Spiritual Lessons from the Presidential Election

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Lately I’ve been checking in with many of my Spirit Junkie contemporaries about their experience of the forthcoming election. Though everyone has different opinions one common theme that kept coming up was an overarching sense of apathy. I noticed many people so uncomfortable with the political climate that they were avoiding politics altogether. This scared me. When we become apathetic it’s a sure sign the ego has set in. In this video I share how to bring a spiritual mindset to politics. This is NOT a video on which side to choose it’s a video on MAKING A CHOICE.

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  1. The best message I’ve heard in a very long time! Gabby, your words immediately softened the wall of protection I’ve built around me. You felt like a warm hug reminding me that it’s ok to embrace my own personal truth that seems to have felt lost and exhausted during this incredible time of negativity and frustration swirling around all of us.
    Congratulations on your beautiful sobriety and God bless. Sending you much love and gratitude.

  2. Hi Gab.

    I live in Australia- and your message hit me like a ton of bricks today. I’m 25 and I haven’t voted in this country since I was 21. I consider myself deeply spirited (and you were one of my earliest and most influential inspirations to journey down this path), yet– somehow– thought and wholeheartedly BELIEVED that disengaging in politics was the RIGHT and ONLY path. I can’t even tell you how utterly stoked I was to attend Hayhouse Melbourne a few weeks ago- it was there that Doreen told us all how important it is that light workers enter the field of politics. Thanks to Doreen and beautiful YOU- I now know and understand how important it is for light workers (me!) to vote. I’m going to put myself back on the electoral role (which I paid to get myself off of) and consciously participate in my right to choose.
    Cheers Gab. You frickin rock my world- in so many ways.
    I have every intention of attending events in the US in the future- and you better believe that I’m manifesting a hug with you!
    Keep rockin it sister


  3. What I believe is most important to remember during this election is… We are all in this together!!! Selfishness and close-mindedness creates a divided, stunted nation. Acknowledgment of our interdependence will foster love and progress for all.

  4. Politics at the national level is to a large extent corrupt and filled with massive deceptions – there is a shadowy and unaccountable power structure running things and more and more people are becoming aware of that through independent online media resources and videos like Zeitgeist, Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica, Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy show on TruTV, etc. Thus many people feel there’s nothing they can do and they reject the system by not voting because the candidates who are allowed a chance to win are beholden to oppressive forces. I feel if people were to have dialogues with their friends, families, and neighbors about their perspectives and the facts they are aware of, then we could all learn from each other and start to see through all the deception and have large enough numbers to bring about a more honest, conscious alternative.

  5. Thanks Gabby ! You’re message is beautiful and clear. What caught my attention was your comments on being clear on who one votes for and “what the outcome of that policy might be.” I have never sat back and experienced inwardly the outcome of a political policy. This is a brilliant idea and one I believe would move us into a greater depth and realization of the effect on one’s neighbours and the nation as a whole. Love It ! Thank you ! …what I love to do at elections is to vote for the group who most represents the world I would choose to live in and I know that regardless of the voting outcome the Great Vastness will bring that experience of life into my experience.

  6. Hi Ladies!! Gabby thanks so much for this. I am a very political person but have felt similar about the apathy, mainly around both candidates being similar in making false promises, etc. One thing I will say thought that I think is very important for us women to consider is That they are both very different, from what I understand, on the position of abortion and a women’s right over her own body, or rather OUR BODIES and choices. It’s not to sway anyone in either direction but to know really how close “to home” this election could be for us as women. If you want more info you can track what what Sandra Fluke is saying on this topic. She is the woman who was called a Slut for advocating that birth control be covered by insurance. Sending LOVE.

  7. It is very exciting what Marianne and the Sister Giant project are all about. I washed my hands of politics because it became so frightening….but thank you for pointing out we can’t help and be of service if we don’t know what is going on around us. I am so grateful for your positive messages!!! Thank you!

  8. I’m not a big fan of election time but this election really has me more drained than any other. There is so much name calling and finger pointing. I feel that people are more separate now than ever before and there doesn’t seem like there is anyone that’s ready to stand up and do what they can to bring everyone back together. Looking around it seens that more people are giving up and it makes me sad. I’m just hoping that there will be a healing of sorts, we really need that more than anymore of this harsh negativity that’s being tossed out from every side.

  9. Thank you Gabby, I need that gentle “yet” firm kick in the butt to invest more energy in this election. Thank you. I was one of those apathy people. I put great effort into using my “wrathful compassion” towards human & animal rights and taking care of the planet but was lazy on the side-lines for this election for some reason….thank you!

  10. Gabby,

    Thanks for sharing this video. It is affirming to hear someone else tell us its okay not to sling the mud and that our opinions are important as they are.

    Like Amanda, a lot of my political views are torn between the two candidates and I have trouble decoding which side to vote for.

    What is most bothersome to me, however, is that the populace has taken the political tradition of mud-slinging and started to use it to bash entire political parties. One of my friends wrote on my FaceBook wall that a person “would have to stop going to school, pick up a bible, bash a homo… ” in order to become a Republican. What a hateful and prejudiced thing to say about an entire population of people who just happen to have a different point of view. I really believe that ultimately both parties do want some very similar things but do not always agree on how to accomplish these common goals. (That is why I also liked Bill Clinton’s DNC speech)

    I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed by this election and have actually had to talk to my therapist about it because of how sensitive I am to such negative energy.

    Thank you for reminding us that we have power, which is what our nation’s politics is *supposed* to be about. Or so I thought…

  11. I agree with you, Gabby. Politics have gotten completely out of hand, but I don’t think people understand that there are so many lies put out by various talking heads, that the actual message from the politician is getting lost. Everyone needs to do their research. There are fact checking sites out there, and it is going to take some work on our parts, but this is too important to let go. We can’t disagree with decisions being made that will affect all of us if we don’t do the time, research, and vote. We are very lucky to have this honor. We also shouldn’t vote because we want our side to win. We need to get back to the basics and take this seriously.

  12. Hi Gabby,
    I live in the UK but we have the same political apathy here too though a little longer to wait until we need to cast our votes.
    However, this video also really hit the mark with regards to problems I have at work at the moment where a feeling of powerlessness has also turned to apathy there too. I found you words really helpful & they have helped me realise that I need to change my thoughts & put the ego back in the bottle again. This applies not just to politics but to any situation where we feel powerless to change things
    Thanks Gabby
    Blessings x x

  13. It’s difficult to get involved this election year for me personally. Neither really reflect my beliefs in a way that I’d vote for one or the other. Both have stuff I am for and against – if they combined their minds and talents, they could do a great job together. Sadly, there’s so much us v. them that it turns nasty.
    I’m not voting for either. This is my first year not voting, sadly. I agree with this video that we have to not be afraid to voice our opinions and do vote. But I’d rather not vote for either when I do not fully believe in either. 🙂
    PS: Great lipstick,. lol

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