How to Stay Calm When the News Stresses You Out

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Gabby Bernstein posting on Instagram | Confidence boostI think pretty much everyone can relate to this topic these days: How do you stay calm when the news stresses you out?

How do you stay joyful, energized, focused and present in the moment when there is a crazy headline every hour?

Many of us feel very anxious and scared about what’s going on with world events. Regardless of your politics, you’re likely affected by the uncertainty and chaos we’re all experiencing.

How to stay informed without stressing out

I’ve found ways to stay informed without getting sucked into the 24/7 news cycle, and I want to share them with you. Keep reading for my top 3 tips on how to stay calm when the news stresses you out!

1. Become conscious of where you get your news

The first thing is that I’m very choosy about which media outlets I check regularly. I want to stay conscious of what’s going on in the world, but I don’t want to feel bombarded with headlines every moment of the day.

One way I do this is by skipping the traditional cable news networks and watching more satirical and humorous news shows. I’m a big fan of Trevor Noah and I love watching The Daily Show for quick updates.

As a result of being able to take in my media in that more relaxed way, I feel more connected and entertained while staying updated. If you’re into podcasts, you can also check out news podcasts with a more conversational tone, like NPR Politics.

Now, many of these issues are by no means entertaining. But we need to find out important news no matter what, so I like to learn about them from a calmer messenger who doesn’t rile me up. We are powerless over many of these issues, but we can control is how we hear the news about them and how we react to it.

Let me say that again. Lots of scary, stressful and tragic things happen in the world every day. As individuals, we are largely powerless over them. But we do have a choice about how we learn about them and what we do with that information. Do you want the news to freak you out and drain you, or do you want it to inspire you to show up fully each day?

2. Become conscious of how much media you take in throughout the day

Gabby Bernstein relaxing with a cup of teaIt can be very overwhelming to you energetically and spiritually if you’re getting hit with news all the time. Maybe you want to disable news alerts on your phone and instead check the news once or twice a day. Carve out some time each day to take in news stories when you know you have the time and mental energy for it. Make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable so you can stay calm.

This might mean you have to take a little social media break! Maybe Facebook is just hitting you over the head with information or Twitter is driving you crazy.

How you do it is up to you. My goal is to help you become more conscious of how the news of the world is affecting you energetically. I’m not telling you to be apathetic or ignore the news. I would never recommend that — I believe it’s very important to stay informed and engaged. But it’s also very important to take care of your energy.

Do your part to stay informed, but be careful not to do it in a way that’s draining you and making you feel like you’re the victim of the world you see. That only keeps you from connecting with your sense of power!

3. Know when to disengage

You can’t go to dinner these days without talking about politics and the issues of the world. But there are probably times when you just want to have brunch with your friends without discussing the dramas of the world.

You can make a commitment with your friends or family members before a get-together that you’re not going to go there and talk politics that day. Instead, you can put your energy into connecting and having fun and relaxing for a few hours. You’ll be able to return to those stories the next day, and you can do it in a more conscious and mindful way.

I’ve found that this has helped me greatly as I navigate the times we’re living in. I’ve been able to stay informed while also protecting my energy so I can show up fully every day.

Remember, your energy is sacred. Protect it.

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  1. Insightful advice Gabby, I always avoid such news that give me stress, nothing good to watch, but a bucket full of negative thoughts that too manipulative.

  2. Hey Gabby
    I found this very validating….
    As a daughter of a parent who was executive in a newspaper where he worked 35+ years….it was a very interesting expirience , i never saw a newspaper in our home, my dad would always say theres even a time and place for the news, and home was a place to expetience home….
    Still there were times where i would spend hours at the times , going thete after school and hanging out till my dad was finished work and we would drive home from the city to the subberbs where we lived , so i to got the expirience of being admist the hubub of the news and the daily pace of having a birds eye view of the emmensity of people and resources that goes into producing the present news each day….to wittness this and then to get home after our 45 to hour car ride home in the evening i had the constant feeling that home, family is life not the news…
    Now i tend to stay away from the news at all costs i find it abrasive and overwhelming….it seems negativity attracts the most coverage and everyside to the story actually contains light and hope , life that isnt being revealed…
    I feel like screaming where all in the same boat (im qctually sitting on vacation and am on a boat so i just cracked myself up pun intented, but i think if we all open our eyes in that room that is illuminated if we only just remove our hands from shutting it out we will see we all want the same thing to find a way to exist in harmony with each other each person contributing there strengths because no one has nothing to offer and no one has nothing they may benefit to receive….which is what brings me to your blogs, peoples responses….contributions just by commenting validates there is a network of people who want just this…so thank you for being a part of building this positive universal platform that you and so many others are providing us to start and ever continually build upon….master architects of a world of positivity love and truth…i am so appreciative. ..and thank you to each and every person that comments and all the other bloggers out there commiting to shedding the light truth and live for us all to have the oppertunity to join with and be a part of…..

    1. Staying informed is important, but there is a way to do it so that you aren’t assaulted with negativity, snarky attitudes or sensationalism. I am always deeply grateful for our community of Spirit Junkies and folks who lift each other up and offer support.

  3. Beautiful Gabby – A game changer and something I’ve practiced for a long time. Thanks for giving us permission and a voice for this good advice. Ultimately we will have to find a new way to come together that leaves contempt behind and brings a logical discussion forward. I pray the pathway to that is paved through creatives like yourself.

  4. Thank you Gabby, I was so impressed by the fact, someone as young as you not only realized but actually spoke out clearly about this topic. I’ve worked professionally as a medium for 28 years now. A great deal of what is being taught through many Spiritual teachers Is basically advising people to not watch the news, don’t look at the reality. Or, you’re just to sensitive to deal with all this because you’ll lower your vibration. I watched a woman carry on at a spiritual seminar we were attending last month. She verbally forced the waiter to turn off the TV, in the little restaurant/bar at the hotel where we stayed during lunch. She wouldn’t tolerate her vibration being lowered by the news! Never mind the fact the place was packed with tons of people just trying to eat and get back to class. Her and the party of people with her just flipped out. They couldn’t have that nonsense ruin their spiritual developement. Only one woman looked embarrassed over the display. I’ve been trying to tell others that in order to have illumination and clarity of the mind and Spirit, we must be able to see what is happening around us and still walk through it in peace. Or do something if we can. How does anything ever get changed if we can’t or won’t see it?? Your ideas are wonderful and the way you’ve stated them are excellent. Change can and will occur when we all take off the blindfold. Thank you so much again!

  5. Thank you Gabby for this important insight. Another great news resource is NPR’s podcast UP First. It’s less than 15 minutes long and gives all the top stories around the world. I find it informative yet fairly neutral as far as political opinion.

  6. Beautiful advice, Gabby, thank you! I have chosen to either ignore political posts/rants on Facebook or at the very least not get involved at all (no liking or disliking, just keep on scrolling). I love John Oliver as well, and try to stay updated yet keep an open mind and heart to the “other side.” Definitely no notifications for this girl! Thank you for your down to earth wisdom and light.

  7. How can you say “As individuals, we are largely powerless over them”?

    The power of prayer is the most uplifting powerful action ALL individuals can take when they see an act of violence or distressing news.

    Sending unconditional love to any human being and situation can help more than thinking “I am powerless over this situation”.

    1. It’s very powerful to send prayer and love, but it is also important to acknowledge and accept that many situations are out of our control. We cannot force everything to happen the way we want — we don’t have the power to prevent all violence, for example — but we can proactively protect our energy and proactively help others when a distressing event occurs.

  8. These are great tips! I was actually just thinking about how I’d love for you to talk about how to handle the news 🙂 I’ve started getting my news from The Skimm, because it’s a fun, lighter way to stay informed. Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks, Gabby! This is just what I needed. I subscribe to WSJ and the New York times and didn’t realize how much getting the news updates flashed to my phone was messing up some of my downtime! I turned notifications from both apps, and from twitter, off after watching your video. Thanks for the helpful reminders!

  10. Thank you for this, Gabby. The 2016 election coincided with my own spiritual breakdown/awakening as a woman and mother. In response, I started meditating, an Ashtanga mysore practice, I read The Universe Has Your Back (thanks to some synchronicity!), journaling, etc. What I’ve found has been very interesting….I’m actually LESS stressed out by the chaos even though I feel MORE connected to my anger and empathy. I think the difference is I’ve decided to believe in my LIGHT and TRUST in a power greater than myself (though not via organized religion). Yes, I’m careful about how much news I take in, but I feel a deep sense of responsibility to STAY AWAKE and offer my LIGHT to combat the darkness. I truly believe hiding out in our our own worlds poses a very dangerous risk to our collective consciousness right now. xoxoxo

  11. Hi Gabby! Watching Trevor Noah is in no way “getting the same exact information,” but thank you for the video regardless. It is a stressful time and I most definitely feel inundated and powerless with all that’s going on in there world. I choose to give myself 1 hour a day of news coverage and then cut myself off after that. That seems to be doing the trick.

  12. That is interesting as nowadays we are connected with the media almost the whole day.we get the news by press,radio,tv and a whole bunch of it come from the internet via social media sites.The challenge is to be able to just get informed instead of diving deep into the negative news.We are constantly being fed with it and these pictures and emotions are reaching our subconscious mind.If we are not conciously avoiding them then we may end up manifesting more of those and letting our motivation and mindset to get affected.However we are in power and we can select where we are giving our attention to and to do some effort to stay away from the negatives.These things have been happening for centuries and it’s up to us to give attention to the positive things that we want to experience in life.

  13. That’s great advice. I think I’m kind of doing this. Checked out the news network you recommended and noticed they were like podcasts.
    I don’t always like hearing talking, it’s sometimes easier to just read it the old fashioned way, at least for me.
    I don’t watch news, but read the Skimm instead.
    Wonder what you think about them. Kind of much more neutral lighter take on the news, and often funny stuff under their quite if the day.
    Thanks for the video!!!!

    1. The Skimm is also a great option to stay up to date! Whatever helps you stay informed and protect your energy is the perfect solution for you. xoxo

  14. I have stopped a lot of my alerts on my phone and this has been so helpful to me! I love the idea of choosing where you get your news from as well. Great idea.

  15. I am from India. The complete media have been hired by the political parties for gain of votes. I am a retired Army officer an author. I am hsving very clean mind but after seeing TV news I get up set and think for the future of the country. My mind goes from writinb I am thinking to stop watching TV news. What is your opinion

    1. Maybe you would find more value in reading newspapers, news websites or magazines, or listening to podcasts. Ask like-minded friends and colleagues what they do and how they manage to stay informed. One solution might be to gather friends or acquaintances every 1-2 weeks to talk about current events and parse through everything together. It helps us get out of our own heads and strengthen our community ties as well. I’ve experimented to find what works for me and will continue doing that. Remember to take care of yourself and your energy!

  16. At age 77 I’ve lived through World War II, two A-bombs, Korea, Viet-Nam (I was a Marine Helicopter Pilot), a couple of little short “bursts” in the Caribbean, ongoing Wars in the Middle East and 14 Presidents. There is nothing in today’s news that is new. I’ve lived through one third of our Nation’s history. I’ve been through popular and unpopular Presidents, effective and ineffective President’s. There’s a difference. If we want to stay excited about life, we learn to live with it.

  17. I had stopped watching, listening, reading, being involved with the news. I felt I couldn’t trust any sources to even feel like I’m ‘in-the-know’
    But I see now tuning out isn’t the right way. I always liked Daily Show, I think that will be a spiritually manageable way to peek back into the world without shutting down. Thanks Gabby

  18. I have been conflicted about staying abreast of world affairs and yet protecting my energy, attitude and spiritual perspective on the world. I’ve been asking the universe for guidance on this topic, so thank you, Gabby! There are spiritual leaders among us who provide guidance without acknowledging the world we experience or addressing how we balance our beliefs with wanting to be empathetic and “appropriately” involved in being a positive force in the world.

  19. Gabby, thank you for sharing! You’ve succinctly described how I take in news media most days. I have small children, and I try to limit their viewing of the news too. It can lead to anxiety and stress, despair, and worry for the entire household. I want my kids to have childhood memories to be fond and not be bombarded with helplessness and fear.

  20. Great blog today Gabby! I also prefer satire – huge fan of John Oliver. He has a mission to get serious issues out there but he does it with such wit that it’s easy to absorb complicated and potentially tedious info without any discomfort and I always finish the show feeling hopeful, rather than overwhelmed at the state of the planet 🙂 xo

  21. Thank you Gabby for your insightful thoughts. We are all so saturated these days because of social media and the news that it is hard for all of us to know when to disengage! Your video this morning was so calming to my overloaded brain.

    Bless You!

  22. I have been STRUGGLING with this! I want to be involved and knowledgable about the happenings of the world, but I feel like I just can’t anymore. It effects my energy and my productivity. It’s this nasty cycle where I say, “I’ll read this one article”, then I get anxious about something in that article so I read more and more. There goes my personal energy, and therefore, any energy I have to be productive. It gets to the point where my fiancé comes home and he knows if I’ve taken on too much politics based on my demeanor. I think perhaps the disconnect portion of this might be better first step for me. As much as I feel a bit selfish for taking a break from it when others can’t.

    Anyhow, thanks Gabby! Your perspective was helpful, per the usual! <3

    1. Thank you Gabby for this beautiful video! Sometimes watching those negative news items I feel as though some people have an agenda to promote the ugly as the only exponent of realty. I agree with that to save the world, we have to accept that life is beautiful.

  23. Love this, I have also stopped watching a lot of news. I also try to avoid political posts. It makes keeps me more sane. I have a lot of drama in my life and really don’t want to add anymore.

    1. we have to stay aware but at the same time protect our energy. it’s not about apathy it’s about honoring our frequency while being highly informed at the same time. a delicate balance.

  24. Excellent video and well timed.
    Don’t forget that reading comments online can be even worse than traditional news media. For me, reading the article or watching the videos then getting sucked into the comments people leave can be very draining. There’s a lot of ignorance and arguments and negativity to the MAX in comment sections. I am practicing following who I want and NOT reading the public comments of others.

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