How to Take Action on Your Ideas: My 3-Step Method

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Note: Updated in 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

I know what it feels like to have a big dream. To have a vision of something awesome, something you feel called to do.

Eighteen years ago I felt called to be a teacher. To lead, to heal and make an impact on the world.

There was just one snag: I didn’t know how to turn my dreams into a reality.

But my desire and willingness were enough to clear the path. One day at a time I healed my fearful perceptions, deepened my spiritual practice, strengthened my faith and took small right actions toward my dreams.

So today let’s talk about that: how to go from idea to action.

How to take action on your ideas: My 3-step method

How can we turn these ideas we’ve been dreaming of and meditating on, the ideas we feel passionate about, talk about with our friends at brunch, into actionable steps?

I want to give you 3 steps that worked for me.

Watch the video for these steps, and keep reading to see them outlined.

Step 1: Think it

Step 1 is to think it. You have to be able to think openly and positively about your vision. Think the thoughts of the highest good for that vision. In your daily life, think your way into what you want to create.

Be conscious of your thoughts. Consciously think about your dream in positive ways. Your thoughts are very powerful because they affect how you feel. And that’s Step 2.

Step 2: Feel it

Cultivate the feeling of what it is that you desire | How to take action on your ideasStep 2 is to feel it. Allow yourself to really feel what it would be like to be in the action of what you’re dreaming of. What does it feel like…

  • To be on your dream career path?
  • To do the work in the world you’ve been longing to bring forth?
  • To spread an empowering message?

The way to feel it is through meditation. This is a really simple practice that feels great! For two or three minutes a day, sit in meditation and let yourself cultivate the feeling of what it is you desire.

This is such a game-changing practice. I’ve had so many experiences in life where I’ve allowed myself to dwell in the feeling of service, or that excitement of being on stage or sitting next to Oprah doing an interview.

Those emotional feelings that came forth in my meditations were manifested in my life, so take your thoughts and feelings very seriously.

Step 3: Take spiritually aligned action

Step 3 is to begin to take action from a place of spiritual alignment. Many of us, when we have big dreams, take action from a place of ego. We think, “I’ve got to make this happen! I gotta hustle, I need to force this to happen.” Or the opposite happens. The ego keeps us playing small by asking, “Who are you to do this?” And we never do anything.

When you sync up with the Universe, you feel a confidence that you may not be able to access with your logical mind.

When you practice the first 2 steps, you sync up with the Universe. And you feel a level of confidence that you may not be able to access with your logical mind, because it’s a result of your spiritual connection. You’re also better equipped to notice when you’re acting from a place of ego, and you can realign with spirit.

These 3 steps are the first crucial ones you can take on the path to do what you’ve been dreaming of.

Inspire others by doing what inspires you

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  1. Should the vision for career be like , I want to do work that I love and be successful in it or should it be specific , like the particular business idea ?
    Can we vision more than one ideas simultaneously ?

    1. Great questions, Asha. There are no right or wrong answers– so here are some posts that you might find helpful:

  2. Gabby,

    Absolutely love your content, I have two young children so I don’t quite have the time to give to a master class right now, it is on my to do list however!

    In the mean time I’m thoroughly enjoying the other resources you have available on your website and that you send through to my email box. I received an email at the beginning of June with a three part video training detailing how to take action. I had started watching it but then we were away on holidays, I went yo revisit it today and the link doesn’t appear to be working.

    Is there any possible way to view these? They looked amazing.

    Warmest wishes, J

  3. dear gabby! thank you so much for what you are doing! i am a follower from austria and i keep reading “the universe has your back” over and over again ans i gain sth new every time i re-read it! i am in an absolutely good place at the moment waiting for the universe to show me the next door to go through. can you give me any advice on how to be patient and wait for the path to reveal itself? i love how you talk to your fellow spirit junkies and i am looking forward to you answer! keep inspiring people, i am already greatful<3

    1. Revisit the chapter on asking for signs. Begin taking action as outlined in this video and blog and ask the Universe for signs that you’re on the right track. Pay close attention to that chapter and trust in the signs you receive. Signs from the Universe will be crystal clear. There will be no denying them. 🙂 You can also communicate with your spirit guides.

  4. I am so called for this. I have felt pulled to spirituality my entire life and I fought against it due to fear. I want to take the masterclass so badly but as a college student with a broken car and only a part part-time job. I just can’t pull off even the $349 per month. I think that what you are doing here is amazing and I hope that one day I will be able to take your masterclass because it is literally everything I have been looking for.

    1. We do offer a limited number of scholarships for the Masterclass. You can email to inquire. If the timing is not quite right, there are many beautiful resources here that can help you own your confidence and deepen your spiritual practice. <3 A course such as May Cause Miracles, or my monthly Miracle Membership, could help you greatly. (Check them out here.) My book Miracles Now may also be perfect for you! This video on how to trust more and fear less will help you release fear. And this video will shift your mindset so you are filled with gratitude for everything you have right now! You are abundant and on a path of miracles! xo

  5. You’re just so darn precious! I love listening to you speak, Gabby, as I feel such a resonance with your message. Thank you for sharing what is in your heart with the world. I know that we both are doing what we can to be a beneficial presence on the planet, and I appreciate aligning myself with others on the same path. Your program sounds amazing! As I am in B-School with your gal, Marie, I have to pass at this time, but know that you are making a big difference in my life and all of those that you touch. With blessings and gratitude for you ~ Amy 😉

  6. Thank you for the training the other night and this video. I am starting to plan a shift from my current job to a more spiritual and wellness driven career. I’m one of those lawyers that you mentioned in the training video that wants to open a yoga/wellness studio. It is definitely scary to make that leap, and it will take me some time to get things in order to do so. I so wish I could attend the training, but as a single gal supporting myself it’s just not in my financial reach at this time. I’m hoping to be able to attend a future training . Thank you for helping me re-focus my attention away from fear and toward action that will get me to what I know to be my true calling. XO

  7. I watched the webinar yesterday but this serves me as a spark to ignite my action steps.I received some new insight this morning.Thank You!

  8. I quit my job on Friday and am full-on leap of faith freelancing in a month. Everything you are saying is in perfect timing for me right now. I want to set my business up and plant seeds from a place of spiritual alignment rather than ego. Thank you!

    1. YES! Go Jen! I too am getting ready to quit my job and make a go of my dreams. Much love and success to you!

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