You Have a Transformational Story and the World Needs to Hear It

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There’s something important I want you to know: You have a transformational story.

And that story has the power to heal and inspire others.

I talk often about the power of transformational stories. In all my books and talks, I share my own stories as well as others’.

Why our stories matter

When you have an empowering message to share, it's your responsibility to get it out there | Gabby BernsteinI share my stories, and I encourage other people to share theirs, for an important reason: I know they will help other people.

You know how your ears perk up when someone says, “I have a story for you”? That’s because we love stories. We learn through stories. Stories inspire us to change our lives in radical and amazing ways. I’ve seen it happen countless times.

People tell me all the time how my story of getting sober, which I share in my book Spirit Junkie, inspired them to get sober, too.

They also tell me how my story of spiritual surrender helped them find their faith and release the need to control. In my SuperSoul Sessions talk, I shared my story about releasing the need to control… and to this day I still get emails from people about how much it helped them.

Plus, I can’t tell you how many times another person’s transformational story has been the catalyst for my own growth.

“What if I don’t have a transformational story?”

But even though we all recognize the power of transformational stories, I have noticed people getting hung up on something. When I talk about this topic, oftentimes someone will ask, “But what if I don’t have a transformational story?”

I want to call this out right now!

The fact that you’re reading this blog post means there’s a voice within you that wants to share your story. You wouldn’t have had a reason to click on this post otherwise. It’s proof that you have experienced some kind of inner transformation. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t on a spiritual path.

Your story doesn’t have to be painful to be powerful

Your story doesn’t have to be a trauma story to have a major impact. This is a misconception, and it’s a harmful one. This myth leads us to think our pain has purpose and that we must suffer and struggle in order to succeed. It can keep us stuck in the story of victim.

Your story doesn’t need to involve overcoming trauma in order to be powerful. In fact, if you haven’t been through serious trauma then that is something to be deeply grateful for.

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Your story also doesn’t have to involve a total life overhaul. You don’t have to quit your job, sell everything you own and backpack around Europe for two years to gain beautiful insight. Deep inner transformations can happen in the most familiar and ordinary places and situations.

If your transformation did happen as a result of something very painful or traumatic, then I want to offer you a lot of love and support for being willing to heal and doing the spiritual work required. And I want to remind you that you don’t have to tell a story you aren’t ready to tell.

So let’s settle this once and for all. You are here because you have a story. And your story is what heals. Now your work is to embrace that truth and uncover your story.

There are many kinds of stories

In my talks, books and courses, you’ll notice I include many different stories.

They’re not all earth-shattering stories of life upheaval. Rather, they’re stories about mindset shifts around topics such as money, work, relationships and happiness.

There are many kinds of stories.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen powerful stories from people of color about their experiences. One beautiful example comes from the activist, speaker, CEO and author Haile Thomas. She shared this story with strength, grace and vulnerability on Instagram — you can watch it here.

Your authenticity is what matters most

Sharing your authenticity is the most transformational gift you can give the world | Transformational storyWhat matters about your story is that it’s authentic. Your truth is what heals. Everyone’s story is different. Remember that you got here today because you have a voice inside you that wants to share your story. Honor your own transformation for what it is. When you stand in your authentic truth, you give others permission to do the same.

Your transformational story may take place over a few months or a few decades. Regardless of your timeline, it’s likely that your “big” story contains smaller stories of more subtle shifts.

Take the example of Spirit Junkie. In it I told my story of detouring into fear and addiction, and then surrendering to spirit, getting sober and changing my life. That’s a major transformation. But it played out over many years. And in that time frame, I experienced many smaller transformations and revelations that added up to radical change.

In my 2011 TEDx Talk, I shared a very condensed version of my story. I had just 16 minutes for my talk, so you can see how I adapted my story for this format:

And, of course, my story didn’t end there! As you continue on your spiritual path and in your life, you will experience new spiritual assignments and miracles, and you’ll have more transformational stories and lessons to share.

Now let’s begin uncovering your story.

How to uncover your transformational story

Below is a fun writing exercise that will help you unpack your transformational story and bring it to life!

Step 1: Free write

Open your journal or a Word/Google document, and then free-write the answers to the following 3 questions. Don’t edit yourself at first. Just let the words flow.

  1. Where were you (literally or figuratively)?
  2. What happened?
  3. Where are you today?

Step 2: Review your story

Add anything you may have missed and edit your writing to make it clearer and cleaner. You can continue to revise and polish your story. Over the next few hours or days, other elements may come to you. Add them in.

Step 3: Share your story!

You can share your story in whatever way feels good to you. You can:

  • Share it in a comment on this post (I’ll be reading all of them)
  • Post it on social media, whether as a written post or as video/audio
  • Call or email a friend and ask to share it with them

And if you feel called to share your story in a big way, check out my Bestseller Masterclass!

Learn how to write, publish and market your book

Bestseller Masterclass by Gabby Bernstein

In my Bestseller Masterclass, you’ll learn how to share your message with the world using my formula for writing, publishing, and marketing a bestselling book.

For the first time, this 5-module course is completely online — and enrollment opens this week!

You don’t need to have a big following, an established business or a writing degree to share your story through books. People in every stage of life, from every background, and in every profession hear this call.

Over the past several years I’ve met and worked with many people with important stories to tell and lessons to share. They’ve been first-time writers, experienced authors, and everything in between.

If this is resonating with you… I believe you’re one of them.

Get on the waitlist and I’ll notify you as soon as enrollment opens!

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  1. Chapter Ideas:
    * 39 procedures and counting…
    * The day they found out what was wrong with me.
    * Well that sucked.
    * That time I stopped breathing because Mom made me laugh.
    * Waking up a week or so AFTER becoming a Mom.
    * Butt stories.
    * The car that pinned me to my desk.
    * The things they don’t tell you before receiving a Kidney Transplant.
    * Be careful what you pray for; you might get bigger boobs.
    * Peeing on a table … and not being able to pee at all.
    * Why you shouldn’t pull an NG tube to your stomach out through your nose immediately following surgery.
    * Great guesses as to what caused it all.
    * All the things that went right: it only took 32 years to figure it all out.

    I was 14 when I was diagnosed with kidney disease. Threw up almost every day as a child and no one knew why. My husband and I met when I was 15 & I had been told with all my health issues I probably wouldn’t be able to have children. I was 17, on birth control and antibiotics when we found out we were pregnant… I had 3 seizures and woke up a week later to find my baby had been taken at 26 weeks, only weighing 1 lb 3.8oz. My husband and I have now been together 20 years, our son -who has is blind and autistic will be 18 this month. After 39 procedures including a kidney transplant, hysterectomy, and uretero-ureterostemy (reconstruction of my entire right side to correct complications of transplant), I am now perfectly healthy… surviving a pandemic immune suppressed and working a full time career in investment finance. I think the world slowing down has provided me with the perfect opportunity to tell my story in my true humorous way of delivering the ridiculous and awkward things that you go through as a long time patient. I’m interested in the cost of your course and would love the chance to work with you

  2. 7
    August 28
    I arrived in Shenzhen by plane on 28
    August. My first reaction was that it was incredibly
    hot and humid. Everything in China is hot and
    humid in August, but without the smog of Chengdu
    to dim it, the sun was brutal. I was met at the airport
    by a teacher from the school.
    I remembered this teacher who had been sent to
    meet me from the week before in Qingdao. She
    hadn’t seemed to take it seriously and had appeared
    to spend more time trying to get the attention of her
    male colleague than anything else during the week.
    People who behave like children didn’t even
    impress me when I was still a child, and that was
    my impression of the colleague whom she had
    seemed smitten with. I would later learn that she
    was a teacher who was very serious about
    improving pedagogy and only lacked access to
    90 Days in Shenzhen
    resources and examples. He had just been the only
    person she knew in Qingdao.
    When he had said that the most important thing to
    him as a teacher was that the students liked him, I
    shared articles with him and the group from ACSD
    on why teachers don’t need to be and shouldn’t be
    friends with students. Some of the best advice that
    had been given to my class of pre-service teachers
    in 2009 was that adults don’t need thirteen-year-old
    friends. It was put even better by one of the most
    amazing administrators and teachers whom I have
    ever met when she said in 2011, “If you care about
    them, show it by teaching them.”
    I think that is so true in education. Looking back
    even now, I know which teachers were strict
    because they cared. The ones who sat with me when
    there was a skill that I was determined I couldn’t
    master were so much rarer than the teachers who let
    us sit on desks and gossiped with us quite
    pathetically as though they’d never left their own
    adolescent stage.
    He had only rolled his eyes and groaned at the idea
    of being an effective teacher. So, knowing now that
    he was at this campus let me know that not quite
    every teacher was as qualified and competent as
    they had been hyped up to be. In fact, he had been
    rejected from the program, but one of the directors
    90 Days in Shenzhen
    had a crush on him, so she had argued to bring him
    back in.
    I was taken straight to work. My suitcases were left
    by the door of the cafeteria because the other
    directors were already waiting for me. We had a
    meeting over dinner, then I was taken to a
    dormitory room to leave my luggage. The room
    smelled of nicotine, but they had bought fresh
    linens and changed them for me while my boss
    walked around checking out the room, flipping
    switches off and on. She told me that the former
    resident had been moved temporarily so I could
    have a room on the first floor, and I could stay there
    as long as I needed to stay. She hoped though that I
    would be moving into my apartment Friday.
    I reminded her that I had to take a trip out of
    mainland China Friday to reset the stay on my visa.
    They hadn’t begun my work permit application yet,
    so I would need to leave and return through a port
    of entry and have a temporary resident permit filed
    to stay legally. I had found a cheap room at a
    famous casino in Macau. I planned to take the last
    ferry from Shenzhen to Macau then stay one night
    at the hotel before traveling back to Shenzhen on
    Saturday. She was concerned because there was a
    lot to do before the parent meeting on Sunday, but I
    was not going to risk an overstay in China.
    90 Days in Shenzhen
    We had a final meeting in my office and created a
    schedule for the week. Although they kept
    remarking that I must be tired, there wasn’t a sign
    of actually stopping until after the sun had gone
    down. I was finally allowed to return to my dorm
    room to sleep around 9 o’clock that evening. There
    was no Wi-Fi and my cellular signal was weak, but
    I was able to send a message to my family at home
    and friends in Chengdu that I had arrived.
    The room I was assigned to sleep in had windows,
    but no curtains. I wanted to use a blanket to drape
    over the lower bunk, so people wouldn’t be
    watching me sleep, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the
    only one I had when I’d need it to keep mosquitoes
    from biting during the night. There was a wide gap
    under the door, and cockroaches and mosquitoes
    came and went as they pleased throughout the night.
    The small room had a powerful air conditioner, so
    my strategy was to make the room far too cold for
    any living thing that didn’t have a blanket.
    Allowing strangers who wanted to walk by and
    creepily stare at the sleeping foreigner was better to
    me than finding a cockroach crawling across me in
    the middle of the night. The door had a lock against
    any 2-legged pests that might try to come in.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Amy! It sounds like you have interesting experiences to share. xoxo

  3. 1. Where were you (literally or figuratively)? (this is long, sorry)
    In a constant state of anxiety, overthinking, trying to control what’s next, very rarely truly present, always planning and organising, which was often holidays/events in the future some in the distant future for example planning my 50th birthday on the Amalfi Coast for May 2020 in March 2019 in great detail!
    Unhealthy in the most part, binge drinking when in social situations mostly due to some of the culture/social circle expectations, attending social occasions with social anxieties & followed by a lack of consciousness/awareness leading to a very unhealthy and frequent hangover, which in turn fuelled the anxiety cycle.
    I was also very inconsistent with exercise and diet, struggled to get a routine, often all or nothing, giving work my all and with that I struggled to focus on maintain balance, again fuelled by anxious thoughts, worrying all the time I could not maintain the career/s and reputation that I had achieved.
    I have experienced so many syncronistic moments over the course of my life, I guess maybe only in the last 20 years or so have I realised that they were syncronistic moments.
    I understand and appreciate now these were/are gifts from the Universe.
    Too many to mention but there has been a substantial amount of WOW moments to date, yet still for a great part of my life I have still felt the need to be in control and always be in charge of the outcome and not trust that I will be guided or that it will happen again, basically I have felt like the Universe will have a big fall out with me/not love me, which is a theme of my life with most relationships.
    2. What happened?
    I left a successful & mostly very enjoyable career after 15 years
    I received some Covey training to become a better leader, which was great, but it also got me questioning my life and where I would be in several years- time if I kept on that path.
    The last 7 years after that to present day I have had several positions, two in the charity sector, which I felt might be my calling one was great but they had to make cuts, as soon as that was mentioned I jumped quickly into the 2nd charity position, which gave me the job security that I felt I needed but was in fact a very toxic environment
    I decided very unlike me of the past just to give it up, the timing was good as the admin person in my partners business was leaving and it felt a good fit and time for me to take on this role, the office is also at our home.
    In this, 7 period I got my own fur baby, I am physically fit, exercise is pretty much a daily routine for me. I mostly always eat healthy, and I have moderated the drink binges (every now and again I allow it to happen and feel the regret the day after)
    I created a book club with a couple of friends and through that met a great group of friends
    3. Where are you today?
    My 50th took place in my garden in Manchester last month, not at all how I PLANNED… yet with so much love around me, so many socially distant visitors but yet every one was emotionally present.
    I am currently in the best place spiritually that I have been in my life due to the time out given to me from the Universe in the form of Covid-19.
    I have surrendered my fears & anxieties not given in to my past habits of worrying over money etc, I am sure I can surrender some more.
    I have finally managed to get daily meditation into my life although I still can do more it is giving me an inner peace and knowing that I have never experienced before.
    I currently have a relationship and work challenge both are entwined & both are a roller coaster of elation/love to toxic and emotionally challenging. & draining
    In this current situation I have let go of the need to control, as yet there has not been the urge to jump in & fix it.
    I am meditating & surrendering more and hoping that the answers and direction will be provided by the Universe

    1. Wow, Jackie! It sounds like you experienced a wonderful shift. Thanks so much for sharing. You’re story is a beautiful reminder that change is possible. Sending you much love. xoxo

      1. Thank you & much gratitude to Gabby/team Gabby who have over several years shown up for me just at the right time xxx

  4. Thank you, Gabby. I was recently fired from my teaching job at a private school for speaking my truth. I am a woman in recovery (6.5 years) from substance abuse disorder. I was told not to disclose this to my teenaged students in order to “protect me.” Since March, I’ve launched my website and am making my life my mission to help educational professionals deal with self-care and addiction. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been rewarding
    I’ve partnered with a fellow educator. We have an online workshop soon approaching and are excited to be moving forward.

    1. Wonderful, Linda! So glad that you’re answering the call to serve in this way. It sounds like you’re doing great work. Keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  5. I really like this new blog of yours, Gabby.
    I have been ruminating of late, and I am becoming more inclined to start writing my personal story of overcoming drug addiction. Once my schedule is more free, I think I’ll start having a writing/editing routine put into my weekly schedule. Also when I write, it feels therapeutic. I cannot thank you enough Gabby for sharing your Light to encourage me to take on my dark fears.
    (Curious) Georgie

    PS. I believe this will be your 214th comment, and my very first home is number 2 1 4. I find that to be a true sign of Good Synchronicity…

    1. Wonderful, George. Writing can be very therapeutic. Whether you decide to write for yourself and your own healing or to share your story with the world, it will be a transformational experience. Sending you big love! xoxo

  6. Gabby your story of transformation is inspiring. Thank you for your authenticity and your love.

    My story comes from struggling to have a baby. I know this is something you experienced as well.
    My husband and I tried for 8 long years to conceive and it’s the most difficult experience of my life. Like many people experiencing infertility, it took over my life leaving little room for anything else. It got to a point where I could no longer continue – I was miserable and my life was on hold. After a painful miscarriage and then some beautiful support from a spiritual coach, I decided to let go. Friends and family were shocked and thought I was giving up too soon. There is this belief when trying to have a baby you must ‘never, ever, give up hope’. We hear stories of couples who got their miracle baby after years of trying and this hope kept me stuck. I gave up on hope and it was the best thing I could have done. Instead, I embraced Trust. Trust that the universe had my back. Trust that life was working out for me. Trust that all was ok, exactly as it was.
    Letting go of my dream to have a baby, gave me freedom. It took the pause button off my life and allowed me to find purpose.
    I now work as a coach supporting other women to know that they can live fulfilling, joyful lives, with or without children. This is how I share the love I have to give.
    I feel blessed to have had this experience. It taught me so much and I am grateful.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I want to honor you for making your pain your purpose. As you continue to work on surrendering the outcome, here are some posts and practices that you might find helpful:

  7. It was a lovely summer’s day in Gwanda, Zimbabwe. I had just arrived from school. I got off the bus and as usual ran up the driveway of my home excited to see my mom and have lunch. I dropped my bag in the living room and walked down the corridor towards my room. I stood at the door of my parents’ room, shocked and not knowing what was happening. I saw my mom’s suitcases packed, her standing next to her bed in tears. She walked towards me, picked me up and told me she loved me. I was only seven years old. I had no clue what was happening and stood there in silence. I remember standing outside watching the car drive away. Not only did l lose my mom that day, it felt like all the love and life in our house left with her. I walked back into our house, walked down the corridor into my room and shut the door and in a way shut the world away. I never did anything. I just stood there in silence and watched as my mom left.

    This year l found myself back home in Zimbabwe after being away for many years. I had a plan to go abroad and teach English to Japanese children and travel. It was supposed to be my first big adventure outside of Africa, but the pandemic left me here at home. It felt like life had taken my big plan away and left me with nothing. I found myself seated in the same place l did twenty-seven years ago when l was just a little boy, wondering when l will catch my big break and what my purpose is in all of this. I felt just as lonely as l did back then. The little boy within me just wanted to be loved, held and hear the loving words of his mom. I felt myself spiraling into depression, feeling stuck and feeling like l had no voice. Just like l did nothing when my mom left, here l was doing nothing about my life. I had no answer to the constant “barrage” of questions being launched at me by my dad.

    But then “Dear Gabby” happened. I could not believe it was happening. My heart was bursting with joy. l was talking to my favorite spiritual teacher who reminded me that my purpose never left me, the action did but my purpose was always with me. As l think of that moment my smile stretches from one ear to the other and my heart is full of joy. Everyday l set aside 10 mins to sit in silence, surrendering all and asking for the highest good for all because just maybe God has a far better plan than l could ever come up with. Wow! Who would have a thought that the most amazing woman on the other side of the world would be making a difference in the life of this young black man in small village in the South of Africa? You just got to love life. Thank you, Gabby, for listening, hearing, loving and for creating a space where my voice can be heard. Love and Light from Zimbabwe.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Killian– both here and on #DearGabby! May you continue to be lead to the right and perfect practices to help you heal from the past and manifest beautiful new ways to live your purpose. Sending you big love. xoxo

  8. Dear Gabby,
    I appreciate your work so much. The Universe Has Your Back has been my go resource this last few years following a big life transition and I LOVE using the cards and share them in sessions with my clients.

    3 years ago, on the brink of burnout, I decided that I wasn’t going to continue depleting myself and giving my talents and energy to someone else’s purpose. Outwardly, my life looked amazing – I earned a six figure salary living and working in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world (Dubai), I had a supportive husband and family and was blessed to be able to travel around the world.

    Inwardly thought, it was a different story…

    For much of my adult life I battled with anxiety and crippling insomnia. In early 2o15 on a trip to Nepal see the Himalayas for the first time, I arranged private yoga tuition desperate to find a way to manage insomnia and anxiety. That trip was a pivotal turning point in my life! After returning, I practiced yoga and meditation every day. It became my salvation and I started to feel better than I had felt ever before in my life. Unexpectedly, the time on my yoga mat prompted a reevaluation of my life and priorities. I decided that I wasn’t going to spend another 20 years depleting myself for someone else’s purpose. So, I left my corporate job and returned home to Wales.

    I felt compelled to understand why yoga and meditation had enabled me to regain balance in my life and so I decided to return to Nepal to train as yoga teacher. My initial yoga teacher training was a life changing experience. I learned about the deeper foundations of yoga and, since then have been committed to deepening my knowledge through trainings in yoga therapy and sound healing.

    Soon after, my life purpose suddenly became crystal clear. I realised that the skills I had gained in my 18 years in training, coaching and occupational pyschology had an important role to play in the next chapter of my life. I started my company with the aim of bridging yogic models of health and wellbeing and western psychological approaches to support women to reclaim their health and wellbeing and discover greater purpose and joy in their lives empowering them to THRIVE.

    I am on the brink of taking my work online so I can help more women to connect with their authentic selves and live from a place of purpose and passion. I received an intuition to write about my transformation journey during lockdown and have started writing my book. Reading your article was a timely reminder that we ALL have a story to tell that has the potential to inspire and uplift others. Thank you Gabby. Much love from Wales, UK.

    1. Wonderful, Christine. So glad you listened to your intuition and that you were guided to the perfect resources to support you: Yoga and meditation. Love that you’ve made the commitment to share the practices that worked for you with others who are in need of healing. Right on! Here is a blog post that I think you’ll enjoy: Sending you big love. xoxo

  9. Dear Gabby,

    I have been following your books and writings since some years and your energies have become powerful and meaningful on my own path.

    The reason why I am keen to take in more from your experiences about writing a book, is that I have started to write mine many years ago. I have many stories within me, and I feel ready now to put it into a book form.

    I am an artist and I struggled my way to be on this path. I grew up in an unusual family and in very different parts of the world. This has given me immense openness to our diversity and the importance to celebrate the uniqueness already at an early age. My family did not support my choice and I had to find my own way to become an artist and live it fully.

    I had a major trauma after the split from the father of my daughter. I went through it loosing finances, my passion for art – which I have so fought for – and having my life turning upside down. All that I thought was secure in my life seemingly broke down. I had to find my own way with my daughter alone, having to fight for my existence, my daughter and then finding my way back to myself, loving myself again, believing in my dreams, my art.

    I went through many challenges, however my main transformation started within. I used these years to transform and start to shed off unwanted layers, to find my true voice within. It was a weird feeling of being somehow separated from my layers, as if one part of me was suffering from loss, pain, anger, stress, fear. And another part of me, deep within knew this is the right path, that there is no other way and that all is happening for the very best. I used my challenges as spiritual exercises, and I achieved many miracles in the form of transformations.

    The transformations occurred on two levels. From the physical part I regained sole custody although I lost financially everything. I had to start from the very bottom with social support, selling all my material things. I had to re-evaluate what making art really means to me, what can I do with it and how. In the meantime I had many insecurities to go through that shook me on the surface for long, but that gave me many new gifts from life.

    Helped by my inner Being, I gradually could accept that I have created the life experiences myself, which paradoxically led and helped me to find consciousness and regain my true Being. I had a few very close and meaningful people around me, who shared their love, friendship and unconditional support and belief in me. Although being an artist, a woman artist and a mother at the same time is already challenging by itself, I could never be anything else than these things in this life. Art is my life’s passion and my ongoing dream.

    Not only did I start to paint again, but also I started an Art magazine, which promotes art and art advocates. But mostly a whole new world is opening up in front of me, one of more love, potentials, abundance and peace. I wish to give as much beauty and inner wisdom as possible to as many people as I can. Art is a universal language, a way to reach people’s hearts in a direct way, opening up channels of true beauty and harmony and I am grateful to be part of this journey.

    It took some years and the transformation is still under process. It is as you say, once one is over, new challenges appear to bring forth new miracles and new layers of consciousness with itself.

    My aim is to share my story and to show how with belief, persistence and love one can go through any challenge, and to give some real life examples for artists to not give up their true callings. Also that our challenges, struggles are there to teach us, to raise us to higher and deeper levels, to make us and the world a better place to live in. Art for me is a tool to express the belief in humanity and that there is beauty in both our material and our inner universes. We are all connected through our stories and our onenness.

    I hope to enroll in your masterclass in some way or another (perhaps you offer a scholarship). And thank you again for sharing your stories of your own path, teaching through them and showing the light to others to follow on their own.


    1. Thank you for your vulnerable share, Dodo. I want to honor you for doing all you can to care for yourself and your daughter. It takes courage and strength to overcome our challenges and create new beliefs and practices. Congratulations! We’re holding space for your intention to “share your story and to show how with belief, persistence and love one can go through any challenge, and to give some real life examples for artists to not give up their true calling.” Amazing. Hope to see you in masterclass! xoxo

  10. I have the tale of two stories..The first I have not completed..6 years ago my husband of 22 years left and moved very far from here..I was devastated and stayed in bed for and Abraham Hicks saved me..however we are separated ,we still talk, we are still connected but it’s all very confusing…and it continues. I have never gotten over it and it ruins any potential relationship..I can’t ditch the heartache..still..Anyway my other story is much better..I had a new business that I gave up a corporate job for and it was just stating to grow when he left…I put all my love and creative thought and brought the business to an amazing level..things were going perfectly but enter covid 19 After 4 months of no work I am going back this weekend if we are allowed..I’m in NY but in Syracuse so it’s going well here..I added online and a new concept of pick up art..(my business is an art studio for kids)..I love it so much and am so appreciative of my creativity cause without it it may not have survived..Things are still up in the air but what I have accomplished in this beautiful little business makes me beyond if I can learn to do this in my personal would be perfect…lol I just can’t shake all the good memories and would think by now it would go away..I have dated some but it’s been blah..
    Anyway I plan on continuing to write my business success story for kids art!!!

  11. I am in the middle of my story. I work in the pharmaceutical industry and used to be a strong believer in science over spirituality. I also firmly believed in “a pill for every ill.” Then I developed chronic pain during pregnancy. No traditional doctor could tell me what was wrong. I was at the point where I literally would have tried any thing to ease this pain that no non-narcotic was affecting. In that “nothing to lose” frame of mind, I tried qigong. Within 3 months of daily, deep practice, the pain had lessenee in intensity, duration and frequency (in that medication could provide a few hours of complete relief). My entire belief system has been thrown on its head. I am in an in between spot now, wanting to get off daily medication but still experiencing daily pain. I still work at my job in pharma, but feel I’m growing out of it, or at least I feel separated from my “better living through chemistry” colleagues. So I’m in this weird kind of transitional period. I have a huge block about writing a book, but feel the story may be worth sharing, once it comes to some sort of resolution.

  12. Gabby!!!

    I would love to start off by saying thank you for inspiring, speaking your Truth and rising into the pure essence that you are from the hardships you face(d).
    You are appreciated and truly are an inspiration to those to find their own strength.

    I was watching the video on your website on how you went from PR party girl to a self-help author and I felt called to reach out. I just left my 3.5 year relationship that was psychologically abusive – he was gaslighting me and I didn’t realize it for so long. I found the courage to walk away and practically lived out of my car during these weird, unpredictable times (I just moved into a new housing situation, woo-hoo!!!). Now, more than ever, I am motivated to rise into my power, speak my truth, help others and put myself out there. I am currently a Behavior Analyst with special needs kids as well as a Mentor for traumatized and depressed adults. I crave to write books based off of spirituality/self-help, do podcasts, create workshops for others to heal and go within but I don’t know what steps to take to steer me to do what I love as apart of just Being. I practice giving therapy for free but most of the time, get asked what “certifications” or “degrees” I have that give me credibility to speak my truth at all. I feel like traditional college won’t give me what I need to truly spread the wisdom that lies within all of us. I have been asked by others to help them but I don’t even know how I would – I mean, I’m a 22-year-old with no degree or education that could help them effectively. Sure, I can spread the light, love and inner truth we all share but getting through to people to truly apply it has been a challenge.

    Do you have any recommendations on stepping into this special light/calling I feel inside of me when society is trying to shape you? I don’t want to believe that I need to follow a certain regimen to speak my truth and do it in a specific way that successful people claim “work”. I started a blog a few days ago but I’m stuck on how to approach it – do I want to sound “professional” or do I just want to be who I am, weird, witty and full of life in my writing?! I want people to be able to take me seriously.

    Thank you again for being who you are. I read that you’re a Scorpio (November 1), I was born a day before (October 31)! I’m not sure if you’re into astrology at all but I definitely feel your power and resonate with your energy. Scorpio power! Lol.

    You are wonderful, Gabby. I admire your courage and willingness to be bold!!! In your video mentioned earlier, you said you spoke for free to spread your story – I reached out to a domestic violence center near me and told them I would love to share my story when they reopen groups. We’ll see what happens.

    So much love for you & your work,
    Claudia Auger

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Claudia. Awesome that you heard the call and are willing to serve the world in this way. You’re asking great questions about how to move forward, but no one can answer these question for you. What we can do is provide you with the steps on how to allow that answer to be given to you. Right now you’re in the logical mindset of “How do I figure this out?” and ultimately that blocks our sense of feeling and knowing the next right action. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to stop trying to “figure it out” and let your intuition be your guide. The way that you develop tuning into your intuition is through prayer and meditation. We want to offer you this simple prayer: “Thank you universe for showing me what to do. Thank for showing me how I can use my talents, skills, and abilities for the highest good.” Then sit in meditation to receive guidance. xoxo

  13. Dear Gabby,

    I have no doubt that the universe sent your Super Soul discussion to me directly. When I read The Universe Has Your Back for the first time, I needed to be convinced that this world was for me. At 33, I carried around a traumatic adolescence and a lot of grief. I’d lost every important man in my life—most recently my soul mate, husband of ten years, high school sweetheart, and new baby’s father. At a point when I felt I “should” have had everything I’d dreamed of, the pain was too much. I considered suicide in a very real way; my daughter’s face kept me from doing anything drastic, and eventually, I decided I would live. But I had conditions: I would have to REALLY live. Naturally, I started by googling “how to really sad people get happy?”

    I read everything from The Power of Now to Why Men Love Bitches. But I drank as much as I meditated, and eventually I was led to leave my job for treatment. It was a small price to pay, and I was led to your work around the same time. Thank you for giving my -ing a name. Five years ago, my chart said that I was “extremely intuitive but suffers from constant catastrophic thoughts.” But today, I am a full-fledged miracle worker. I started living mindfully for survival, and now my meditations manifest the things I’ve always dreamt of. I have asked that my diagnosis be changed from PTSD to PTGS-post traumatic GROWTH syndrome.

    Of course I have days when the sky still falls. But there are no more weeks in bed, soaked in red wine. My knee-jerk reaction is gratitude, and the lessons I’ve learned have made me thankful for my time here on earth. I’ve found a path to the career of my dreams (making art), I’ve fallen in and out of love, and I’ve sought out the real joys of life in friendship, music, and nature. My daughter is flourishing. There are still amazing things waiting for me, but I am glad to share with you the “so far.”

    Thank you for your message, Gabby Bernstein! I hope you see an owl today and think of Joy from Mississippi.

    1. Thank you, Joy, sharing your transformational story with us. It’s such a beautiful reminder that all we need is a mustard seed of hope for miracles to occur. So glad that you were open to receive the blessings that come your way. May you continue to experience many more. Sending you big love Joy from Mississippi!!! Keep shining your bright light. xoxo

  14. Hi Gabby,

    My name is Sam. I’m 27 years old. I’m married to my best friend, who also happens to be the most amazing woman on earth. We have two wonderful girls (3 years & 8 months). We want nothing more than for them to grow up strong and independent, yet full of grace and love, and a compassion for others.

    I’ve struggled with pornography for years. Growing up, I never talked about it. Just silently suffered. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. The shame cycle led me back to it again and again. Whether stress, anxiety, loneliness, or boredom, I constantly felt the need to cope and self medicate through porn.

    Before getting married, I came forward with my truth to my wife, my most trusted confidant.
    Over the last five years we’ve ebbed and flowed. We’ve loved hard and we’ve fought hard. The most glaring thing of all is that she learned to trust, but I did not learn to tell the truth, and this could truly cost our marriage.

    As much as I love her, I’ve determined that a marriage is not worth the lies kept to keep it together. I’m surrendering. I want to live a life full of integrity. No more lies. I believe this honesty will salvage my relationship with my wife.

    I am sure you’re familiar with Fight The New Drug, they help educate people on pornography and the harmful effects it can have on individuals, our relationships and our society. I am a first hand witness of these effects and want to make a difference for change.

    You talk about not needing a full life over haul for transformation, and that a story does not need to be an “earth shattering life upheaval.” I guess my question is how can I best determine what is best?
    In reference to your 5 steps to surrender, -I feel I’ve taken my hands off the wheel, finally. -I look at the beauty and try to focus on the little things that are thriving in my life. -I realize my obstacles are part of a bigger plan and help me learn and grow into a better person. -I guess I’m asking for a sign and trying to surrender all that I have right now.

    I have this huge dream to run across the country not “for porn” rather “from porn.” Encouraging people to fight for love and equality. Fight the New Drug Coined the phrase “Porn Kills Love.” Isn’t love the ultimate solution? To prejudice, social injustice, enmity, and violence. Porn and sexual exploitation go far beyond just infecting our brains and traveling to our hearts. They infect our whole world. And we need to do something about it. Thanks for providing a space for me to share some thoughts with you!

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Sam. I want to honor you for doing all you can to care for yourself. It takes courage and strength to find help and change habits. To answer your question, “How can I best determine what is best?”– Lean on your spiritual practice. Prayer is the medium for asking and meditation is the medium for receiving. I want to offer you this simple prayer from A Course in Miracles: “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?” Then sit in meditation to receive guidance. You’ve got this! xoxo

  15. One night, I lay in bed wanting to literally crawl out of my skin. On the outside, I’d achieved everything I thought I wanted. I’d just finished work on a TV series I’d been trying to work on since I was 10, I’d had a book published, my professionally made-up face on the cover of a magazine, and my loving partner slept soundly beside me. But nothing could fix the deep-seated sense that I was the faulty doll on God’s production line.
    I visualised getting out of bed and taking a knife from the draw in the kitchen. I’ll do anything, just show me what to do to take this pain away, I prayed to no one in particular. A voice popped into my head. If you want something to change, you have to be willing to let go of everything. I said yes.

    Within weeks of that inner ‘yes’ I signed up for two years full-time yoga teaching training. And after finally admitting I’d had an eating disorder for most of my adult life, I began going to 12-step meetings for people with food issues.

    I am not someone who accepts woo-woo ideas readily, but I was desperate. And so I did the weird breathing. And wrote the inventory. I even poured salty water through my nose and turned up at the crack of dawn every Sunday morning to get in touch with my chakras. And every week I turned up to 12-step meetings, did the insane things they told me to do, and bit by bit, life began to change.

    Today, I am a mother of two little books. I am an author of two books. I am working on my third book, and I am gratefully maintaining abstinence one day at a time. And Gabby – I am a HUGE fan!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Alice! It’s a great reminder that showing up and taking the next right action can lead to radical change. So glad you’ve experience this wonderful shift and that you’re a fan of Gabby! Keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  16. I’ve been feeling a nudge to share my story for a couple of years now. I’m only 22 so my ego voice tells me I’m too young. With all of the changes going on in the world and my personal life, I’ve finally surrendered to the constant nudge from spirit to start writing. I love your quote, “sharing your authenticity is the most transformational gift you can give the world.” beautiful. You’ve been one of my greatest teachers, Gabby! I want to be a truth teller like you. I would love nothing more than to be in your masterclass, in fact- I have to be in it!

    1. You’re never too young to share your story, Alexia. So glad that you’ve heard the call and are willing to show up in this way. There is no limit to how your story can serve the world. We’re psyched that you’ll be joining us for Masterclass– we can’t wait to support you on this journey! xoxo

  17. This is my first time ever actually writing my narrative. It is raw, and probably very rough! I would love feedback, but be please be gentle.

    Setting at my parents dining room table with my back to the window. It’s Father’s Day, mid-June, humid outside, and I’m wearing pants because I have a rash on my legs from what I can only assume is from stress that I don’t want my mom to notice for fear of judgement and 20 questions about what do I have to be stressed about. My 10 and 14-year-old daughters had just finished their meal and had moved to the living room to play the Wii. One of their favorite past times if they are not in my father’s music room playing on one of his many instruments. A talent that I have tried and do not possess. My father setting to the left of me, my husband to the right, my mom, sister, and brother-in-law, setting across from me in my parents’ dining room. I felt like I was in an interview or setting before a panel trying to decide my fate. The dinner had been going very smooth, with good conversation and laughter amongst us all. I always dread going to see my immediate family because I never knew if I am going to be put down or judged for something I did when I was younger. I started to let my guard down and have start having a good time. My mom brings up the fact that she asked my oldest about her 8th grade boyfriend, who she had found out via my father that she was the last to know that they had broken up. My father actually knew before she did, and this did not settle well. Why was this even an issue? I had asked her to take my oldest daughter to lunch while we take our youngest into surgery the Wednesday before. A stress for my husband and I during the already stressful pandemic, which I thought would be nice for them to bond and be distracted during the surgery. But my mother had to ask the question, “why did you break up?” Taking my daughter by surprise, ending up with my 14-year-old texting me while my 10-year-old was in surgery. “Why is Grams asking me about Nate?” I was totally taken aback because this had happened months before, when Covid had just started to become part of our vocabulary. My response to my daughter was, “I have no idea, I did not tell her. It was her news, not mine to tell.” But I had forgotten that I had told my father, back in February. Thinking that he would tell my mother. But he had not. So, the surgery is successful, and we manage to get home and settled before my oldest is brought back home by my parents. Nothing is said about this conversation. That is, until Sunday, the conversation picks back up. I said she’s in 8th grade, who cares. She’s trying to figure out who she is, what she likes in a person that she dates. Did I mention that she’s 14, I don’t feel that this decision of who she going to be with for the rest of her life needs to be made for a long time, like 25 or 35! This switched to my “revolving door” of old boyfriends I dated in high school. Such as the boy who picked me up in a van and was disrespectful on the phone or the one that had really long hair. Mind you I was a sophomore in high school, new to dating, and trying to figure out who I was and who I wanted to date. But let’s be real, I did date a lot, I had never had so much attention from boys until I got into high school. Now all of sudden seniors wanted to date me, and I loved to flirt. It was part of my personality, I was very quiet growing up, now was my time to shine. I was trying to figure out my own boundaries, my okays and my not okays. Believe me, there were a lot of dates because I dated a lot of guys who were idiots and thought they could take advantage of me. I tried to find the nice guys and I dated a few of those, I also dated some major assholes!

    I kept telling the people who stared back at me after my mother’s comment that I was trying to figure out who I liked and what I liked about each one. How am I supposed to figure out who I like if I don’t date? If I didn’t like them the “relationship” ended, if that’s what you want to call it. I wasn’t a serial dater for long, my junior and senior year I dated one person. But for some reason my mother feels the need to point out all my faults. Especially when it comes to my dating in high school. Why is this? Is it because she didn’t date very much, really only two boys, one being my father? Does she feel that she missed out? That she didn’t really find out who she was until much later in life. I mean, they were married at 19, had me when she was 22, they were both babies when it came to what life was all about or even who they were.

    So, where am I? Today I’m married for 19 years, while it hasn’t been perfect it has been mine. I’ve been through a lot of relationships, some short, some long, some amazingly beautiful and some I wish I could forget, but they have made me, the person who I am today. They have made me a strong woman who knows what I need in a relationship and one that no one gets to take from me and make their own narrative. I’m not sorry for those relationships no matter how short they were because no one knows but me what they entailed. The expectations on a young woman who doesn’t know who she is yet and shouldn’t know is not a reason to judge her for living her life. A person who tells her own daughters to be the person you want to be, to love as freely as you can, and to love those who love you for you. You don’t have to get married if you don’t want to, and you certainly do not have to have children unless that is what you want. All of it is a commitment to the good and the bad, to the difficult and the laughter, but more than not, it is forever. Even if the marriage does not last the memories do, the children will always be a part of you. This shapes you, beauty and ugliness, it is you. The people who see you, and still love you, are your people for life. I am thankful I have those people in my life, one day I would like to include my mother.

    1. Thank you for this gorgeous share, Karen. Love your commitment to self-acceptance and your willingness to be unapologetic about your past experiences. Sending you big love as you continue on your healing journey. xoxo

  18. ME ©
    Inside of Me there is a little girl
    She Laughs, she cries, she hurts
    Most of all, she feels pain
    Out of the darkness she reached and softly cried, “Help me.”
    Ignored her cry I did

    Me, I know this child is part of me
    To reach down and take her hand is her request.
    A simple request yet such a difficult task
    To take her hand would hurt me too much.

    Me, Instead I replies, “Protect you I will.”
    Again softly she cried, “Please help me, I hurt so.”
    Me, I know I have to help her.
    But the tears and overwhelming pain I cannot bear.

    She softly wept, “Help me to be whole.”
    The memories, the pain, the overwhelming hurt.
    Could I help her? Could I take her Hand?

    Reach down I did and grabbed her hand
    Into the tunnel we went, so dark and cold and painful.
    Out the end of the tunnel we emerged. Whole one.
    We are one. No longer does she cry. She is me.
    Author. Cheryl Irene Rose
    August 12,1998
    10:24 pm ©
    I wrote this poem at the very beginning of my healing journey. I am proud of where I am at now. That little girl inside of me regularly dances, sings and plays. I spent 20 years healing and can say that it has come full circle.

    I want to preface a book with this poem and then I want to go back and read the journals that I have kept over the last decade or more. I want to write the book and call it my journey to healing.
    I was abused by my older brother and I had a lot of anger in my soul surrounding it. I directed that anger toward my mom mostly. Since my dad passed away last year, we’ve been able to talk about the abuse for the first time in my life. I am trying to help her heal her hurt and pain. I spent many years fueling that angry dragon inside of me. I walked through the darkest tunnel in my life and came out into the light. I want to write about this journey that has brought me to this place in my life.

    1. Thank you for your brave and courageous share, Cheryl. We are holding space for your intention to write this book. May you be guided and inspired as you continue on your journey to healing. Sending you big love! xoxo

  19. Hi Gabby, I read your book “The Universe Has Your Back” three years ago. Thank you so much for opening my world with that book. Especially, when I meditated the mantra “sa ta na ma” for the very first time just for about 5 minutes, out of nowhere I literally saw a beam of white bright light above my third eyes. I was not imagining. I was wide awake. I had no idea what it was. I was totally new to the world of energy healing back then when I started my energy healing journey on myself and studying it. That moment was the moment that blew away my perception of the physical reality. I suddenly felt so much love for everyone the next day. My body was out of whack for two weeks as the energy was too strong for my body. But that was the beginning of my many spiritual experiences over the years in my journey of fulfilling my purpose of being an energy facilitator, speaker and writer to inspire and empower people of abuse like me.

    I tried to reach out to you last year, I think. I hope I can reach out to you in some way. Thank you so very much.

    I would like to share some of my life story and how it has been transforming me to where I am today. This is one of the posts I wrote with a title sharing some of my story:

    “Challenge your fears. Stand in your power

    Have you ever felt humiliated, bullied, abused, made into nothing, made wrong, stifled repeatedly not just by one person but a group of people all at the same time?

    I would like to open up and share more about my life to convey my message about our truth, innate strength and courage.

    I was physically, emotionally, verbally, mentally, psychologically abused as early as I could remember around the age of 2 by my father till I turned 20s. The physical abuse only stopped when I moved away from Vietnam. Then it was continuous emotional and financial abuse for years from my whole family. I didn’t know any better trying to be a good daughter my whole life, feeling proud to be their kid even. They didn’t know any better either even though they all come from a good intention.

    I lived with fear of getting killed by my father everyday whenever he got enraged and out of control with no protection or comfort or support. My mother would always sit there next to him telling him to beat me more and how bad a child I was.

    I was lucky to have my grandma. She was the only one who gave me a sense of being loved for me. She tried to protect me but couldn’t. He wouldn’t allow her to. So all she could do for me was to tell me to be submissive and not say anything, that he was always right to keep me safe.

    One of the most traumatic memories for me was when he wanted to kill me strangling my neck and attempting to undress me and throw me to the street. That was the only time I remembered my mother tried to stop him.

    My two elder brothers abused me the same more emotionally than physically for years along with my father during my adulthood.

    I grew up being compared with my deceased sister whom I never knew as though her death was my fault, that I took her place.

    I was slapped in my face by a male stranger in front of a bunch of other strangers when I said sorry. I felt humiliated and attacked at the workplace by a group of colleagues all at once repeatedly for so many years.

    I grew up believing nobody liked me, why did they have me, why didn’t they just give me away already, that I was an outcast, that I was all alone and gotta be strong at all times.

    I grew up feeling inferior to men, authority figures, scared of men and people’s anger.

    Does that resonate with you?

    Numbing my emotions was the only way to survive. I couldn’t cry for my grandma when she passed away for 13 years. I had thought I was cold-blooded.

    I repeated the same pattern of abuse in every area of my life from men to healing to workplace to friendship to health to finance.

    I had horrible nightmares waking up with terror and pain in my heart almost every night for years.

    There were many times throughout my life, I felt like I had no strength left and wanted to commit suicide.

    For some reason, I chose to pick myself up each time over and over again. I have understood why since I found my purpose a couple of years ago. Part of me knew I was going through all that pain, suffering and abuse for a greater purpose of finding me, my soul and God within me to serve humanity.

    I abused my being and body for years without being aware of it and have developed chronic illnesses. They have got so much better till now when I have been doing so much inner work, remembering more of me, my soul, experiencing spiritual experiences beyond this physical reality when I had no idea this kind of stuff existed, that I am a healer with all the talents and gifts I had no idea about most of my life, that I am a warrior, I am God within, I am a gift to humanity, my purpose in life and choosing more of me.

    With all of that amount of abuse, I always had fear of speaking my truth, being stifled and being attacked.

    Yet I chose to challenge that fear.

    I chose to speak my truth about a controversial topic in a huge forum.

    Lots of people resonated with it. It stirred lots of angry comments at the same time. It triggered that fear of being annihilated, attacked for speaking my truth from abuse of violence. I didn’t feel strong enough for feeling the pressure of anger from a group of people.

    I regretted speaking my truth. I said to myself I shouldn’t have. I didn’t trust me or my truth. I wanted to quit. I wanted to disappear. I wanted to keep silent again by telling myself that next time I gotta shut up to be safe.

    But then I chose to go inward. It became clear to me. God within is with me. God within me gives me strength, and that I am safe no matter what even if I die.

    So I chose to stand in my ground. I chose to not engage. I chose to allow people to be. And I chose my truth no matter how much anger others might feel. I was aware that it was where they came from, they had the freedom to express their anger. I have the freedom to choose mine and stand in it. It doesn’t mean that I was wrong, they were right or vice versa. Everything is just an interesting point of view. It’s all perception from where we are at.

    So what is my message with opening up and sharing more of my story?

    It is:

    No matter how much abuse you might have gone through that silenced you, that caused you to have all fears in everything, in life, that the world is a dangerous place, people are out to get you, that dimmed your light

    Choose to question all the experiences where you formed the beliefs that dim your light

    Your abusive experiences and suffering don’t define anything about you or your fears

    Choose to challenge them against all odds

    They are the gifts to find the truth of who you are, your innate strength and power within

    No matter how much abuse, anger, rage, injustice, unfairness, pain, grief or sadness you might have gone through, choose kindness to you and others anyway

    Kindness is your strength

    Kindness is your power within

    Kindness is your light

    Kindness doesn’t mean being a doormat

    Choose to listen to your truth against all odds

    Choose your truth no matter what it takes

    No matter how long it takes

    Find all and any tools that empower you

    That allow you to access your power within

    Speak your truth unapologetically against all odds

    Even when and if you feel all kinds of fear from your own trauma

    Stand your ground


    Everything is just an interesting point of view

    Allow people to be

    Allow things to be

    And stand in your power within no matter what

    Not from rightness or wrongness

    But from your total freedom to choose your…freedom

    Each time you choose that, you choose more of you

    Your innate strength

    You innate power within

    You innate courage within

    Of a superhuman within

    That is God within you

    Whether you live or die

    God within is always with you

    Giving you infinite strength

    And a sense of safety

    No matter what

    You don’t need anyone outside of you for approval

    You are here

    You have already been approved by God within

    You are safe

    You are loved

    You are love

    You got this”

    1. God bless you, Phuong. Thank you for sharing your story. I deeply honor you for your willingness to choose love. You are amazing. Sending you big love as you share your story with the world. xoxo

  20. Where were you
    I was someone who drank everyday at least a bottle of wine then switched to stronger like whiskey Vodka Rum. Weighing in at 390 pounds

    What happened
    I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver-end stage.

    Where am I now?
    On April 21, 2018 I had a liver transplant that as of now is healthy and strong weighing in at just about 195 pounds.

    1. Amazing, Dolores! Glad to hear that you are healthy and strong. Thank you for sharing your transformational story with us! Sending you many blessings as you continue on your healing journey! xoxo

  21. Love this ❤
    I was everywhere. Doing everything … Living large and in charge … Working hard, playing hard.
    Life. Life happened … Years … Jobs, marriage, kids. Trauma, joy, ecstasy, struggle. Drama. Good and Bad. The journey.
    Now I’m wiser, more mature, grounded and more centered. Day by day. Gaining focus. Always in Love …

    1. Love it, Julie! Sounds like you’ve experienced a wonderful energetic shift. Keep returning to your center, keep choosing love! xoxo

  22. Where were you? 
    I was at one of your events in Montauk – smaller than your sold-out, book tour events at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral I’ve attended but still a packed house nevertheless – Spirit junkies cramming into The Surf Lodge to hear you speak and do a little yoga (and get a free lululemon yoga mat). 

    What happened? 
    We started doing yoga under the hot sun – not a cloud in the sky that day – all edges of our new lululemon yoga mats kissing our neighbors’. Toward the end of the sequence, you guided us into a kundalini movement meditation, instructing us to pump our arms up and down as vigorously as we could. I did, for what felt like a substantial amount of time. I was starting to sweat and ready to stop, but you insisted we keep going and push past the discomfort. I didn’t want to let you down, the only one in the sea of Spirit Junkies giving up, so I closed my eyes and gave it everything I had left inside me, silently praying the exercise would be over soon. Instead, I drifted into a dream-like state and was transported 5,000 miles away to a secluded beach I remember from my first trip to Hawaii as a child. 

    I’ve returned to this beach many times during meditation. Though that trip is a distant memory, I’ll never forget walking along the shore of this quiet beach until I got to the end, marked by a large piece of driftwood, or the feeling of stepping into warm ocean water for the first time. (I’m a California native; I’ve always lived an hour away from the coast and spent much of my time taking in the gorgeous views and basking in the sun. But I could never stand the icy, cold currents.) It felt like coming home.  

    No longer looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean but this vision of the Pacific, it was darker there, perhaps early morning or evening, just before sunrise or sunset. There was no one else there, and yet I wasn’t alone. I continued pumping my arms as though I didn’t have a choice, as though my life depended on it, until I realized there was another life at stake. A lifeless child lay before me. I started pumping harder, more fervently, to save this baby’s life. I fought back tears, as it dawned on me this child must be the baby I gave up a couple years before – a decision I could never forgive myself for nor did I even want to look at. But I couldn’t look away this time. Tears started streaming down my face. I was ready to give up, succumb to my heavy heart, when I heard you yell for us to keep going. I pumped harder and harder, faster and faster, willing this child I wasn’t ready for back to life. But as I looked closer at this sweet little girl, with the blondest hair, I realized it wasn’t the baby I carried for six short weeks; it was me. This inner child I had neglected for so long had stopped breathing. With a final burst of energy and you counting us down, I surrendered to the movement, offering up everything I had. And just as the exercise was coming to a close, I saw the chest of that little girl start to rise, air returning to her lungs, her heart beginning to beat again (though faint), and her big brown eyes slowly opening. As I opened my own, I was back in Montauk, tears streaming down my face, no longer concerned with hiding or holding them back – just in time for savasana. 

    Where are you today?
    Today, almost five years later, I am home in California, even closer to the shoreline than where I grew up. I’ve committed the last five years of my life to healing, to resuscitating that little girl (me) I almost lost, the one buried beneath every people-pleasing decision I ever made. I’m still learning and it takes practice, but I prioritize her every day: with meditation, scribbling lines in my journal, yoga, a jog down to the ocean, searching for seashells (like I used to love doing), even jumping under the icy-cold waves I used to fear so much. 

    Thank you, Gabby. For reconnecting me with myself, for helping bring me back to life.

    1. Wow, Katie! Thank you for sharing this story. So glad to hear that your commitment to self-care and self-love has resulted in this radical change. Congratulations! May your story be a beacon of hope for others. Keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  23. Hey Gabby
    I was so excited to see this blog post today and as the Universe would have it, ‘perfect timing’ for me to receive.
    I would like to share my story with you.

    I’ve been on huge transformational journey the last few months. Just before we went into lockdown I had a routine eye exam which resulted in me being sent to the ER. This triggered a HUGE amount of stress and my body reacted brutally as result of my response to the situation.

    After having many, MANY appointments with various medical professionals, scans and two nights in hospital, they concluded that I was suffering with migraines. You would think that I would be relieved but part of me had so much resistance to believe this was what it was – I just couldn’t understand why I was feeling immense pressure and pain around my eyes. The fear I was thinking was, ‘are my eyes ok?’ or even darker thoughts. I obviously have some deep routed spiritual disturbances that I am still trying to figure out. I’m working on that with my therapist right now!
    I have worried myself so much over my eyes that I then manifested more and more pain, physically and mentally.

    Over the weeks that followed, I hit my rock bottom and knew I had to take control of my fear and insecurity. I knew I had to up my game and lean on the support and guidance of the Universe. I would spend days listening to your podcasts, began my meditation practice and for the first time ever, wrote a journal. It has become a ritual now that I spend this time on myself everyday, talking to the Universe asking for spiritual guidance and really believe if I wasn’t doing this, I would have lost my mind!

    At the start of June, I felt so desperate to feel better that I started a complete body cleanse… my headaches have gone and the discomfort around the eyes is being taken care of by medication. As you say, for all the good will to heal yourself, sometimes medical intervention is necessary. I am feeling so much better for honouring my body’s discomfort and I feel like the cleanse is helping me to heal, my skin looks great and I have lost weight too. All I can now do is wait patiently and pray that I will soon be back to full health and feeling great again.

    I keep thinking that this is just an ‘obstacle in the right direction’ and its all part of the plan the Universe has for me and I will come through tougher and more resilient. I am thankful for the lessons that have been presented to me and I will now live life never taking my health or well-beings for granted again. I am a workaholic and all of this has happened because I was working at a million miles an hour, putting everyone before myself.

    I am still a work in progress, and I still have hard days where my fears try to sneak in again but I am so proud of how far I have come. I know I deserve to live an abundant life and I am capable of manifesting the life of my dreams, but I need to heal first, emotionally, mentally and physically.
    Now, I actually know myself and love myself for even the bad bits.

    I am so glad that I came across you four years for you have been part or my life every single day ever since. You resinate SO much with me and I am truly thankful for all of your love and guidance. One day, I hope to be on stage, just like you – sharing my story and teaching people that these tough times don’t last but tough people do!

    Love, hugs and light
    Angharad xoxo

    1. Thank you for sharing your story here, Angharad. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling relief! It is very important to life the stigma of medication. At times medication is necessary to help us get to a place where we can shine light on underlying causes.
      Sending you prayers and healing light as you continue on your healing journey. xoxo

  24. Thanks Gabby, needed this today. I’m currently writing an online course where I share tools and my own transformational stories that have supported me to love my work and keep from
    Burning out. Something that happened several times to me until I did the deep inner work to learn, heal and change my mindsets. This was encouraging, I’m halfway through my writing and this post gave me energy to continue forward. Always thankful for your teaching. ♥️

  25. I’m so ready to have the believe that I can do this. I need to change my beliefs and see how anxiety takes over. I want the tools and I’m also super nervous about doing my first with a colleague although at the same time it feels like intimidating and I want tools to help work out the logistics, communication and how to do this well, conserve energy and NOT burn a bridge.

  26. I started writing my story in 2018 and published my memoir in 2019. Since then, my sharing of my story has inspired so many to come forward with their own. It has also inspired me to start a blog, partner with non-profits and healers of trauma to share and promote their services on my website. Now I’m writing workshops and doing talks, podcasts, radio interviews and my voice and reach are expanding! So many blessings have come from sharing my story. The impact I’m having based on emails I get are touching and proves the value of sharing one’s story. Thank you!

    1. Congratulations, Marisa. Thank you for sharing. It’s a wonderful reminder that our true power lies in our willingness to be vulnerable. When we share our truth, it will make an impact. Keep shining your bright light. xoxo

  27. Gabby, I know I’ll eventually get there but I’m not ready to share my story in writing. I do have so much to tell an audience. I mean, all of us do, right? My story begins with my very well meant but anxious parents and me becoming such a “good girl” that I ended up spiraling down with eating disorders and when I thought I’d recovered, my body bursted into the most horrific panic attacks. I, of course, hid the fear that gripped my throat and projected a social image that didn’t match my inner self. I binged my studies, excelled at University and later in my career and dated good some guys. It wasn’t until, I looked at fear in the eyes that I understood it had so many invaluable messages for me to learn. Layer after layer, I got to my inner well of self and I started to tread a more honest and vulnerable path. The ride wasn’t easy though, it involved drinking heavily at times, miscarriages and my rock in life, my husband confessing to cheating on me with my best friend and feeling highly remorseful for having betrayed himself. I hated him and tried to destroy him verbally until one day, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I just listened to him. I decided not to act out my feelings and to surrender to God. I made a U-turn only to uncover so much about myself (again!!) and how responsible I was too for so much in our marriage. And… I met you in the Manifesting Challenge and now on the MM. I also coach people, esp. women who feel stuck, afraid or anxious to be able to unfold their wings like an origami bird. I love you, I’ve learned so much from you. I always say you’re my fairy Godmother (even though you didn’t know this until now, I just knew it) So next round, I’ll probably be in. Love you Gabby.

    1. Thank you for showing up and sharing here. I deeply honor your commitment to heal old wounds and make meaningful change. Sending you many blessings as you continue on your healing journey, Georgina. So glad you’re part of the MM community. xoxo

  28. I was lost, unaware, sick & tired. I ended up getting diagnosed with Lupus SLE (a BS disease where your body literally attacks itself) It was my wakeup call. I had already attended Nutrition School, Culinary School & was a Certified Health Coach. If I couldn’t figure out how to help myself….how would I ever be able to truly help anyone else? I dropped the hand full of clients I had & began (or continued) on my path to healing. It’s been confusing, enlightening & powerful beyond what I imagined. I’ve discovered key elements to truly understanding how to prevent or even heal from disease. I’m currently living out the process and let me tell you, I’ve got a story to share that will totally disrupt what most people think about chronic illness & overall “healthy living”. It will simplify, help people navigate quickly & efficiently to get right to their root & it’s gonna change lives if I can just reach the people who will be open enough to listen. I’m excited to teach, to educate & to finally have some FUN! I know it’s coming & I’ve been dreaming of the day I’d feel ready to write. I’ve felt this overwhelming feeling inside for a long time. I’ve been bursting with passion for years just waiting for the day for things to come together & when I could finally make sense of it all. I’m praying for strength & words to flow even just as I’m working on sharing this topic with others on a personal basis or with my small follower crowd on social media. Since you first announced this new Bestseller Masterclass, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since. I’ve been chatting with my husband about it (which was easy as I had already been dripping one of your audio books on him during some recent car rides) Which is total synchronicity in itself. I’m really not sure what you’ll be pricing it at & I’ll admit I have one side of my brain that’s saying “omg, THIS is meant for you!” and I have the other side that’s saying “but geez, what’s it gonna cost?” Ya know? My family & I literally just moved out of our suburban rental home to navigate into a new lifestyle journey of living Full-Time in an RV (cause my hub has worked away from our fam for far too long & basically we’re adjusting life accordingly to be all together again) Anyhow, ALL of our funds these days are going towards purchasing our truck & fifth wheel this summer. So I’m just going to do my best not dwelling on that fact and simply know that the Universe has my back & if this round of your masterclass is meant for me, so it will be. If not, then I’ll acknowledge that I simply need more time before I tell my story. I will not dwell. I will not worry. I will simply trust the process as I have for so long & know that I have a powerful story to share (actually, I have multiple stories to share) and they’re coming….Sending Love & wellness your way Gabby & team. Thank you!

    1. We can’t wait to hear all of the stories you have to share, Nikki! It sounds like you’ve learned a lot from your healing journey and we honor your desire to share it with the world. Hope to see you in the masterclass and sending you lots of healing light as you continue on your journey! xoxo

  29. I’ve spent the past 20 years as a psychotherapist. I wanted to share a brief picture of my background in order to illustrate a point which I’ll make at the end. We all deserve the extra support at times. I’ve been fortunate to watch the continued growth of the Only Human community which includes the well highlighted visions/process of honest humanity. Your energy and giving yourself permission to show up even in the uncomfortable times has truly inspired me.

    We all have our own stories which help shape & mold the people we are today.

    Like my story. Born with a cleft lip & palate, multiple surgeries from day one of birth, being sexually assaulted (raped) by two drug dealers at 19 years old, the death of my baby girl when I was 21, overcoming addiction, having my son at 23, getting divorced, coming out, earning three college degrees, then 10 yrs in an extremely violent DV relationship with my ex-husband, and finally at 40 setting myself free. It’s been ten years of sorting through each of these main story lines taking what I need and leaving the rest behind. Unfortunately, at age 47, I had a break which led me to shove rocks in my pocket and start walking into the ocean. I just needed the built up noise to stop. I’m still not sure what turned me around waist deep, but I did and ran for help. There is so much of me that grows everyday from the good, bad, & ugly parts of my life. Just like all of us.

    Even though I still struggle with symptoms of CPTSD, Major Depression, and Generalized anxiety all for which I take medication. I’m so pleased/honored to inform you after just about four years I went from victim to survivor to thriver. I have a ways to go, but my life is my gift to be unwrapped everyday. Watching and listen to folks like those in our community & following your passionate truth only keeps me motivated to be the healthiest version of myself that I deserve to be. Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Johnny. I want to honor you for doing all you can to care for yourself. It takes courage and strength to seek help and make meaningful change. So glad to hear that you’ve gone from victim to survivor to THRIVER! Thank you for the reminder that miracles are possible. Sending you big love as you continue on your healing journey. xoxo

  30. Thank you. Sometimes I think my story doesn’t matter… No one wants to hear it.. hear what I want to say…

    But maybe it’s not like that…
    It’s time to try exercises 🙂
    Best wishes

  31. Since I was 16 yo I had suffered with some kind of disordered eating and I had always had a dysfunctional view of eating and working out as punishment. Many years and battles later I was 36 Years old working mom of 2 young girls with many pressures and I was very out of shape. I also didn’t want to show my girls any dieting of any kind.
    But something came over me, and I realised if i wanted to change I had to make a change… I could show my girls what you can gain from being healthy and not focus on losing weight. I bought an online workout program and left for holiday the next day and vowed to workout everyday while on holiday- and I did it no matter what! In hotel rooms with no space, on balconies where everyone could see me- I did not care! This was for me. And I loved it.

    When I got home I felt helpless , because I did not know how I would workout at home and when, but it made me feel so good I made a choice to change. I set my alarm 40 mins early and got it done next to my bed in my pyjamas- LOL! 4 years later I now have a small gym at home with equipment I slowly got over years of gifts… it is the best decision I have ever made. I hardly miss a day , only if I want to.

    My disordered eating is always there in the background but I feel so much better, I choose food that makes me feel good because I love me.

    You allowed a similar transformation to take place for meditation- I have always wanted to but had no clue HOW I would fit it in. I also had this terrible habit of checking social media first thing in the morning and getting sucked in and wasting my time. NOW i hop out of bed to meditate 🙂 I know which meditation I will do the night before, and have everything ready. I get up and meditate and there is no need to turn on social media- this is thanks to your 21day meditation challenge – THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!

    Have an awesome day! Mwa

  32. Hey Gabby.
    I am a mom of three and my husband is a farmer. I am a stay at home mom/ help out on the farm. I love the farm life and I love that my kids get to grow up surrounded by nature and animals.
    one thing I’ve struggled with is feeling like I have to prove something to the world. I love what I do and I believe raising kids is one of the most important roles there is. I’ve been in that place where I’ve felt like I have to be the “boss babe” and run the world when in fact I’ve always been happy and fulfilled by living a simple life.
    Now through meditation and reflection during this quarantine and uncertainty I’ve come back to myself. I know that what I want is enough for me and for those that love me. I know that I have a message to share with other mama’s who may feel like they have to be something they’re not. I’m on the waitlist for your masterclass and I know your messages into the world are making a difference. Thank you for inspiring me to simply just be me❤

    1. Love it, Hilary! Many people will resonate with this story and the message “what I want is enough for me.” So glad you’re on the waitlist and can’t wait to see you in masterclass! xoxo

  33. Hi Gabby, I absolutely love being a miracle member recently and so many of your lessons are having a big impact on me as I REALLY tap into my spiritual being deeper. My purpose in life didn’t hit me until I had my son who is now 7 years old…. he was diagnosed with Autism at 3 years old and I remember sitting in my kitchen table crying at the diagnosis thinking how did this happen? Why my boy? Little did I KNOW that this was not a diagnosis but a transformation of what this incredible gift my little boy has that is different but absolutely remarkable!!! I grew up with immigrant parents to the US and growing up I found that life was not fair to them because of their difference- whether it was stereotyping, prejudice, fair opportunities, etc…. I grew up always being the one in the class yet different culturally one that would always seek out others who didn’t belong to ensure they belonged. When my son was diagnosed, my why came at me and hit me in the face… .My husband asked me the question ” What are you going to do about it?” and I responded you’re right what AM I going to do about it…… From then, I have shifted my career to be the lead Diversity Equity Inclusion leader within the business world in pharmaceuticals and have recently started to explore how I CAN write a book on specifically educating organizations on what it is like to be “Neurodiverse” and how society can leverage neurodiversity cognitive difference as an amazing way to make fully embrace for positive change. I am so excited as I have been thinking about writing this book, the driftwood that came my way was the signing up of your masterclasss session—- to say I am beyond excited to join this masterclass is not enough…. Thank you for your brilliant messages as it’s waken me up to a different realm that I haven’t been able to fully tap into :).

    1. This is amazing, Christine! So glad that you were able to shift from “Why is this happening to me and my family?” to “How is this happening for me and my family?” You are a lightworker! So glad you responded to the call to serve in this way. You absolutely have a story to tell and we’d love to hear it! If you haven’t listened to it yet, check out this month’s podcast and meditation in the MM on giving yourself permission to be great! Keep shining your bright light. xoxo

  34. Hi Dear Gabby
    Thank you for your email and I just need to say about my writing.If you see my writing isn’t as well as you see from other people because English is not my first language and I sometimes struggle to write or speak in English. I always liked to share my story after I moved to Canada seven years ago and all problems I had and still have.Are you thinking I’m able to write my story with my language struggles? I will be appreciate to hear from you.
    Zohreh Keyvan

    1. Great question, Zohreh. Absolutely. Write your story in the language that is most comfortable and natural for you. It can always be translated later. If you’re not sure which language to write in, ask the universe to guide you. What language does the universe use when sending you this guidance? I hope this helps! xoxo

  35. Gabby I wrote this last week. I shared this on my Facebook and hadn’t shared anything like this so publicly. I finally came to a place where I could honestly say I wanted to share my story for other people. (2 1/2 years ago I had a conversation with myself and dug beneath layers of intentions and didn’t feel it was in alignment – until it pour out of me). And as the Universe has it, I asked about writing and your Master Class popped up in my email, I had a feeling something like this would! P.S. you were such a light in the beginning of my journey, thank you so much for being brave and to step into your light <3

    3 years ago today..
    I woke up in a hospital bed, in and out of sleep/consciousness, with a mantra “I want to want to stop” repeating on a loop in my muffled mind. To find the trap door in the nightmare of my existence. With a plethora of self help books at home and enough research on food allergies to have rectified my symptoms, were of no use. I was as obsessed with “fixing” myself as I was with the thing making me physically sick in the first place. This obsession of fixing myself began around age 7. I felt like a mad scientist and Nancy Drew detective all in one trying to find the perfect formula for my life. (I didn’t even get close on my own).

    My self worth was depleted and on zero. I could sense shame through all 5 senses. Shame was not just a feeling I experienced, it was my self portrait. I was stuck in a washing machine filled with bricks and delicate pottery. Over and over expecting a different outcome. As I laid there in my baseline of fear, I had a flicker of Hope and a comforting sense of surrender. A surrender I chose, a surrender that became empowering. (I could go on much on this topic alone…)

    Addiction to me, by nature is a bad joke, that leaves a lingering wretched taste. It takes on a whole new meaning of having an angel and devil on one shoulders. They begin to switch places, followed by fussing parts of themselves into one another. Perhaps this dualistic thinking is a part of what made me sick in the first place. A part of me would regurgitate these righteous voices stating “Just stop”.. “You literally need to do nothing”.. “Just don’t pick it up”.. That made sense to me as a kid. If you don’t like something don’t do it, or just stop. It seemed so apparent, obvious and easy. The problem was, it no longer was just a habit. It was my deepest groove, paved and cemented, pathway. It was my samskara.(Samsarak = mental impressions, recollections, or psychological imprints -wikipedia)

    Addiction was my shiniest tool in my tool belt. I soon found out the little tools I had were dusty with a hammock of cobwebs covering them. I used this shiny tool like everyone else did (so I thought) Celebrating birthdays, graduations, new jobs, funerals, break ups/or failing classes, tough days at work..

    … or the famous “Because it’s… Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wine not Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday or known as college night, Friday, Saturday, Brunch Sunday”. “Bite the hair of the dog” was my slogan. These didn’t happen over night, they became gradual over time. Tho turning 21 didn’t help in this department – rather excelled the process. I remember having concerns about my drinking then and being told “you have a 6 month grace period or a year grace period”. For some this may have been true for me not so much… I would find I had many more “yet’s” to break before turning this life around.

    This coping mechanism worked for a little while in High School. I felt accepted, formed “deep bonds” with people, I cured my shyness and wasn’t invisible any more, the first time in my life I felt confident. No more worrying about what I looked like or if anyone was going to think I was weird. My nervous system finally calmed down. The problem with the saying “you can never have too much of a good thing” is by who’s definition of “good” are we talking about. By all accounts this was a good thing. I finally stepped into what I thought was the “real” me. I had heard of people having issues with it, but I’m not like them, I don’t do that (Cue in the infamous “yet”).

    In my 20’s I became physically dependent. In laymen’s terms it means your body believes the substance is essential for keeping you alive. Just like air, water and food and unfortunately not in this order and without it there is a high chance of seizure and death. Mean while trying to keep showing up for my loved ones, keeping my composure at work, dropping in and out of college was a full time job, and I wasn’t very good at it. Battling crippling depression and debilitating anxiety (which felt like my skin was tingling and couldn’t make up it’s mind whether it was hot or cold, the world plummeting down from under my feet like a roller coaster, my throat closing up, the whites of my eyes a dull yellow etc. I won’t paint a more vivid picture than this).

    I thought I lost my sense of self, I couldn’t tell you what my favorite color was anymore or what I like to do for “fun” or what I wanted to accomplish in this life. I felt like I was a pathetic waste of “space” and I certainly didn’t want to “bother” anyone anymore. (I hurt a lot of people including those who were trying to help me and broke the trust of loved ones). It’s hard to write this paragraph.. I’ll leave it be for now.

    At some point I began to lose the ability to think in words. It’s a strange phenomenon. This is the place I was able to feel the pressing knowing. I call this the knowing, and sometimes refer to it as a higher power, higher self, and I’m sure there will be other names. Though I don’t feel pressure to perfectly define what this was or is. At first it began showing me vivid emotionally charged dreams. Some were terrifying and I couldn’t understand why. Some called it a gift but at first I thought of it as a curse. To eventually realize a dream was the start of my life being saved, it was a miracle. Some of which I have written down.

    Sensing the Knowing sensation in my “waking” life is what ultimately lead me to make a physical life altering shift. This is difficult to write in words and more difficult for me to share in this way with those of you who felt called to read this and I thank you for your curiosity and taking the time to read a snippet of my story.

    I made phone calls and hopped on a couple planes. My mother holding my hand while I make my last debacle of myself. I came to a place that taught me how to live. Who educated me and explained to me that my experience with substance had been a symptom of what was really going on. Traumas I had not healed from and a lack of healthy coping mechanisms. They say this is a “disease of loneliness”. To this I believe to be true. I may hold different opinions from others now on what my experience was and how it “should” be defined, labeled, how my life should look like and that’s more than okay. I believe this is a story that is apart of me, however, does not define me. I am incredibly grateful for this place and all it has to offer. My timeline since has had it’s opens and downs (as life does for all walks of life).

    On Day 2 my outlook on life radically shifted, I shared my first sober laugh.
    Day 32 I could think with words – the fog had lifted.
    Day 60 I felt on top of the World.
    Day 90 I felt passionate and uncertain of my place in the world
    Day 120 I was tempted to go back to the “good times” and a like minded friend listened and told me I could but why not keep seeing what this path has to offer.

    Within 6 months I was now managing a store and on my free time I felt lonely and cried a lot in my car.

    Within 1 year I was still managing a store, met my best friend, found my great passion of acroyoga, was on a random magic show on Netflix, had a community, built back the trust of some of my loved ones and on my first birthday I was showered with love, support, and loved ones showed up to hear me speak in front of 500 like minded people.

    Within 2 years I came back to my favorite place in the World from my childhood, did a yoga teacher training and dreamed i could make a life here and didn’t have a clue how.

    Within 3 years I have made a life here, following my movement dreams and found a beautiful community of people who love to move their bodies as much as I do. I discovered a new way to live and a new way to interact with the World.

    I found a new path I couldn’t even begin to see in the beginning. I couldn’t even imagine what was possible. Realizing I was never in need of “fixing” that I actually needed to be nurtured for growth. I tell a part of this story for others. To be more transparent. To give a little flame of hope to those who are suffering and cannot imagine a way out. Little shifts make major life changes. In the beginning it’s hard to see and after further reflection it becomes apparent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who continue to believe in me, to those who needed to distance themselves from me to honor themselves, to those who continue to love and support me. Thank you ♥️

    1. Wow, Callan. Thank you for your honest and vulnerable share. Congratulations on getting sober, my friend. Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder that we must put our health and well-being first and when we connect with your higher power, ask for guidance, and surrender to that guidance, miracles are possible. Amazing! Sending you a lot of love, and a lot of light, sister! xoxo

    1. Hello Gabby,
      My story is a very common story. During lockdown my marriage ended and my husband and father of my children after 18 years left me for another woman.
      Relationship are complicated and I have my own responsibilities but I still can’t believe that this is happening to me. I am in a state of emotional pain, I can’t believe that the very same honest and trustworthy person who I am still in love with, is betraying me. It hurts, a lot.
      I have been looking for comfort in my yoga practice (I am a yoga teacher) in my students, in my meditation, in my children and for the first time in my prayers.
      Strangely enough I have found love inside of me just when I was loosing the love of someone else.
      I started feeling a deep sense of love and gratitude for life, for my own life, for simply being myself. I discovered how good and strong and resourceful I can be, how manipulative was my relationship and all the stories I was telling myself weren’t true at all but the result of an unhappy situation. I started trusting the unknown opening up to all the possibilities that are out there and I can’t see with the limit of my mind.
      I have never loved myself before, I have always thought that life was unfair to me ( my dad and my boyfriend died one after another when I was a teenager) and I deserved a miserable and unhappy life because I wasn’t a good person and my destiny was to suffer.
      Only when I started to surrender, only when I stopped asking for a specific thing to manifest I started experiencing a sense of warm in my heart and I found out that actually I am good, I am good enough.
      I don’t know yet where I am going to be or what I am going to do or say but I am looking for all the signs and opportunities that life has in store for me and in those dark days, when anger or worries or desperation prevail, I can believe that I am not alone.
      Peace and love

  36. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks so much for the amazing work you are doing in the world. I have a story I need to tell for sure and have wanted to write my memoir for years, and I am just now starting to get serious about writing and while I am going to write a book proposal for my memoir, I am starting with a blog now.

    I grew up in an alcoholic family, a child of abuse and suicide. I was told I was nothing, that I was stupid and would never amount to anything and there was no loving support at all. I was lost and afraid for a very long time, spiraling into addiction, working for years as a stripper, multiple failed (some horrible) relationships and my life did not work. I did a lot of work over the years and made a lot of change, but it wasn’t until I left the last abusive relationship of five years that things really began to transform. I finally stopped running and faced my biggest fear of being alone and left him, finally facing all of my unresolved grief and pain. Once I did this and decided that I would never settle again for less than I deserve, my life really changed and I met my soul mate, moved with him to the mountains, bought a home, and am very happy, except for one thing…

    I have had a healing/life coaching practice since 2001, helping others like myself, and yet it hasn’t been going well since we moved, and I realize that this isn’t it for me. I am here to do MUCH more, and I feel SO disheartened and dissatisfied, because I am just not reaching many people, and I have not been doing it in the most optimal way so far. It is time for me to tell my story so that I can reach and help many more people. I have to, as I know that this is why I am here on this planet and that I must use what has happened to me and how I overcame it to help others.

    Over the last weeks, I have been drawn more and more to writing and blogging, so I am starting a blog now and will be making videos on YouTube as well. I trust that this will at least start me on the path that is best for what I am here to do. Thank you again for all that you do. <3

    1. Thank you for this brave and beautiful share, Karallyn. Continue to listen to your inner guidance, being gentle and patient with your process. You’re doing great work!

  37. Hi Gabby,
    I’m ready to share my transformational story. It’s deep, dirty and beautiful. Looking forward to getting in on a masterclass in 2020!


  38. Now I’m working on the step of your trainingsvideo’s to share my story, through a blog, through a fb live or a video. I just wonder what and how. In simply just sharing my story, I seem to be talking about myself, telling my story. On the other hand I hear say, your target audience isn’t interested in you and your story, but what’s in it for them, so I should talk about them, ‘you’. I wonder, how do I go with this?

    1. When you share your truth and from the heart, you’ll connect with just the right people. Continue to tap into your authentic truth and the audience will follow. <3

  39. Just enrolled the course and I’m so excited to start, so glad this opportunity came by, although I already bought quite some stuff about marketing and personal growth, this is it, I feel it. But first my story. Just wondering where the story starts. Was it the search for happiness/feeling unhappy while I was young. Reading all these self help books, the relationships that failed, my parents I lost early due to illness, me feeling lonely a lot of times because I feel different (now I know as a HSP), it it my decision to start traveling in Australia for half a year on my own, is it finding an being very happy with the father of my kids, is it becoming a mother, even twice, after thinking I would never get kids as I was end 30’s, is it my decision and determination to start and become a trainer of Conscious Parenting and starting my own business, because to my humble opinion in our youth lies the key for new generations, is it my struggling to get rid of my fear and go to get clients, is it my bankruptcy after putting all my money in the company of my partner, is it my nevertheless break up with him, the father of my kids, is it all the depressed feelings I tossed around, is it my becoming much more independent and feeling more and more free, is it starting to change my mind set for marketing reasons and end up changing them for personal reasons, is it getting back together with the father of my kids again, is it nevertheless getting in the same patterns again, is it my search for ways to make and market my product, is it me regardless of money struggles for many many years after having lost a lot of money, buying courses anyway and work, work, work to pay them and get in line again and grow, is it my enrollment in SJM that finally changed everything and got all the hard work into place (still a hope, (or decision) hopefully next year a fact :-). Where to start? What to take? This would be a story of 40 years. And still will be continuing. So where do I focus on? What is the big story and what are the small ones. What to share? Remembering I want to become a successful trainer Conscious Parenting.

    1. Thank you for this brave and beautiful share Yvonne. Grateful that you are here and excited for our journey together. Trust that all of the answers will unfold for you. You are in the right place. <3

      1. Thanks Gabby and yes, I’m in the right place. I even invited my ex/partner?/father of my kids to join me, so maybe it will help him as well finding succes personally and business wise from the inside except of from the outside. We’ll see. I’m determined this is the way I need to go.
        I’ve decided to write everything down now, my whole life story, in a document, so I have an overview.

  40. Gabby
    I have always wanted to contact you . Last year I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me and this blow on top of many other stressors sent me to the lowest point I had been in a long time. I have had many traumas and challenges in my life but also many opportunities .

    When my anxiety got to the point that I could no longer eat I sought out professional help . My therapist suggested that I read your book The Universe Has Your Back . I remembered the day I started to listen to it on my headphones while I mowed the lawn and I cried and cried . I never realized how fearful I have been and that moment that I heard you speak about fear has changed my life . You , My therapist and some other great authors .. you saved me .

    I think that I have made a lot of growth in the last year but as you say , when you grow the fear comes at you stronger . This week fear grabs me by the ankles every chance it gets but I am trying to shift my thinking back to love and working so hard to believe that the universe has a plan for me . I do believe that in the end it will all work out as it should .

    Thank you for guiding me and helping me to find some peace with your voice and your writing .

    1. You are awesome Sarah. Thanks for this brave, heartfelt share. Trust that inner guidance and continue to return to meditation, prayer, journaling, and spiritual practices that help you feel grounded and happy. You’re doing great work love. <3

  41. Thank you so much, Gabby, for your valuable teachings and for the simple 3-step writing process. This is so very helpful!! I really appreciate the simplicity of it, and how those three simple questions really get to the heart of what’s important to tell. This exercise has given me a starting place, and also the confidence to begin telling my story – by first of all unravelling it in written word … I feel I have a lot to tell, and your free video series, along with this exercise, has finally nudged me into feeling ready, having the confidence to put words on paper, and trusting that my story is worth telling.
    Thanks again …
    Much love!

    1. Extremely grateful that these videos and tools are serving you! Know that your story has the ability to inspire and uplift others! <3

  42. I picked up your book a few months ago! The Universe has your back. At the time I was going through sexual harassment at work. Which hit me hard since I was sexually abuse as a child. About 5 years ago I finally told my mom while we were taking a class called Secrets at Church. I revealed to the table of believers what my secret was. I felt so scared to tell my story but it released so much off my chest. The one thing that has stopped me from going to church was this moment when someone on my table wasn’t very supportive and she was judge mental. My strength and my story was still told after the fact. I know I was there for a reason and I’m truly blessed for the moment. Since this day I believe in having a relationship with the higher power and I am capable of the power with in. I’ve always wanted to be a speaker for teens. One day I know I will be doing what I came here to do. Thank you for your support and guidance!

    1. Thank you for this brave and gorgeous share Sarah. You and your story are a true inspiration. Keep shining and sharing! <3

  43. Hi Gabby,
    My story.
    I always dreamed of having a family. I was 36 and still no boyfriend. I met someone, who I found out later was not who I thought he was. We were supposed to marry, wedding planned, 3 mo. after we met. We got pregnant. I canceled the wedding 2 days prior.
    6 mo. pregnant and I broke up with my fiance. 5 mo. after she was born I asked him to come back. 16 mo. old and he went behind my back when I was at my lowest financially, and took me to court gaining almost 50% custody.
    I could not get this guy to even watch our child for 20 min so I could shop or go to the gym. Now grandma watches her during his custody.
    How is it that a man, only reason being his DNA, can go to court for custody of a child and even at a very early age gain nearly 50% custody? When I say early I mean under 2 and sometimes even under 1 years old.
    Mothers every month from the time they are approximately 12 yrs old go through menstrual cycles. These mothers have sometimes 2 weeks of cramping and pms, followed by a week of blood and pain. The mother then carries the child 9 mo., most often having to give up her career or job, or having to return to work within a very short period of time. Then, when a mother goes into her next phase of menopause she is no longer able to have children. Men do not have periods, and can also procreate much longer than women. So why is it that a man can get 50 % of a child? A young child I might add. Especially when mothers naturally, like in the wild, are made to nurture their young – unlike a man. No on can deny the boob or mothering instinct. Now I understand some mother would prefer for the man to have this kind of custody. I didn’t. I was forced into a court system that drained me and forced me into debt. And was a victim to the stereotypical role of SINGLE MOM. Who suffered most in all of this, the child. Although I must say, being forced to have a C-Section and then being forced to give up my child to an uninvolved dad was fairly traumatic to say the least. MY BODY…MY CHILD – at least during the tender years. Now I’m not saying dad shouldn’t be involved and have custody, but certainly not 50% and not overnights of a nursing child.

    1. Thank you for showing up and sharing in a vulnerable, honest way. I deeply honor your journey and your strength. Sharing your story as a mother has the ability to help inspire others who may have been through similar challenges. Keep showing up for yourself and your child. There is a lot of continued healing ahead. Please be gentle and forgiving with yourself. Sending you lots of love and peace.

  44. Hi Gabby,

    I grew up on Vancouver Island and my 2 siblings and I all ended up getting sucked down the vortex of addiction. Since I was 15 years old I was using some sort of a substance everyday until I was 23 years old. I would call myself a functioning addict and alcoholic. I still held a job but of course it was a Monday- Thursday job and by the time I was done work on Thursday I was on a bender until Sunday night… just enough time to sober up for work on Monday. This went on for years… I always tried to mask my pain with pretending to be happy…so from the outside looking in, it didn’t seem like I was doing so bad. However from the inside looking out I was dying, I was killing myself day by day.

    My whole life changed on October 15th 2o16. I went out partying as per usually and that one drink tuned into a thousand drinks and other things… I was sitting in my basement at the early hours of the morning and had this idea to run away. I had always wanted to go to New York City. It had always been a dream for me. So, here I was this little island girl living in Nanaimo, British Columbia and I some how managed to get myself to New York City on a one way ticket. A lot of the journey was a black out. I remember bits and pieces. Till this day my Mom has no idea how I got through customs or how I was even allowed on the plane in the state I was in. However when I used to drink, I could be very convincing and manipulative I had been doing it for 8 years….

    When I had finally came to my senses I woke up on a tattoo bed in Time Square with my visa racked up to $6000… I started to panic and instant anxiety set in. My phone was dead and I knew my parents wouldn’t be happy. My sister was currently in a rehab centre at the time for addiction and her I am just MIA completely from my life. When I charged my phone my parents just wanted me home ASAP. I knew my whole life was going to change. I liked to think for a long time that I flew under the radar because I wasn’t as “bad” as my sister or brother, but I knew this drunken adventure was going to change things for me.

    Within 24 hours of being home I was checked into rehab. I put up a fuss but at the time I was working for my mom and she told me I wouldn’t have a job if I didn’t go. I owned a house at the time with my ex and new I had my mortgage to pay and I just spent my whole savings account… so I knew I didn’t really have an option. I was an impatient for 2 months and did out patient care for 3 months after that. It was the toughest thing I have ever had to do. That first year of sobriety was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do. I ended up having to leaver my ex of 4 years who I owned my houses with because he was now living a different lifestyle then me and wasn’t ready to change. Although my friends were supportive I realized that we now had nothing in common because all we would do is drink together. It was a hard transition for me especially in my early 20s.

    I decided to apply for acting school and move to Vancouver because that was always a dream of mine. With the support of my parents and my friends in recovery that dream came true. I graduated acting school in December and I am over 2 and a half years sober. However I still have my challenges. Although I love acting I feel like there is more I want to do and other to the world. I am thinking about going into counselling for addiction and trying to help other people but I am feeling a little lost.

    Thats just part of my story but its the first bit that came to my mind. I really relate to you and you have been such an inspiration to me. Thank you for all your love and sharing your knowledge. The book “The Universe has your back” changed my life! My sign is a butterfly and I see them everywhere so I know I am on the right path I’m just looking for a little more direction!

    1. You are AWESOME Kyra! Thank you for showing up here and sharing from the heart. You are an amazing writer and this story will resonate and inspire so many. Keep shining your bright light!

  45. Gabby, you are wonderful, and thanks to you and Louise Hay, I also discovered that I AM WONDERFUL too. After years of having a low self esteem and being a complainer, I discovered you, Louise and Wayne Dyer in 2017, and learned that Thoughts can be changed, and dreams become reality! I am still learning and some days are a little difficult, but I learned now that I can stand for myself, love myself and do what I love because as you say “ the universe has my back” i want to become a writer and a motivational speaker and your suggestions are great and appreciated. Thanks Gabby!

  46. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you for generously sharing your heart’s work. I have been a writer my whole life, and I courageously shared part of who I am, and how yoga changed my life, after being introduced to consciousness work in 2016. You have impacted me in many ways, and I love your offerings. They inspire me and encourage my authenticity to share my whole self with the world.

    I’d love to have a place where your followers can share their stories. They are inspiring to read and powerful to share. I’d love to share my story too. Perhaps we can submit them to your assistant for publication on your website?

    With love and gratitude,

    1. You’re an inspiration, Joanna! I’m immensely grateful for your and our Spirit Junkie community who show up here and share from the heart. We’re keeping all of these comments live on the website, so they can uplift and inspire others. Thank you for showing up here and writing from the soul. Sending you big hugs. XOX

  47. Hi Gabby, first of all I wanna say that I feel very grateful for finding you. I believe the Universe sent you to my life at the right moment. I’ve been watching your videos and they are so inspirational to me that even made me cry. I think I have a story to share because I really want to help and inspire other people to believe in themselves, love themselves and live their truly own lives. My transformational’s change started with a marriage with an emotional abuser that was nullifying me. I was afraid of leaving him because I wasn’t sure if I could make it by myself, and also I was afraid of loneliness and not finding anybody else. But I also was scared living with him, so I finally realized that I wasn’t living the life that I wanted to live, and made the decision of leaving him. It wasn’t easy, I had to deal with a lot of emotional abuse and pressure from him until I was able to finally leave the house. All this story has lead me to understand that I have a lot to work on myself, a lot to heal, but also allows me to reconnect with the real me , the one who always has been ,but I always pushed away because I was trying to meet everybody else’s expectations. I consider myself a spiritual person and I’m trying to heal myself through spirituality. And although I would love to share my story, I think I still have to put in order and heal things in my life.
    Thanks for your videos Gabby, I feel they will help me in this healing process, I love what you say and how you say it, so real and genuine.
    Love you!

    1. Thank you Silvia for showing up and sharing in a brave, heartfelt way. It sounds like you may still have some things to heal before you are ready to share your story and that’s an ok place to be. The fact that you are writing here, shows that you are willing to heal and to share. Please be loving patient, and gentle with yourself. Take the time you need to do the healing work. You can help others by sharing the lessons you have learned or the bits of your story you feel safe sharing. Keep shining your light! <3

  48. Dear Gabby …many years ago I was stuck fast…depressed …..told I wouldn’t live another happy day without pills….I decided to study, meditate and pray ….i had a huge break through where I was shown all my fears, my fears inherited from my ancestors ….it took a while but I worked out a way to clear them …….now I look into my fellow human beings and can see their fears and how they connect to the ancestral inheritance…once cleared people meet their soul mates and marry them…..give up social fears…fly around the world…..feel lighter….follow their dreams..follow their hearts desire…off load years of physical and emotional pain ..anxiety and suffering ….I work with healers, coaches ceos ,students ,psychologists people like you and me and they are so over joyed…..but I’m still surprised by their results…I still think …….who me…despite the feedback….I’ve been lucky as good people with massive careers in the fields of healing ,coaching and intuition have been sent to me by the universe and they have coached me and helped me so much ……….I am so blessed but I still have to own what I do….like you say …..there are many more people in need than there are people who can help ….thank you for your videos ….bless you xx

    1. You are doing AWESOME work Michele! Thank you for showing up for others in this loving, powerful way. Sharing here is a gorgeous way of showing up for yourself. Continue to tap into what makes YOU feel good.

  49. Hi Gabby!
    You are truly precise when it comes to send me a message.
    I’ve been starting free writing my story and then always something seems to happen. I guess it’s because a I doubt whether it would be useful for others or if it’s just me having the need to get it of my chest and out to the world. Sometimes it feels like when I start to write I want to explain the reason why I’m so fucked up then I think… eh who wants to hear that! I feel like we humans can be so self absorbed and why would my story make a change when there are so many others story (like yours truly) from people that are more in tune with the universe them me. I have only been on this path of enlightenment for a couple of years and who can I help if I’m still struggling my self. At the same time I guess we’ll never stop struggling as long as we grow… just thoughts ‍♀️

    1. Hi Tuliany! It sounds like you may still have some things to heal before you are ready to share your story. The fact that you are here, leaving this comment, shows that you are willing to heal and to share. Be patient and forgiving with yourself. Take the time you need to do the healing work. You can help others by sharing the lessons you have learned or the bits of your story you feel safe sharing. Sending you love and light. <3

  50. Hi Gabby! 🙂
    I completely agree and honestly feel so compelled to share my story. I grew up around alcoholism and ended up in a 15 year relationship/marriage with an alcoholic/addict. I started attending Al Anon 12-step group meetings and through this was graced with the courage to leave my husband who had become increasingly abusive over the years.

    I’m 34 now and I really want to help others and speak out at meetings but I feel apprehensive about it because so much of my story involves this other person and I don’t want it to get back to him that I’m speaking out about my experience. Do you have any advice on this?? (Or anyone else reading?)

    Thanks, Gabby, and much love.

    Liza xo

    1. Most of our stories do involve other people, so you are not alone in this. You do not have to reveal people’s identities. You can change people’s names, or you can get their permission to share their story if you have both healed that aspect of your relationship. If you are sharing about someone whose identity you can’t really hide, then there a couple of things to do before sharing. First, clean up your side of the street and do the personal growth work you need to do in order to heal that relationship, even if it’s only with yourself. Be honest about your part in things and take responsibility for your own actions and thoughts. If you haven’t yet healed something, you don’t have to share it. If it still feels very raw, work on it first. Second, you can share about others in an artful way that does not expose them or feel like a betrayal. Use the most generous and compassionate language you can. Gloss over certain parts of your story and focus instead on the lesson you learned. What matters is that you are authentic. You don’t have to share every detail. XOX

  51. Thank you Gabby for being so inspiring & true to your calling! The meditation was amazing. I feel a sense of relief & clarity!!!!
    Although I may not have a profound transformational story, I have always had a deep heartfelt desire to bring Peace on Earth even if it’s for one day!!!
    When I was a little girl I saw an image of people holding hands circling the earth on a commercial and found it fascinating. What if all the people in the world gather around, hold hands and make united circle of love around the world? What if everyone decides to pause and meditate, pause and hold their neighbors’ hand, pause and love? What if everyone even if it’s for one day decides to drop their guns, their hate, their grudges, pause and just feel love for others?❤️
    Different countries, different continents, all people, all religions everywhere gathering together and not seeing their differences.
    It’s only appropriate to choose the Earth Day to do this.
    Even if it’s just for one day, all the connections & friendships that have been made to make the day possible is enough to carry us through generations & beyond!!
    No financial gain, no business plan, just a deep desire and a vision for a better world!!❤️

  52. Oh Gabby I love you books, your blogs, your meditartions, your story! (Meditating has definitely balances & cenetered my entire being)… I do have some truly out of this world story and I am finally OK with it all. I feel it can empower many many people and I would looove to share it somewhere. However, it is so full of little details and unimaginable things that I know it’s gonna be hard to believe, even if stating IT’S ALL TRUE EVENTS…. If I’m honest, even I have a hard time believing everything that happened to me. IT’S INSANE!!

    1. YES Marcela! Sharing here is a great first step in sharing your story! I honor your journey and sending lots of love your way.

  53. I was in my late thirties, just moved to a new country, feeling depressed and recovering from an eating disorder. To that added anxiety and panic attacks.
    I saw a therapist. I did my best to apply the cognitive behavioral therapy principles. They started to help. I found yoga. I continued to run. I continued to live out my Christian faith. I started to teach yoga. I decided to become a yoga teacher.
    Now I’m a newly graduated power yoga teacher. My main job is to run my English as a second language business but to that I wish to add teaching yoga. My goal is to rent a space and run my own lessons, applying the entrepreneur skills I’ve developed throughout my English teaching years. I feel like my story is that “there is a real way out from depression and anxiety. I have been there and I have skills to guide you out thru yoga, running, spirituality and learning to control your feelings”.

  54. The universe keeps bringing you into my life at times where I need it most. I created the shell of a website to share my story I just haven’t written anything yet.

    I’ve been on a spiritual path for about 3 years now, I experienced my first panic attack and my future mother in law suggested I listen to the universe has your back as that’s how it started. From there, I took the message to heart and listened to the book about 6 times in total.

    When I’m stressed, worried, or unsure I pull out my deck of cards to reassure myself. If I see someone else struggling, I let them borrow the deck and make of it what they will.

    8 months ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 burkitts lymphoma. I completed 6 rounds of intense chemo therapy in March and I’m feeling better every day and as of my last scan I was cancer free!

    I also am compelled to stay positive as a bright light for others who may be struggling with other lessons. Some days I cry uncontrollably, some days I can’t get out of bed, but I always look for something positive to help me through.

    Recently, I received my first real, clear sign from spirit and I’ve felt at ease ever since. I also notice small synchronicities on occasion and just smile.

    When you respond to me on a post, I feel truly blessed. It gives me hope that I can someday share my whole story instead of just little bits here and there and possibly be heard.

    I am so thankful that the universe introduced me to you when it did.

    I hope to some day cross paths with you.

    1. You are a beautiful writer filled with so much strength and compassion. Thank you for continuing to show up here, for yourself and to inspire others. You rock Megan! <3

        1. Hi Gabby, well my store begins when I was 6 years old, groomed by an uncle with genital sexual abuse.. I was always told how pretty I was, my mother put me on a pedestal, being the youngest of 5 siblings and a brocken home I blamed myself for everything. I was smothered with love but never direction, I took drugs, stole things, travelled the world, climbed the ladder in sales to one day have my own buisness ness. Yes I was an excellent worker with lots of energy, but I couldn’t trust, I hid behind myself because I didn’t know who I was, I just pleased people all the time, I got taken advantage of for my good nature, but I couldnt brake the habit. I had many failed relationships, no children, I’m now 47, I seem to pick boyfriends whom all have issues and I try to rescue them, my last partner committed suicide last July 2019. I’m now fighting my way back. I have finally woke up.. A long journey of growth and understanding of where I belonged and I really am. It enlightening to finally start to trust again and see clearer. I would like to share all this and more in detail of how to overcome and why we dip in places.. I’ve started to write but need more time. Since reading your book the universe has your back and the shock of loosening my ex I have since changed my life, I have finally found good friends and proved myself as a good person to them, we are now building a recording studio and I’m getting into music, we have lots going on I’m so grateful . And it’s all happened since I started to meditate. I feel a deeper purpose is coming. Finally I trust in the universe and I think she’s really listening.
          Look forward to what ever comes next. X

          1. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Sarah. Wonderful that The Universe Has Your Back is serving you. If you’re not already doing so, we would recommend seeing a therapist, perhaps one that specializes in trauma recovery. This is a wonderful action in self-care. Here, Gabby shares that she would not be where she’s at right now if it weren’t for her therapist: Sending you big love as you continue on your healing journey. xoxo

  55. I would think many of us have transformative stories – especially those of us who have been able to achieve and maintain sobriety as you have. I’m also one of those compelled to tell the tale.
    Had all of the trappings – business, marriage, houses, cars, kids, dogs, cats, snowblower, garden tractor.
    When I got sober I was renting a room on West 86th street in Manhattan. Mattress on the floor (someone else’s) , desk, chair, hopelessness and despair. That was eight years ago (roughly my sober date). Looking now toward another transformation out of a forty year career I’ve never been happy with.
    Thanks for the videos – completely understand their underpinnings.

    1. Thanks for showing up here Chris and sharing your inspiring journey. Honored to read about your transformation ahead.

  56. Thanks so much for your inspiration Gabby… I have a story that I have not really known how to go about sharing… here goes..

    9 years ago I had my first baby. I had planned to have a natural water birth, but at 38 weeks I developed what is known as HELLP Syndrome, a rare complication in pregnancy that can lead to death, either of baby or Mum. As a result I ended up being induced early, still hoping for my vaginal birth, however after a fruitless 12 hours of labour, and the decline of my physical health, I was rushed off for an emergency Cesaerean section under a general anaesthetic.
    I acted like everything was fine but I carried the weight of this traumatic for years, and even after the successful natural birth of my second son 2 years later, it wasn’t enough to shake the guilt and depression I still had looming over me from my 1st birth, Ayden’s birth.
    Last year I fell pregnant again. I knew, via an intuitive dream, that I would be having, or at least, planning, a home birth. I consider myself to be quite a ‘crunchy’ mum, I am a homeopath, we never see a doctor.. I love all things natural etc… so I just thought “yeah, I’m going to have a homebirth obviously, because I’m crunchy AF… of course!” Ha! How I laugh at my ignorance now….
    My homebirth was my biggest transformation to date.
    I healed parts of myself that were still stuck in Ayden’s birth that I didn’t even realise were still there.
    I healed childhood trauma that is not even in my conscious memory.
    I learned more about birth and my body than I ever knew before (seriously I went to antenatal in my first pregnancy really only for the tea, biscuits and new friends!).
    I overcame fear and doubt and I fully owned and embraced my body’s capacity to birth my baby naturally at home.
    I knew that I needed to do this, not because I wanted a natural birth for my baby (I wanted that too), but because I wanted to feel grounded in and connected to my body, a feeling that I was a stranger to. I wanted to feel strong and empowered to birth my way, even when I knew that if I walked into a hospital and asked for a c-section they would more than happily give me one.
    I wanted to feel the experience of an empowering birth to help me heal from my traumatic one, and I want to use my story of birth, growth and transformation to inspire others to be able to do the same xx

  57. Thank you for this writing exercise. I have a transformational story and I would love to share it with the world. What keeps holding me back is this chatter in my head “Who will listen to/read my story or that I am not a good writer and I can’t put my thoughts eloquently on paper.
    This video series is amazing!! Thank You!! I will be writing my story in the next few days! Love your work!!

    1. Excited that you shared here Soni. This is an awesome first step in showing up and a sign that you are ready for some big shifts! You’re doing great! <3

  58. My transformation started in 2018, when my life was tanking literally. I was headed for divorce and my mom was dying, I was drowning. I don’t remember where I was but there was this moment when I realized that I had to escape the negative mindset I was living in, mostly because I was a constant panic attack.
    I completely cut out everything negative in my life. Complaining, people, lack-minded thinking. It was such a simple thing really that led to educating myself on the Law Of Attraction and all things spiritual which really changed my life. I realized that as someone who already worked in Blogging and Social Media, I had a real opportunity to help people. It has only recently led to being part of my earning. Love your videos!

  59. I can’t help but think the Universe has brought me to you ♥️ I am freshly clean & sober – and I can’t wait to share my story to help others

    1. Grateful that you’ve connected here Jessica. I love the divine timing. Welcome to our beautiful Spirit Junkie community. XOX

  60. Aloha Gabby,
    I’ve been slowly writing a book about my life over the last 12 years, the plot keeps thickening so I’ve gotten sidetracked. In a nutshell, here goes. My Mom has Schizophrenia, my Dad has Aspergers, my 5 siblings and I grew up in an affluent suburb outside of D.C. but were later described as one of the worst cases of child neglect in that county. At 14 we all got split up between different relatives and foster homes. By 14 I was a mess, desperate for love and attention. My Mom believes that the voices in her head are God speaking to her so my upbringing with religion was confusing to say the least. Amongst the many things she did in “God’s name” one of which was to be catatonic mute most of my life. I remember times begging her to tell me she’d love me and getting as much reaction from a blank wall. It was extremely painful and I did not develop self esteem or self worth as a result. In my preteen years I attempted to kill myself on more than one occasion and came very close. My guardian angels were always working overtime.
    My Aunt and Uncle adopted me and I went on what I thought was a 2 week vacation across the country to Washington state. When I got there I was told that this was my new life. It was an incredible journey to grow into a young woman from all of that. There’s no way I could have done it without them. Several years later I was pursuing my artsy dreams (first fashion design then later and still painting) in Long Beach, California. While biking I was hit and run over by a van and dragged through the street. The front tire ran over my face, chest, and arm, the back tire broke my pelvis in half and fractured it in 4 places. I couldn’t feel my legs, I couldn’t move them. The first thought I had when I came to was amazement that I was alive. I lifted my hands and bent my fingers and decided right then and there “I can’t still paint, draw, sew, make art…I will not be stopped no matter what my limitations!” It was the most physical pain I’ve ever felt but I knew from the emotional suffering I endured this was not going to be the thing to stop me. My recovery was nothing shy of a miracle. Told I’d likely need assistance with a walker or cane for the rest of my life and that I’d definitely never run again, I did the impossible. 6 weeks after surgery I stood up out of my wheelchair and walked out of the hospital carrying my crutches and never used them. 2 months later I ran for the first time. The physical recovery was truly astounding. About a year later my mental recovery was just beginning to happen. I went into this dark downward spiral. I felt lost and hopeless. Deep within me has always lived the knowledge that I have a purpose to be here, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have cheated death so many times. Years of struggling to learn to love myself, in and out of relationships and different states, on the move between jobs and time zones I ended up in Vegas. I was lonely, I wanted someone to share this life with. I would write in a journal “dear love” at the start of every entry. I’d write to the person I was meant to be with. Some pages were uplifting others were sad and depressing. I’d cry and calm myself by visualizing how I would feel with my person. I ended up in Vegas because of every little thing that happened since my accident, there some of my best friends helped me move to Maui on a whim. They had a friend who I stayed with who we know consider family. 2 hours off the plane I met my husband. He was staying with that friend. Our story has been surreal and so perfect in it’s authenticity. He was going through a divorce with 3 stepkids, it was absolutely something I never would have said yes to. However, he and the kids set my soul ablaze and the stars aligned and that became my life. I’ve never loved this much or felt this much love back. We went through the hardest of times together. Things that break up couples only made us stronger. I got sober with him to help support him and now going 2 years strong with that. We got married October 2018 and we are having a baby due November 9, 2019! This is a story about overcoming adversity and never giving up. I think I can help others by sharing what I’ve been through. I have about 40 pages written so far. I’m so inspired by what videos I’ve watched of yours so far! I (am embarrassed to admit) haven’t read your book yet but it’s next on my list and I’m so excited. Thank you for listening! Lots of love from my growing family and I in Maui!

    1. Coralynn this is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey and amazing miracles! Please continue to share your story and your light, as you have a gift to inspire others. Big hugs to you. XOX

  61. I have started writing my story in hopes of helping others out of the same situation. I have had lots of help along the way from people like you and I have managed to bring my life from bleak to blinding. I never used to shine and now I shine so brightly that people notice and tell me. Thanks for always being our cheerleader!

  62. I clicked on your blog post this morning, Gabby, and then picked my head up an hour and a half later having done a 15 page typed free write on my transformational story I’m now ready to own. I seriously just outlined an entire book…THANK YOU! Exactly what I needed today without knowing I needed it! xxx

  63. Hi Gabby, just a quick question … yes, I have a transformational story. But I find that I censor myself a lot because the reason of what happened to me began in very traumatic circumstances as a tiny child, and I feel that it I shared the details that (a) it could traumatise others and (b) look like I was still in victim mode. I was in fear for over 5 decades before my story changed. I am in my sixties and now empower others in the work I feel called to do now. I follow you, and listen to your videos, and read your books etc.
    So, my question is how to show/talk about how serious the disassociation was without causing harm to others, but to dwell on the transformation and what I can help others with now who choose to work with me?
    Many blessings.

    1. You’re doing amazing work, Karen. Know that it’s ok to share only parts of your story, the things that you feel safe sharing, the things that you feel will help inspire and uplift others, and the things that you feel grounded in putting out there. Trust that the clients that show up to work with you will connect with your truth. Sending you lots of love and appreciation.

  64. Gabby … what can I say ?? You have launched me head first into a new and exciting career opportunity with an incredible business partner .. I have been a hairstylist for 37 years .. talking to women on a daily basis about their lives .. I have a transformational story to tell and I am now going to be owning it and sharing it as a motivational speaker and women’s life coach .. I’m also claiming back my maiden name and owning that too .. Bex Toogood ..The Women’s Life Coach .. I cannot tell you how transformational your video course has been for me over the last week .. bring on tomorrow’s video training !! Ps I was a follower of yours already and your meditations are ‍♀️
    Thankyou .. x

  65. I am a retired teacher and when I started teaching third grade, I had to learn how to teach children at that level because that’s when they first take the state’s test for growth and understanding. I didn’t even know where to start, but I needed to work and had to try. Coworkers and team leaders gave me tools that I developed to understand what my tasks and goals were going to be. Long story short, my students excelled on the test and I felt accomplished. You have to understand that the majority of these children no knowledge of Castilian Spanish and come from low income homes with uneducated parents.

    A lot of colleagues are in need of the tools that I learned and how to use them. I also believe that the educator needs to have a real motivation and dedication to achieve success. They also have to believe in children’s possibilities and not discard that because they are poor and with uneducated parents, they won’t be able to succeed. I don’t know how to relate that. When I watched your first video, I started jotting down ideas that came to mind. I feel that needs to be my target: “How to transform negative individuals that believe nothing can be accomplish with that type of students into ones that are positive and want their students to excel.”

    1. You’re doing amazing work Carmen! Continue to return to journaling and meditation and trust all the messages that you receive! <3

  66. Hi Gabby,

    My name is Roderick; I am also known as Balthazar. Six months ago, I didn’t want to celebrate the new year, I wished that fate removed me from the face of the Earth. I felt like a failure and I felt like I didn’t achieve anything, despite reaching my late 30’s. I compared myself to people of my age and those who are older than me and achieved greater things than me. I also questioned my own existence on this planet because, for years, I’ve always failed to figure out how to live in the end of my desires. Something miraculous happened, and I began to understand conscious creation and I began to gain confidence and take my power back. I am at peace with myself and I only take inspired actions. Now, I have already visualized myself living in the end, starting a new life in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I can already see myself living in my dream home in that city and do the things I enjoy there. I now let go of the need to manipulate, force and control; let the Universe do its job and its will. When I last wrote to you, I was suicidal and I felt like I had no reason to live, but now, I am free. Thank you for praying for me. Infinite blessings.

    Kind regards,


    1. This is beautiful Balthazar. Know that your story has the power to inspire and uplift others who are on their own journey towards peace. Keep shining your bright light! You will continue to be in my peaceful, healing prayers.

  67. Dear Gabby – You have been a beacon of light for me for years and I’m finally shining my light in part because of you! So thank you for all you do.
    I am a writer and my most recent book project is my transformational story. It is a gift book about finding one’s voice. It’s called “The Singing Girl” and I hope it will inspire girls to sing their souls’ songs – the way you do!
    “She sings her songs the whole day through. They make her feel alive, anew. They’re her purpose, her calling, her genius, her prayer. They’re her reason for being, she must tend them with care.”
    Mallika Chopra generously just gave me a promotional quote and I would be so grateful if you would write one as well! If you can send me an address to forward my manuscript to that would be amazing!!! I can be reached at
    With love and light!!!

    1. You rock, Benecia! Sharing “The Singing Girl” is going to uplift and inspire so many! I’m currently dedicated to spending time with my baby and preparing for my upcoming Spirit Junkie Masterclass launch, and therefore not doing outside promotional writing. Your energy is magnetic and your work will reflect that! Keep shining your light! XOX

  68. I love the video . They are very inspirational . I have gotten away from journal writing and building my business . I am hoping to get back to it . I hit a few stumbling blocks and seating giving up .
    Thanks for the encouragement Joann

  69. A leap of faith- or how it all began…

    For those of us on a Spiritual path, sometimes things happen to us that are simply life changing. We are open to spirit, (or are more sensitive if you like) and therefore perhaps take more notice, or are more aware? Books like The Celestine Prophecy reiterate that when you get the same message twice, from different sources. you should take note. Nothing is a coincidence.

    Thirteeen years ago, my life changed unequivocally.

    I have been clairaudient since the age of twelve, and had been told at the age of fifteen that I would eventually work as a medium. However, my life took a more conventional route and after a wild teenage period, a two and a half year period in Australia, (telling my mother on the Monday – getting married on the Wednesday at the tender age of eighteen) I returned to London to resume my career in retail management and eventually recruitment.

    I became successful, a Managing Director, bought the company etc. My Spiritual path was always with me, but in the background. I attended courses, classes, and retreats and was comfortable giving readings to friends. In 2005, things started happening in the house; music came on in the middle of the night, the phone would ring and no one was there (not registering on 1471) articles were flying off the shelves. I asked my tutor at the College of Psychic Studies in London what it all meant? He told me “Spirit is telling you to get on with your Spiritual work”.

    In June the same year I attended a week’s course at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Essex. During that week there were sixty of us from all around the world divided into three groups. In my group, there were just ten of us from Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the UK.

    We split up in the mornings for tutoring, but often got together for tutorials with the whole group. We witnessed the most amazing phenomena. So many different things happened. On one particular day there was a group healing done by our tutor in trance. We all watched mesmerized. When we regrouped in the afternoon, I thanked our tutor and said that it was an incredible thing for us to feel and a privilege to watch. He was very nonplussed about the whole thing and more or less said that it was just what he did. Then he said he felt his Guide coming through and he wanted to talk to our small group of ten. The Guide then spoke to us for half an hour through the medium. He told us that we had been chosen to work for Spirit and that if we dedicated more of our lives to working in this way, that no matter what, they would provide for us. It was an incredible experience, there we were, this random group of international spiritual travellers, all at different levels on unique spiritual journeys that all lead to the same destination! At the end of the week we reluctantly left this amazing place with memories that would have a lasting effect on us.

    My late husband met me and started talking about things that had been going on in my business and I told him that I didn’t want to hear about them. I needed time to gather my thoughts and to assess everything that had happened during the previous week. The following day, I sat and talked with him. (He was a non-believer) I told him that I had decided to give up my very lucrative job and work for Spirit full time. I promised him I would be self funding. I went to work on the Monday morning and started to put my plan in motion. It took me six months to extricate myself from the company. My business partner was less than happy – my husband in shock. So in January 2006, we moved to a different part of the UK, (A spiritual oasis) where I knew no one and started to think about working as a medium, giving readings full time. In the back of my head there was the Kevin Costner film “Field of Dreams” with the strap line “Build it and they will come”. And you know what? They did. I came into contact with like minded people who were generous with their time and contacts. Everything seemed to just fall into place, but I knew that Spirit were making it happen and keeping their side of the bargain.

    I now have a full time International business that continues to grow. I earn less than 20% of what I used to earn, but I have never been happier. When I look in my diary and the appointments are lean for the following week. I sit down and ask Spirit, and the Universe to provide. They never fail me. I do not advertise much and rely on recommendations. I may not be rich in the conventional way any more, but I am spiritually wealthy beyond all measure.

    1. This is gorgeous Alison! Thank you for sharing such an awesome example of how the Universe responds when we fully show up as our authentic selves! XOX

  70. “A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.” When I was 16 years old, I was diagnosed with extreme hyperopia and convergence insufficiency. I was told by my second optometrist that I would be blind by the time that I was in my mid-20s. Another ophthalmologist told me that he had never seen someone as farsighted as me before, who did not have cataracts. The more I believed their prognosis the worse my condition got.

    Today, I am 26 years old, and I am a professional visual artist practicing in Indianapolis, IN. My most recent artistic undertaking was to embroider, tat, bead, and applique a 3’x6′ piece of stretched fabric by hand without the use of corrective lenses, magnifying glasses, contacts, surgery, or physical therapy. My vision is clear, and my eyes are perfect just as they are. It is certain to me now that I am part of the same source that gives life to this world, and within me, I have the power to heal myself. What separates one individual with the same condition as another individual undergoing the same treatment who recovers versus the other individual who does not? All medicine is metaphor; whether or not you prefer pills or crystals, it only works because you choose to believe in it. I choose to believe in love.

    If you are interested in seeing my artwork you can follow me on Instagram @jamielynnwilliamsart or visit my website at

  71. Hello Gabby,

    Thanks so much. I am truly inspired. Selling my story is my problem because where I come from, people don’t read books much, yet my story is in two books, an abusive and neglected childhood that led to two extremely abusive relationships. Selling is my main issue.

    Thanks so much again.

    1. Major congratulations on getting your story out there and in two books. The exciting thing about books is that you can reach people all over the world. So many people purchase books online these days, so your message isn’t limited to your area. Keep sharing and shining your light!

  72. It does not surprise me in the slightest that this should pop up today… in the world of wellbeing, the encouragement to identify with yourself is a huge aspect and all im hearing lately is “tell your story ” “make friends with yourself” my focus has always been and will continue to be to help others through education on holistic approaches, counselling and mindfulness tuition… but the true healing of self is within a told story.. just have to find where to begin, and i beleive it starts now. So thanks once again, right place right time, for the inspiration. Amy

  73. Hi Gabby, I just listened to your video on gaining confidence and how part of it is sharing your story in a public way. I am not sure I am ready to do that with people I know or in person for a lot of reasons so I am going to share my transformational story here since I know others in this community may relate. Here is what I wrote in my journal entry:
    The truth is I am not sure if I am ready to share my story to the world. I guess it starts with a little girl who grew up in a house with a lot of anger and emotional abuse. I never wanted to make my Dad upset for fear of the consequences so I shut down, repressed emotions and became compliant.
    Not only until I was about 32 did I fully understand the ramifications of growing up like this. I had already gone through a relationship with a guy that was bipolar and dated another that was an alcoholic. It was then that I realized how screwed up I was. It was hard to admit the roles I played in getting int these relationships and that’s when I had to change. The change of patterns starts with me. I refuse to repeat the cycle of my past but man do I find myself repeating patterns at times.
    I have figured out that this tumultuous past has caused me to be codependent in relationships. I am trying to apply the things I learn in CODA and to have healthy romantic relationships but boy it’s hard to do that when you didn’t grow up with that. That’s why it’s so painful when people ask why I am not dating or married. The truth is because I am not sure that I trust myself fully to not repeat my mistakes or feel like I can find someone who is healthy so for now I just focus o my career and being the best person I can be for myself.
    I have realized that the work I was doing was not making me happy but I also took a huge pay cut to make a career change so some days I struggle.
    I know deep down after experiencing it myself that money doesn’t buy you happiness. I try and focus on the positive things I have like two adorable nieces, great friends, a career that I am proud to be building and that knowledge that I am so much better off than so many others.
    I am learning to surrender and trust that if I am meant to find a life partner that the person will come along when we are both ready. I have Gabby and man others for helping me trust in this.

    1. Thank you for this gorgeous, heartfelt share Jackie. Know that sharing in this way will inspire others on their own spiritual path. It’s OK to not share in your personal circles. Continue to journal from the heart and take loving care of yourself. Showing up for yourself is the biggest gift. <3

  74. Hi Gabby,

    The universe has a funny way of working which you already know. I have been encouraging everyone else around me to tell their stories yet I haven’t told my own. I haven’t owned my story which is crazy… Im in the processing of owning it and came across this blog post which made perfect sense. Its what ive been telling everyone else but myself.

    I have had a crazy 5 years – one transformation after another I diminished it because I didn’t think my story was enough.. But recently after telling a few people my story, I was able to change their lives which changed me… if one story could do that then I have to tell it.

    So long story short.. I have a publishing house wanting to publish my book.
    I never thought of myself as a writer let alone have my own book.

    Hearing your story, and how your life unfolded has inspired me.

    So I want to say thank you! I am so grateful for you and your work.

    Thank you for giving me the courage.

    Lots of love


  75. Gabby I need your help!

    I have recently been connecting with what I believe to be my spirit guide. I first discovered by sign following the example you gave on your book “The Universe Has Your Back” on how to identify our sign. Since then, I have been asking the universe for a sign every time I have a deep concern or question about something. Every single time I ask for my sign, I find my sign in the most mysterious and unpredictable ways, right in front of my face like a billboard. I’m reaching out because I believe i’m connecting with my spirit guide, but someone else told me, I might not be connecting with MY spirit guide. I might be connect with any guide and not all guides are necessarily good guides. So how do I know when I’m connecting with my guide and not a BAD guide? because right now I feel a little hesitant and unsure on whether I should keep connecting or not. Gabby please help me! I hope to hear from you soon. Love, Karina.

    1. Karina, when you’re feeling unsure, check in with your gut. Your intuition always has the answers. If you feel connected from a place of love, your intuition is leading the way. If you’re being led by a place of fear, it’s the ego rearing its head. Asking for and receiving a sign will feel loving and connected. <3

  76. Dear Gabby
    I am new in my spiritual journey, but I am not sure why it’s calling me to learn more on spiritually and this path. I have had some momments of “wow this is beautifully real” but what’s my purpose, who/what/how? I feel confused because I’m not sure where I’m going, but something is telling me not to stop this spiritual growth. I’ve seen many spiritual healers on social media, but I am always most drawn to You, Thank you for what you do. I am learning to truly surrender in hopes of hearing the voice of what I am called to do.

      1. Wow you replied! Thank you Gabby, this was another sign for me, much, much love….i will re-watch this video through better eyes and deeper trust

  77. Your words speak to my soul and they have for years and years! Thank you for sparking a fire as well as inviting a softness that I’ve desired for a long time. (and it was always in me – right?)

    I’m wondering what story do I choose? What if I feel there are multiple stories from many angles? How do I narrow it down to “THE STORY”?

    I welcome any feedback and suggestions.
    In loving respect and gratitude,

    1. Most of us have more than one story, Stacy. The narrative of our life contains many different stories. But those stories are often related. Can you see the connections between your stories? Do they have common themes? Did you experience transformations that took you deeper along a path? If you can’t really connect them, that’s totally fine. You can choose whichever story or stories you want to share and the lessons you learned as a result. But if you do some work to connect the dots you’ll likely see that they’re all connected. xo

  78. Thank you so much Gabby! Acknowledging and being aware that trauma is not necessary to have and own a transformational and inspiring story was relieving for me. And being grateful for that is opening to flow and ease by appreciating it. Thanks for sharing your stories and confidence. Is there a way you can ad the option of increasing video speed with vimeo as it´s usualy enabled in youtube embedded videos? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  79. Dearest Gabby,

    I first learned about you when Lewis Howes interviewed you on his podcast. I was inspired by your story…and i immediately started to follow you on social media. Ive been a bit out of balance for some time now….and had been thinking of buying your book “The Universe has your back”. Something about the book kept tapping me. Right before I bought it, a very good friend who went to your event in NYC a few weeks ago gave it to me as a gift. I read the first chapter without knowing what was about to happen….I binged read it in 2 days. Through out the book many times i felt you were speaking to me directly…I even got emotional a few times. I have a health/wellness and fitness podcast in Spanish. I have a story…but i’ve been holding back. Ive asked the universe….if It was ever the right time to tell it to give me a sign. Today I receive this email….and your topic is about telling our transformational story. You were the sign I was waiting for. Thank you, for the motivation and inspiration to do so much more! Wishing you the very best.

    1. Hey Liz! What´s the name of your podcast? I´m a native spanish speaker passionate about nutrition and wellness. I´m actually just launching an online detox with a friend. Lets connect!

  80. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for posting this. I watched the first video (and the second!) in your new training series the other day, and it made me want to tell my story – but it left me wondering how. This post is so perfect for me – it helped give me a way to act on the inspiration you gave me through the video I have one question. In Step 1 above, you say to answer the question “Where were you (literally or figuratively)?” How do I know what time in my life to write about? It sounds strange, but I guess I’m wondering what my story IS! Any advice on identifying what in my life experience can help people? THANK YOU!!

    1. Great question Hannah! Come back to the meditation and then revisit the writing exercise and see what comes through for you. Be gentle with yourself and your process. There might be some healing in your story, so make sure to create space and lots of love. XOX

  81. Synchronicity at its finest Gabby! It was only yesterday I was talking to new friends about the past 4 years for me, when I realised what a total 180 my life has turned, and I had a story that may be inspiring to others. I woke this morning to your email and felt that meant I had to share!
    4 years ago I left my husband for a woman. At the time I thought she was my world. She was my happiness, my everything. Over time she became very abusive. I was the sole provider, she didn’t work. We bought a house together and she never contributed. She was cheating on me, and emotionally and physically wearing me down. I still felt I could fix this, make her happy. In the end I lost me.
    I realised if I had the strength to stay in a relationship that was so wrong for me, believing I could help her, then I had the strength to put me first and end the cycle of codependency.
    I left her. I sold the house. I left my 20yr career to follow my dream of becoming a midwife, and am now a full time mature age student. I have rekindled friendships I had lost and created new ones. I am completely alone and not wanting or looking for a new relationship any time soon. I am still healing.
    I am at peace. My journey of awakening I know is only just beginning, but I see this chapter as a complete and necessary blessing. Some days are hard, but there is nothing but total gratitude for this life. Xxx

  82. Amazing synchronicity. I want to write a book about my cancer journey but just today I was wondering (and fearing!) what may happen if I am too open and share my innermost feelings and challenges with family life with everyone. I just felt I had to open your email today and now I know why 🙂
    Thank you! Lots of love.

  83. I was just thinking about this earlier today! Cosmic. I have a light load to share and a heavy load which I’m not ready to share but either way has me thinking of getting my voice. Thanks for the inspiration and timely messages. <3

  84. This is such a wonderful post. I have watched video 1 & 2 of the free training and was so inspired that I started a blog. I do have a question. How do you mitigate the fear you feel from judgement of others after sharing your story? I fear that some parts of my story may shock people or make them think I am unstable.

    1. When you feel judged by someone, try to make someone else feel loved <3 Expressing love and gratitude for someone else is awesome way to turn around the energy. It's natural to want to defend yourself or even attack back, but instead try turning the energy around. Perhaps call or text a friend and express your gratitude for the friendship or whatever feels best in the moment.

  85. Dear Gabby,

    The Universe and synchronicity brought you to me and it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

    I’ve been on and off my spiritual path since a little over 5 years now and I had a major awakening two months ago and I’m now embarking on a transformational phase. I’ve been doing a lot of inner work and meditations lately and suddenly felt drawn to share my spiritual journey with the world through writing (via creating a blog or a book). But the heavy voice of fear and self-doubt are still holding me back. I also have another obstacle and would love to have your advice. I’m from the french part of Canada and English is not my first language. And it’s not just a language barrier. I’m an accountant and I’ve been working in the accounting/finance field for over 10 years where it’s not mandatory to write very well (very corporate environment where we mostly write memos that are short and conciseand the contents are mostly about numbers). I thought about writing in French first then having it translated, but even in French, I struggle. I feel I lack vocabulary and structure due to the fact that I having done “literature” in so long and I have no background in communication. I’m willing to do the work, take some classes if required and have my copies corrected and arranged but everytime I start to write, it comes out all wrong and I get discouraged and give up. I recall watching one of your interview where you mentioned that you haven’t studied English for many years either. Can you please tell me how you found the courage, inspiration and abilities to write and convey your messages so beautifully?

    You are such a gift to this world and I thank you for inspiring us and lighting our spiritual path.

    God bless

    1. You DO have a gift for sharing your story. Just by reading these words, I can see that you have gifts within you that you’re ready to share. Remember to start where you are, give yourself time and space in the process, and always be loving and gentle with yourself. You’re doing great! <3

  86. Gabby thank you for this beautiful reminder. I am in a HUGE transition right now and I keep forgetting that’s it’s OK to be “RIGHT WHERE I AM”. We own a successful video business (as you know:) and I am now moving into mentoring women leaders and entrepreneurs and it scares the bejes*s out of me. All those thoughts: “does what I say matter, who am I to do this and do I really know what I am talking about” all play havoc in my head. Time to own up, and as Oprah would say, let the “what I know for sure” to come out and play. It’s time to not take ourselves so seriously, and find the joy in sharing our stories and perspectives to make positive shifts in our world! We need everyone to rise up and your work is needed now more than ever. It’s time to “be supported for our great work” 🙂 Sat Nam Gabby.

    1. GORGEOUS Adera! I see and feel your amazing shifts. Yes, being in your joy and knowing you are exactly where you need to be, will continue to create momentum! XOX

  87. I have felt the call to share my story for years. I have journaled and healed and transformed myself over the years, yet feel so scared to share all of who I am. I experienced sexual abuse as a child and my instinct for the past 40+ years is to hide, stay small, don’t speak out and I’ll be safe. I’m feeling so confused about the religion I grew up in and in many ways love, yet I don’t feel like I fit in there. Because of my beliefs I don’t feel like I fit in with the spiritual communities or the transformational communities or the 12 step communities. I guess I’m feeling that little girl’s terror at the thought of sharing all of me. Keeping quiet was life, speaking out meant death, threats, rejection. I’m feeling untethered, floating alone in the abyss. I’m staying with it, feeling the “white hot lonliness” that Pema Choudrin speaks of. Meeting myself with love and compassion. It’s all I can do right now. Be with it and remain open to receive.

    Growing my heart.

  88. Hi Gabby,
    Your posts, videos etc always seem to come to me when needed the most. They always seem to help boost my confidence & know that I am on the right path. After watching video 1 the other evening I came across your video on addictions. Yes….. I am an addict of Nicotine…where you said except your addiction & surrender……I realized that’s it….all that I am doing to make my life healthy, calm, loving, letting God back into my heart this addiction is eating away at me…its a battle. I realized then I must except I have this addiction….& surrender it to the Universe God the world…so that is where I am at the moment. I have my pad here in front of me to write my story along with a vision that has come to often showing me helping others with addictions. So thank you I’ll write my story there is so much more to this story but God willing it will help me to stay focused & on this path to where deep inside of me I want to be. I hope this makes sense…
    Love to you & thank you!

    1. Beautiful Kimberly. Thank you for sharing from the heart here. Continue to return to the mediation and writing exercise, and be loving and patient in your process. <3

  89. I learned that not sharing my story is actually being selfish. My story can help inspire and transform. Being sexually abused brought me right here, right now! I like here…yoga, teaching, travelling and being a part of the Africa Yoga Project is my passion. Gabby you are my inspiration and your story is really amazing and I listen and read all your offerings, always transforming my way of being. Thank you ♥️

    1. You are amazing Melanie. Your authentic story will absolutely help inspire and heal others. Keep sharing your light <3

  90. Good Morning Gabby,
    When I saw this email in my inbox this morning, I was floored. I literally texted my sister yesterday with the title of my book for my story. When I read your message, I swear it felt like you were talking directly to me. I believe we will meet one day. Thank you Gabby!

  91. Just told my story this morning to a group of people and mentioned how the universe delivered Spirit Junkie to my doorstep and read that book in one day. This book was the spitting image of my life 10 years ago. I got sober, stopped my idolizing relationships and turned my coaching practice into a successful business. My story started when I received your tools. Becuase of this I will be forever grateful. You are a walking angel.

  92. I was just sitting outside reading a book called Love Does by Bon Goff and I thought I could tell my story. It may only help one person but it would be worth it. Even if it only clarified things for me!! Then I came in the house and saw this article. Oh how I love the Universe. And oh how you have my back!! Thank you Gabby. I bless the Universe for the day I found you. Much love. Kylie

  93. What an awesome exercise! Thank you! It feels great to see how far I’ve come and that the best is yet to come. It’s nice to do this exercise post SJM in NY. It was such a pleasure meeting you. You are a rockstar!! Love and light. XoxoM

  94. I’m proud of my story and own it with both hands and my whole being . Sure enough it is scattered with traumatic experience’s but that in no way makes me a victim . It actually makes for an interesting and inspiring colourful backdrop to a sucsess story.
    I look back over decades and realise how brave I was and continue to be . I didn’t know it then but everything happens for a reason right ?
    I’ve manifested a life that I have been designing in my head since I was a tiny girl . I’ve physically got to the space in the world with the people I love in the mindset I’ve strived like hell to unravel.
    With the help of your books and others , meditation , yoga and self believe I’ve healed myself to around 80% the rest will come .
    I’m ready for my next chapter, I’m here and I need to maintain it financially.
    I literally have bailiffs at my door and court orders because I desperately had to take physical time to heal and also be here for my son ( another story x)
    I won’t loose what I’ve worked hard to achieve so my story , my work needs supporting.
    I have big challenge’s ahead but I’m not scared …. I’m excited! !!! I know I can achieve anything , with your guidance and my other spiritual practice’s I’m going to secure my future for my children and my husband and inspire as many people as possible x

  95. This came to me at exactly the right time . I have ideas and feel inspired and confident to move into my next chapter of transformation. I just needed help organising my busy mind and knowing where to start .
    I am so proud if my story and yes it is probably built around traumatic experience’s but in no way does this make me a victim – it’s my story , I own it and boy have I been a brave , kick Ass , Warrior.
    I didn’t realise at the time how brave I was being and my positive attitude of gratitude saw me through – unknowingly.
    I’ve benefited hugely from your books amount others . I filled my head and being with spiritual lessons until my truth poured out and became my reality.
    I’ve manifested the life I have been designing in my head for decades. So now I’m here I need to maintain it . I’m skint financially and can’t loose what I’ve worked so hard spiritually and physically to produce . I literally have bailiffs at my door however I’m ready to push down my blocks and move inot phase 2 – sustaining my family financially without loosing my inner peace …… it’s a challenge but I’m not scared , just excited !!!

  96. Thank you and love you Gabby. I’m grateful for having come across you in life and the knowledge that your share with us always ❤️

  97. Gabby, this is such a helpful message and practical exercise. I am founder-editor of a conscious lifestyle website and have been sharing my transformation stories only when I have bursts of confidence.

    But you have reminded me to always come from that place of service.

    P.S. Thank you for addressing the idea that we need to have had something traumatic happen to us before we are qualified to share our story.

    I realise this has idea has held me back. My story is about the abusive self-talk and self-beliefs that were happening on the inside for many years that kept me in constant pain before I realised I could actually choose and break free from the cycles of self-abuse, even those inherited from my lineage. This is the transformation I am called to share.

    Thank you for the abundant, supportive resources.

  98. Hi Gabby,
    I love your videos and look forward to the others to follow.
    I have been on my own spiritual journey for the last 6 years , with some amazing progress in the last 2 years and particularly the last 3 months.

    I am not surprised that the universe has put this / you in front of me at this time.

    I have been getting closer and closer to the belief and realisation that I should / need to share my story , as while many women are connecting spiritually in many different modalities , unfortunately there are not many opportunities for men (or boys / teenagers) to hear another mans story. I intend to change that.
    I had tried to send the above comment after watching your first video , but I couldn’t get it to send , (technology and I are not great friends yet). I am so glad I have another opportunity.

    Many thanks for your Great Work


    1. Hello Gabby, I’m sitting here thinking should I do this I hesitate then I think my life has been very very different than a lot of people have been through quite a bit do people really want to know but if I can help anyone through anything with my story and I did have purpose meaning. I’m not one to really tell a story or speak very much and not very open I’ve had quite an interesting life hard as it is I have had many many blessings as well. I don’t know how to tell my story I’m just going to voice text it so here it goes… I was young girl raised in Los Angeles California born in 1962 tituba beautiful people that I love and respect although they are gone now I still feel they look after me at my age at 57. I had two brothers from my mother and father and one still with me although we really don’t speak that often. I lost my brother Roberts going on 5 years ago. But let’s start from the beginning I was raised in Los Angeles and we moved to Victorville California in 1971 and this is where my life really changed my mother was married prior and had two boys and two girls well one of those Brothers of mine set my life on a totally different pass he molested me three times when I was a young girl from ages 9 to 11 well I ran from that memory didn’t tell anyone it was happening and used drugs started with crosstops at the age of 13 moved on to crystal meth and whatever drug that I can find thereafter to run from the thoughts that were in my head in the pain in my heart.that wasn’t working obviously but then I met a gentleman who I thought was just the most amazing beautiful man on Earth that was going to save me and it couldn’t be no further from the truth he was straight out of the pen I just found him to be so sexy well I got pregnant by this guy and during the time of my pregnancy he would beat me up well he beat me so much but he never really hit my stomach thank God my baby was born she was a beautiful little girl when she was born weighed 3 lb is 9 1/2 oz when I found out that I was pregnant I quit all drugs stop smoking cigarettes and never drank a drop is alcohol she was born with trisomy 18 syndrome most beautiful little girl I named her Brandy after the old song back in the 70s well I lost my little girl she live for 29 days I lost her alone he never went to the hospital during that time there’s a lot more to the story I just can’t go any further or I don’t know how long I can talk on here and how much this is going to type well after I had my little girl and she passed away the whole town was saying I was using during my pregnancy you know how rumors can fly in a small town but it was not true. needless to say that did break my heart because I did everything in my power not to destroy this little life that was inside me. And being me addicts that I was higher I started using again once you stop and you go back you just seems like you’re even further and deeper in you just get even worse each time you stop and go back well I ended up meeting someone else 3 years later the love of my life also where I got my drugs when you’re in that life will do anything for those drugs you know that being an ex addict Gabby. well to make a long story short we ended up having three beautiful daughters and we went into the military I was a military wife kids were raised military brats we both got clean and sober and then he cheated on me then I cheated on him to get even and once you do that it ruins a relationship I knew that I was going to end that marriage but I needed to get back to where I wanted to be so we moved back into to Tahoe.what war happened in the years which I’m not going to leave on here there’s a lot to my story a lot of pain but in a lot of joy as well my spiritual journey ended after my second husband but that’s a story in itself I could go on and on about all my experiences in life. I’m very grateful for the spiritual journey I’m on now you know there was a lot of things happened in life and without those experiences I wouldn’t be the woman I am now and on this beautiful spiritual journey I know that I could probably write the most amazing book I just don’t know how to put it all into words I have 10 beautiful grandchildren 6 girls for boys ranging from the ages of 18 to 4 years old. I would love to get my story out there quite a lot of experiences at night really help other people to show that there is light after these bad experiences you can still find love and joy and peace within you that sounds that everything I’ve searched for all of that happiness and joy that I looked outside of myself for it’s actually within me . I’m not going to read any more of this I’m just going to send it to you as I spoke it so hopefully everything came out and made sense.
      Gabby you have been such a wonderful part of my spiritual journey oh my love to you and what you do for everyone bless you I was so grateful for you I’m sure many many people are you truly are a blessing.

      1. Thank you for sharing from such a heartfelt, brave place Juanita. Continue to share, whether it’s journaling or verbally sharing with others and returning to your spiritual practices. You are an inspiration. <3

    2. Dear Gordon, I read your comment and I believe men need to show up in these times as guidance for other men ; It seems that the world has now opened up for women to share their stories on the idea that we are the only one to have a vulnerable and emotional side ; I know and you do too that it is BS ; Please stand up for all the men who needs to hear your story to re empower them in being as authentically human as we all can be . Looking forward to hearing what your story is , All the best. Audz

      1. Hi Gabby,
        I am writing to tell you thank you. I read your books and encourage me to change my though, my feeling and my life. In the end changes are happening in my life. My love left me alone 3 month ago. I felt depress and disappointment. But I ‘ve decided to change everything. I read many different books. I read more and more. Also, your books encourage me to change. I do meditate. Also I write and talk to God. Now I feel happy and feel God in every part of my life. I would like to help everyone. I suggest your books to my friends. Again, thank from the bottom of my heart.

        1. You’re welcome, Mojgan. So glad the books are serving you and that you’ve experienced this miraculous shift. Sending you positive vibes! xoxo

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