How to Start the New Year: The First 5 Things to Do in 2020

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I love the fresh start of a new year. It gives us a beautiful opportunity to clarify our desires and create positive momentum!

This year I’m focusing on how I want to feel in 2020. Our feelings are what create our reality, because we attract our likeness. So when we feel good, we attract more good things, experiences and people into our lives.

When we focus on feeling good, we’re energized and inspired. That high-vibration energy makes us a magnet for our desires. So with that in mind, today I want to share my list of the first five things to do in 2020. Follow this list and you’ll start the New Year in the most powerful and exciting way!

The first 5 things: How to start the New Year

1. Set an intention on New Year’s Eve

This is a ritual I do every year on December 31st. You can do this by yourself or with others. Technically this can be one of the last things you do in 2019, or you can make it your first action of 2020.

Share intentions with friends

If you’re celebrating with friends, put a bowl in the middle of a table with a bunch of pieces of paper inside. Set out pens, pencils or markers, and have each person take two pieces of paper.

On one piece of paper you write an intention that you keep to yourself. (If you like, you can surrender this intention using your Universe box — see below for more.)

Our powerful intentions, combined with our faith, are enough to allow our vision to become our reality.

On the other piece of paper, write an intention that you want to share with the group. Then take turns going around the table and sharing those intentions.

Let the energy of the group support you as you commit to your intention. Enjoy the great conversations and bonding that this activity sparks!

Surrender an intention with a Universe box

I’ve been teaching this practice for many years. It facilitates spiritual surrender and manifesting.

Step 1 is to create a Universe box. This can be anything from a shoebox to a glass or wooden box, it doesn’t matter. You can use something you already have or get crafty.

Step 2 is to write your desire on a piece of paper and put it in your Universe box. By doing this you’re surrendering your desire to the care of the Universe.

Step 3 takes place a week later, so set a reminder for yourself. After one week, take your desire out of the Universe box and safely burn it (I suggest doing this over a sink). Burning the desire shows that you trust it’s being taken care of. Surrender your desire and know that your request is being heard.

2. Pick a card on New Year’s Day

Open one of my card decks or any deck you love. Shuffle the cards and say this prayer: “Thank you, Universe, for revealing to me what I need to receive this year.” Then choose a card and let it guide you!

I love picking cards for us as a group, so I decided to get things rolling early by choosing a card from my Super Attractor card deck!

Here’s our group card reading for 2020…

Feeling good will bring me far more than whatever I thought I needed.

Feeling good will bring me far more than whatever I thought I needed | Super Attractor card deckI love this card for the New Year because it offers us a whole new perspective, like I said at the beginning of this post.

Feeling good aligns us with the Universe. This alignment offers us good health, mental clarity, confidence and sense of peace. When we feel good, we attract good things to us and accept them with ease.

In order to feel good consistently we have to make it a practice. Most of us are in the habit of waiting for our external circumstances to determine how we feel. It’s time to unlearn this! We can access good-feeling emotions even when things aren’t going the way we planned.

The key is to spend time every day to proactively focusing on feeling good so that it becomes our new habit. In other words, do more things that make you happy. Think about all the activities that bring you joy and do them more often!

When we put feeling good first, everything else will follow. This year, make feeling good a priority. You can even schedule fun activities into your calendar! This isn’t about turning fun into an obligation — it’s about making it a priority. If you know you need some structure in order to honor it, that’s totally fine. Over time it’ll become your default.

Let’s start the New Year feeling good, Spirit Junkies!!

3. Commit to one small thing

Gabby Bernstein sitting on the edge of a yoga mat in the gym, wearing red sneakers | Start the new yearInstead of taking on huge goals for the New Year, focus on one small thing that makes you feel good. Taking one right action at a time helps us stay aligned and creates positive momentum.

If you want to be more active, for example, don’t try to exercise for an hour every day. Instead, maybe you could commit to moving your body for at least 20 minutes a day. One day that might mean taking a walk, another day it could mean doing a workout video or taking a yoga class, or dancing.

If you want to find a romantic partner, have fun on your dates and enjoy getting to know new people. Instead of worrying about whether someone is “the one,” just show up and have a great time.

Remember, subtle shifts add up to radical change!

4. Let me be your manifesting coach!

Start the New Year by taking the Manifesting Challenge with Gabby Bernstein

On New Year’s Day I’m kicking off my first-ever 21-day Manifesting Challenge! I invite you to join me for this awesome adventure so you can turn what you want into the life you live.

I’ll guide you through 21 daily lessons, with exercises designed to strengthen your manifesting abilities so that you can let good things flow to you naturally!

Start the new year feeling inspired, energized and excited for what’s to come.

Learn all about the Manifesting Challenge and sign up here.

5. Be of service in some way

The Universe greatly supports your service energy and is always opening doors to that end.

There is no better feeling than helping others, and when you start January with this attitude you’ll set the tone for the whole year. We are all connected. When you take action with the desire to be of service, you lift up everyone, including yourself.

There are many ways you can be of service:

  • Reach out to a friend
  • Donate to a charity you care about
  • Help a neighbor with yard work, groceries, babysitting, etc.
  • Post a heartfelt and uplifting message on social media
  • Offer to take care of a tedious task for someone else
  • Send a card to someone you haven’t seen in a while

A Course in Miracles says, “Kindness created me kind.” This message reminds us that we come from a loving, kind place, and that through thoughts of kindness we will remember our truth. Let love enter into your mind and make kindness your goal. Enjoy the beautiful experience of genuine altruism and authentic love.

If you follow these five steps, I can guarantee you’ll start the New Year in the best way! Great things are waiting for you. Now is the time to claim them.

Join Gabby Bernstein's 21-day Manifesting Challenge starting January 1, 2020

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