3 Steps to Feel Better Now: An Exercise in Acceptance

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Are you having trouble accepting something in your life?

Maybe you’re struggling to accept a situation, a person or some aspect of yourself.

Whatever it is, this simple, 3-step exercise in acceptance will help you feel better fast.

Exercise in acceptance

Step 1: Gently witness your judgment

If you’re struggling to accept something or someone, then you’re judging it or them in some way. Therefore, the first step in acceptance is to witness your judgment without more judgment.

Follow my guidance in the video below to witness your judgment and recognize how it makes you feel:

Step 2: Write a list of the positive aspects of what you’re struggling to accept

Open your journal or grab a sheet of paper. At the top of the page, write whatever or whomever it is that you’re having trouble accepting.

Gabby Bernstein writing in a journalNext, write a list of all the aspects of this person or situation that you like. Don’t leave anything out, even if it seems insignificant.

If you’re dealing with circumstances that are extremely difficult, or a person who has hurt you greatly, it may be hard to find any positive qualities. In that case, you can:

  • Focus on the lessons you’ve learned from the situation or relationship.
  • Concentrate on your growth and learning as a result of an otherwise negative situation.
  • Focus on how this person or situation has given you an opportunity to practice acceptance.
  • In the case of a person, choose to see them with compassion, accepting that a happy person wouldn’t treat someone so poorly.

Redirect your focus to acceptance by becoming willing to reach for simple, better-feeling thoughts.

Slowly reach for ways to accept and witness your energy shift along the way. As you write the list, proactively direct your focus onto what you appreciate about the situation or person, even if you can only come up with one thing.

Step 3: Check in with how you feel as you shift your focus

I honor how I want to feel | The Universe Has Your Back card deck by Gabby BernsteinAs you read through your list, check in with how you feel as you direct your focus from the negative to the appreciation for positive.

See if you feel more accepting now that you’ve shifted away from what you wish you could change and onto what is good — or what lessons you’ve learned.

Take notes in your journal about how you feel. Maybe you feel relief in letting go of frustration, maybe you’re more relaxed and optimistic, or maybe you have newfound compassion for a person you’ve struggled to accept.

Even with subtle shifts you can get closer to acceptance. The more you shift your focus onto acceptance, the more relief you will feel. Be proud of your willingness and commit to feeling good. My free Judgment Detox Mini Course (details below) will help you feel even better!

Feel better fast with my free Judgment Detox Mini Course

Gabby Bernstein's free Judgment Detox Mini Course

Take your acceptance practice further with my free Judgment Detox Mini Course. It includes 3 lessons that will help you shift out of negativity:

  • A guided video/audio meditation for instant relief from judgment
  • A video guiding you through a profound healing practice called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • An audio prayer that will help you release resentments

Click here to get your free Judgment Detox Mini Course!

Practicing acceptance helps you attract what you want

Tweet: When you practice acceptance, you release resistance, reconnect to love and attract what you want. @gabbybernstein

When you practice acceptance, you begin to release resistance and reconnect to love. In the absence of resistance you become like a magnet for more greatness. This is your attracting power.

When you feel good and align with love, your energy sends out a signal to the Universe. It vibrates the clear message that you’re aligned with joy and you welcome more if it. When you accept this state of being, the Universe can work on your behalf.

Make feeling good your priority, stay patient, trust that you’re being guided, and expect miracles.

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