Be Happier by Taking On the 1 Sneaky Thing That Drains Your Happiness

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Editor’s note: Updated in July 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

Every so often I catch something especially sneaky making its way into my conversations, my thoughts and my interactions: judgment. It comes off as innocent at first, but I always wind up feeling sad and disconnected. That’s because judgment quietly  drains your happiness.

Judgment weakens your power and literally saps your strength. I recently felt this firsthand when I noticed myself casually trash-talking. I wasn’t necessarily saying anything really mean or untrue, but it was gossip nonetheless.

Afterwards I felt awful. My energy was low and I was weak. After witnessing how my words had weakened my power, I decided to change my ways. That moment I started counting how many days I could refrain from judgment. It’s been seven days now and I feel more energized, more connected to others and more powerful!

In the past seven days I’ve had judgmental thoughts but I haven’t pursued them. When I notice judgement arise, I forgive the thought and choose again. This commitment to release judgement is setting me free.

Judgment keeps you from pace. The reason is simple: Judgment creates separation. A Course in Miracles says, “The ego cannot survive without judgment. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.”

Though judgment may be our default, unity is our truth. The moment we release judgment, unity is restored. Each shift from judgment to unity is a miracle. Join me in releasing judgment and raising our high vibes!

I recorded this video nearly two years before writing my book Judgment Detox, but I already had the first step of the Judgment Detox process in place!

That step is to witness your judgment without more judgment.

Watch the video below for more guidance:

The first step in healing judgment

The first step in taking on judgment so you can be happier is to recognize how you are judging. I’ve been noticing all day long that I’ve been judging my haircut. I felt a little ridiculous admitting it, but I’m pissed off about it. When I recognized that judgment I could see how it’s lowering my vibes and bringing me down. So I turned to a beautiful principle from A Course in Miracles: “I choose to judge nothing that occurs.”

I know this sounds crazy. I choose to judge nothing that occurs. It sounds crazy because it is the opposite of what our ego has trained us to believe in. How can we not judge the situations that are happening in the world? The stories we see on the news? How can we not judge our coworker who pushes all our buttons? How can we not judge the haircut that we’re so mad about? How can we not judge? It might seem impossible.

In the experience of saying that prayer, setting that intention — “I choose to judge nothing that occurs” — we can center into a different energy.

My hope is that you can start by gently witnessing how you are judging. Then start to bring this prayer practice into your career. “I choose to judge nothing that occurs.”

Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to mess up. You’re going to judge yourself all day long. You’re going to judge others. You’re going to detour. When you detour, immediately forgive yourself. Come back to center and remind yourself once again, “I choose to judge nothing that occurs.”

This is a very serious practice. It’s not always an easy miracle. Maybe you have a miracle moment or maybe it takes a little while to experience some sense of relief. But if you stay committed to releasing judgment, you will experience so much freedom, ease and happiness.

Heal judgment with The Judgment Detox Digital Course!


When I became more conscious of my own judgmental nature, I began to feel myself wake up. I could no longer ignore the guilt I felt from being stuck in the judgment cycle. I decided to face it head-on.

So I created a process of personal growth and spiritual development where I explored different practices to heal my judgment once and for all. I teach this process in The Judgment Detox Digital Course!

This unique spiritual approach gets to the root of all judgment: our separation from love. It heals you on a level where judgment is no longer a struggle. You catch judgmental thoughts quickly and intuitively know how to handle them.

My method gives you clear steps and walks you through them, providing structure and guidance as you do awesome transformational work. This is a process of undoing the belief system of judgment so that we can stop suffering and return to peace.

The foundation of The Judgment Detox Digital Course is my book Judgment Detox. But it’s so much more! When you take this course, the book comes to life, you’ll take your Judgment Detox practice to a whole new level and you’ll learn brand-new tools that I’ve never shared before.

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