How to Receive Signs from the Universe

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Are you blown away when you’re thinking of someone and they call five minutes later? Or do you flip out when the song you were humming comes on the radio? These awesome moments of synchronicity are available to you all the time.

Every moment of our life offers us an opportunity to tune in to the creative energy of the Universe and experience awesome synchronicity. @gabbybernstein Tweet it!

In this video I share one of my primary tools for co-creating with the Universe. This tool is really fun and it will empower you to know you have guidance working on your behalf all the time.

Check out the video below on how to receive signs from the Universe, and share your manifesting stories with me in the comments below!

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  1. I love the amazing moments of synchronicity. It just makes me smile so big! I have been asking for guidance about something I have been struggling with for about seven months now. I came up with a specific sign I wanted to see, and while that hasn’t come up (yet?) a LOT of other synchronicities have. Without getting too specific, the exact song I had been talking to a love interest about came on the radio later that night (and this is a very old song), I saw this love interest’s name on a coffee cup one of my friends was using, when I was thinking about him someone I was hanging out with unknowingly turned on his favorite movie, I always see his type of truck….how can all of these be coincidences? And I’m confused because they seem clear, but they’re not what I asked for. I would love to hear what you think!

  2. Thank you Gabby for your amazing work. I have a question about signs. I have been asking to see a butterfly for the past three months if my current new partner is the one for me. I have seen multiple signs every single day for the past three months of asking. This has strengthened my faith. We recently had a falling out and are currently not speaking. I am still seeing butterflies but feel as though some of his traits are flaws and red flags in a relationship. It’s causing me to question if I’ve been falsely following the signs all along.

    I even went so far to almost buy the “He’s Just That Not Into You” book from Barnes n Noble today and something in my gut told me it wasn’t the right thing to do. While I had it in my hands, I felt that buying and reading it would give me low-vibe energy, which is the opposite of being a super attractor! I made it to the front counter and when it was my turn, I turned away and went back to an aisle to really think about if I wanted to buy it or not. My eyes immediately landed on a butterfly card, then when I would redirect my focus, my would immediately land on another butterfly in the greeting cards aisle, this happened 5-6 times no matter where I looked! I took this as a sign to put the book away, and buy your Universe Has Your Back deck of cards instead. Once this book was out of my hands, I no longer saw butterflies anywhere. Just before I went to bed, I shuffled my deck of cards and the first card I picked said “I surrender to a power greater than me.” Which has a picture of a butterfly on it! My jaw dropped.

    Again, I feel like these are huge signs from the universe but after being treated poorly by him I’m having a hard time believing he could possibly be the one. Please let me know your thoughts, I want to continue to lean on faith. I would greatly appreciate your insight ❤️

    Thank you so much

    1. Lyn, when asking for a sign from the Universe, be open to all the ways in which it may show up. When we try to control or get tight around how the signs show up, we are operating from a place of fear. Deepening your daily spiritual practices is beautiful way to break free from the fear energy. My favorite ways to do this is through a daily meditation, journaling, and prayer.

      These blog posts may support and inspire you:

    2. Hi Lyn, after reading your comment it made me feel as if you are maybe misrepresenting the signs. I think it is important to reflect upon the base motive for asking a particular question from the universe. You asked if your partner is right for you or not. To such specific questions, we do not receive specific answers. The “answers” are never as yes/no. They serve as a guiding tool. After all, you are also the co-creator of life with the universe. You cannot ask whether a given job is suitable or if you should buy a house that caught your fancy. Because a straight answer would mean creating your future even before it has arrived.

      I do not mean that universe does not reply to such specific questions. It always does, as in your case too. But as I said before, what was the main reason for you to ask that question? Only you can answer that. For me, I also demanded something similar from the universe. After contemplating on my sign, I understood that universe doesn’t say “go ahead” or a red flag, instead like a mirror it turns our motivations, fears and desires unto ourselves. If you are repeateadly seeing butterflies everywhere, understand that universe knows why your are asking that question and that sign is the answer to that- and not your vocalised or externally manifested question of his suitability with you.
      This is only based from my personal experience and I believe that communication with the universe is a highly personalised act and it isn’t as simple or mundane as filling a quiz form of “yes” or “no” or “none of the above”. Hope this helps you to trust your gut instincts and the intelligibility of signs 🙂

  3. I recently lost my son. in working thru my grief i asked him to show me signs that he was near me and the way i asked him to show me was thru the appearance of butterflies. i dont get out a lot because i am disabled and cannot drive but i belong to a couple of groups on FB and i started to see butterflies everywhere! from people offering support and using a butterfly emoji in their signature to another telling a story about a butterfly following her all over the a park on her bike while a song played.. she said the butterfly flew away after the song finished playing.. and she felt compelled to post in that particular group because she thought it would have meaning to someone in that group.. so yeah.. many signs… LOL. I find this fascinating. I have asked for signs like talk about in the past. I am an empath and have this to be helpful when i am at an impass in my life… the universe has the plan and knows what is right.. ty for the video

    1. Thank you for this gorgeous, heartfelt share Karin. You are an inspiration. Sending you continued healing, peace, and lots of love.

  4. Hi all,

    I’m a French guy who gets more and more conscient using Miguel Ruiz and Eckhart Tolle guidlines. I’ve just read “the Universe has your back” and wonder about signs.

    Actualy, I have a hard choice to make in my life and I have tried to use Universe sings.
    I thought about an animal I like : lynx. Thinking about it, I remembered a French humorous film in which a fool tells his preferred animal is a hyena.
    Then, I have seen a hyena in a book read by the person concerned with my choice. Living her, I’ve seen a cat whose ears were like lynx ones.

    Do you think those indirect signs are Universe signs : I don’t want to see signs where there are none.

    I know I have to be patient and I thank Kari Harris for the answer she gave me. I continue to do meditations and to look for signs but it seems to have calmed down since…


  5. Thank you so much for your work – you have enlightened me spiritually, i never had a spiritual practice before your work came into my life during my painful divorce. After my divorce I had manifested what i thought was the perfect man for me. Things were wonderful for a while, challenging with communication but still great. I asked for signs all along the way- a particular number sequence which i saw all the time…completely organically without manipulation. This man recently split with me – I’ve come to realize our connection wasn’t as deep as i thought or wanted and that my sadness stems more from things not working out rather than from him specifically (i hope that makes sense). But I am upset about the signs. I clearly asked for this number sequence to show me he was my future, despite the challenges he was the man for me…and i received the signs YES he is! Now I’m very confused about signs – they had been so encouraging and I believed in them and now I am losing faith in signs. Much love and blessings and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  6. Long story short. I have been
    Manifesting somethinf for months now. One of them is buying/ owning a lexus car which cost $160,000 aus dollars. This car isnt as common you would see in the road the likes of a mustang or a porsche suv. Its more like seeing ferrari or aston martin sports cars. I was driving today to look at display homes. I took a wrong turn and as i pulled out onto the street i see a “lexus” car that i manifest about. Heading towards me. Then once i got to my destination, to the display house… the same lexus parked infront of the house i was in. Any ideas?

    Thank you

    1. When you ask for a sign from the Universe, be open to all the ways in which it presents itself! Seeing repeated signs let’s you know you are doing great work!

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