The Appreciation Game Changes Your Mood in Minutes

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Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinIn this post we’re going to play the appreciation game! I learned this tool from the Abraham-Hicks book Ask and It Is Given.

I teach many tools from Abraham-Hicks (often referred to simply as Abraham) in my book Super Attractor.

Appreciation is a big theme in Super Attractor. Not only is it a very important element of manifesting, but it’s also one of the best ways to shift your mood. And the better you feel, the more greatness you attract!

Appreciation turns around a negative attitude fast

The appreciation game is all about getting out of a negative attitude quickly. It’s a fun and easy way to raise your vibration in a matter of minutes.

The simplest way to get out of a negative attitude is to focus on what you appreciate and redirect your focus onto what’s working. Don’t underestimate the practice of saying out loud what you appreciate!

You can watch the video below or keep reading for a breakdown of how to play this simple but powerful game.

Why appreciation is so powerful

I am the loving energy of the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckWhatever you appreciate you create more of. This is because when you’re in a state of appreciation, you’re in vibrational alignment with your true love nature.

That’s the perfect energy for allowing your desires to come into form.

Appreciation is also the antidote to worry. When you’re in a state of appreciation there’s no room for worry, because they cannot coexist.

Whenever I notice myself worrying about something out of my control, I immediately play the appreciation game and redirect my focus.

How to play the appreciation game with another person

This practice is a great tool for shifting the vibe in a relationship. For example, anytime my husband and I are feeling stressed or arguing over some silly thing, we play the appreciation game.

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We just take a couple of minutes to go down the list of what we appreciate about one another. I’ll say something like, “I appreciate the way you take care of me.” He’ll say, “I appreciate how good of a cook you are.”

These are very simple things. But within seconds we start to feel more connected and more loving. And within minutes the entire energy within our relationship changes.

Playing the appreciation game catapults us right out of that negative zone.

How to play the appreciation game by yourself

If you find yourself stuck in negativity, such as feeling anxious about a situation that’s out of your control, stressed out over work or just in a bad mood, then play the appreciation game by yourself.

Out loud (if you can) or to yourself, express appreciation for all that is good in your life. You might say things like:

  • I appreciate all the people who are supporting me.
  • I appreciate the love that’s in my life.
  • I appreciate the home I have.
  • I appreciate the shoes on my feet.
  • I appreciate the meal on the table in front of me.

Going down this list every day — or several times throughout the day — is the fastest way to get out of a negative pattern, a fear-based story, or a toxic situation with a partner or a friend.

Raise your vibration with meditation

Do you have a regular meditation practice? Sitting in stillness for a few minutes each day is a powerful way to cultivate appreciation and get into alignment with the loving energy of the Universe.

I want to make it really easy for you to meditate, so I created a FREE 2-track album of guided meditations! The meditations include my Manifesting Meditation to attract your desires and my Cord-Cutting Meditation to clear negative energy.

Click here to get your free meditations!

What to do once you’ve elevated your energy

When I'm connected to my joyful presence, I attract support from the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckOnce you’ve played the appreciation game and noticed your energy shift, you’re in a new vibration! At this point you can start reaching for new thoughts that you feel really great about.

Thoughts such as:

  • Yes, I can change this pattern.
  • Yes, I can feel better about this relationship.
  • Yes, I can move forward.

Appreciation is a bridge back to a lighthearted way of being. When you raise your vibration, you become an energetic match for what you want. You begin to magnetize your desires, and your elevated state allows you to lift up and help those around you, too.

Now that you know this exercise, share below! What do you appreciate about yourself, the people around you and your life’s circumstances? Test-drive the appreciation game today and leave a comment letting me know how it goes.

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