How to Start the New Year: The First 5 Things to Do in 2020

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I love the fresh start of a new year. It gives us a beautiful opportunity to clarify our desires and create positive momentum!

This year I’m focusing on how I want to feel in 2020. Our feelings are what create our reality, because we attract our likeness. So when we feel good, we attract more good things, experiences and people into our lives.

When we focus on feeling good, we’re energized and inspired. That high-vibration energy makes us a magnet for our desires. So with that in mind, today I want to share my list of the first five things to do in 2020. Follow this list and you’ll start the New Year in the most powerful and exciting way!

The first 5 things: How to start the New Year

1. Set an intention on New Year’s Eve

This is a ritual I do every year on December 31st. You can do this by yourself or with others. Technically this can be one of the last things you do in 2019, or you can make it your first action of 2020.

Share intentions with friends

If you’re celebrating with friends, put a bowl in the middle of a table with a bunch of pieces of paper inside. Set out pens, pencils or markers, and have each person take two pieces of paper.

On one piece of paper you write an intention that you keep to yourself. (If you like, you can surrender this intention using your Universe box — see below for more.)

Our powerful intentions, combined with our faith, are enough to allow our vision to become our reality.

On the other piece of paper, write an intention that you want to share with the group. Then take turns going around the table and sharing those intentions.

Let the energy of the group support you as you commit to your intention. Enjoy the great conversations and bonding that this activity sparks!

Surrender an intention with a Universe box

I’ve been teaching this practice for many years. It facilitates spiritual surrender and manifesting.

Step 1 is to create a Universe box. This can be anything from a shoebox to a glass or wooden box, it doesn’t matter. You can use something you already have or get crafty.

Step 2 is to write your desire on a piece of paper and put it in your Universe box. By doing this you’re surrendering your desire to the care of the Universe.

Step 3 takes place a week later, so set a reminder for yourself. After one week, take your desire out of the Universe box and safely burn it (I suggest doing this over a sink). Burning the desire shows that you trust it’s being taken care of. Surrender your desire and know that your request is being heard.

2. Pick a card on New Year’s Day

Open one of my card decks or any deck you love. Shuffle the cards and say this prayer: “Thank you, Universe, for revealing to me what I need to receive this year.” Then choose a card and let it guide you!

I love picking cards for us as a group, so I decided to get things rolling early by choosing a card from my Super Attractor card deck!

Here’s our group card reading for 2020…

Feeling good will bring me far more than whatever I thought I needed.

Feeling good will bring me far more than whatever I thought I needed | Super Attractor card deckI love this card for the New Year because it offers us a whole new perspective, like I said at the beginning of this post.

Feeling good aligns us with the Universe. This alignment offers us good health, mental clarity, confidence and sense of peace. When we feel good, we attract good things to us and accept them with ease.

In order to feel good consistently we have to make it a practice. Most of us are in the habit of waiting for our external circumstances to determine how we feel. It’s time to unlearn this! We can access good-feeling emotions even when things aren’t going the way we planned.

The key is to spend time every day to proactively focusing on feeling good so that it becomes our new habit. In other words, do more things that make you happy. Think about all the activities that bring you joy and do them more often!

When we put feeling good first, everything else will follow. This year, make feeling good a priority. You can even schedule fun activities into your calendar! This isn’t about turning fun into an obligation — it’s about making it a priority. If you know you need some structure in order to honor it, that’s totally fine. Over time it’ll become your default.

Let’s start the New Year feeling good, Spirit Junkies!!

3. Commit to one small thing

Gabby Bernstein sitting on the edge of a yoga mat in the gym, wearing red sneakers | Start the new yearInstead of taking on huge goals for the New Year, focus on one small thing that makes you feel good. Taking one right action at a time helps us stay aligned and creates positive momentum.

If you want to be more active, for example, don’t try to exercise for an hour every day. Instead, maybe you could commit to moving your body for at least 20 minutes a day. One day that might mean taking a walk, another day it could mean doing a workout video or taking a yoga class, or dancing.

If you want to find a romantic partner, have fun on your dates and enjoy getting to know new people. Instead of worrying about whether someone is “the one,” just show up and have a great time.

Remember, subtle shifts add up to radical change!

4. Let me be your manifesting coach!

Start the New Year by taking the Manifesting Challenge with Gabby Bernstein

On New Year’s Day I’m kicking off my first-ever 21-day Manifesting Challenge! I invite you to join me for this awesome adventure so you can turn what you want into the life you live.

I’ll guide you through 21 daily lessons, with exercises designed to strengthen your manifesting abilities so that you can let good things flow to you naturally!

Start the new year feeling inspired, energized and excited for what’s to come.

Learn all about the Manifesting Challenge and sign up here.

5. Be of service in some way

The Universe greatly supports your service energy and is always opening doors to that end.

There is no better feeling than helping others, and when you start January with this attitude you’ll set the tone for the whole year. We are all connected. When you take action with the desire to be of service, you lift up everyone, including yourself.

There are many ways you can be of service:

  • Reach out to a friend
  • Donate to a charity you care about
  • Help a neighbor with yard work, groceries, babysitting, etc.
  • Post a heartfelt and uplifting message on social media
  • Offer to take care of a tedious task for someone else
  • Send a card to someone you haven’t seen in a while

A Course in Miracles says, “Kindness created me kind.” This message reminds us that we come from a loving, kind place, and that through thoughts of kindness we will remember our truth. Let love enter into your mind and make kindness your goal. Enjoy the beautiful experience of genuine altruism and authentic love.

If you follow these five steps, I can guarantee you’ll start the New Year in the best way! Great things are waiting for you. Now is the time to claim them.

Join Gabby Bernstein's 21-day Manifesting Challenge starting January 1, 2020

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  1. Gabby, I can’t tell you how much your spiritual guidance means to me. I’m changing the way I think and feel. Thank you so very much.

  2. Boom!!! Loving the manifesting challenge, and all of the goodness that is in my life right now! I know there is more to come, and I am having FUN!!!!

  3. Thank You for the tips. I just finished your Super Attractor and came in here for the vision making meditation and instead got onto reading this
    Your book has reawakened the 20s Deepa and soon it will align me to the Anything Is Possible Teenage Deepa. Your have restrengthened my faith. And you have made me believe can I be thin again and I can still have children

    Thank You

  4. Omg, did you know I have a ’universal box’ its got a vivid description of my ideal life as well as prayers. Ive had it for maybe two years and its just in my ’junk’ and ’bits and pieces’ draw. On multiple occasions when I felt ’unsatisfied’ with the state of my life, the idea of burning those notes crossed my mind. It’s a funny revelation because I actually thought the urge to burn them was just my ego being bitter! Lol

    1. So cool, Jen! Love that you’ve been putting your intentions in a universe box. Keep holding onto your desire! xoxo

  5. I was listening to your Super Attractor book. I was moved to ask my late husband if he was still with me. A few hours later I saw a neighbor that in the past I have had some issues with. On a whim I walked up and greeted her. To my surprise she invited me in for coffee. As she made us coffee she told her Alexa to play her favorite songs. A couple of songs played when to my complete amazement, my wedding song begins to play. As I sat there stunned, chills running through me, I noticed a small angel she had. I recognized ir. I have one too. It’s called a Remembrance Angel. I knew without a doubt that Frank was answering my question. Thanks for reminding me to be open to Spirit!

    1. Amazing, Dawn. Thank you for sharing your miracle moment. Sending you lots of love and compassion as you continue to heal from the loss of your husband. xo

  6. This is beautiful gabby I I especially love the intention in a box and burning it!!
    See you inside the program!
    Thank you for all you do!
    I appreciate you

  7. There are a few variations of a Course in Miracles …. I’d like to get the right one that you are speaking about here in this article and that you speak of in Finally Full. Can you please provide the exact name and author of the version you enjoy most?

  8. Hey, I signed up for the challenge which I am very excited about. How do I access the challenge information?
    I have checked my email which shows the receipt but I am ready to dive into the challenge.
    Ths is for your help!

  9. I’m on day 2 of the Manifesting Challenge. I also read, “Super Attractor”. I am very excited to focus on feeling good, helping others, and reminding myself that energy creates my reality. Also, doing things that make me feel good. Gabby, thank you for being such an amazing person and coach.

  10. This is such a beautiful New Year’s practice! Yesterday I joined in with a community of soulful beauties and we were guided through an intention setting practice. Mine for 2020 is “My intentional practice for 2020 will be to focus my attention on aligning with appreciation by practicing/seeking acceptance and compassion to experience faith in source.” Today, Jan 1, I pulled a super attractor card after saying the prayer and I pulled the beautiful card … “Instead of worrying about the future I know all is well when I’m aligned in the moment” – it’s exactly what I needed to read for this coming year! Thank you for the beautiful manifesting challenge to support my intention this year.

    1. So cool, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing your miracle moment. I’m honoring your intention to align with appreciation by practicing acceptance and compassion. xoxo

  11. Wow. You have entered my life at the perfect time. So happy you are my coach. I’m so ready to feel good in mind, body, and spirit this year. Thank you 2020!

  12. Hi Gabby, happy new year! I just finished the day 1 of the manifesting challenge and I feel awesome! Very excited for what lays ahead in 2020. I just can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.



  13. Gabby, I am new to ‘you’ but already feel a connection. I love that! Really looking forward to this challenge and bringing Joy back as a starting point. Thank you for this 😉

  14. My intentions for 2020 are LOVE and PEACE. Thank you Gabby for being a bright, shiny, loving guiding light !! . Looking forward to all 2020 has in store for me

  15. I love these rituals. I have just chosen a card from the Super Attractor pack and it couldn’t be more perfect. “When I’m patient I let the universe do for me what I cannot do for myself”. I am very impatient and I do need reminding to trust in the universe. Looking forward to the manifesting challenge and how good I will feel at the end of it. You are an inspiration Gabby.

    1. Amazing, Michelle! I’m so grateful that the cards are serving you and that you’re joining us for the manifesting challenge! xo

  16. Happy New Year Gabby. I just finished this article. I will do some small things to feel good and help others with my hands and heart. I am in MC program now and start learning. Thank you so much from China!

  17. Happy new year dear Gabby,I’m very happy for have such a good spiritual teacher for new year and I hope this year will be the best year in my all life and I am also happy finally I passed 2019 with all problems I have to deal with them.thank you for everything

  18. Today I accepted the Universal assignment to heal from the pain of my past. I worked through the 7-step process. I journaled as I did so, and the free writing magic happened. I heard you speak of it, but it was truly remarkable. I felt the tingle and I feel changed.

    I envisioned the fear being in a dark, dark room, and at the darkest part of the room there is a door. Behind the door is light and love. I moved into the dark and gave myself the opportunity to honour the fear-based emotions. Usually they take my breath away and I run from them with coping mechanisms. I sat in the fear and, unbelievably, it was not as strong as I had expected it to be. Then, I opened the door and walked into the light. Twice more this evening, I felt the rolling lava of fear in my belly and I walked back into the dark room and stood still before moving through the door. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I hope that this change is sustainable and will grow and develop as I do.

    I look forward to your daily lessons in the New Years challenge.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Gorgeous, Cathy. Thank you for sharing your miracle moment. I’m so grateful that these practices have served you. May you experience man more miraculous shifts in 2020! xoxo

  19. Thank you Gabby for coming into my life when I needed direction. It was meant to be and I’m excited for the 21 Day Challenge. I love listening to your audio books and I get so much out of them each time I listen, I also have a lot of learning to do still which I find really exciting. Happy 2020 xx

    1. Grateful you have connected with this work Margaret. So excited to see what is in store for you Margaret. xo

  20. I am committed to being of Love and Light! I am manifesting my dream! I am aligning myself to the Universe. I am calling on my spirit guides. The Universe has my back. Peace begins with me!
    Thank you Universe for helping me align with my authentic truth!

  21. I’m excited to give this challenge a shot! 2 months ago, as I began listening to Super Attractor on my way to work (1st book of yours I’d ever purchased) I was involved in a nasty car accident, my car was totaled and it was scary… My first thought was “THIS is what I’m attracting?!? This is not for me, close this s*** down!” Fast forward… I began to realize how lucky I actually was that day. I finished the book, ordered a deck of cards and am ready to start a new year and new decade with positivity 🙂

  22. Thanks Gabby! I am super excited to start the Challenge!
    I also love the way you reference spiritual leaders both past and present. The Course in Miracles has always sat beside me but I found it so far away! You quote poignantly from it and punctuate your guidance with it so that I can access what I need in the NOW. Thanks again and Happy New Year! xx

  23. Almost all my adult life I was searching for something I needed. This past year I figured out what it was. I just wanted to feel good. Physically, emotionally, mentally… Although I kept saying “I want to feel good” I wasn’t taking the action to do so. When you came to LA I was asked to go to your book tour. I knew of you but I didn’t really know but nonetheless I was excited to go. I remember when I first sat down in my chair in the theatre I read the back of the book and it’s said: “When you are guided to a book like this, it’s because you have a strong desire to feel better…” I knew I was meant to be in the room that night. It was special but I also felt stuck.. quite frankly I still do. I am really really really ready to feel good and I am so excited to be guided by you in the next 21 days but I am also scared that I will just go back to my old ways. I hope this year I can let go and do the right things so I can feel good.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful share, Kylie. I’m honoring your intention to feel good in 2020! In addition to the manifesting challenge, (so grateful that you’re joining us), here are two blog posts that you might find helpful:
      The first is about how to reframe your thoughts from fear to faith:
      The second is about the practices that I implement daily to feel good:
      I hope this serves you!

  24. I’m so excited for the challenge!! My friend also signed up so we are doing this together! Gabby- you are amazing! Love, love, love you!

    1. I am very grateful for the challenge! I have a burning desire to become a Successful Entrepreneur, but have had many distractions!! Let the MANIFESTING BEGIN!!

  25. Happy New Year, Gabby!

    …I’ve only known you and your tremendous offerings for about 2 months…..and, I appreciate all you do. I’m sitting here in my office on a quiet New Years Eve trading day, reading a Christmas Present I bought myself: “The Universe has Your Back”. It is a very good compliment to “Super Attractor”.

    Your writing style “keeps in real”, which is what I like most. You are one of “us”…..”bumps. bruises, and scars”, and, I appreciate all you do!!

    Happy 2020!! Dan!

  26. Super excited with a tad bit of nervousness for some reason. So much has come up internally for me, as well as situations opening up over the last couple weeks as you have prepared us for this amazing start to 2020. Thank you Gabby.

  27. Love the attitude of gratitude making joy a priority. So excited to do this challenge. 7 of us are doing the challenge together. It was really funny how a few of us invited each other . Everyone is so excited.. thank you for doing this .its inspiring.

  28. You’re Amazing!! I’m so excited about the 21 Days Challenge and this post was so helpful!! Thank you for being you❤️

  29. Thank you very much for sharing these.
    I would would love to do your manifest challenge but I am short on money. Wi. It be available later to do? Thank you for the work you do. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  30. Thank you for being so inspirational!! I signed up for your 21 day manifestation challenge and I am looking forward to many great things to come in 2020.

  31. Gabby! I have signed up for the 21 day party, and love the ideas to start the new year and new decade! I’m finding that I’m not great at coming up with the wording for my intentions… and perhaps, that’s why I felt compelled to join the challenge! I’m hopeful that Practice may help me Here’s to a wonderful new start of something great!

  32. I LOVE this!! Thank you for sharing. I took lots of notes… haha.
    I just sat this morning and reflected on this past decade and realized that it was a decade of ‘too much’. I am ready to begin a NEW year/ decade of ENOUGH. 🙂

  33. Dear Gabby, Your Support and mindset is truly a gift for me. It shows how simple things can be and how simple it can be to change for the better. I read your books and listen to your meditations – inspiring! Thx and love, Nicole

  34. I just love this. This is going to be the year I learn to live in joy not negative self doubt. I know with your help I can. Thank you!!

  35. I’m excited to start my new year off with your manifesting challenge! 2020 is going to be awesome!! Leaving the past behind and focusing on my family and myself!

  36. I’ve received big miraculous signs by reading your book “Universe has your back” Gabby. So I’m in it, and will follow your steps. I am ready to manifest my big dreams in 2020.

  37. Gabby, thank you for sharing this important message – especially the group message… I was just reading an article yesterday sharing how to get yourself unstuck by raising your vibration vs feeling like you have to “do” something. I.e. feeling like you must write down all of your goals and dreams when you actually are overwhelmed by the task, perhaps because you can’t get focused and clear minded in the intention… The article when on to point out that if you focus on something that makes you feel good.. like listening to music, meditating, going for a walk, it raises your vibration and puts you into the right alignment to get “unstuck”.

    Today I listened to your interview with Lewis Howes. I asked for my “sun” to be revealed with respect to an intention I put out… two hours later, and unbeknownst to me, I was guided to your site and saw your SuperAttractor card samples, two of which had pictures of the sun in the background. Thank you for the impact you’re making in the world and on my family. With gratitude, Brandon

    1. Beautiful, Brandon! Thank you for sharing your miracle moment. I’m so grateful that this post has served you. xo

  38. Gabby! I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to do the manifestation challenge with you! Thank you so much for all these amazing tips! I’m am completely grateful for you and all your guidance! I love you Gabby!!!

  39. I am so excited to get started! I will be setting intentions tomorrow and I am also reading Super Attractor! Love this time of year! Starting fresh! 2020 is going to be magnificent!

  40. Gabby,
    I’m so excited about doing this 21 day challenge with you. After all you are the one that got me started in being a Spirit Junkie. Happy New Year.

  41. So looking forward to the 21-day manifesting challenge! Love these five tips and will definitely implement! Looking forward to breaking the shackles the conforms of society have trapped me for so long. 2020 is going to be my year of health and abundance!

  42. My intention for year 2020 is to be full of joy and happiness. I want to feel relaxed and fearless and achieve everything which I have always wanted

  43. Wow! Love. Love. And more Love ❤️
    Feeling Amazing!!
    Thank you for sharing your Love And Light ❤️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

    I registered for the 21day Manifestation (plus I upgraded, YayYay)!!
    I gifted 3 Very special friends as well‍♀️

    Blessings to All~ Joan

  44. This is so fun and a great way to set intentions for 2020! We are having some friends over tomorrow so I’m going to put out the intention activity as an option . Thanks Gabby for the fun idea and looking forward to the manifesting challenge!

  45. Thank you Gabby, my intention for 2020 is Faith, Trust and Gratitude, and to enjoy life. Looking forward to the challenge.

  46. I’m already signed up for this challenge! I’m so excited to begin 2020 Manifesting my Life!!!
    I have already began reading Super Attractor

  47. I’m so excited and full of joy to see what the Universe is going to teach me and bring out in me. I’m ready for 2020! ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Thank you Gabby! Kindness is one of the genuine traits I was able to hold on to thru all the bad. I am ready to start being kind to myself. Then sharing that inside joy with those around me.

  49. Love these 5 steps… It is good to feel good! And the universe always delivers beyond our dreams when we simply allow. Excited for the manifesting challenge!

  50. Thank you Gabby! Ending a decade with so much knowledge and beginning a new one with limitless possibilities! I gifted your book Super Attractor to everyone in my family hoping it does for them what I has done for me!! Thank you!✨♥️

  51. HELLO GABBY!!!
    Thank your your thoughts and program! I am looking forward to being the best of myself I can be this new decade. Thank you for your Challenge and programs!
    God Bless!

  52. The Universe is aligning me to learn how to manifest. I signed up for the 21 day challenge yesterday. I believe it had been reduced down to an amount I can afford. Then, I had a strong desire to buy the Super Attractor cards, and realized I had a gift card for Barnes and Noble. BOOM! It’s all aligning already ;0)

  53. I’m going to put joy first. If a group or activity isn’t fun I’m going to limit the energy I give to it. 2019 was a breakthrough year for me as far healing, clarity and understanding myself. 2020 is going to be great!

  54. Hi! Gabby it’s a pleasure to know this is incredible you came to my life because a friend of mine that has been like an angel to me she bought your May cause miracles , I was dealing with really a very hard moment in my life when I was feeling tha everything was against me and still I don’t know how to fix it but I’m reading your book to see if I can change my horrible circumstances to a better ones thank you so much because you’re like a light in the darkness talk to you soon

  55. Happy New Decade, Gabby!

    When I think back on the last one, I cannot help but marvel at the truth your work has manifested in my life. It is my resolution always going forward that my powerful intentions, backed with my desire to be of service will attract the necessary miracles for the outcome of the highest good for all!

    Sat nam!

    Love always,

  56. So excited to do this! I saw a snail on the street in Manhattan today—and looked it up and the snail is the sign for patience—so I am patiently waiting for the New Year to start.

  57. Hi Gabby, I am so thankful to be lead to teachers like you. I saw you on YouTube and have been following you for years. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity

  58. Hi Gabby,

    I am not feeling that great these days. I am dealing with some depression and feeling very stuck. Will this manifestation challenge help me get unstuck?

    1. Hi Patti, checking in with your physician and a trusted therapist is a wonderful action in self care right now. Sending you so much healing love and light and positive vibes. xo

  59. I love this, Gabby. Thank you for sending. I have been on a conscious spiritual path most of my entire life and intentionally on the path of LOA, being aware of my vibration and very consciously co-creating for the last 6-7 years. I am so looking forward to your 21 day challenge. I have followed you for many years.

    I look forward to 2020 with huge excitement and will do those 5 steps you suggested. My peace, since learning to focus on just feeling good has increased exponentially as has my pure fun and joy of living. I want that for everyone.

    Thanks for all you do! See you in the challenge!!

  60. Wow,your ideas are just amazing!thank you for all your knowledge and love, I will use these to make my life better and everyone around me better also,thanks again Bobby

  61. This was such an amazing post. I love the tips and look forward to using them. Thank you for sharing your infinite wisdom with us. Happy new year to everyone. I hope everyone’s dreams and wishes come true. Stay positive.

    1. I’m honored and thankful to be a part of this journey! Thank You for sharing and guiding our beautiful joyful Journey!

  62. Good morning I registered last night for the manifestation challenge however I did not get confirmation and I kept getting pop ups to join

  63. Love these tips! Will definitely do the universe box Thanks for sharing and the reminder of having more fun! And the card is just perfect Happy New Year!

  64. Hi
    I have concerns as to why I have received this email as I have joined with payment yesterday to this 21 day challenge?
    A receipt was sent to my in box

    1. Signed up for the 21 days.
      Excited to do these 5 inspirational ideas to set myself up for a fabulous 20/20
      Thank you

  65. I am getting ready to set my intentions. My Universal Box is ready & waiting. Empty sheets of paper are waiting to be filled. I have joined the Manifesting challenge. I am ready to be of service to others. My deck of cards are waiting to be shuffled. I feeling dizzy with the excitement of it all. 2020 I’m ready to embrace you into my arms. Boom

  66. Thanks for this wonderful guide on how to start the new year. My theme for 2020 is “playful” so I loved seeing this reflected in your card reading for us. I’m looking forward to writing down all the ways I can play with life and do things that bring me joy.

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