This Is My Morning Ritual

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The morning is one of the most sacred parts of your day. If you wake up with a bad attitude you can start the day on a negative path, whereas if you wake up with ease your day can flow with grace. In this video I share my morning ritual and why it’s so important to my happiness, health and purpose. I hope this video inspires you to start your day with a miracle mindset! Feel free to post your morning rituals in the comments below.

Additional resources

Begin your day with a positive affirmation! Check out my Spirit Junkie Alarm clock app for daily inspiration the moment you wake up.

Here are some free guided meditations to begin your day with positive flow

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  1. Love the prayer! I get out of bed around 6 am, make some green tea with hydrolyzed collagen, and settle onto my meditation pillow. There I read my ACIM mantra for the day, meditate for 15-20 minutes, then head over to the lounge chair to read a few pages in the Course. Then I usually have some protein and head to the gym for a workout. 🙂 Loving my mornings. I’m curious, Gabby, when do you do your TM morning meditation?

    1. This rocks! You’re doing awesome work. My mornings have changed since having my son, but I always make meditation a priority.

  2. Recently I been using my universe has your back card deck daily after meditation and EFT also stretching the body. I use the app daily but the alarm wasn’t working properly.

  3. Hi Gabby!!

    Will the Spirit Junkie app be available for Android anytime soon? I would LOVE to have this to incorporate in my morning <3

  4. Hi Gabby!

    Love all of your vlogs. I never use to be a morning person until I started to take advantage of the ‘me-time’ I have when I first wake up. I’m a member of Get More Gabby and in the morning I’ll have a glass of warm lemon water while listening to one of your podcasts, choose from one of the guided meditations, or even watch one of your vlogs on youtube. It starts my whole day off with positive energy and good vibes and I absolutely love this new morning ritual I have.

    Thank you for being part of my mornings, you’re a major inspiration!:)


  5. I appreciate this morning ritual very much – I love the idea of ritual, but, I’m one of those “busy” people who has great difficulty finding a sustainable routine. I know what I’d like my morning, I think, to resemble: (I love all these posts about kissing your partner first thing – I do admire him for a few moments every day, but, I think I’ll bring more attention to this from now on), 1) express silent gratitude to the universe, 2) meditate, 3) have tea/lemon water/whatever calls, 4) move (yoga or a walk/run), 5) eat, 6) read, and then 7) prepare for the day/work. But, that’s a lot to squeeze in when it’s tough to get up and motivated for work in the first place. Perhaps that’s why nothing sticks yet – I already don’t feel like getting out of bed. I push it off groggily thinking it’s no big deal to stay down for a few more minutes, even if I’m not tired, and then I end up squeezing in my meditation and running late. Thanks for reading and for giving us so much material to help us improve our short, precious moment on this planet.

  6. I ask “How can I best be of service today?” and have a morning meditation (and sometime yoga) before starting with apple cider vinegar and ginger tea. Usually this includes snuggles from my boys and then on to breakfast of steamed kale and rice with hemp and chia seeds and coconut oil. Thanks everyone for sharing such an important part of the day!

  7. I love my ayurvedic little morning ritual with cleaning my tongue, oil pulling and dry brush and oil my body. After that hot water with lemon (love it!!) and prayer, affirmation, meditation and Yoga, breakfast with my family. I love those 90 minutes before everybody wakes up….thank you for the prayer idea in bed. Will adopt that !!!

  8. Loved hearing your morning ritual. I was wondering when you meditate. I often wake up- say to myself “universe where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say and to whom” then I get ready to go the gym- get my water bottle- walk my dog quickly then off I go to the gym. I come back- take a quick shower then meditate.

  9. I wake up and first thank God for another day.
    I usually place my feet on the floor (for grounding) and give thanks for a few minutes then head to brush my teeth.
    While brushing my teeth if any thoughts arise I would like to let go of, I send them down the drain with the water (this could include freaky dreams I had).
    Then I go to my meditation couch and spend 22 minutes meditating. After that, I have my coffee and do my readings for the morning. This is followed by my green smoothie after serving my son breakfast and reading a positive daily quotation with him. Thanks for sharing, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s morning rituals.

  10. I’m spending two weeks at a resort with some family and while it’s been uncomfortable and lonely being away from my boyfriend and NYC, it’s also been a blessing because it’s helped me to re-adopt my morning rituals. When I wake up, the first thing I do is drink some water to refresh my body and mind. I’m trying not to check my phone when I wake up – sometimes it’s inevitable because I am checking the time and a message will pop up, so I leave the ringer on for emergency calls but turn off message notifications because I find my mind is not ready to be thrown into discussion first thing. I’m gradually adjusting my coffee intake (totally going to adopt the caffeine after food, instead of before) and I try to sip it slowly, stopping when I feel the caffeine so that I don’t over do it and make myself anxious. For breakfast I like to have some sort of fresh juice, lately I’ve really been appreciating grapefruit juice. I find a juice or a smoothie wakes me up more than coffee. Sometimes I’ll have fruit and some nuts for breakfast with a tablespoon of coconut oil, or if Im hungrier I’ll include something with more protein or carbs. Then, I set my daily intention/affirmation and I write it on my mirror in lipstick to revisit throughout the day 🙂 If I wake up with any lingering negative feelings/energy, I combat it. For example, if I was up late and feel like “I’m too tired to possibly be able to make it through this day,” I counter that by mindfully including some extra protein and carbs in my day as well as by telling myself, “I am strong, I have the power and strength to glide through the day peacefully. All is well in my world.”

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