How You Can Start Achieving Your Dream Today

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There’s a certain phenomenon I see all the time among people who have a big dream for their future.

They fantasize about this dream all the time. They meditate on it and make vision boards about it. They talk about it with friends and write about it in their journals.

But when it comes to taking action on their dream, they freeze up.

When we’re about to take action, fear takes over

When they think about actually taking action on their dream, the voice of inspiration that has been guiding them grows fainter. The voice of ego gets louder. It says things like:

  • “Who am I kidding? I’m not qualified to do this.”
  • “The time isn’t right. I have way too much going on to do this now.”
  • “There are so many details I need to figure out. It’s impossible.”
  • “This is a nice dream, but it’s unrealistic to think it could come true.”

Once the ego takes over, they feel overwhelmed and freaked out. They worry they’ll fail or look stupid.

So they stop what they’re doing. They put it all away, telling themselves they’ll come back to it when the time is “right.”

And their dream remains just that… a dream.

If this resonates with you, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I’ve heard this kind of thing from thousands of people over my years as a spiritual teacher and entrepreneur.

And here’s the good news…

I’ve also personally witnessed thousands of people stop this cycle and start achieving their dreams.

I broke free and achieved my dream

This happened for me, too. There was a time when the idea of being a bestselling author, speaker and teacher seemed like a pipe dream.

I had so many ideas that I didn’t know where to start. And whenever I did start I’d begin doubting myself and freaking out.

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But my dream couldn’t be contained. I knew I had to follow it. So I took little right actions. I focused moment to moment, day to day. One action at a time I got closer to my dream. And now I’ve manifested a life beyond my wildest dreams.

3 ways to start achieving your dream today

I’ve seen this happen time and time again for so many people. And now I want to help you achieve your dream, too.

Do you have a big dream for your future? Here are three things you can do TODAY to start achieving your dream.

1. Take one little right action

When I was starting out in my career I felt overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to create. Ideas were pouring in. I felt incredibly inspired but had no idea where to begin. I kept stopping and starting because I had trouble focusing. I just wanted to go big! But instead I felt frustrated and stuck.

At the time I was also early in my sobriety, so I was figuring out a whole new way of living. There was a man in my recovery group who was very accomplished had a lot of professional success. I wanted to know his secret, so one day I asked him, “How did you get to this place?”

I was expecting him to tell me how hard he worked and how difficult it had been.

Take one little right action | How to start achieving your dreamSo his reply took me completely by surprise. He looked at me and said sincerely, “Just a lot of little right actions.”

I was expecting him to rattle off a really impressive resume that would sound completely out of reach.

But he made it sound so simple. I took his words to heart and began taking little right actions. All my overwhelm subsided. I gained clarity and focus. Over time, those little right actions added up in a bigger way than I ever could’ve imagined.

How to take one little right action

This is the lesson: To start achieving your dream, no matter how big it is, simply start by taking one little right action.

  • If you want to write, write the first draft of a blog post.
  • If you want to start a podcast, record an episode using whatever equipment you have available.
  • If you want to make inspirational YouTube videos, set up your channel.
  • If you want to design jewelry, make one simple piece.

Even if you want to do a hundred different things… start with one little right action.

You don’t build anything big overnight. And if you believe you need to do everything right now, I guarantee that will stop you from doing anything at all. So go easy on yourself! Just take one little right action at a time.

2. Get rid of expectations

There’s one really important thing to know when you start taking action toward achieving your dream. You must get rid of all expectations.

Forget about who might read your blog, listen to your podcast, watch your videos or buy your jewelry.

If you want to host a podcast, record your first episode without expecting a single person to hear it. If you want to make jewelry, make a beautiful piece of jewelry without expecting to sell it.

Whatever you dream of doing, do it just for the sake of doing it.

You’ll get into a new energy

Once you take away the expectation and actually get into the act of doing, the experience and expression of the DOING puts you into a whole new energy!

Woman working at laptop | How to achieve your dreamIf you want to put a blog up, just write it and publish it and let it be out there without expecting a single person to read it. Let it be up so that you can feel the vibration of you having done that work!

By taking away expectations you free yourself up to focus 100% on the action itself. This is so simple, but it makes a profound difference. Taking action becomes effortless and fun.

I want to be clear that taking action without any expectations doesn’t mean that you won’t have readers, listeners, buyers, clients, etc. It doesn’t mean that whatever you’re creating won’t become wildly popular.

It just lifts you out of that funk of stagnation and gets you into action.

This tip blows my mind time and time again. Try it. You’ll see for yourself.

3. Don’t judge yourself

Self-judgment is the #1 thing that blocks you from doing what you want to do. Earlier in this post I mentioned that our ego voice loves to sneak in and say things like, “Who do I think I am? I’m not qualified to do that.”

The ego loves to pop up whenever we’re learning something new. You’ll think something like, “I’m having to work to figure this out, so it must mean I’m bad at it. I’m making mistakes and it’s not coming effortlessly, so it’s just not meant to be.”

Here’s what to do when this happens…

Practice Step 1 of the Judgment Detox

When you realize that you’re judging yourself, practice Step 1 of Judgment Detox. Witness your judgment without judgment. Open up a notebook or your Judgment Detox Journal and draw four columns on the page.

In column 1, answer this question: Who am I judging? In this case, the answer is “Myself.”

In column 2, answer: How does this judgment make me feel? Be very descriptive of how it makes you feel both emotionally and physically.

In column 3, answer: Why do I feel justified in this judgment?

In column 4, answer: What moment in my life triggered me to feel justified in this judgment? Take your time with this one. You may want to meditate for 10 minutes on this question or free-write so your subconscious mind can come forth and reveal the answer to you.

Practice Step 2 of the Judgment Detox

EFT tapping points on face and headThen practice Step 2 of Judgment Detox by honoring the wounds that live beneath this self-judgment. Recognize that this moment of self-judgment is a spiritual assignment, and show up for it.

Spiritual assignments show us that we’re always being guided, even when it doesn’t feel like it. You are being presented with a beautiful opportunity to heal. Take it.

You can begin healing your self-judgment by practicing the Emotional Freedom Technique as I teach it in Step 2 of Judgment Detox. Check out my free Judgment Detox Mini Course for a guided EFT video where you’ll tap on judgment.

Take action on your dream and inspire others by doing what inspires you!

Ready to inspire others by doing what inspire you? Check out the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course!

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Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is a spiritual and soulful launchpad that helps you get clear about your vision, create a road map for your career and lay a strong foundation for massive abundance.

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass is different from every other training

Step into your power. Now is your time. -Gabby BernsteinInstead of trying to “make” things happen, you’ll learn how to take spiritually aligned action. You’ll experience an inner transformation and gain confidence along with practical business-building tools.

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  1. Hi Gabby, thank you for this advice. I have to say that I have been trying to follow the spiritual path for many years – seeing obstacles as being a reason for something, but it’s very difficult after many years when I don’t seem to catch a break on certain things! For example, I have a lot of emotional intelligence from my earlier v abusive childhood and the subsequent loss of family connections – which is the worst knife through the heart of all. However, I have been true to ‘trusting’ that I will eventually feel at peace about this (it’s one of those situations where the family don’t believe or support my experiences and that won’t change – although I can obviously see it from their side – but never having met nieces and nephews and always having to spend Christmas with friends is hard – and I haven’t been able to have a relationship because I have always been too ill psychologically for this – and the permanent rejects testify to this!). It took me many decades to be able to communicate verbally but this awful journey (sorry I have to say it was awful and wouldn’t want to re-live it for anything!) – but it has taught me how to impart my knowledge into children’s picture books in a simple yet poignant way, using animals, insects, flowers and some fairies – and I love humour as well! I was very proud about being able to rattle these stories off and I got rave reviews from teachers, parents and children for one of them, which I self-published. However for 6 years I have been trying to find a publisher and I have had some firm expressions of interest from a few (and about 100 rejects) – but at the end of the day they won’t publish because my books are a ‘bit different’. It has just happened again when I visited the London Book Fair last week to meet a Swedish publisher who said ‘my stories are just what they are looking for’ – but once again they have just told me that they don’t want to proceed. It’s very difficult when you know you have a ‘gift’ for something but the rejections are constant – infact I had to give up for two years recently because I was nursing a bad autoimmune disease – which I am v pleased to say has improved very recently and I was able to eat a banana this week – the first one in two years! So this was wonderful and having to eat the same 5 things for 3 years – it felt like Christmas! But anyway, I am greatly disappointed at no one wanting to publish my book, and although I am trying to see ‘obstacles as detours in the right direction’ – which I know is very good advice – I’m not sure that I can face more rejection from publishers – having been rejected so many times over six years. Just wanted to share this and it really helps to share. Thank you.

    1. Sending you peace on your continued healing journey. I know many people who knew they had to share their stories with the world and decided to self-publish. <3

      1. Thank you Gabby. I learnt a very important lesson from sharing my post – you have given me the tools to lead a very productive life full of miracles – it’s up to me if I want to follow your guidance or try and go ahead of the spirit as I have been doing. It’s almost like I was searching for something as I typed my post, and I got my answer after you replied. I MUST trust and put the spirit ahead of myself on all things – being guided by the spirit – is something which I feel has taken place over night. I feel, and look, more serene today and I am always grateful for my blessings. Bless you for helping me. I am halfway reading your book ‘The Universe has your Back’, for the second time and I am looking forward to reading ‘Judgement Detox’. I look forward to receiving lots of miracles. I have to think that I will win my Olympic gold medal for trying! Can you tell me – do I pray to my spirit guide or do I pray to the universe, or what is the difference? Thanks.

        1. Beautiful Ann! Keep checking in with that inner guidance and trust your path. Same thing for praying – do what feels good for you. <3

    2. Hi Gabby,
      I’m feeling very stuck in my own skin. Not knowing what my true life journey is.
      I’ve always wanted to have my own business (fashions)…or become a buyer for a company where I travel to so many exotic places!
      Being or having an impact on Big Companies!! What a Dream job
      I’m not a sales person, but do have visions!
      I love the arts and theatre too!
      I’m feeling so blocked at knowing what My future is.
      Thank you!
      Sandra Oppland

      1. Sandra, you can invite the universe to guide you by starting your day with the following prayer from A Course in Miracles: “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?” This blog post may also serve you: xo

  2. Hi Gaby,

    I soo needed this today. I got certified to be a life coach and was struggling with so many ideas and not enough resources and time to get started! I have decided to start small and simple with just small groups at my house. Teach simple meditation and processes to live the Joy and love!

  3. This is magical stuff!! I know I have the light and energy to raise the vibration of my community and I am taking tiny steps to make this happen. As I sat down to write in my journal about my life coaching inspiration a voice told me to check my email and your blog appeared. This has validated my decision to get my coaching website published (even though it might not be perfect). Post my first blog, and I just finished writing another blog. I have NO IDEA if anyone will see this but I DO trust in the Universe to conspire in helping me help others and that drives my little “right” actions!! Thanks for the motivation to keep shining bright!

  4. Thank you Gabby for all of your inspiration. This gets me so pumped! I’ve been afraid for so long and finally I’ve been coming out of my shell by following everything that you share on your blog and social media.
    I am pulled towards inspiring people yet I have always been afraid to speak in public. Now that I have created my blog, I’ve been pouring my heart into it and it feels sooo good! My next step is to actually conquer my first video! (even if my voice shakes) I can’t wait to see your training on Sunday!


    1. Revel in that feeling! Do more of what gives you that awesome feeling and you will create unstoppable momentum. It is so so powerful.

  5. Thanks Gabby you always nail it. I am in the process of writing a beautiful book about spreading the love to our elders as well as trying to create my own organization. I feel strongly passionate about my projects that I am starting from ZERP but my busy kicks in and then paralyzed. Looking forward the training. Love to you

  6. Perfect timing ! I am starting a business with my man and at the same time I dream of writing a book. Those are two big steps and its easy to get into self-doubt and judging. But a very good advice to let go of expectations and do it because of the enjoyment of the work AND to let go of the judgement.
    Cant w8 to see the Training, thank you so much !!

  7. Dear Gabby;
    Thank you for a spiritual awakening of my heart. Reading this today inspired me to write shitty drafts on my blogs. I shall edit and start guest posting in few media spaces. I want to get my message out there and get rid of my expectations. It is all about taking action and doing it. Thank you again.
    I look forward to your video training on Sunday.

  8. This is so amazing! I love the Universe!!! Your book, The Universe Has Your Back, kept ‘popping’ up as a recommended book on my audiobooks. I listened to the Universe and got the book, and of course, ‘couldn’t put it down’ so to speak. I think I have some version of all your books now! It actually took some persistence on my part to open this blog – signing up for Sunday’s video trading as well! ‘Ironically’ to diffuse some stagnation – I recently resumed making jewelry! So incredible that you used a blog post, a YouTube and jewelry making all in the same breathe! If that’s not a knock across the head by the Universe I don’t know what is!!! Thank you Gabby! I just love your work so much! It’s the first that TOTALLY resonates with me!!!
    You are a ‘God Send’!!!

  9. Thank you Universe, for sending that beautiful deck of cards and book and …Gabby into my life JUST when I needed it most!! Your message is hitting home girl!!! Loud and clear. Can’t wait for Sunday!!!

  10. Your EFT videos have helped me immensely with my anxiety, and getting over eating issues. Can’t wait to see what Sunday will bring.

  11. It is amazing, Dear Gabby and every-One that have given comment to this blog, that every-One of Us has struggle and have asked The Universe or so for help and support 🙂 I did the same just few days ago and look…everything is set as needed and we are all getting guidance, help, t and “step by step” or “know how” support.
    It is incredible how little is necessary to get what we need

  12. I love how the universe brings you exactly what you need when you surrender & ask for guidance… thank you Gabby for sending this out, your timing was impeccable! ✨
    Beyond excited for the training this Sunday!!

  13. I’ve been getting soooo many signs that I should spend a few months or relocate abroad, starting with Colombia even though I’ve never been there. I see myself salsa dancing, working on my online business, and enjoying the beautiful people and culture. I don’t really want to do it alone, but who else can packup and move to a new country with me? On the flip side, why wait right? Hmmm.

  14. Thank you gabby for the post . I so needed thins right now . I have been feeling lost and deflated . I have been judging myself and what I am capable of. Fear has been guiding me not love. I am so conflicted. I have been feeling the universe is not there for me but then it sent me this post . Thank you looking forward to your free webinar ❤️

      1. Thanks Gabby for reminding me of that. The universe is providing clear messages that I need to change. I just have to trust that and stop letting me lead me. I am so looking forward to the webinar and hearing so needed wisdom and reminders. Thank you for all that you do . I so appreciate it. ❤️

  15. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for taking the time on a Sunday and providing us Spirit Junkies with inspiration! I’m a DC with a vision of creating a clinic focusing on treating neuro-degenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc) utilizing Bio-Energetic, Nutritional and Advanced Functional Neurological techniques. The advanced training and funding to undertake this has overwhelmed me. Just reading your blog right now has lightened my spirit and increased my energy towards reaching this goal. Looking forward to Sunday. Thank you so much!!

    1. I am so happy to hear this. Thank you for being committed to such beautiful and important work.

  16. Gabby- this was the push I needed. I aspire to write a book one day. I’ve started a blog and have started writing for a local magazine (I’m an Intuitive Eating/non-diet dietitian). I have fear around this big endeavor, but the reminder of it being the small things the adding up is a sigh of relief! I can’t wait to hear more at your training on Sunday! Thank you for your always inspiring words!!

  17. I have BIG visions for teaching spirituality to youth in a way that will resonate with them. As a new “student” of spirituality I get caught up in what qualifies me? (judgement) The Spirit within me is guiding me in the opposite direction in all facets of my life. I need to trust the Universe and dive in because my heart is about to explode with creativity!

    1. Go go go! What qualifies you is your story. Tell your story. Teach what you have learned. You will build experience and earn more qualifications as you do it. Just start. Even if you’re teaching just one person, or writing a talk or a blog for the sake of it. I love this. Go. 🙂

      1. Thank you angel.much needed.i always find difficult to put my passion into action (no support from hubby though)i always wish if I could spread your ideas to people in Kerala especially illetrate people who suffer a lot coz they have zero idea on LOA and positive affirmation.i wish I get an idea to work out for them.dont know how to start up.Thank you my angel gabby

  18. This resonates so deeply and has arrived in my life exactly at the point I needed it! Thank you! Super excited for next Sunday and I’m already thinking of little things I can do each day to help me achieve my goal. Why didn’t I think of this before???? Suddenly it’s not so daunting and I’m not so overwhelmed! Inspiring!! Thank you.

  19. liebe Gaggy ich wolte danke sagen für dein buch und die vielen tipps die du so erzählst.Am anfang wußte ich nicht ob ich dir trauen kann.Leider ist mein englisch nicht so gut um alles zu verstehen aber vom gefühl ist es richtig und ich verstehe es doch.Ich wünsche dir alles gute und erfolg mach weiter so du bist doch wieder immer ein halt auch wenn ich nicht alles teile was du sagst. Ich freue mich das wir die möglichkeit haben uns schreiben, auch wenn ich einer von vielen bin.Danke and GOD bless you obwohl ich nicht daran glaube.
    Ps.:du hast mich durch eine schwere zeit begleitet danke;)

    1. Danke für deinen Kommentar. Ich bin so glücklich zu helfen. Ich habe das mit Google Übersetzer übersetzt, also bitte entschuldigen Sie etwaige Fehler!

  20. Gabby, I have just begun your May Cause Miracles course, it’s opened up a floodgate in just two days it’s astonishing really. I’m an actress, just relocated from London to NY, completely overwhelmed by the whole US industry- total excitement but also fear doesn’t even describe what I’m going through, your book has been in my handbag for 2 years and now I’m doing it- facing my fears.Thank you for the gift of this- can’t wait for the shifts in my life. Will join on Sunday too. X

    1. You will LOVE the May Cause Miracles course and I’m so excited to learn about how it serves you. Please email me when you are finished to let me know! This video training will really help you as well. It applies to all professions. I’m so excited for you. Honor your fear and return to love as often and as quickly as you can. You are doing that right now and I’m so proud. xoxo

  21. I got to work today (Monday), it was raining outside & I was determined to make it a good day. I was happy, smiling and then my bubble burst when I walked past a senior in the corridor only for him to stop me and say “Fiona, what are you doing with your life?”

    I wanted to just say, I am doing what I want, I am making a successful business and I’m happy…but the truth is, I am not, this is just a dream, my dream. Thank you for this post, it comes on a day when I know tomorrow I can and will do some little things to make big things happen. X

    1. That man was a messenger, whether he knew it or not. Take his question at face value. What are you doing with your life? Taking spiritually aligned action on your dream. The Universe has your back, my friend…

  22. I just sent in a book proposal but completely handed it over to the Holy Spirit. What happens to it now is no longer in my hands. I have faith that it will eventually get to where it needs to go.

    Thanks, Gabby!

    1. Amazing!!! You’ve done your part. Now surrender. And trust you will be guided exactly where you need to go…

  23. Thank you so much! I need to get past my fear of putting myself out there as well as realizing my worthiness. Looking forward to your training:)

  24. Thank you Gabby , Today I’m going to go home from my 9-5 and make these kits I started to help others find peace like I did after my addiction. I will be one year clean in exactly a month and I just want to say thank you for your card deck and amazing books. You helped me more than you know.

    1. I honor you for your beautiful sobriety milestone. Thank you for spreading the light. One little right action at a time adds up to miraculous change…

  25. Hey Gabby, So I am working with a video editor for the first time. I did some filming this morning and I HATED ALL OF THEM….but then I read your tip on how to “not judge myself” and I sent in the video clips to the editor. I do not know if they are going to turn into to anything or even be usable but I felt my fear and I did it anyway.

    1. Recognize the spiritual assignment! You were given this opportunity to heal something you have not wanted to confront. Maybe it’s judgment of yourself and the way you talk, look or teach. Maybe it’s the limiting belief of “Who am I to do this?” Read more on spiritual assignments here. You are doing what you need to do: feeling the fear and acting from a place of spiritual alignment. You will be supported.

  26. This is absolutely what I needed to read right now Gabby! Thank you so much for all your “Spirit junkie” cheerleader tips as I have few people in my squad. I did publish a book from my international blog and now have another blog on my new website. Your questions hit the nail on the head for me regarding attracting people, clients, viewers, etc. Can’t wait for the free webinar! I love writing and speaking about my own psychic experiences and have done some events but still need to connect more with like-minded people. Thanks again, I love all that you and The Universe Has Your Back. Keep being you and sharing with us all.

  27. Thank you, I needed this today! I purchased an online course for Interior decorating and Staging, my dream job, but I can seem to do it, my fear is large. Today I’m going to do the steps you suggested in my Judgment Detox Journal. I didn’t realize I was judging myself. I am hoping this will open up why I feel so paralyzed to move forward.

  28. Ever since NYE of 2017, I had a vision of creating a brand where women who want to stop the self-sabotaging negative dialogue that swirls in their mind could come and receive help that would allow them love themselves completely and become the best versions of themselves so that they will show up each and every day of their lives 100% present and engaged while feeling healthy and happy at whatever life stage they are at.

    This last weekend I finally took the plunge and launched my blog, Holistic Tonic. Link:

    It feels SO good to have taken that “one little right action” finally, after 3 months of grabbing inspiration, taking down notes, meditating on it, and talking about it!

    I have registered for your free video training on April 15th and I am so excited to get more information from you!

    Thank you for all you do,
    Xoxo Krystle of Holistic Tonic

    1. this is so so awesome! and the training is coming at the perfect time for you. rock on sister.

  29. I asked for a “sign” and prayed and read this within a 2 hours. I will be listening on Sunday but taking these action steps today.
    With gratitude,

  30. Thanks for this guidance, Gabby! I am working on my writing, so today’s little right action is to write my first blog post. I adore the part about releasing expectations, as I believe this is where I end up putting my energy towards instead of into the creative task. Aha! I’m all signed up for the free webinar on Sunday, too. Thanks again and see you Sunday ✨.

  31. Thank you for this inspiration! Of course you´re right! Of course this is so! I will definitely do the small right things, starting today. In my case, I´ve got so many things that I don´t know where to start, but I get so inspired and will pic one of them – and have fun with it! Like I did when I was a little girl, and recorded my own radioprograms (podcast), wrote my own books (yes…coming up…) and drew portraits of people (new blog, sell them portraits…). Again thank you, see you in the webinar!

  32. I can’t attend the training on April 15th but I’m wondering if you’ll post it so it can be viewed later please?

  33. So very timely of course! It is time for me to take action and start living the life I have been dreaming about. Thank you for always showing up at the right time….

  34. Thank you, Gabby and Universe! I was JUST journaling this morning: “I’ve landed myself in stuckness. And self-judgment. And fear. I’m still sitting in my pajamas on the couch. Reading self-help books and taking online courses and watching webinars about creating and claiming abundance and stuff. I’m stuck in the NOT DOING IT. Failure to me means I’m not good enough. I’m not special. I’m not as special as I thought I was. So many possibilities. Ideas. Inspirations. Leading nowhere. Leading to me sitting in my pajamas on my couch. Writing about them. Here. Now.” And then I got your email. Off to take one right little action. Pray and take one right little action. Thank you.

  35. This post is so timely! I asked for guidance before I went to bed last night. And had a crazy dream that made no sense. But of course the Google had answers, or at least offered interpretations. It’s wild to see the relevance and to receive your timely (not coincidental) message of inspiration. Thank you for the helpful suggestions and for your guidance, insight, and passion.

    1. From a non- spirit junkie I love this spirit junky stuff. I feel like I know you from somewhere or another like. Weird. See you on the 15th

  36. Love this blog post. I dream of having a photography studio. There’s just one glitch. I. have. no. money. Zip. Not even a bank account for my business. Still, today is my birthday, and I am feeling aligned with the Universe. I just received a message that a small commercial space will be available in June. I’m going to take a look at it. I know I can’t even begin to entertain the thought of running a studio based on my financial situation right now, but instead of saying, “It’ll never happen,” I’m going to take a look at the space to feed the dream. Who knows. Maybe this will turn into something. If not, I’ll wait for the next lead down the road.

  37. I so appreciate all the wonderful advice and help you are sharing! It’s always perfect and on point at the exact right time! I am on the tipping point of my dreams and life long purpose. I’ve throughouly loved all your books, tools, suggestions and guidance! I remember way back when when I had severe panic disorder how EFT helped me then and after reintroducing it while reading the Judgement Detox, it has been a key player helping me and my husband relax! I am beyond words grateful for all of your teachings! Thank you! With deep love and appreciation, Peggy founder CurryGirlsKitchen.

  38. Thank you Gabby. I feel I needed to hear this message today. I’ve been inspired to start a YouTube channel and in the process of researching what I need to know and do, I felt so overwhelmed by how much I didn’t know that I kinda gave it up all together. I still feel the urge to do it but I don’t know where to start. But you’re right in saying that it’s just about taking little right actions than worrying about getting all of it right the first time. Thank you for that! Stay blessed x

    1. have fun with it! get nerdy on google… take small right actions daily and you’ll get that channel up and running…

      go girl

  39. Thank you for this Gabby, this is my sign from the universe. Ive been thinking about my vision and feeling im not ready/who am i to do this and then this pops into my inbox. Much love and thanks for the sign xxx

  40. Thank you so much for this blog, this is exactly how i feel today. I have so many ideas and dont quite know where to begin. The funny thing is, i teach EFT to teenagers, maybe i need to practice this on myself… durr! Sometimes the answers you’re looking for were right there all along!

  41. Thanks Gabby for your blog.
    Today I start with learning the language of the country I will move to in my dream.
    Little steps.

  42. Love this so much and you too Gabby <3 Thank you for all the inspiration at the right time always.
    I am just doing this and this blog post is a confirmation at I am on the right path.

      1. I have a booth at an event that day that starts at 10 A.M. PST I am signed up for you 7 A.M. PST, if I am correct with daylight savings time. I think it will be a little tight , but how long is the class? I am hoping to catch all of it.

        1. Hi Alan, if you missed the video training, we will send you the replay so no worries! You can also join me at 4 or 8 pm ET.

  43. Thank you so much for this Gabby!
    This has relieved me of my anxiety and I am looking forward to your video training.
    Thank you!

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