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Whenever I’m asked about the greatest lesson I’ve learned, my response is this: Happiness is a choice I make. It’s very easy to look for happiness outside ourselves — in a relationship, a dream job, with the right wardrobe, and so on. When we chase happiness externally, we’re simply looking for God in all the wrong places.

The outside search is based on false projections we place on the world. These projections build up a wall against true happiness, which lies within us. I have come to learn that nothing “out there” can save you from the conflict that resides within. You must develop a rich inner life to enjoy every other aspect of life.

Each time we make this shift and choose happiness, we experience a miracle. Our mind shifts from fearful delusions and reconnects to our truth, which is love. Creating these shifts requires a dedicated commitment to choosing love.

To begin your commitment to new perceptions, start by paying attention to attack thoughts toward yourself and others. These negative thoughts are particularly dangerous because they can be so subtle and insidious that we might not even realize how much they’ve taken over our minds and stressed us out. But as fiendish as they are, they’re surprisingly easy to let go of. All it takes is a shift in perception.

You might be thinking, “That sounds groovy, but how do I make this shift?” The answer is simple: Pick a card! I’ve found that it’s much easier to stay committed to my miracle mindset when I have simple daily reminders to keep me on track. That’s why I created the new 62-card deck based on my New York Times best-selling book Miracles Now. This fully illustrated deck serves as a spiritual guide to expanding your miracle mindset.

The small shifts you’ll make with guidance from the deck are super transformational. Check out this clip from my Miracles Now launch lecture, where I share just how awesome these shifts can be. One really cool thing about this video is that it was shot a year ago, and on stage I was manifesting the deck I’m launching today!

Since publishing my book Miracles Now I’ve received countless emails from readers that their daily Miracle Messages helped them change old patterns, ramp up their happiness and commit to their spiritual path. And I paid attention! Thanks to all this awesome feedback, I decided to create the Miracles Now card deck. Use this deck daily as a spiritual guide to expanding your miracle mindset. When in doubt, put your hand on the deck and say, “Thank you, divine guidance. I need a Miracle Now. Show me what you’ve got!” Trust the guidance you receive and let it inform your next right action.

My hope and my intention for creating this card deck is to set you off on a lifelong journey of miracles. As you begin to live with a miracle mindset, you’ll be called to spread the love. The greatest way to gain serenity and happiness is through the service of others.

Awaken to your light, your life and your power. Then carry the message! Tweet it!

Your energy has far more power than you can even imagine. There is energy in your spoken words, in your emails and in your physical presence. When we function from a fearful, low-level energetic state, our thoughts and energy can literally pollute the world. But when we function from a place of positive energy, the world around us becomes more positive. The truth is that fear cannot coexist with love. Therefore, we must learn how to dissolve all boundaries with love by taking responsibility for our own energy. In doing so, we’ll raise the energy around us. Let’s make this commitment today and start creating Miracles Now.

Check out the Miracles Now deck here!

To give you an awesome introduction to the Miracles Now deck I’m offering Miracles Now card readings on my blog! In the comments below share your intentions, struggles or blocks with me. Then I’ll pick and card for you and offer guidance. Let’s get this miracles train flowing! Start posting now…

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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I really got a lot of answers, that I could relate to. For example, the 14-year-old girl reminded me of myself, because I, too, “woke up” like 2 years ago or something, and I’m so grateful for all of this. And there is so much behind me, but I’m thrilled that there is also so much ahead of me – cause I’m just 16. 🙂

    Anyway, can’t wait to get the Miracles Now deck, seems like an amazing tool. 🙂

      1. Anyway, I see you are picking cards for people. Do you think you could pick one for me? I recently have been feeling a little stuck, and I could use a little guidance.

    1. I love this. I am going to grab Miracles Now off my shelf and keep it with me at all times. My struggle currently is with financial fears. I love my job and the service that I am blessed to give, but I am still unable to even get to a zero balance financially. This fear keeps me up at night and wakes me up in the morning. I am so excited to read what my card days from you. Thank you for getting my spirits back up this morning. Sat Nam.

    2. Gabby, I have read two of your books and follow your emails. You have truly inspired me and have been the major reason I am now on a spiritual journey. Thank you!!! I struggle with abandonment issues which impacts my ability to have a healthy relationship with men. I think I’ve scared away another truly great guy :((. Any inspiration you have for me would be greatly appreciated!!!

      1. Lori, check out my MediDating meditation album for meditations to overcome fear in romance and relationships. It can help you live in the present with your relationships and stop dragging past stories into new experiences. My next book, Judgment Detox, will also resonate deeply with you! It comes out in January. 🙂

        I also suggest these blogs:
        How NOT to Wind Up in the Same Situations Again and Again
        The 5 Steps to Spiritual Surrender


  2. Two years ago I started a new job and I lasted a week before leaving. It wasn’t a fit for me at all and I should have gone with my gut feeling. Following that I suffered major anxiety, fear of not being able to have a job and money worries that all stemmed from my childhood fears of lack growing up poor and that I was not enough. This set me on my spiritual path and I’ve been led to many books and teachers like you. I have been manifesting the career of my dreams for the last eight months. But I have also developed a fear that I’m not good enough and will screw it up. I need some guidance here. I want it but it seems just out of arms reach right now.

    1. the card I picked for you was:

      “When I feel blocked emotionally, distressed or overwhelmed, I turn to my breath.” this is a great one for you right now. the best way to manifest is to be chill… use your breath and your meditation practice to tune into the present moment and release outcomes.

      1. Thank you for this and all of the great work you do. You have been a great inspiration and I have learned so much from you. I just finished reading A Course In Miracles and your perspective and teachings as a student and teacher of it were very helpful.

  3. Hi Gabby! Thank you so much for the post 🙂
    My intention is to build strong relationship with a man I love. Could you share guidance for me?

    1. the card i picked for you was:

      “I make decisions from a place of intuition and power.” this is great guidance for attracting your man… lean on your intuition rather than your ego and you will be guided to him.

      1. Oh Gabby, Thank you for this! You’ve no idea how spot on it is 🙂 It’s exactly what I needed to be reminded of 🙂 Thank you for all your work 🙂

  4. Thank you for you guidance and inspiration over the last year, since I came across you. I had read some books by John kabat zinn and Eckhart tolle but could never quite bring mediation into my life in an easy way. Finding your add more ing book one day just gave me the tools I needed and I have never looked back!
    Even my partner is now opening up to the meditating idea as i’m always telling him the universe has our back!
    He has just made the decision to leave his job and move over to live with me, (as we live in different countries and have just been travelling for 4 months) and I’m so excited, I can honesty say I have no idea what the future holds, and thats ok, I’m hooked up right?!
    Im in the UK so cant get your cards yet but hoping I can eventually, so hoping you can send a card reading my way 🙂
    Show me what you’ve got Gabby!

    1. this card keeps coming up!
      I picked it for someone above…

      here it is again:

      “When I feel blocked emotionally, distressed or overwhelmed, I turn to my breath.”


  5. I absolutely love Miracles Now and I’m so stoked to get my hands on the card deck! My intention right now is to stay committed to playing big and shining my light in the world instead of focusing on my ego’s desire to stay small and play it safe. I’ve been working on this ever since the Masterclass last September and as a result of all that work, I’ve manifested huge, amazing things in my life and I want to keep that going so I can keep serving others.

  6. Thank you Gabby for all your work. I use your touls and message everyday!

    Could you offer me guidance on my binge eating? It’s still a struggle, after all these years.

    Satnam 🙂

    1. the card for you is: “I love my food, my food loves me.” say this affirmation before you eat… it will slow you down and center you… Another one for you is to “When in doubt, Play it out…” this is helpful in that you can play out the entire situation and see yourself after the binge. Playing it out may stop you in your tracks.

  7. Gabby!!! I just found a book store in NZ that sells your deck!!! This pay day that is the first thing i will be getting 🙂 I’m so grateful to have found you, this have started shifting for me in huge ways and it’s very exciting 🙂 i am however struggling to deepen my meditation practice and part of that is finding a kundilini teacher here in NZ! I look forward to hearing from you! x

    1. the card I pulled for you doesn’t necessarily have to do with meditation but it’s a great one for any kundalini teacher:

      “I speak with confidence because the world needs my light.”
      wahe guru!!!

      re: meditation… do you ever use a mantra. a sat name meditation can be very powerful

      1. Thank you. Thank you!!

        I have followed pretty much all of your youtube meditations/lectures and have enjoyed a huge shift in day to day life through the Miracles Now book also 🙂 🙂
        onwards and upwards for me, I will keep doing what i’m doing and just be patient for the right teacher to connect with me when the times right!


        I really appreciate your time so thank you again xxx

  8. I love, love, love the deck, Gabby! I pull a card every morning while making my tea. My struggle right now is living too much in the darkness with too few moments of the light. I want to be in the flow and shine bright. Miracles Now, I need a miracle…show me what you got! xo

    1. Steph,
      I picked this one for you…

      “The qualities I dislike in others are a disowned part of my own shadow.” I love this one… I compare and judge all day long and this reminds me to turn inward and shift. WOOOT! love you

  9. Gabby, this is so rad! I have been struggling with my job, with food, with feeling overwhelmed and sad, and a true disconnect from God. I can’t wait to hear my card! 🙂

  10. Hi hi hi Gabby!
    Beautiful post…I’m receiving the call to stop playing small..and receiving it loud and clear, may I add. 😉 But I still am having such a difficult time letting go of old destructive/addictive patterns that don’t serve me. I know to be my best self I have to let them go, but I get stuck in “tomorrow I will start.” Sometimes when I think about showing up for myself today, I am overwhelmed with anxiety because NOT turning to food and NOT turning to other destructive habits is SCARY!!
    Thank you for all you do.

    1. Leah,
      The card I picked for you is


      choose to release the scary and step into your power… xoox

  11. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for sharing your light with all of us. I’m so excited for this deck – it just looks beautiful! Right now my struggle is finding my passion and life’s work. I’m working to appreciate the job I have and stay open to possibilities but I still feel lost/stuck. What guidance do you have for me?
    Lots of love to you!

    1. Marie I picked a great card for you!


      this is sooo good b/c whenever you’re stuck your spirit is asking you for a recharge. hit your meditation pillow. head to a yoga class…. recharge. sister.

      1. Thank you! I’m sure you’re not surprised this is exactly what a needed. Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of us. Lots of light and love to you!

  12. Hi Gabby,
    I normally don’t respond to posts because it can be uncomfortable for me. Today I’m feeling drawn, so here it goes. I’m a current Get More Gabby subscriber and have started reading Miracles Now. I also just ordered your Miracle Worker Bundle. Yay! I really enjoy your passion, inspiration, and willingness to share with others. I’m really working hard at believing “The Universe Has My Back”, but some things have happened over the last week that have caused me to not trust the way I should. Also, I’m on the right path to developing a rich inner life, but have had a hard time feeling worthy in my relationship with my husband. I want to open myself up to love and trust, so I’m able to freely receive. Thanks for listening. With joy,

    1. shannon i picked a stunning card for you…


      surrender to your higher purpose. Let go and allow the universe to do her thing….

  13. Hey Gabby,
    My intention is to call on all my courage to show up even more to help people remember truth and turn their lights on. I want to own myself as a coach, a warrior of light, a leader, and a spiritual teacher and start to tap in to my power and wisdom to share with the World. I know I was born to do it, I just want to have full trust in the unknown and jump!
    I hope to see you at Masterclass next year 🙂
    Shine on sister X

    1. Tracey I got the best card for you!!!



  14. Thank you for this Gabby. My issue is that I am fearful about the future…job, home etc. I sometimes struggle to let go of this.

    P.S Have you worn your ‘Yogi Bhajan is my Homeboy’ t-shirt yet? My present to you in London last year. xx

    1. i picked my favorite card for you…



  15. Gabby,

    Such a great idea and looking forward to getting my own 🙂

    I found spirit last year, but am still stuck in a cycle of anxiety and depression that prevents me from bringing spirit to others. I want to know more. I want to feel my inner guide working more.

    Thank you, and Namaste 🙂

  16. Love your work!! My block is with my business and moving forward to be a bigger version of myself. I’m carrying it in my body and it’s always on my mind about how to get where I want to be but I think I might be self sabatoging:( Would love any advice on talk g the next step with confidence!
    xx Aspen

  17. Hi Gabby!

    Me and the man I´m living with is about to break up. And I am deciding today.. I am pretty sure it is the right decision, but it is very tough. I am scared to be alone, without him. To go to bed at night, without him.. I would love to receive some guidance from your beautiful deck on where to go from here.

    Thank you Gabby, love!

    1. O.M.G

      the card i picked for you is:


      holy moly…. that was spot on!

  18. Hi gabby I’m trying to figure out my next move. Part of me wants to become a yoga teacher and part of me is saying that’s crazy.I want to help others some way just haven’t figured out my path .Can you pull a card for me! Thanks;)

  19. Gabby!! In so psyched for you. I remember last Aprik during your Miracles Now event in NY you said you would be making a card deck and now they are here! I’ve been waiting for these and can’t wait to use them with clients 🙂

    My question is about my business. I’m feeling a little blocked right now, I guess you could say I’m at a fork in the road. Would love to know what the cards have to say.

    Thank YOU!

    Big X’s and O’s


  20. “True abundance is an inside job” YES!!!!!! I love it and I am so excited to get my hands on these cards and share them with my tribe of ladies! Thank you for posting this today…it’s the perfect way to start my week!

    I think abundance often gets confused with material things…as soon as I saw this card on your post I thought of sunlight, walking along the beach and a feeling of peace and a connection to myself that surpasses any material thing.

    Thanks again Gabby! Your authentic sharing rocks my world!

  21. Hi gabby

    I have been very depressed lately nothing going right at the moment uni is going down hill . I need some guidance. Thank you

    1. i got a beautiful card for you.


      big love to you

  22. Hi Gabby,

    I feel like I’ve been struggling with toxic relationships in my life and really being able to let them go. My brain logically seems to know these friendships and people are no good to me and yet when push comes to shove I feel myself compromising and trying to pursue these friendships and relationships even when I know it’s only hurting me. I end up feeling so crap for days after and even more disappointed and let down. Why do I keep doing this to myself?
    Also, thank you so much for coming toAustralia early this year. I was the girl who flew across from Perth to Melbourne to hear you speak and it was by far the most worthwhile thing I’ve done this year. Xx

    1. kristie,,, this is a good one for you.. make sure to revv up your positive vibes.


    1. Recently I discovered my purpose in life coaching and I took a huge leap if faith and let go of the traditional path I was on in order to follow my dreams. Not only do I feel SO much happier, but the universe is putting things into my life that I never thought was possible just because I am now aligned with my true purpose. It is scary and everyday I still have fear come up. Especially fear of failing. For me – meditating, reaching out to friends, and taking care of myself has helped me work through these fears.

  23. Hi Gabby!

    I’ve been struggling with making some major changes in my life lately. I know what I want and where I’d like to be but I’m really having a hard time with how to make it happen. I feel stuck.

    Thank you for this!

    1. Hi lovely!
      I totally feel you. I was just in the same place as you and I never thought I could make it to the other side of things. Just hold on, reach out for support, focus on self-care and self-love, and trust your intuition. Doing these simple things will open up your heart to the divine guidance of the universe.
      Peace and love,

  24. Hi! I am so excited to purchase the bundle! Thank you for all the kindness and joy you spread.

    I am struggling with deciding between two job offers. I am 42 year old recently divorced mom of one beautiful girl. What is the best job path for myself and my daughter? Thank you! Blessings to you.

    1. i got a cool card for you:


      is there a job that feels more supportive to you?

  25. Hi gabby! Hope you are having a magical morning. So excited for your cards. What a cool way to channel stressful/fearful energy into positive and hopeful energy! I find a lot of comfort in my angel cards and I have a feeling that your cards will also become a daily reminder of miracles & universal love. Currently I’m in a big transition in my career and for the first time in years, I feel very lost…financially and mentally. Looking forward to your response! Nothing but love!

    1. this is a good one for you! just picked it


  26. Love your energy Gabby ?? You have changed my life. I’m so grateful for everything I have in my life. Could you please share some guidance with me? Peace, love and light ??

    1. Hi gabby, I’m struggling with my calling in life and figuring what that is. Feeling lost and stuck, there are days where I believe my intuition and the universe are telling me but I question it. I would love some sort of guidance. Thank you xoxoxo

  27. Struggling with my next career move. If I stay in the industry I’m in or do a daring task I’m not sure will make any money.

    1. i picked the best card for you!



  28. I’m a 20 year old student starting a blog about wellness & spirituality. I’m afraid to share the message because it can seem out there, and I’m afraid of criticism and sarcasm (I’m also from the UK…). I just picked up the deck, they are SO beautiful! Love the silver linings 🙂

  29. I opened a small ladies only personal training studio in December but am feeling a pull back to working from home – it’s where I’m happiest! The personal training doesn’t make me glow anymore and I want to get back to reiki and ascend higher in my spiritual journey and find a way to build a business around this! But part of me feels like I’m running away from the other business as it’s a lot of responsibility. I don’t want to make a wrong decision but I want to feel alive with possibility instead of darkened by burdens that don’t fulfil me! Help please xx

  30. Thank you for much. The deck look awesome. But I have been struggling with relationships in maintaining personal ones with friends and in finding a romantic relationship. Any advice? Thank you again!

    1. the card I picked was


      that is my relationship advice. share your light and you will be a magnet for your lover.

  31. Hey gabby! Amazon has already shipped my deck 🙂 yay!
    Lately I’ve had a lot of anxiety regarding traveling. I struggle between playing it safe by staying at my current job, and packing up and moving to a new country. I want so badly to explore new places. Specifically, I’d love to live in Germany because I was born there (but moved away when I was 2). Sometimes I wonder if it’s just that I’m trying to run away from my problems (looking for happiness outside) or if this internal pull really is just something that’s meant to be for me.
    Looking forward to your message, thank you <3

  32. Hi Gabby!
    Some of the blocks are in trying to reduce my anxiety and fear of performance in my career…and this Has led to weight retention as well. Thank you for your guidance <3

  33. Thank you for guidance Gabby! I am struggling with my past relationship and as a result i secondguess myself of what i want and what is possible for me in relationships but also almost in every area of my life. I struggle to trust the universe and that everything happens for my own good.

  34. I’ve recently discovered that I have stomach ulcers due to stress and anxiety. I just started your book last night by the way. I’m hopeful that the book and this reading will help guide me to a more peaceful state of mind that I can hold on a daily basis. I have moments of peace, but I really feel like I’m giving into the fear more often than not. It also makes me feel like I can’t complete simple tasks around the home. We just moved to a new state almost 2 months ago and we still aren’t fully moved in. Thank you for your help!

    1. I had them once too. I had many…
      the card i picked for you is awesome.


      Allow the guidance to settle in.

  35. Gabby, I have been studying your work and Marianne’s for almost a year now. I feel that I am not where I need to be in my life and have begun to eliminate those negative and toxic people and situations from my life. My question is am I on the right path, have I done it too big or not big enough? Thanks!

  36. Hey Gabby this is so awesome! I am a newlywed, husband is in the service, and have recently moved 5,000 miles away from home and everything/everyone I know (a lot of emotions right now). I am struggling with my destructive ego (currently reading Spirit Junkie), forgiveness and rediscovering me. I’ve been praying every day for guidance and to forgive myself and looking at everything with love not fear and childlike wonder. Can’t wait to hear my card and purchasing the bundle!

    1. Ps. I’m a pretty big control freak and fearful of my future as well.
      Thanks again Gabby for all that you do and all the love you spread.

  37. “Happiness is a choice I make” has been my mantra for this week. Perfect timing for me to be seeing this! Thanks so much for spreading your light! Sending you all my love and light – xoxo

  38. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity. I am very much in the beginning phases of my spiritual development. I struggle to make it a priority except for when I’m going through a tough time like I am right now.
    I am struggling with a break up that came out of nowhere and am feeling very lost and very lonely. Looking forward to your guidance!
    Xo – Christine

  39. Hiiiiii!!!
    There is an old friend resurfacing and reaching out to my wife… We have a long history with this person and many hurt feelings along the way. I’m having a hard time understanding why my wife won’t protect my feelings on this or choose to keep this person out of our lives… I feel left out and as though my feelings don’t matter… Help! I’m trying to be wise, but it’s hard!!!
    Thank you!!! Xo

  40. I’ve recently had new responsibilities added at work, and just found out this weekend that my father is coming to the end of his illness with cancer and I’m trying my best to maintain my job, offer comfort and support to my children and my mother and sister while juggling my own heartbreak

  41. I am recovering from depression and this spring has felt like im finally moving forward in my life. However, i feel like i don’t let myself be happy or succeed, and it’s too easy to slip back to the old habit of being miserable, lazy and hate myself. Now i have an opportunity to move abroad and “start again” in a way, but it means i have to quit school and go against what everyone around me say i should do (finish school, get a job blah blah). What should i do, am i doing the right thing? I’m scared!

    1. wow. i picked the perfect card for you


      I believe the best way through depression is to breath through your feelings. allow them to pass through you with every breath.

  42. Hi Gabby!

    Thank you so much for your guidance. Although I am only 17, I have had some crazy shifts in the past year and am working on writing a book for teens like me who need a little boost. I know I have a greater message to share and people seem to gravitate towards it! So I’m wondering what my place is in the world with regard to my leadership and sharing my message.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey girly!
      Just wanted to tell you that your post is so awesome. I am 20 now but I have been following Gabby’s work since I’ve been 15. I am so happy you found her tools at such a young age… they will all pay off in the tenthfold xo

      God bless!

      1. Thanks Meghan! I’m actually 21, graduating college next month. But it’s so great to run into someone else who found her at a young age! I just came across her work a few weeks ago and it’s already so inspiring to me.

          1. Haha, no worries at all chica! Congrats on the book- what a huge accomplishment. Also, see the comment below because I think Katrina thinks I am you 🙂

      2. Wow that is so crazy that you posted that reply at 11:11????and even CRAZIER that it was at 15 when I was given my first book of Gabby’s. Thank you So much for your support! We are changing our generation:)

        1. Hah, I did not even notice the 11:11 thing! Awesome, awesome.

          15 must be the divine age then! I am so glad that you are following Gabby’s work. Go forth on your spiritual journey, sister xo

      3. Hey Meghan,
        🙂 Its great that you too are working on a book. I am also working on my book that I hope will inspire the youth to become more! I have worked in the educational field since I was 16 im 24 now! 🙂 Keep up the good work girl. I wish you all the best with your book you will help to inspire a lot of great minds!
        <3 and blessings to you x

    2. you are awesome.! omg 17 years old.
      go girl…
      the card I picked for you is:


      get your meditation on!

  43. yasssss Gabby this is awesome! My issue is I know I have to make better choices in my life, but I keep on self sabotaging. Looking for some inspiration to be the best I can be! Thanks Gabby proud of your work!

      1. OMG #nailedit. Everytime I see a car with one headlight I say “I pray for my highest good”. Thank you for the guidance! Much love!

  44. Hi Gabby, my block is love and food. I’m 40, never married but would love to find my best friend. And I’ve always struggled with food and deciding what’s the best way ‘this time’ to lose weight. Guidance please???? thank you!

  45. Hi Gabby–

    You rock. I’m struggling with being seen in the world. I’m a new designer and still need to build confidence through doing more jobs. I’m loving what I do, just having a case of “am I good enough”?


  46. I have been struggling with food (binge eating my feelings), weight (overweight), anxiety, and my health (severe migraines, cervical Spondylosis). Would love some words to help me.

  47. I block love in my life.. Fear of rejection and intention is traveling the world with my beloved. Fear keeps me single. Namaste????

    1. wow… omg the one i picked for you is:


  48. hi Gabby,

    thank you for everything! I am loving April’s GMG. I am listening to the meditation 2-3 times a day!
    Here is my “issue”. I am unable to surrender. I am a super control freak, trying to control every single outcome in my personal life. I try to manipulate the situation based on fear. i reread lesson 48 from ACIM daily. I just want to let go and let life flow effortlessly and with love and how spirit wants (and be ok with that). so…..magic please!
    thank you!

    1. HOLY COW…


      OMG OMG

  49. I’m struggling with direction in my business. Would love any insight/message in this area. Much love to you Gabby, thank you:)

  50. I have a great life but I struggle with feeling like there is something more I should be doing but fear holds me back. Show me what you got!! Thanks 🙂

  51. I feel out of balance in my career. I feel that I found what I am supposed to be doing but I don’t feel successful. It’s either feast or famine. Any words of wisdom? xo

  52. Hi Gabby, I LOVE your deck – got it in London at Ignite. Been obsessed since! I am struggling with knowing who I am. I feel lost and don’t really know who I am. I want to gain a better understanding of myself!!

    Thank you! Hattie x

    1. here’s one of my favorites that I picked for you:

      when i shine bright I give others permission to shine with me.”

  53. Hi! I m struggling with my work. My intention is for my business to grow but have some blocks that prevent so ….

    1. neat one:

      “whenever i compare myself to others I simply say this prayer: the light i see in them is a reflection of my inner light.”

  54. Hi Gabby 🙂
    My week has been so beautiful and expansive, the Harvest Calm course I created has reached a new level of people and it’s really exciting, but this week I seem to have hit a ceiling and while I was super chilled and accepting this new abundance, this week something has stalled and I’m struggling to sleep and relax! I just made a decision to ask for help then I saw your post on Instagram, thankyou! Sending you love and light.

    1. i love this one for you:
      “the moment i begin to celebrate myself and focus on my successes is the moment i begin living.”

  55. hi gabby! you are such a light in my spiritual journey. i’ve preordered your cards and am so excited to incorporate them into my practice. my intention is to feel freedom, bravery, and radiance. my block is self-criticism and self-doubt. most days i am able to focus on my intentions and feel strong and confident in them, there are moments, however, that i am so hard on myself and feel like walking away from dreams that i am pursuing.

  56. Gabby,

    I am guilty of allowing my mind to create havoc in my life…these thoughts create fear, doubt, and sadness. I want to trust that my intentions and desires are manifesting, but my mind at times creates negative thoughts that lead to doubt.

  57. Hi Gabby! Thank you so much for your kind offer. I sometimes have fear and worry around my family being safe, if my new business will be successful and just an overall feeling of worry and doubt
    Thank you! Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    Thanks Gabby! Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  58. Hi gabby,
    I’ve been feeling not content with my life recently. I started on a corporate pathway that I thought would get me the right job or secure job but it’s not what I’m passionate about at all. I’m also struggling with eating right and feeling happy about my body. I feel though I workout so much and then ruin it by eating bad. I just keep saying ” tomorrow is the new day” then ruin it. Need a pick me up and some encouragement !

  59. Hi Gabby! First off you have been a guiding light for me during this past year. I lost my husband in an accident and we have two young children. Giving up wasn’t an option for me and your words have helped me stay true to my intentions that I have a bright light that needs to be shared with the world. My intentions have been to stay positive and trust my journey. I intend to continue to follow my heart and let go of the ego. A block for me is the idea of having a future relationship. I am young so I know I my life isn’t over in that sense but I married my true soul mate. Anyway, thank you Gabby. I hope to inspire others as you have done for me.

    1. Oh and I also struggle with patience raising my two kids as a single mom and how to fully give them the attention they deserve when I’m emotionally unavailable.

      1. Hi Gabby,

        It’s been just over a year since he passed and I am very proud of the progress I have made. I’m following my heart and radiating love. My egos voice has taken a back seat and I’m working on going back to school and hope to inspire other widows to trust their journey and not give up on their connection with their loved one who has passed. I take it day by day and allow my emotions to wash over me and release them so I can live in the present. My husband is always with me and I can feel it 🙂 Thank you so much for asking.

  60. Hi Gabby
    Your posts are amazing! I am very much looking forward to buying the deck. I am in a place of struggle at the moment, recently moved cities and started a new job, enjoying the new job but not feeling much connection to the moment, and my new environment, developing new friendships and romantic interests is a problem for me and I just feel lonely. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you for being awesome.

  61. My current block is fear. Fear of the unknown and fear that I’m progressing more slowly in life than at a rate which I should be. I’m 32, just now graduating college next week, and am completely terrified of the unknown. I feel like my fear is stopping me in my tracks and not allowing me to push forward. I just want to overcome this fear and stop sabotaging myself and my life/happiness. The fear is causing unneeded and unwanted anxiety and stress. Thank you in advance!

    1. oh i got a great one for you:

      “I don’t dance around the perimeter of the person I want to be; I step in fully and completely.”

  62. Gabby, I love all give work you do and thank your for sharing your passion and knowledge with us. Right now, I have a big decision to make about relocating to another state where, I will be completely on my own. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a realistic move it am I dreaming way too big here. Thank you.

  63. I am struggling with a relationship, with an addict. We have been together for a very long time, and I feel so lost and alone. He has lost everything and now I feel like he is losing me too. I don’t know what to do…I care about him so much, but I don’t think he has a rock bottom…

  64. Hello Gabby! I’d love for you to pick a card for me. Right now I’m struggling with love. I’ve never had it and don’t know what it feels like but I know I want it so bad. It makes me feel lonely and inadequate as if something is wrong with me that I can’t see but others can.

  65. Hi Gabby!! Thank you for this. I would love to know what I need to do or know to manifest a committed, loving relationship with a wonderful man and to have children with him. Lots of love!! xoxo

    1. I got an interesting one for you:

      “obsessing over the outcome of a relationship gets in the way. instead i let go and allow.”

  66. Hi Gabby! “)
    I love your work I friend introduced me to you and your work last year! I love the ideas of your cards :).
    I keep on seeing butterflies to me this represents transformation. I have been living abroad for the last 8 months. Due to facing discrimination here and outgrown the lifestyle I now feel as though it is time for me to move on and return back to England! :DDDDD I am so excited by the way!!

    I have grown so much from this experience and I would not change a thing. I helped to inspire so many children and young people. Which is my main passion and bigger why! 🙂

    Please share some guidance with me! 🙂
    I look forward to the next chapter in my life. Sending you lots of gratitude in advance and <3 and light to you! 🙂
    My fellow light worker!
    Katrina Calvin

    1. neat one for you:
      “to truly flourish is to release all the tension that holds me back from letting love pour through me.”

    1. this one is great for you too:

      “to truly flourish is to release all the tension that holds me back from letting love pour through me.”

  67. Two things going on, one is the struggle to lose the unhealthy weight I have been carrying around lately, and hoping for a big move out of state. Looking for guidance on these two things!

    xoxo-thank you!

  68. My current struggle is timing. I met someone who is amazing and the epitome of everything I’ve ever asked for. I have prayed on it and asked God and the universe to bring us together – however – the longer time passes – the less filled with hope I get. I know deep in my heart if he is for me – he will be for me but it gets harder with each day that passes.

  69. I’m blocked in my job and personal life. house for sale, divorce pending, job stale. I live with gratitude, chose happiness and patiently consider my purpose.

  70. I’ve got love, familly, one thing that is missing is money. I cannot get through money blocks, I’m in “beg energy” in this topic.

  71. I am constantly plagued by fear and anxiety and have been in a major life path rut for the last few years. I used to be able to walk into a room fearlessly and talk to anyone, even huge stars, but now I’m reticent and shy; I also feel like a blunt-affect depression because I’m so scared all the time and it’s draining. Living in this perpetually emotionally draining space has made it hard for me to understand what my true calling is or what positive things I have to give back to the universe. I feel like once I find that I’ll get my mojo back.

    Thank you so much for all your help–you’re a constant source of inspiration–even when I can’t get out of the rut, you’re existence makes it feel at least possible.

  72. I have been experiencing a lot of positive shifts that I want to share with my mother. I will be in the right frame of mind and at peace but the minute I get around her, the negative energy takes over and I’m in an angry, resentful place. How can I share my light with someone who focuses on the dark and not let it bring me down?

  73. A friend betrayed me and I can’t let it go. We see each other at work everyday and I resent that she has no remorse for her actions. In fact, she still does little things to hurt me. Talking to her is not an option. How do I let it go and move on?

  74. My intention is to become the best healer I can. But in order to do that I need to heal myself. I struggle with being around groups of girls my age (20’s) because I was bullied by them throughout my life. And they always seem to gossip about whoever isn’t there. I have a hard time trusting other girls. It’s something I really want to heal but can’t seem to shake. Also I struggle with time management and doubting my intuition. Also I love too hard and give too much. Then I end up disappointed. Maybe because I’m giving out of ego not unconditional love.

    Thanks Gabby. You’re a huge part of my healing platform. I love you and your work so much! Shine on, sister!!

    Natalie Torres

  75. I currently am undergoing much transformation in my life. In June, my job of 3 years will move to another state and I decided not to move with the company. My boyfriend of 2 years is also moving with the company to another state. Since I am not going due to taking care of my parents – I will have to find a new job and new relationship. However, I go back and forth wondering if I made the right choice. My now ex is a great guy but he put too much pressure on me to move initially and it really turned me off. How do I know I am following the right path?

  76. Hey Gabby,

    Thanks for this post and the way you share your gifts. I recently moved to NYC from NC to begin a new chapter in my life. I’m 31 and have no idea what I’m doing, specifically regarding career and money. My intention is to live guided by Spirit, but I am having a difficult time trusting that I’m being guided in regards to finances and career. Am I waiting on The U (The Universe) or is The U waiting on me?

  77. Hi Gabby,

    I am feeling called to ask for a card because I am currently debating quitting my job. I have been working for the same company for 5 years and they have always treated me well, but I know that deep down, my heart is not in it. I am torn between staying, finding another job, or moving home and taking some time to renew and rebuild myself. All of the options scare me and moving home is a fight with my ego, since I’m 28 years old. But, the thought of going into work every day at my current job weighs heavily on my heart. At the same time, the thought of quitting frightens me. I am praying for some divine guidance. Lastly, I must mention that my boyfriend is from my hometown and I would be living very close to him if I moved home. He has not been 100% supportive because he thinks it’s risky, which has been a bit of a bummer. So I want to make sure if I do do this, I won’t regret it.

    Thank you!!!

  78. hello Gabrielle!
    Thank you for your teachings, they bring a lot of light to me.
    I am working on finding balance in my life and manifesting miracles with help of my guides .
    Thank you for your reading.Love:

    1. here’s a nice one for you
      “When I feel blocked emotionally, distressed or overwhelmed, I turn to my breath.” this is a great one for you right now. the best way to manifest is to be chill… use your breath and your meditation practice to tune into the present moment and release outcomes.

  79. I just ordered my Miracles Now deck and it will be here on Wednesday! I cannot wait. Waking up this morning and finding out this deck was available simply brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Gabby.

  80. Hi Gabby!
    Love your deck! I’m struggling with patience surrounding a new job I’ve been waiting on for a long time. The universe has been sending me signs that things will work out and all will be well, but timelines seem to keep getting pushed back. I want to make my waiting time useful, intentional, but man, am I starting to get impatient.

    Peace and Love 🙂

  81. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for all your contents : All workshops and online training (fearless relationship for example) I have seen, contribute to my personal and spiritual growth. Actually, you are my online mentor 😉 !

    N.B : What’s a pity ! I am living in France…so I can’t get all contents of Miracle worker bundle

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

    1. love it
      got a cool one for you:

      “Peace is in my pulse.” This is a beautiful and super simple meditation to calm your mind. Sit cross-legged on the floor and close your eyes. Place the four fingers of your right hand on your left wrist to feel your pulse. With each beat, silently repeat the mantra “Sat Nam,” which means “truth identified.” You can practice this for 1 minute or up to 11 minutes

  82. My 19 year old son almost died from a heroin overdose. He is in rehab. I feel powerless. I feel my world has been shaken up and thrown upside down.

    1. Tammy bless you.
      Have you read my book Spirit Junkie? If not, send your address to and I will mail you a copy.

      The card I picked for you is:

      “THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION OF THE HIGHEST GOOD.” Stay open to creative solutions. Stay open to sobriety. I’ve been clean 10 years and my sobriety has given me everything.
      love to you

  83. I have a job many people would dream of. It pays well, it is a perfect fit for my career and I get to help others. The thing is, I am a very perfectionist that pushes herself to limits and now my body has started getting sick, obviously letting me know I am doing something wrong. But I don’t know how to work any other way. What must I do to keep my job but relax about it so that I can enjoy it and not keep manifesting sickness because I am so stressed? Thank you for everything in advance Gabby. You have truly helped me. Love!

    1. Hi mariana,
      the card i picked for you is


      let go of the need to be perfect and in your stillness you will find freedom

      1. Please go to some posts made earlier this morning around 9am and 1030a, that you missed. I posted earlier and did not get my card reading – thank you gabby!!!! Xoxox

  84. Hi Gabby,

    This past week has been difficult, my grandfather passed away and my mother tried to take her life this weekend. Luckily, she was found in time and was saved, but I don’t know how to approach it with her or anyone. It’s not something I feel comfortable talking about with people yet and I need guidance on what person I need to be during this time. I am grateful for so much, but I’m not sure how to be light for people right now.


    1. sister that is terribly scary. I’m so sorry to hear that!
      how is mom doing now?

      I got this for you:

      “There is always a solution of the highest good.”

      deepen your faith right now.

      big love

      1. My faith and spirituality are definitely being tested – I hope that good will come from this. Right now, she is very unstable and mentally in a bad place, but luckily in an evaluation center. I spent a lot of time on my mat today trying to listen for purpose and stillness.

        Thanks for asking.

  85. I’m so excited about this card reading! Great idea! Here goes: I had my heart broken a little over a year ago by the man I thought was the love of my life. Turns out he was a manipulative emotional abuser. I’ve had a hard time getting back on my feet and finding my self-worth and confidence again. It’s showing up all over my life. I want to find a job (I’m a winemaker) with a company that shares my values and fulfills my creative drive and I want to find a man to share my life with fully and respectfully. These two things just seem so hard to find! Gabby, I admire you so much and am a total Gabby Junkie now! I can see why people call you their guru. Work your magic!!

  86. Gabby,

    This is awesome! I’ve been struggling with a form of ovarian cancer for 3 years, and though I’ve paid a high price, am now healthy and strong. Things in my outer world were going great – health, great new relationship, awesome job, and a loving and happy home situation. A month or so ago, several of these things fell apart all at once, and I feel as though these external crises have lead me to a spiritual crisis. I simply CANNOT stay on this hamster wheel of fear and pain, and so have been spending nearly every spare moment praying, meditating, tapping, listening to your lectures, and going to as much therapy as I can afford. I am starting to see some shifts and am contemplating my next steps – including possibly a cross-country move or to Australia for work. I am open to all of the guidance that the Universe can send my way, and so of course had to respond to this post!

    Thanks so much for everything that you do! xxoo

    1. wow i picked a great card for you:


      bless you my friend xoxo

  87. @miraculousshifts I am currently struggling with finding my true purpose and turning it into a career. Amazing miracle worker bundle deal! I’m going to get it right now thank you thank you thank you..

  88. Gabby,
    You are such an inspiration! I cannot wait to get my hands on the Miracles Now Card Deck so I can stir up some magic. Right now I struggle with staying positive on a daily basis. A lot of times I feel that it is something that I really need to work with and doesn’t necessarily come easy. Whether its believe in my self career wise or just simply my self confidence. I guess I just need some guidance on how to walk in the light and stay positive on my journey! Thank you so much for all you do 🙂 I am such a big fan.

  89. Hi gabby.
    Everything you do speaks to my soul and I use my spirit junkieness everyday.
    I am having a hard time knowing if I should let go of a love I can’t have right now. Deep in me I feel this connection and unwavering hope for the future almost matter of factly. Is it worth holding on?

    1. wowoowowo

      the card i picked for you is


  90. Hi Gabby! I am thankful for the inspiration you provide on a daily basis!
    I have recently left my job after 13 years to stay home with my boys, which I am grateful for. However, I feel like I have lost a bit of my identity and have allowed myself to become more fearful and anxiety ridden then ever before. I am fearful of pursuing my passion for photography and seem to worry about everyone and everything! My anxiety wants to control the things I cannot!
    I know there is a better way of being, I need some guidance to take the first steps!
    Thank you for all you do!
    Have a wonderful day!

  91. I recently had to leave my job in Manhattan to relocate back home to be closer to family. I’m using this time of unemployment to figure out what I REALLY want to do, but it is a lot harder than I thought. Any advice would be much appreciated!

  92. Hello Gabby,

    I’m living in Paradise but feel like I’m frozen in fear. I’m semi-legal with papers currently in proces. The type of permit I may get is not the one I want, it only entitles me to work as a domestic legally and setting up my own business is extremely difficult for a foreigner. I’m here because of love and because I am in not way living how I dream of my spirit is diminishing and I’m filled with more Fear. I have 3 kittens that I have raised from birth when theor Mum was his by a car. If I decide to go home to the UK I want be returning so I have to really be sure to leave. So instead of taking the easy option of packing up my kittens and I and leaving my relationship I am staying here. But I can’t figure out my next move. Any work I do is illegal and believe me, it maybe paradise but it is very corput so I shouldn’t worry but I do. I do because it’s not what I want. I wan t to do things properly, I want to contribute to society and become part of the communitY. I want to offer my services without fear. I want to my work to help others and afford me a living Instead of being financially dependant on my partner, who may I add doesn’t earn well. It’s a constant struggle, a life I thought I could live but I realise I just notice a lack instead of noticing the beauty. I’m 3 years clear of bulimia which ruled my life for 9 years. But I feel more lost than I ever have.

  93. Hi Gabby, I have been struggling with an eating disorder for a long time. It got worse about two years ago and while I have “recovered” outwardly, inside I am still battling it every single day of my life and I’m just exhausted. I need your help.

      1. Thank you for the link b/c I have not gotten help!! And I love that card!! I’m going to meditate on it and carry it with me. Also, I have been using your meditation to kick addiction and and I have been sugar free for a little over 40 days.

  94. Hi gabby!

    Right now I’m struggling with finding a new job. My last one did not work out because my manager was unable to actually manage another person and so my growth was stunted and I had to leave.

    I don’t want this to happen again and am
    Looking for faith that the right job will come up this time!

  95. Hello Gabby,

    I’m living in Paradise but feel like I’m frozen in fear. I’m semi-legal with papers currently in proces. The type of permit I may get is not the one I want, it only entitles me to work as a domestic legally and setting up my own business is extremely difficult for a foreigner. I’m here because of love and because I am in not way living how I dream of my spirit is diminishing and I’m filled with more Fear. I have 3 kittens that I have raised from birth when theor Mum was his by a car. If I decide to go home to the UK I wont be returning so I have to really be sure to leave. So instead of taking the easy option of packing up my kittens and I and leaving my relationship I am staying here. But I can’t figure out my next move. Any work I do is illegal and believe me, it maybe paradise but it is very corput so I shouldn’t worry but I do. I do because it’s not what I want. I wan t to do things properly, I want to contribute to society and become part of the communitY. I want to offer my services without fear. I want to my work to help others and afford me a living Instead of being financially dependant on my partner, who may I add doesn’t earn well. It’s a constant struggle, a life I thought I could live but I realise I just notice a lack instead of noticing the beauty. I’m 3 years clear of bulimia which ruled my life for 9 years. But I feel more lost than I ever have.

    1. first off congrats on your 3 years! so proud

      here’s what I picked for you:

      “The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still.” I love this message because it reminds us that through stillness we receive miraculous guidance.

  96. Hi Gabby! I’m loving this deck and can’t wait to get my hands on it ! Lately I’ve been struggling with living in the moment. I feel like the days are passing by and I’m there but not enjoying it. I’m always waiting for tomorrow.
    Thank you in advance for this ! And thanks for all that you do !

  97. I can’t wait to get my deck in the mail! I finished Miracles Now a couple of weeks ago.

    I have been feeling like now is the time to make great positive shifts in my life, but I am definitely struggling with fear based thoughts. I need a miracle, Gabby!

      1. thank you, this goes great with the Louise Hay card I pulled on friday:

        “It is safe for me to speak up for myself”

        Love and Light!!

  98. This bundle sounds awesome. We are getting better and better each day with being aware of our thoughts and actions. We trust the universe has our back. We are getting ready to launch a new program and would love some insight that it is right. We want to be able to help other ladies in all parts of their lives to become happier, confident.

  99. I’m making excuses not to meet a man and send my books to a publisher, though I want them both so badly. Not sure if one card covers both, so I’ll sit tight and see what comes out. Thanks so much. x

  100. Hi Gabby, I have just been gifted your book and have it all set as my post baby reading! However I am due with bub number three any day and I’m very impatient to meet my little one. I really need some help in calming down…and surrendering to the natural process of bringing life earthside xxx

    1. i got an interesting one for you…
      “i trust that my gut reaction is the truth underneath the surface of my fears…”

  101. Hi Gabby,
    I have manifested a lot of opportunities and incredible changes in my life ever since meeting you. One area that I keep getting stuck in is in finances/money and relationships (maybe two areas but I feel like they are connected somehow). I am at a point where I will literally do whatever the card tells me to do! <3 thank you

  102. HI Gabby,

    My intention is to build a solid health coaching practice empowering women to live their best lives. My struggle is with my confidence and fear of do I know and articulating clearly what’s in my heart. I would love for you to pick a card for me:)

    Thank You Gabby!

  103. I am struggling to work out where I belong and why I can’t start my business or finish my studies. I’m completely lost xo

  104. Last year I lost my mother and I miss her everyday. I am wanting to start to believe in myself and love me again. I don’t want to waste my life anymore and want to live and remember mum without my heart hurting so much. The energy that I give out I want to be filled with love not regret. I’m also going through a separation, moving home from a long time overseas and am only now starting to see things clearly – I believe it took losing mum to open me up.

    1. bless you sister.

      here’s the message i got for you

      Relationships are assignments for optimal growth and healing.

      let this relationship to your mother heal you now that it’s in a different form.

  105. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for your light. It has been a great comfort to me. I am struggling with forgiving myself for things I have done in the past. I dwell on my failings and emotional stunt myself as punishment. I find it very hard to live in the present and have hope for the future. I have such anxiety and I have such desire to release myself from my failings of the past. I want so desperately to love myself for who I am in this moment, but I continually replay the past in my head. Any guidance for releasing this fear?

  106. Much love and light to you Gabby! You have helped me so much with the work you do, and I count you as both a true inspiration and icon of mine. These cards look wonderful, and I can’t wait to buy my own deck. I’m engaging with my spiritual work on a daily basis, and look to provide healing and guidance to those in need. However, I have always suffered with low self esteem and I’m worried that I will inadvertently self sabotage myself from achieving my destiny, simply by thinking in not good enough. I would love some guidance on how to overcome this so I may go from strength to strength. Bless you always ??????

    1. well interesting.

      here’s the card i chose for you

      When I feel blocked, distressed, or overwhelmed, I turn to my breath.

      1. Thank you so much Gabby! It’s so interesting that this was the card that came out for me- I do find that focused, mindful breathing is a wonderful tool for me. Meditation is also really effective to help me cope better with things going on around me. I wonder if you have suffered with self doubts, and whether they can still be a problem at times?

  107. Love your work gabby, you are such an inspiration on my life. I have everything I could want except for someone to share it with, will this happen for me

  108. Hi Gabby! Loved the post + all of your work. Thank you for being so candid and honest with your journey – I have codependency and am a recovering addict as well and your tools brought me to life and empowered me to action in a way that nothing else ever has. So grateful for you!

    I am currently wrapped up in a fear relating to movement. I used to be a dancer and had a lot of issues with dance that spiraled me into an eating disorder / into addiction and I’m having trouble finding a balance with working out that brings me joy without the negative head talk. Do you have any guidance for me?

    Thanks again xoxo

  109. Hi Gabby!

    I actually just received your card deck yesterday. I would love for you to pick one for me! I don’t want to use the word struggle because it carries so much. I would say I am questioning my decision to go back to school and finish with a degree just to say I finished. I find a hard time choosing a career path that I feel passionate about. You always talk about being a light worker and that calls me.

    Btw: I picked up the same card in the deck. Actually the one today fell out as I was shuffling them and was the same one from yesterday. I took this as a sign of course.

    1. well here’s the card I picked for you

      The key to getting what you want is to ASK FOR IT.

      Asking for what we want can be freaky. But deep down, people genuinely want to give. So when you ask from a place of authenticity and grace, your request will be met with respect.

  110. Hi Gabby – Thank you for the new content, its perfect to help me get back on my path. I just started a new job last week and am facing serious self-doubt about my abilities to be a top performer. Also, I feel no emotional fulfillment from my work and know I am meant for more in this world but don’t know what to do with those thoughts. Any guidance you have would be stellar!! Thank you, for everything.

    1. how do you feel about this one?! i picked this for you

      To relinquish control, I simply let loose and become more childlike.

  111. I am feeling ‘stuck’ in my life. I have great anxiety about things which shows up daily. I am also using food as my addiction. I am overwhelmed,anxious and see no way of stopping my addictive patterns. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  112. hi, thank you for you work, thanks to you i turn to my journal and follow my intuition. thanks to that i am in the processes of making huge changes and setting myself free….

    i want to be a spiritual leader too…

    it would be great if you could pick a card for me 🙂

  113. I’m hoping your deck can help me on my journey to finding my or rather fulfilling my purpose. I’m currently trying to start my business as a health coach and wether this is my purpose or a step towards it, I believe I have been lead to you at this time to help in this process. Wether it’s through your books, in person or your cards there is a reason I have connected to you and your tools. I so appreciate this opportunity and send you much love????

  114. I am finally in a relationship with someone who I love about as much as he loves me. Because of a trauma I suffered last year, I wanted to take some time before dating anyone. He came into my life when I wanted to have another year to heal. Since I’m graduating college next year, I went for it anyway because I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to be with someone I connect with so strongly. Although I am so happy with him, and am healthier than I was when we started dating, I suffer from guilt about whether or not I’m doing the right thing. It is also hard keeping this from my family. I could definitely use some spiritual guidance.

  115. Hey Gabby,
    thanks for this! I’t a great idea 🙂

    Here’s my strugle: I started a business and now have no income. I’m two months late on paying bills, and afraid of being poor, not having enough money to pay for my basic needs.
    On the other hand I really love what I do, and really want to create a legacy and do good in this life I was given.

    What do your Miracle Now cards say?

  116. Thank you Gabby for your continuous inspiration ! My intention is to change the direction of my company from being a wedding photographer to being a portrait photographer who helps teenage girls and women positively alter their perception when it comes to body image. Is this the right thing to do ? Love and Light x

  117. I’m struggling constantly with fear, anxiety. I have been since losing my mom when I was 16, 22 years ago. I’m so tired of my brain constantly going.

  118. Hi gabby, I thank you for your love and light.

    My dream was always to be a successful professional film/tv actress and then later on write my own work somehow whether poetry or essays or books.
    I feel burdened sometimes by fights with my husband and self doubt on our relationship though he is being great lately after I was released from a week long hospital stay 2 days ago.

    I am also the full time caretaker of our beautiful 1&2 year old sons. I have been making money through modeling and sometimes exotic dancing which I am not proud of but sometimes we are in the negative every time my husbands biweekly check clears from his work.
    (I rarely tell anyone that.)

    How can I shift from doing a job I do not want to do, to the career of my life and dreams which will benefit my family financially and myself creatively? What do you recommend?

    I have also been sober for 3 weeks now and know this is the key to my success and peace. Thank you for your experience strength & hope

    Love you & your work so much!!!


    Ps sorry I write so much I just like writing O:) I know you have so many comments..

    1. i picked a neat card for you!
      I dish out compliments sincerely and liberally.

      not sure if this applies but it’s a good one:)

  119. So excited for this bundle as well Gabby! Despite of living an awesome, happy life, having an amazing husband, I really struggle with self-love and acceptance. I constantly put myself down and doubt myself all the time, feel anxious, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror and I’m so tired t of feeling this way about myself.

  120. Good morning Gabby,

    Blessings! THANK YOU
    I currently have this job that is taking everything out of me and this boss that is draining and a bully. I did not listen to my inner guide and ended up fracturing my femur out of nowhere. I need a miracle show me what you’ve got?

  121. Hi Gabby! I have experienced many changes in life, work, location, and relationships over the last few months. I often struggle with overwhelm and over-giving to please others. I am seeking guidance for how to know if I should strive for more balance and how to reconnect with my intuition and realize what is worth putting my focus into.

    So much gratitude for your presence in my life over the last several years!! 😀

  122. For the past three years my husband and I have struggled with not being able to get pregnant. This has led to a lot of anxiety and fear of not knowing if I am suppose to ever become a mother. I have found comfort with God and church and with people like you (I love all of your books). I try and pray that it will all make sense in time and that there is a plan for me. But I still feel sad and struggle. I need guidance but maybe just comfort that things will be okay and that I will be able to be the mother I had dreamed I would become.

  123. Thank you Gabby for this gift. I feel that something awesome is about to happen for me and I get into an awesome vibe and then the next day I feel off and not connected to my goals or spiritual guidance. What can I do to have continuity of good vibes so I can make strides towards my goals?
    Much Gratitude,

  124. I am divorced with 2 lovely boys.I am 36 and I Keep going back and forth with the idea of having another current boyfriend does not want anymore kids..he has 1 older son already..he is 40..thank you in advance

  125. I am struggling to transition out of my current job and career. I have been looking and applying for jobs for what feels like a very long time with nothing sticking. Please let me know :). Thanks!

    1. “i trust that my gut reaction is the truth underneath the surface of my fears…” that one is sooo good for you!

  126. My intention is to break and leave the past behind me definitely so it won’t ruin my present and let me concentrate on my future. In every aspect in my life and i mean every single one i.e. Love, career, health, money I feel stuck. Don’t know what the purpose of all of those is… And the purpose of my life too… I feel really confused, depressed and drained… Thank you in advance

  127. Thank you for being the light you are! I’m struggling with working my business/passion, which I have for 15 years, but am not bringing in enough money. My business is stronger than ever and growing, yet money is always blocked despite my continual inner/emotional/spiritual work, affirmations, darn hard work, etc. I know there is a miracle of abundance available! I consider going back to school or getting a “real” job. Any card or insight is appreciated.

    1. got an interesting one for you

      When I move my body, I bust through all that blocks me from my true health and vitality.

  128. I am divorced with 2 lovely boys.I am 36 and I Keep going back and forth with the idea of having another current boyfriend does not want anymore kids..he has 1 older son already..he is 40..thank you in advance…I am confused..

  129. I am losing a few friends here and there as I am growing in my spiritual journey – but how do I remain nice to them if I see them randomly in public? I want to let go of the past but it’s hard not to get tangled into it again if I see the same people again. I feel like they judge me for picking my own path and not having the same journey they are having.

  130. Hi Gabby,

    Today, I have been rejected for an university master in fine arts. It haven been three rejections in these months. And I know that I can’t permit myself to giving up. But I am in a low moment righ now. It is like I can’t control all the fear and the guilt that I am feeling right now. I see all the effort that I had done as a big failure. I need to see the light again and trust in my own strength.

    Gabby, you have been a gift in my life. Thank you for everything. Greetings from Spain

  131. Hi Gabby!
    Thank you for this week’s video & message. This year is a year of massive learning for me with the intention to have a business up and going by end of year. I started blogging and am working on my website. The things I will be offering are health coaching, reiki and chakra balancing, exercise and nutrition guidance, and possibly yoga. I have this sense of urgency to learn as much as I can this year and would like to add yoga certification to my plate. With that being said I definitely have over scheduled myself these last few months up until mid June. I know I am a lifelong learner but am I delaying starting this business maybe out of fear or is all the learning necessary this year?
    Sorry so long! Thank you!!

  132. I’ve been called to be a teacher and am in the midst of launching my Work Life Balance Coaching practice! I am so excited to be able to offer my services to help working mom but am struggling to find clients. I continue to show up each day with positive energy, but have to admit it is a little discouraging. I need a miracle!

  133. Love it! I have the Kindle version of Miracles Now and occasionally close my eyes and point to find a passage. I currently went full time entrepreneur and I’m setting up a new online business and resurrecting an old one. (Different income streams.) It’s sometimes tough but I know that the universe has my back.

    Wish the bundle would ship to Canada. I think I’ll have to ask some American friends to be my shipping address this time.

  134. These are beautiful Gabby. I lost a dear friend very suddenly a few weeks ago, and my intention is simple – to live life to the full, every day and in every moment xx

  135. I’m having a challenge at work with a person who rents from me, I know I need to let them go but I fear I won’t find anyone to replace them and be stuck paying out more money than I can afford, I understand that this should be done but the fear side of me and the side that doesn’t want to hurt anyone takes over, any advice is greatly Appreciated.

  136. My intentions are to be helpful and to help people love and accept themselves. I struggle to find a career that lights me up from the inside and that I feel like is in line with my true calling. I also struggle to find a loving relationship but I feel like that might be shifting soon.:) I just keep telling myself, love yourself first. But yes career wise I have struggled for years and I think it might be fear based, so some guidance on how to overcome and redirect would be great, thank you for this beautiful opportunity.

  137. I’m so loving all of your videos, blogs, etc,!! You truly inspire me, Gabby. I relapsed three years ago after being clean and sober for 18 years. I have been struggling to get back on the right path for the last three years. I go to meetings, talk to my sponsor, etc., but have lost that spiritual connection that I once had. I want to be happy, joyous and free but am finding it so hard to get motivated and committed to my spiritual journey. Any suggestions, ideas, prayers, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!

  138. I’m embarking on a new journey to help people make better decisions about food, I recently finished an amazing training program to get me on the right track, however I’m not sure how to take my next steps to move forward. What’s next?
    Thank You! I appreciate your message, your light and have been moved many times by what you do 😉

  139. Hey Gabby, I’m about to launch my first book and I’m, to put it simply, terrified. I feel so intensely that I need to get this book out to as many people as possible and I’m nervous about really putting myself out there. The book was divinely guided, and I feel the power and potential of it is more than I can handle. Thank you for the reading! x

  140. Hi gabby! So excited for the new deck! I’m currently struggling in my home life and my relationship. Generally, just feeling a little stuck. Would love some guidance!

  141. Wonderful, I’m looking forward to reading the book and using the cards. Such a practical tool.
    I’m living outside the US though. Is there any way I can still get it? if not, when do you expect it to be available (in the Netherlands ;))

    thank you for all the inspiration,

  142. While I’m extremely at peace and in love with my life, I’m stuck in a work situation. LOVE my coworkers, LOVE my boss, LOVE the flexibility it offers to my young family, LOVE the benefits…but the nature of the work has changed. What was once creative has become monotonous. My days are long and uneventful. There is no spark…I am coming up on my ten year anniversary. Afraid there is nothing out there for me (I work as a creative writer in a rather small community, so pickings are slim.) Afraid to leave the things I love so much.

  143. Gabby! You are always so ON POINT with Spirit in my life, it’s incredible. Today surrendering to the incredible truth that God’s Will for me is perfect happiness, and saw this message from you. Just divine.

    Currently struggling with trusting that in my happiness, prosperity and financial needs will be taken care of. Made an incredibly big leap of faith decision to quit my job and begin working for myself a couple of weeks ago. Have clients SO divinely guided showing up and knocking on the door, but at the same time still in a sticky place of fear that they will for whatever reason leave, or not be willing to pay my rates, etc etc. The ego is making some big ol’ cases for why it wont work out. And its making a good case. But choosing to listen to the voice that keeps reminding me, I have everything for this moment right now, and always will.

    Thank you for always sharing such incredible support and love. <3


  144. My intentions for the year are live more often in a place of gratitude and happiness. My greatest block is myself. Thank you for all your beautiful work!

  145. I sometimes doubt my work in the world, so go silent and lose my power. It’s a hamster wheel I’m on that’s not allowing me to express myself fully!

      1. Yes, peace! I love this so much and it is absolutely perfect. Thank you, Gabby. I appreciate all you do. Much love. xo

  146. I have so much I could ask about but I first need to start with THANK YOU!! I saw you in Austin last year and was so inspired by you. Thanks for all you do! One of my many questions is: I have a health challenge that has been a great teacher of mine. But I am now ready to let it go and heal. Can you please provide any guidance you may receive about how I can best do so? ?? Love and gratitude to you! xo

  147. Hi Gabby! I have been searching for guidance for months of whether to go back to school for writing. I would love to use my life experience to inspire others to step into their light. As a fitness teacher currently I haven’t been able to get my message out without burning out myself. Writing gives me the space for self care and still a connection to others. I have a family to care for so I have a hard time of letting go of my practical means of making money to go after this dream…

  148. Hey Gabby,
    I am currently looking to attract love, a home and a dog into my life 🙂 as you suggested I asked your book for a miracle and flipped to ‘be the lighthouse’ page, which is the one that has always resonated with me the most and something I ask the universe for every day! Synchronicity. I am curious to see what you pick for me and can’t wait to get the cards. Thank you for continuing to inspire me x

  149. Hi Gabby. I’m seeking guidance on how to deal with my dyslexia. It often comes up and blocks my confidence, usually in my business.

  150. Hi Gabby,

    Long time fan here 🙂 I’ve a question about relationships. My ex and I broke up in November. I’ve had a hard time moving on. I took the breakup as a sign that I needed to work on myself. I’ve really grown these last 6 months. But, I still think of him all the time. The difference now is that it’s no longer from a place of fear. I asked the universe for signs and I cant tell if the universe is telling me well get back together or if it’s reassuring me I’m right where I need to be on my journey. Should I move on? Thanks!

  151. Hi Gabby,
    I read so many spiritual books trying to find out who I am and how to be happy that I am feeling very overwhelmed. I don’t know what to believe in anymore. Any suggestions?

    ???? Michele

    1. “when in doubt I choose to see peace.”

      this is for you… lean towards peace and joy and let your inner guide show you the truth

  152. Hey Gabby,
    Thanks so much for the offer to pull a cardI This deck looks so rad I’m totally getting the pack. 🙂 I’m in a space where I’m ready to move on from my job of 9 years and I am scared. I’m using the April Get More Gabby “The Universe Has My Back” like a full time job right now, but I find that the more positive and happiness I bring to my current job the more my ego has to show me “see it’s not that bad here” “see you have good days, you can be happy here” “you’re never going to find anything better than this” over and over. So how do I stay positive and happy at work and still gain the courage I need to leave? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. xox

  153. The cards look so beautiful! I always look to your meditations in times when I need a miraculous shift in mindset. These cards will be a welcome addition.

    My inner life, for a while, has felt really great. My outer life, recently, has been incredibly stressful. All in the month of February – I lost my job, was with my grandmother when she passed, and took care of my mother after a major surgery.

    Despite the overwhelming events – I have maintained positivity because I have a wonderful family and boyfriend. My support system is beautiful.

    However, without work – I’m struggling with things like not being able to afford rent this month. And, with the passing of my grandmother, I’m still experiencing extreme sadness.

    Thank you in advance for picking a card for me. Sending healing light and love your way.

  154. I am struggling with knowing what my next move is… Literally. I am interested in what the cards have in store for me… Thanks Gabby! Love you!!!

  155. I’m recovering from an episode of deep depression and addiction. When I look in the mirror I see glimmers of the “old” me, the me before all of this began, but I struggle to pull her out. I’m moving forward but with a feeling of dissonance I’m struggling to reconcile.

  156. Hi Gabby! This is exciting news for sure 🙂 I am struggling with self confidence and fully “stepping up” into the life I’ve created. What do the cards say?

  157. I lost my boyfriend of 13 years 2 and 1/2 years ago and have been raising our daughter who is now 6. I am having issues with a coworker and she has yet to tell me the problem. I am considering a change in job if it does not get better. My daughter wants a dog but I and taking care of her and the inside/outside of our house. I have been talking someone for 1 and 1/2 years and we say we love each other and want a future together but he constantly gets quiet and unresponsive. I am ready to move forward in a relationship and he says he wants a wife but idk. I am considering moving out of state and starting on I just need guidance and I pray for a sign or opportunity but I dont think I see it. This is a lot I know!

  158. Amazing! What a beautiful deck!

    Gabby, my struggle is trying not to live in fear and worry about the future. A young cancer survivor, this is difficult to do especially when treatment has mucked with my hormones. I often don’t feel like myself.

    My intention is to lead a more peaceful life with tons of self care but I find I get stressed so easily.

    Many thanks for all your good work. Xo

  159. Hi! I have been struggling for the past couple years with finding a new direction and changing careers. I know I want to do something different, but am not sure what. Thanks for any guidance you can offer!

  160. Hi Gabby,
    Why can’t the Miracles Now Deck shipped out of U.S,? I’m so sad. I have been praying and asking Inner Guidence from your Miracles Now. Guess what, it did answer my asking accurately! I am totally amazed with such a Miracles!! Thank you for coming with such a great book!

    Can I ask for Inner Guidance from your MiraclesNow deck to guide my fear for my coming first webinars. I’m so tense and stress out that nobody will be keen and I’m not good enough to share to help others.

    Thank you and sending my love to you from Singapore!

  161. Have had a tough time at work (and life in general). Trying to get a sign or direction if I should leave my current field and go for something else (but what!). Something I have been wanting to do never quite works out (it almost happens but then there is a glitch). I do not have financial freedom to just quit (in a very bad work environment situation) and find it hard to make the transition to a new sector. My personal life has been impacted including health, finding the “one” and general personal relationships. I keep falling back to this job (even after leaving it). While I do not to feel like “I have no choice”, nothing seems to be working out and it’s been a while. It’s taking a toll on me. I feel stuck.

    Thank you for your what you do!


  162. Thank you for all that you offer to the world, Gabby! You have taught me so much.
    I started my life coaching business 8 months ago. This is my passion, and I adore working with my clients. I just need more of them! I know this is the work I’m here on the planet to do. I’m trying to keep it financially viable, and I know it’s early days, but sometimes I’m discouraged because I’m working with so few people. Your insight is so appreciated! Namaste.

  163. Thank You so very much for your light. I am struggling with the next steps in my life. It’s about love and finding that true love…I’ve met someone who I feel so deeply connected with. But, it’s so complicated. I pray for guidance, direction and light. Thank You.

  164. Thank you Gabby for your incredible insight…

    I’ve been trying to find the exact thing you are talking about here; inner happiness. Or for me, inner love. I struggle to love myself and see my talents as things that can benefit others or the world, I am very hard on myself and often feel like I just don’t belong, and want to give up.

    🙂 if there is a card for that. Hit me with it!
    Sunshine, and smiles,

  165. Right now there is some major gunk coming up for me as I let myself truly open my heart to loving and being loved in an intimate relationship. It’s terrifying, and fucking amazing, but right now some juicy lessons are coming up that make me want to run away to the nunnery, if ya know what I mean. My biggest issue right now is jealousy, which stems from fear of not being enough, and constantly comparing myself to others. Whatcha got for me?? Thank you! <3

  166. Thank you so much for your light and love. I’m struggling with the next steps in my life. It’s my love life. I’ve met someone whom I feel so connected with – at a soul level. Never felt like this! But, it’s complicated and I pray for guidance, direction and light. Thank you.

  167. Hey G!! Just ordered the bundle! Thank you so much! I have the same struggle day in and day out…I can’t forgive myself for my past. I am sober and now in a healthy marriage; and he has no issues what so ever with my past; but i am haunted daily, mentally, with negative self talk. The memories creep in and I immediatly call myself stupid and ugly because of all the hate and anger I have towards myself for being that person. I know I am no longer that person and that I saved myself and live a clean healthy path now, but how do I heal that sad part of me that wants to hate and feel guilty and angry for the past.

  168. Thank you for sharing your gifts! I love that we can share and try out the miracle cards. Here’s mine: I want to expand my bodywork practice to include more emotional and spiritual guidance. I intend to establish a fulfilling and abundant practice where clients tap into their own healing and transform. I would also like to further release an ex, forgive, and understand my lessons so that I can make room in my heart for love. Peace & blessings!!!

  169. Hey Gabby!

    I’ve been having a hard time manifesting abundance in my life. I’ve been struggling to make ends meet ever since I left my parent’s house 5 years ago. I’ve been having manifesting sessions with my crystals every night for months. What else can I do?

    Thanks for all you wise words and inspiration!

    <3 Angel

  170. I would love to have some guidance on how to best be of service in a cat shelter that I have been working with for a number of years. There’s a lot of interpersonal conflict among staff and board – I’m asked for help and advice, but don;t alwyas know the best way to proceed. I have been praying for guidance on this.
    Thank you so much for all of your work – it has been a major force for change in my life!

  171. Hi Gabby,
    I want to add more light to my life and share that light with others. I sometimes hold myself back or get sucked into other people’s energy. Do the cards have any guidance for me?

    (I love your books and your energy!)

  172. Hi Gabby!
    First if all, thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful tools with your audience. I am seeing major shifts happening in my life right now thanks to becoming more aware of my own consciousness and your tools have been magnificent along the way.
    Currently, I am searching for a new job. For the last two years I have stopped out of two masters programs (gut feelings of not being right for me) and have struggled to find/stay with a job that is in alignment with my highest purpose. This is a really big week as I have a few meetings re: new positions and I feel great about one in particular. It would require moving but I feel so ready!! I see the light at the end of my tunnel but would love to see what card you pick! I’ll “put it in my back pocket” for the week 🙂
    Happy spring! Thank you for your light.

  173. Hi Gabby!
    I’ve been following you for several months as I have ventured into an awesome journey of spiritual growth and discovery which includes a commitment to loving and honoring myself more. I would like to know you if can offer me any insight or clarity in the area of manifesting or attracting a loving spiritual partnership into my life.
    Much love and many blessings,

  174. Hi Gabby Thank You 🙂
    I am so excited for this bundle because I honestly LOVE your talks so much- speaking is truly your gift and I can literally feel your contagious vibrations lighting up my heart when ever I get the absolute BLESSING of hearing them- so awesome! Now if I got a card reading I would want to ask you:

    I have recently mustered up the bravery and enough strength and self love to leave a harmful living situation and pursue my dreams of working as a Spirit Junkie – Comedic Hip Hop Edition. I am really excited and was wondering how I can keep this strength going into the youth shelter- how can I serve these youths? How can I muster up enough energy to balance the tides there where the Truth of abundance has become blinded to these young kids? I really want to bring joy and love but having been there before I know how contagious those vibes can be – is it possible for God to work through me and help these kids- How can I be strong enough to sustain his light at such a powerful frequency? Thanks Gabby Sending Lots offff Loovvveeeee <3

  175. Gabby, I love all of your work and all you share with the world! It’s so inspiring and hits it home for me!
    My biggest block and struggle right now is my engagement ended about a month ago and my X has turned back to his addiction and I’m trying to detach myself from the codependency in me feeling responsible, guilty and worried about him. It’s so hard because he was living a beautiful sober life and all this came out of nowhere! But I know it’s best for me to push forward in my life as hard as it is! I truly believe that this was a sign showing me of a better opportunity but I still feel the pain and sadness everyday.

    Thank you!!

  176. Worrying. I know it’s pointless to do so but constantly worrying and not trusting my 19 year old recovering heroin addict daughter. I Need to stop it

  177. I feel that I am at a stand still and nothing that I am trying to do is coming to pass. I feel like I am supposed to learn something in this time of calm but fear keeps coming up because it just feels nothing is happening and begin to fear, nothing will. Do you have any guidance? Thanks for all you do Gabby! You are truly an inspiration.

  178. I am definitely on a path towards changing my life and helping others in the process, but I’m still so hard on myself. How can I let go of all the negative thoughts I have about myself? Thank you in advance!

  179. I have had a lot of shifts in the past year and I love your miracles book. Can you pull a general card for me please..thanks

  180. Hey Gabby, I Just admire your work, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the world. I have been going through difficult times in manifesting my positive thoughts and goals. I feel lost and completely unmotivated, literally struggling to overcoming this difficult transition period in my life. I know what I want but feel blocked. How do I bring passion and motivation back into my life to create a life of purpose and positivity?

  181. Please help me with clarity on next steps for my business, clear knowing of who my soul mate is, and how to be financially abundant for life. Thank you so much!

  182. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for just being you, just a ray of light and inspiration.

    Lately I think in terms of what will help me grow most, what can I do that will serve me, my purpose and lead me to live my dream life. Right now, this is in the form of travel. I moved from Australia to London and have been living here for 2 years, in these 2 years I have found myself, my passion for yoga and nourishing my mind, body and soul with unconditional love. Now for so long I have planned my trip to travel Europe, volunteering at eco communities with like-minded people, then off to India at the end of the year. But I have also felt this pull towards South America. I think about it a lot! Now I am thinking of changing my travel plans and I guess what I really want to know is, what will serve me best? What do I need to do/know to make my decision to stick to my plan or go out on a whim.

    Thank you so much in advance!
    Lots of love!

  183. I’m stuck and have been for a long while. I took time off from my job because I was so unhappy hoping a new better one would come along. My relationship is also unhappy. I am trying to move on but it doesn’t seem to be happening how much I try.

  184. Gabby
    Blessings to you for offering this. I am 53 years old and have been single for 8 years after a short marriage. I would love to invite romantic love in my life bs to be open to how that man shows up. Can you help?

  185. Dear Gabby, first of all thank you so much for spreading the light and love! 🙂
    I am lately struggling with finding inner balance. Lately I am having this deep fear of future inside of me. I am 30 years old, and lately I feel as if I am standing still and not moving forward. I am making plans of how I could take good care of myself and love myself more, yet I always fail after ten days and fall back to my old patterns of overeating, shopping and just passively sitting on my couch full of worries and fears.
    I am looking forward of what the cards have to say to me… I am willing to change and finally get out of this vicious cycle of depression. Show me what you’ve got for me…. <3

  186. Hi Gabby!
    I’m loving Miracles now and I want to say thank you for all the ispiration and light that you share.
    I often struggle with a lack of self-eself-estime and I feel I’m blcked beacuse of this.
    Trying to work on it and to believe more
    Thank you xoxo

  187. I don’t know if the relationship I am in has run its course or not. He has anger issues and is not as spiritual as I would like him to be. We have been together for almost 4 years and I feel I have done all I could. I’m stuck in between not knowing if its time to release him or keep trying.

  188. Thanks for all of the amazing tools and triggers to support our miracle work. I am currently transitioning into running my own business and am struggling with the journey around being enough, for as things change I can feel my anxiety around having done something wrong and not being good enough. It tuggs on my hearts strings as a recovering pleaser!!. I have alot of important meetings this week and I want to be positive, open and present. Thanks for any advice from the cards


  190. Hi Gabby
    thanks so much for creating this deck! So cool And powerful. I also love how you are over delivering with all you are giving us in the package.

    Thanks for drawing cards for each of us. My biggest struggle right now is that I’m a wellness and yoga teacher and writer and I’m wanting to make this my full time calling and life’s work. I’m struggling to clearly determine how I make a living while doing my bliss!
    Thanks so much Gabby.

  191. I took a leap of faith and moved away from my home/friends of 40 years about a year ago. I felt at the time that The Universe was guiding me to this new place. I am now stuck in a job I know I am not meant to be in and every day I want to rush back to my home and friends that I miss so much. Things seem very unclear no matter how much I am praying about it. I am going to buy the bundle in hopes I can get back in touch. I look forward to seeing what you and the cards have for me. Thanks

  192. Hey Gabby,

    First off, thank you for the beautiful work you do! ?? I’m graduating from college in 10 days and have literally applied to over 20 jobs over the past two months and have gotten nowhere, which is really quite surprising considering I’m very qualified. This has made me feel inadequate and unworthy. I’ve started meditation again in hopes it will help guide me. What does the deck have in store for me?

  193. Gabby, Happy Monday! Preparing to make some big, wonderful change in location and in honing in on my purpose. And the card says…?

  194. Hello Gabby, I hope you are doing well today. So I have a lot of good intentions. I’m one of those people who make lists, so here is my “list of intentions”: I want to be a good wife to my husband and a good mom to my son, I want to work hard to keep up with all of my daily tasks, to find a home so we won’t be homeless in a month, to succeed at college so I can accomplish my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health and Wellness, then I can help people, which is really my ultimate goal, to help people and show kindness to everyone. Now my struggles: I struggle to get things done, occasionally I procrastinate when it comes to chores or homework, sometimes I feel like there is not enough of me to go around, I deal with anxiety daily and depression occasionally. Lastly my blocks: I think what holds me up the most just like many other people is time and money. I feel like no matter how I try to balance things out there is never enough time to get things done or spend with my family. And regardless how’s many budgets I’ve tried to make snd seriously stuck to them, I still end up falling short of my goal, which is serious for us because it means not being able to afford rent. That is my biggest block and struggle – money and rent. I try to stay positive but it’s getting to the point where I only have 4 weeks left to find a place before we have to be moved out of our current residence. I’m honestly worried and I’m not sure what to do, accept to keep praying that things change for me and my family. Anyways that is the basics of what’s going on in my life. I could really use some guidance. I love your videos btw. You’ve given some great advice at least in the ones I’ve watched. Thank you!
    Love & Light

  195. Gabby, all of your words are so inspirational and beautiful. About 4 years ago I started experiencing crippleing anxiety attacks seeming out of the blue. Over the years with much self work, meditation and exploration I have experienced some relief but they are still a huge part of my life. When a wave come its a feeling that last for days that keeps me in the awful rut and perpetuates a lot of negative thought and sadness. Please give me your insight on how I can continue to take the steps to heal from this. <3

  196. I appreciate the light you spred everyday. I own the Miracles Now book. I use it often and I’ve given many as gifts. However I’m still have issues with “letting go”. I hold on to things that don’t sit well with me. I’m afraid to make big desicions because I’m afraid of regretting the out come. For such a spiritual person that can give great advice I get in my own way. Please spred your light and guidance this way. Xoxo

  197. Hi Gabby! First things first, I freakin’ LOVE that dress, and, of course, your message!! My issue is emotional overwhelm. Thanks for picking a card for me! 🙂

  198. Gabby,
    When will I figure out how to choose a purpose and pursue it? I know I’m not living to my full potential!

  199. Hi Gabby!
    Thanks so much for sharing your light – it is inspiring!
    I am 20 years old and have been struggling to recover from an eating disorder for a few years now – I’m ready to change this harmful pattern and am excited to hear what guidance your deck has in store.
    Much love.

  200. I’m afraid I will make the wrong career choice when face with 2 options in terms of job offers. I’m also afraid of leaving the people in my current setting.

  201. Good Morning Gabby,

    I’m really hoping we can get your affirmation deck in Canada very soon!!!! I was really looking forward to purchasing it this morning! Please keep us Canadian Spirit Junkies in the loop for when we can order them too!

    Thank you <3 Sending you all light & love. Take care.

  202. Hey Gabby,

    Thank you for taking the time & doing reading for everyone ????

    My question is a relationship question; I keep attracting people who arent seeing the real person I am. They create these issues with me that seem one-sided with me having no clue what I did wrong or why they are upset with me. My family isnt even seeing it from my perspective they keeping finding ways to pin it on me as well. Im not sure why I keep attracting this especially from those I thought were my closest. Then I keep attracting predators outside the house, random men following me. What is it within myself that I can change/heal that’ll help attract more peaceful, loving people, supportive & positive people.

  203. HI Gabby,

    One of my biggest struggles right now is getting overwhelmed by my client’s “stuff”. What kind of guidance would you have for me?

    Thanks so much in advance! 🙂

    Much love,

  204. Right now I have a lot of uncertainty in pretty much every area of my life. It feels as though nothing is stable. And while I know that the universe is just in the process or rearranging things and putting the right pieces in place, I can’t help but feel this underlying anxiety 24/7. That pit in my stomach fear based feeling is getting really distracting. Any clarity on how to move through the anxiety would be helpful. Thank you!

  205. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for introducing us to your deck. It looks stunning!! And of course, I would love to be entered in your ”drawing session” if you still have some time left.

    My issue is cocktail… a mix of relationship stuff, stalkers, illness, and the obligation of moving to a new home, a new job, a new start. Oh and the unworthiness. Honestly I don’t know what to focus on first, what my first steps need to be. As they say, trouble never comes alone. I’m very open to receive whatever the Universe is putting in your hands.

    Even if you don’t have time to do drawings anymore, I want to give you a big thank you. You are such an amazing woman!

    Much love,

  206. Hi Gabby! Thank you for all that you do! You are such an amazing role model and light in my life. I would love for you to pick out a card for me. I feel like I’m needing some courage and trust in following my path. I get distracted and stuck in the littleness. Sometimes I feel scared to follow and create a new path. Thanks! Light and love xoxo Emma

  207. Can you please pick a card for me to help guide me to my career path? I’m having a lot of trouble picking one thing to put my efforts towards and would appreciate some insight. Thanks so much!!

  208. Hi Gabby,
    You are a huge inspiration to me! I am feeling uninspired at my current job and I went to a job interview and am still waiting to
    hear back…I really want the job I interviewed for. Could you pull a card for me? Thank you so much!

  209. Hi Gabby,
    thanks so much for this beautiful & fun opportunity! Love your work & have been sharing with others.
    I’m struggling with following through on a daily meditation/yoga practice; the barriers feel like continuous lack of time & fatigue. I know from the past these practices bring more joy, miracles, peace, confidence, but fighting a block.
    What do the cards have to say to me?
    Continuous love & light to you!

  210. Hi Gabby! Fantastic this miracle bundle. I lost my guidance and my tracks several years ago. I wish deep in my heart to find my way back home, but each steps I take a wall stands. Thank you very much for picking a card for me. Much, much love and light. Mimi xxx

  211. Intentions to grow as a person and be balance and vibrate at my highest frequency. Blockages overcoming fears, letting my emotions take me over in situations, forgiveness,and acceptance

  212. Thank you in advance. You’re so relatable I read spirit junkie like wow she seems a lot of me and realized you’re a Scorpio 🙂 and you love 11 like me love the synchronicity Are you a November 11th Scorpio by any chance ?

  213. I love your book Miracles Now. I picked it up at a time when I felt stuck and desperately needed it. It also made me get back to a regular kundalini yoga practice. It is wonderful how the universe gives us what we need. I would love guidance on my current situation. A man I’ve been with off and on for 10 years and I’ve known for 13 left me for someone else. This is not the first time this has happened. I keep blaming myself for trusting him again and I don’t even know how to get over my anger, sadness, and unforgiveness. But, I don’t want to be bitter either. And I’m afraid he will want me back as he always does. How do I forgive but also never allow this to happen again?

  214. Fighting with anxiety in two areas and lack of direction in one of those areas.
    Feel that further creativity is blocked and has been as long as I can remember.

  215. Thank you for this opportunity my intentions are to increases my visibility so that I might share the message that has been given to me to a greater community.

  216. Hi Gabby!

    Thank you so much for your work. It has inspired me and empowered me to own the gifts I have and trust that I can create a business based on my assignment of being a light worker. It is so generous of you to offer card readings to us all! I feel like I have a million different things I’d like to know more about, but the biggest one’s lately are around money and creating a new belief system around financial abundance. Which as I write this I am annoyed. I am so sick of worrying about money!? I’m so over being the girl who struggles with my relationship with money. It just doesn’t fit me any more and I know it is not actually the truth. I am making a shift within my career and my intention is to bust through the plateau I’ve been on and move my business to another, more authentic place. Moving from traditional massage therapy to Reiki Master and curator of the esoteric arts. Old financial abundance beliefs that attach themselves to my personal value are coming up. “Thank you Divine guidance. I need a miracle now. Show me what you’ve got!”

    Only Love,

  217. Hi Gabby,
    I’ve been feeling stuck in life. I’m trying to save up enough money to get my own place. Lately, I’ve been disatsified and I am looking to start living the live I’ve always wanted to live.

    I can’t wait to get my set of the cards!

  218. I love your inspiration and the work you are doing. I Have been separated from my husband for 3 years and I have spent that time working on myself. I would like to know what steps should I take now to receive true love and the partner of my dreams

  219. I would love a reading! Right now I am trying to live a creative life. I teach second grade and it is great, but I feel that there is more for me. I want to know how I will leave my impact and if there is a new career to pursue. I am asking for the next right step. Please help.

  220. Hi Gabby! Happy Monday!
    My situation in kind of two fold. My struggle is now that I know life coaching is the right career path for me and I’m not going to deny my passion for it anymore, when is the right time to jump all in and start pursuing it? How do I even begin making this career change with my very limited financial situation? I’m so passionate about this that I want to begin now, but I also want to be patient and not rush this change if it’s not meant to happen right now given my financial situation.
    I would love your perspective on this! Thanks!

  221. Hi – last year I worked such long hours and put myself under so much stress, I started to get ill…I didn’t sleep more than 3-4 hours a night for about a year, I became allergic to different foods at different times, all my joints started to ache, and I couldn’t walk without any pain. So I took 5 weeks off and now back 3 days at work, I am working longs hours, and feeling trapped. I need some guidance on building my self worth, so I take better care of myself

  222. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for being so inspiring and motivating! I am very uninspired at my current job and had an interview for a job that i really do want. it would fuel me creatively and financially. i am still waiting to hear back on if I got the job. Can you pull a card for me? Thank you!!

  223. Gabby, this is so amazing! You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing your beautiful light with the world <3

    In this moment, I am at a crossroads looking at such very different paths in front of me (for work, for living arrangements, for location) and am simply asking the universe to show me the way. I would be very interested to see which card you would pick for me!


  224. Hi Gabby!

    I’m having trouble manifesting my intentions to have a fulfilling romantic relationship (which may also just be lack of patience) and trying to lose just a couple of pounds which has always been such a struggle. Your guidance is always welcomed.

    In light,


  225. Hi Gabby,

    My first comment on your site! I just started May Cause Miracles and I’m so excited to start this journey.
    I feel like I’m at a crossroad and my future looks hazy to me. My dream has always been to live and work in Paris, and I’ve managed to get here! I’ve been living with a friend for the past few months looking for a job but have been unsuccessful so far. Now, I have 3 weeks until I will no longer be able to stay here and I don’t know what to do or how to proceed. I have felt the presence of the universe and seen the signs that tell me this is where I need to be right now but where do I go from here? I’m scared I’ll have to leave and, if I do, I’ll never be able to get back here.

    Thank you for your guidance!

  226. Hey gabby! I love you & all that you do!! I could definitely use some guidance! Could you pick a card for me? I’m feeling at a stand still with my life and direction!

  227. Hey Girlfriend!

    What beautiful connections there are in these comments. I was laughing to myself about how rapidly you must be cranking out cards for all these beautiful folks and thought…you know what, Jen? You need to give Gabby a reading today. So here it is (from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance):

    This card immediately ‘jumped’ out of the deck…and of course, it’s perfect!

    SEDNA – Infinite Supply

    To interpret, within you is an infinite supply of healing energy. Keep up the good work and always remember to also receive for it is equally as important.
    Sedna is the Inuit Eskimo & Alaskan goddess of the sea who provides sustenance for the body and the soul. (Funny thing is….I LIVE IN ALASKA!)

    May this bring you all the healing energy you need.

    With love from AK,

  228. I feel every time I start talking to a guy everything goes wrong I am 21 going on 22 but I feel I can handle a relationship now. There’s a guy in one of my classes that seems interested and gives me all the hints but I don’t know if he’ll make a move and this class ends on Wednesday 🙁 I feel very peaceful with his presence, unlike other guys I’ve talked to. He doesn’t bring out the jealous person in me or any negative thoughts. I would like a card reading just to hear some guidance with this situation. Thanks Gabby xoxo

  229. Hi, Great that you did your own deck! Have lots of decks and they are great tools? Have you seen Colette Baron-Reid’s website where once in a while you can pick a card and get a one card reading? Neat idea. And i believe you pay when you want a 2 or 3 card one. It works, even online!
    Can you pick a card for me? Feeling a bit down/ waiting for the next step in life…. where is it? 🙂

  230. Gabby,

    I am struggling with manifesting my dream job. I do Reiki and Energy Healing as well as Herbalist/Nutrionalist. Every time I go full steam ahead I self-sabotage. I become fearful that no one will appreciate what I have to offer and I don’t put myself out there just to start and build my business…frustrating to say the least.

    I look forward to your reply,


  231. I am struggling with a conflict between myself and my siblings. I am trying to rise above the nastiness and some days I do better than others. Any guidance that you could provide would be welcome. Thanks

  232. I’m struggling with how to move forward at the moment. A change needs to be made to move forward in my career and to get me back in the land of romance! I just seem o be spinning in circles, not knowing what direction to move in. Any guidance appreciated!.

    Loving the light, and passing it on x x

  233. Thank you for this opportunity to connect! I would love a general message. I don’t want to limit what I think I need to know, with what the universe wants me to know…you know;) ?

  234. I feel every time I start talking to a guy everything goes wrong I am 21 going on 22 but I feel I can handle a relationship now. There’s a guy in one of my classes that seems interested and gives me all the hints but I don’t know if he’ll make a move and this class ends on Wednesday 🙁 I feel very peaceful with his presence, unlike other guys I’ve talked to. He doesn’t bring out the jealous person in me or any negative thoughts. I would like a card reading just to hear some guidance with this situation. Thanks Gabby xoxo

  235. I feel blocked in general right now. What card do you pull for me? Thank you for the work you do. You are inspiring my spiritual development very much right now. Much love -carol

  236. Me and my soulmate are not in contact any more cause of false perceptions from each other. We struggled being together and spending time together. We did and fought Off false perceptions but life Happend and now we are both back in our own world of false thoughts about each other. Either we might both know that we are wrong with what we think we don’t act. Cause we hurt each other..
    Gabby… Please Show me guidance. i thank you with all of my Heart

  237. Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for the video!
    I’ve been struggling with feeling loved and worthy in my relationships and overall life lately. I can’t shake this feeling that I am alone. Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

    Thank you!

  238. Aren’t you just amazing! 🙂 The pack looks beautiful! I woke up this morning with a desire and a need to unlock and let go. That is my intention for today! xxx

  239. Would love a card read! Feeling a bit down, like what’s the next step (career, love) and when’s it going to appear? Being grateful for little things.

  240. Hi Gabby, I need some guidance regarding my career. I love my current job and coworkers, but management is constantly scrutinizing my decisions and I feel defensive and drained (like I’m walking on egg shells) everyday. Thank you!

  241. I’m in my final year of studying nutrition. I have big dreams for what I want to do afterwards (e.g. starting my own business and serving people worldwide) but am struggling with fear, overwhelm, perfectionism, self-sabotage, procrastination, money worries, not believing in myself and my ability to help others…
    I also have my own health problems (which is what led me down this path) and while I am doing a lot right I self-sabotage in ways and always feel like there’s more I can be doing and I worry about not being able to resolve the issue.
    Would love some guidance! Thanks Gabby!

  242. Thanks for all of your amazing work, Gabby!
    I’d love to have a card picked for me!
    I’ve been struggling with my career for a while now. I’m not happy in an office and want to be free to spend as much time with my son as possible. I’m also not sure how to make a living off of what I love to do (writing) or even how to get any of my writing published. I need guidance on how to make my life work.
    Thank you in advance!

  243. Hi Gabby!

    My intention is to trust myself and the universe. I’m working on truly loving and accepting myself but it is proving difficult without trust. Thanks for your guidance!


  244. Wow!! There are so many posts I don’t expect you to get to them all. I think you should have a course to certify people to be Miracles Now card readers! Sending you love Gabby

  245. Hi Gabby!

    I love this 🙂 I am struggling with finding my path… I need to start a new career path and feel as though I am lost. Some days and feel completely stuck like I don’t fit in or don’t want to do anything at all. I know I want to be of service to the world but don’t know how. What do I do?

  246. Thank you so much for this post! This is awesome! My fear is being able to move on and transition as an “adult” out of my parents house and moving across the country to pursue graduate studies. I have an anxiety of truly moving on, letting go of the past and stepping out as an adult and finding who I really am. I feel like I worry but I also am somewhat fearful of being on my own. I hope you have some guidance for my on my journey …..

  247. Hi Gabby – My intention is to let go of my people pleasing, victim tendencies and become my authentic self. Thank you!

  248. I am 19 and I think I’m addicted to weed. I would like to not feel dependent on it and hopefully be able to feel like I don’t need to use it all the time.

  249. I’m struggling with guidance in having enough courage to keep trying again. Because of past failures, everytime I try and really put my heart into things, everything falls apart in the end. This is a pattern that happens in both my personal and professional life.

    I feel so stuck and don’t want to try again or trust again.

  250. Sat Nam, Gabby, I am just catching up to this now so I hope it is not too late. I would love a card to receive guidance about how to overcome my new awareness about not feeling worthy of my own success….something I help my clients with all the time, but I am newly aware of it in my own vibration! Time for another energetic upgrade! Thank you in advance. Blessings, Holly

  251. Hi Gabby,

    Firstly thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring blog and the amazing videos you post. My wife and I watched the one about asking for a sign together, we sent the entire video thinking what our signs could be, then after we watched it we prayed together and asked what our signs where. We had both been taking of things very individual to us, and then whilst we we we praying something flashed across my mind, totally out of the blue. When I asked my wife what her sign was she said “an elephant”. I was stunned as it was “big blue elephant” that had flashed across my mind as we prayed. Her sign had come to her the same way and we were both stunned we had the same sign! We now see them EVERYWHERE, and if we don’t see one for a bit one will pop up in the most random of places! So thank you for that :))

    For my reading, I would like some guidance / reassurance / inspiration / hope. I am an actor and a fairly recent transplant from the UK to LA. So we are far from home, missing our families and having to almost start again with out careers. We also got married 2 weeks before we moved, which is expensive in itself, but add in a transatlantic move….. Well….

    We also moved in out mid-30’s. About the time most people are settled, having kids, made some money… Not living hand to mouth and worrying about the rent each month.

    So acting wise, things have been going pretty well, but I feel we are both pressing up against a glass ceiling that will take us to several tiers above where we are now, but that glass ceiling seems to be reinforced with titanium or something!
    We are also both working crazy long hours in jobs to support us, which is causing a strain.
    Are we crazy to be doing this? We want to have kids soon and have the financial freedom to travel back and forth to see our families.

    I hope you can make some sense of that!

    Thanks again :))

  252. To be great love, find great love, provide great love, through my study, work, and sharing what I learn through lessons. All my love, Ashley xoxo

  253. Hi gabby, thank you for all the work you do. I am hoping my comment reaches you. I have been struggling to gather my best self together for many years now, some times I think too many, and when I think that the phrase ‘let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains’ has helped me. I struggle for signs like you did with your owls (I’ve heard you speak), and right when I felt strong enough to I found out that one of my cats (brothers, only 6) has cancer and been wrestling with all the things this road I am about to go down and what it all means and time and so many overwhelming things. I have my band on my wrist to not be negative but I’m struggling regarding so many things. He’s my best friend and little guide in this world. Thank you. May you have a peaceful night gabby.

  254. Hi Gabby! First of all, I’m new to your teachings and I feel very very blessed to have stumbled upon your videos on youtube about a month ago. I kid you not I actually even dreamt about you a few night ago of you calling me in a moment of crisis, at which I actually squealed in my dream, telling you ‘is it really you calling me? OMG!’ and you calmly said ‘of course it is’. As if it was the most normal thing in the world! I woke up knowing I’d meet you someday! 🙂 Either way, I have a deep admiration for you and I also have a strong urge to become a spiritual teacher and healer. I have been dealing with a few issues these pas couple of weeks and quite some anxiety, which has caused me to miss classes at uni. But I have to admit that just being here and typing this to you has been extremely calming. Energy flows even threw computer screens. If it’s not too much to ask, if possible, could you please draw a card for me too? I would be eternally grateful, what you are doing means more than you think to me and I’m 100% positive that just by your generosity tonight you will be changing lives, once again 🙂 Much love and blessings from a 24 Persian admirer living in the Netherlands. xx

  255. Hi gabby!! Struggling with my life’s calling, and what I should do, feeling stuck and confused. Would love to see what card the universe has for me, thank you xoxoxo

  256. Gabby, thank you. I take all of your messages to heart and practice. My one main struggle I cannot let go of is self-sabotage…fear of success. I’m setting myself up to fail before I barely start to create a business for the jewelry I make. I take one step forward and fear overtakes and I go two more steps back. The fears of putting my work out into the world is ruining what could be an amazing career and future and I’m tired of it. I appreciate your guidance!

  257. I’m struggling with codependency.. I have an amazing boyfriend, who lately has been very busy and overwhelmed with dream chasing, and I couldn’t be more impressed by his passion and ambition. However it has really taken away the time we would spend together. Now we barely see eachother or spend quality time together, and it breaks my heart. what’s in the cards for me ?

  258. Hi Gabby! Thank you so much for doing this! I am looking for clarity surrounding my romantic life. I am working on calling in my romantic partner. I have had a lot of struggle in this area and I am currently am currently working on sorting out what is fear versus what is true for me and trusting my intuition in this arena. Thank you for the guidance! xoxo

  259. Hi Gabby,
    I’ve been reading Miracles Now and everyday I’ve been setting my intention with a prayer when I wake up. I always set my intentions for guidance and to be open to receiving all the goodness the universe has to offer. My block seems to be with money. I have great anxiety over money and when something comes up that I owe and I know I can’t afford it I feel helpless again. I’d like to find a way to concor this desperation but I could use some guidance.
    Thank you for all you do

  260. Hi Gabby, I commented earlier on your Instagram, and just realized I was supposed to comment here. I am having a lot of procrastination about finding a new job (my current job will be ending soon). I would love to be doing something I love, but am not sure how to go about doing that while being the primary monetary support for our 4 person family. XOXO

  261. Hi Gabby!

    My name is Joelle Brungard and I am 20 years old. This recent year I have made the decision to connect with my spirituality and finally start on my journey to happiness. A little back story, my anxiety and depression started my sophomore year of high school. I experienced my first panic attack and have suffered ever since then. I suffer from many medical problems. I have TMJ and arthritis in my jaw which causes me severe migraines and pain in my neck daily. I also have stomach problems that have controlled my life for years, causing me to be nauseous after almost every meal! I recently started seeing a naturopath doctor who has been the only doctor to help me with these issues. Even though I am experiencing some relief, I am still on the road to full recovery. Even with my medical issues finding natural and holistic healing, I still find myself depressed and at times, hopeless. My stomach problems have caused me to not gain weight and self love seems so out of reach and I know this is a crucial step in happiness. I want to feel beautiful but my weight makes me feel uncomfortable in my own skin and clothes. I also have a HUGE fear of throwing up and it prevents me from traveling, hanging out with friends, and leaving my house in general. Even though I now know the cause to my stomach problems, I still have the fear in the back of my mind that even if I no longer have these problems I will still be too scared to live my life. I often find myself thinking that I would be content staying in my house 24/7-Yikes! I am writing to you because I have accepted these things about myself and the fact that I am different but it is still hindering my everyday life. I feel like my strange medical problems will stand in the way of any man living me. I need your guidance on how to retrain my brain into thinking happy thoughts. There have been periods of time when I was so happy for a period of time and then it was all taken away in a split second, I never think I am good enough for happiness and it’s not in God’s plan for me or something. My biggest fear is experiencing this again. I always put out my dreams and wishes into the universe yet nothing seems to go my way. I always think the universe doesn’t hear my thoughts, dreams, and wishes. I need your help in my life! ANY guidance you can give me would be a dream come true!!

    All the love I’ve ever had I am sending to you! xoxo

  262. Hi Gabby! I am so excited to get the Miracles Now Card Deck! I love picking an affirmation card each day and have been waiting to get yours 🙂

    I feel like I’m currently in between trusting that my coaching business will evolve into a thriving business between feeling very fearful like “wtf am I doing.” It’s a constant in between, truly waiting for things to take off while also being grateful in the now. I want to always be in that receiving and giving energy.

    XOXO so grateful for you!

  263. Hi Gabby!
    Please don’t worry about responding bc you already read me a card (a beautiful message btw) but I just wanted to thank you for being such a groovy lady and for ‘getting it.’
    Seriously…thank you for ‘getting it.’
    Love from the midwest xo

  264. Hello! I wanted to say thank you for this!

    My dilemma is that I am having an issue with love. I am in my early 20s and have dated quite a few people. There is this one specific guy that has always been around and I would always pray that if he is meant to be he would stay. Needless to say he is still around. I feel a great sense of genuine love for him because we are so connected by our faith and truly feel as if we are one. My question is should I really pursue being with him after 4 years of an on and off again fling and trust that my prayers guided me to know he should still be around? Or just remain great friends

    Thank you so much!

  265. Hi, I wondered if you could pick a card for me. I have a few struggles and blocks atm including what to do for a career and how to fully trust and love my partner and let go of fears and past hurts.

  266. Hi Gabby!
    I have been blessed to have awaken to the Truth inside of each of us, to the Universe, the Love – the most powerful presence of G-d! I am on my path and I want to know as you’d say ‘ What would G-d want me to do now?’ How would G-d want me to serve?’
    Thank you for existing!


  267. I’m at a crossroad in my life. I quit a job that was making me unhappy and took a break to find myself. I want more in my life. I want a job that I love and I want to find God. Sometimes I get discouraged when I feel my ‘shift’ is frozen in time. I have been seeing 11:11 everywhere for 3 years now, but I can’t figure out my next move. How do I share my light with the world?

  268. Hey Gabby !
    Im so exited your doing an interactive practice, you were my guide into the wonderful world of the law of attraction (along with may cause miracles;) I’m currently having trouble fully committing myself to a desire and fully trusting that the universe has my back, & some guidance would be amazing!
    Best xx,

  269. I don’t have a specific question. My whole life is a question mark. I went from a 13 year old to married at 19, 4 kids by 29, married for 36 years, now divorced because I know there is something else for this new stage of life….I just don’t know what it is???

  270. Hi Gabby,

    I am working through the end of my three year marriage, taking care of 18 month old twins and basically starting a new life for myself at 33 years old.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  271. Hi Gabby. About a year ago my boyfriend Of five years broke up with me and 3 months later was in a new relationship. It totally broke my heart and I’ve been reading your books and blog for guidance since but I’m still having such a hard time letting go. I feel frustrated with myself that I’m still upset over something that happened a year ago especially knowing how blessed I am in other aspects of my life (friends, family, my job :)) any guidance to help me move past the breakup would be amazing. 🙂

    1. Hi Sabrina, I know I’m not Gabby, but I just happened to see your post and wanted to respond. The same thing happened to me when I was in my 20’s. I was devastated, even though I knew that my ex wasn’t the right person for me. I just couldn’t understand how he could move on so quickly. It took me a long time to realize that it really didn’t have anything to do with our relationship, but more with him, and his ability to detach and then reattach so quickly. I find that men sometimes can do this more easily than women. Having said that, it wasn’t until years later when I finally started learning how to love myself that I realized the love that he had given me, while wonderful at times, was not the love that was supposed to be in my life. I’m not sure if you feel the same way and it’s just hard to get over, or if you really felt like you two were meant to spend your lives together. I finally burned a picture of us and asked the universe to clear space in my life for me to find love again, and thankfully I met my husband soon after that. Even if you’re not looking for love again, time does heal. Try not to beat yourself up too much– you’re human, and you’re hurt. Let yourself be where you are, and then also focus on the gratitude. Your brain can’t be both grateful and depressed at the same time– true story! 🙂 I hope that’s helpful and not intrusive to your question of Gabby. ~ Samantha

      1. Hi Samantha,

        Thanks so much for sharing, it definitely helps 🙂 I love the idea of burning a picture and asking the universe to clear space. I’m not necessarily looking for love again, but wouldn’t want to me closed off to the idea because I’m still holding onto pain. Thanks again for your guidance 🙂

  272. Hi Gabby, I feel blocked in the area of love, my fiancé and I are emotionally and spiritually stuck. I desire a deeper connection to heal these parts within us both and want to explore truths and teachings that lift us both, he isn’t ready for this path. I have been for many years and want to share this with him, I am having a battle within me to know what is my ego and what is real LOVE. Thanks Gabby, love your work so much xxx

  273. Hey Gabby, thank you so much for all you do. I’ve learned so much. But I’m still struggling with loving myself. I’m nearly 60lbs overweight and I can’t shake the idea that I’ll accept and love myself when I’m thin. I just can’t seem to love my body now.

  274. Hello, if your still pulling cards then I’d like to try. My intention is to try and increase my focus towards what’s best for me right now. If you would like to do a card reading for an exchange for a distance energy healing session then let me know!

  275. I have been trying so hard to find my soul mate. I have been doing a lot of work to work through blocks but sometimes it just seems like I am lost. I am doing better – I used to go running back to old boyfriends or get into random relationships and i have stopped. But now I have no one, and it gets scary being alone, I just want to know that this will happen and to help me find the patience and surrender…Thank you so much Gabby

  276. Looking guidance into creating a loving lasting relationship with my partner and expanding my business as spiritual and holistic coach. I could say I am in a comfortable spot now. I “feel” sort of stuck like idling in the same place, when I truly want to breakthrough and expand fabulously on both. Like fly really high without limits. : ) Inspiration please? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Love and light, Virginia

  277. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tool with all of us! For the past two years I’ve yearned to serve people in a big way. I don’t know how I’m looking to do this and I’m so afraid of disappointing others that I haven’t truly began the process of discovering what will light me up inside and how I can be of service to others. Really looking forward to seeing the card you pull for me and thanks again!!

  278. Hi Ganby!
    Not sure if it’s too late… I tried earlier but it didn’t work.. And this is just too fun, I had to try again!
    My intensions are to work with young kids & teens teaching them real life techniques (meditation & movement) so they can filter everyday challenges and brave the world with confidence. 🙂 So show me what you got Universe!

  279. Hi Gabby! You’re the best and I’m so excited for this tarot deck! I’m feeling stuck at this “in between point” in my life. I’m becoming very clear about what I want, but I’m struggling to let go and allow things to manifest. I know I need to be patient, but I’m wondering what to do to let go and allow? Thanks!!!

  280. I have been so crazily stuck on making a decision to stay or go for 41/2 years now. The thoughts and feeling just keep going round and round. I truly crave clarity and a peaceful knowing.

  281. I need clarity in why I don’t complete things in my life. Why I don’t surrender myself completely to things going on in my life and people.

  282. Hi Gabby!
    I’m 33, single, hung up on my ex boyfriend and stuck in a place where Im angry with him for leaving, unable to let go of the past and at the same time hystarically trying to manifest a new man.
    What to do???
    Love Christine

  283. Hi Gabby,
    I’m a full time student and these last few weeks I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stuck. I feel like I don’t have enough time to complete everything and my health is suffering. I don’t know what to do to get out of this mess.
    Please help x

  284. Hi Gabby.
    Everytime I watch your videos, you lift me up. I love what you are doing thank you.
    I hope you can come to Melbourne, Australia very soon and run a masterclass there.
    So my challenge is feeling stuck. I have an idea of what I want to be doing in my business, I get really excited when I think about it but when I go to take action I get scared and I feel not smart enough.
    Thanks for being you Gabby xx

  285. Gabby my husband and I have been struggling for years with infertility. My intention is to lovingly accept whatever God’s plan is for me while still expecting a miracle? @gabbybernstein

  286. Hi Gabby, I am struggling with change. I recently accepted a new position at work and I don’t feel confident it was the right decision. Change scares me and I struggle with making decisions. I didn’t know if I should of waited for a higher position to open up in my group (later this year someone is leaving) or was I right to move now. If I had waited maybe I would of been promoted in my area that I worked in for many years. I enjoyed working in my old area. This new area the position doesn’t seem very challenging to me. I love your inspiration. Thank you!!!

  287. Hi Gabby! I have always had a hard time with being consistent, especially in daily tasks/rituals. Lately I have felt stuck in not so healthy habits and having a hard time busting through the blocks of not having the energy or willpower to make radical changes in my daily routine. Do you have a card for me? I have been following you for months and watching your videos and you have profoundly helped me on my spiritual path. Thank you! I will be forever grateful for everything I have learned and found through you. I appreciate your work tremedously and I can’t wait to get my own deck! xoxo Kerby

  288. I’m so blocked! Everything I try to make happen dies at the last moment- I’m full of false starts. Would love to know what to do to own this pattern up!

  289. Hi Gabby,
    All of my friends and people around me are happily married or in serious relationships. I’ve done a lot of work on myself but still can’t help feeling lonely and worried about the future.
    Thank you,

  290. I don’t know if I’m too late for a card reading! I hope not! I bought the cards myself but my long work days followed by my children and my night school have left me little time to crack them open lately! If you can read for me, I have a question about my new job. I feel stuck and a strong desire to just jump ship. This def is not where I am supposed to be. I just don’t know what’s next but I feel the universe nudging me on! Help! Thank you Gabby for all that you do! I love your guidance and your warmth!

  291. Gabby, I am going they a medical issue that is a result of negligence on a doctor’s part. It has caused a lot of irreversible damage in my body and is something I am trying to find answers now on how to heal. It requires a lot of communicating with doctors on my part–which I seem to be struggling with. It’s a very new field of medicine ad it’s been such a struggle. I am furious with myself that I didn’t speak up sooner with my own doctor. I kept asking him if something was wrong cause it felt wrong and he kept saying it was fine. He was a renowned doctor in this field. I’m having trouble finding answers but mostly it feels Kiel because I am having trouble speaking up for myself and communicating or demanding answers. I’m in need of guidance and Wld love for you to draw a card for me. Thank you.

  292. Hi Gabby,

    This is incredibly timely, I could really use some guidance.

    I am juggling full time uni, full time work, job hunting and a crazy relationship situation, I feel almost every aspect of my life is a little chaotic at the moment and am struggling to centre (I now this is just a stage and despite everything I am actually really happy most of time, summer is coming and I love where I am living so these two things bring me back)… Uni is ok (it has to be) just extremely stressful, but my work is causing me a little sadness, I am working in a cafe and am not at all challenged, creatively, mentally anything, I am not enjoying it but I’m not even sure what it is I want anymore. I am focusing on manifesting my career, a job I really love, but I am unsure of which direction to go and I think fear and doubt is holding me back.

    Sorry for the long post, there is just so much I need to get out….

    Any guidance would be amazing as despite my general happiness, this career/job situation is really wearing me down.

    Thanks in advance.


  293. Gabby sweet soul sister I am in needs for a reading.
    I am just at a crossroads in all aspects of my life, there is a giant block and I can’t seem to push through.
    Any guidance would be so appreciated
    Sat Nam 🙂

  294. Hi Gabby, thank you for all the amazing work that you do, your video blog has helped me so many times, I just love it. I was wondering if you could pick a card for me, too. I’m currently on a crossroads regarding my relationship. To stay or to leave? My bf and I have had many struggles since the beginning, and now I am just thinking we are not a good match after all. The problem is that I keep wanting to “save” him, cause he’s in a really down phase, and also generally a person with a negative outlook. The reason I want to help him is because I myself have gone out of a severe depression not so long ago ( but before meeting him), so I know how it feels when there’s no one to lend you a hand. I feel there is a connecton between us, but common sense just keeps telling me that I would be better off without him.

    Your input would be much appreciated, Gabby!

  295. Hi Gabby
    I studying kinesiology and I’m finding it hard to take the next step to start my clinic and start charging clients.
    Thank you
    Debbi x

  296. I have been having issues regarding and pain. I sometimes get hit so hard with feeling my life and career are stagnant. And seeing others do.well makes me angry at myself and the world for not giving me more opportunities or for not having the skill sets to succeed. I am working on self love and acceptance. But the anger and pain blindsides me at times. I want to feel like I matter.. that I am not invisible. Thank you for Being here as such a wonderful guide.

  297. Good Morning Gabby-
    Thank you so much for sharing your light with all of us! My challenge is in my health area. If I’m not too late for a reading, I’d love to see what card you pull.
    Thank you! Rebecca

  298. Hi Gabby,
    I love your work – so excited about these new cards! I have struggled with food and using it to cope with my emotions for as long as I can remember. I want to get in a good place about my relationship with food – eat for nourishment, stop eating when I’m satisfied and MOVE ON!!! I’m in a constant struggle with myself – should I eat something? guilt when I indulge, constantly thinking about how i can’t lose weight, feeling even worse, bingeing even more. I am so miserable and tired of it. Please help!!!

  299. Hi gabby 😀 these Miracle cards sound like so much fun! And a boatload of guidance for sure . another exciting offer that I am positively living 😀

  300. Hi gabby 😀 these Miracle cards sound like so much fun! And a boatload of guidance for sure . another exciting offer that I am positively loving 😀 I’d like a card to be picked. Recently, I have been struggling with confusion about a romantic relationship I am in. The guy is great and absolutely living but am just not sure if he is who I would want to be my long term partner. Idk on what basis i should make that decision. I feel happy and great with him but then the confusion intrudes and all my happy moments go up in smoke. Hopefully a Miracle card will spell a miracle in my mind for me and help to clear the fog 🙂 thank you! 😀

  301. Hi Gabby, I am struggeling with making a desision. I would love some direction on is it safe to do what I am planning. Thank you Amela

  302. Hi Gabby! I can’t believe you’re still doing this! I’m greatful though because I tried yesterday and NOTHING, hey, things happen for a reason. So I need help or clarity in finding and fulfilling my purpose. I’m currently in the process of starting up my health coaching business and find myself getting stuck. Whether this is my purpose or a stepping stone towards it it’s a step I feel I need to take. I’ve been lead to you in many different ways so whether it’s through your cards, in person or through your books I feel that you are a very integral part in my finding my way. Sending love and energy your way????

  303. I am 6 months sober. I am struggling with my sponsor and wonder if it’s time to walk away and get a new one. She’s verbally abusive, hateful, negative and demanding. But of course, she uses AA as a way to cover all of it up and demean me because I’m new in the program. Please pick a card to guide me. Thanks!

  304. you are so very inspirational Gabby! I would love if you could pick a card for me and let me know how I can move even closer to being the light, especially in my relationship with my boyfriend!



  305. Hello Gabby, thank you for all that you do. Your work has helped me see ???? the signs. But I still struggle financially, it’s always just enough but no extra which makes me worry because I have two kids.


    -much love Lulu ????????

  306. I think I’ve always been aware of the spiritual side of myself but too afraid of what others would think if I showed it. My father got really sick last yr and that moment seems like it kinda woke me up. I have a friend who has helped me understand I’m not crazy for the beliefs and ideas about the divine and the connection I feel to the energy thats around me, Now I have been mediating and learning how to manifest what I really want in my life. It has worked every time. I just really want to know what direction I take 1st to really learn and understand it all from energy to chakras how to let go and figure out all that is me so I can truly serve my life purpose! I feel very passionate about all of this. It’s amazing to feel so much love from the Devine and from the ancestors of my past. I really feel I have blocks in my heart and sacral chakras. I am a Aries and I hear all the time that we’re leaders and creative and yet I don’t feel like I am. Thank u so much for your help.

  307. Hi Gabby,
    You are a miracle to me. Learning to live with a stage IV cancer (i’m 38 years old now, was diagnosed when I was 36 years old) has been incredibly difficult (to say the least), but I’ve learned a lot of great tools in coping and choosing happiness since I found you (and you found me!). Although I’ve put together a great team, there is still a lot of trauma in how I was diagnosed (misdiagnosed at first by one hospital) and some of the things that doctors have said to me have me feeling anxious and stuck at times. I feel angry and put into some kind of a “cancer box” like people know exactly what will happen to me, when really, g-d willing, they don’t. Is there a card that can help guide me to feel more peace with the doctors both in my past and present? That can help me to stay authentically me, no matter what others may say? xoxo.

  308. I’d love to experience a miracle in my relationship with my teenage son. I’m moving toward the essence of LOVE, but still feeling residual negativity and unhealthy patterns surface. I’m ready for a boost of good mojo to infuse this current conflict with light and love, so that we may enjoy our blessed bond here on Earth. Blessings to you , Gabby! xoxo

  309. I have been experiencing a lot of positive shifts that I want to share with my mother. I will be in the right frame of mind and at peace but the minute I get around her, her negative energy takes over and I’m in an angry, resentful place. How can I share my light with someone who focuses on the dark and not let it bring me down?

  310. Hi Gabby!
    Thank you for your wonderful work!I’ve learned a lot!You are an inspiration for me showing that I have the light inside of me.Bless you!
    Please pick a card for me.
    I have a feeling,like a peace state that my ex will come back,like our experience is not yet finished.We’ve split up a while a go,had major insights since than,what I did wrong,how all the negative thoughts affected my relationship.I think we both needed some space from each other.But I don’t know what to do about this feeling.
    Keep spreading love and kindness!

  311. Hi Gabby, unfortunately I struggle with Anxiety, in particular, Fear of Bodily harm. Something small I might be feeling, my mind will turn into the worst case scenario. Can you pull a card for me? I’d love to hear what it says 🙂 Thanks and have a blessed day!

  312. I am trying my best to work in manifesting my desire but I am stuck in negativity and holding grudges against someone who has hurt me. How do I let it go so I can move on and manifest the life I want?

  313. Hi Gabby,

    I’m really lacking in motivation at the moment, I’m feeling very lethargic and lazy when I am ordinarily a vibrant, hardworking person. Any words of wisdom and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much Gabby, you’re a beautiful soul ????

  314. Hi Gabby,

    I’m really lacking in motivation at the moment, I’m feeling very lethargic and lazy when I am ordinarily a vibrant, hardworking person. Any words of wisdom and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much Gabby, you’re a beautiful soul ????

  315. Hi Gabby! I know you get many of these, I wrote one earlier but I guess it got lost within the bunch!! Looking through each email in my inbox and trying to find the response to mine was a little tedious 😉 but I know you must be flooded with questions! Mine is that I am very much at a crossroads in my life, it’s very transitional, but I feel this giant block in me which I can’t seem to dissipate., even through meditation… What words of wisdom can you offer me through your great new deck? I take guidance from my angel cards, but am looking for a little spirit junkie wisdom 😉
    Thank you so much! Sat Nam 🙂

  316. I love Miracles Now and I can’t wait to get my Miracles Bundle. I am having struggles in my marriage. I am struggling with making a very important decision. I would love to see what card you pick for me to help motivate and inspire my life.

    Your words are inspirational!

  317. Hi Gabby!
    I have dreams but no money. I want to move to Southern California, but can’t with no money. I would like to know how I can create in my life a big miracle so I can move and get a house in SoCal. Much love and respect

  318. Hi Miss Gabby, thank you in advance. My struggle or issue is regarding a romantic life partner, this one or someone new or no one. So, B

  319. Something internally is holding me back from going further and making more money and I am not accepting the abundance people offer me. I walk away feeling like an abundance blocker of sort:/
    Example: here is a hundred dollars I owe you Jess
    “Oh it’s okay, you don’t have to give me that” arghhhh

  320. Hey!
    I really need some help.
    I’m pregnant and the date of the birth is 17.5.
    It is my first child (a boy).
    I really struggle hard in my relationship with my boyfriend – the dad of the baby – at the moment.
    I think there are some things we’ve been ignoring in the past and it seems to me they all come up now.
    I can’t let go.
    It’s very difficult for me to “let him off the hook”, as you say.
    Can you please help me?

  321. Hi Gabby, Thank you for being so generous. I would love to receive a card reading. There are so many things I am trying to balance in my life presently, I do not even know which would be of most importance to request, so I will ask the universe to just speak. Much love. Barbara

  322. Hey Gabby,

    Thanks for this post and the way you share your gifts. I recently moved to NYC from NC to begin a new chapter in my life. I’m 31 and have no idea what I’m doing, specifically regarding career and money. My intention is to live guided by Spirit, but I am having a difficult time trusting that I’m being guided in regards to finances and career. Am I waiting on The U (The Universe) or is The U waiting on me?

  323. Hi Gabby, thank you so much for this!! For the past two years or more, I have been struggling with disordered eating. I rarely have scheduled meal times, I binge and occasionally purge, starve, eat extremely fast and obsess about losing weight. I know all the techniques and how to stop this but I just can’t seem to control it. You have really helped me with my anxiety/depression and I would really love some help with this.

    Thank you for all you do!
    Breanne 🙂 <3

  324. Hi Gabby – thank you so much for taking the time to help us all out! For the past 3 years, I have been stuck in a cycle of high’s and low’s, desiring to change myself but consistently failing to sustain that change. I finally feel like I can because I’ve realised I need change is primarily an internal process. Your story, videos and blog posts have been extremely helpful as I’ve been working on re-programming my mind, but every now and then, especially when I’m in social situations I feel myself re-entering and getting stuck in that cycle of negativity within my mind. Can you offer some advice to boost my reprogramming and cultivate my relationship with my soul?

    Thank you.
    Love and light to you.


  325. I saw you today on Oprah and your message has filled me with hope. I’m struggling with food addiction and I know its spiritual not the food. Could you pick me a card to focus on?

  326. Hi Gabby!
    Thank you so much for all of this! I have recently been struggling with relationships in my
    Romantic life. Feeling as though I’ll never find the right person for me. I wonder how I can help manage these feelings?

  327. I feel I am being directed on a different path because all my usual paths that were so easily opening for me for some reason is not working now, I do not regret that, but want to understand my current changes more clearly. please pick a card for me.

  328. Hi Gabby, I have been following you for about two years now, after your books fell off the shelf during a low point in my life. You have been an inspiration to me and I am so grateful you have come into my life. I too was a PR girl with substance abuse, surrounded by abusive relationships and this dark negative cloud following me wherever I went- how things have changed!! I bought your Miracle cards and do them when I’m feeling a little lost. I would appreciate it if you could pull a card for me and send me an inspiration message all the way from New York?? Thank You for your time, you are a blessing!

  329. Hi gabby. I have severe mental health disabilities but I want to become a motivational speaker to help others like myself get through tough times. I saw your cards and I new that I was guided to buy them for a purpose. It is my hope that this message gets to you.

    Peace and Love to all…..

  330. During the last 9 months my husband and I have experienced 3 miscarriages, each one harder to endure than the last. My sister gave me The Universe has Your Back for Christmas and it has been a tremendous tool. How can I remain open the the positive flow of he Universe when I feel such sadness, fear, and uncertainty?

    1. First, I’m so sorry this is happening. Please know it’s OK to honor what you have been through.
      To answer your question, all you need do is remain willing. Your willingness leaves you open for the Universe to work through you. So, when you find yourself in the middle of sadness, fear and uncertainty you can choose again. You can call on the Universe to help you see with love instead of fear. I would highly recommend re-reading Chapter 3.
      Massive love your way,

  331. are you still selecting cards for folks? with appreciation I anticipate you drawing one for me … as I melt away in the cocoon of transformation and prepare to emerge with strong wings to stir the air and create a life of love for my self and my son and my daughter, I welcome support, inspiration, and love. namaste

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