A Meditation to Get into Spiritual Alignment

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I have something fun for you in this post! I want to expand on something I shared on Instagram a couple of weeks ago where I picked a card from the Super Attractor deck and then let it inspire a meditation.

In this post I want to dive in deeper and give you even more guidance and resources for getting into spiritual alignment!

First I shuffled my card deck. Here’s the card I turned over:

The Universe responds powerfully the instant I align with love | Super Attractor card deck

The Universe powerfully responds the instant I realign with love.

This is a beautiful card. If you’ve read Super Attractor, you know that the whole book is about getting back into spiritual alignment.

What does spiritual alignment feel like?

Gabby Bernstein praying | The #1 key to manifestingYou might be thinking, “How do I know what it feels like to be in spiritual alignment?”

Good question.

First… when you’re out of alignment, you might feel stressed, sick, anxious or resentful. You may be blocking things. Blocking happiness, connection, creativity, abundance.

When we find ourselves attacking or judging, those are also clear signs that we’re misaligned.

I can tell when I’m out of alignment because I become focused on outside goals and objectives as opposed to the joy of life. When I’m misaligned I try to control my circumstances. I’m resentful, my energy is low and I feel physically ill. It’s a struggle to get things done and I cut off the flow of inspiration.

By contrast, when I’m in alignment with the Universe I feel happy and excited regardless of what my circumstances may be. I am hopeful and positive even when I face challenges. I’m not worried, stressed or focused on problems. Good things flow to me and I feel creativity moving through me. People want to support me and solutions come to me easily.

We can always choose again

The key to getting back into alignment is to want it. In an instant we can forgive our fear and choose again. We can start a new story, shift our perceptions, and allow miracles to unfold.

When we say, “I’m done with feeling this way. I’m ready to feel good,” we’re sending a strong energetic message to the Universe. Your desire to feel better is all you need to pivot toward alignment. Then practice the meditation below to get back into alignment fast…

A meditation for alignment

This is one of the simplest meditations you can use to get back into alignment. The simplicity is the beauty of it, because getting back into alignment with love doesn’t have to be complicated.

We’re pulled out of alignment often. So this is a meditation you can use to quickly come back into spiritual alignment anywhere, anytime.

Peace Is in Your Pulse mantra meditation

This is a Kundalini meditation that uses the mantra Sat Nam, which means “Truth is my name.”

It’s known as a beginner’s meditation, so it’s very accessible if you’re new to these types of practices. I like to call it Peace Is in Your Pulse!

You can watch the video and then keep reading for a written breakdown.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Place the 4 fingers of one hand on the inside of your wrist on the other arm.
  2. Press gently and wait until you can feel your pulse. It’s okay if this takes a minute. I promise it’s there. 🙂
  3. Close your eyes and breathe long and deep.
  4. With each beat of your pulse, silently repeat the mantra: Sat… Nam. Sat… Nam. Repeat it at the speed of your own heartbeat.

Peace is in your pulse meditation imageAs you practice this meditative technique, give yourself a lot of permission to relax. You don’t need to do anything else but repeat the mantra to the beat of your pulse. Breathe easily and just chill.

If your mind starts to wander, just return the mantra and the beat of your pulse. Continue to breathe in fully and exhale completely, in a way that feels good to you.

When you’re finished, take a deep breath in and release. Then open your eyes.

Now that you have this practice, continue to do it on your own. This practice is perfect for really settling in and relaxing, and letting the mantra take over. Use it wherever you go.

Use the Super Attractor card deck to guide your spiritual practice!

There are lots of ways you can use your Super Attractor card deck. This is a 52-card deck with mantras and messages from the book that are really gorgeously designed by my best friend, Micaela Ezra.

When you shuffle your deck you can call on spiritual guidance to show you the card you need in that moment. I say a simple prayer such as, “Guidance of the highest truth and compassion, thank you for revealing to me what I need to know.”

Here are some ways you can use your deck:

  • Turn over a card and take a few moments to let the message settle in. What is it telling you? How can you bring it into your day?
  • You can open your journal and free-write for a few minutes, riffing on the mantra and letting inspiration come forward.
  • Let the message guide you to a meditation, prayer or other practice you feel called to do, like I did in the video.

These are just a few options. (If you have this deck, leave a comment below and let us know how you like to use it!)

Click here to order your Super Attractor card deck.

Super Attractor prayer to get back into spiritual alignment

It’s very common and frequent to get knocked out of alignment with the feeling of joy in some way. If you notice that you feel misaligned, don’t freak out! Just forgive yourself now.

I’ll leave you with this prayer from Super Attractor:

I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present.

The moment you forgive your past you clear space for the present and an energetic shift occurs.

And just by reading this post and being open to this meditation for alignment, you’re telling the Universe that you’re a YES for feeling good! You’re realigning already.

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  1. I finished Super Attractor and the spiritual guides and signs resonated with me. Although I couldn’t remember a specific example of when I prayed to a spiritual guide and got a sign, I have always been spiritual, intuitive and had dreams that were in some way telling me meaningful things that coincided with events going on with me or around me. Then the day after I finished your book, I was really sad and crying about the craziness going on in our country, world, the hatred, and people dying, loosing their jobs and homes. I had also been talking with one of my sisters, who has the tough decision of distributing some funds from my mother’s estate, and how there are so many opinions from all the siblings on how she should do it. The following day she had also been sad and crying while reading something my mother wrote and a poem written for my mother’s eulogy when a beautiful peacock came right to front door. She texted me a picture and immediately I knew it was a sign from my mom, so I texted her back that it was mom visiting her. She called me and told me she had been so jealous of me because I see my mom in my dreams since she’s passed and as much as she wanted to see my mom in her dreams, it never came happened. We both started crying and she finally felt my mom’s presence and the message she was making the right decision. Then I read the symbolism of the peacock and it was more certain it was a sign from my mom to both of us.

    The peacock is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors.
    In history, myth, legend and lore, the peacock symbolism carries portents of: Nobility, Holiness, Guidance, Protection and Watchfulness.

    I thought of you and your book and wanted to share this beautiful experience.

  2. I am so thankful for the Super Attractor book!
    The daily mantra is an amazing way to start my day, along with prayer! I have it memorized now! I’ve been writing down my appreciation for life daily, I am noticing my thoughts and using the Choose Again Methods when I need to get back on track etc.. I have highlighted so many pages and shared your wise words with my friends and told them about this book. You have shared so many great tools to help shift our minds and our lives.
    Thank you, Gabby!!

    1. Wonderful, Wendy! So glad that these methods and practices from Super Attractor are serving you! Right on! xoxo

  3. I just started reading Super Attractor – It is so reassuring to start my day with such positive affirmations. You are so easy to relate to – I get it now! Thank you for the mantras and meditations as well.

  4. I yawned after I read the prayer out loud a couple of times. Then I remembered the meditation last week when Gabby couldn’t stop yawning, it made me smile xxxx




    1. You’re welcome, Trish. Love that this mediation is serving you! It sounds like you’ve experienced an amazing energetic shift. Keep shining your bright light. xoxo

  6. Thanks for this. I love how you explain the meditation and then post it again below so we can do it on our own. So often I try to find a meditation you mention and I get lost and never find it. Lol. I am working on it though.
    This was perfect for me.
    Thanks Again

  7. TKyou Gaby, you’re georgeously simple , direct and deep with all your messages..
    Im really loving it, and hope to soon get super attractor book and cards deck!!


    1. Thank you so much!
      I stumbled on your talk in wanderlust and i am shaking , smiling and on the verge of bursting into tears!
      I have been searching how to use my gift! My hands are on fire its flowing no its more than flowing!
      I see sparkles and colors and the reactions of people are amazing!
      So gratefull
      Thank you

  8. Thank you Gabby! Just what I needed to hear. You instantly lift me up every time I read your posts and absolutely love your books! xxx

  9. Today my card is “In any moment I can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer, contemplation and stillness”.
    I use it as my Super Attractor bookmark!
    You will never know how much I need this right now. ❤️
    Sat Nam

  10. Your words, guidance and positive light found me just when I needed it. I know I attract so many wonderful things. And there’s so much more left to attract. I know I’m a force of passion for good and light.
    I needed my past to know the low feelings and find my true path.
    I’m ready to bring love, light and passion to everyone my life touches.
    I’ve done so much already, without meditation. Now that I’m applying your teachings , I know the world will continue to open for me. Showing me more love and light

    Thank you for being a guiding light!

  11. Thank you Gabby! Your meditations have changed my life. I am becoming better everyday, and doing my best to become the Super Attractor I am meant to be. The MM community you have created and all your tools are leading me to a more spiritual journey I was looking for. Xo Deirdre

  12. Gabby
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Super Attractor has truly changed my life. The way you present the information made it so clear to me. You are a beautiful bright light.

  13. Thank you what a lovely way to start my day by finding this lovely email and meditation which really brings you back to yourself x

  14. Thank you from Heart….for All your Work and Support….i am a MM S and i Love IT…I have been following you since January i think 2011 or 2012 i came to se your Lecture Miracle Magnet in NY..and i Never Forget…My Love from Denmark Copenhagen to YOU gabby….Elsebeth Nardi

  15. Thank you for being so genuine and real!! It is amazing to hear you say that sometimes you feel the stress and pressures of life. I often think of you as super woman, maybe even beyond stress with all the meditation that you do, but I love hearing directly from you that we all fall out of alignment sometimes but we can just come back with our breath. Thank you thank you!!

    1. You’re welcome, Margaret! Like I always say, we can’t live in the light all the time– it’s all about how quickly we come back! xoxo

  16. Hi
    I was happy when I opened my inbox and found how can I be realignment with universe. I have again very bad situation to come over it and it’s emotionally and also financially. I let you know how my life is going for next couple weeks.

  17. I love this prayer. So many of us carry so much weight and burden from the past, mistakes, things that have happened. And we allow others to chain us to these shackles …. time to let go and let God!

  18. I’m feeling so lonely, so lost, so disconnected. Your books are a life vest around my life nowadays. Thank you Gabby for Being.
    I don’t succeed in meditation yet, i might need help there.

    1. I’m grateful that my books are resonating with you, Lyvie. As you continue showing up for yourself, you may receive guidance through your spiritual practice that leads you to someone who can help you process your unhealed feelings. For example, you might be led to an EMDR specialist, an EFT practitioner, or a support group with people you can lean on. You can find additional coping and support resources here: https://gabbybernstein.com/emergency-resources/. I am a strong believer that the Universe works through people.

      In the meantime, you may find these blog posts helpful: https://gabbybernstein.com/compassion-blog/ https://gabbybernstein.com/be-more-resilient/

      I don’t recommend these practices in lieu of individualized care whatsoever, but you may want to check them out as another tool on your healing journey, if they resonate with you.

      Sending you much love. xo

  19. Thank you Gabby,
    Definitely needed this today. I’ve been out of my alignment for a couple days. It’s such a true honour to have your wisdom and your mentorship is awe inspiring. Having your gentle guidance to assist me in bringing back the powerful alignment of love. Many thank you’s.

  20. Thank you for all your posts and messages. You and your team are really helping me with all your great advice. I was reading through the steps of the meditation, as I focused on the beat of my heart and repeated Sat, nam, I could feel in an instant, the power of the practices. Love it!

  21. Thank you so much Gabby! I was feeling totally out of my alignment, I feel the practices you shared today came up in the right time. Love you!

  22. I am So Grateful the Universe has brought me to you Gabby Love Super Attractor cards I shuffle and ask Universe for guidance today the one that pops out is the one ❤️
    Makes me smile all the time
    Going to try journaling after I pull card
    Great Idea!!!!
    Your inspiration is heart warming!!
    Love The Universe has your back and Super Attractor, your beautiful meditations and inspiring emails!!!!
    Thank you for the Blessings
    Xo Melody

  23. Oh Gabby, Gabby, Gabby,
    Thank you so much… this is precisely what I needed to hear today. Your email grabbed me and of course I clicked the link immediately to find support. It is so easy to slip out of alignment in a matter of moments, because of a stressful situation that arises.
    It’s crazy how just feeling separated from the Universe, my guides, etc. can make me literally want to cry. It’s a feeling of being lost. I needed to realign myself… and quickly, and so seeing your email was a clear message that said “YES YOU DO”.
    I’m feeling better already. So I thank you… the Universe… and my beautiful guides. xo

  24. Hello Gabby,
    So grateful for this post! I just ordered the deck cards ….My brother is going through some health challenges and I will be sharing these inspirational messages and practice meditations with him…
    The timing is perfect… Thank you!!!
    Much love and blessings….

  25. Hi Gabby,

    So thankful to have discovered your guidance as I establish a stronger spiritual practice and connection to the Universe.

    I don’t have the Super attractor deck, but I have the Universe Has Your Back deck. I imagine I can use it for this as well. Do you choose one deck over another for different situations?

    Love and Hugs, Kelle

    1. Kelle, you can absolutely use the cards from the Universe Has Your Back Deck! The messages from the Universe deck are more about faith and surrender while the messages on the Super Attractor deck are more about manifesting. I hope this helps! xoxo

  26. Your meditations and guidance has helped me over come so much of the funk I was in. I was stuck in a victim mindset and putting up blocks to protect myself. Since following you, I have been able to lower those walls and Have pulled out. Now I’m more energetic,
    My mindset is positive and healthier and I feel amazing! Keep rockin it girl!

  27. I love this idea. Thank you for sharing!

    It would be awesome if you could add a package for each of the card decks onto your Spirit Junkie app too. This would be great when on the go and in need of an impromptu meditation session. Plus, high probability shares… 🙂

    1. Arielle, I’m so grateful that this work is supporting and encouraging you. Sending so much love and light your way xo

  28. Thanx so much for this Gabriel just getting your email today was a little sign for me that I am being listened to by spirit. Love the simplicity x

  29. Thank you for this today Gabby. I really needed it after a hellish 3 hour journey to work through the snow.

    I like to select a card from my Super Attractor deck at the start of the week or when I need guidance. I take a photo of it and use it on my lock screen, so I see it every time I use my phone. I repeat the message throughout my day And the beautiful artwork inspires me xxx

    1. Grateful to hear how you’re connecting with these tools and Super Attractor, Elia. I’m excited for your journey ahead!

  30. Thanks, Gabby on a tough day in the financial markets…….down 960 points as I send this (Coronavirus, naturally).

    Thank you for keeping in touch with your clients, and, as you know, count me in as a client!!

    Everyone: Don’t panic with today’s price action…..use this tool provided here to get into alignment!!

    Thank you, Gabby..


  31. Thank you for being an influencer, thank you for loving yourself enough to work on your own healing and working toward healing the world. Blessings to you and the work that you do.

  32. Love this, needed it now! It is always good to be reminded of these practices that I can do anytime and anywhere. Thanks, Gabby <3

  33. I read your book Super Attractor. Love how you keep it simply. When you feel the “pressure cooker” vibe, it’s possible to shift and realign. Thanks for the simple tips.
    Have a great day, John

  34. Thank you for this, what perfect timing as i’ve been overwhelmed in my world. So many goals that I’m going all-in for, however now, I may be adding moving to another state in this mix. Trying to stay calm and present…and worry about the turns as they arrive.

  35. Thanks Gabby, I have read your book and thought it was great. Everything in the book was bang on and exactly matches what I had discovered myself the yr before.

    Even when you understand all these concepts its not always easy to be in alignment all the time but I try to every day make a conscious effort. You are a special woman, it’s good to know that there are others out there who understand the concepts you have written about and it’s great that you share this with others and your own experiences and struggles of conceiving.

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying life, all the best for the future x


    1. Thank you for your well wishes Gurds. I’m so grateful that you feel this sense of community. Keep shining your bright light. xo

  36. Dearest Gabby,
    Thank you so much for your generosity and your powerfully transformational work! I am a big fan of yours, you’ve helped me so much. ❤️
    Since as far as I can remember, sensing my pulse has always made me very uncomfortable. Would you have any idea why?
    Much love,

  37. Thank you so much, I just have to say I love your book! Reading in it everyday, just starting over when I’m done. So transformational and helpful in every way. I love you ❤️ Please come to Norway some day

  38. Amazing timing! I found ur deck at a bookstore in Brisbane yesterday then recieved this… thank you Gabby! Love pulling a card for the day and love ur extra info in ur book and via emails. Blessings Sophire

  39. Hi Gabby, is there a specific song you recommend doing this meditation to? So many things to learn! Keeping it simple as you have suggested this, I think will make it easier for me to keep on this track. Sometimes I feel a bit lost. Thank you so much. I think I need to stop pressuring myself here and accept that I am a beginner and may always be so. xx

    1. Hi Leah, Great question. This is a meditation that I practice in silence so that I can focus on my pulse and the mantra. If music would be helpful for you, that’s fine too! Let your intuition guide you. xoxo

  40. Hi Gabby, I’ve just started reading your book Super Attractor and love all of the extra info you have to offer. I did the re-ligament meditation this morning and feel so calm and relaxed, there’s something about feeling your pulse! Thank you, I’m so grateful for this opportunity to realign myself again. Lynsey x

  41. Dear Gabby & Team,

    It never ceases to amaze me how incredible our universe is. I knew about this and have even practiced it. Yet, lately I’ve felt “off”. For the last few months I have been changing my world with love and gratefulness. Things started happening: New promotion at work with fantastic success!… but feel heart shaking lack of inner confidence. Asked AND received a beautiful sign from the universe on my true life purpose and how I’m meant to help others, but I’m shying away because of extreme self doubt and feeling like I have no clue HOW to start. My husband and I are bonding more and more each day and he’s opening his eyes to my daily mediation, mantra, love attitude and we even call it OUR DREAM BOARD now…. but there’s this little seed of doubt that he’ll revert back to alcoholism or worse.

    Then, this nearly debilitating low back pain from NO WHERE as I was trying to train for my new management position. Which coincided with an “US TIME” night with hubby. I stopped reading my current book ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ and had talked myself out of B School. Things felt crappy.

    This morning as I was just about to get ready for work, I said to myself I have time for just one small meditation. I felt like I really needed it. Without trying I accidentally got to this page and a light bulb went off. Gin…. you are being blessed and manifesting but you’re focusing on Things… people….jobs…. and thoughts. FOCUS ON ALIGNMENT. The incredible sense of relief I just got as I realigned and let go is amazing.

    Thank you

    1. You’re welcome, Gin. So grateful that you experienced this energetic shift. May you continue to be guided to the right and perfect resources to support you during this time. xoxo

  42. Congratulations on getting sober, my friend. I understand how overpowering that addiction can feel. If you haven’t read my book, Spirit Junkie, I definitely recommend checking it out. This book has been an inspiration for so many people’s sobriety.

    Have you ever considered going to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting? AA has saved many lives. I suggest Googling AA in your area and checking out a meeting. The 12 Step Program is a supportive community that reminds you to take recovery one day at a time.

    Also, check out the website intherooms.com. It’s a great place for online addiction support.

    Finally, you might find this blog post helpful where I share the tools I use in my sober recovery: https://gabbybernstein.com/5-spiritual-tools-use-sober-recovery/.

    Sending you a lot of love, a lot of light. xo

  43. Dear Gabby,

    First of all, thank you for the work you do and all the help and guidance you give. <3

    I have one question, and I really need your help. I just started my journey with you a couple of months ago, I’m reading all of your books, using your meditations and basically trying to build all of the healing practices you give into my life. It’s not easy, I realize that my resistance is huge, but I’m patient with myself, because I was on the rock bottom when I started my journey. And I realize that healing will take time.
    A big part of my healing was cutting out one very toxic relationship out of my life. I had this friend for about 12 years, she was super important to me, and this person had a huge influence on my life. Basically, she was my life, we created our parallel universe and lived there just for us, ignoring the real world. But then it became toxic, and after 1528293th betrayal I realized that it had to end.
    Funny part that I need your help with is this. I work really hard to let go of her, my life was destroyed at first, but now I’m feeling like my healing had began, sometimes I feel super inspired and aligned, I really believe in all of that and I can say that sometimes I get super joyful. But! When I’m feeling my best, I always get some sort of signs and synchronicities about this relationship I decided to cut out. I always get super specific synchronicities I can’t explain. And I don’t understand why. I know that cutting her out was a right thing to do, I know that there is no way back, and I know that I didn’t forgive her. (Working on that and reading judgment detox at the moment.) but I can’t explain what universe wants from me, when it gives me these specific signs that remind me about this person and our parallel world that we created. I’m sorry for rambling, but I really need your guidance. It confuses me that I’m getting signs only when I feel great.

    Thank you! Lots of love!

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Marina. Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you’re ready to make some big shifts. It sounds like you’re asking how to interpret the signs that you are receiving from the universe. My suggestion is to revisit this blog post: https://gabbybernstein.com/secret-asking-universe-sign-trusting-guidance-receive/ and let your intuition guide you. For example, if feels right to not have this friend in your life, are the signs you are receiving from the universe supporting your decision? Only you can know for sure! I hope this helps! xo

  44. Hi Gabby,
    Recently, I went to your Super Attractor book signing in Boston! You are just as wonderful in person! I’m so grateful for you, your teachings and all of your books which I’ve read and reread. 🙂 I’ve been separated for 3 years and contemplating a divorce, which has been such a difficult time for myself and my family after being married for 27 years. I’ve realized through this process, how my fears often get in the way of love. I do all the right things with exercise, meditation and I’m on an wonderful spiritual journey due to it all. My question, how do I know if this divorce is the right decision? Is fear of loneliness getting in the way? I’ve surrendered, but am still unsure. Thank you. ❤️

  45. Hi Amanda. It sounds like a lot is coming up to be healed. This is a good thing. Please be patient and gentle with your process and take it one day at a time. If the blocks aren’t clear, that’s ok. Practice the three steps to support you in releasing the fear energy. <3

  46. How wonderfully serendipitous that this should come through now – the Universe truest does have our backs! Just what I needed as a reminder that the journey is never over.
    Congratulations on your courage to be an example to us all by being prepared to be vulnerable and show us that even as a teacher, the journey never ends. This live example has really helped me. Thank you. Mandy x

  47. Hi Gabby
    I am trying to stay focussed to follow the path of the universe but I feel like I’m trying to rein in a hurricane! My mind is literally all over the place – in respect of trusting something bigger (and stronger) than me -and I can’t seem to anchor it! I think I have major issues with trust – even with the universe – and my ‘trust’ hormones (for want of a better description!) just don’t seem to work! I’m so afraid of being disappointed by the universe which I suppose I see as a man figure (as we were brought up to see God like this), and although I am reading your books, and love to read your email blogs, it’s very difficult for me to tune in or stay tuned in constantly to a higher power. I know I have a big problem with feeling like ‘I’m losing control’ and it’s obviously fear that is holding me back but this fear, I fear, is more like terror. I will keep on trying and focussing and hope that it will become easier for me – eventually.

    1. Thanks for this brave and heartfelt post, Ann. Continue to witness your fear and fully feel your feelings. And then keep returning to your spiritual practices, knowing that it is a practice. Taking small steps each day will add up to a major impact. Try the steps in this blog for a month and get ready to feel and see some major shifts! <3

  48. I am going through the toughest time in my life. For the past three weeks I have wrote a daily appreciation list and incorporated the ..”what I love about this person”. I am also working on changing the reel. Gabby these tools are helping me heal and become unstuck. Thank you

  49. Gabby, I want to thank you as this blog came to me on my email today as I faced fear, doubt and a feeling of defeat by my own fears and I remember that even in those dark moments we need to embrace ourselves as they are the detour that lead to the bigger light as there is willingness.

    Thank you for showing me that with one simple prayer I can’t fight those ego fear-based thoughts that are nothing but a false illusion.

    Thank you for the synchronicity.

  50. I recently struggle with getting out of alignment most of the time due to stress. Your words help bring me back to alignment by remembering my true power. Thank you for helping me realize that. I am so grateful for speakers like you! You’re doing amazing things in this world! Go Gabby!

  51. Wow. Yesterday God was showing me the spirit of fear beneath a lot of what’s happening in my life right now and that “perfect love casts out all fear.” I was literally praying about releasing the fear and how it’s connected to control this morning–and here came the email with this message. Talk about synchronicity! I know I am on the right path. Thank you! #IChooseLove

  52. Gabby I have been poorly with a bladder infection – I have health anxiety so whenever I am even a little bit unwell I fear the worst. Anyway this time off work guided me back to listen to the universe has your back, especially the chapter on universal assignments. I’ve had several antibiotics but they werent shifting the infection, which lead to more panic. But miraculously the more I showed up for the assignment the deeper my connection with the universe grew. I trusted this was divine order and the universe had something for me to learn. This time out has given me time to deepen my practice, bust through some blocks and also take care of my body. I’ve always had a poor diet and always considered my immune system to be very weak. However these past few weeks I’ve really listen and major shifts are taking place. Today I’m starting to feel better and for the first time ever I’m grateful for this infection and the delay in recovery. I turned everything over to the universe, surrendered and let her work her magic.

    I’m more aligned and in tune with myself and my vision to continue to work with children, teaching meditation to help reduce their anxieties. Using my own healing to help others.

    Thank you so much for this knowledge gabby, I owe everything I’ve over come to you and your message. I feel very lucky To work with little ones everyday and going back into schools tomorrow to shine even more light on their little souls x

    1. This is gorgeous Lou. Grateful to witness your major shifts! Sending you continued healing and lots of love.

  53. So glad I came across you on the internet, I’ve got you book the universe has your back, and now I follow you on YouTube insta and read all your emails. Thank you for the free meditations, I’m yet to start meditating properly but with all the tools guidance and advice you share I’m sure I’ll be practicing it soon enough, I defenately need too. You are such an isperation and come into my life at the right time. I’m so ready for my spiritual path and new way of life. Thank you Gabby ❤️

  54. Hi Gaby, thank you for posting this! Something that really resonated with me as a spiritual teacher myself was that 11 years into your journey as a spiritual teacher, you still discovered some road blocks inside of you that you didn’t know was there. To me, I forget that it’s alright to not be ‘perfectly healed’ inside and that we can always go through another layer of undiscovered blocks and emotions. So thanks a lot for sharing that.

    An exercise that I love to do myself when I feel resistance within myself is to sooth the inner child through meditation. It works wanders. Another thing I like to do is to visualize the outcome I want, and this helps my body adopt better feelings than the ones that are holding me back.

    Once again, thank you for sharing this.
    Kindest regards,

  55. I love that-“step back and ask the universe to lead the way”. There’s apart of my logical mind that wants me to be self sufficient, to be able to do it without calling for help. Fortunately I also can see that universal life force, divine energy flows between heaven and earth through and around us all the time and sourcing this energy more deliberately lifts and enhances, in a loving way, ourselves and those we interact with. Love your teachings Gabby!

  56. Your emails/posts are always on point. I truly needed to hear what you have to say about fear that lingers even when I am already doing the work. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am so glad I received this post in my email today as a much-needed message. Thank you so much, Gabby, for always leading the way to deeper, more meaningful healing.

    Much love,

  57. These two latest posts under this section of your blog have been a wonderful reminder of how I need to take a step back, let go, and let the Universe lead me, instead of feeding in to my fears. I can’t wait for your new book, I have already read “The Universe Has Your Back” and it came in to my life when I needed it the most. Thank you for all the inspiring content!

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