How to Receive Signs from the Universe

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Are you blown away when you’re thinking of someone and they call five minutes later? Or do you flip out when the song you were humming comes on the radio? These awesome moments of synchronicity are available to you all the time.

Every moment of our life offers us an opportunity to tune in to the creative energy of the Universe and experience awesome synchronicity. @gabbybernstein Tweet it!

In this video I share one of my primary tools for co-creating with the Universe. This tool is really fun and it will empower you to know you have guidance working on your behalf all the time.

Check out the video below on how to receive signs from the Universe, and share your manifesting stories with me in the comments below!

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  1. I love the amazing moments of synchronicity. It just makes me smile so big! I have been asking for guidance about something I have been struggling with for about seven months now. I came up with a specific sign I wanted to see, and while that hasn’t come up (yet?) a LOT of other synchronicities have. Without getting too specific, the exact song I had been talking to a love interest about came on the radio later that night (and this is a very old song), I saw this love interest’s name on a coffee cup one of my friends was using, when I was thinking about him someone I was hanging out with unknowingly turned on his favorite movie, I always see his type of truck….how can all of these be coincidences? And I’m confused because they seem clear, but they’re not what I asked for. I would love to hear what you think!

  2. Thank you Gabby for your amazing work. I have a question about signs. I have been asking to see a butterfly for the past three months if my current new partner is the one for me. I have seen multiple signs every single day for the past three months of asking. This has strengthened my faith. We recently had a falling out and are currently not speaking. I am still seeing butterflies but feel as though some of his traits are flaws and red flags in a relationship. It’s causing me to question if I’ve been falsely following the signs all along.

    I even went so far to almost buy the “He’s Just That Not Into You” book from Barnes n Noble today and something in my gut told me it wasn’t the right thing to do. While I had it in my hands, I felt that buying and reading it would give me low-vibe energy, which is the opposite of being a super attractor! I made it to the front counter and when it was my turn, I turned away and went back to an aisle to really think about if I wanted to buy it or not. My eyes immediately landed on a butterfly card, then when I would redirect my focus, my would immediately land on another butterfly in the greeting cards aisle, this happened 5-6 times no matter where I looked! I took this as a sign to put the book away, and buy your Universe Has Your Back deck of cards instead. Once this book was out of my hands, I no longer saw butterflies anywhere. Just before I went to bed, I shuffled my deck of cards and the first card I picked said “I surrender to a power greater than me.” Which has a picture of a butterfly on it! My jaw dropped.

    Again, I feel like these are huge signs from the universe but after being treated poorly by him I’m having a hard time believing he could possibly be the one. Please let me know your thoughts, I want to continue to lean on faith. I would greatly appreciate your insight ❤️

    Thank you so much

    1. Lyn, when asking for a sign from the Universe, be open to all the ways in which it may show up. When we try to control or get tight around how the signs show up, we are operating from a place of fear. Deepening your daily spiritual practices is beautiful way to break free from the fear energy. My favorite ways to do this is through a daily meditation, journaling, and prayer.

      These blog posts may support and inspire you:

    2. Hi Lyn, after reading your comment it made me feel as if you are maybe misrepresenting the signs. I think it is important to reflect upon the base motive for asking a particular question from the universe. You asked if your partner is right for you or not. To such specific questions, we do not receive specific answers. The “answers” are never as yes/no. They serve as a guiding tool. After all, you are also the co-creator of life with the universe. You cannot ask whether a given job is suitable or if you should buy a house that caught your fancy. Because a straight answer would mean creating your future even before it has arrived.

      I do not mean that universe does not reply to such specific questions. It always does, as in your case too. But as I said before, what was the main reason for you to ask that question? Only you can answer that. For me, I also demanded something similar from the universe. After contemplating on my sign, I understood that universe doesn’t say “go ahead” or a red flag, instead like a mirror it turns our motivations, fears and desires unto ourselves. If you are repeateadly seeing butterflies everywhere, understand that universe knows why your are asking that question and that sign is the answer to that- and not your vocalised or externally manifested question of his suitability with you.
      This is only based from my personal experience and I believe that communication with the universe is a highly personalised act and it isn’t as simple or mundane as filling a quiz form of “yes” or “no” or “none of the above”. Hope this helps you to trust your gut instincts and the intelligibility of signs 🙂

  3. I recently lost my son. in working thru my grief i asked him to show me signs that he was near me and the way i asked him to show me was thru the appearance of butterflies. i dont get out a lot because i am disabled and cannot drive but i belong to a couple of groups on FB and i started to see butterflies everywhere! from people offering support and using a butterfly emoji in their signature to another telling a story about a butterfly following her all over the a park on her bike while a song played.. she said the butterfly flew away after the song finished playing.. and she felt compelled to post in that particular group because she thought it would have meaning to someone in that group.. so yeah.. many signs… LOL. I find this fascinating. I have asked for signs like talk about in the past. I am an empath and have this to be helpful when i am at an impass in my life… the universe has the plan and knows what is right.. ty for the video

    1. Thank you for this gorgeous, heartfelt share Karin. You are an inspiration. Sending you continued healing, peace, and lots of love.

  4. Hi all,

    I’m a French guy who gets more and more conscient using Miguel Ruiz and Eckhart Tolle guidlines. I’ve just read “the Universe has your back” and wonder about signs.

    Actualy, I have a hard choice to make in my life and I have tried to use Universe sings.
    I thought about an animal I like : lynx. Thinking about it, I remembered a French humorous film in which a fool tells his preferred animal is a hyena.
    Then, I have seen a hyena in a book read by the person concerned with my choice. Living her, I’ve seen a cat whose ears were like lynx ones.

    Do you think those indirect signs are Universe signs : I don’t want to see signs where there are none.

    I know I have to be patient and I thank Kari Harris for the answer she gave me. I continue to do meditations and to look for signs but it seems to have calmed down since…


  5. Thank you so much for your work – you have enlightened me spiritually, i never had a spiritual practice before your work came into my life during my painful divorce. After my divorce I had manifested what i thought was the perfect man for me. Things were wonderful for a while, challenging with communication but still great. I asked for signs all along the way- a particular number sequence which i saw all the time…completely organically without manipulation. This man recently split with me – I’ve come to realize our connection wasn’t as deep as i thought or wanted and that my sadness stems more from things not working out rather than from him specifically (i hope that makes sense). But I am upset about the signs. I clearly asked for this number sequence to show me he was my future, despite the challenges he was the man for me…and i received the signs YES he is! Now I’m very confused about signs – they had been so encouraging and I believed in them and now I am losing faith in signs. Much love and blessings and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  6. Long story short. I have been
    Manifesting somethinf for months now. One of them is buying/ owning a lexus car which cost $160,000 aus dollars. This car isnt as common you would see in the road the likes of a mustang or a porsche suv. Its more like seeing ferrari or aston martin sports cars. I was driving today to look at display homes. I took a wrong turn and as i pulled out onto the street i see a “lexus” car that i manifest about. Heading towards me. Then once i got to my destination, to the display house… the same lexus parked infront of the house i was in. Any ideas?

    Thank you

    1. When you ask for a sign from the Universe, be open to all the ways in which it presents itself! Seeing repeated signs let’s you know you are doing great work!

  7. I keep seeing 911 and I have no idea what this means! Not sure if it’s a sign of something good or something bad…how do I go about figuring it out?

    1. Take a quiet moment and ask yourself if this feels like it’s coming from a place of love or a place of fear. Signs from our inner guidance always come from a place of love and knowing. Fearful energy means it’s your ego talking. <3

  8. It is very interesting. I started with writing to my angels. I will usually pick a sign for YES and a sign for NO. I asked about this guy who is bit younger than me. I asked BUTTERFLIES for YES and CATS for NO. I started seeing butterfly images all over and cats being so common on that specific day i didn’t encounter any. It is so amazing feeling to being in alignment with the universe and your angels. I find writing very effective. I have a separate journal for writing to my angels. If i need a answer real quick or i am in public or where i am unable to write and ask. I will just breathe and take a moment and i will pick 2 different signs , one for YES and another for NO. I is unbelievable to see how quick you will get the response. I am very new to this but my trust is growing every day. AND interestingly out of sudden i will start feeling or laughing from inside. I don’t know but its really funny and i laugh really well and i feel really happy . Its like my guides telling me a joke or something LOL. I am loving it. I think the key is to trust. I am in the process and have positive hopes. 🙂

  9. I recently attended your workshop in Toronto. Wow. Definitely a game changer for me. I have been trying to decide whether or not to make a move to the city. I have always said I wanted to leave my small town but fear held me back. Since your workshop I have been able to recognize things naturally falling into place – job posting, house becoming available, etc. I stumbled across your manifestation video and decided to try asking the universe if i was on the right path….using your sign of owls. That evening my youngest daughter asked for my help to get something out of her tangled blankets – huge pink owl! Thought nothing of it at the time until I was standing near the bookcase and for no apparent reason, a stuffy fell to the floor. Another was about to but I grabbed it before it did….another Owl! So thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities around me….and within me. ❤❤❤

  10. I asked for the sign of a bunny. A few years ago after my father died I saw bunnies everywhere. Then I slowly stopped seeing them. A month ago I asked the universe for my sign, a bunny. It was over 2 weeks before I saw one and felt that I am on the right path.
    This morning I found a dead bunny on my lawn. I’m not quite sure how to interpret that.

  11. How do I know whether the things I’m experiencing are signs of synchronicity or just coincidences? Because things reminding me of a particular person happen daily, but I don’t know whether I’m seeing them as signs because I want to, or if they actually are signs.

    1. what you think about you create. so if the person is on your mind you’ll be guided to signs and synchronicity that will remind you of them.

  12. It is actually a great and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi Gabrielle,
    I askes for a specific bird sign.
    Last night in my dream the bird appeared twice.
    Is this a sign of the Universe or is it my subconscious playing tricks with me.

  14. Hi Gabby-

    I’ve chosen my sign to be a deer. I just always felt like it was a sign of something whenever I saw one and always felt deeply connect to them. Im curious though, can you see your sign (such as a deer) as a picture/drawing/fake deer? What if you see your sign in a dream, is it just your subconscious? Or is it a sign? Can we ask the universe to see our sign more than once to make sure it is really a sign from the universe? Or should we know when we see it the first time? I just started my spiritual journey and it is already changing my life! You have been a huge part of it. Thank you!

    1. Your sign may come in the form of a drawing, a live deer you spot in the woods, an image on TV, anything! The way to know it’s your sign is that it will be UNDENIABLE. You will feel it in your gut!

  15. I have been caring for my mum by myself for just over 6 years, since she has been diagnosed with vascular dementia Recently her condition has deteriorated. Lately I have felt the burden of her care more .So I decided to ask the universe for the strength and patience to continue to care for her at home with love. I asked the universe to send me a sign. I guess I wanted to know if it was supporting me in caring for her and supporting her in her illness. I asked the universe to send me a rainbow lorikeet. The next day I went to close the gate outside and in the tree next door not two feet away was a rainbow lorikeet looking at me . My mood was instantly lifted. Then the next day I was putting out the washing and as I looked up I saw this huge eagle just guiding in the air above me. It was gliding so low I could clearly see its face and wings. Gabby do you know what the eagle sign means. It glided above me for at least 5 minutes and I must confess I was mesmerised. I have lived in my home for 40 years and I have never seen one before

    1. Wow. That is astonishing. How did the eagle make you feel? It sounds like a miraculous experience. When I think of eagles I think of strength and courage. If that resonates with you, then it is likely the message the Universe was sending you: Yes, you are supported, and you have the courage and strength you need. Love and light to you.

  16. I was talking to a friend about feeling I’d soon be pregnant with a girl and a ladybug appeared on my arm when we were talking about it. Not long after that conversation, I found out I was pregnant and have had a worrying few weeks with some medical concerns about the pregnancy. I keep asking to see ladybugs if the baby will be ok and I’ve been overwhelmed with pictures of ladybugs coming up everywhere. I’m hoping this means all will be well! What do you think?

    1. That is a beautiful sign! Be sure to talk with your doctor/midwife and remember the Universe has your back no matter what.

      1. Unfortunately I miscarried a few days after I wrote this post. I found a dead ladybug in the garden the day it happened. Thank you for your response.

  17. Wow this is amazing! I just have read your book ‘The universe has your back’ in the plane to Singapore. I often see 11 and even in this case I got room number 11, flight chair number 11 and I even find a guy who’s favorite number is 11! But when I like to change something about myself when I am walking in the park I always see a dragonfly. So I choose this as my totem and choose it as a sign that afternoon as well. In the evening I was walking with a friend in Singapore and then I saw a lot of big dragonflies. And I mean a lot! I was so amazed, because when do you see dragonflies in such great amount? They were lighten up and really beautiful, when I was looking at my phone to search the place it said 11:11. Now this is what you can call a sign! The garden was called dragonfly bay and I didn’t know there was a garden like this! I know this is a old blogpost, but I needed to share this. Thankyou for being a wonderfull person!

  18. Thanks so much for that great post! I know the art of getting signs as I try to learn from a lot of masters and healers. They usually say we need to give the universe a strong wish as “Show me this and this sign before I go to bed, if…” but you do not think we should do that?

    Also, sometimes I get the sign and I keep asking for more, but they do not come then. Is it that I get on the nerves of my angels then ;)? I had the feeling that sometimes life guides me in brings me crab, so I always really want to make sure, I end up on the right path…

    Thanks so much Gabby! Love the new book “The Universe has your back” <3

  19. Hello Gabby! I love the Universe Has Your Back, it has been extremely helpful. I’ve been having some questions about the sign that I asked the Universe for and I’m not sure if the way I’ve been thinking is correct. My ex-boyfriend and I were together for almost 2 years and our relationship was always passionate, even when we were fighting. But we broke up about a year ago, and we came back together but not fully together and then he left again because he decided it was best to move on. I am so heartbroken. So I read your book and I decided to ask the Universe for a sign about my ex-boyfriend, if he will come back and if he and I are meant to be together. I have not been manic manifesting, I chose to let go of the outcome like you said to do in the book. I asked for the sign to be “our song” that we chose. And after I asked for that, I began to hear our song at bars, when I was having lunch with my mother, when I was eating dinner at a restaurant. And the song is on my Spotify playlist so it plays sometimes in my car and I asked the Universe to show me the exact same truck that my ex-boyfriend drives if the song plays, and I’ve see it many times on different days. I saw three of his truck during the song once, after I quickly prayed to the Universe to show me the truck, if it is the right thing for me. But I don’t know if this is right, because my ex-boyfriend just started seeing someone else. So it’s hard for me to believe the sign when reality is showing otherwise. Am I wrong to think this way? Should I be patient? I’m sorry for the long post, but I really hope that you are able to answer my question because no one really understands me. Thank you so much Gabby! <3

    1. Kayla, my heart goes out to you. It can be incredibly hard to heal from the breakup of a romantic relationship. When we are co-creating with the Universe, one incredibly important thing to remember is that we cannot control everything. That includes timelines. Follow my steps on spiritual surrender and turn over this outcome to Spirit. Practice surrender daily for 40 days. Use the cord-cutting practice to free yourself from this energetic attachment. And give more of what you want to receive. There are many relationships in our life. What you give away, you will receive. Finally, take that song off your Spotify playlist. Keeping it on there is a subtle way of manipulating outcomes — and it keeps you stuck. Sending you so much love and light. You are loved. You are supported. You are enough. xo

      1. I deleted the song right away! And I will be practicing surrendering all outcomes to the Universe daily. Thank you so much Gabby, this means a lot to me! <3

      2. I just watched your Super Soul Sessions Talk and it was amazing and beautiful. I was crying the whole time. I really heard what you said and I will be applying it to my life and prayers. You are such a blessing. Thank you for your advice and wisdom that you share to all of us! <3

  20. Hi Gabby!
    What does it mean when i asked the universe for a sign (a Lion) refarding something and now i see lions everywhere?….could it be a “sign” or was it just me attracting it necause of what i have on my mind?

  21. How do you deal with getting a sign and it not being the direction you want? You know it’s right but you still want something different. How do you let go?

  22. Hi Gabby!….thank you for responding!
    Last week i said “universe, if i should still keep hope that my love interest and i will work things out and become official please show me a lion 3 times today!”….well once i said that i looked in facebook amd bam! the logo of a lion popped out at me on a blog i read on my newsfeed…i read it almost daily but had never noticed the logo. Then, a few hrs later i logged on again and watched a video that was shared about a comedian and he mentioned the word “Lion” in his skit and a stuffed lion passed by on the screen. Well as i was driving home i passed by a school i normally drive by but i had never noticed what their mascot was….and as i was passing by their school sign i see a small lion on the corner of the sign that i had never noticed before. Ok, i dont know if i should just be assurred that i the universe was responding but after that i would see a lion often without asking -either on tv or social media. Well, a couple of days ago i was a bit broken hearted when i saw my love interest in a picture with someone else (his ex )….does this mean i should dismiss my signs or that its not meant for me?…..i did ask the universe for a different sign regarding keeping my hopes up but it didnt happen, should i just take that as a sign to just forget about being with that person?….i would really love your feedback…this is something close to my heart. Thanks Gabby Blessings!

  23. Thanks for the blog post. I had recently gone through a break up with my true love. I was heart broken and I asked for a sign from the universe to show me that he still loves and cares for me… the sign that I wanted to see was Hawaii. I have seen signs with Hawaii every single day! License plate, Hawaii islands on shirts, turtles, conversations, Aloha, Maui, etc! 🙂

  24. Hi Gabby,
    I wanted to know if there is any significance to a sign being in a fixed spot vs finding your sign in a temporary spot. By fixed spot I may mean finding your sign as a spray painting on a brick wall vs finding your sign as a bumper sticker on someone’s car where that car could just leave its spot any minute.
    The reason I ask is because I was asking for an eagle as a sign if a specific job that I had an interview for is the right job for me, and as I was walking towards my home, a sign of an eagle hit me right in the face mere metres from where I live. Now there are three of such signs plastered right next to wear I live and they weren’t there before, and whenever I leave the house I see them. Also, the next day I was walking to an appointment and, on my way back home, I decided to take a different route and, as I was walking, a sign of another eagle hit me in the face, and this eagle is a logo for a bank, so it’s in a fixed position. Also the significance of this second eagle is the location it’s in; it’s right across the road from the company that I want to get that job with.

    So do fixed signs tell a different story from mobile signs?

    Also, if a friend of mine sees my sign, does that mean anything? Or is it only me who is supposed to spot my eagle sign?

    1. That’s your sign, honey. Trust that.
      Your friend telling you about your sign is a sign too.
      Keep building your trust with the Universe <3
      Re-read Chapter 3 in The Universe Has Your Back: YOU ARE ALWAYS BEING GUIDED. EVEN WHEN IT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE IT.
      big love,

  25. Hey Gabby,

    I’ve been in the process of exploring a new job opportunity that would start in September. There’s pros and cons to the job but no matter how long I think about it, I just can’t make my mind up on whether I should except it or not. I’ve said loud and clear to the universe “If this decision is of the highest good, please show me a hummingbird”. My question is, If I do not see a hummingbird could the universe be telling me not to take the job as it has a different plan for me?

    I’d love to hear back from you,


    1. Christine,
      This is a huge life decision and if this practice is not one you’re ready to trust in fully, that is more than OK. We have to be where we are. It’s OK to have doubt, but it sounds like you need some clarity first and foremost. Here is a link to my manifesting meditations. I feel this may serve you right now.
      After this, if you feel guided to, ask the Universe again. When you deepen your relationship to the Universe through prayer and meditation, it becomes easier to listen to and trust in the guidance we receive.
      Let me know how it goes!

  26. Hi!!!….loved reading all the comments! Gives me hope!…..i have a question though, i dont want to confuse signs that really arent there. I asked the universe to show me a “lion” as a sign that i should keep my hopes up regarding a love interest. Well, even though i knew where i was driving i didnt realize right away that i would be driving towards a building i see almost daily that had a lion on its sign until i was a block away and said “oh yeahh, i just remembered theres a lion on that building” as i was getting closer. Though i always knew that building had a lion on it i didnt really think of it til i was getting close, should i dismiss that as a “sign”?…please give your advice. I just want to read “signs” correctly and not “see them” on purpose lol….thank you! 🙂

    1. I think you can take that as a sign, but if you’re doubting it, ask for a different sign. The most important thing here is learning to trust the Universe. So, in the meantime, be sure to keep up a prayer and meditation practice. The more things that you can do to pull yourself out of your head, the easier it will become to trust that you are guided. Bless you. Big love xoxo

      1. Hi Gabby!….thank you for responding!
        Last week i said “universe, if i should still keep hope that my love interest and i will work things out and become official please show me a lion 3 times today!”….well once i said that i looked in facebook amd bam! the logo of a lion popped out at me on a blog i read on my newsfeed…i read it almost daily but had never noticed the logo. Then, a few hrs later i logged on again and watched a video that was shared about a comedian and he mentioned the word “Lion” in his skit and a stuffed lion passed by on the screen. Well as i was driving home i passed by a school i normally drive by but i had never noticed what their mascot was….and as i was passing by their school sign i see a small lion on the corner of the sign that i had never noticed before. Ok, i dont know if i should just be assurred that i the universe was responding but after that i would see a lion often without asking -either on tv or social media. Well, a couple of days ago i was a bit broken hearted when i saw my love interest in a picture with someone else (his ex 🙁 )….does this mean i should dismiss my signs or that its not meant for me?…..i did ask the universe for a different sign regarding keeping my hopes up but it didnt happen, should i just take that as a sign to just forget about being with that person?….i would really love your feedback…this is something close to my heart. Thanks Gabby 🙂 Blessings!

  27. Hi Gabby

    I have been reading your book – The Universe Has Your Back, and have found it so incredibly helpful, thank you.

    I had previously been quite sceptical of the whole ‘spiritual’ world, but after hearing you speak on a podcast I decided to buy your book place my scepticism to the side and embrace it.

    One morning, after reading the chapter about communicating with the universe and asking for signs, I was sitting on a river bank looking out over the early morning horizon and began to feel a real connection to my surroundings; I decided that this was a good time to ask for a sign. As a child I had always wanted to find a four leaf clover. every time I passed a patch, my mum and I would try and find one, but we were never successful. So I decided that my sign would be a four leaf clover. I closed my eyes and I said “universe, please show me a sign that you are with me and guiding me. I would like my sign to be a four leaf clover, thank you”. I opened my eyes, breathed deeply, and felt peace. A few moments later I happened to look around where I was sitting and noticed that I was surrounded by clovers. I looked over to my left, and there, among all the clusters of clovers was one little one poking up above the rest. The light through the trees above was shining directly on it and as I moved closer I saw that I had 4 perfect little leaves. I knew then that I had found my connection to the universe.

  28. Hi Gabby – I was given your book “The Universe Has Your Back” as a present and am enjoying it immensely. Loved the part about your owls and wanted to relate that after discussing it with my daughter (we both receive many signs but had no idea that we can get specific) as we were driving to Sonoma to do wine tastings, we went to a place, our 1st choice, but it was closed for another hour. We then went to the second place, parked, only to find that there were owls everywhere! Owl statuettes outside, owls on the counter, carved wooden owls on shelves, owls owls and more owls. We couldn’t stop laughing and to us this was a strong validation to ask for specific signs. A few days later as I was boarding a flight to Europe I thought ok, I’ll ask for something a bit outrageous and thought, “how about blue cowboy boots.” And as an afterthought, “blue kangaroo cowboy boots.” Of course I found myself checking out everyone’s shoes in line and didn’t see anything that came near. Minutes later after takeoff, settled comfortably into my seat, I thought I’d watch the new Ghostbusters movie – and incredibly, there was a scene with two HUGE turquoise green cowboy boots! Those boots jumped out at me! I was stunned and thought, “Wow the Universe has a great sense of humor!” I even paused the film and took a photo to send to my daughter. Later, talking to a friend I mentioned the “kangaroo” afterthought and that this was missing and she said hang on, boots are either usually painted on leather or kangaroo (or alligator or whatever) not both. She then said, “Wasn’t the lead male, the hinge of the movie, that Australian guy?” So I got my boots AND my “kangaroo” aspect, all at the same time. Then, days later, the skeptic in me thought ok, that cowboy boots’ sign was an absurd coincidence so what about another sign – a new one – so I came up with “black hornet.” Later that same night, having dinner on some antique flowered soup bowls that I’ve had for years, I took a photo of the dish I’d made to send to a friend. While looking at the photo I couldn’t believe my eyes: on the edge of the bowl, and I’ve used these bowls many times, was a hand-painted black hornet among the flowers! Can’t make this stuff up. Thank you for being so in tune to this stuff and passing on the info, and in such a great way.

  29. I have never really commented on anything but I had to comment on this. An owl has always been a sign of my grandmother for me. When we used to talk about her, we would hear an owl in the backyard. One time when I was outside at night and had just asked for something from the universe, an owl flew right above my head, and I felt so reassured – I knew it would come true. It did the next day. Also funny that you mention a ladybug. I was with my uncle once, and he was telling me about what he called the “red balloon” test, where you asked for a red balloon in your path and the universe would present it to you. I asked for a yellow ladybug, and that next morning, I saw it right next to the bed I was sleeping in. I don’t know what this means, but I think the fact that you mentioned these two things is significant!

  30. i am pretty amazed by the sign I just received while scrolling through the comments. I was thinking about someone I would like to be with, and I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can ask the universe for a sign of his name seeing if he actually likes me too?” I didn’t think it would be possible, or thought it would take a while to find his name. Not only 5 minutes later did I see a comment from someone with the same name as him- So cool!

    Also, I watched your video about your sign being an owl. I was trying hard to figure out what my sign would be-so I asked for something that I don’t really see, although it didn’t feel right necessarily. The next day I saw an owl in a TV commercial, and have been seeing them since. Do you think this could be my sign even though I asked for something different?

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  32. I asked for the universe to show me a rose. I then went to pick up my son at his babysitter and when I arrived he was playing with their new kitten they just got, and if course they named her Rose. Then the very next day our new caseworker came over and she said our little dog looks just like her dog, named Rose. I have never before or since met any pet names Rose and then asking the universe for this sign I got 2 within a 24hr period. Pretty awesome stuff!!

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    1. I keep asking the same question because the answered outcome didn’t happen yet. Everytime I ask I see the sign I asked for. I started with asking for a specific number, after seeing this video I asked a few times but this time for a specific animal. And everytime I get the sign, no matter how often I ask. Now I’m just waiting for it to happen. Im very excited.

  35. Is it really a sign from the universe about a particular thing or is it just law of attraction manifesting the sign you’re asking for (i.e. An owl) and it has nothing to do with what you’re asking for?? I’m confused about law of attraction. Thanks!

  36. Hello Gabby and Friends,

    To make a long story short and less of a soap opera, I will try to keep this brief. About a year and a half ago I broke up with my boyfriend for a bunch of ridiculous reasons that took me about to a year to realize. I have pretty much regretted it from that very day, but at 22 felt I wasn’t ready to commit to him and wanted to do more as an adult before “settling down.” And that is exactly what I did, I moved to another state for several months, then traveled for several months, and now I’m back in my home state. Before I left we met up once for coffee and everything went well, but now he has a girlfriend. I still love him, think about him everyday, and continually thought about him while I was gone. I asked the universe to show me a sloth (his favorite animal) with in the next 48hrs, as a sign that we will get back together someday, and IT HAPPENED! I was completely shocked and elated! Its not like sloths are all over the place, so it has to be a sign. Now I’m wondering how long it will be and if there is any way to ask the universe? How do I ask for a time frame? Is that something the Universe can answer?

  37. Hi Gabby
    I have huge difficulty in reading what’s right and not right to me in life, in particular in relation to work. I’ve worked for the last 20yrs in the same job. And over the last five years the pressure in the job has become huge, both physically and mentally, to the point four years ago I hurt my back and needed spinal surgery, I recovered and was happy to go back to work but every year the pressure has grown and with it the mental and physical strain. This year I again hurt my back but surgery is not an option this time, my doctor, and family want me to stop working in this job as they and I am afraid that I may do some permenant damage, I already have weakness and muscle wastage in my leg from this injury, but I feel really guilty for not working ( my income is mostly covered by insurance, ) am I missing the signs or should I pay attention to my guilty feelings that I should try to return to work ,

    1. Did you try meditation? I meditated daily reduces my stress I am a bit like you with over load of stress and it physically mentally drains you, meditation has been my best friend for a long time and has made huge difference i highly recommend meditating see how it works for you.

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  39. Not much more than a week ago I began to think about what I could use for my ‘sign’ from the universe. Anything that I deliberately thought of just didn’t feel right. Well, I work in northern Alberta and for the first time last week I went fishing for the first time on a nearby lake. It was a beautiful warm evening not only for us but for the …. pelicans! I was astonished that we’ve got beautiful white pelicans this far north .. and that in three years I’d never heard about them. At that moment I knew I had found my symbol. At the end of the evening we discovered that a very bent fishing lure now actually looked exactly like a pelican in flight. Symbol confirmed. Today, four days later, I opened an email from a friend who had just spent time in …. Pelican, Alaska. No sh#t! I have been smiling at the universe all day and am looking forward to more pelicans in my future. So awesome.

  40. Hi Gabby

    thanks for sharing your experience and making your awesome video. I have asked for a sign within a aweek time frame. I must admit that I was so hung up to seeing the sign that either I could not see it or felt like at times that I was forcing it. Then I forgot and the sign appeared unexpectedlly two weeks later. Do you think that it is a yes sign of the universe to my question or a no because it came after the week deadline (ie it is either a coincidence or the universe is trying to tell me it is not meant to be).
    thanks for your help


  41. Hi Gabby

    thanks for sharing your experience and making your awesome video. I have asked for a sign within a week time frame. I must admit that I was so hung up to seeing the sign that either I could not see it or felt like at times that I was forcing it. Then I forgot and the sign appeared unexpectedlly two weeks later. Do you think that it is a yes sign of the universe to my question or a no because it came after the week deadline (ie it is either a coincidence or the universe is trying to tell me it is not meant to be).
    thanks for your help


  42. Hi Gabby!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome story!
    I asked for a sign within a week timeframe. I realized I was trying to look for the sign during that timeframe… Then I forgot about it and saw it two weeks later. Do you still think it is a yes response to my question or the universe showing me that because it came after the deadline it is a no… Thank you for your guidance!

  43. Found this site by accident and I love your message. I’ve bookmarked it to listen to several more times. I’ve recently been going through some crazy heart break and it’s hard to distinguish what is real between my head using logic and my heart wanting something so badly. Recently I’ve been getting very calming and peaceful thoughts that this person will come back to me sometime in the future. That somehow it will all work out. The logical side of me has been writing this off as my wants superseding logic/facts. Just this morning, prior to finding this video, I was searching information on the symbolic meaning of lady bugs and even printed out a photo of one to remind me of it’s totem. As I was listening to you speak of choosing a sign, I was thinking of lady bugs at the precise moment you mentioned lady bugs. Hhmmm…

  44. I asked for a sign from the universe to see a red robin or blue jay since I don’t see those everyday I’ve been holding on to my ex and getting mixed signals on weather I should let go or not I said if I need to let go show me a blue jay and if I don’t need to let go show me a red robin but it’s been 3 weeks and I’m now just seeing a red robin can that still be my sign ?

  45. I always ask for a blue jay. It’s a bird that is native to my neck of the woods but not one that we will see every day. I have had blue jays fly into a close by tree and even show up in a card or an agenda. The first time I asked for a blue jay as my sign, I saw a 15 foot sign for a new home development as I was driving home one day and on that sign was a huge blue jay. I asked for a sign and literally got a sign!

  46. I am open to signs, but today I am puzzled. I saw red trucks EVERYWHERE. When I was at a stop sign, there were four right behind each other, and others could be spotted coming in different directions and further down the road and then again coming home at the end of the day. It was almost comical…

  47. I’m really confused and could really use your help. I’ve asked for specific signs and have received the answers but none of it has come true. I was dating someone and he broke it off. I would ask the universe and Angels for signs if we would be getting back together please show me his name and I would be driving and his name would appear on the side of a truck. We spoke about me moving to his town before the break up, so I asked the universe am I moving to this town in my future please show me a sign. Within minutes I drove into a parking lot and I looked up & I parked next to a truck with the towns name on the side. I would receive many more like this but it’s been 6 mths since we’ve broken up. I reached out to him recently & he said the timing was wrong that we would not be seeing each other again. I’m so confused and now have no faith in the universe & it’s messages. I feel so alone as I no longer attempt to try to communicate with the universe & Angels. I fear they will lead me down the road of false hope again.

  48. I asked for a sign of a rainbow today to let me know if my entrepreneurial husband’s business would be a great success after months of hardships. Sure enough I was at Costco a few hours later only to see a huge sheet birthday cake with an enourmous rainbow on it! I want to believe this is the sign but the skeptic in me or my negative sign says no….Why is this hard? Can I ask for another rainbow…clear and definitive? THANK YOU!!!!!

  49. I took this idea and reflected on it, and decided to use in a big decision I was making at the time. I had been guided to leave my current relationship, but had allowed fear and doubt to cripple me and leave me stuck with one foot in and one foot out. Even though deep down I knew the answer, I decided some guidance from the universe would be very supportive! I meditated on it and asked for a symbol that the path I walked was true for me right now. The image of a red back spider flashed and I thought “Come on spirit, does it have to be spider?! Especially a deadly one!” I waited. Nothing. “Ok fine, a red back spider it is. But if you do need to send me one, could you please not have one crawl across me when I am driving, I would appreciate it!”
    I havent seen a redback since I was a child. But I released it and went about my life. I found my courage to act on my intuitive and decided to leave my relationship. It took a lot for me to follow that guidance. The nerves and doubt really set in when I needed to tell my parents about a week later. They loved my partner and I was terrified of judgement, disappointment and disapproval. I prayed what I was doing was in line with my heart. As I went around to my parents we made tea and I sat down to chat to them. I told them I had news. I was really nervous. Then mums face went a little white and seemed to not be concentrating. I asked if she was ok, and she said “Yes. Sorry. Its just…is that a redback spider? In the window? Which side is it on? I cant relax if its inside!”
    I went and had a look. It was all good, it was on the outisde of the glass. Fabulous.

  50. My first sign of believing in angels or spirit was when I was 17. My Nannie just passed away and that morning she passed, I remember I was sleeping and being being in a light sleep and a great force coming in me and saying “so long”. I knew it was my nannie because she never liked to say good bye but ‘so long’. In addition, my nannie always loved daisies. So, over the years when I needed a sign or to know I’m on the right path, I would see a daisy. Now at 34 yrs old I have had so many divine interventions that I am truly grateful for my spirit and angels guiding me. And I want to thank you Gabby because I currently learned about all your self help books and videos and it is exactly in a time I needed it! I am ready for a higher level change, so to speak and thank you!

  51. Gabby and beautiful community,
    I’ve been trying this lately, and not getting the signs that I hope for, however I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to learn to sit and wait when my natural inclination is to run. I used it last night though, struggling with my boyfriend making unhealthy choices in his life, and my gut tells me that he’s amazing and will get through it so I have continued to support him and encourage him, and focus as much as possible on my journey in order to allow him to do his without pressure. However it’s taking its toll, and his decisions are not getting better, so I prayed to see a Mohawk if I should accept that he is not changing and end it, or to see a koala if I should trust that he is the amazing man I believe him to be, and give him more time and love. Well I went to sleep, and in my dream I met a koala, and was able to hold it, and I remember feeling relief and joy that that meant I could give it more time. Do you feel that a vivid dream showing what you asked to see could be the sign, or is it just that I was thinking about it before I went to sleep. I am truly grateful for your opinions and hope to grow in my ability to trust myself, but I need backup on this one.

  52. there is this song that i love. its not a popular song, very rarely would one see it play on TV or radio. and recently – since i’ve made some major changes in the way i deal with some personal relationships, this song plays on the radio so often on my drive to work. i think is a sign of reassurance from the universe. i think i’m on the right path. Universe – keep them coming.

  53. Hey so I asked the universe for help with direction. It came loud and clear in the form of the elephant I asked for. Elephants everywhere I went! Should be clear right? Then why is it in my gut it doesn’t seem right? I was actually really thinking that the universe would agree with me and I would never see that elephant. I am not trusting myself, very doubtful of knowing the right thing. So technically the universe knows something I don’t? And I should go that way and trust it right?

  54. i’ve just finished May Cause Miracles and continue this path with the ups and downs….. On a moment of total discontection with my -ing i search for a vid of you. So i wached this and then asked for a butterfly (my favorite <3 ) if i am heading to the right diraction. Now a week later butterflys come from everywhere! in pictures, live, in vids, in tv commercials, in the most unexpected ways!!!!
    This is so amazing! thanks!

  55. i’ve just finished May Cause Miracles and continue this path with the ups and downs….. On a moment of total discontection with my -ing i search for a vid of you. So i wached this and then asked for a butterfly (my favorite <3 ) if i am heading to the right diraction. Now a week later butterflys come from everywhere! in pictures, live, in vids, in tv commercials, in the most unexpected ways!!!!
    This is so amazing!

  56. So I was in Hawaii thinking of this woman that I had gone out with and it ended badly. I was standing on the balcony of my hotel room and asked the universe if I should try a rekindle things with this woman. I asked for a sign in the sky (it was around 9pm and it was dark). I asked for something in the sky like a shooting star. Within ten minutes a cloud started to form about 1/4 of a mile outside my balcony. I’m not talking about a cloud floating by…I’m talking about a cloud forming out of nothing and then disappearing within 5 minutes in the exact same spot. I asked if that was my sign and low and behold…another cloud started forming in the exact same spot and also just disappeared. I have never seen such a thing and I even looked on youtube for videos of something like what I saw and can’t find anything. The only thing I can come up with is that was a sign….Has anybody had anything like this happen?

  57. hi, gabby! I’m getting crazy about heavenly signs these days! I asked for a sign and i gently gave my guides deadline to underdstand cleary the meaning. I was clear and thankful, as always. I really appreciate their help, everytime, and keep a loving relationship with them. But all i got this time was silence… And after the deadline had expired… The sign appeared several times, in different ways! Now i am very confused and don’t know if i must believe or not… What to do in this case? Thanks!!!!

  58. Gabby- I asked the universe to send me an angel a week ago but I still haven’t seen one. How long must one wait until they should decide to switch paths?
    Feelin’ bummed.

    Miss feeling lost

  59. Gabby- I asked the universe to send me an angel a week ago but I still haven’t seen one. How long must one wait until they should decide to switch paths?

    miss feeling lost

  60. Gabby- I asked for the universe to send me an angel as a sign a week ago but I haven’t seen one. How long must one wait to decide to switch paths if you don’t see anything?

  61. GABBY! I asked for a sign from the universe to let me know whether or not I’m on the right path in shifting my career right now. I asked yesterday morning after meditating AND I JUST RECEIVED IT! I’m in the middle of kundalini yoga teacher training and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have a potential job opportunity with a school food education nonprofit that I’ve been volunteering for. I keep thinking about whether or not I’m moving in the right direction with food/wellness education — because I ultimately want to be a holistic nutritionist/health coach/yoga therapist/spiritual teacher. BUT NOW I KNOW I AM BEING GUIDED! Wow, it feels fantastic. Thank you so much for this post.

  62. i have so many questions! Can dandelions be a sign? Also my husband and I were chopping dead firewood and right near us I found our beautiful roosters feathers (he was killed by a fox a few days earlier). I’ve read feathers can be very significant are they in this situation? At the time it took my breath away, I was sad but felt something else?

  63. Love it! I do this all the time, just yesterday I was feeling emotional and I had to realising to do. I did a meditation and went about my day, I did a grocery shop and I had a huge sense of gratitude that my business could fund this shop. I looked up to see this car with the numbers plates 888 in the SAME car we’re getting this year.

    What started out to be a not feeling great day ended on such a grateful space, you can turn you day around so quickly and trust that the universe has our back.

    Love it!


  64. Gabby thank you so much for this message. I looked at this message a few weeks ago at a time when I was really struggling with a situation in my life. I took your advice and asked for a clear sign from the universe. I used one of your suggestions which was for the universe to show me a yellow car. And to go a step further just to be clear that I was truly being guided, I also asked the universe to show me a pink car as well. I saw a yellow car that same day. Four days later I saw a yellow car and a pink car riding side by side!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it was really there!! Thank you so much for all you do and all of the wonderful guidance that you provide. You have truly been a blessing to my life.



  65. I watched this video a few weeks ago and felt really indecisive about 1) having a sign and 2) what kind of sign. When I saw suddenly out of nowhere everywhere cute cats and with cute cats I mean cats that appeared out of nothing when I for example was walking home and started to cuddle my legs. I guess the universe answered my quest; I did want a sign and I got a very specific one. Thanks for the great post, Gabby.

    heart Lynne

  66. Hi, I’ve had a lot of signs just lately. I have asked for myself and K to be reunited in a new romantic relationship. On a ccouple of occasions now I have had smells that remind me of him, number plates with his initials. Asked to see a pig for him or cows for another guy…got lots of pigs. An email about an offer for a writing course that I know he wanted to do so forwarded it to him.
    I keep seeing elephants tho…..I have read they mean strength and patience which is certainly what I need right now. But have also read it can mean the elephant in the room, which is his girlfriend and the reason I can’t be friends with him at the minute as I feel like it is the elephant in the room and makes things awkward. So am not sure, could really use some guidance. Thanks

  67. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for your empowering video. We have been trying to have a baby for over 2 years now and tried all possible fertility treatments. I asked the universe to show me my sign (elephant) everyday this month as a sign to show me that this will be the month I will get pregnant. I saw my sign almost everyday but did not get pregnant. I am confused as to why the universe would confuse me like that? Any advice on how to regain my trust back into the universe? I appreciate any advice you can give to help me out of this really sad rut. Thank you!

  68. God is so good! Ever since I hear your story, I owls have been popping up everywhere. I have a new job which is a little bit outside of my comfort zone- but fitting of the name “dream job.” As I was just doubting my success in this new position, after yoga a woman randomly came up to me and started talking about the place where I am to work and then mention that in her front yard she has a giant carved owl. No denying that his spirit talking to me! Thanks Gabby for all that you do. I attended SU drama with you many years ago!

  69. Hi Gabby,

    Over the last 3 months i have taken some time out of my busy schedule to really work on being the best version of myself and reconnecting deeply with my spirituality that i have been blessed with since a small child but had disconnected from slightly for a few years. I felt a huge pull to change the direction of my business to really connect with who I was and the side i was reconnecting with. This has been huge and at times quite challenging to see if I was on path or not. After seeing you here in Melbourne it felt stronger than ever, and I set off to work even deeper on myself and in this process so much change and uncertainty has occurred and i was ready to discover if i was on track to the path and the intentions i desired and after watching this video i asked for a sign of an owl that i had not seen yet, as i love owls and had only a few weeks ago had one show up out my window and low and behold only 7 minutes later to be exact I went into another blog of yours to find your Owl Prayer Parchment Poster. Wow wow wow, i had never imagined this sign to come so quickly and strongly. I am feeling truly blessed right now and thank you for being an amazing guidance to others to discover their light within. xxx

  70. Hi Gabby,
    I’ve been separated (now divorced from ex husband) sine August 2012 and we have still been doing things together as a family & he stays at my house every other weekend when it’s been ‘his weekend’ with our boys. Lately I’ve been feeling its time to separate and he take the boys when it’s his weekend so last night I asked the universe for my sign-a kookaburra (australian bird, as I’m in Australia). This morning my son turned on a child’s program on TV and a stuffed kookaburra was on and they were singing a popular child’s song we have here about the kookaburra too! If that is not a sign to tell my ex it’s time for him to fly solo with the boys every other weekend then I don’t know what is! Love your work Gabby ??????????

  71. OMG This is amazing!! after watching your video I was thinking about what sign I could choose; I was giving it a lot of thought; maybe a little bit too much and I could´t decide since I thought that I wasn´t going to receive any (my ego was sneaking in). Anywas my first option was a medical logo (the caduceus), then I thought of a dragon, and then a warrior which was my “final” choice (I thought the three of them were really hard and I really did not think so much about them). I had not received any sign and I had lost hope thinking, “I knew this would happen” (my ego again). Yesterday as I was driving I saw a caduceus but it was like a version of it and it was not my first choice so I ignored it. This morning as I was reading the first chapter The Power Of Intention by Wayne Dyer he talked about a chinesse story which included a dragon (I´ve had this book for years literally and I had never read it) I was amazed by this but again it wasn´t my first choice so I did not pay that much attention to it. He closed the first chapter with this quote “…..the spirit reveals itself with the same intensity and consistency, but only WARRIORS are consistently attuned with such revelations” Readers and WARRIORS alike, proceed in the spirit of free will to access the power of intention! OMG This left me astonished! there it was loud and clear, every sign I had asked the universe!! It is telling me I am on the right path and that it is guiding me all the way. Thank you so much Gabby for this video, you inspire me in so many ways!

  72. This is amazing!!! I was trying to think of what sign it could be and I really was giving it a lot of thought… Maybe a little bit too much. I was in between the medicine logo (cadaceus, a dragon and a warrior and I really could not decide which one! It was so frustraring cause I thought I wasnt going to receive them; I decided to stick with the warrior one. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on a car I was so surprised but it was like a version of it not the exact one (my ego sneaked in here) and it wasn’t the one I had finally decided on so I did not gave it so much thought. This morning as I was reading the power of intention from wayne dyer on its first chapter a chinesse story about a dragon came up i was surprised but again it was not my final sign. Something amazing happened as I was finishing the last chapter a quotation from Carlos Castañeda came un “…the spirit reveals itself to everyone with the same intensity and consistency, but only WARRIORS are consitently attuned to such revelations” readers and WARRIORS alike, proceed in the spirit of free will to access the power of intention!!!! wow! I am beyond surprised and exited this is a loud and clear sign from the universe that I am on the right direction! Thank you so much Gabby, you inspire me in so many ways!!!

  73. Signs – you’ll like this one. My husband had a terrible accident – multiple breaks in legs and feet – and driving home from the hospital I begged, literally, “Please restore his health.” I then passed an historic church that had been damaged by fire and saw a mammoth sign outside the church which read, “Full restoration coming.” Talk about a sign…. and my husband did heal fully.

  74. So cool … Three days ago I was meditating and just reaffirming my connection to the universe (I’ve had a long break away from the universe :(. ) so I asked the universe to show me an owl !! I have since seen one in a random newsletter one in a shop and just listened to your blog about signs with hours being the owl !!! I think I am definitely reconnected !! Thank you gabby

  75. I was planting tomatoes in the garden. I was very happy because I love being outdoors digging in the dirt, planting things. And I was having one of my “conversations” with my father. (that day would have been his BD) I asked him to send me a sign that he was hearing me. And just then a leaf landed in the center of the newly dug hole. I knew it was a sign from him. It was a poplar tree leaf. I looked around for the tree that it could have come from. And there are no poplar trees that close to our house. It’s all pines around the garden. Then I remembered this tree book of his with a Poplar leaf illustration on the front cover. I always identified that book with him, but haven’t thought about it lately. I knew he was there with me.

  76. Looking for signs of synchronicity reminds me of a good book I read several years ago and then recently reread again a few months ago. The book was called “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield. I love the concept of letting signals and/or even small coincidences guide us and remind us that we are on the right path. Gabby, thank you for reminding me to look for these things and to take comfort in knowing that I am moving in the right direction. Miracles surround us every day, it’s just a matter of paying attention to them. Sometimes we forget to tune in to these messages, but they are always there.

  77. I have been going over in my head, whether it is time relocate, being that I just relocated last year. I took your advice and ask the universe, if this current relocation is for my highest good. My sign was a butterfly, it is winter here in NY, so it would be unusual to see a butterfly. My sign took a different form. I was scrolling through my email and I usually bypass sale emails for bath & body. Something said check it out. I opened the email and the circular showed, old goodies back in stock, perfect scents for spring/summer. One of the fragrances was named butterfly something with an outline of butterflies on the bottle. I guess the universe wanted me to get the message loud and clear. I love fragrances, I want to move in early summer, and the word and visual confirmation was provided. Decision made. Thanks Gabby, for new confirmation technique.

  78. Hey Gabby! I’ve been receiving a ton of signs from the Universe ever since I was little. More recently, they’ve been bits of advice for other people. The types of signs and little whispers from spirit guides that just won’t go away. What are your tips for sharing universal signs with others?

  79. Hi Gabby. I am all about signs and the Universe always gives me what I need. There is just this one time I am utterly confused. When asking for a sign to a particular question I gave the Universe a deadline.. I had to see the sign before a certain time. As soon as the deadline was up I saw the sign.. now I am confused if this was a sign or the Universe was saying, “see i heard your deadline”
    what do you think?

  80. Oh my my! I have been struggling with a (potentially romantic) friendship. Lately, it has been so difficult for me I have been considering ending contact with this person. So I asked: if I am supposed to keep showing up for this friendship, and continue loving him and releasing him every flipping day, please show me a…mouse! Now, I knew I wouldn’t see an actual mouse where I am. It would be more likely I would see a bear or whale. So, for a few hours I was looking at bumper stickers, in windows etc everywhere for that mouse…then I got busy and forgot about it. Later that night, as I was driving down the road – a road I had driven at night many times – a mouse darted I front of my car. Clear as daylight in my headlights. I couldn’t freak out as much as I wanted to because my 15 year old niece was sitting beside me (and she already thinks I’m bonkers). But on the inside I was ECSTATIC. Not only was this a unbelievable relief for this friendship (and it is so easy to love & release him now), but I felt such joy & love. The message was clear: you are on the right path AND you are not alone. Thank you so much Gabs, this was a game changer for me.

  81. The man I was dating ended our 7 month relationship a week ago. What made him different (or so I thought) was that 2014 was the year I first started applying meditation, Spirit-Junkie style and working to change my patterns in my romantic life–and in he walked (we actually reconnected after a nearly 30 yr time period). I’m very raw and crushed, as I worked hard to keep my ego in check and to face fear for what it is–fake illusions. So I asked my inner guide for a sign that I was still on the right track and that the universe “had me” in this very sad time. I watched this video and randomly choose a Peacock as my “sign”. Following your breakup advice to feel the pain, write it out and spend time with friends, last night on the way home from dinner on the Lower East Side, I looked to my left and a huge grafitti peacock is on the wall around the corner from my house. Wow. I have a lot of healing to do, but what a great signal that the divine is looking out for me on this journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you! XO!

  82. Hey Gabby,
    Thankyou sooo much for your advise!

    I have been very up and and down this week wondering if BSchool was the right move for me as I am at the early stages of setting up a business and wasn’t sure if I should hang fire until I was more set up before even thinking about joining.

    I couldn’t think of a sign so I pinched your owl (copycat!) I asked the universe to give me a sign to show me if my business idea and BSchool was the right direction for me.

    A few days later this morning when I woke up half asleep on TV was an advert with a lady repeatedly saying owl, owl,owl I know this wasn’t a picture, or seeing an owl but I knew this was my sign I soon woke up out of my haze and felt a huge gush of butterflies in my stomach and excitement.

    So I am going to take a chance and go for the scholarship when it opens!

    Thanks so much I know this is my path now. 🙂

    Have a lovely day Rachel xx

  83. Dear Gaby

    I am a Danish woman, living in Copenhagen. From time to time I look into your videos.
    I saw the one about getting signs from the universe today. While you were talking about it I instantly knew my sign would be a tiger. I did not ask my question as such. Just the image of a tiger came to mind.
    I did think “I shall remember to ask for a sign about my job situation – should I look for a new job” but I did not ask very clearly since I was actually at work while I was doing it and I got distracted from it. Had an idea that I would do so later.
    Less than an hour later, half an hour actually, a picture of a tiger cub pops up on my screen as I am searching the net for work related Things.
    I started to cry. Is the universe really this strong and powerful? or was it a coincidence – afterall I did not ask very clearly. I know the answer to this already but I am scared and still a bit stunned by this very strong sign. My path has to change and I know it.
    I just wanted to share this since I am pretty sure everyone around me thinks I am crazy if I told them.

  84. Thank you so much for this Gabby, as always!
    Can I tell you, this could quite possibly be one of the most powerful and transformative exercises I have EVER done!
    I played around with this a few times. I meditated, gained clarity on what I wanted, and then asked the universe for (pretty obscure) signs…and quite literally they appeared to me almost immediately.
    I said, show me ‘identical twin women’ and the MOMENT I opened my eyes, ‘identical twin women’ walked past me!! And then another set of twins later that day! I also asked to be shown a Peacock and saw one on a card later that day too!
    So much love, thank you x

  85. I needed to share this. Yesterday I put out a question to the universe – I requested that if all was going right that the universe could send me a sign – the sign was a spice girls song (random, weird but I’m a child of the 90s ??) . Just when I was about to forget all about my request a character on a show (new) started singing a spice girls song! My smile was from ear to ear – I didn’t need validation, I always knew the universe had my back, this was just complete confirmation. Thank you for all that you do Gabby!?

  86. I needed to share this. Yesterday I put out a question to the universe – I requested that if all was going right that the universe could send me a sign – the sign was a spice girls song (random, weird but I’m a child of the 90s ??) . Just when I was about to forget all about my request a character on a show (new) started singing a spice girls song! My smile was from ear to ear – I didn’t need validation, I always knew the universe had my back, this was just complete confirmation. Thank you for all that you do Gabby!?

  87. I just read this post and had the most interesting thing happen. So, I asked the universe what my sign was and then rushed out to take my son to a friends house to swim. As I’m leaving, I looked up and there sitting right at the end of the other side of the pool – was an owl. I laughed all the way home.

  88. Today I watched your great video on signs. I asked the universe to show me the sign today of a butterfly if I was on the right path. I haven’t seen one? Wondering if I should’ve given it more than a day? Thanks!

  89. Hi Gabi!

    As soon as I heard your owl story of amazingness, I meditated about what sort of signs I would have. One is a lady bug, the other a hummingbird.
    Just today I had a surreal experience. In my spiritual journey, I’m pretty young and new and I’ve been actively recovering from my addictions much like you did years ago. I was heavily into partying and drinking, and sometimes I have slip ups.
    I had one last night, and I woke up and went to my fridge to grab some water, and I thought to myself, “maybe I should do a sobriety cleanse for the next few months until I relocate to New York.”
    As soon as I closed the door and turned around, there was a lady bug on the floor in front of me. I live in a place where the weather is negative 10. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!
    My angels are definitely sending their messages. Thanks you for posting your experience and helping me have more direct access to my angels to receive guidance. Some messages are loud and clear. 🙂

  90. After being so confused regarding my career path, I received a super clear sign. A friend had forward a yoga teacher training email to me when I was still trying to put myself out in the world and working with animals. This email confused me so because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My boyfriend was very clear: we had spent 4k towards my career with animals, it didn’t make any sense to spend another 3k for yoga teacher training. Made sense. I still couldn’t keep it out of my mind.
    On a cold winter day, I was walking the dog and I was going back in forth in my mind about the pros and cons about it all. It was really driving me crazy. I remembered what Oprah did when she surrendered her role in The color purple and told myself I should do the same. And I did. On my walk, I go through a park to let my dog sniff around freely and in winter, we only have a small path to walk duged into the snowy soccer field. On that narrow path, there was a folded newspaper. I picked it up and an add with the add of that very yoga studio was on the side facing down into the snow!
    I will be graduating my teacher training class this coming Sunday!
    I did listen. Because when the heavens speak to you this loud, you have to answer!
    And another amazing part to this divinely aligned situation? One of my teacher left a vacant spot for 2 classes a week 2 weeks ago and guess who started teaching them this past Tuesday on the beautiful full moon?….
    So grateful ??

  91. Yesterday as I was reflecting on how grateful I am to be teaching a kids yoga class filled with 34 students, I noticed one of the checks I received was #1111. This made me realize I’m on the right path and really took my breath away 🙂

  92. After watching your vlog I gave a quick ask to the universe to show me if I was on the right path with my etsy shop and blog. For some reason my mind kept saying blue bird and seeing a blue jay. I totally judged that response thinking I didn’t really want to see blue jays all the time 🙂 But it kept coming up for me so I asked for the universe to show me a blue jay. A short time later I was on Instagram and Giselle had posted a picture of birds in the snow – including a blue jay!

  93. Thank you so much for this Gabby , just what I needed. I have been given a opportunity to really make a buisness out of what I love doing and have been very nervous about stepping outside my comfort zone and putting myself out there . Last night befor bed I asked for a sign, I asked to see a Dragonfly. This morning out with my youngest son I turned the corner in a shop and there where two Dragonflies just looking at me !! I was so excited !! I saw another one about five minutes later.

  94. This could not have come at a better time. Thank you! I am currently taking steps to seek different employment as my current situation is not one I want to continue with much longer. Just yesterday I was advised that a client of mine would no longer be requiring my services after month end. Of course, this open space has left me with the decision to a) find a replacement purely for the income even though deep down I know it would be a bad idea or b) trust that the universe has something better in store (I am under consideration for a new job that would be perfect for me and my family’s needs at this time). My husband and I decided to give it some time and see what comes rather than rush into finding a new client, and I said a prayer last night to send me one of Gabby’s owls if I was making the right decision for our family. This morning while reading my son a book, an owl leapt off the page at me, and I immediately felt in my heart that that was my sign. Later this afternoon I was saying another little prayer for guidance in general (I have a few F-bombs I’m working on), and even before I had finished looked at the TV and saw an owl on my son’s cartoon. Awesome, right?! But just to be sure, I then said a THIRD prayer for the universe to send me a THIRD owl specifically to confirm if I was actually making the right decision to see what unfolds and not replace my client. Within 5 minutes I had my owl – it was on the sweater I had been wearing all day and hadn’t even realized it. Each time, my heart skipped, and I just had this overwhelming feeling of peace and being taken care of. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for your insight! Than you for your light! And that you for lending me those owls! 🙂

  95. In the last few weeks I’ve been searching for apartments in the area. I’ve asked to receive my sign through a butterfly or dove while seeking. Though I haven’t seen either of these things at a place that we have been looking, they have come up whenever I’m in a really stressful moment or fearful of finding anything at all. I haven’t seen butterflies or doves in months and they seem to be popping up at all the right times when I need some extra reassurance that “all will be okay”. Amazing how that happens. 🙂

  96. Hello! So I asked the universe for a sign, and wanting to have fun, I asked for a Unicorn. I got a stuffed unicorn later on in the day, when I was gathering supplies for a kids program I was running, but didn’t take that seriously, as it wasn’t super ‘unexpected’ as you said. Instead, I got bombarded by owls this morning! What’s up with that?! Thank yoU! <3

  97. Hello Gabby! In the video on manifesting, you said if we do see our sign, then we are NOT going in the right direction? So I asked to see a manatee if I am making the choice of higher good, and saw a manatee. I was just a little confused as to how to phrase the question and if the sign means positive or negative choice in the right direction. Thank you!

  98. Hi Gabby,

    I saw your video and thought that this is a great advise because I’m looking for a job right now and could use some signs!
    So first I was thinking what my sign could be and than it hit me that I already choose a sign years ago: a phoenix! (I just really love what it (could) stand for and still what a Phoenix tattoo) 😉
    So I ask the univers for a sign and 30minutes later, when I was searching the Internet for a movie I could watch I saw the title of the movie Phoenix (the city).
    And when I asked for an other sign a few days later I found it in an magazine in form of Joaquin Phoenix!
    It’s not exactly the signs I imagined but what the hell, I take it !!!!!

  99. I just had to share this because it JUST happened. I have been having a tough time lately with an opportunity that came my way back in December that I REALLY want to work out and haven’t had any movement on lately so i after watching this video i asked the Universe to show me a monkey if this was the right path of the highest good for me. I was frustrated because i didnt see anything all day yesterday and super bummed out. I finally forgot about it and wasnjust scrolling through instagram… And this is what i saw
    Look at that adorable monkey face!! Woohoo!!

    Thank you Gabby!! I needed to let go and allow! Thank you thank you!!

  100. Hi Gabby – I was a little skeptical but thoroughly interested and excited reading this article as I feel like I never get signs. The next morning I wrote in my journal pondering whether or not some changes I recently made were putting me on the right path. Later that morning I came out of the shower and saw a feather on the floor outside of my bedroom door where there was no chance of my missing it. My dog is always bringing in things but usually leaves, never a feather – this was uncanny – and exciting!! I got quite emotional.

  101. I have used the song Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen when I need a sign. So today I asked if a certain person I have tremendous feelings for would give me a 2nd chance. I asked that that Thunder Road come on the radio with in 3 songs and I would know that I have a 2nd chance and sure enough, the third song was Thunder Road. I’ve done this before and that song always comes on if I really need an answer from the universe. I don’t request answers often but when I do, my request for a sign comes thru crystal clear.

  102. After watching your vlog, a fish popped into my head. So I knew my sign was a fish. I asked the universe my question and later that day I saw the word fish. I was confused, was this my sign? I’m new to this so as I was driving to my cycle class I said “universe, I’m new to this, I’m waiting for a clear symbol of a fish”. My 90 min cycle class was ending and my instructor shows videos while we cycle. The video had come to a extreme triathlon and they showed a close up of a competitor. On his wet suit in big letters was “Sail Fish” with a symbol of a fish. I was laughing and got SO pumped! I got it universe, thank you! Thank you Gabby for being in my life and sharing this beautiful precious gift with us! Always in health, Kelly

  103. Gabby,
    I felt guided to your podcasts about two months ago and now I watch every week. I watch and rewatch. I am at a point in my life where I am looking for answers to life’s biggest questions including who God is and what how life is meant to be lived. I do not know if anyone here or you could answer another question I have. You have answered me before in another post. I am a seeker and I am very new to this spiritual path. I was wondering, if you would not mind answering me again, what do I read now that I have been watching your videos and beginning a new spiritual path? I understand it is random (I have asked for a sign myself tonight from my guides, angels, and from the universe. I am just looking for my next step.

  104. Today, I had my notice to hand in to my current employer, I needed a clear sign that it was the right time to hand it in and end this contract. Driving to my workplace the vehicle in front of me had a license plate that read – MOVE ON, in different letters and numbers. Such great clarification! Thank you Universe! xxx

  105. I’ve been having a nagging feeling to pick up your book, Miracles Now, and start reading it again. It was bothering me for 3-4 days. My husband is in constant pain and i’m his primary caretaker along with being a working mom and have a 5yr. old. Yesterday I kept thinking (and wrote in my journal) how unsupported and alone I felt by family and friends. Right before bed I picked up the book and the bookmark was on #3 To feel supported, you must support yourself. I knew it was a sign and must of read it 3x last night and this morning! It was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much

  106. I am new to asking and listening to the universe. If you ask to see a sign like an animal and see it in any form, that’s your answer? Like instead of seeing the owl, you come across the word randomly.

  107. Hi,:-)
    I’ve done a lot of give me sign if…. and so sometimes getting confirmation from a friend, from reading something somewhere, but I never thought about asking for a specific sign, for now it is going to be a butterfly! So much simplier then trying to analyze if that is a sign or not?!?… or trying to make something a sign that might not be one….

  108. My sign is a butterfly and a rainbow! And I see them in real in the most crazy places and situations. A couple of months ago I had to go back home to Europe very unexpected and therefore to leave my place of heart, Australia (Byron Shire). Which was very hard because we had nothing back home anymore and to start all over again. The morning we left there have been 2 rainbows all over the sky. Then I knew we are on the right track and it has to be somehow, it it will turn out well for us.

  109. Hi Gabby

    I have recently started following you and reading your book May Cause Miracles. I am on Day 3 and looking forward to this journey!

    I saw this video yesterday and asked the Universe for my sign. What happened was really unexpected because I thought I would get a dragonfly since that is the symbol I use for anything spiritual. Turns out, it must be Large dogs! I got home yesterday and the two times I went outside, there were Large dogs being walked right next to me. There are never any large dogs in my neighborhood and Ive never seen these dogs before. The fact I saw two of them i one day.. I think large dogs are my sign.. it..but.. what do large dogs symbolize?

    I am so thankful to have found your book and website, it is really changing my life. 🙂 much love!

  110. I have been doing the May Cause Miracle work while on a leave of absence from my good stable job at a school I have been at for 15 years. Yesterday, I watched the video and later, asked the universe if now is the time to leave the stable good job to pursue my passion and talents in landscape design (commuted to nyc for three years for this study, and have been freelancing for several years). I have a few signs…for years I have seen the number 711, freaky to me until someone only recently told me it was an angel number, and last year the otter appeared in my life…and when I looked it up, sure enough, it spoke to me…fluid, playful, changing, fun. So, later in the day yesterday after I set my question to the universe, I checked my email and a message from my boss appeared, asking if I was returning in March and was I going to be full time next year. Ugh. Good thing I am working on the relationship section of the book. But, wow, the questions were right there. Then, later I was cleaning up my kids books and I quickly opened a mammal field guide up to put a torn page back in, and guess what page I turned to? Yep, the otters. Still struggling with the financial aspects, and skeptical that my mind didn’t just make this all up…then other parts of me says you will be ok…go for it! The universe has my back, right?

  111. Gabby! Guess what I was writing about when this lovely little email popped into my inbox? And I quote: “Keep track of all the divine synchronicities you encounter. Take note when the right people show up just when you need them, someone calls you as you are thinking about them, you open a book to the exact words you need at the moment, and any reoccurring number sequences. Don’t write these instances off as random occurrences, witness them as divine synchronicites and direct messages from the Universe.”

    So so good:)! Thank you!

  112. Hi Gabby,

    if I know what my sign is – is it recommended to by things with it? I feel the urge to buy jewellery or a shirt or at a least a coffee mug with my sign!


  113. Hi Gabby
    I have a crazy sign story for you. So two days ago I prayed for something and asked for a sign. I wondered where is my sign and what is my sign? Nothing felt sign-ish. That night I had a very vivid dream that involved a red macaw and woke up at 2h30 (I know right?!) and knew right away that it was my sign. I thought, wow, that is VERY specific but okay, it it is red macaws, who am I to question. Naturally I spent the whole of yesterday on the search for a red macaw. I thought maybe I was wrong….

    This morning I went to pilates and on the mat where we leave our shoes was a child’s puzzle with a red macaw at the centre!!!! There was my sign!

    Needless to say I have been on a high and squawking just like a red macaw!!!!

  114. I watched this vlog the other day after hearing a song on the radio that reminded me of something from my childhood. When I hear the song that I heard, it automatically makes me think of another song that reminds me of the same memory. I shared my liking for the songs with my co-worker friend and it turned out that she loved the same songs as I did and that it also reminded her of her mom when she was younger. Then I got this e-mail and watched the video and shared it with her and went about my day. After work I went to a yoga class and the song that I told my co-worker that I also loved, but wasn’t the one we heard at work, came on while I was waiting for class to begin. I took it as I am on the right path. I texted her that the song came on and she laughed at the synchronicity. 🙂

  115. I asked for a sign of a balloon to indicate that I am making the right choice in quitting my job in search of a new one. I’ve set a quit date, hoping a new job comes before then. At dinner this evening, a little girl carrying a balloon ran into my table and giggled as she scurried off. It felt like a warm embrace from the universe.

  116. Oh my gosh Gabby, I watched this video last night and I knew immediately mine was a feather, it just came to me. I asked the universe last night for a sign and I then left that thought. This morning I had to duck out of the office and on my way back I happened to glance down and there in front of me was a huge perfect feather laying on the road! It gave me goosebumps all over! Such an amazing sign. Feathers! Love it!

  117. In 2012, I let my dream of music fall completely out of my life and sunk into a depression and a life-sucking job. Driving home, I cried nearly every evening… but one day I got sick of it and asked (yelled, in my head) GOD, I can’t do this anymore! I like words, so if music is meant to come into my life, give me something I can.. READ!

    The car to my right moved and revealed a white car with the plate “VOCALS.” Before my skeptic mind could dismiss it, the next car pulled in front of me boasting the plate “Be-TRU-2-U.” No fighting that, right!? 4 months later, I arranged everything with a studio I loved in Philly, quit my job, got a subletter, the whole nine. Driving to my very first recording session, beachy blonde whipping in the wind (legit started thinking “man, I really got blonde”), and with that a tour van pulled in front of me boasting the tagline ” Blondee’s – Dreams Do Come True.”

    I still can’t really fathom it, but that summer (2013) I finished recording and released the CD Feb-14-14. Coming up on my year anniversary (!), I’m searching again for breadcrumbs about what steps to take, what risks to take (like posting this), am I in the right place, and here your email came – true to form- at the perfect time. Thank you, Gabby, for the reminder, and for all you do to bring us out of our minds and back into how exciting life can be.

    Love to everyone, and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  118. What could a dove mean? There was the most beautiful white dove on my front porch the day we were moving in our new house. It was very odd. We never see doves here.

  119. I see signs around me all the time…for instance, when I see the number 3 in a series (as in 3:33pm) I know that my late husband is trying to remind me that he’s still loving me from the other side. If I’ve been considering a purchase and more than one person in un-related circumstances starts to give an opinion on the item I’m considering, I take it as a sign the “universe” is trying to get my attention to deliver information I will find useful. I have learned over time to have confidence that if I need something, it will be provided at just the right time. However, I never thought of ASKING for a sign. This is brilliant! I am going to start this immediately! Thank you Gabby!!

  120. I asked the universe a question and asked for a sign of a lady bug. So the next day, I go to fix the heat at my place of work and there is a lady bug which is strange in the middle of the winter in NJ but the ladybug was dead. So, what does that mean?


  121. Hey Gabby,
    So I have just started a spiritual business, doing intuitive coaching. One area in particular is coaching clients who have Trichotillomania (its a disorder where you have urges to pull-out your hair). I have had this on and off for many years and after re-discovering my spiritual connection and meditation have I been able to heal the causal thoughts associated with it, and my passion is to help others. I asked for a sign in meditation if I am on the right path doing this work. About 15 minutes later I went downstairs to start cooking dinner. I turned the tv on and there happen to be an episode of strange addictions, which I never watch but wondered if they had hair pullers on it. Well it was the last few minutes of the show and a girl comes on and talks to her therapist about Trichotillomania. At the end the screen goes black and they write a few sentences about the story of the girl. Well the girls name is the same as mine and spelled exactly the same way and talks about her life long journey of recovery and healing. I had to stop in my tracks and think wow ok Universe I am listening!
    thanks so much for all your wisdom,

  122. Gabby,

    I saw you in NY last Friday with one of my best friends and business partners. I’ve found you at just the right moment in my awareness journey. Naturally.

    Today, in meditation, I decided that I would ask the universe for a sign as to whether or not I should be pursuing two investors (in my company) that I’m just not sure are in it for the long haul. I assumed wooing them would be easier. My sign was a rainbow. Near and dear to me after a miscarriage years ago. Just minutes ago, after assuming the day was ending and I might not get my sign, I opened a mindfulness magazine to a page with two rainbows and a headline about happiness in disappointment and the pressure we put on ourselves with expectations.

    I should have trusted. But thank you, God (and gabby!) for being at my side!!

    Hugs and thanks,

  123. After watching your video I meditated and asked the universe to show me a bunny if I should follow through with an idea for a business venture I’ve been having. The next day after forgetting about it I randomly went to look through an old box of junk and a stuffed bunny literally popped out in such a way that my mom who was with me even commented, “looks like this bunny is trying to get out of the box.” Enough said.

    You’re amazing, Gabby, and you’ve made SUCH an impact on my life after I came across your books 6 months ago.

  124. Hey,
    I am Ronahi from Germany.. Everytime when I have a bad feeling my heart makes a loud boom booom.. 8 years ago I get a heart chain from my oncle. Two years ago I get a heart chain jewelry from my granmother. Two days ago I get a ring with a heart.. Everytime when I get jewelry with a heart sign some of my family died…

  125. Yesterday, after watching your vlog, I told my husband about it and asked him to think about a sign. And that it’s going to reveal itself in the next days. As he didn’t have a clou, I gave him examples like your owl or any other animal.
    Today I asked him if he already saw his sign and he told me that the sign he chose was not as simple as an animal.
    For a second I was puzzled, and then asked him if he chose a falling star with a huge tail.
    He was shocked, cause that was his sign. No kidding!
    I so so love it! Thank you angels, thank you universe!!

  126. I LOVE THIS!
    Amazing that I found this post, as I’ve been talking about signs a LOT lately. I have a few different signs. What’s confusing me is, what does which sign mean? I have been asking for signs in a few different circumstances in my life – but I’ve never really been specific about what I wanted to see. Lately, I’ve been finding dimes in the most random of places. Also, lights and streetlamps will go out exactly when I walk or drive under them. And I see the number 11 or 11:11 ALL the time. The only sign I am 100% sure of, is that seeing a butterfly is my Nana in Heaven. I’ve even seen one right after I thought about her – and there was SNOW on the ground! My question is which signs are which – or am I just confusing the Universe?? lol

  127. Something so cool just happened. I’m a divorced Mom who’s carried a torch for her high school sweetheart for years. We recently started dating again and are spending this Valentine’s Day together, just us and our kids – it’s our first since we were teenagers.

    I asked if it was for the Betterment of the Universe for us to make it work, to show me – of all things – a pancake. Because every Valentine’s morning as a child, my Dad took me out for pancakes, and it’s something I do with my daughter to keep tradition.

    Anyway, I just cleaned out the console of my car and found a receipt to a diner my HS sweetheart and I went to. Called American Pancake House (I didn’t know the name of the place)… and on the receipt, two orders of pancakes. Aww. <3

  128. Thank you Gabby, your an angel/owl sign for us all! Your beautiful spirit & light you share is truly uplifting to the world:)

    I love signs from the universe..and know when I asked for guidance in October 2014, that there was a reason your light, Kris Carr, Mastin Kipp & Marie Forleo (& so many other inspiring peeps came into my life shortly after;)

    Thank you for the amazing ‘Crazy Sexy Miracle’ talk on Friday 1.30.15;)

    Another sign I was open to was having clear insight & guidance from yourself & Kris Carr about this new enlightened 1st book that my inner guide has given me to play with!

    I’m so thankful for your advice & for me to continue to stay ‘open’ to this new lit road that has been given to me…

    Who knows what will happen with it, but I wiil be open to my guidance & lead with love…

    Thank you sweet spirit angel!
    Hugs to you- Jade;)

  129. I know it’s time for me to transition careers, and I had an idea of what I wanted to transition to, I just wasn’t sure. Honestly I’m scared to pursue the business idea. So I took your advice and asked to see a feather if I was supposed to move forward with the business idea. I even set a time limit of 48 hours. I didn’t need the time limit. Two hours later I saw my first feather scanning social media. An hour later something was poking me in my couch and I pulled at it – it was a feather. I saw my third feather an hour after that again scanning social media.
    So amazing.
    I received this post at the perfect time, so THANK YOU for sharing it exactly when you did!

  130. I get so frequently the 11:11 sign…
    Today I´ve asked to see a baby deer as a sign of manifesting..I am still waiting to get it..maybe Universe is redirecting…

  131. I just thought of another cool moment – I was walking out in bush one day and I asked to see my spirit animal and it wouldn’t have been two minutes later a white wild nanny goat jumped out in front of me. She looked at me and then trotted off to join her nanny friend and babies. That was cool. My spirit animal is a goat lol.

    I see a lot of three’s and things happening in three’s too – what’s the significance of three’s?

  132. I see a gentleman who is such a beautiful soul, who I briefly dated. I made him an idol, tried to control the outcome of every interaction and thought he was too good for me, and totally sabotaged myself. I treasure the relationship we had for fond memories but also he was my greatest teacher, because although I made all my classic mistakes I recognised them (albeit I didn’t listen until playback after) And I think I see him as a reminder to value myself. I see him without fail once a week, just in passing. When we talk at social engagements he is warm and engaging. And I am still slightly terrified of myself around him but I’m getting there.

    Also (this is the cool one) I had my second bout of alopecia whilst dating him and I would run my hands through my hair and ask it questions (bear with me). If the answer was no my hair would shed dramatically (fear response) and if the answer was yes (true to my authentic self) I would run my hands through my hair and none would fall out.
    I’m now semi universalis but it’s all growing back because I’m trusting life.

  133. Wow! So I took an oracle card today & it came up with the same message as last week: freaky! Then today I asked to see a bird if my new ecourse I’m writing is the offering I need to be providing. I’m at home today with an injured leg & I knew I wouldn’t get out. I live in a high rise & NEVER see birds here.

    I went to my balcony- the curtains were blowing a gust & I just knew I needed to go. And there it was: a bird as quick as the eye could see darted past. I almost thought I imagined it, it was that quick & fast. Almost injured my leg further by falling over!


  134. Wow,
    After reading this post today I started thinking what my sign might be? I asked the universe if the guy I have just met is worth investing my heart in to. I was picturing sunflowers as this brings me happiness. I went about my day then went to see my healer for a session. After I sat up and turned around to her I realised she had an owl on her shirt!! Perhaps the owl is my sign aswell??

  135. Hi everyone. Everything people want the universe always can bring to, but they need to can see it. It come from even you don’t care it. To understand them, you should remember everything happen with you also have reason, right for you, fit with you, it might is good by you doing right, it might is bad by you wrong but give you lesson necessary. Always serious ask what does this mean for us. That is the signs from universe for things we want, we attention, we wish. Thank for share good topic Gabby

  136. A beautiful synchronicity:
    I saw the title of this vlog and thought to myself that owls and 1’s, especially 11:11 are signs for me. Prior to you mentioning them in this vlog. Love how the Universe has our back. <3 xoxoxo

  137. This is absolutely wonderful Gabby! Thank you ! I appreciate your energy. Very helpful… I always look for signs in everything in life but this video suggest I get more specific. Definitely trying this in the morning. Have a great night.

  138. I LOVE THIS!
    So awesome that I’m reading this post. I’ve been talking about signs lately and my confusion isn’t the signs themselves. It’s interpreting what they mean. I have been seeing dimes in the most random places ALL the time. And I see 11:11 a LOT! Also, lights and street lamps will go out when I drive or walk under them; which I used to find coincidental but the frequency of which this happens is more and more. The only sign I’m 100% sure of is that butterflies are my Nana in heaven. I’ve even seen one when there was snow on the ground right after I thought about her!
    My question though: How do I interpret these signs. I have asked for signs and guidance on many things. Which is for which? I’ve never been specific when asking. Am I just confusing the Universe? Lol

  139. Hi Gabby-

    This morning I watched this and liked the idea of seeking confirmation from the universe by asking it to show you a sign during the day. I never think of or see owls, so I decided to try it and use your owl motif. I asked the universe to show me an owl if I was on the right track with my essential oils business and lo and behold, I get the following message out of the blue from an old friend just now:

    I’ve begun my fourth book titled, ‘White Owl Medicine,’ which focuses on the shamanic work I do and explores stories of sessions I’ve had with clients. I’m 3 chapters in and it’s good! I’m so excited.

    I have shivers…..

  140. This is amazing! Right before I watched your video this morning, I was reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. He was talking about muses and how they inspire our creative process. So after your video I asked the Universe to show me one of the 9 Greek muses today. After work, I reluctantly dragged myself to the gym and recognized Tali, one of the Astrotwins, at my very gym in Seattle. I’m a huge fan and talked with her for a few moments. It totally made my day and blew me away with the magical mystery of this sign. Thank you for teaching me to ASK for a specific sign. Incredible!

  141. Hi Gabby. Even though I am an avid spiritual believer I couldn’t believe what happened immediately after I watched your video How to Receive Signs from the Universe. I selected the Eagle as my sign because it is one of my spirit animals and it reminds me of the person I put in a special request for. Then I did as you recommended and asked for a sign that my adult son will find a job that is suited for him within the next year and that he will be content. I left it at that and went about my morning business. Within ten minutes an image of an eagle appeared on my computer screen. My heart soared and I let out a big sigh of relief. I’ve been so worried about him. My faith remains strong. Thank you so much for sharing your special gift. Peace.

  142. I love this. Your Vlog was a sign in itself! How long do you wait for a sign? I tend to want to act and I am working on developing more patience. But I don’t want to wait in hopes for a sign when the sign isn’t coming. So how long do I wait?

  143. Two weeks ago I was listening to your video on honoring your intuition and I was leaving work. I put in my home address in waze and was taken a route home over Laurel Canyon that it had only suggested once before (in over a year) and ended up taking me a route that would have passed by the Kundalini yoga studio, Yoga West where I got my Kundalini certification but hadn’t been in awhile since I moved to the South Bay! It was at 7pm on a Thursday which is exactly when Guru Singhs teaches and I felt like the universe was guiding me to his class and I was being told to honor the guidance from your video! I looked it up and he was in town but I didn’t have a yoga mat or shoes in the car but I knew I had to go so I used a Mexican blanket I had, changed into gym pants I had in the car and walked barefoot into class! I always get amazing downloads from Guru Singhs class and this time was no different and I got clarity and felt incredible after. I was so excited that I was guided by your message to honor my intuition and didn’t ignore the signs of the universe, it was the coolest thing ever! I also have been receiving guidance from the angel numbers (111, 444, 777) and have seen owls three times in the last few weeks after hearing you speak about it! So rad! Love this message and I am going to start asking for signs! Xoxo

  144. My grandmother appears to me as a ladybird (I know this as after she passed I was quite sad sitting in my car in a carpark and a ladybird appeared)…recently I had’t seen her for a while and I was in the fruit and veg market. I walked past the silverbeet and then stopped and walked back…on the bunch I picked up was a ladybird.
    Then a week later I was driving out of my garage and on my windscreen was a ladybird crawling across the glass. My grandma is all around me…it’s amazing! She has appeared after many main events…my children’s birthdays etc. The other day I also had a dragonfly come into my house….and now I have another sign! So thank you for acknowledging the signs and for mentioning my grandma (the ladybird) x

  145. Gabby- A few months ago, a friend of mine, who knew I was frustrated with where I’m living, asked me to describe my perfect house. I found a house that’s ALMOST perfect, but will be an investment and a financial risk. The past week I’ve been saying, “How will I know the right answer?” And was talking to my mom about feeling like the house itself was the answer to a wish, but I wasn’t certain, when your email popped up in my inbox. Now I’m waiting for my sign. Thank you so much. Your approach has changed my approach to life!

  146. Thanks Gabby! I am sorry I havent red the 84 comments but can you say something about time? Should we expect a sign in the next 24hrs? Week? Your though. Mahalo! Sat Nam!

  147. So crazy! I closed my eyes and asked the Universe to show me a Lion. I opened my eyes and there was a lion on my son’s cartoon he was watching (which is not a usual thing on the show). Mind=blown.

  148. On my birthday I asked for a sign that l would be able to clearly see it was meant for me that my life was on the right track. Two hours later on my way home from shopping I turned to my left and saw the most beautiful rainbow. Things are just falling into place. Happy me!

  149. Ok, update: I am officially freaking out! I’m somewhat of a skeptic about these signs because I think they might be coincidence. However I put my question out to the Universe at 3:56 pm today asking to see a bear sign if I was on the right path with my latest art series…I put it out there and thought I’d be open to seeing a bear for the next couple of days and hopefully get an answer either way. At 4:17pm (the same day!!) I was on doing some online research and I clicked on a link that took me to a page which had a big bear statue on the header! Then I noticed a smaller picture of a polar bear also on the page. The page had nothing to do with bears, I was so shocked but still thought it could be a coincidence – so I said out loud “I’d have to see at least one more bear before I could believe this is really a sign” and as I said that I scrolled down and voila! another bear, a black bear photograph. I’m totally blown away, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for this amazing gift of communication – it’s so wonderful to know that I am on the right path!

  150. I watched your empowering intuition video the other day and thought about what my sign would be- either be an eagle or a raven, and asked to be shown these signs for confirmation. So then I was riding my bike to work a few hours later and something unfurled itself out of the trees 2 feet above my head- I looked up it was was a HUGE EAGLE!
    A few minutes down the road a raven flew by.

    Unreal. I’l listening universe.
    Thank you Gabby.

  151. (Sorry for the duplicates, I have the Internet hiccups.)

    So at first I came to this video for clarity on whether or not to get a puppy. Then Gabby mentioned puppies in her video, seemingly randomly. It made me giggle. Then I said to myself, well, if it’s for the Betterment of the Universe I get a little critter, then I’ll see a hot dog (because the puppy is a Dachshund). Lo and behold, on my daughter’s cartoon, two superheroes lounging around a hot dog cart. Doggie on the way!

  152. Hi!! I loved this! I have strangely been looking at the clock at either 11:11 or 1:11. Should I take this as my sign?

    I have never asked for a sign so wondering should 11:11 be it or something else? I today asked for a bird to be my sign. If I see 11:11 though…..!!!

    Sarah x

  153. Love this Gabby, so inspiring.
    All my life I have had dreams about bears. I have a big question about my creative business that I’ve been struggling with- so I’m asking the universe today to bring me a bear to let me know if I am actually on the right path. I’ll let you know what happens!

  154. Wow! Love this Vlog. I am currently going through a phase where I have to make a lot of important decisions so advice will definitely help me out! Thanks so much:-)

  155. The more that I meditate and pray, the more signs I receive from the angels and the Universe. Lately I have been seeing foxes everywhere (pictures and just the word fox), and in the past few months I have seen three real foxes that have come out of nowhere right after I have said a prayer, two of them even stopped in their tracks and looked directly at me. I knew they were spirit guides. I live in a suburb of NYC and not somewhere rural so it is quite unusual.

  156. My little brother was killed in a motorcycle accident 18 months ago. He was a lieutenant in the fire dept in FL (for 11 years, at Station 11 in Kissimmee, & his fire fighter number was #111). Anyway….after he died, fire trucks seemed to be coming out of nowhere…but, I live in NYC (where there are LOTS of fire trucks) and I thought I was forcing it…so I gave “seeing firetrucks” up as my sign. Then about a month ago, I was having an especially tough & emotional morning. It was an unusually quiet morning with not alot of people or cars on my walk to the subway, so I felt comfortable crying openly. Anyway, with all of the spiritual work and massive praying I’ve been doing, I felt all of a suddenly felt very frustrated and angry at God and yelled out loud (in my head)..”God…do you even F’ing hear me?!?!?!?!”. I then took about two steps to the corner and a firetruck (Engine 44) came ZOOMING past me…literally, out of nowhere. Anyway…I started laughing and realized that God definitely has my back (as does my little brother!!!). So, now firetrucks, firefighters, & any combo of 1’s are my signs that I’m on the right track. PS) (CRAZY) Side note – My brother lived in FL, and had never come to visit me in NYC. When I went to help his wife clean out his t-shirts (firefighters have thousands & often trade with other FF’s)….the only two t-shirts (out of 17 huge lawn size bags) that he had from NYC fire stations were from Rescue 1 (of the TV show)….and Engine 44 (the super small, one garage station that is 2 blocks from my apt….and the truck that zoomed by me!). Trust me…our angels hear us & are with us.

  157. Thank you for the video Gabby!
    My signs are usually a heart shaped things… it could be garbage on the ground that’s sort of in a heart shape, a dough I’m kneading turns into a heart shape (I’m a baker ;)), I also collect heart shaped rocks when I’m on vacation, etc. Whenever I see them I know I’m on the right path and it’s a reassurance that Universe is guiding me…
    However, lately I’ve been struggling with a job search and truly feel I’m not where I’m supposed to be, I keep on going back to the times I was the happiest and fulfilled, not here… I also haven’t seen my heart shaped signs in a long while and so I have decided (after watching this video) to ask the Universe about the move-away-from-here decision I’m contemplating and asked for a different sign this time around – an anchor… To me it means stability and home… and that’s really what I’m looking for now, to settle down, to have a home… I trust the Universe and will wait for the anchor to show up! Please send some good ‘waves’ my way! 😉 All the best to you, Gabby! Thank you for being here for all of us!

  158. Gabby,

    The past few years I have gotten many signs from the universe and they have led me to many different aspects of my life even when I didn’t even know they were coming to me. Often it’s a butterfly that I look for because butterflies have been my sign for many years! Sometimes it is a song off of a CD that one of my dear friends made me. This shows me that I am in the right place doing the right thing. It brings a smile to my face whenever it happens. Thank you for this video!

  159. Hi Gabby, I am wondering how long we should wait for the sign? I guess I don’t want to give up too quickly but also want to accept – at some point – that I haven’t received my sign and that is ok too. How long is too long?

  160. Isn’t this principle simply called “focused attention” and is described in every highschool psychology book? Once you buy a particular car, you start noticing so many cars just like yours passing you by… not really a universe talking to me, just my mind playing with me.

  161. Whilst sailing on W coast of Scotland I was up early and taking the helm whilst the others were asleep in the cabin. I asked for a sign to confirm I was pregnant as I was feeling like I might be. A short time later a whale turned over about a meter from the boat and exactly where my eyes were rested on the water. I have been sailing these waters for many years and never seen one before.

  162. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for the info, I don’t usually ask for a specific sign but just ask the Angels to give me a sign on what I should do.
    I will try your suggestion and let you know how it goes.
    I think mine sign will be a feather .

    Chris x

  163. My special sign is going to be a horse. #spiritanimal.

    So, dear universe, I’m asking the you to send me herds of galloping horses, the most beautiful white and sweet horses, to tell me if I should move forward in what I am currently obsessed with/thinking about/racking my brain over to make happen. you know. you know what it is universe.


    LOVE YOU GUYS. Love gabby <3

  164. What a SPIN OUT! I have recently been introduced to your work, in fact this was the first video I’ve seen. Such synchronistic timing as I was only yesterday battling with myself over a very new, scary for me, prospect I’ve been encouraged to do – write a book. Yesterday I sent out the prologue, with the first few chapters to soon follow & received what I felt strongly were my signs that even though I am out of my comfort zone, I’m on the right path. As you were talking about your owl, I thought of my ladybug that came extraordinarily to me twice in the same afternoon, firstly on a pair of sandals I’d wanted & found on sale reduced by 70%, then on a thank you card I received from someone I really look up to. Now I every time I wear my sandals I am reminded of the support from the people in that card. Then you said, “it might be an owl, or a ladybug” which of course made me smile & then my 4 year old called out to me telling me it was his toy owl’s birthday today! I had to laugh! I am so grateful I am open to the signs & am sometimes smacked in the face with them so I don’t miss them!! Thank you:)

    1. I’m curious, do you always need to pick the same sign? I mean, do you pick an owl or an eagle and when you want a sign you always ask for the owl or eagle, or can you ask for different forms each time?

      Like for one issue ask for an owl, and a week later for another issue you ask for a butterfly? Or doesn’t it work that way?

      Sorry, it’s new to me.

      1. Hi Claudia
        I try to run with my gut feeling. Over-thinking always leads me to disaster, as does not listening to my gut feeling on something.
        Wishing you well, enjoy this!

        1. Over-thinking is my middle name! Really need to let it go, because it always leads me to disaster too. I laughed to myself because the moment I let it go, my sign came.
          Thanks! 🙂

  165. Hi Gabby!
    I have recently and completely accidentally (maybe not so accidentally, the universe definitely guided me to you) came across your wanderlust lecture video, and immediately I was hooked. I’ve read every book, watched your inspirational videos etc etc. The message that you are spreading touched my soul in a way that I never thought was possible. It resonates with me on the highest level, I am bursting with light, love, energy and the intense desire to share it with the world. So long story short, my life has flipped downside up 🙂 Everything is good in my world and it is all thanks to you.

    Anyway, I wanted to share something too. I was working out today and my favourite song came on through the speakers, and I was totally loving it and just dancing along on the treadmill until I REALLY HEARD the lyrics, my jaw dropped, this was my sign that I was on the right direction in life, that there is a reason I loved this song, every lyric is like a musical version of your teachings. It talks about US being the pure light (fire from the sun),that trumps the whispers of our demons (ego) etc etc, it’s called ‘Diamonds’ by Johnnyswim.

    So this is me expressing my sincerest gratitude to you and sharing my personal ‘jaw dropping’ , ‘almost fainting on the spot’ sign from the universe.

    Lots of love,

  166. I know it was very specific, but during your talk I asked the universe to show me something orange. Then you mentioned the lady bug. The lady bug tattoo I have on my arm is orange… <3

    1. I know it wasnt very specific, but during your talk I asked the universe to show me something orange. Then you mentioned the lady bug. The lady bug tattoo I have on my arm is orange… <3

  167. I see 11’s ALL THE TIME!! Mostly on my phone when I turn it on, but lately it has even been happening in other areas, like when I am getting change back. The other day my change was $11.11, and I was like “WHOA”!!! My husband has even started to notice how much the number 11 shows up for me. It happens so much that I couldn’t ask for that to be my sign. LOL!! Even though I am not intentionally asking for a sign, do you think there is meaning behind it?

  168. I am SO going to try this. I am at a cross roads right now and have been deliberating for weeks! I have issues around making decisions. I try to listen to my internal guide but often still feel conflicted. There’s always a war between my head and heart but I’m never quite sure which decision belongs to which? I’ve prayed for spiritual guidance on this issue. I’ve tried listening for Universal signs in the past, but have never made my own specific sign requests (never thought about it!). So here’s what I’m putting out there: I want to hear the song “you are my sunshine” sung from an outside source (someone other than me) by Friday (if I don’t make it very specific I will doubt it- that’s what has always happened before) in order to know which way to go on this issue. I’ll check back after Friday and let you know whether I received it or not (which I will also take as a sign). Blessings —->

  169. And!!! Omg! My “angelnumber” is 222- i see it EVERYWHERE. Just look what time I posted the comment above 🙂 🙂 🙂 totally flipping out here, I LOVE the universe 🙂

  170. I was listening to a guided meditation and the speaker told me to choose a sign that represented my desired outcome (to get my man!). My thoughts kept drifting and I couldn’t decide which one to choose. I decided on a red heart, then I changed my mind and chose a pair of lovebirds instead.
    Soon after the meditation, I stumbled over a picture of the sweetest lovebirds – sittning on a huge, red heart. It was a very clear sign to me :).

  171. Well, not a sign exactly, but I clicked on your video to receive some clarity on whether or not to adopt a puppy… and then you randomly mentioned a puppy. Too funny!

  172. Dear Gabby,
    I’ve always asked for signs, but they have been in that sort of wishy-washy, I kinda really want a sign but am I being to forward and asking for to much way, but yesterday, I askes, I said, “Universe I would like a clear sign that my book will be published, like I mean, clear” I didn’t indicate how I wanted it to show up. I was at my parents and talking to my mom and I am holding my phone and it feels like something is moving it, almost shaking my hand and I am not saying anything, thinking maybe we are having a small quake, but nothing else is shaking and. I one else is noticing anything until we hear a door slam, or something like that, except no doors slammed. Completely blind sided, I told my mom because she was a little weirded out by the door and I said, “don’t worry mama I am pretty sure that’s my sign, I asked for it to be big, loud and clear.”

    1. I spelled a few words wrong! I was to excited to post, one of the things I have been seeing lately are turtles, time to slow down for me.

  173. Thanks Gabby for this reminder and for the free lecture! I have been spoilt with so much synchronicity in my life, but not really started to learn to trust it FOR REAL until now. The incidents always felt good, but now I am trying to open myself to trusting the bigger picture behind them and REALLY listening for cues and FEELING the safety of it all. So thanks for these reminders, I needed to hear that I really can TRUST in the joy and lightness of life. NOW!…not in a while when I am more enlightened or whatever…! 😀 All the best to you Gabby! Kristina

  174. Thank you for this. I asked the universe for a sign yo indicate that what i am doing is right for me. My signs are usually dragonflies and red tailed hawks. An hour or so after my prayer request, i was looking for a notebook to write in. I found one and on the first page was a dragonfly i drew several months ago. Thank you and thank you to the universe for sharing miracles ?

  175. What about looking for a sign on WHERE to relocate to. How can I be directed to the right place and receive affirmation when I don’t know the options or there are like 15 options?

  176. I think my sign is a red baseball cap. Five years ago, I started dating a guy who I thought was going to be the “ONE”, but I wasn’t totally positive. I have a very intuitive friend (maybe even a little psychic) who wanted me to call her when he came over. At the time she lived in California. When my buzzer rang downstairs, I let him in and I called my friend Nava. I had her on the phone when he got to my apt. My doorbell rang and I said ‘here he is” I opened the door and from her end of the line, she said, ‘is he wearing a red baseball cap?” I said, “uh, yeah” and she said, “He’s your husband”. Five years and one beautiful son later, I think a red cap is my sign. 🙂

  177. Gabby, I love this but have a related question. I have been praying to my higher power to let me know its will in regards to my relationship, and for me to be ok with whatever the answer is. I am working desperately on my spiritual program…to trust in my HP and feel as you mention..that it walks with me. But I have fear about my HP’s will…that its will is for my relationship to end. I am so afraid of the sadness and loneliness that will bring. Does this mean that I’m not actually trusting my higher power? I am confused.

  178. I love this topic! There have been too many times in my life where I ignored and boy is that a mistake. My newest one that has thrown my life into a completely, Universal driven, direction is me asking for a women’s business support group. I wanted to have women I could go to with ideas, networking, thoughts on how to move forward, etc. I asked in my local city facebook group if there was such a group and I had almost 20 women respond asking where and when the group would be meeting! I didn’t ask to start a group but I was definitely told that I needed to start one. So I did. I am now 4 weeks in and have almost 40 women in my groups and I have had to make morning and evening meetings to accommodate all. The next need is for a venue to have them in…waiting to be directed…

  179. I’ve freaked myself out. I listened to your vlog and then watched the Empowered Intuition video from the link below today’s vlog. I asked for the sign 777. It didn’t have to be in order, but three 7’s in the same place. After watching the Empowered Intuition, I realized my ego kept wanting to hunt down 7’s in order everywhere. My intuition said – your sign is already near. I was like — no, I don’t see it because my ego is driving me nuts hunting it down. I decided to stop the ego from searching for the 7’s and told it to look for Gabby’s owl. Whoa. She said in an instant things shifted. And it did. I saw three separate 7’s on my 7-11 slurpee cup that I’ve had all morning that I forgot I was even drinking out of it. I happened to be filling it up with water and saw the 7’s. Now that’s what I call awesome and amazing instant miracles — after I told my ego to find something else.
    Thank you, Gabby! I’m surrendering now. 🙂

  180. I can identify with repeating “1”‘s being a sign of the angels. I don’t usually reply in comments… but I just had to share this “aha moment”, or as Eckhart Tolle would say “when spirit recognizes spirit”. I lost my mother a little over two years ago tragically and suddenly- a total shift in my already evolving spiritual awakening followed. Soon after, I began receiving messages from her, often in the form of dimes and pennies. Never quarters or nickels. I intuitively knew that she was sending only dimes or pennies, usually together. Today I realized that a dime and a penny equal 11 cents. What awesome synchronicity!

  181. I LOVE this, and I have been using it for the last week or so 🙂 But my question is, what if you’re not trying to make a specific decision, but you’re seeing the sign anyways? Can you just take that as “you’re headed in the right direction”? Thank you!!!!

  182. Thank-you Gabby!
    I always ask the universe for signs and have been using Doreen’s Angel Numbers 101 app and Angel Oracle cards, and looking up the spiritual meaning of animals I see almost daily for just over a year now.
    I never knew I could ask the universe for a direct sign like an animal. This makes total sense!

  183. My sign is a unicorn. I always loved unicorns as a kid, and since I have started connecting back in with myself in the past few years, I’ve re-discovered my love for them, and they are showing up everywhere! It’s not always necessarily an exact unicorn but sometimes the bright colors a unicorn would have surrounding it or beams of light or sparkles and the horn!

  184. Hey Gabby (I saw/met you in London on your birthday…what an amazing day!)
    I picked up ‘The Art Of Effortless Living’ at the weekend (the first book that caught my eye in the book shop that day) and read about the Alexander Technique…it sounded like a practice that would enhance my life…I googled the nearest practitioner and she lives 2 minutes away from me…I attend my first session tomorrow. Although I didn’t ask for a sign, I feel that I am meant to learn about the AT. I feel connected to the universe and that it has my back!
    Sending enormous love

  185. Gabby, Thank You for this video! My fiancé and I are going through an extremely difficult time right now, as he is currently incarcerated. When he first went in 6 months ago, I realized his inmate number deduces to 11. I have seen 1’s throughout the journey, but have recently started seeing them much more frequently. Yesterday I was looking at the ground for a penny (my mom and I always pick them up!) and I said to myself/ the Angels ‘I know I will find a penny because I know you are here’. I went into a store, shopped, came out, and found a penny at my feet. I made a wish for my fiancé. This morning, the first song I heard when I woke up was one I didn’t know. However, upon waking, the guy was singing about his being a Pisces. I knew the Angels were reassuring me that I’m in the right place and that they heard my wish because my fiancé is a Pisces. :o)

  186. This is such a great video. It’s amazing to know that someone feels the way I do about all these symbols and songs. What a great feeling!! I have 3 signs that I notice. When I see them or hear them it helps me to know that I am on the right path and I am where I am supposed to be in life at that very moment. My sign is butterflies. It’s new one for me. I was never into them but then I got a card and the message inside the card was so beautiful and on the cover was a butterfly. I was in Jamaica last week and having a moment when I was trying to think clear about things in my life and a butterfly flew right next to me.

    My other signs are the song “Free Falling” and the number “13”

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  187. Hi Gabby,
    First of all, thank you for all the love and guidance you send out to everyone. Since I have discovered you, my life is lighter, better and full of joy 🙂

    When I am at my cottage on the Gulf of St-Lawrence, Gaspésie, Québec, I always ask for a seal and I usually get it, when the seal pops his head out of the water, a true sense of joy and tranquility comes through me. Last November, I was meditating on the beach and asked for a seal wile I was walking to my spot. I closed my eyes to meditate but decided to meditate eyes open to admire my view, as I opened my eyes, the seal was right in front of me. I never thought of asking the universe for the seal when I am in the city (couldn’t imagine I would find one in Montreal !). I will definitely start now. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.

  188. My sign is a turtle. I was walking in the park and wanted a sign of loved ones with me so I asked for my turtle. My walk was almost over and I came across a group of boys saying “did you see that turtle over there?” I had to wipe away a tear and say thatnk you. Asking for a sign works because I didn’t have to be there at that time to hear them talk about the turtle they saw.

  189. I recently started a new business with a friend and we have great ideas and there is a ton of positive energy flowing, my partner tends to get thwarted with negative thoughts very easily and last night all that positive energy came to a screeching halt and she got depressed. I spent my whole “sleeping” time tossing and turning wondering how I could reassure her that we are on the right path. When I got out of bed this morning feeling sleep deprived and not awesome I opened my email and low and behold the only new email was from you Gabby, talking about signs… Normally that might mean little to me, but today it means the world! I will ask for guidance thank you for the reminder!!

  190. This blog is a sign for me that everything will be ok. Sometimes you get the words you need at just the right moment. I was searching on you on Pinterest this morning looking for guidance and then this email came. Thank you 😉

  191. Hi Gabby, again thank you for a great Friday night. I tuned in from my hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. I certainly have many stories to share of manifesting… here’s a cute one that just happened yesterday. I am a writer and magazine editorial director. As I was brainstorming creative yesterday I was reading the book “Endless Feasts” edited by Ruth Reichl, in the book was a chapter on Demel’s a world famous bakery in Vienna. I was thinking perhaps we should fashion our Spring issue after their colours and methods, there was a particular cake with pink icing I loved and thought it would be great for our cover. I was sketching and thinking when I reached of my phone and checked my instagram. Aerin Lauder, who we adore for design inspiration, has just a posted photo of her travel to Vienna, and her favourite dessert at Demel’s was the cake with the same pink icing. It was uncanny! Cute and light but nonetheless powerful.

  192. Hi Gabrielle, just wanted to share with everyone my recent sign. I recently became on my own again from a relationship that wasn’t good for me. When struggling with the fact that I would be all alone , I started looking into the idea of maybe getting a dog . I started researching west highland terriers and was “thinking” of whether or not it would be a good idea. Then I thought, maybe I should look into rescuing one. That was I could try it out and kind of foster while they find it a home. Well, as I drove home from work one evening, there was a traffic jam. Cars lined up in both directions . I walked down to see what the hold up was , and there she was , a scared little girl west highland terrier lol( true story) , running back and forth on the highway in between all the cars and no one can move because she is on the road. Dirty , scared, and confused. As everyone watch I tried to help her. Then a man who was the gentlest looking man I’d ever seen helped me . We rounded her up with treats I had and he caught her . He handed her to me saying here is your dog( true) . I told him it wasn’t my dog but I would take her home and keep her till I found her home . All the people in their vehicles honking and congratulating me as they were driving away as I held her in my arms. She has been with me since . She is a true gift in my life. No one claimed her , no chip in her or stamp, no collar, no one has checked in at human society for her , and they have my number , she’s a mystery …she was scared and timid and she is now happy and so full of joy. I love her…thank you universe …this happens to me when I am open … 🙂

  193. Such a great topic Gabby! And funny enough I asked for a sign yesterday and viola, I get your video today. And my sign is always ladybugs, which you just happened to mention 🙂 I’m taking it as a sign! Thank you!

  194. Amazing! Last Summer I was going through a tough time & was stagnant in my life. An opportunity to move to a different city for my job arose & I asked my guides, if this is the right path show me pennies!! And sure enough it could’ve been raining pennies on me! I found them everywhere! I saw them all over the ground (especially outside my house) and even one was on my car seat one day!! So beautiful. Sure enough, I made the move & listened to divine guidance. 🙂

    1. your intuition will tell you. and if you find yourself controlling the outcome of your sign then you know it’s a sign in the opposite direction .

  195. I have studied synchronicity extensively and I believe the “signs” can be just projections of your thoughts. If you are thinking fearful thoughts you can get liscense plates like 911 or others that may scare you but it is just your thought projection. I think that like ESquared teaches you, ask for a sign of an “owl” for example and it will get you one (probably faster if you are a strong manifestor) but it may have nothing to do with the question you asked. Synchronicity by Dr Kirby Surprise is an amazing book on this subject. Sometimes a “Crystal Clear” sign from the universe may be a “Crystal Fear” sign. Would love to hear Gabby’s thoughts on this.

  196. Hi Gabi

    Since I heard you speak in London late last year and you mentioned about your owl sign, I chose a ladybird as my sign. I never see them in London so now when I do I totally know its a sign. They keep appaering in front of me by accident. In childrens books mostly which really makes me smile. Thanks as always for your guidance! xx

  197. When I was pregnant with twins, all I wanted to know was that my girls were going to be healthy and were developing normally. So many times when I would look at a clock, the time of day would be repeating numbers like , 2:22, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, etc. It would give me great comfort as I felt like it was the universe telling me they were fine. And they were, born full term and completely healthy…now they are healthy, beautiful, happy 7 year olds.

  198. Hi Gabby <3 ACIM tells you that what you give importance that will also come to you and if the first lesson in A Course In Miracles says "Nothing I see means anything" so How do you explain that? Namaste Christina from Sweden

  199. I was at you and Kris Carr’s event on the 30th! And i was so excited when Kris mentioned the Eleanor Roosevelt quote during it, about great minds because i’d just written that quote down in my book the same day, and had texted it to my husband as well! coincidence 🙂

  200. My 3 year old started preschool and cries hysterically when I leave him. I came home today n prayed for guidance on how to handle this. I looked down and saw an angel book (a sign that reminds me of my aunt) and a voice saying you know what to do. It will be ok. I’m thinking it means that even though the teacher suggests I let him cry n drop him at the door my heart tells me to be patient with him and sit there and give it time. Then I saw this post;)

  201. 444 pops up all the time for me, especially when I am open to receiving signs from the Divine and the angels. Love the vlog, Gabby! Have a great week, xoxo

    1. I get feathers! My family all gets feathers as a sign and it is the most comforting feeling in the world knowing the universe has your back. Recently, I was in a slump and looking for my sign and my friend gave me a month late birthday gift… And what was it? A necklace with a feather on it. I am not even surprised anymore when feathers show up at times I need them. It is a very special and sacred sign to me and I hope others find theirs!

      1. Thank you Gabby … this means the world to me. My sweet boy, Zane is among the angels and his sign is 44 … or super charged, is 444! xo, B

    2. Stacy and Gabby, My son made his transition at the age of 15 from cancer. His name was Zane and he signed his emails Z44. 44 is now my special sign that he is near and an embrace from him and I see them ALL the time. And, I have this kind of crazy thing that when I see a 444 that it is a special, kind of “super charged” 44 sign that whatever it is I’m doing or thinking is right on. So, today, before I saw the email in my inbox about this video, I was asking for a sign about something (I almost never ask for signs). Then I saw the email … then the video. Very cool. Then I was reading comments and saw the 444. So exciting!!! Thank you.

  202. Hi Gabby –

    I’ve been asking for the universe to show me what the lesson was that I was supposed to learn from the guy I just ended things with. I haven’t heard my ing or anything yet. Is there any else I can do? xo

    1. Ask for your specific sign to come in synchronicity with a learning moment so you are aware. Often we miss the lessons because we are going to fast and not being present in that moment in time. Also you may already know he lesson so there is no reason for more validation.

    2. I think you need remind about things that he don’t give to you as want. The signs tell you that you can start again with other do better and don’t allow them holding you back. You have power than that and you deserve more. Start looking for new.

  203. My best friend’s dad was dying from cancer and my friend was taking care of him at home. I’ve asked the angels to show me signs of their presence so I would know he’ll die peacefully. I was in the street and my daughter started to play next to a tree. I look down and I see a feather but it looks pretty old and it’s grey. I say in my head : « I don’t think it’s a sign ». My daughter goes away for 30 seconds so I follow her until we come back to the same tree. I look down again and I cannot find the grey feather but I see many small white feathers and I get this big chill on the left side of my body (even though it’s extremely hot outside). At the same time, there’s a beautiful white butterfly that gets out of nowhere and that starts flying around us. I say « Thanks angels, I know you are there to comfort him in his final days and I know you will help him to die peacefully. » He did have a beautiful death surrounded by his loved ones.

      1. Yes, our whole family had experiences with butterflies in the week after my father in law died. Close up, undeniable experiences.
        Also, a butterly sat down on my mother in laws shoulder outside before the funeral. Now every time I see a butterfly, my heart fills with love and joy. I just know it’s him.

    1. Same story but I want to talk about some important. I have a brother, his father stick by cancer. They don’t know how to treatment, but I know some one of this care find the solution. I tell with them, but they don’t even try for it, they also don’t know that is signs that help them solves cancer and can build new life, and creating wealth for their family. I think they don’t know that because they don’t universe always help for what they need but they don’t serious to see that signs.

  204. I recently asked the Universe – what is my sign? It was after I watched your talk about you buying your home and looking for your signs. I found myself obsessed trying to figure out what is my sign… Until I forgot all about it and one day my co-worker showed up in my office with a t-shirt (to ask me if I want it). On the back of that t-shirt was a beautiful tropical sunset and two gorgeous parrots. Out of nowhere I screamed – Yes! That’s my sign! Parrots are my sign! My co-worker busted out laughing as I stood there surprised at what just came out of my mouth. Well a medium once told me that she sees Partots as my sign. In that moment I remembered that. The sign was a reminder to be who I am and not let the song die inside of me. So few weeks passed by… I started to see parrots in the most odd places … Once I heard a radio commercial about parrots (and it made me laugh). Perhaps the most “in my face” moment was this weekend. I was traveling and was meeting up with an old co-worked for lunch. My co-worker picked the place. It turned out that the place wasn’t open for lunch, so we went across the street to another restaurant. The waitress walked us to our table … and as we arrived at our table, in the corner, right above the chair … Bam! There it was! My sign! This “artsy” statue-like parrot with its wings spread (as if it’s ready to take off). It was right above the chair I was going to sit in… the most beautiful and colorful parrot I’ve ever seen. All I could think about was (in Gabby’s voice) – “Hello baby! Thank you for showing up!” I had the biggest grin from that moment on. Can I say that the odds of having a parrot in an Italian restaurant up in Ohio were pretty low. Lol! it was awesome! Made my day.

    1. Awesome. Do you know I afraid there are something error happen on my job, but that is my signs. When I decide to try to do something for solutions, that great with my patience. I find something work, it also help me never meet same error, it might kill my motivate before.

    2. this is brilliant, my sign is parrots too!! seems they pop up everytime i do something productive that is ‘right’ for my journey….then this made me laugh as i was just reading a story about gabbys life that was quite similar to my own….and then had a quick scroll on this – and saw your post about parrots!! so happy right now, the good signs are coming!

    1. A psychic medium asked me if I was seeing a lot of ladybugs recently in my house and I said yes! She then told me it was my grandmother. I don’t see them all the time, but every now and then, she will appear on my kitchen table when I’m eating, or in my bathroom when I’m brushing my teeth, and I am comforted knowing she is guiding me.

      1. Gail – I think ladybugs are my grandmother’s sign too! I’ve been keeping a list of when and why the ladybugs appear. I just hired a life coach to help me with a big decision, and four were in a window at once! So cool – made me feel I’m definitely on right track!

  205. I can’t believe you mentioned a ladybug. That is my sign. Last year I got a call that my position at work got eliminated and I was outside sobbing. My friend came out to console me and said “what’s this?” and took a ladybug off my shoulder. I knew then everything would be ok. I’ve since taken a new job with the same company as well as moved to a new town. I couldn’t be happier. It all worked out and the ladybug told me it would! Thanks for the beautiful message and reminder of signs Gabby. Love you!

  206. I took you advice and started writing to get answers like you mentioned in another video to connect with our Spirit Guides and I couldn’t tell if I was getting anything so I asked for the name to appear today and then I would know for sure the answer. A few hours later after a saw a post and Googled the person’s Hollywood name, as I read the first line it showed the given name of that actor, that was the name I was asking for as a sign! Got my answer within hours! Very cool.

    1. Gabby, I’ve been reading your book May Cause Miracles and listening to your podcasts. I heard the one recently where you co-created with the universe to find your owl. I wasn’t thinking specifically that I would have a “sign,” but was meditating one day recently and a feather came to me in my thoughts. It just felt right. I wondered what it was all about but kind of forgot about it, to be honest. Then I was in NY this past weekend and was thrilled to be able to attend your Craxy, Sexy, Miracles with Kris Carr. I just adore you both and the evening was life-transforming. The next day I was at ABC with my Mom and cousins and turned toward a jewelry cabinet that I had already walked past; we had paid and were on our way out. And there in the cabinet was a beautiful god feather necklace! I bought it of course. Then that night as we were eating dinner, my Mom looked at me with astonishment and said that there was a feather sitting there on my shoulder! I get goosebumps when I think about being in alignment with the universe in this way, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, as I live with cancer, for all of your wonderful inspiration! Xoxo

      1. Hi Samatha.

        Do you know Julien Renne Doering.
        Her life story is out of this world!
        Check her program for healling any illnesses as well she can help people to grow back organs that were removed……lot to tell.
        Love and Light

    2. Cool story. I also feel things attracted to me because I trust, I take care and really ask what serve and what not for my happy and moving more. If people struggled somethings they should responsibility and focus on signs of universe that support and lead you to better.

    3. after watching your video I have to share my story about getting signs from the Universe. Many years ago I was struggling with a decision to move to Florida. I wanted it but it also meant ending a very important 6 year relationship, leaving my family and friends, job etc. To make a long story short, I struggled with this decision for months, really agonized over it because it was so hard on many levels. I decided I had to “give it away” or let it go for a while, knowing the right answer would present itself, that the Universe would provide an answer. Not a few days later I was driving in my car when the 1982 classic “should I stay or should I go” by The Clash came on. I looked down to turn up the volume on my car stereo when I thought to myself, “how appropriate.” When I looked back up at the road there was a car in front on me with a Florida license plate (I lived in PA at the time) I had received my answer.
      Love it, thanks for the great reminder Gabby 🙂

    4. I received my sign when asking the universe if I was moving in the right direction by being with my then boyfriend. It was unquestionable that my sign appeared and continued to appear a couple times after asking for it. But recently my boyfriend broke up with me. I’m wondering why I recieved that sign, but within two months he ended the relationship?

      1. Hi Jen. If you feel that your sign was unclear or confusing, please tune back in to prayer or meditation. By creating a daily meditation practice, you can get grounded, tap into your inner guidance, and have more clarity. XOX

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