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  1. What perfect timing. Just yesterday I was making excuses for why not to go to Miami to attend some planned events with family and friends…excuses like low on funds, not wanting to drive three hours by myself, leaving my cats and dog…etc. But I was feeling guilty and had promised family and friends I would go. So I decided to meditate. I realized if I didn’t go I would miss out on an opportunity to have beautiful experiences..and you just reaffirmed that! How aewesome!! The Universe does have by back! Thanks Gaby!

  2. Yay, Gabby! So glad you were able to enjoy the wonder and beauty of our beautiful Lake Tahoe
    Area! You have given me a dose of inspiration…a reminder to NOT take my home for granted! Thank you 🙂

  3. Awesome–just say “yes” has been my motto for 2012 and all I can say is that the universe is just opening everything up!! I have had such experiences and gifts come my way. Allowing myself to say us has just allowed me to receive-to truely receive!

  4. Y-E-S-S-S!! Look how cute all of you are.. Makes me want to try snowshoeing (at least once). Glad there’s finally some snow!! This doesn’t exactly count as saying yes to fun & adventure but I said Yes to staying home from work this morning to spend some more quality time with my sleep & dreams in my cozy, warm nest of a bed 😉
    I’m feeling so relaxed, peaceful, & happy at this moment. Maybe I’ll get out for “nature time”this afternoon… Thanks, GabbyB! Xoxo

  5. So fun! I’m going to take that to heart and say yes to the next fun thing that comes my way. What could it be? A game of Candyland? Playing Barbies? The possibilities are endless when you have kid. And no snow shoes.

  6. Gabby this was so awesome!! Today I just said yes too it was cold and my ing said nature and though I was not prepared for the wind chill I went anyway to my meditation spot and the light was so warm despite the cold immediately I felt miracles surrounding me in the rays of light from the sun and the river flowing abundant love and quiet peace…Then I started doing yoga which warmed me right up…Ill have to try snow shoeing next..Today was a gentle reminder to DO IT ANYWAY AND SAY YESS .Lots of Love xoxox

  7. LOVED this. I watched it with the biggest grin on my face. The joy and happiness were contagious. Thank you for bringing us all into nature with you. And such a great reminder to connect with one’ ~ing and the divine through adventure, the outdoors and friendship. xo tara

  8. I love this post Gabby! Said yes this weekend to a crazy and wonderful well worth it adventure! Thank you for the much needed “not weekend only” reminder! I hope you have a truly wonderful day! Thank you for the beauty you bring!!!

  9. Hi Gabby!

    Great message! I used to be in the bad habit of always making excuses for not doing things. If I was invited out, I would feel insecure and make excuses like “I’m not feeling well” or “maybe next time.” it got to the point that people stopped inviting me out and I don’t blame them! Although it was a silly movie, after watching “yes, man” with Jim carrey, I had a bit of an awakening. I started going out and stopped making excuses and I opened a door to a whole world of new experiences! I’ve travelled to Australia by myself, swam with sharks, went skydiving (twice) and wrote a bucket list. I found this vlog really enforces that message and I agree with you 100%! Thank you for everything you do! <3 looking forward to seeing your talk in Toronto 🙂

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