Summer Serenity: How to Truly Chill

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Happy Fourth of July, Spirit Junkies!

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Today’s blog is all about using our summer downtime to find serenity. If you feel overwhelmed or disconnected, watch this video for tips on how to reconnect and truly chill.

Expect miracles, my friends. I hope this video serves you.

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  1. Nice video and message thank u! I actually have some downtime this summer and usually I am running around and Giging Etc so I have been working on 1. Not feeling guilty! And 2. Not comparing myself to my friends who are running around and gigging! But I wanted downtime to focus on some other things, really be able to be at and enjoy our beautiful home in the country and play lots and lots of guitar and drink rose and be with friends! So thank you for helping me own that! That’s what I will be doing. Xoxo

    1. I love this. Yes, exactly this. Enjoy serenity by leaving open space to allow all good things to flow. Peace, serenity, joy.

  2. My intention for this summer is to make the most of my time, to chill the f* out, and to spend more time focusing on MY OWN emotions and progress. I feel so lost after the last few months, but I hope I will be able to find my own way again.

    I always tend to trust that Universe has my back, but at the same time I know something doesnt feel right. Maybe what I need to do is to set the intention to take some active action.

  3. The key to my serenity is self care. I’m going to take care of myself with 2 x’s a week of my kundalini yoga practice, continuing my meditation practice and good old detaching with love from any drama and lower energy. I’m going to take care of me. ????

  4. My summer serenity intention is to BE IN THE NOW and stop planning/obsessing about the future. I just need to let it go and allow my future to unfold for me. I receive miracles! ?????????????????

    Thank you Gabby!!

  5. I am inviting more serenity into my life by having full faith and trust in the universe, expecting miracles and as a result, allowing any lingering clouds of fear to gently disappear day by day:)

  6. User my serenity by shutting of my work email and trying (key word there) to leave my thoughts and feeling about work at work. I just took a long almost 2 week break from work and feel that I did pretty well. When I begin to think about going back to work, I took a couple deep breaths and released the feelings. Today I will try to do the same but I feel as tomorrow comes closer and when I awoke this morning it was hard to release the feeling of not wanting to go back to work! I’m praying that as time goes on I can get better at this practice!

  7. Serenity i have lost till my law studies. This summer im free because i finish studying… But i dont find my serenity anymore-lost in the studies????… I have to find it…thank u gabby for all your posts books etc-they help me to find me and my serenity????

  8. I will step into my serenity by truly giving myself one week for me. I leave for Greece July 8-15, without kids…I am recently separated and have worked on forgiveness to be able to truly put my children first in our lives by being able to co-parent without any resentments or anger inside myself. I have found thru my parents divorce and my own, that these two do not allow me to live with grace and serenity. Now I will take my alone time to honor myself and the work I have done. I feel TOTAL anxiety about taking the time and money for myself(more bc I’m worried about my family judging me, which is a lifelong pattern, no matter what action I take). Please give any advice!! xo

  9. This summer I will elevate my serenity by staying true to my meditation practice on vacation and living in prayer. So many times when I leave for a couple of days I fail to stay consistent with my spirituality people practice – my actions come undone and then guilt steps in because I feel disconnected. I will not feel guilty that I am taking time this summer & I will ensure my practice stays on point.

  10. I will find my serenity by reading my self help books and trusting that everything is working out for me. I will also work on releasing the desire to control everything.

  11. I have been practicing meditation more deeply this summer and will continue to do so. It has opened up my mind to more clarity on the things that matter most to me, which is my family. Focusing on making the time I have with my husband and five children the best it’s ever been by bringing an attitude of gratitude and joy for them. My kids comment daily on how they’ve never seen me happier. I’ve truly never FELT happier. I used to live in the future dreading the things to come with constant anxiety, therefore never being present with my family or anyone else. I am here, that is a miracle and a gift from God. I now try to live each day with that attitude and thought.

  12. Selfcaredays, long walks in the forest, meditate, read my favorite books and spending time alone and with my family pet and friends. Yoga in the sun.

  13. I set my intention to slow down this summer and practice more self care by saying no to so-so invitations and saying yes to more time in nature.

  14. I will allow more serenity by staying in the moment and enjoying what I am doing. Not worrying about the future at work or home.

  15. My journey of serenity started this summer when I made the choice in May to not teach summer school for the first time in 15 years! It has been so wonderful to take care of and focus on me for a change, what a great experience its been! Looking forward to continuing on my 40 day journey as well.
    Have a great 4th everyone!

  16. My intention for this summer and always is to make time for stillness, restful moments, appreciating nature’s gifts.

  17. My intention is to slow down and focus on what I’m feeding myself—and that means literally and spiritually! When I get stressed, I tend to rush through things and gobble everything up without discretion. I feed on negative thoughts, and lots of empty calories, too. So, my intention is to pause and ask why I’m doing what I’m doing, and how it serves me…to carve out time to re-calibrate. Happy summer, spirit junkies! Here’s to independence from outdated habits.

  18. I will own my serenity by being more disciplined for self-care time. Meditation, preparing healthy food, journaling, exercise, sleep: the serenity will seep in!! <3 <3

  19. My intention for this summer is to mindfully leave work at work, spend more time in nature, meditate, and spend more time with family.

  20. It’s been made clear that my self care practice is lacking. I made the commitment to myself to love and care for myself more this summer season. Thank you Gabby for being the sweet loving voice showing me that my choice is the right one for me.

  21. Such great words Gabby!
    My daughter is getting married end of July, exciting planning lots of details. My intention plan for me is to do a 5 day juice feast relax take it down a notch allow spirituality in. Thats for mid July preparing myself to fully present at my daughters wedding!

  22. I will be celebrating my 65th birthday – YAY! – next week in Cancun, Mexico! I did NOT say “YAY!” up until recently. Going into “Senior Citizen” mode for the last 5 years has been a struggle. I have listened to some of your work Gabrielle and really admire you. I may be older but my spirit and heart is much younger than my years. I appreciate the work you are doing and how much you are helping and leading others. Who knows, I may come to your event in late July. I may be the oldest one there but damn f*$#’ing proud of it. (what a journey! – Whew!)

    My intention this week and this summer to “chill-a-ize” and begin the practice of being more self-compassionate, loving and kind to MYSELF.

  23. I will allow more serenity into my life by making more time to meditate, read books that help my personal growth, and turning my faith over to God. Thank you Gabby ????????

  24. I will allow more serenity into my life by making more time to meditate, read books that help my personal growth, and turning my faith over to God. Thank you Gabby ????????

  25. Thank you Gabby B…I have been allowing more serenity into my life by slowing down, taking advice from you in your vlogs as guidance, and I’ve also written out about 25 affirmations from the Spirit Junkie alarm clock that just these past few days I have started to read daily – whoa what a difference this has made to some internal shifts for me!

    Sometimes I really feel we want to change but do not have the exact tools we need to do so, so we try some and often times bluff our way through (I speak for myself) but the willingness has been there all along. Some of my favourite ones are “I’m as successful as I choose to be” “it is ok for me to accept help from a man” (that is my own written one), “I don’t need to compare myself to others, because I know we are all awesome” “if I don’t like my circumstances I can change them” “I trust my positive energy leaves a powerful imprint on the world” “I practice good self care” “I am supported by life and life supports me” and this one has been super for me at healing from resentments I didn’t even fully realise I was experiencing “Attacking others is an attach on myself, I choose to release this now” “new career opportunities are available to me” “today I give up gossip, my word is impeccable”. Etc. The other recent discoveries I have had are Aromatherapy for emotional healing and support, of course kundalini yoga (not so recent discovery) and Tosha Silvers books!! Letting the Divine Take The Lead is just lovely….as are your books too but it is nice to have different perspectives from different people. I cannot wait to read ‘The Universe Has Your Back’. X

  26. I will allow more serenity into my life by doing more meditations and reading books that will serve me.

  27. Meditation just about every morning, focusing on positive aspects and listening to Esther Hicks, more love towards my body, watching more vlogs like these, concentration on feeling happy.

  28. Sweet Gabby,
    I really LOVE this artwork in the background!!
    My intention is to perform in the nature and earn a LOT of money,
    while doing this. 🙂
    My intention is to move outta town and be the great musician whose work is being supported — massively. My intention is to do Kundalini every day, pray every day and follow the path that unfolds in such a strange and exciting way.
    Greetings from the forest in my mind and the city around my body.

  29. Hey Gabby! Perfect video for this summer. I set the intention last week to do a 32 day process of getting more spiritually connected. My soul has been speaking to me over the last year to slow everything down and listen….so I’m finally doing just that. There is a big message trying to come through so I’m cracking myself wide open to receive it! Perfect alignment with your serenity video ????????????

  30. My commitment for this summer is not to think about tomorrow. By enjoying today fully I will be ready for what tomorrow brings without thinking too much about it. Lots of Love! Thanks for always sharing your wisdom with us! Xoxo, Laura

  31. I will enjoy the serenity this summer by being relaxed when my husband asks guests over to swim on Wednesdays after work. I will be prepared for the guests and enjoy entertaining them, rather than feeling “it is one more thing to do”. I will leave work early, so as not to feel rushed, and enjoy the prep time for my guests.

  32. Thank you Gabby for you spirit of encouragement!
    I took this week off to slow down all my very busy over stimulating life which I deflated in to bring care and kindness and relaxation of just being. I lost touch with the my bodies need for calm and rejuvenation and play and I am creating the space and time and commitment to myself because I truly love myself. I’ll be swimming and reading and doing my chi gong and loving my doggies
    Watching movies
    Walking and just taking time to meander without pressure and with presence. Thank you again for helping me see me and my life
    Love Melissa

  33. I had a back-to-back day last week and was EXHAUSTED. I had one hour in the middle of the day that wasn’t scheduled, so I grabbed a book and spent forty minutes relaxing by the pool. It was exactly what I needed to finish the day strong.

    Thanks for the reminder, Gabby. Surrender into relaxing and recharging.

  34. I am taking time off this summer to reflect, rest and write. My intention is to feel renewed and be inspired with self care at the top of my list. This last year kicked my ass and it’s time to chill out, take care of me and allow my creativity to replenish. I intend to honour myself, surrender to stillness and bask in serenity. I feel better already.

  35. As I prepare to leave on a 3 week journey through Europe in the morning, I have my journal, Spriit Junkie Master Class on my iPad and “May Cause Miracles” packed. I am setting my intention to deepen my stillness by creating the space in my life to consistantly mediate and devote time to my resourses. Also I set my intention on opening to the Universe for guidance on deepening the relationship with myself, my family and friends.

  36. I love this! I’m going to welcome serenity by making a deeper commitment to my yoga practice & taking time to just be in the moment.

  37. Thank you for the video. Very inspiring.
    This summer I have to take some down time at work. Working 6 days a week. Worrying about work at home. My serenity will be to just relax enjoy my family and the weather

  38. What we ask for now arrives, Universally,we are multidimensional beings,Being specific,and Grateful,Infinite Possibilites,Waves of Bliss bubbles, Thanks For Journey,wow,Riding on Cosmic Rainbow Wave of Divine SummerBliss.Shanandrah.

  39. My 2 girls are at camp for 7 weeks! I Will find serinity this summer learning to live without them by my side and taking more care of myself

  40. I’m from Europe and I finally booked a trip to visit NYC and California this summer, one of my biggest dreams! So to let more serenity enter into my life, I will fully enjoy this time away and be open to every opportunity to live something awesome 🙂

    I will also plan a spiritual retreat while I’m around San Diego, but I don’t know where to look. Any tips???

    Thanks Gabby and all the spirit junkie community 🙂

  41. This summer is about enjoying being present and searching for a job that will further my career and fulfillment. I am leaving behind the stress and disappointment of the last 18 months and channeling the energy into building a beautiful present. Truly focusing on the journey and sharing my light with the world.

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