New Year Intentions

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Each New Year I set powerful intentions that will strengthen my Spirit Junkie mentality and be of high service to the world. In this vlog I share my New Year ritual and guide you to do the same. Feel free to share your New Year’s intentions in the comments below!

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  1. Great bling! Shines almost as bright as you do. Thanks Gabby for sharing. Wishes for a love filled New Year to you and yours.

  2. This is a beautiful practice Gabby! I use my “universe box” to set intentions and request support and co-creation. I set them and then leave them in the hands of the universe. Burning is an excellent gesture! I will try this. 🙂 xo

  3. Hi Gaby,
    You are so much fun and your energy is awesome!!!
    I am writing my intentions down for this week right now after I finish writing this post and will safely burn it this evening, jaja. I will do the same for New Year’s–crayons, big paper, and friends!

    Thanks so much for inspiring me!

  4. Great vlog Gabby! Such a powerful way to demonstrate surrendering and releasing. Thank you for this, this was a gift today. Great bracelet!! Your man has got good taste 😉

  5. I love the idea of setting my intention for the year and burning it! I may even start doing it weekly. It seems like a great ritual for letting go of control. Thanks and happy new year!

  6. I’m so grateful that I found you to be my teacher this year. Thanks for all that you do and my intention for this year is to read A Course in Miracles. Thanks for guiding the way!

  7. Just what I needed!! I can’t wait to incorporate the burning and releasing of our families 2012 intentions…will for sure become a New Year’s tradition. Our family is small, so I am always looking for a way to establish special traditions and memories for my children. Thank you dearly.
    I second the “great arms” !! Push-ups Rock!!
    Warmest Regards ~ Kaye

  8. Truly powerful thought about how to handle my intentions. I love the idea of setting it free and releasing it. Thanks so much for sharing your practice!

  9. Thanks for the intention idea and colorful way to begin and end it! I can’t wait to do this at Burning Man, as well! 🙂
    And yes, safety first then meditation (then pushups!)

  10. I’ve never really had a new year’s resolution because I don’t really follow through on quitting things or starting up things. I always thought why start now if I couldn’t start before. But 2011 changed a few things, like working on my depression and connecting to my spiritual side, one of the ways I do that is to read something positive everyday. (Your books and vlogs have been part of that Gabby, so thanks!) I hope to continue that, but because my ‘intent’ muscle is growing I will set a resolution and burn the paper like you suggest.

  11. Gabby,
    I LOVE this. Thank you for reminding us that it’s equally as important to set intentions as it is to let them go and hand them over to the universe. I’m so so grateful for Spirit Junkie/~ing-ness in my life…thank you for putting me on this new path 🙂

  12. Gabriel~
    Thank you so much for your guided speak about transformation! My twin sister, Laura, recommended that we watch your New Years video and then we watched the one on being in receiving mode. We’ve been very inspired coming across your work recently and give thanks for you showing up in the ways that you are. Thank you.


    The Haykel Twins

  13. Hey Gabby! I just picked up Spirit Junkie…it sang out to me at Barnes & Noble. I am LOVING it and your style of writing and your humor! Fabulous. I am your new ‘spirit junkie’ here in Phoenix. Thank you and Namaste!

  14. Hi Gabby!

    I would like to start a weekly intention burning session too.

    What is the triangle thing that you mentioned that you use? I couldn’t quite catch what you said.

    Thanks so much! Marie

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