Make a Daily Spiritual Schedule to Commit to Feeling Good

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I had a call with my team yesterday and they were all having a hard time. They felt afraid and anxious because of the difficult circumstances we’re living in.

I get it. We’re all feeling this way. Right now a lot of us feel like we’re out of control, and so we’re acting out in old behaviors and fearful patterns.

When we feel out of control, we start grasping for immediate “solutions” that don’t really work and just make things worse. For instance, you may notice that you’re falling back into an old habit of trying to control everything, or staying up too late, or getting caught up in gossip and drama.

When we feel out of control, it’s very valuable to keep things simple. By getting back to basics, we take the pressure off ourselves. This way we keep ourselves from getting overwhelmed, which only perpetuates the feeling of being out of control.

And that’s what I suggested to my team.

How I make my spiritual practice a priority

I said, “Team, it’s time we amp up the spiritual practices and commit more than ever. You have access to years of my meditations, talks and methods. Let’s get back into the groove.”

Then I did something I’d never done before: I shared my spiritual schedule with them. I showed them the 3 spots in my daily calendar where I carve out time for meditation, tapping, prayer and other spiritual tools.

In that moment my team was inspired to do the same!

They all pledged to set up a spiritual schedule to help themselves commit to their practices. We even chose a 20-minute block each day where we’d practice together.

The next day I got a call from my COO, Jessica. She said, “Thank you so much for helping me make my spiritual schedule. I can’t remember the last time that I did my meditation and yoga at the same time each day. It’s really helping me manage work and childcare.”

And that’s what I want for you.

I want to suggest the most powerful way for you to get through this period with ease: Schedule your spiritual practice and make it a high priority.

When you do this, you’ll feel a sense of safety because you’ll be taking charge of your day. You’ll no longer feel like the victim of the world’s events. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re part of the solution. You’ll recognize the power of your energy and the positive impact it has on the world.

When you have a daily devotional practice (and a schedule you stick to), you’ll feel empowered and energized. You won’t melt down because you’ll have sustainable positive momentum.

You may be thinking, “Gabby, this sounds nice, but I’m so busy and stressed as it is. I’m just trying to keep up.”

I get it. I really do. But without a daily spiritual schedule, you’ll feel more overwhelmed.

I always say we can speed up by slowing down. So to give you no excuse to avoid this practice, I created your schedule for you!

How to create your daily spiritual schedule

Step 1: Open your calendar. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in an app, online or handwritten on a wall calendar. Just get it ready to go.

Step 2: Choose 3 spiritual practices you want to schedule into your day, and commit to them for the next 40 days.

Here are some recommendations based on what’s helping my team and me:

1. Morning meditation

Start your day with my new, free Positive Energy Meditation. You can get instant access to it here.

This affirmation meditation is so beautiful. It makes me feel empowered, hopeful and safe.

2. Midday: Practice Jin Shin Jyutsu holds

Right around lunchtime, or maybe mid-afternoon, you may feel stress come back on. This is when I recommend practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu holds.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a Japanese healing modality that balances the body, mind and spirit, and there are some simple holds that are very easy to use and that give you fast relief.

Here’s the clip from my free Anxiety Relief Workshop where I teach these tension-relieving holds…

3. Before bed: Calm your nervous system

Before bed, I highly recommend practicing good sleep hygiene.

If possible, turn off your phone, your computer and your TV around 7 p.m. Or at the very least, turn off all notifications. That way, if you’re going to watch a show or something, you don’t see any popups of news headlines, texts, social media posts, etc.

We want sleep to be a time when we can rest, restore, let go and feel the peace that we may not be able to feel throughout the day because we’re hit with all this anxiety.

If you can’t follow this tip for whatever reason, at least turn off all your electronics 30 minutes or an hour before you go to sleep. Put your phone in another room and set an alarm clock instead.

If you’re anxious before bed, do some journaling before you go to sleep. Just get out whatever you’re feeling so you can move it through it and then fall asleep more easily.

Practice Voo chanting before going to sleep

Then I suggest you do a breath meditation called Voo chanting. I learned this technique from the leading trauma therapist Peter Levine.

The vibration tones your vagus nerve and the breath work centers you in the here and now. As a result, you relax your whole nervous system.

Watch below to learn how to do Voo chanting. This video clip also comes from my Anxiety Relief Workshop.

Click here to watch my full, free Anxiety Relief Workshop.

Keep your spiritual practice simple

These practices are powerful and can change your whole day.

While they’re powerful they’re also very simple. That’s the goal of all of this — to keep it simple.

I want to help you simplify your spiritual practice so that it feels easy, fun and empowering, and so that you look forward to it every day.

We need that most right now.

When you get grounded in your spiritual practice, miracles happen.

Don’t just take it from me… So many of my Miracle Members have been sharing how their practice has saved them at this time!

Miracle Member comment

Miracle Member comment

miracle Member comment

Now that you have your schedule, make the commitment to stick to it. And celebrate it, because you’ll start reaping the benefits right away!

And I want to support you more

I am safe and protected | Miracle Membership mantraI care about your spiritual practice right now and I’m committed to showing up for you as much as possible.

In addition to the free resources I’ve been sharing on my blog and on social media, I also wanted to make my Miracle Membership more affordable at this time.

What is the Miracle Membership? Think of it like Netflix for spirituality.

As a Member, you get on-demand content that will help you feel supported, safe and spiritually connected.

Whatever your spiritual journey calls for, there’s a video talk, audio podcast, mediation or training there to guide you.

There are hundreds of hours of content (meditations, podcasts, videos and much more) that you can check out now.

For the next few months, I want to make the Miracle Membership easier for folks to access. So I decided to remove the 6-month commitment and offer it for $19 a month. As long as it’s saving you, then stay connected and committed. But you can cancel anytime if it’s not right for you.

The Miracle Membership is really showing up for people right now, and I hope it serves you.

Click here to learn more.

Make feeling good a practice

It's good to feel good | Super Attractor card deck by Gabby BernsteinHere’s a lesson from Super Attractor that I want share with you: Make feeling good a practice. Identify the things that bring you joy and do them more often.

Make feeling good a priority the same way you might make exercise or family a priority. You can schedule activities into your calendar, too. This isn’t about turning fun into another obligation; it’s about making it a priority. If you know you need some structure in order to honor this priority, that’s okay. In time it will become a habit.

Remember to be deliberate and bring conscious awareness to feeling good. To be frank, we typically put everything else before feeling good.

Most of us don’t necessarily think much about this. Or we might even think it’s virtuous or necessary not to feel good, especially when the world around us is in a state of crisis, or when our personal circumstances are difficult.

But when we put everything else before feeling good, we’re putting it before our connection to our Super Attractor power. Whatever we put in front of our spiritual connection will suffer greatly.

And we can’t ignore the effect that our high vibration has on others. When you commit to feeling good (and to the spiritual practices that help you feel good), you lift up everyone around you. That energy ripples outward, positively impacting far more people than you could ever imagine.

My publishers and I wanted to make Super Attractor incredibly accessible at this time, so the ebook is discounted to $3.99 through April 12th (US + Canada only).

If this ebook will serve you or someone you know, then click here to order it.

Your spiritual homework

Gabby Bernstein at home with her laptop | How the Miracle Membership keeps you spiritually hooked up every dayFollow the schedule above. Add if you’re a Miracle Member, you can include practices and spiritual tools from your member portal.

Then come back to this post in one week and let me know how it goes!

I’m serious. 🙂 I want to help you stay consistent, and often when we commit to someone we actually follow through. (One of my team members said, “Thank you for reminding me to schedule meditation into my day. I didn’t realize how helpful that would be.”)

So here’s your homework, Spirit Junkie.

  1. Set up your calendar.
  2. Share a screenshot or photo on social and tag me @gabbybernstein so I can support you!
  3. Commit to sticking to your daily practice for 40 days.
  4. Come back to this blog post in a week or tag me in a social post and let me know the results. (I’ll be looking for them!!)

For extra support in staying on track, I want to give you the April meditation calendar that’s part of my Miracle Membership. Just download it here and check off each day when you practice. Don’t forget to celebrate your progress!

If you’re struggling to fall in love with your spiritual practice, then check out my Miracle Membership. Remember that for the next 3 months we’re offering a monthly subscription for $19 a month.

Miracle Member comment | Spiritual schedule

Fill your calendar with the practices you love. And if you want more guidance from me, become a Miracle Member today.

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  1. Thank you Gabby. Just reading this note from you definitely changed my day and provided me the direction I needed to get back on track. I absolutely loved my 21 day meditation with you and knew that I needed to join your workshop. And I did. But I got off track for just a few days and failed to get back on, even though I know the positive results I experienced. I have a way of starting each day as a new day, which can sometimes be a good thing, but, it often allows me to forget my goals and subsequently lose direction. Thank you, thank you. I’m going to get back on track and welcome any and all the direction you can give. The schedule you shared looks great and very doable. I am joining your miracle mindedness course too.

    1. Love it, Lynn! Glad you found this post helpful and that you’re willing to revisit the meditation challenge. Enjoy the journey. If you find yourself detouring, ask for a miracle! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much Gabby!
    I am in a very tough period dealing with mental illness so your post on this topic is just what I needed! Your advices are so precious for me. I have updated my calendar with daily practices just as you shared!

    1. So glad this post is serving you, Caroline! Sending you prayers and light as you continue on your healing journey! xo

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for all you are doing to support the nation in a challenging time. You have really stepped up and are making a difference.

    I am a nurse. Enough said.

    The holds have really helped me. I did modify the head hold for during work hours as I should not touch my hands to my face (even my forehead). I wash my hands, use the back of my head, wash again after, then get back to work. At home (after a good shower) I perform the way you instructed. I am finding this moment of hold brings instant peace followed by a sense of strength.

    Working on Voo chanting. I like it! It clears my thoughts.

    Thanks again. You really are making a difference!


    1. Lora, I’m glad to hear these practices are serving you. I want you to know that I deeply honor the work that you’re doing and am sending you massive love and gratitude. xoxo

  4. Hello Gabby,

    I have been sticking to a daily spiritual practice each day. But I do have a question for you,
    I am a mother of 3 and about a week ago my kiddos have been doing school from e-learning (online) which has kind of flipped everything upside down for my scheduling. What do you do when you feel you need to not only support your kids but also yourself and feel as tho the day has just flown by? I do my morning journal, and workout. But then by that time is finished the kids are up and on to their schooling. I love meditations but feel I cant get them into this schedule as much as I’d liked.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I want to honor you for doing all you can to show up for yourself. According to A Course in Miracles, spending 5 minutes a day with the Universe each morning guarantees that we will be guided throughout our day. If we don’t have 5 minutes to spare, we can simply wake up and say, “Thank you.”
      If you don’t fit meditation into your morning practice, here are some other ways to integrate it into your day:

  5. So I started your mantra/meditation workout this week. I can only do it every other day at the moment, however, it has given me such relief. I can actually feel the stress leaving my body while I am doing it. The tapping session is also fantastic. Thank you so much for the support all of these practices again you have helped me save me and words truly cannot express how greatful I am!!

    1. Awesome, Marguerite! I’m so glad these practices are resonating with you! Sending you big love. xo

  6. I’m working super hard to get back to my spiritual practices. The first thing I do is use the 5 min journal when I wake up. Then while my husband gets ready I feed my service pup in training, and ready her for our walk/training. It’s CRITICAL for us to connect on a spiritual level during our training together otherwise picking up what the other needs is next to impossible. She also meditates with me after working together and before I head out to work. On my way to work I listen to an audio book (currently Super Attractor). When I take my lunch break I need to add some sort of spiritual work (I am having a difficult time with my coworker and am finding myself highly judgmental of her and our residents who are being extremely uncivil…I’m constantly reminding myself they are full of fear but I’m going home carrying tons of pain). Then at night I come home spend time with my hubby and pup while I do something creative as that helps me reach out to my higher powers/ancestors.

  7. Gabby! Would you please make a coloring book with all of the beautiful images and sayings? Or can you make them downloadable black and white PDFs? I would love to color these awesome reminders and motivators! Xoxo

    1. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion, Summer! I’m so glad the mantras and artwork are resonating with you. xoxo

  8. I commit to doing this. I already am a MM member. Thank you so much. Namaste. I highly recommend the Miracle Membership….think of it as Miracle Medicine during the time of need and for life.

    1. Elsie, I’m so glad the Miracle Membership is serving you in this way. Sending you big love. xoxo

  9. Hello,
    I love how are sharing so much, and I am going to sign up as a Miracle Member soon! I have been wanting your book for awhile now and was excited to see your offer for the Ebook for $1.99, especially since I at a desk all day answering patient calls now, however the link isn’t working, and the one listed in the comments is for Amazon UK.

  10. This is so helpful thank you !!! <3 I did watch the whole workshop, but getting a structure like this is really helpful!!!

  11. Gabby, I absolutely love this! I’ve already had my daily spiritual practice but I hadn’t thought about carving out time for it in my calendar. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve stuck to all the practices just because I didn’t make them a habit through my calendar. I’m a big fan of habits because they provide a frame for the unknown and the unexpected life brings us. Doctor Christine Carter says “habits are everything. Not just for game-day, and not just for elite performers. For normal people like you and I (…) when we are too tired to think—as we often are—we default to our habits. Which made me realize: Our habits are our most critical cornerstones for happiness” This blog emphasizes the same thing. You’re a genious, that’s why I follow your advice to a tee. I’m so glad to be a Miracle Member, I feel a relaxed opening into the love, the care and the goodwill of this beautiful tribe. In times like this, I’m filled with gratitude to have you and the MM. Anyway, I wrote an excel sheet with my crystal clear new routine. Below is a copy of it:
    1. Morning
    One lesson from ACIM Experiment
    Gabby’s Meditation (MM)
    2. Lunchtime
    While making lunch or right after ->Gabby’s podcast (MM)
    3. Evening
    Before dinner ->Sounds True Meditation or Headspace

    Love this, thank you! Georgina

    1. I’m so glad this practice is resonating with you, Georgina! Thanks so much for sharing your schedule- I’m sure others will find it helpful! See you in the Miracle Membership! xoxo

  12. Love the offer of the book but can’t get any of the book links to a reduced cost, is this because I’m in the UK?

  13. Gabby Bernstein you are a beacon of light and inspiration, I was at rock bottom when I signed up for your free anxiety workshop which so kind of you at this time I have since then been using these techniques and not to mention your amazing free meditation which I listen to at least 20 times a day. My birthday was on the 31st of March and to my delight my husband gifted me with your amzing,life changing book SUPER ATTRACTOR and a free amazing 2 hour workshop that came free with the purchase I have watched twice already!! I already have The universe has your back which was When I first became aware of you Gabby and you have no idea how much you have changed my life for the better I don’t know what I would have done without your books, meditations and Tools I am so grateful the Universe guided me to you Gabby Bernstein. Sending you so much Love ❤️ All the way from IRELAND Ciana Sofia xx

    1. Happy Birthday, Ciana. I’m so glad to hear that the anxiety relief workshop, my books and meditations are serving you! It sounds like you’ve experienced an energetic shift! May you continue to experience many more blessings. Much love from the US! xoxo

  14. Hi Gabby

    I wanted to get your book, Super Attractor and you have it on special above for $1.99 for the ebook version. The link takes you to all your book sellers who are selling it at the normal price. Can you tell me where to go to get the ebook?

    You are saying this:
    My publishers and I wanted to make Super Attractor incredibly accessible at this time, so the ebook is discounted to $1.99 through April 19th.

    If this ebook will serve you or someone you know, then click here to order it.

    Thanks Sukie

  15. Hey Gabby,
    I listen to your morning affirmation meditation every morning and also practice the tools from the anxiety relief workshop… I’m truly greatful for these methods
    Earlier you declared about the Manifestation Challenge… I was really excited and hyped up for that challenge…when are you going to come with the challenge? Eagerly waiting as I have a lot of time to really invest onto these things(I am a Medical Student from Kolkata, India)
    Thank you

    1. Wonderful, Rupam. I’m so glad the morning affirmations and the anxiety relief workshop are serving you. Great that you asked about the Manifesting Challenge! For now, you can access the challenge by becoming a miracle member. I’ve just made my membership available for $19 a month. You can try it out here: (Also, there is a really easy cancellation policy if in a month you decide it’s not for you). I hope this helps. xoxo

  16. Thank you so much Gabby for your ongoing support. Your anxiety relief workshop was divine and i got alot from it. Thank you for all the love you bringvto us, all. Love and gratitude. Melissa

    1. Wonderful, Melissa. I’m so glad that the anxiety relief workshop is serving you. Sending you big love. xoxo

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