Take A Spiritual Vacation

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In this video I share about the importance of taking a spiritual vacation. Time spent in still contemplation can be surprisingly productive! Reboot, recharge and resurface! Take a spiritual vacation this week and share your experience in the comments below!

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  1. This Vlog made me so excited!! This week I am taking a Spirit Junkie vacation. I am going on a yoga. pilates & dance retreat. I am going by myself and I have been very anxious about the experience. Although I have traveled a lot, I have never taken a vacation like this. This Vlog, as always, cam at the perfect time. It allowed me to just breathe out my fear and think about and get excited about the cool experience I am about to have! Thank you!!
    Thank you,
    P.S. I am a former “S” girl and currently teach movement at another dance studio and I am SO excited for you to be reigniting/ reconnecting with your EC!!

  2. Thank you for this post! It definitely came at a perfect time for me, as i have been thinking lately that i really need some Spiritual vacation and reconnect to myself and my energy.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Gabby,

    I took a spiritual vacation this weekend and it was so wonderful. I spent time with my hubby and my babies without the nagging feeling of needing to work. Your video today made me realize the importance of it.


  4. Sunday is going to be my new spiritual vacation day !!! Please share the full name of the practice you are embarking on/returning to .. S ??
    Much Love,

  5. Hi Gabby,
    Fabulous post today, and something that I love to do, but don’t do very often. We live in such a controlled world that to take spiritual vacations seems so selfish and I feel guilty. But you’ve re-inspired me to do it more often and allow myself that time without explanation! Life is sweet!

  6. Beautiful video, Gabby!! I’m going to take a spirit junkie vacay and get lost in the land of love starting Now. 🙂

  7. So glad you are taking time for yourself. S Factor is quite an adventure into yourself.
    Being in my home in the Hudson Valley is an everyday Spiritual Vacation. Love you…. Mom

  8. Gabby this is so timely.
    I wrapped up my Goddess Gathering last night, which I really loved hosting, but was so grateful to have come to an end.

    I realize that taking a spiritual vacation is oh-so-essential if i’m going to continue to be of service.

  9. Love it; love it; love it! I started taking more of a spiritual vacation in the last 24-hours, and so far, it feels really good. From reincorporating yoga into my daily schedule to power walking in nature and being fully present when I eat meals, already, I am feeling so much more at ease, energetic and excited about my days. Thank you, Gabby!

  10. I took a spirit junkie vacation day yesterday! I went for a walk without a plan and then it led me to some yoga and laying out in the sun!
    It was divine!
    Thanks gabby!
    Love is everywhere,

  11. Man how I wish I had watched this video at the BEGINNING of this day! This is what I needed to do, rather than attach myself so intently to a self-imposed to-do list.

  12. LOVE THIS! :o) A great way to deepen my spiritual practice! Since I am so blessed to live in a relatively rural area & have been encouraged by my drs to do more walking. Off I go :o)
    Thank you for sharing this!! AND,I’m going to google “S factor training”! Sounds fascinating! Sending you bountiful gratitude for so much sharing!! ((((LOVE)))) Enjoy your Thursday & the rest of them!!:)

  13. Dear Gabby-
    I, too, love S and have honored my Tuesday 6pm class for three years now. Your “Spirit Junkie Vacation” reminds me of a term I was introduced to by a wonderful free spirit in the Spring of 2010: “Urban Drift.” This beautiful 20-something man described it as: when you get to the end of a block you let your body decide to go right, left ar straight and keep on going like that allowing your day and the city to unfold!
    Once again I am inspired by your outlook and insights.
    with love and in gratitude-

  14. THANK YOU for sharing this!!! YOU GO SISTER! So happy for your S journey!
    You are so incredible and I appreciate the reminder to unwind, let spirit guide us and enjoy being guided aimlessly to bliss!!

  15. This video from you was my “lightbulb moment”! I’m so overwhelmed right now with life, family, and job stress! On my days off I am running around making sure others are happy,, I am not making time for myself!!! Wow,, this message hit a ‘homerun’ with me!!


  16. Thank you for the vital reminder to give spirit a fun, play day! I went on an unplanned bike ride yesterday at sunset and it was delicious for my spirit and soul! 🙂 I will make one day a week a spiritual vacation!

  17. Thank you for this Gabby. I have always wanted to take retreats and spiritual vacations but have found it difficult because I have looked for different things to do. Now I know that it is about just spending time with yourself, not timetable , not tasks and just listening to your inner guide to take you where you need to be. I believe that we just need to be…..and that is really when we grow without even realising it. Take time for you ladies.


  18. I love this and completely resonate!! I just took a pole dancing class here in LA and today I spent time doing what I felt like doing: relaxing and reading Louise Hay. I am working on letting Love lead, instead of doing what I think I “should” be doing. Thanks Gabby for sharing this!

  19. For the past 2 weeks I have had this inner feeling/voice/~ing 🙂 keep saying to me .. ‘take a break, u don’t need to be on the computer so much (blogging for my biz) … and I hadn’t listened to this vlog until today .. today spirit gave voice to my feeling through you Gabby …. thank YOU! And ok, ok …. I’ll slow down 🙂 .. spiritual vaca here I come 🙂

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