How to Show Up As a Spiritual Activist Right Now

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Spirit Junkies, I remain committed to showing up for all of you throughout this crisis. I feel a deep responsibility to share spiritual tools and lessons that help us elevate our energy and the energy of the world.

In this post I’m sharing guidance on how to strengthen your spiritual connection, find a sense of certainty and show up as a spiritual activist right now.

Finding certainty in uncertain times

You can watch the original video below, or keep reading for a breakdown of the messages.

One morning this past week, I went to my Super Attractor deck and pulled a card — and it was the most appropriate card I possibly could have picked:

When I’m connected to spirit, I feel a sense of certainty, magnitude and ease that I’ve never known before.

When I'm connected to spirit, I feel a sense of certainty, magnitude and ease that I've never known beforeSay that out loud: “When I’m connected to spirit, I feel a sense of certainty, magnitude and ease that I’ve never known before.”

I’m coming to you now and asking you to rally as a spiritual activist, as a Spirit Junkie, as a Super Attractor.

When we rely on our spiritual faith, we can change the energy around us.

We can find our power when we feel powerless.

And we can access a sense of certainty even in the midst of chaos and confusion.

Rely on your spiritual faith now more than ever

This is a time for us to rely on our spiritual faith more than ever. When we don’t have answers or we don’t have direction, or when we feel that our leaders have failed us, we have to become the leader within.

Tune in and listen. What you hear will heal you.You have to recognize that you, my friend, are the guru. You are the guru. No spiritual teacher is your guru. No politician is your guru. No one out there can give you the sense of certainty, magnitude and ease that is within you. It’s time for all of us to rise up to our highest potential so we can be of high service to others.

We must cultivate our spiritual connections now more than ever. We must commit to tuning in, to regulating our nervous systems and to feel better in whatever ways we can.

My favorite passage from A Course in Miracles is this:

Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?

I’ve been repeating this prayer every morning when I wake up. When we come back to our spiritual practices, we experience relief, and in that moment we send energy throughout our household and our community. That energy has a massive impact.

When we’re connected to spirit, we feel a sense of certainty, magnitude and ease that we’ve never known before. Right now we can feel a deeper spiritual connection than we may have ever known before — because when our sense of outside safety is taken from us, we have to learn how to find safety within.

When we align regularly, we can really feel calmer, safer, more centered, more certain and more directed.

How to show up as a spiritual activist

Give yourself permission to take responsibility as a spiritual activist now. You’re going to feel a greater sense of purpose, direction, certainty, ease, love and faith come through you as you start to tune in to the level of service that you’re here to bring.

Here are 5 guidelines to help you show up as a spiritual activist right now.

1. Do what feels right

Don’t feel pressured to do anything that is out of your comfort zone. Do what feels connected. When you do what feels connected, you will have an impact.

Don’t do something because you think you should; do something because it feels right. Tune in and decide: “What feels right for me?”

This is not a time for shoulds. When we focus on what we think we should do, we get anxious and frantic, and as a result we don’t make the right choices. We have to be in alignment with what feels right.

2. Serve your community

Chalk art message: "Be kinder"Recently I’ve been sharing on social media about big organizations that you can donate to for COVID-19 relief, but the most important place you can support is your community.

Order groceries for someone in need. Call an elderly neighbor to check in. If you can afford it, continue to pay anyone who works for you but can’t right now. Do whatever you can to be of service in a safe way.

You’re reading this because you are a Spirit Junkie. You’re on a mission to live your highest potential, and you have the power to serve in a magnificent way. I want to encourage you to do that. Support, serve and bring a lot of love and light to this world right now.

Your energetic contribution is significant, so take it seriously. As you elevate your energy, you serve the world.

3. Rely on your spiritual connection and don’t worry

It’s important for us to be mindful of the energy we’re putting into our environment. The collective worry is only magnifying the problem right now. It’s our responsibility to stop giving momentum to worry and start giving it to peace and positivity.

You might be asking, “How do I not worry?”

The answer is to recognize that you have a higher power. Recognize that you have a spiritual practice, spiritual tools and spirit guides to call on.

You have your breath, you have meditation, you have resources. (You can also join my free, online Anxiety Relief Workshop on March 29th for more tools.)

Rely on your spiritual connection in whatever way feels good. There’s no need to over-complicate things. Keep it very, very simple.

4. Meditate to get grounded

Woods in late winterThis is a meditation I channeled for us so we can get grounded and anchor our energy. Watch the video above or follow these directions:

Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet on the floor.

Gently close your eyes.

See your feet like roots in the ground. Visualize your feet grounding into the earth.

Take a deep breath in and feel the energy moving through you, from the top of your crown all the way down through your body. Let the energy move through you, grounding you. Planting your feet as roots in the ground.

You may feel some energy over your head, pressing your shoulders down, resting on your back, giving you a sense of real relief, a sense of grounding and protection.

The energy brings you into your most grounded space, with your highest connection to spirit.

Take a deep breath in and move that energy through you. Feel and see the energy moving through you.

Sense a hand pressing on your back, giving you reassurance, guidance and love. This is your spirit guide, your angel guide or even a deceased family member, whoever you believe is with you right now. They’re placing a hand on your back and saying, “You are safe. You are connected. You are well. I have your back. We are well. We are well.”

Recognize that there is support around you. Call on this support regularly. When you feel out of alignment and misguided, just say, “Spirit guides of the highest truth and compassion, please support me now. I need help.”

Take a deep breath in and ground more.

Recognize the power of your grounded energy now. You are empowered to wake up, rise up, and do the big work that you’re here to do as a spiritual activist.

Take responsibility for your energy, your emotions, your thoughts, your actions, your words.

Release judgment now if you can.

Place your hand on your chest. Breathe in.
Exhale, let it go.

Take a deep breath in, breathing that energy into your heart.
On the exhale, let it go.

Breathe that energy into your heart…
And on the exhale, let it go.

Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for helping us now to walk into every single home that needs support, to help the elderly, to help those who do not have the resources to support themselves financially or to support themselves with food. To help inspire anyone with resources to show up right now, to be bold, to do good work.

Take a deep breath in and release.

When you’re ready, open your eyes.

5. Give yourself permission to feel what’s up

In order to show up as spiritual activists and be of high service right now, we have to show ourselves a lot of compassion.

Give yourself permission to feel whatever is coming up for you. Watch this video for more guidance:

Join my free Anxiety Relief Workshop

Free anxiety relief workshop by Gabby Bernstein

On March 29th I’m leading a free, online Anxiety Relief Workshop. I’m committed to showing up for you right now so that you can feel good, release anxiety and show up for the world, too.

Here’s what I’ll share in this free workshop:

  • The spiritual tools I use to maintain a steady sense of peace during difficult times
  • A technique that helps you feel comforted within minutes
  • My favorite guided meditation for feeling safe
  • An anxiety relief method you can use anywhere, anytime

The workshop will air at 1 pm ET and 8 pm ET, and everyone who signs up will get access for a week. So if you can’t make one of those times, don’t worry. Just register and you’ll get it.

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Turn inward for answers

Gabby Bernstein prayingYou have the power to hear your own inner guidance system whenever you need to be reconnected, realigned and restored. Trust in that power.

Remember the mantra on the card: When I’m connected to spirit, I feel a sense of certainty, magnitude and ease that I’ve never known before.

Relying on a higher power keeps us connected to the spiritual realm and to infinite possibilities, synchronicity, and joy.

We feel clear and directed rather than uncertain and hesitant. When we encounter obstacles, we know where to turn for help and we receive divine direction.

Relying on a higher power adds richness to your life because you no longer feel pressured to figure everything out. You can let go and allow.

When we cultivate a connection to spirit, we can trust in the Universe no matter what.

I love you. Be well. Be safe. Use the tools that you have right now to show up and serve.

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