Do you think you’re psychic?

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Do you think you’re psychic? Maybe you experience a lot of super cool synchronicities. For instance, whenever you’re thinking of someone, they call you, or when you’re humming a song in your head, it starts to play on the radio. These divine moments show up to remind us that we’re connected to our inner guidance system and that we’re on the right track.

The world teaches us to deny this gift, but we must empower our intuition to keep guidance flowing. When we take ownership of our psychic abilities we can use them for the highest good.

The flow of synchronicity is always guiding us to what we need in order to heal and grow.

Own your psychic abilities starting now. Watch this week’s vlog!

To help you expand your intuition check out this blog.

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  1. Hi Gabby! I’m a songwriter and have been feeling creatively blocked recently. After seeing you talk last week in NYC, I decided to try surrendering and asking the universe for guidance. Over the past 24 hours I’ve had multiple song ideas come at me like meteors from topics in the news, events in my life, and stories from friends. It’s been amazing and has restored my faith in my inner guide and the universe! Thank you!

  2. Hi Gabby,

    Great subject! This year has been an awakening for me since my guides and the universe wouldn’t have me not using my gifts anymore.

    I’ve been astral projecting my whole life, lucid dreaming and receiving messages through my dreams. I’m also very sensitive to all kinds of energy (on this plane and others), and can also feel what others are feeling.

    I tried to deny all of these gifts my past years, but I’ve realised that they truly ARE gifts that were given to me in this life in order to help others.
    So now I’m completely embracing them and using them for the greater good.

    It is my most sincere wish to help others accept their gifts and live a fulfilled life.



  3. My abilities have expanded so much this year, especially when I work with clients. I try to remember to check in with intuition on everything, because it’s like a muscle that needs to be used to stay in shape.

  4. Hey Gabby,
    Great content as always! Do you have a link to watch the Empowered Intuition event with Rebecca last November?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Mine is definitely my ability to sense vibrations/energy…good and bad. I am a Christian and I have prayed to God to guide me and this is the way He has chosen to do so. It truly is an internal compass that has not misguided me every time I submit to it. Thank you for the light you shine, Gabby!

  6. I just watched this video, and the amazing empowered intuition video I came across the other day. And holy…it is exactly what I need right now. This whole psychic thing is very interesting. I was trying to remember positive psychic moments but I can only thing of two very HUGE negative ones…but I wonder how you would perceive something like this. Is this the same thing as what you’re referring to?

    First example happened in 2001. I was 16 and had to go to Wal-mart to grab some things for my grade 11 presentation the next day. I was freaked out because I had a feeling something terrible was going to happen to me. I was online (on MSN at the time) looking for someone to come walk with me…even though it was just a few blocks from my house. Did my shopping, and all was fine, but on the way home I got hit by a pickup truck as I was crossing the street. The feeling was clear…talk about psychic abilities.

    The next one happened a few years later when I was living in Central America and I had a dream that my best friend in Canada was in trouble. I called her the next morning only to find out that she was in a huge accident on the highway and the car was totaled. Luckily she was fine.

    But my question is…does this mean I’m onto something? I just wish that I could start using it to guide me to my calling in terms of my career.

    Thank you for these amazing videos…I think these are really going to help me.

  7. Hi Gabby,
    I have been trying to develop and tune into my inner guidance but have a question for you if that’s ok… last week I asked during a meditation for a specific sign (a ladybird) to come to me if something specific was going to happen for me. That very day I was walking my dog and a ladybird landed on my hand. However, the thing I asked about didn’t end up happening for me. I was confused – and a bit disheartened by this as it made me doubt the process, and wanted to know if this has ever happened to you? xx

  8. I, too have gifts (trained medium), but for the past couple of years I have not been listening and I have been struggling personally and professionally. The past few months I have really been called to return to spirit and my gifts. Your Empowered Intuition video came at the perfect time! Synchronicity!!!

  9. Love the video Gabby! I discovered intuition in 2008 or 2009 thanks to a series of funny coincidences. For example I would ask about them only to realize a minute later that they were just around the corner. Think it was my energy sensing theirs before I could literally see them. Friends and family would joke that I had invoked them, but obviously that’s not true. Its just another level of awareness 🙂 🙂 🙂

    A lot of things happened in a few short months and eventually I looked for a “psychic school” … its been loads of fun and now I do this and energy healing for a living 🙂 I think sharing our experiences with intuition makes it easier for others to trust theirs. Great topic!

  10. I’m loving tapping into my guidance and psychic abilities. I spent a few months in a circle with an amazing Sydney Medium and now I find myself with a stronger flow and feeling much more tapped in. There are SOOO many synchronistic things happening every day. When I slow down enough to notice them, I simply smile and say thank you. It’s a beautiful feeling. Enjoy your day love.

  11. When my grandmother became sick she tried to hided from us but I felt something wasn’t right with her and suddenly I started seeing 717 everywhere like it was trying to tell me something so I asked my mother does 717 mean anything to her and she replied yes my father Bday well my grandfather had passed 23 years ago he was married to my grandmother who was sick and has now passed . Also everytime I think or speak on someone I either see them or hear from them or someone I know brings them up. I had an ex boyfriend who I hadn’t spoke to in years he just pop up in my head I felt he was sick and I kept having this feeling about him sick and that I would visit him in the hospital a month later he passed he was young and healthy last thing I knew that was scary. I can be singing a song I haven’t heard and in years and turn on the radio and the song is playing. I have had so many experiences like this.

  12. i believe my physic strength comes from my dreams! I dreamt my grandpa died without knowing he already passed, my boyfriend’s gastric issues, my brothers struggles, signs from my struggles
    I dream all the time with no meanings or with meaningful objects, animals. Also i notice visions when i meditate deeply
    How can i improve this and take this to next level?
    Thank you

  13. What if you are afraid of psychic abilities? What if it doesn’t make you comfortable. I don’t have any and am a little apprehensive to even think about it.

  14. Hi Gabby,
    Only recently stumbled across your site but have been interested in Angels, guides, spirits etc for many years and felt intuitive about many things however fail to trust my instincts.

    Two questions I’d like answered if possible please.
    Firstly, how do you distinguish between good and bad spirits? We have experienced many “unusual” things happening particularly at my mothers house. Our dog ( now passed) would go crazy at night in one particular room. More recently and more disturbing was finding a photo of my son screwed up in kitchen sink. At my own home I have experienced a fleeting someone or something appear behind me when looking in the mirror.
    Secondly, how do I start getting more in tune? Whilst I Feel intuitive regarding things I rarely go with my gut and Ofcourse end up kicking myself.

  15. Hi Gabby,
    I signed up for the audio / video version of this talk which I can’t wait to hear! I was wondering when I can expect it to drop into my inbox.
    Love and light
    Stacey x

  16. Pure guidance moment!!! During meditation I had a thought urging me to honor and nurture my intuition. The more I honor it the more I will receive. NOT a coincidence that I came across your vlog! Amazing!!! Just love you Gabby!! ~Mariana

  17. I’ve had numerous instances of being psychic since I wa a child. I never defind it as such back then. In the last couple of years I’ve awakened to the source of wisdom within me and it is like the floodgates opened! I’m an Empath and have experienced most of the Clair abilities. Guidance comes in my dreams, I see light beings and guides in meditation and reiki (mine and my reiki therapists!), daily life synchronicities, whispers that have taken me by surprise. I embrace and accept all of them with love and gratitude. These have increased in frequency the more I have tuned into my intuition and they only get clearer as my vibration is raised. Thanks Gabby for discussing this! May our vibrations and abilities be raised up even higher!

  18. I just watched a TV show last night – Derren Brown’s Messiah, and to be honest, I don’t believe him and agree more with you here Gabby. I believe that everyone is psychic and we all have the ability to communicate with each other on a higher wavelength than just by what we think. Like email or phone. I think that just by thinking on someone and by focusing this thought, you can bring yourself to their awareness as well, in a loving way, of course. Totally agree with you Gabby. x Ritu

  19. Hi gabby! Could you make a vlog about how to get better selfconfident? Dont know if thats your subject but i thought i’ll ask!

  20. Hi, and Thank you.

    So, would you just recommend meditating (as you suggested in the link to the other blog) to build our intuition?

    Thank you! 🙂

  21. Hi Gabbi!!
    Thank you for your amazing insights. I have a question that I would love for you to answer please! Synchronicities happen to me very often. All the time! You would think that I would be used to them by now. You mentioned in this video that we shouldn’t celebrate them, rather to own them. (Here’s my question) I do feel that I own them, but they never stop surprising me! More than surprising I would say I love to embrace them, with SO MUCH JOY!!! I think its so beautiful when it happens that I smile, I laugh, or depending on how I feel I just say to myself: Aha! But I love celebrating them, thankfully.
    Do I need to ground myself more when it happens? Meaning, be more serious about them? I think they are so beautiful and amazing. As times goes by, they become a bigger part of my life and more evident.

  22. I’ve been ignoring signs for quite sometime. And am facing some difficulties in my life path.
    The other night I decided to simply ask the question…if this is true – give me a sign – something I can’t quietly disgard. And that night I had a vivid dream of my father-in-law who has passed and it was vivid and the sign I had asked for and time for me to realize that I need to OPEN my eyes.

    1. I feel you Carol, when I wasn’t really honoring my gift life didn’t go as well. I took a meditation walk one day and asked for help knowing if I should be moving forward on the path as a healer and asked for a little help lighting my way, I was faltering. 10 minutes before the end of my walk I ran into a guy walking a dog I’d never met before, we ended up chatting and it got into spiritual stuff. He was in the midst of an awakening I believe and didn’t realize or understand it. Long story short, we exchanged emails and he sent me an email thanking me and telling him I had given him hope. I told him he was an answer to my prayers as well, literally 🙂 I continue to see him and he is becoming more awake and healthy and happy by the week — he lost 15 pounds after he talked to me and realizes it wasn’t an accident.

      So yes you are there. And I am willing to guess your father-in-law is one of your healing guides, as I continue my journey I keep meeting more and more of them. One is a guy I knew when I was 16 who taught me how to do face massages — I’m 60 now and he just recently came to me. I made him wait a long time 🙂

      So bloom and grow and watch all the amazing things that happen around you

  23. My intuition leads me. I have learned in the past year to accept this sacred gift as it is for the higher good. Of course there are times I slip into doubt, then I quickly restore myself, ask a correct question and get tapped in. Intuition is my guide + I wish the same for everyone. Thank you for sharing this wisdom, Gabby!

  24. Awesome video Gabby and great message, but how do we tap into that inner psychic ability!? I try and I try and even though a lot is opened, my full ability still is not there.. Help! How can we open these blocks and see and utilize the abilities we have?

  25. This topic is really great! I sometimes have visions during my meditations, I also channel the energy and let the words flow for somebody else or for me, but what really really kicks me every single time is that my guardian angel and the angels around me give me goose bumps every time something I say or hear is important to me or to the person in front of me. It is a kind of very special communication between us and I am so psyched every single time. But it is not only this kind of communication that thrills me, it is like every time they do that I am instantly remembered of them, I get a secure, loving feeling in my heart and just say – yes, thank you, I really am not alone – ever.

  26. Hi Gabby, Thank for another awesome video. I absolutely love little synchronicities. I see them as loving hugs from the universe. Just a little “hey you”, tap on the shoulder reminder that I am immersed in absolute love and that everything is always okay no matter what. So when I experience them I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. My psychic experiences have largely come through dreams. From being forewarned about my car being unsafe to drive to dreaming about the name of my unborn child. For the most part (with the exception of my son’s name) I believe these dreams have just shown me the direction I was heading, giving me a heads up so I could change if needed. I have learned the hard way to pay close attention to the messages given to me but I would love to learn how to fine tune them for more clarity.

  27. This topic is fabulous and something that I experience a lot! Thank you for doing this post!
    Perhaps the most meaningful spiritual moment I have had thus far happened two nights ago. My very dear, favorite uncle passed away unexpectedly on September 11th. On Saturday Night, I had a dream about him. He was telling me how his job now is to be everywhere we are, and that he is alway around us, we are just not able to fully understand it here. He also said he got to meet Phyllis and that he has been with her. When I woke up, I asked my mom if he and her knew someone named Phyllis, because I didn’t. Here Phyllis is the sister of my grandmother who passed away as an infant!

    1. What a beautiful experience, thank you for sharing it. I believe spirits in our family constellation do remain together waiting for us. I had several miscarriages and I know those baby souls are with my father.

      I am betting your body felt light and good while having this “dream” (which I don’t consider communing with spirits to be, the closest I’d say is a waking dream).

      Your mom must have been a little blown away!

  28. I don’t always know what to make of the synchronicity or signs I get. I remember you once said if you see 11:11 or the same numbers over and over (which I do) then think of what is going on or what you’re thinking at that moment as a possible affirmation that you’re on the right path. It’s not so easy to figure out all the time. I try to just remind myself I’m loved, and like give myself a pat on the back from the universe. Maybe I’m trying to look too deeply into it for something else?

    The lyrics to songs that get stuck on my head, or keep repeating in my head until I bring it forward and recognize the significance are the clearest because they’re the most literal. However, sometimes I get anxiety or beat myself up if I can’t figure something out. I guess I already know meditation is the answer to that, but I’m not sure what kind of meditation. I usually just try to rid myself of the anxiety and emotions, but not sure how to hone in on the guidance. I’m also very nervous about connecting with spirits and I constantly try to protect myself in fear of negative spirits hanging around.

  29. I have always felt I was psychic. A few years ago I had a dream about a co-worker of mine being pregnant. The next day when I saw her I told her about the dream and asked if she was pregnant. She said she was but hadn’t told anyone at work yet because it was so earlier. I told her the baby would be due in December and low and behold her daughter was born. I have very vivid dreams of being with God and it is comforting to know that I am hear to spread light and love to all.

  30. Love this! And I do 100% believe we all have that connection to our intuition and psychic energy. In the area of co-dependency Gabby, how can you recognize the difference between your fear vs your intuition? I’ve attracted a new AMAZING spiritual assignment in the form of a wonderful man, but my codependency issues are exploding. I am meditating and really surfing the wave of “healing” energy — but I can’t tell when that internal voice is giving me projected fear from the past or if it’s really my intuition telling me I can’t trust this new relationship. Any advice? Thanks! love you girl!

  31. Aloha Gabby –

    Thanks so much for addressing this topic. I especially enjoyed the ‘Own It’ comment! As I progress spiritually, & live life with increased awareness, I’ve been given more & more information by Spirit. When it’s confirmed by an outside source I am Completely Gobsmacked, & show it! lol You must have been thinking of me when you said it 😉 lol Probably not very reassuring to someone else whenever the information needs to be passed on, so this is an extremely timely reminder.

    Living in Gratitude, Love & Light – Mahalo!

  32. Sometimes I get confused by…is it my intuition, or is it that my brain just recognises a pattern. I’m a massage therapist and sometimes I look at a clients form in my filing and think ‘haven’t seen them for a while’ and then they book in later that week! That freaks me out and comforts me at the same time. And then there’s my mum… Sometimes I think she has CCTV in my flat because very often I step in my front door and my phone rings! I’m very interested in your seminar in November. Hello from Scotland!

  33. I was very intuitive as a young child. I just knew things (mostly relating to those close to me). Thoughts just popped into my head & I would blurt them out before really thinking about what I was saying. After my mom died when I was in my mid 20’s I went through a severe depression. One traumatic experience (too crazy to be a movie) after another hit the next 10 years of my life. I’ve lost touch. I just can’t seem to harness the intuition I once had.

    1. Hi Shannon,

      I’m sorry to hear about the suffering you experienced. I hope you’ve been finding healing and happiness.

      Were you ever a school teacher? I once had a teacher named Shannon Ptacek, and I’m wondering if it’s you.

  34. I’ve really been coming into my own and accepting and welcoming my psychic capabilities.

    I live near Napa, and nearly eight weeks ago we had a massive 6.0 earthquake. About an hour before it happened I woke up and sid to my husband, “oh my gosh! An earthquake!” He and my dogs and my baby were all fast asleep. I assumed that one of the dogs had shaken the bed and that’s what had brought on my reaction.

    I went back to sleep and the next thing I know our home is violently shaking. After it ended and I was sitting in my daughter’s room (the angels protected her and the sweet lamb didn’t even get woken up) I remembered how I had awoken earlier and was amazed.

    It honestly brought on a bit of fear. I initially attributed it to PTSD from such a massive natural disaster, but had a breakthrough this past weekend that it was actually my Ego trying to edge out God, the angels, and other messages from the Divine.

    Love you, Gabby! Thanks for all that you do!

  35. Still trying to grow my psychic abilities, just now asking for guidance. I have a job interview tomorrow, not overly excited about the job, but the money is good. While I was out for a walk I asked God to give me a sign if I should NOT go to this interview, by the time that I got home the lace in my shoe had completely come undone. Coincidence or sign?

    1. The car having a flat tire in the morning when you were ready to leave would be a more clear sign 🙂 Keep them eyes open!

  36. Thank you! I found you on instagram and have been following you, & got your spirit junkie app. Love it. I have meet my future puppy in my meditations lately =) I see single white feathers often, and twinkles in my vision. love& light!

  37. Gabby,
    Apart from always soaking up your every words and let them inspire me, i think you are just the cutest woman and you have such a vibrant inner beauty that is shining inside out.
    I hope i can see you in germany soon.
    Love and light

  38. I’ve had so many synchronicities and intuitive visions in the past but since the birth of my daughter, I feel like life is so chaotic that it blurs or blocks my intuition at times.

    When I met my fiancé I knew he would be the father of my child because I had a vision of him and I holding hands with a little girl.

    When I finally got pregnant, before I had ever found out the gender of my baby, I had a dream that I was being shot at by military men in a parking lot and I was ducking behind cars for cover. Suddenly it became lucid and I said to myself “hey I don’t have to dream about this!” And I turned a corner and suddenly I was in the woods walking on a very serene path with snow lightly falling and I was carrying a baby girl in a red blanket. The whole dream after that point was black-and-white except for the red baby blanket.

    When we finally had our gender scan a couple of months later I was shocked to find out that we were having a daughter and my dream was correct.

    When my fiancé and I were thinking of names for our daughter he suggested the name Scarlet. I knew it was her name because I immediately thought of the red baby blanket in my dream.

    1. I knew my daughter was a girl from the moment I got pregnant.

      I’m also rarely wrong when it comes to telling my friends what the sex of their baby will be.

      Intuition is an amazing thing!

  39. Yes, my dreams often come true :).
    I had an argument with my best friend a couple of years ago and haven’t seen or spoken to her sence.
    Last week I had a nightmare, where I was standing in a deep well, calling out her name, over and over. The very next day I bumped into her and we were both crying and hugging until our arms went numb :).
    That was a positive example, there have been worse ones.
    I dreamt for a long period before it actually happened, that my ex was going to leave me. I saw him clearly in a house with a male coworker of his, and a dog, and this woman that kept telling me her name but I always forgot it.
    Turned out, he’d been cheating on me with his coworkers sister. He left me, and they moved to the exact house I’d been seeing, with her dog.
    It broke my heart, but deep down I knew. And, he left her too eventually. I knew that aswell :-).

  40. I was sitting with a girl I had never met before, and had very strong intuitive feelings, and was able to tell her her birthday, describe the make and model of the car she drove, the colour of it and the damage that was on it and some other facts about her that only she knew. She was amazed but she accused me of looking in her wallet! That is only one of many “readings” I have done!

    1. we have to choose how to use our gifts, you can see how that would freak her out. 🙂 I only tell strangers something if it feels really strong and comes up in conversation usually, and always to help support them in what they may be struggling with (openly or not). Since my gift is around animals it will usually be related to that, and usually that I know one of their animals is an angel. Which is really only validating what they know and just couldn’t trust until they heard it from a stranger!

  41. Hi Gabby, I’ve been receiving messages from Spirits for the last year or so. Lately, a voice lets out a strange blurb in my house that my daughter’s and husband hear too. I can’t decipher what it/she is saying. Any advice? Thanks for all of your guidance, you have been a great source of knowledge for me!!

  42. Thank you for this, Gabby! I love that you encourage all of us to embrace these gifts. I receive information by “hearing” thoughts, visions and Knowing. It used to be either one or the other, but since I started thanking the Universe for these messages, I get a clearer picture through a combination of all three ways of knowing. What I’ve found is that I’m no longer afraid of the information I get, even when it’s information that may feel unpleasant. I’ve learned to use this information to move through my life and I’ve found that when I listen to this guidance, everything that I experience or pass onto others is more powerful, more meaningful, and better than I could have imagined on my own. Most recently, I’ve been given the ability to know where missing people are, but have found it difficult to pass this type of information onto others when it comes. How do you deal with resistance to information that comes from Divine empowered intuition? Why would I know these things if I’m not supposed to share it somehow?

    1. That is so much what I’m experiencing too LIsa (except in my case I’m seeing white light and angelic presence, not missing people!). The act of accepting one’s power, thanking the universe and being awake changes one’s life profoundly.

  43. Gabby…have you had any experience with seeing an orb? This happened to me 9 years ago. On a related note, I saw a medium recently who told me I am to trust my intuition, period. She Kept saying ‘With a mind likeeping yours…’. I forgot to ask about the orb. If anyone truly knows what this is, please tell me. I know it was a being. But what/whom?

    1. I see orbs occasionally, it is energy taking a particular form. Sometimes when there are spirits in a room and folks can feel the energy, if there is a video or pictures it can catch the orb. I saw a video one time where the orb was just all over the place – you want to think it is a laser pointer but it doesn’t move that way. I have cats and often see them watching a jumping orb, like there is a wild bug flying all over the place but there is no bug. They also meow in a special way when they feel spirits

    2. My sister and I saw 6 orbs when we were children. No one ever believed us. For us they were green glowing spinning and darting around the room. They stayed kind of in a cluster all together as they darted around, but you could tell there were 6. I have know idea what or who they were.

      1. if you’d been my babies I would have believed you 🙂 My son has medical intuition like me and in kindergarten he protected this girl who had leukemia, though nobody knew she was sick. He was her angel, to this day 22 years later when I see that girls mom she brings it up

    3. Thanks ladies. I don’t talk about it. Who would believe me? It was gold it hovered in one place. I blinked my eyes. It was still there. Then it faded away. This happened three months after my mother’s death. Perhaps something with Mom. She was the spirit present when I visited the medium. Really…if anyone else sees this and understands…please relate your thoughts.

      1. Sounds like your Mom’s spirit potentially. I don’t usually work to understand what I see and intuit, just trust in the process and usually I’ll connect the dots when it is time.

      2. I had the exact same thing happen on my daughter’s birthday. I woke up and was just sitting in the dark contemplating getting up and saw a gold/glittery light and it swirled and disappeared.

        I believe it was an angel revealing their presence to me.


    4. i see orbs all the time. i only see them show up in pictures.

      they are beautiful light beings that support us and show up when we are in joy:)

      i love orbs so much!

      1. Ladies, thank you. Mine was in person. Kind of b overwhelming and made me do a double-take. At the same time…I felt very connected…to something.

  44. Always known I’m “a bit” psychic, but have really embraced it the older I’ve gotten. Here are two stories I really like; both involve my ex-husband, who whenever I would say I’m psychic would reply, “Or psycho.” (Note the term ex-husband. 😉 ) Anyway, one day a long time ago we were walking near our home in northern San Diego and out of nowhere (even to me), I said to him, “Something’s going on with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.” He looked at me amused and replied, “Oh? Which one did you speak with last?” And I said, “Ok, Ok, but I’m getting the vibe.” When it was announced three weeks later on the news they were divorcing, I just looked at him. The next year, he got a new job and was talking one night about people he worked with (whom I’d never met) while I was making dinner. I said to him, “You need to be careful how you handle Linda (who reported to him). She’s having an affair with Dave (his second level boss). He said, “Oh Karen, you think everyone’s having an affair!!” About a month later he comes home and said, “You might be right about Linda & Dave.” I replied, “Why?” He said, “She had furniture delivered today and was asking for help moving things around so I and another guy went to help. Her dog is named (whatever Dave’s last name was; something like Barrett) and his signature is etched in the concrete on her back patio.” I just looked at him and said, “Yeah. You think they might be having an affair?” Of course he was married and she wasn’t. There are other stories, but those really stick out in my mind because, in both cases, I didn’t even know the people (had never met them in real life). And then there was the time I predicted that Barack Obama would be elected POTUS in 2008 and would ask Hillary Clinton to be on his Cabinet … to a Republican VP I worked with, who told me I was out of my everlovin’ mind. I wasn’t shocked he was elected, but I must admit that even I was surprised when she was named Secretary of State! But, alas, my powers have always focused on people and their relationships and never things like the winning PowerBall numbers;-) If I were still on the West Coast, I’d go to your event. Sounds amazing!

  45. I have always been fascinated by psychics, mediums, God, and heaven since I was a little girl! Fast forward to my early twenties, feeling lonely in a crumbling marriage, I asked the Universe for help! Right away, I started to receive messages from Spirit and I continue to this day! I love to give messages to people about their love ones and also how Spirit can improve their lives! It has been a hard lesson especially when being fearful of what others think about me doing this and trying to keep their negative energy away from me! We are NEVER, EVER alone in this world! All you have to do is ask!! 🙂 Love you Gabby!

  46. Thanks Gabby, I try and use my abilities, listening to my inner feelings and instincts daily. I’m struggling with a separation/divorce at the age of 58 however find comfort knowing my Divine Team are with me. I know they will get me through this difficult time and I believe they have something great in store for my future. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. xo

    1. Lisa – I feel that, I’m 61 and going through the same thing (we’re still together but I don’t think we’ll make it to our 30th anniversary! am working to do this slowly and amicably, which isn’t hard for me but is a lesson my husband needs to learn). I am definitely calling on guidance hugely to help me figure that out as well as how my healing work fits into my work life in the future. I feel I’d be better able to serve my gift if I lived alone, my husband and I are out of whack on our “vbrational” level 🙁

  47. So last night as I was doing the meditation peace in your pulse, I was seeing a huge angel with wings wrapped around me, being a reiki master I still have no confidence in myself that I’m just nuts , hearing intuitive guidance , and seeing images .. your thoughts.. thanks

    1. You aren’t nuts, you are blessed. Once you truly trust yourself and allow that knowing to embrace your life, it will be more joyful and peaceful and less fearful. Angel wings are the most beautiful things — start looking around and seeing the signs, like feathers in weird random places (elevators, bathrooms)

        1. I do animal Reiki so you have have to consider the source 🙂 I can feel and see the “web” of angel wings that watches from above, there is this almost “pulsing” sensation like breathing I feel. I could think I’m nuts but I know I’m not, I just feel really really blessed. Especially strong for me when I drive because I find it really scary

          1. I have just completed my Level 2 Reiki and have tried to give Reiki to my family pets but they don’t seem to like it. Any tips? : )

          2. Oh my animals usually love Reiki! you generally do hands off with them, it is a little different. So they often sleep or may wander around a bit, settle and resettle. That is normal for animals.

            When I’m doing an energetic treatment I usually do 10-20 minutes of Reiki, and then the pet will come over and show me where they want me to do some therapeutic touch (but I have magic hands for animals and they will self-treat practically placing my hands where they want the energy)

            I would recommend one of Kathleen Prasad’s books on animal reiki, she is my teacher and absolutely amazing and the queen of animal reiki (though she did humans for many years first).

          3. And if you sit and meditate or do Reiki on yourself, you may well find your animals sharing with you. When I do Reiki on the sanctuary animals remotely I have a cat that knows and sits on my lap, facing away from me (which isn’t normal for him), he is surfing the vibes!

  48. Yes, yes, YES!
    Dreams. Songs. Researching one thing and ‘stumbling upon’ something entirely unrelated that I needed to see in that moment…. Chance-encounters with complete strangers that reinforce something I was contemplating…. It happens for me often, but my biggest challenge is in remaining ‘tuned-in’. Life always seems to provide a plethora of distractions – and I’m working at filtering those more…. I’m trying to remember more often to take a step back, take a deep breath, close my eyes, and tune-in. When I am consistent about this – no decision seems uncertain! Making more choices from my heart, and limiting the ever-analytical mind’s ramblings. 😉 Thanks for the continued inspiration~

  49. I’m an author and I’ve experienced some ‘creepy coincidences’ that involve me writing about specific things in my books then later having those same experiences happen to me. It’s kind of interesting, considering that when I write, I tend to just let the words flow through me as opposed to forcing ideas. For example, I once wrote about a character who was fired – I got laid off shortly after I wrote that specific chapter and there were a lot of similarities between the two circumstances. This is just one of many times I have had psychic moments and I’ve learned to embrace it.

  50. Yes!!! LOVE this so, so much! Paying attention to all the synchronicities and ways our intuition (inner guidance) communicates with us is sooo important! I even created an APP for this called Intuition Journal to help people start paying attention to the different ways their intuition communicates with them… track it and then transform it into meaningful action. It’s like a detective’s notebook to keep track of all your intuitive clues. 😛

    Thanks for such an AWESOME video, Gabby! I’m in London now, but working on rearranging my schedule to be able to attend the event in LA! Sounds amazing!


  51. I listened to your “How To Handle Success” video and you spoke about not
    being a container that can hold success. Can you speak more about that?
    I’ve been dating around but failed to enter a committed/exclusive
    relationship. I usually become fearful and think another woman may take a
    potential partner away.

    How can I break this unnecessary cycle?

  52. I’ve always had psychic abilities. I’ve also been told my whole life that I have, “very wise eyes”. I experience synchronicities all the time, especially in my intense and soul packed relationship. I try not to be scared, but sleeping is the worst. I feel so much before I go to bed, that I experience anxiety. I’ve been like that since I was really young. I hate sleep. My dreams are intense and prophetic at times. Need tips to calm my energy.

  53. YAY! Since learning to develop my intuition it has change my WHOLE life. I never thought I’d be practicing as a psychic medium, but it is why I was born! I am constantly guided and it is so Lovely!
    I begin teaching intuitive development next month and I couldn’t be more excited!!!!
    Great Topic, Gabby! You taught me so much about the importance of being in service!

  54. At 60 I am finally moving into my power as an intuitive and empath. I’ve always had huge synchronicities,clairvoyance/clairsentience/clairaudience but now that I’m really embracing it, it has become so much more clear and powerful. When I was frightened of my power it made life difficult, now life is more beautiful, loving, connected and less scary. And this event is definitely perfectly timed as I am actively working on fine-tuning my abilities

        1. Ok! Thanks so much. I’m trying to figure out my gift. I definitely know that I know things with no prior knowledge. It’s scary. I’m trying to overcome my fear.

          1. I know exactly how you feel, probably everyone who listened to this vlog does 🙂 Marianne Williamson says the thing we most fear is our power and I think that is true. But as Gabrielle says, it is meant to serve, protect and help us have a better life and in turn serve others. Every person has a different way they get this information, and as I’ve been more clear and trusting in my gift I have found new ways of receiving information. It is a continual journey we all share.

  55. My intuition is my BFF, my Inner CEO, my wisest advisor: no one knows better the Her 🙂

    Every human being has the ability to listen to their own intuitive guidance yet many don’t trust it or know how to listen so they’re leaving their best ally out of the game of life.

    Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!
    Giving thanks & gratitude the all intuitive goddesses that are opening up the path to living a more empowered + intuitive life!

  56. I’ve always had strong psychic abilities but for some time I was blocking it and I wasn’t really listening to it. But lately, I’ve been receiving « download » of informations and I’m seeing a lot of signs (feathers, repeating numbers…). I was pretty freaked out about this and I went to see a medium and she calmed me down and explained to me that the information i’m receiving is for the highest good and I don’t need to be scared about anything.

      1. it is scary at first, but once you embrace it and see what a gift it is, it just gets better and better. The other night I was awakened at 2 am by a black cat hissing in my bedroom window — I live in coyote country and there are no cats roaming around, and my bedroom is on the second story halfway back of the house. First time in 30 years it has ever happened, next day my mother wound up in the hospital. I’d already sensed something bad was coming for her, coincidence??

    1. I feel the same exact way as Nomie. I have been raised to have certain fears, that come with psychic abilites. That they are bad, and you are opening up yourself to bad spirits as well as good ones. How do I overcome this. I find myself constantly praying that nothing bad is going to get me. 🙁
      I know I have certain abilites but I want to embrace them, not hide in fear. Help.

      1. I’ve had some of those feelings in the past Stacey. The things that helped me the most was learning how to clear and protect myself (Gabby has information on that), feeling the protective white light around me and knowing I have angels that watch over me (and starting to understand who they are and grow closer to them). You have to move at your own pace and not push yourself too far and build your protective “muscles”, then it will all feel safer and less scary.

      2. To get rid of your fears, simply change your belief about them. Look at the thoughts that are making you fearful and ask yourself are these thoughts true for me? if not start to be aware of where these thoughts came from, a parent, maybe your religion, if they no long feel right to you get rid of them and replace them with beliefs that now serve you.

      3. That’s the same with me I don’t like to open up either after bad experiences it can cause u to have addictions also now that being said I don’t want to scare u just try not to open up when ur drunk and high..And I’ve been trying to open up since my mum has passed and I haven’t received any contact all signs besides her death smell that means when u open up doesn’t mean ur going to have answers to what u hope for in right timings either just thought to let u know:)

        1. Rachael, sending lots of love and healing your way. One way to tap into that inner guidance and be open to connecting with your mum is by starting a daily mediation practice. It’s a beautiful act of self love and self care and will help you feel grounded and create a safe space for being open. <3

    2. Thank you for sharing this video on empowered intuition. I themed my yoga class on one of your mantras: trust the universe has your back…and wouldn’t you know later that day I went to see Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks said the same thing to the audience? Definitely one of the coolest synchronicities and reminders tthat im on the right path. Thank you!

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