How to Teach Kids to Meditate with Meredith Stack’s Book ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’

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I’m interviewing Meredith Stack, a children’s book author who had an awesome transformational experience at an event with me.

You can watch the video below or keep reading for our Q&A!

My interview with Meredith Stack

In this interview, Meredith and I talk about:

  • The awesome story of how we met
  • Her book Breathe In, Breathe Out, a guide to teach kids to meditate
  • The amazing altruistic work she’s doing

GABBY: Let’s jump right in! I want to hear the story of how we got to this point. Share your story of our connection.

MEREDITH: Your book The Universe Has Your Back came out, and my girlfriends and I decided to go to your event. I wasn’t planning on standing up or asking a question that night, but I had this thing happen in my life and I thought, I wonder what Gabby would say about this?

I got the courage to stand up and tell you my story, which is this: For most of my life I’ve always not let the joy really happen. I’ve always been very scared that if I feel the joy it’ll be taken away from me. It’s a recurring thing throughout my life. For example, if I got a new job, I wouldn’t tell anybody until it started.

I created these children’s books for pediatric cancer research. One thing I really wanted was to go on a specific morning talk show to share them. I was manifesting it, I was meditating on it, I had it on my vision board, and the opportunity came where I could meet the host and they had a Q&A afterwards. I stood up and I was shaking. Her book was about taking chances, and we’d met once before. I told her how we’d met before and I said, “Your book is all about taking chances, so think I might take one.” She said, “Do it!” I said, “Is there any way my books can be on your show?” And she said, “Done! Done. Give me your information and we’ll make it happen.”

That was one of the few moments in my life where I allowed myself to experience pure joy. I was crying, people around me were crying. I called my parents, I told my friends. I was like, Wow, it’s okay! It’s okay to let yourself feel the joy.

So … days went by. I didn’t hear anything. Weeks went by — nothing. I reached out to them and didn’t get a response.

A year went by — nothing.

Tweet: When you ask for guidance, you will receive it. Always, end of story. Period. #spiritjunkie @gabbybernstein

So I stood up at your book event and asked you, “What’s the deal?! What is the Universe trying to tell me here?”

The thing that disappointed me the most was this lost opportunity to raise so much money for these children. I just kept thinking, Why would the Universe not want to raise this money for these kids who are sick?

You said to me, “Meredith, the Universe has a different plan for you. I’m going to help you sell those books!”

The joy was back. I was so grateful. And the best part? The next morning you emailed me to set up a date. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and for coming through.

Thank you so much for telling the story. It’s so impactful to remind everybody listening of a few lessons in this story.

First things first: Don’t let your plans get in the way of the Universe’s plans! Sometimes when we hold onto a desire SO tightly and think it’s the only way for it to happen, we block another manifestation. We block another opportunity. That day when you got up and expressed your desire and asked for a different solution, that was a prayer! When you ask for guidance, you will receive it. Always, end of story. Period.

Another lesson in here is to have faith that if something doesn’t work out the way you had planned or envisioned, there’s something better coming. Stay grounded in that belief system. If things aren’t working out the way you planned, there’s an opportunity to redirect your focus and trust there is something else coming.

Anytime you are trying to manifest something, wear it like a loose garment. Allow for it to shift and move. Allow these desires to be strong but adjustable. Let them flow! Our job when we’re manifesting is to stay in the joy of what we do. When you stood up, I could feel your joy and enthusiasm. I knew, between that joy and the altruism of what you’re doing, that I wanted to help you.

Patience is a big lesson too! You were very patient as I was on my book tour and we kept the door open until we had the time to take action.

Now, tell us about what Breathe In, Breathe Out is all about!

Breathe In, Breathe Out is an introduction to meditation for young children. Meditation is a huge part of my life, and I’ve noticed that anytime I’m stressed or having a hard time deciding about something, I turn inward.

I have three boys, and as they get older, there’s so much going on. They have so many expectations on them, and they get stressed just like we do. My older son has been experiencing anxiety before bed. So we started doing a meditation practice at night, and it made a big difference for him. He was able to calm his worries and get to sleep faster. So I introduced it to my younger sons, and now we all do it. We all have our Meditation Monkey, and sit down when we feel overwhelmed. We either pick a mantra to say or we read through the book, which has a calming, rhythmic pattern.

We just get calm and peaceful together. It’s been so helpful for them that I wanted to help other parents introduce it to their children as well, especially when they’re young because meditation is such a great coping skill and practice throughout your life.

I know there are Spirit Junkie mamas out there who are like, “Get me that book right now!” And all the proceeds of this book are going to pediatric cancer research.

I don’t take a dime!

That is the energy I felt when you stood up. You just wanted to get the book out and support and serve.

When you are in alignment of the energy and intention of service of your work, whether you are earning from it or not, that is felt by others.

Is there a specific organization the money goes to?

Right now I’ve been donating it to different organizations. I’d love to partner with one charity one day.

What’s next for you and your books?

I’d love to partner up with either a publisher or a charity, like I said, to get the book onto an even bigger platform. I take books to different hospitals so a child can get a book when they’re receiving chemo. It helps brighten their day.

Only 4% of our funding goes to pediatric cancer. It’s just not enough. I want to raise that number.

How to support Meredith Stack’s book and mission

If you can afford them, buy some books and share them. Give one to parents you know whose child struggles with anxiety. Give them as holiday and birthday gifts. And know that all the proceeds go to pediatric cancer charities! So let’s buy a bunch of books, spread love, and make money for these organizations.

Most importantly, let’s support the mission and message behind this book, which is to help children release anxiety. This is how we can create happier, healthier, more mindful beings in a world that desperately needs that.

Who can you share this book with? Do you have kids? Have you meditated with them? Drop into the comments and let me know!

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  1. Hi! I found this info because i was searching on the web for a meditation book about children. I am a huge fan of Gabby’s…so funny how this is all connected!…well, not funny…really COOL! Anyway, my two youngest children are adopted and have anxiety and difficulty falling asleep. My 11 year old has BAD anxiety about everything. They listen to a meditation at night, but its not great…ive been looking, even thinking about writing a book myself..and found this! I am hoping its good for tweens too! I am going to buy some and find out! Thanks so much!

    1. Sending lots of love and healing light to your family, Sue. May you be lead to the right and perfect tools to best serve your family! xo

  2. This is wonderful work you are doing. Its in line with somethimg Im working on as well right now – so timing couldnt be better to have this book fall in my life. Just ordered 2 copies!

  3. My 17 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with leukemia! This brought tears to my eyes listening! I would love to connect with you Meredith on bringing this to the cancer center where my daughter receives treamtment in California! I will be buying a ton to hand out, however I feel a deeper calling to help so I will be emailing you today!
    I am so grateful for your work!

    1. Tracey, I am deeply sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis. Please email my team at and we will be sure to send books to the center where she receives treatment. Thank you for listening to the call to serve in an even greater way. You are supported.

  4. Thank you and congratulations.
    I don’t have children but I’m going to order and give to all my girlfriends that do!! What a gift you are!❤️

  5. I would love a book gabbie..I’m a single mama and money is tight x if I could have one gifted that would be awesome…❤️ sounds just what we need xxx

  6. While purchasing I did not see mention of proceeds going to Pediatric Cancer Research. I would love to share the link and book with my small group of friends back home that have experienced the treatment and recovery of a boys cancer. The book is wonderful and beneficial as it is but your mission takes it over the top! Much love!

  7. Would love to know if this book can be made available in the U.K. My sister-in-law’s 6 year old daughter suffers with very bad anxiety and I think this would be great for them. Also amazing that all proceeds go to such a great cause.

  8. Hi Gabby and Meredith,

    I Am really obsessed about this beautiful miraculeuze moment and how this loving energy turns out in something so beautiful!
    I would love to offer you help for your next edition. For free of course, to serve your beautiful mission. I draw in a very simple, authentic, explanitory way. I am building on my own dream, of a world in which we share a language. Through drawings I make communication easier and visual. It helps people manifest. If you like the idea of having your book supported with drawings, please contact me (Huis van Verbeelding is Dutch and means ‘Home of Imagination’) Gabby, I look very much forward to meeting you in Amsterdam in september! XOXO

  9. Thank you so much Gabby for this … so inspiring oxoxoxoxo What a beautiful mission. I really need to stop getting in my own way…love your teachable moments

  10. wow!
    i was Just practicING (love this auto correction) a lessen from SJM…sitting in meditation and my Kids Just kept visitING me… and also sitting next to me and on my Lap in legs crossed, hands on their knees like me, so cute! thinking how do i explain this tot them and teach them? i went inside and checked my email……..
    so i Just Got tot buy your book, right?!

    love this! thank you ladies!
    trust your book will be a bestseller!

    ps my Kids Just turned on television and there was this bear talking and singing about the miracle of love OMG

  11. Hi from the UK. Ive just listened to this interview – I loved it! I work as a dog behaviour consultant and see lots of dogs that are so stressed out in their family homes. One of the main reasons is of course that the family has a busy life style and everyone including the kids are running on overdrive. What a fab way to teach kids to be calm around their dogs and spend some down time with them. Im going to buy a copy of this book to add to my ‘great ideas’ list and see if I can encourage families to order copies themselves. Thank you Gabby for sharing this. Meredith, is the book available in the UK yet?

    1. Thank you so much Lindsey! I appreciate your support. I love dogs too as I have two right now. My children love to snuggle with them. It can create a very relaxing effect for both my children and my dogs. And yes we will look into shipping! xoxo Meredith

  12. I love this, Meredith! Way to rock it by serving others in such a meaningful way. This will be a great resource and complement to the work I’m doing with my eldest daughter. I just bought a copy and can’t wait to dive in! I hope this book makes its way into thousands of tiny hands. Happy to do what I can to help and even blog about it on my site if you’re comfortable with that? All the best! Olivia

  13. This is INCREDIBLE! I have recently stepped into motherhood. Being a meditation and yoga teacher, I honor and support FULLY what you (Meredith) are giving our younger generations! Gabby, thank you for sharing and connecting light workers world wide. From my heart to yours…LOVE all around! and THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you so much Ashlee!! And congrats on stepping into motherhood. It’s a wonderful journey 🙂 xoxo Meredith

  14. You must be kidding me! You do not even now how happy you make me! My 10 year okd som had to go through 2 operations in 6 eeeks time. He had much pain and ancienty. I did breathing excercises with him and it helped him so much. As I love to meditate I started to think “how wonderful would it be to teach children to meditate but how can I do that” . And here you are

    1. The Universe has your back, my friend. 🙂 Sending love and healing light to you and your son.

    2. Thank you Janine! My thoughts are with you and your son! I hope the book helps! xoxo Meredith

    1. Hi Jackie! First of all thank you so much for you support!! I really appreciate it. I looked into it and yes the site is not connecting to pay pal (ugh!!). I let my web company know and they are on it. I have your email though so I will send you a link to donate shortly! Thank you so much for your patience!! xoxo Meredith

  15. Thank you so much for coming up with this book I just ordered.
    I’m a spiritual junky veteran.
    I have been volunteering for many years for a local organization called “Free Art” based in Phoenix Arizona. The main purpose of it is to offer healing for abuse and homeless children throughout artistic expression. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years as a powerful tools of my personal healing and development.
    For so long I have had this burning desire to create a charity o some kind of organization that will offer the same kind of healing as Free Art but thought the practice of yoga and meditation.
    I will love to collaborate with Meredith and Gabby, I just don’t know were to start.
    I’m so exited just to think how powerful will be for those kids to learn how to guide their mind and how to reach a state o peace and unconditional love. They deserve that!!!!
    Thank you so much again for your work Meredith and to you Gabby for raseing our awareness.
    I’m sorry about my broken English I’m from Italy and English is my second language 🙂

  16. what a great manifastation of your dreams, and affirming experience! I just ordered two books for my kids and my niece… and will be ordering many more. thank you for your story. Very inspiring!

  17. I am sitting in my home office eating lunch, ear buds in watching this video and when you said ” I’m going to buy books for anyone that can’t afford one”… I just lost it, dang it! Crying now too- I just start bawling over my lunch thinking THIS! THIS! is what I want.. I want to be able to say I can HELP you on such a large impactful way to whomever touches my heart that I can help them see their dreams come true and fears vanish. In my own small way I do it whenever possible. It almost feels selfish because I enjoy it so much. I’d rather give, help serve than work. So many people ask me how I am happy and kind and peaceful and diplomatic and engaging etc.. and I tell them It’s God’s grace, because I could never do it without him, and my morning prayers and meditations throughout the day. Gabby, Marianne, all teaching us thought processes that are truthful… we make it so difficult and it doesn’t need to be difficult! The fact Anxiety is robbing our children of their freedom to create and give and join groups of other kids to play, to learn, .. is nothing short of evil. We cannot accept Anxiety as a crutch, a reason, a curse, an excuse as adults any longer! I tell myself FEAR NOT, read The bible everyday and intentional take my breaths throughout the day. This anxiety and depression is just as heartbreaking as Pediatric cancer, impoverished families, abuse, addiction.. it’s affecting our lives the same way .. no one is immune from it. No one. Thank you Gabby for stepping up and shining light. Always.

    1. Your words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. And yes, helping feels GREAT! Being of service lights us up. We radiate positivity and attract more of it to us. Enjoy the connection.

    2. Thank you so much Emily! What a wonderful post. Some people under estimate the effects of all the little things we do everyday and how it can impact other people’s lives in such a big way. And yes, I agree, anxiety robs many people of their freedom! Hoping my book can help 🙂 xoxo Meredith

  18. I don’t have any kids, but I just bought a copy (I imagine I will be purchasing more copies in the future!) to check out & share with my cousin (for her 2 little girls!). I have been practicing TM for about 2 years now and had I known about meditation when I was a little girl, my life would have turned out much differently (I struggled with depression & anxiety/worry for my entire life).

    I noticed that (so far) there aren’t any reviews on After I read the book, I’ll be sure to write a review and I would encourage everyone else to do the same (I’ve heard it helps publishers make their decisions!)!

    1. Yay TM! The book will make an awesome gift. And I know Meredith will appreciate the review. 🙂

    2. Hi Jodi, Thank you so much for sharing and showing your support as well! I really appreciate it! xoxo Meredith

  19. Ordered! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to work with my 3 1/2 year old son. We “breath” now, but this is the type of thing he really responds to and will appreciate. Thank you for the work you do! Thank you, Gabby, for bringing awareness to this wonderful cause. Can’t wait to receive it and bring some peace to my rambunctious son! Looking forward to spreading the word, too! xo

  20. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I have three kids all under the age of 7.
    I have been looking for something like this.

    Thank you

    Stephanie MacGregor Cross x

  21. I love this! I just purchased a book for my classroom, and I’m going to tell my friends about this. Thanks to both Gabby and Meredith for your service! With ❤️ and joy!

  22. Ordered! My little ones love to meditate with me. I can’t wait to read this book with them! I’m so inspired by your dedication to raise money for these children facing battles harder than some of us will ever have to face in our lifetime. And, you’re so right – 4% simply isn’t enough! Here’s to changing that! xo

  23. awesome! I’m going to order it. I have 12 year old autistic twins. We started a yoga practice as a family a few months ago and would love to add to that practice. xoxo

  24. Meredith, this is beautiful! Thank you Gabby for bringing this to us. I volunteer for an organization that raises money to help with researching a cure for pediatric AML. It is called The Blue Butterfly Campaign based out of Portland, Oregon and founded by Jayne Dearborn. You can find it online. We are always looking for partners. In light and gratitude for the work you are doing.

  25. Thanks for putting this on. I loved “The Universe Has Your Back” and I loved that you are helping Meredith! Do you have anything for teens or even the early college age?

    1. Hi Krista! I haven’t written a book for teens yet but I received your email and wrote back with some suggestions for you! Thank you so much! xoxo Meredith

  26. Thank you both for sharing this wonderful, affirming experience! My copies are ordered and on their way to England to share your vision Meredith!

  27. Ordered mine, arrives Friday. I will pass on to my mindfulness team at school so that maybe we can order for our classrooms. Thanks!!

  28. Wowza! I teach meditation classes in the local community for women. Yet I keep feeling the nudge to children. I speak to the kids at our local church and practice mindfulness but when this email came this morning…I knew it was spirit saying “walk this way-teach them.”
    Thank you so much for being the light beautiful women!

  29. If only I had learned about meditation when my sons were younger! All three of them struggle with anxiety currently as young men (20s). I’ll be buying books for those whose kids are still young enough to be blessed by this great work. Thank you for following your passion!
    Sat man!

  30. Just ordered the book–what a great idea for teaching children to cope with anxiety. I don’t have young children at
    home anymore so my copy will go to my local library. Love Meredith’s desire to help raise money for pediatric cancer and Gabby’s generous offer to use her platform to shine a light on this effort.

  31. Ordered! Sounds so relevant. And I love that all the proceeds are being donated. I too wrote a book that one day I will be brave enough to share. And when I do, all the proceeds will be donated.

    Best of luck Meredith! And thank you for all you do, all that you are, and all that you inspire in others (myself included) Gabby!

    1. Thank you Kassandra! Yes, I hope one day you share your book with the world. What a wonderful thing. Please reach out to me when you do as I would love to hear all about it! xoxo Meredith

  32. I love meditating with my little girl who is 2 years old and she does the deep breathing before bed with me and we listen to different guided meditations. It helps her fall asleep very peacefully and it’s stopped some of the night terrors she was experiencing which is a normal development stage for children – but I wanted her to find a healthy way to cope so that this was a lifelong skill she could call upon.

    Cannot wait to get this book and will be presenting it to others as well.

    So much love for what you do <3

    1. Hi Rushani! Thank you so much! One of my son’s had night terrors- they’re so scary. The first time I had no idea what was happening and was terrified. I’m so glad to hear that mediation is working for your daughter. There are so many great benefits to it, the list keeps getting longer and longer! Thank you for you support!! xoxo Meredith

  33. Hi gabby I have about ten or more times I just read this great story and I love to get two for my granddaughters but like I have saided before I live on fixed income and it hard cause one of granddaughter I take care with clothing food I had like 80 percent of time until last year when she started kindergarten how she is with her mother who has a very bad drinking problem and I believe it more but I up against a wall trying to get her from her this child was born with spinalbra and disfigured leg in which is a like two inch shorted on one and will have to have surgery to try to lengthen the small leg and my another is great a fresh that my daughter daughter doing great now she pregnant with her second baby that they think might have downs but the test didn’t come back so and u see my life is hard but I try to hooded it together inside I dying for my babies especially my son girl my angel who had been thru so much in 6 years of life so anyways I would to get two copies for my angel I think it will help my older babie cause very curious about angel fairy I want to thank u for listening to me when I do email I have everyone had a story but it sometimes hard for me to face another knowing my granddaughter and grandson have a life of people just being mean to them my six is just realizing that she is different from other little and grandson will have to do the same by the we meet in conn I speak out about my pass and I wanted so badly to take your course but my money is just not there I also want to write s book about my life and my own things some day when I think I string yo do so and just maybe I could help I e person with. What I know now in life thank u gabby my love for u is so deep I have traded all your books and will continue on my life journey whatever it it’s Adeline araboos 74 court st west haven conn if u send two book I know u change my angel Ava life my zip is 06516 Adeline arabolos 74court st west haven conn 06516 god bless and thank u for putting out of the dark side of life sometimes

    1. Oh Adeline, that is so challenging! Sending you and your family loving vibes. I hope the books help! xoxo Meredith

  34. Ordered!! I try to mediate with my son every night, can’t wait to get the book and continue our jouney. Great story, Best of luck Meredith!!!

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