stop this spiritual growth. I’ve seen many spiritual healers on social media, but I am always most drawn to You, Thank you for what you do. I am learning to truly surrender in hopes of hearing the voice of what I am called to do.

      1. Wow you replied! Thank you Gabby, this was another sign for me, much, much love….i will re-watch this video through better eyes and deeper trust

  24. Gabby I need your help!

    I have recently been connecting with what I believe to be my spirit guide. I first discovered by sign following the example you gave on your book “The Universe Has Your Back” on how to identify our sign. Since then, I have been asking the universe for a sign every time I have a deep concern or question about something. Every single time I ask for my sign, I find my sign in the most mysterious and unpredictable ways, right in front of my face like a billboard. I’m reaching out because I believe i’m connecting with my spirit guide, but someone else told me, I might not be connecting with MY spirit guide. I might be connect with any guide and not all guides are necessarily good guides. So how do I know when I’m connecting with my guide and not a BAD guide? because right now I feel a little hesitant and unsure on whether I should keep connecting or not. Gabby please help me! I hope to hear from you soon. Love, Karina.

    1. Karina, when you’re feeling unsure, check in with your gut. Your intuition always has the answers. If you feel connected from a place of love, your intuition is leading the way. If you’re being led by a place of fear, it’s the ego rearing its head. Asking for and receiving a sign will feel loving and connected. <3

  25. Hi Gabby,

    The universe has a funny way of working which you already know. I have been encouraging everyone else around me to tell their stories yet I haven’t told my own. I haven’t owned my story which is crazy… Im in the processing of owning it and came across this blog post which made perfect sense. Its what ive been telling everyone else but myself.

    I have had a crazy 5 years – one transformation after another I diminished it because I didn’t think my story was enough.. But recently after telling a few people my story, I was able to change their lives which changed me… if one story could do that then I have to tell it.

    So long story short.. I have a publishing house wanting to publish my book.
    I never thought of myself as a writer let alone have my own book.

    Hearing your story, and how your life unfolded has inspired me.

    So I want to say thank you! I am so grateful for you and your work.

    Thank you for giving me the courage.

    Lots of love


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