Spirit Junkie Gifts to Spread Love This Holiday Season

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I want to do something a little different with my holiday gift guide this year. A lot of people ask me about the best ways to help others on their path of spiritual and personal growth, so I want to share my answer here…

Because I believe the greatest thing you can do for others is to share what’s been meaningful and transformational for you.

If you have friends and relatives on your gift-giving list who want to grow their spiritual practice, then I want to help you find the perfect Spirit Junkie present for them!

Plus, when you share spiritual gifts with others you also enrich your own practice. I’m also including some lessons and exercises with each item to help you get the most out of them.

Spirit Junkie gifts: My holiday 2019 gift guide

Spirit Junkie gifts - Gabby Bernstein holiday gift guide 2019

1. Super Attractor + a lesson in abundance

Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein | Spirit Junkie giftsMy favorite thing about giving people books is that we can read them together and get a little book club going. This is an awesome way to connect with spiritual running buddies. It helps you get even more out of Super Attractor, and you’ll have a trusted friend to help you stick to your practices.

Plus, your manifesting successes will give each other momentum!

In chapter 3 I talk about how wanting more for others puts you into an energy of abundance, because it feels good to want others to feel good.

The simple practice of wishing for others to receive will put you into an energy of receptivity, and this feeling of abundance will rapidly begin to attract more of what you want into your life. When you genuinely want others to be abundant, your good fortune will multiply.

Click here to order Super Attractor.

2. Manifesting Challenge Gift Card

Manifesting Challenge gift card | Spirit Junkie giftsDo you have a friend or family member who…

  • Loves New Year’s resolutions…
  • Wants to make a positive change in their life, or…
  • Is curious about manifesting and wants guidance to master it?

If someone you know checks one or more of those boxes, then I’m psyched to share that you can now give my 21-day Manifesting Challenge to a friend!

If you’re taking the Manifesting Challenge, then one great benefit of this gift is that you and your friend can be each others’ accountability buddies (in addition to all the support from me and in our Facebook group).

Taking the 21-day adventure together is truly one of the best ways to stay motivated and excited as you kick-start 2020!

When you buy a Manifesting Challenge Gift Card, you’ll receive a unique code and beautifully designed voucher to print out (or email). From there, they’ll have an easy time redeeming their code and letting me guide them into turning the life they want into the life they live!

Click here to purchase a Manifesting Challenge Gift Card.

(Want to give the Manifesting Challenge to yourself? Click here.)

3. Super Attractor Card Deck + a short meditation practice

The Super Attractor Card Deck is a really cool gift for spiritual friends as well as creative folks. You can use the cards as inspiration for writing, painting, drawing, meditating, or any other type of creative or spiritual activity.

Here’s a simple way to use your deck in your meditation practice. Shuffle the cards and, if you want, call on spirit by saying, “Guidance of the highest truth and compassion, show me what I need to know now.” Then choose a card and use it as a prompt for a short meditation.

You can try this now! I pulled this card for us:

When I live and act from a place of spiritual alignment, I can trust that everything is working out for me, even if I don’t know when or how it will happen. | Super Attractor card deck by Gabby Bernstein

When I live and act from a place of spiritual alignment, I can trust that everything is working out for me, even if I don’t know when or how it will happen.

Sit comfortably and repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times, silently or out loud. If you want, you can put on uplifting or inspiring music, too. Then close your eyes and meditate on the affirmation, giving yourself permission to feel your way into it.

How does it feel to live and act from a place of spiritual alignment? What would life be like if you trusted that everything was working out for you no matter what? Spend a few minutes cultivating this feeling. You’ll raise your energetic vibration and go back to your day feeling great.

This is an exercise you can share with whomever you give the deck to. (And there are more ways to use the deck here.)

Click here to order the Super Attractor Card Deck!

4. Super Attractor Journal + 2 spiritual writing exercises

Super Attractor Journal | Spirit Junkie giftsI love that the Super Attractor Journal includes writing guidance to help you tap into your intuition. There are also mantras from the book all throughout it for more inspiration, and the pages have the most gorgeous watercolor design by my best friend, Micaela Ezra.

Free-writing prompt from the journal

Free-writing, which is when you write in a stream-of-consciousness way without editing yourself, is one of the most powerful ways to unleash your creativity and receive spiritual guidance. Here’s one prompt in the journal that you can use right now:

It’s good to feel good! Write a list of everything that brings you joy, no matter how big or small…

Take a few moments now to make this list! Feel free to share yours in the comments as well. 🙂

Write with your spirit guides

Gabby Bernstein writing in her Super Attractor Journal | morning journalingIf you have the Super Attractor Meditation Album, here’s a really beautiful practice. Press play on the Meditation for Spiritual Guidance. When you come out of meditation, open your journal and free-write the guidance you receive.

You can write at the top of the page: “Thank you, guidance of the highest truth and compassion, for showing me what I need to know.”

Then let your pen flow for 5 minutes, allowing the peaceful energy to move through you.

These are just two ways to use the journal. It’s also a perfect gift to pair with the card deck, because each day you can pull a card and then free-write on the affirmation.

Click here to order the Super Attractor Journal!

5. Spirit Junkie Jewelry by Satya

Spirit Junkie Jewelry Collection by Satya | Spirit Junkie giftsMy jewelry carries a lot of meaning for me. Sometimes it has spiritual significance, sometimes it reminds me of an important relationship or time in my life, and sometimes all of the above.

I believe what we wear should lift us up and make us feel good! So I teamed up with my dear friend Satya to create a Spirit Junkie collection for her jewelry line. There are two delicate, gold-plated “Spirit Junkie” necklaces plus the Unconditional Love Mala.

The mala combines two types of gemstone beads on hand-knotted silk: rose quartz, symbolizing unconditional love, and rhodonite for healing and inner growth. (You can click here for a guided mala meditation by Satya.)

Check out Satya’s Spirit Junkie jewelry collection!

6. Super Attractor Tees

Super Attractor tee in gold and white | Spirit Junkie giftsClaim your Super Attractor power!! I’ve added three tees to my collection:

They’re super soft and comfortable. If you have a friend who loves great-fitting tees that share empowering messages, one of these is perfect.

A fun bonus is that wearing a shirt that says SUPER ATTRACTOR is an easy way to find like-minded people and new spiritual running buddies.

Click here to see my full Teespring collection.

Give the gift of your positive energy

It's good to feel good | Super Attractor card deck by Gabby BernsteinI love giving presents. It brings me so much joy to see my friends and family unwrap gifts that I’ve chosen just for them. But if we want to make the holidays extra meaningful and happy, truly the best thing we can do is to make feeling good our #1 priority.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from Abraham-Hicks is that we must be selfish in our spiritual practice. “Selfish” here is not a negative concept. This kind of selfishness doesn’t hurt anyone else, and it doesn’t mean you neglect others in any way. But it requires you to put your joy first. You must make your joy your highest priority.

When you’re “selfish” about your well-being, you’re actually being of high service to the world. This is because the more joy you embody and the more you allow inspiration to move though you, the more powerfully you will serve others.

We can’t help or uplift anyone or anything else from a place of resistance and low vibration. The greatest gift we can give is our positive energy. So I’m encouraging you to become more selfish about how you want to feel. Trust that the happier and more inspired you are, the more you can give to your family, your friends, your coworkers and your community. Not just during the holidays, but always.

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