7 Signs You’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur

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I’ve been a spiritual entrepreneur for nearly two decades. One of my greatest passions is helping other people step into their callings — to do work that is purposeful, meaningful and fun!

Over the years it’s become clear to me that there are many people who are spiritual entrepreneurs but may not even realize it yet. Or they may be unsure if they can claim that title. So in this post I want to demystify what it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur and help you confidently claim your desire!

There are many kinds of spiritual entrepreneurs

Gabby Bernstein working outdoorsWe often think of entrepreneurs in one of two ways… either as people who own physical businesses or as startup CEOs. But there are so many other ways to be an entrepreneur!

If you’re in business for yourself in any way, or if you want to be, then you’re an entrepreneur. It might be your full-time job, or it might be a side gig. Maybe you’re an independent contractor who works as a writer, artist, web designer or in any number of other fields.

Maybe you’re a life coach, yoga teacher, therapist or healer. This is often what people think of when they hear the term “spiritual entrepreneur,” but you don’t have to do traditionally spiritual work to be a spiritual entrepreneur!

Finally, it might be the case that right now all you have is a vision and a desire. That’s great, too. Wherever you are right now, let’s honor it.

Tweet: Spiritual entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to serve and uplift others while doing what brings them great joy. @gabbybernstein

If you’ve been shying away from calling yourself an entrepreneur, or if the idea of being an entrepreneur intimidates you, I get it. But in order to manifest the career you dream of, I invite you to become willing to start seeing yourself as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Check out my list of seven signs that you’re a spiritual entrepreneur. Do these resonate with you? How do you feel when reading them? Which ones do you embody, and which ones do you want to embody?

7 signs you’re a spiritual entrepreneur

1. A personal transformation or inspiration is a driving force behind your desire to serve

In my memoir, Spirit Junkie, I write about how hitting bottom with my drug and alcohol addiction in 2005 led to a great spiritual awakening. I got sober and eventually became a sponsor for several young women in my recovery group. Sponsoring other young women, along with studying A Course in Miracles and other spiritual teachers, led me to become a spiritual life coach.

Your personal transformation or inspiration may be a major life change like mine, or it might be something more subtle. Maybe you became a dietitian after changing your diet transformed your health. Or maybe you realized that your jewelry-making hobby was a huge source of joy in your life and now you want to share your art with others.

Free-writing exercise

If you’re not super clear on the transformation or inspiration driving you, then open up your journal and free-write a response to this question. Don’t second-guess or edit yourself. Just let your pen flow.

What have I experienced that inspired me to do this work?

2. Service is the purpose of your work

Do you want to help others through your work? As spiritual entrepreneurs, we are driven by a desire to serve and uplift others. The Universe greatly supports your service energy and is always opening doors to that end.

There are many ways we can be of service. Remember that the first service is the energy you bring. When we make our joy a priority, brilliant ideas will come naturally, support will surround us and movements will form. People who are truly happy are also truly helpful.

There’s one thing I want to make very clear: You can be of high service and run an abundant business. Charging for your great work gives you the freedom to serve in your highest capacity!

Free-writing exercise

This free-writing exercise helps you see all the different ways to be of service.

  1. Open your journal and write down some people, companies and organizations whose products/services have helped you live a better life.
  2. Notice the variety on your list. Did anything surprise you? What does this tell you about what it means to be of service?

3. You would do the work even if you weren’t paid to do it

When I'm connected to my joyful presence, I attract support from the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckWhen I was sponsoring young women in my recovery group, I wasn’t being paid. And yet it’s some of the most rewarding work I have ever done.

If you love the work so much that you’ll do it no matter what, that’s a clear sign that you are a spiritual entrepreneur! If you haven’t yet started a business but you want to, then start paying attention to what really lights you up and energizes you!

  • What activities bring you joy?
  • What do you like to get nerdy about?
  • When are you really in the zone?

Joy is the ultimate creator, so follow what is fun and fulfilling, and the Universe will support you greatly.

4. You hear an inner call, even if it doesn’t make sense to you logically

You have a sense of knowing that this is what you have to do. I sometimes think of Joan of Arc saying, “I do not fear men-at-arms; my way has been made plain before me.” When we hear a call, we know that no obstacle is insurmountable and we can trust that we are being guided and supported.

Gabby Bernstein writing in her journalThe divine guidance we receive doesn’t always make logical sense. It might be totally different from the career you currently have. It may mean investing in education or training. It might totally surprise you, or tap into a passion you had long ago! It may even freak you out because it seems so big.

If you feel an inner call, listen to the guidance you receive. You may even want to connect with your spirit guide and ask for more guidance around this topic. You can do this by free-writing following a meditation.

One thing I like to do is write in my journal, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me what I need to know about __________.” After meditating, while you’re still in that receptive and connected space, free-write for at least 10 minutes, allowing guidance to come through.

5. You choose to trust in the stream of abundance that is always available to you

You may not fully embody this belief in the ever-present stream of abundance yet. But as a spiritual entrepreneur you’re learning to trust in it more and more.

You’re willing to get honest about what blocks your abundance, and you take spiritual steps to strengthen your faith in abundance. You trust that the Universe supports your dream!

A money mantra for abundance

I am open to creative possibilities - Gabby Bernstein mantra for abundanceThere is a simple mantra you can use anytime your thoughts begin detouring into old fear-based stories. It’s very simple: “I am open to creative possibilities.”

When you say this mantra, you’re saying a prayer. You’re turning over your fears and old beliefs to the care of the Universe and asking to see through loving lenses instead. When you make this your mantra, you will begin to notice opportunities for earning that you otherwise might have missed. You’ll attract exactly what you need, even if you couldn’t have imagined or predicted it.

When we begin to open up to the creative capacity we have within us, that’s when we begin to open our consciousness to witness the abundance that is around us at all times. You will start to see abundance everywhere! Cultivate an awareness of the abundance around you and let yourself feel appreciation for it. This will multiply the abundance in your life.

6. The voice of passion drowns out the noise of fear

As a spiritual person and a spiritual entrepreneur it’s not that you don’t experience fear. In fact, there may be times when the voice of fear is very loud, because starting and running a business is a lot of responsibility.

Following your dream is a gutsy move! The fearful voice of the ego does not like gutsy. Your ego wants to “protect” you by convincing you to play small and stay safe at any cost. So you can expect it to pipe up often.

But while fear might always be making noise, you know it’s not real. The passionate, wise and loving voice of your inner guide is what leads you. Yes, fear will knock you out of alignment sometimes. It might happen every day in small ways. But as soon as you notice that you’ve detoured into fear, you take action.

This can be as simple as saying a prayer such as “I witness that I’m out of alignment with my power. I choose to see peace instead of this.”

7. You’re willing to challenge norms and think outside the box

In his 2009 TED Talk, called “The Tribes We Lead,” the marketing guru Seth Godin offers up three important questions to his audience. These are questions to ask yourself when you’re creating change, connecting people and creating a movement.

The first question is, “Who are you upsetting?” Seth asks this question because he says, “If you’re not upsetting anyone, you’re not changing the status quo.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should go out of your way to be a provocateur. You don’t need to go around saying and doing extreme or controversial things for attention. That’s not aligned and it doesn’t serve anyone except your ego.

Having the courage to be authentic and vulnerable is what creates connections and movements.

What it means is that you need to check in with yourself and ask: Am I being authentic? Am I being bold and standing in my truth? Or am I holding myself back so that I don’t upset anyone or so that I don’t feel judged by others?

As a spiritual entrepreneur it’s vital that you tap into your authentic self. Say what is real and meaningful for you, because your truth is what resonates with others. Having the courage to be authentic and vulnerable is what creates connections and movements. That’s how you attract the people who are looking for what you’re offering!

Inspire others by doing what inspires you!

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Your efforts will pay off big-time. Invisible doors will open for you. You’ll earn the kind of money that provides the freedom you crave. And you’ll make an impact doing what you love.

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