Be Happier by Taking On the 1 Sneaky Thing That Drains Your Happiness

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Editor’s note: Updated in July 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

Every so often I catch something especially sneaky making its way into my conversations, my thoughts and my interactions: judgment. It comes off as innocent at first, but I always wind up feeling sad and disconnected. That’s because judgment quietly  drains your happiness.

Judgment weakens your power and literally saps your strength. I recently felt this firsthand when I noticed myself casually trash-talking. I wasn’t necessarily saying anything really mean or untrue, but it was gossip nonetheless.

Afterwards I felt awful. My energy was low and I was weak. After witnessing how my words had weakened my power, I decided to change my ways. That moment I started counting how many days I could refrain from judgment. It’s been seven days now and I feel more energized, more connected to others and more powerful!

In the past seven days I’ve had judgmental thoughts but I haven’t pursued them. When I notice judgement arise, I forgive the thought and choose again. This commitment to release judgement is setting me free.

Judgment keeps you from pace. The reason is simple: Judgment creates separation. A Course in Miracles says, “The ego cannot survive without judgment. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.”

Though judgment may be our default, unity is our truth. The moment we release judgment, unity is restored. Each shift from judgment to unity is a miracle. Join me in releasing judgment and raising our high vibes!

I recorded this video nearly two years before writing my book Judgment Detox, but I already had the first step of the Judgment Detox process in place!

That step is to witness your judgment without more judgment.

Watch the video below for more guidance:

The first step in healing judgment

The first step in taking on judgment so you can be happier is to recognize how you are judging. I’ve been noticing all day long that I’ve been judging my haircut. I felt a little ridiculous admitting it, but I’m pissed off about it. When I recognized that judgment I could see how it’s lowering my vibes and bringing me down. So I turned to a beautiful principle from A Course in Miracles: “I choose to judge nothing that occurs.”

I know this sounds crazy. I choose to judge nothing that occurs. It sounds crazy because it is the opposite of what our ego has trained us to believe in. How can we not judge the situations that are happening in the world? The stories we see on the news? How can we not judge our coworker who pushes all our buttons? How can we not judge the haircut that we’re so mad about? How can we not judge? It might seem impossible.

In the experience of saying that prayer, setting that intention — “I choose to judge nothing that occurs” — we can center into a different energy.

My hope is that you can start by gently witnessing how you are judging. Then start to bring this prayer practice into your career. “I choose to judge nothing that occurs.”

Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to mess up. You’re going to judge yourself all day long. You’re going to judge others. You’re going to detour. When you detour, immediately forgive yourself. Come back to center and remind yourself once again, “I choose to judge nothing that occurs.”

This is a very serious practice. It’s not always an easy miracle. Maybe you have a miracle moment or maybe it takes a little while to experience some sense of relief. But if you stay committed to releasing judgment, you will experience so much freedom, ease and happiness.

Heal judgment with The Judgment Detox Digital Course!


When I became more conscious of my own judgmental nature, I began to feel myself wake up. I could no longer ignore the guilt I felt from being stuck in the judgment cycle. I decided to face it head-on.

So I created a process of personal growth and spiritual development where I explored different practices to heal my judgment once and for all. I teach this process in The Judgment Detox Digital Course!

This unique spiritual approach gets to the root of all judgment: our separation from love. It heals you on a level where judgment is no longer a struggle. You catch judgmental thoughts quickly and intuitively know how to handle them.

My method gives you clear steps and walks you through them, providing structure and guidance as you do awesome transformational work. This is a process of undoing the belief system of judgment so that we can stop suffering and return to peace.

The foundation of The Judgment Detox Digital Course is my book Judgment Detox. But it’s so much more! When you take this course, the book comes to life, you’ll take your Judgment Detox practice to a whole new level and you’ll learn brand-new tools that I’ve never shared before.

The Judgment Detox Digital Course is a 100% online course. You can take it anywhere, anytime. And you have lifetime access to it.

Take this course and….

  • Enhance your personal growth practice with deep-dive exercises
  • Be part of a private, supportive community
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  1. Great article! I’m enjoying your book Judgement Detox! It says in the book to come here to get free resources and journaling exercises but I can’t find them. I am really looking forward to them. Are they now available only as a part of the course?

  2. I relate to this topic because I am a serious critic of myself. I have heard you speak of addiction and have come to realize that I am a workaholic. In this capacity, I have been praised for how judgmental I am toward my work. I am currently detoxing from my work addiction. I appreciate this post because it has allowed me to forgive myself for hiding out from my life, through my work. I missed the last 5 sober years of my father’s life. He was in recovery when he passed and I have deep sorrow over missing that time with him. I was so busy trying to start my career and thought I would have more time.

    I choose to judge nothing that occurs…or in this case occurred.

    Thank you for your insight and for spreading light 🙂

    1. I honor you and applaud you for acknowledging your judgment and your feelings of sorrow, and choosing love now. You came to this place exactly when you were meant to. (If you want more guidance on healing judgment, you can check out my new book.) Sending you love + light.

  3. Hi Gabby,
    I know you did this blog some time ago yet I believe it is timeless. I choose to judge nothing that occurs is more important today than ever. I always tell myself and my clients that connection is the correction and I love how your video really illustrates this so well. I will be sharing this with others as we could use these reminders!

    Thank you for all you are doing for our planet and the joy and happiness you bring. You truly are touching so many lives. Beautiful, Simply Beautiful.

    I am committed to recognizing separation and making the choice to come home to my inner connection so the ego fear has no stronghold.

    Oh yes, I also smiled when you shared about messing up! So perfect, so many are conditioned that one time is a pattern and there is not room for practice. Loved it!

    Again, Thank you.

    1. Gorgeous, Dianne!
      Stay tuned for my newest book, The Judgment Detox. It’s out in January 2018!
      big love,

  4. Lol, your upset regarding your haircut, when you said “piss off about it” I laughed out loud, literally out loud!! Not at your expense but because I get it! This is the reason I LOVE you and why your words resonate so deeply within me. Your realness has made me want to commit to not only follow you, but be faithful to your lessons for my practice every single day and it reassures me in my surrender to create my life of complete and rounded abundance…however that looks. So thank you for sharing, thank you for being real and thank you for helping me affirm to myself that the Universe does indeed have my back!! Love you!!!

  5. Hi Gabby,
    The examples you give on non judgment that I’ve heard are being annoyed with someone at a party and not liking your haircut, but how do you apply non-judgment to seemingly earthshattering things like being cheated on or feeling like you’ve been betrayed? I can work my head around every day annoyances but how do you not judge the bigger, heavier things?

    Your chapter about Oneness Sets You Free was so deep but seemed so short. I feel like you could make a whole book on that with each sentence being expanded into it’s own chapter. I’d love to learn more about accepting things that I find unacceptable when it comes to more tragic or difficult life events.

      1. Thank you, Gabby.

        I’m really looking forward to your next book. I’ve been holding on long term grudges I’m ready (but afraid) to release.

  6. So – here I am sitting at work, I am getting along with pretty much anyone just that one guy…he listens in to any conversation that are non of his business, he drops in to conversations and he is not my type at I am, the devil inside me is judging – BAD, BAD ME!! And guess what, the Universe just punished me for thinking like the devil and dropped a nut down my bra ;0)) Oh yes, I practice yoga almost daily and I have learnt about the non judgmental goal – I am not there yet, as you can tell. So Gabby, here I go, I am just going to try this exercise you gave and let the Angel and Devil inside of me sort it out. I am open minded and willing to change!

  7. I just remembered this video after a few days in agony over a business situation, so I googled for it and *BING* it helped clarify what I am going through! I have been really mad and fearful because a business relation did 2 things the same day that tells me about his character. I have the choice to see them objectively and take note that we have very different angles on morals and how to treat customers, and decide from there to have a discussion with him and/or choose not to be in a business relation with him. But I have been SO MAD and condescending in my thoughts about him and also mad about myself because I know that doesn’t help the situation. BUT, put the perspective of judgement in there, and I now see that I am really judging him for his (to me) less than moral perspective, AND judging me for being so sensitive about this situation. I need to go deeper and not use his low standard acts as reasons to judge him, but simply as input to whether we are a good business relation match… So helpful to dig into the Gabby TV archive!! –Kristina

  8. Hi Gabby,

    I’m a bit late to leave a comment but I just watched your video. I must say that I love what you have to say and I have read your books so I’m a fan but I know what I have to say is going to come off as annoying: what if our judgment is right?
    For instance, I took weight (not just two pounds, a lot) and my boyfriend who lives abroad has not seen me since. I am pretty sure he’s going to break up when he’ll see me so I’m really trying to put it off. Here this is judgment and my ego talking but it’s right. Judgement sometimes keeps us in balance, it keeps us from doing stupid stuff.

    I’d love to be perfect and with no need to judge myself but it reminds me that I can do much better.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom even if I don’t always agree, I’d love to be at the same point as you someday 🙂

  9. Thank you!!! I think that is the bug that is holding me back so glad you addressed this. I cannot wait to be the happiest person I know……

  10. Hi Gabby! If you allow me to say, I like this haircut very much! It’s modern, clean, chic… Just wanna say that!
    Thanks for everything you do, improving the world

  11. Hi Gabby, I agree with what you said. I also want to remind people that each people who success in life they also really efforts for it by their way. Nothing good is easy get. So people who want to achieve success then they really need to take responsibility for what they want. Don’t judgment instead people efforts to start create something for their own, doesn’t matter how long or how it difficult. In fact keep improving will support for people in process than they think.

  12. Sooooo weird, or not. I had just been contemplating this and actually wrote the below Facebook post seconds ago. Then, I went to my email and Gabby’s email was the second one I clicked on. I got a feeling to read it (even though I don’t have time today) and whammm! It’s about the same topic. Of course, what I love is that this one offers a solutions, which I actually was “feeling” was missing from my post but thought — “I’ll add some solutions in the future” Ha!

    I was also feeling a bit guilty because I was talking about a negative comment when I’m usually the “inspiration” gal to my friends. It was refreshing to hear even the most spiritually connected, such as Gabby, have the same emotional ups and downs. Thanks Gabby – Perfect timing, as always. I will be sharing your YouTube video on my Enlightened Fanatic page. Here’s my post from Facebook today:

    I don’t normally go the negative route but I’ve been seeing a lot of something lately – both in myself and others.

    JUDGEMENT : Have you ever come across those people who judge, and have even “outcast” others? I have, as well as, shamefully admit, have fallen too into that category. We command ourselves with such high standards, yet judge. It’s the ultimate in pettiness. The worse is when we judge from a distance and without making a real initiative to understand. Sorry, texting and social media communication do not count.
    Knowledge makes people humble. Communication opens up insight. Arrogance makes people ignorant.

    Before you judge the next time, you may want to make sure your hands are COMPLETELY clean. You may not understand someone’s journey but you don’t always need to. And, if you want to know mine, then be sure to take the time to pull up a chair and have have some coffee/tea because it ain’t gonna happen in 140 characters or through pics on facebook.

    And for future matters, I will be dedicated to only partake in intentional conversations with a higher purpose. And so it is.

  13. Hi Gabby, just want to send you so much love, I have just finished May Cause Miracles book and it has changed my life, I feel so calm and free of fear, thank you for your amazing books. This post is so great, judgement really makes me feel terrible and I will start to release it today! I just want to share a positive thought I had, I too struggle with world atrocities so much so that I avoid all news but last night I saw some news about young children being trained to fight for IS in Syria. It was hard to see but looking at their faces it made me realise that all those terrorists are really just scared little boys living in judgement and ego and so can’t find love and compassion. One of the soldiers had escaped and asked for forgiveness for the things he had done. I believe that the world will wake up to love when we stop judging and feeling separate. Thanks Gabby for all the work you do that helps us get to this place!

    On the topic of you writing a new book! – I really really loved your yoga workshop free video and would love you to do a yoga DVD and cleansing eating plan if you get time! x x x

  14. This was perfect timing… and very similar to your experience Gabby. Does that surprise any of us who know the universe works just as it’s intended! It happens just as it’s intended.

    I pride myself on being a light and bringing inspiration to the world… it’s contagious and I want to spread positive energy rather than be toxic. Out of the blue, I recently participated in a rare, unhealthy discussion that was similar to your trash talking example… not horrible but trash talking in a way I generally do not. I had the blessing of someone pointing out the comments made to me. I heard the way I sounded through someone else’s perspective…. I also felt sad and totally depleted for a few hours as I carried on my evening.

    “Judgment creates separation.” I know this to be true. The trash talking moment seemed like a moment of bonding but that’s an immediate, false feeling of community (like a bad high) and ultimately it divides people and communities.

    “Judgment weakens your power and literally saps your strength.” After the unhealthy discussion, I was exhausted and felt completely depleted…. unusually so. I lost my glow and felt like I had wasted a wonderful evening with my little girls, mother and summer night we had out for dinner.

    “This commitment to release judgement is setting me free.” WOW! Thank you. I was happy to read this as my reminder. I LOVE the feeling of freedom and power I generally carry with me. I am so glad I was reminded today to not forgo it or take it for granted. Out with the trash, on with the positivity.

    Let Day #1 begin right now at midnight 6/2. Thank you Gabby.

  15. Gabby, thank you so much for this video. It happens to be very timely for my as I have my parents in town for a week-long visit. I always start out so excited to see them, but my enthusiasm wanes as little things they do or say get under my skin. I love them so much, I just get so frustrated sometimes! I have decided to use this as an opportunity to practice no judgement. Wish me luck!

  16. I choose not to judge my family members who might be making choices that are vastly different to mine.

  17. Thank you Gabby,
    I have gotten much better at not judging others but I have a very enthusiastic inner critic. I recognize the lurking ego in that … other people are allowed to make mistakes or get it wrong, but I SHOULD know better. How do I cross the abyss from my intention and desire to judge nothing to actualization? As the Wise Ones say, “The longest journey is from the head to the heart.” I have only recently become aware of you and your teachings. Thank you Gabby for enriching my life.
    Love and Blessings, Deborah

  18. Hi Gabby!

    Thanks so much for sharing this. The timing is perfect as I was just telling talking with my daughter and saying that I want to be more aware of judging because it’s so easy to get into a conversation and then you suddenly realize that’s what you are doing. So thanks for the inspiration!


  19. Perfect topic just what I needed today! I have really been down on myself for about a month now. I am on a new medication to lose weight (dr. supervised) and lost 32 lbs. between last December 29th. and March 10th. of this year. After that I got really sick and was on antibotics since mid-March. Since then I have not been able to lose weight. I am just at a standstill. So I am judging myself harshly.

  20. Commiting.

    Miraculous timing. Aligns perfectly with my lessons in the course right now.

    Thank you, Gabby!!

    Sending love & sunshine,

  21. Hey gabby, I feel So grateful for the work you share. As my guru I have to ask about the ego. It comes up all the time in this work but I feel blocked by my understanding. Why are we born with an ego to overcome? Why does it want us in a cycle of fear and judgement? What is the divine purpose behind having an ego in the first place? It always bothers me and I would deeply appreciate your guidance! I wanted to ask at a seminar but there were so many people with burning questions in Sydney it didn’t feel like the right time. Thanks so much!! Xx

  22. OMG! Today Universe just shouts to me to do just that! Earlier Miracles Now showed me to stop judging and go into compare-free zone. And right when I detoured into fear and judgement of myself I got to see this Vblog! Thank you God, and thank you Gabby! You are amazing!

    And btw, remember, your light, you enhance the beauty of your haircut or clothers, not the other way around (we, lithuanians, say: not clothers makes a woman beautiful, but A woman makes her clothers look fantastic by her presence) ! And you look amazing 🙂

    Have a miraculous day! All of you, spirit junkies!

    Best vibes to you,

  23. Hi Gabby,

    This is something I really need to work on. I have had a lot of negative feelings recently and your vlog has reminded me that judgment is causing a lot of stress in my life.

    I commit to making a sign for my desk to help me stop falling into judgment at work and a note in my paper diary for personal time.

    Sat nam, Catherine x

  24. Thank you so much!

    I went on vacation last week, and today I felt like I’d take it easy and let the day take its course- that course turned out to be much tougher than I imagined and I had a really tough morning along with other things but huge one with negative feedback from a coworker- it had me judging myself all morning- I didn’t want to have a dear diary moment on FB, so I simply asked for advice through tough moments- this was better than all the comments I receved, and was def the thing I needed to hear most. Thank you thank you again!

  25. Hi Gabby – I saw you in person earlier this year and this is one of the takeaways I have from that night… I carry it with me always and have been trying to practice not judging anyone, including me. It (and I) am a work in progress, but I know it definitely improves the journey!

    Thank you so much for you! (your hair is beautiful, of course, as are you :))

    1. oh wow, thanks for sharing! I always knew that my kundalini and wish to grow long long hair makes a connection 🙂

      have a fantastic day!

  26. Please Gabby tell me where you got your shirt. I LOVE it!!!! I love lots of things you wear, do you have a favorite store you like to shop in? Thanks for taking the time to answer my inquiry!

    With love and blessings!

  27. Good advice, but this is really hard for me right now. Found out a few weeks ago my husband had an affair, and I’m trying to come to a place where I can understand why this happened. If it wasn’t for your books I probably wouldn’t be equipped to handle this. It’s so hard not to judge him, but I’m trying my best. Now I’m just trying to work on me and what makes me happy, and trying to stay centered and not let him take away my happiness. Keep telling myself I’m better than this. Maybe one day I can come to a place where I can forgive and not judge.

  28. Gabby,
    Very timely for me. I had an incident over the weekend…bottom line….I wasn’t invited to an after party charity event that i was on the committee for! Very insulting and humiliating. I could choose to feel bad about myself, and even quit the organization or call them out on it. Your alternative is interesting…. I am comfortable with the mantra you suggest…but shouldn’t i find out the truth behind why i was overlooked and tell them (without blame) how i feel? What to do?

  29. After an important family party yesterday which I arranged, and organised, judgement was there constantly ALL DAY, I was judging my own behaviour towards others, their actions and words… (You know how those family members/situations can stir up things within us and push our buttons) after being exhausted, my ego was all up in my space, throwing in this, and that and bringing me down.
    This morning I was hit with a wave of forgiveness for myself!! I knew I did a great job! This vlog is exactly what I needed today, and I’ll continue to “choose to judge nothing that occurs” xxxx thanks gabby.

  30. Funny how things come to you at the right time. I make it a practice to not judge others for anything as I don’t know there story….but I struggle most with judging where I am! In my biz, in my life… daily practice. This was a good one. Thank You!

  31. Gabby,

    You always have our back! I love how you keep all of us spirit junkies on track and share the message of the Course.
    Much love!

  32. OMG Gabby – I just returned from taking a walk at the park where I was thinking about this very thing!!!!!!
    I looked at the rocks on the ground and thought – this is a rock, it is what it is. But, the moment I think “wow, what a beautiful manifestation of Nature this rock is – my energy will raise. On the other side, if I think “that’s one ugly rock!” – my energy will lower.
    You know what, I’ll take you up on your chalenge – I’ll stay focused on living a week without judgment. And, fogive myself if I don’t learn this right away 🙂
    Count me in for living without judgment for 1 week :)))

  33. Thank you for this. Exactly what I need. I’ve been working on judgement in my life. My biggest gotcha is a close family member. She judges everyone and every thing constantly. I find myself getting so annoyed with it, feeling it bring my energy down as I judge her for being judgemental. I really struggle with that. But I try to acknowledge it, breathe, and move on. Having a mantra “I choose to judge nothing that occurs” will help.

  34. Omg Gabby I’m going through the same thing! I had a hair cut on Saturday, and the hairdresser took 3 inches off and I have been judging my ‘new look’ constantly just aching for it to grow out already! Now I can forgive and choose not to judge- thank you!

  35. Judgement is such a big issue with me, and I have been wrestling with this lately, so your video is very timely. I do have a question, that I have not gotten answered, so maybe you can help! If we see someone abusing a child or animal, or something very negative like that, what do we do/think? I automatically judge, which then becomes my perception of the situation, which would then allow me to intervene or try to stop something, or create change. If we do not judge anything that occurs, how can we ever right the wrong or progress as a society? Am I taking the do not judge anything that occurs too literally? Is there a way to see something without judgement, and act upon it, in order to fix things? I feel like judgement is almost necessary in order to create change (for example, if we do not judge something as being “bad”, how can we ever rid the “bad” of the world?). This is why judgement is such an issue with me, because I believe it’s needed. Any guidance on this is appreciated 🙂

    1. That is such a great question! My only thought is ALL good things come from sprit. Anything other than “good” comes from another source and therefore can’t be real and need to be extinguished somehow. Abuse, slavery, pain, suffering need to be confronted and abolished. This has to be done through spreading the light. For if we confront hate with more hate we will get nowhere since we are not co-creating in love. This is such a tough one! You think about “war” to prevent the suffering of others. Though the reason may be justified. It’s STILL war! It will still cause death and destruction. Your question is soooo good and so difficult to ponder. I think the only answer is groups like this one having discussions, prayer for peace in homes, communities and nations and actively seeking goodness everywhere. I hope that’s the answer:-/

    2. It’s a difficult question . Perhaps we can judge the behaviour and not the person carrying out the deed. We don’t know their backstory or learning. Just a thought.

  36. So glad you’re doing a video about this topic! I’ve seen judgment cripple some very talented people .
    I have a class called Mirror Mirror on the wall getting passed judgment and comparison. To help people get passed judgment, and to the other side.

    The more of us that are teaching this the better. The more of us that are teaching this the better! Powerful video! Thank you !

    See you Friday ! 😀 <3

    1. Awesome! Keep it going!

      And honestly earlier today I was thinking to make it as full topic to teach designers Compare-free zone to amp up creativity.

  37. This is my favorite post from you, Gabby.
    Very specific and the sheer honesty that it takes time
    And we will all fuck up.
    Thank you
    I am starting this today. I choose to judge nothing that occurs

  38. So helpful! I have been struggling with noticing how low my energy gets after I judging or fall into the gossip habit with a friend! I love this idea of having a judgment cleanse!

  39. Thank you for this. I’m up too early with insomnia, upset, thinking about man in my life and a female who I really can’t stand any longer. I’ve been judging her because of her questionable behavior, and to me, lack of values, and difference in values. I’d really like to never see, hear, or think of that person again, and he is friends with her. This has also made me judge him… Anyway, repeating this mantra, ‘I choose to judge nothing that occurs,’ gives me a sense of detachment and freedom from the situation that I have been longing for. It adds to a sense of peace. The way the statement is phrased also makes me stay in the present moment. I will keep this, and will hopefully sleep, as well as have a sense of peace regardless of other people. 🙂

  40. Having issues with judging the way I am thinking and what I am doing. But instead I choose to judge nothing that occures. Thanks Gaby!

  41. Awsome.

    I do agree totally. Nothing drains energy so much as judgment. Even green juice won’t help:)
    Love being inspired by U, Gabby

  42. Gabby,

    I love the simplicity of this mantra. This is also a clearly an action of self love – which I wholeheartedly support and encourage in myself and others! I hope many people value this exercise and create space in their lives to be in the present moment. The benefits multiple when we do this for each other…

    With love and respect.

    1. We can identify something as wrong and unjust but our work is to focus on releasing judgment in our moment to moment behavior and energy so we never recreate that type of hate again.

  43. Right on Gabby…judgment is such a poison to our connection to our humanity. I think what goes hand in hand with judgment is offense! People get so easily offended that there is no room for error or free speech. Forgiveness and compassion would be so easily offered if people could judge less and live in a state where they were not offended. Live and let live!

  44. I absolutely believe judgment is in direct relationship with our ego self and know it is the leading feeling on how we disconnect from truth of who we are with ourselves and who we are with each other. But….you knew there was a but coming, don’t judge ;)…my stumbling block isn’t with haircuts or pissy coworkers or people who I feel have wronged me, I can wrap my head around the fact that those are stories that I am telling myself and work on reconciling my thoughts to a judgement-free zone. My barrier is when I push that thought out to the real atrocities of this world – child rape, enslavement, torture – and thinking about not having strong feelings against those things as horrible. If universal law is true that you should not judge then it should be in every situation – there is no magic line where you would be, “Okay, this is where you can judge something and still be aligned with source.” – but how do you look at something like the Holocaust and not get to say, “Yep, that’s bad.” ?

    1. We can identify something as wrong and unjust but our work is to focus on releasing judgment in our moment to moment behavior and energy so we never recreate that type of hate again.

    2. There’s a quote “in everything give thanks”. EVERYTHING means everything, not the great, awesome, wonderful stuff in life, but the crap as well! It is in that suffering, anguish and pain that true growth occurs. We weren’t promised an easy, candy-sweet life, but we were promised the ability and attitude to get through ANYTHING! More importantly how do we learn and grow and how can humanity improve. I remember once hearing Holocaust stories and thinking “ooooh awful”. However, it wasn’t until I viewed pictures of piles of bodies and parent less children that I felt the anguish and could view human suffering differently. These atrocities change people, change society. The challenge is changing for the good. To put aside the feelings of hate and anger at the wrong doing, but instead be a vessel of light to make the world a better place. That is the challenge of the miracle worker and the answer to the call of God in our lives.

  45. Gabby,

    Thank you so much for everything you have done. I picked your books up years ago but now I’m coming back to them, I guess it’s time. When I first started the video I was nervous, thinking about the amount I judge and how perfectionistic I am with any ‘practice’ I try.
    So I’m doing something different. I am writing out that affirmation and putting it around my apartment and maybe even on the steering wheel of my car. Yup, I’ll mess up. But I’m going to chose to accept that and continue on anyway.

    I hope to be able to see you sometime in person.
    Again, thank you for all your work. It touches my heart.


  46. judgement is suchhhhh a big one for me.

    I love that mantra. I say this one sometimes when I see myself judging someone else, “I love you, I love me, please forgive me, I forgive me.”

    love you. and your hair looks rad always. for real.

  47. I’m doing this! Thankyou SO much! Greatful everyday for you, your light and the amazing gifts you have shared. Much love xxx

  48. This is so timely! I just felt drawn to “The 7 Day Mental Diet,” a pamphlet by Emmet Fox. He said your life will transform in 7 days by not running with any negative thought that pops up, and I have had a big block with judgement- toward myself and others. This feels like another sign along my path to miracles 🙂 Thank you, Gabby, for listening to your guidance and helping to remind me. I appreciate it. Sign me up for the journey of non-judgement!

  49. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for this video!
    I really wanted to share my experience of this video Gabby! It’s a funny and lovely one!

    As I started watching this video, my Grandmother was hanging out in her rocking chair next to me. She is a youthful and upbeat 90 year old woman, and I’ve taken some time out of my life to spend a few months with her.

    So, she hadn’t popped her hearing aids in this morning, so was unable to sense I was watching a video 🙂 She was making comments about what she was reading or doing, asking questions about lactose intolerance, and all sorts of things. I was becoming frustrated.

    Then, I noticed myself judging her: “She is so inconsiderate, can’t she tell I’m watching and important video? She should have her hearing aids on! blah urgh ergh! Why doesn’t she know anything about food?” (oh life!)

    And then, I repeated your statement: “I choose to judge nothing that occurs”, and forgave myself and centred (just before you mentioned that as that! Synchronicity! Whoooooo) and you know what I found? **When I stopped judging, I experienced the joy of connecting with my Gram, just as she was**

    I paused the video, and allowed myself to flow along with my Gram’s humour and joy and sharing for what she was experiencing, and it completely changed my experience of her in that moment. It actually brought more joy, and I moved more deeply into that expansive love I have for her.

    Thank you for this video. I’ll be carrying this lesson with me for life.

    Love Gen x

    PS – I am just starting to learn a course in miracles! What a beautiful, incredible, powerful text.

    1. Genevieve, true that! I can relate. What a sweet story!

      Gabby, I initially found myself judging you for being so hard on yourself about your haircut and then it came to me: “I choose to judge nothing that occurs.” In that moment, I was filled with gratitude for your honesty, humility and authenticity. The practice most certainly revved up my vibration.

      Thank you for sharing your love + light and for always being so authentically You!

      blessings + gratitude to everyone reading this :))
      –sheree c–

    2. That is a very powerfully written experience. Thank you for sharing it with such honesty and clarity.

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