How to Expand Time with Meditation

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One awesome benefit to living a spiritual life is that I’m very aware of when I’m not leading from a place of spiritual alignment. When I’m forcing, controlling or trying to get something done without being connected to source, I feel it and know how to realign.

Recently I had a really busy day. I was in the midst of writing my new book and I had back-to-back phone calls from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Then I was going to write from 2 to 4 p.m.

I finished the calls and sat down to write … and I felt completely out of whack.

You can watch the video or keep reading to discover what I did next…

At first I wanted to just push through. I wanted to just write those thousand words and get it done even though I was jarred and exhausted.

But then, out of nowhere, I heard the voice of my inner guide say, “Sit in your meditation.” It was a moment of stop, drop and meditate!

So I listened. I pulled myself out of that state of trying to force and control and make something happen. I sat on my meditation pillow and got grounded and settled, and honored what came through. I turned to my mantra and meditated for 20 minutes.

When I came out of my meditation I went back to my desk and had so much more energy and felt so refreshed. In a half an hour I wrote the 1,000 words that I’d expected to write in two hours.

Tweet: When we use our spiritual practice as a way to energize and get grounded and realign, we can actually expand time

This story is an example of what happens when we take action from a place of spiritual alignment. The simplicity of getting aligned through my meditation practice gave me the inspiration, motivation and energy I needed to do the exact same amount of work in less than half the time.

I spent 20 minutes meditating, 30 minutes writing, and had an hour and 10 minutes to spare!

When we use our spiritual practice as a way to energize and get grounded and realign, we can actually expand time.

Start to pay attention to the moments in your life when you need to stop, drop and meditate. And do it! Pay attention to how you create more space, get more done and how you feel when you cultivate this spiritual awareness and listen to your inner guide.

Let me know how this plays out in your life! Leave comments below. I hope it serves you.

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  1. Hi Gabby,

    I have a question about meditating.
    Last month I started to meditate everyday. I am doing the SJM, starting with module 5. So first I stared to do the light worker meditation, which felt really good. And gave me a grounded feeling. Now I started the Deepak’s and Oprah 21 day (mantra) mediation challenge.
    I always start with a prayer (I use inspiration prayer from the universe has your back and made I my own) and then I start with the mediation. During the meditation I mostly go back and forth from thoughts to the mantra. Sometimes I will get a message and That is really great. But I don’t get the tingling. You have mentioned this in the universe has your back.
    So I feel a bit insecure (I know this is my fear) if I am doing this correctly? When will you get the tingling and when do you know when you are aligned?

    Hope you can help out. Thanks a lot!

    Ps love your book and really enjoying the course. And looking forward to see you in Amsterdam!

    Xoxo Belle

  2. Like you, I do believe in angels as well. In fact, I believe my angel brought me to you at this sensitive time in my life. I found you on-line while I was looking for a book on how to start meditating. Not to share my son’s story, but he is a 12 stepper and meditation has been a huge
    part his recovery. I can see and appreciate the effects of this practice. So much so, I’m hoping to attend a Deepak Chopra “retreat” in CA in October this year. What I’d like to say to you is, an epic “Thank You” for sharing your story so openly and honestly. But, more importantly being so willing to help others in their journey
    for peace. I just finished listening to “The Universe Has Your Back”, my first introduction to you and I had no idea what an impact listening to my first book of yours would teach me, but mostly make me cry. You write with such heartfelt passion, I didn’t pause to do the excercises cause I just wanted to hear more.
    I’m looking forward to going back and doing
    The excercises and moving on to another one of your books.
    Blessings and tons of gratitude.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Lupe. The Universe Has Your Back is a book to go back to again and again – I like your approach. 🙂

      Your son’s recovery and meditation practice has been a gift to both of you. I pray for his health and happiness!

      You will love your retreat with Deepak!

  3. This was such a great piece of advice. So funny because I’m a writer and I also do a lot of meditation. I do a lot of spiritual writing for yoga organizations and I never thought to sit down and let source fill me back up to get rid of blockages. It makes so much sense. Many thanks for this valuable information.

  4. Stop, drop and meditate I need to post this in my office! I work a high stress job and I’m about to venture into a completely different career path, equally stressful but more rewarding. I am going back to school in less than a month and need to really stay in touch with my interspirit. My anxiety is relentless at home or at work. I am trying to keep fear and anxiety in my rearview mirror and minimize panic attacks. This video is a reminder that only you can set your space and taking time out to meditate is a must. This will allow you to stay on your path. Thank you again for this video as well as all your inspiration.

  5. Love this!! Thank you for the reminder. I constantly feel under pressure to get to more everyday as a solo entrepreneur – and always when I connect to my inner knowing and guides through meditation I feel supported and focused. Why is it when we are the most stressed and can really benefit from a meditation break – that is the time when we usually try to push through and do without?? Thank you for sharing – it’s nice to know it happens to everyone! xo

  6. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much. You always put my mind back at ease and my heart warm. I just moved to a new country and boy do I miss my mom, dog, and home. I’m dealing with loneliness right now and whenever I meditate it just reminds me of home and my surroundings whenever I meditated. I’m still in the process of fully transitioning my life in a totally new place, I want to continue my meditation practices but am slowly relearning it here as I feel so lonely and miss home so much whenever I attempt to meditate. Anyway, just letting out some emotions but once again, thank you for your light and warm energy. Love ya!


    1. Your energy can connect you with anyone and any place. Let your loving vibes radiate out. Send love and light and trust that the Universe is carrying your intentions to the people (and animals) you love. You are always connected. xx

  7. Thank you for this! As a teacher getting ready for the upcoming school year, I’m feeling overwhelmed by all that has to get done. Your advice is perfect, and I will follow it. 🙂

  8. Synchronicity in life is AWESOME-SAUCE! My 6-month old baby has been a teething terror for the last 2 1/2 weeks! Although I express so much love and empathy I also find myself running on empty and sometimes wanting to run out the house for fresh air and maybe even scream…BUT I can’t do that so today for instance I sat down to “stop, drop, and meditate” in front of my little one who was sitting safe in her crib. Not only did deep breathing and “peace begins with me” recited out loud help chill me the f*ck out, but it helped chill my little one out too!! She napped right after and mama got the break she needed. Thank you so much Gabby! I am so happy to have found you years ago and tho my life has changed greatly since, it pleases me to no end that your teachings and guidance still resonate with my crazy beautiful life today. XOXO

    1. Amazing! Other people and animals can feel the energy we emanate when meditating. The ripple effect calms babies and can reach across the globe. Stop, drop and meditate, sister. 🙂

  9. funny the universe definitely had my back by leaving this in my in box at just the right time. I got home from work feeling tired from the day knowing that I had to sit down and work on homework for school that is due tonight, after reading your blog, I gave it try and meditated for 20 minutes and yep I felt refreshed afterwards. thanks gabby!

  10. I am finding meditation centers me, and I can re-engage with the material after I take so.e time to engage spirit. BTW, The Universe Has Your Back saved my life in a very dark time. Thank you for bringing me back to my soul. ❤

  11. Hi Gabby! Love this message-thank you! Through your books and guidance I have started my own meditation practice and I am addicted! I love using mantras! I was wondering when using mantras, do you ever just take a moment to sit in silence so you can “hear” your messages or do they tend to come to you while you are repeating it?

    1. When doing a mantra meditation I repeat the mantra consciously and silently. It is normal and expected to “lose” the mantra during a meditation, and you simply come back to it when you become aware.

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