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Sometimes we receive tons of guidance through our dreams. In this vlog I share a dream I had the other night where I was guided to surrender even more. I hope you enjoy the message:)


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  1. Gabby – amazing! Just seeing the visualization of flying from tree to tree over the fears and knowing that is was scarier to stay there than the fear of flying through the air – what a beautiful, inspiring message that just gave me a nugget to get moving this morning. xo nicki

  2. Loved this Gabby! I feel like it was just the oomph I needed on this Monday. Using your dream analogy – its so much easier to believe and feel using the trapeze as a visual guide in my mind. I’m ready to leap to the next trapeze and forget fear ;).

  3. Gabby, the other day I dreamed a very short, potent dream of words. In my dream a loud, clear voice said, ‘Remember the goal of Yoga is union with the Divine.’ Since I had the dream I find myself questioning my motives for everything I do. So I am definitely with you on the messages of dreams.

    Say, do you ever plan to visit Jamaica to share your knowledge, Yoga and meditations? How can we get you out here to this sunny, beautiful, island?

      1. Really?????? Oh My Goodness…… Oh My Goodness. Im so totally there…Where will you be speaking? How do we get tickets? I plan to tell all the girls at my Yoga Studio. They will all want to come seeing that I have been sharing your vlogs with them…. This is so wild… Will you send out the information in a newsletter. Please let us know!!!!

  4. I can relate so many of my life’s obstacles as I’m sure many many others can as well. So many times I contemplate staying in the same place where i am @ in my life because the path that i want to truly be on seems so distant and stretches for miles and miles and miles. Getting over that fear of making the first move when I begin to play the game, at first it seems to be moving quite slowly and I’m not so sure if I am playing it the right way. SCARRY!!! Then inner guidance steps in and says, “Take a look back and see how far you’ve come.” I had been through everything from a great big stormy weather, into a whirlwind of laughter, and a walk in the park with light showers and a few bee stings.Yes, I came into some interesting situations. They may have not been all awesome experiences, but they were definitely placed on this path, MY path, purposely. My path is made of all kinds of pavement!- rocky with a few potholes, then it has some bumps, and changes into a brick road. And right over that big hill, that is where it smooths out. That’s also where the butterflies live! I may not have reached the top of that hill just yet, but I am still moving forward with a more confident step. I am proud to say that I CHOSE to accept the invitation for this particular path,this journey, that has been created for ME! I hope everyone finds your message from your dream as inspiring as I have. Wonderful positive message to wake up to! Thanks!

  5. I am keeping a dream log because I have been having so many dreams like this, which I feel so deeply, waking up as if I really had a moving experience, good or bad, and it has been incredible. I am able to record the images and experiences as soon as they happen and then to read back and really hear strong messages coming through so cleary. It’s amazing how much clarity it brings to me about certain fears that are most prevalent at the time and need the most attention and also gives me encouragement when I see that I am making positive progress and can feel that I am no longer afraid.

  6. LOVE the dream! It reminds me of the idea of heaven on earth. Pushing yourself to not just accept what you are comfortable with but to dream(pun intended) bigger even when it is scary and find that what you were looking for was a part of you all along.

    So glad you shared! Much love!
    BTW I would be oh so happy to know the song in your intro.

  7. This is AWESOME! I need constant reminders that the only way I am going to be and peace with myself is if I keep walking through my fears and pushing myself beyond my limiting beliefs. Thank you for this.

  8. Thanks for this – I’m shitting myself at the moment – I’ve taken on the role of senior emergency journalist for an aid agency – something I’ve been doing for years – but now I’ve got to manage people. Good to be reminded that in fear we grow.

  9. Wow. You know what’s crazy? You were in my dream last night Gabby. I asked for guidance before I went to bed on some fears I had. In it I had gone to your book tour lecture and stepped away. And I got lost when I stepped outside the room and long story short ended up somewhere where the people that Im having issues with continued to push me and critique me. It didnt feel good but it was something I had to go through to get better. I then ended up back at ur lecture and it was over but you saw me walk in and called me over for a chat. I dont think we actually spoke but I felt warmth. And then I woke up and saw this. Thank you

  10. I love it! I had a similarly trippy dream the other night. Someone pointed out to me that my hair had turned gray. I looked in the mirror, and it had! I took it mean that I had gained wisdom in my journey that I hadn’t realized yet!

  11. Amazing message Gabby. When I listen to you speak about topics like this is makes me realize that we are capable of so much. I have a lot of fears that I let control my actions, when really staying where I am and NOT experiencing these fears and putting myself forward in challenging things and trying new things is actually the scariest part. Your words help to give me motivation and inspiration.

  12. Thanks for this amazing vlog, it made my day and encouraged me more. Gabby, why do i see sometimes in real life things i dreamt?

  13. I had a strange dream the other night… I was in my house after a flood, trying to rescue what I could of my belongings and there were alligators everywhere. The funny thing was that I wasn’t afraid (or alone- the whole neighbourhood had the same problem), they were a nuisance more than anything- I had stuff to do and I didn’t have time to get bit by an alligator! What do you think it meant?

  14. Thank you, Gabby, for sharing your beautiful dream. My dreams are often prophetic. I very strongly believe in the power of dreams. So, thank you for sharing and promoting such truth.

    I have recently come to realize some imbedded fears I have about letting the world read my fiction writing. This morning, I awoke to see this in my facebook feed:

    Marianne Williamson
    Dear God, Whatever obstructions would hold me back, please dissolve. Whatever fear would keep me bound, please remove. What miracles I need, please provide. And so it is. Amen

    I began saying the affirmation to myself in yoga this morning and through my afternoon meditations. Your dream is aligned with what I am feeling. I have allowed myself to get trapped in a jungle of caring what others think and being afraid to express my art to the world. I am praying to God that such fears are removed. I am grateful that a person such as you exists, for you are spreading the truths about the bondage that keeps us trapped in a world of pain and fear.

    Until this week, I had thought I eradicated my fear. Recognizing that I, in fact, have some remaining left in my body has been liberating. I have the courage to move forward and I will not let fear keep me trapped in the jungle. Thank you, again. I really needed that today. I admire your strength and courage…xoxoxo

    Love and light to you…Yarrow

  15. I LOVE dream interpretation! Our dreams really do speak to us on a greater level. So glad you had a wonderful dream Gabby! Thanks for sharing this! xoxo

  16. Gabby- You are so amazing! I love listening to your blogs and exciting experiences you share with us- you truly inspire me. I love dream interpretation, I’m always in awe at how innately wise our consciousness is, and the messages it continually sends us. It’s so important to listen and reflect on it! Thank you for sharing this example with us… it sounds like it was a wonderful experience. Wouldn’t it be great to have a community to share our dreams with every morning and explore what they mean?! 🙂 Meg

  17. Nothing around you changed…your inner-spirit changed…resulting in inner peace…even though you were still in the same Jungle…I think this is whats most profound to me. I’m looking for the bells and whistles…if you will…a sign of sorts. My focus should be more on my inner-man…first and foremost…is what this has taught me. To arrive at inner-peace no matter the circumstances…I can be well within…regardless of whats happening around me. Hope I got this right.

    Tanjie Tyler

  18. Thanks for sharing that dream; I like the symbolism. Sometimes my life feels like a trapeze act! It is nice to be reminded as often as needed to live in the present moment, there is no where to get to, we are here!

  19. Thanks for sharing, Gabby! Dreams are cool. Yours reminds me that sometimes it’s hard to get on that first (scary) trapeze when you don’t know what lies ahead… But small successes, like jumping from trapeze to trapeze, eventually add up to larger life changes. Little leaps of faith, I guess…

  20. Love the Vlog Gab! Dreams are very powerful, connecting us to a higher being – whether that be our subconscious mind (ourselves) or our spiritual guides or both!

    I came across this the other day and I tell myself it every time I feel myself holding back.

    Thoughts of courage, power, confidence and hope all produce a corresponding state, but the one arch enemy of the Solar Plexus is FEAR! Destroy it, eliminate it, expel it forever. THERE IS NO FEAR!!!

  21. Had a thought about your dream to Gabby….reaching for those trapezes feels as if you are reaching for your goals, your dreams. Not knowing where they lead you, what direction they are taking you, but overcoming the fear of the ‘unknown’ and going for it anyway. It is often the fear of the unknown which tends to be the moment we hit the pause button.
    Looking at your life from afar, you have many projects, possibly leading you down many different paths. You are going from strength to strength, building your profile, building a career path that has so many many possibilities for further growth and success. You really can go in any direction, those doors are open for you, and more doors are beginning to open for you. So really, the choice is yours, and there are many choices. That is where you are at in your life now.
    Jumping from trapeze to trapeze, not knowing which direction or where they lead you, but knowing, trusting, each jump, each leap, is bringing you closer to your dreams and beyond (right now, still to be defined, a work in progress). Reaching the trapeze (the one) that brought you comfort and relief was a way of telling you that in your reality, not your dream state, that you will soon reach a point where you have have clear direction, where you have that ‘aha’ moment, where you say ‘this is it’ and you know exactly which direction to go in.
    Very cool dream! Very promising for you. You are so very blessed, and it is nice to see you give back to the world, to the universe, as much as you receive. Beautiful!

  22. Gabby,

    This is a wonderful description of going through the motions on this life journey, not fearlessly, but working through the fear until inner peace is reached. What a beautiful experience. You have literally re-awakened my spirit. I came across the article written about you in Elle, and I have literally been telling all my friends about you. I even shared with my mom your quote about “being fucked if I allow my happiness to be dependent upon my external circumstance,” and her face lit up as if she had an epiphany. You are doing amazing work and are such an inspiration. Please don’t stop sharing your insight. I am looking forward to Spirit Junkie.


  23. Love it! Thank you for all that you do and share with us. I am so looking forward to seeing you here in LA next month. I’m bringing my mom, & 2 good friends. Spreadin’ the love!

  24. Gabby… you are such an inspiration, making what you say so true and understandable.. i really love getting your vids.. and im trying hard to put what you say, into my life.
    thank you… love you

  25. Wild. First there’s the jungle, which — unless you know your terrain, is like… how does one vine or branch tell you where you are in this lush ceiling of green? For all you know, you could be swinging in circles, or going towards danger, or going towards a waterfall with a rainbow. TOTAL trust. In addition, such a new/scary situation requires bold fearlessness. It reminds me of the musical, “Stomp!” : these performers are banging on trash cans & sinks, dancing like mad & engaging the audience in percussion + rhythm clapping while sweeping the floor of spilled water — if for one split moment, a dancer thinks, “this is dangerous”: the flow halts. You can actually get hurt if you don’t give it your all! I love the whimsicality of the circus trapeze aspect & traveling through your jungle with guides. I love love love the release. Such a huge message received. Beautiful that it was sent to you on the verge of your book tour launch. I am so excited to see what manifests next! Much love, light & blessings, Gab! x.

  26. gabby, i loved this story. your dream had such a great message and a metaphor for all of us! thanks so much for sharing.
    Light & love,

  27. Wow Gabby, this was really deep. I think it is also a reminder that we are never alone. Even when we think we are going through the toughest, hardest, scariest parts of our life all by ourselves–we aren’t. Someone is always there going through it with us. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  28. Well that was perfect as I myself have just made a huge move and left behind a life in one place to move out into the world of the great unknown.
    I realized my biggest fear was that I didn’t have a clue as to what was waiting for me and so I couldn’t control it.
    I had to TRUST THE UNIVERSE which is ultimately learning how to Trust myself.
    I will be there for me, I will take care of me no matter what. Surrender, release, let go, let go, let go and let God which is YOU!

  29. Gabby!! I loved this video and today I am listening to pandora and a song called Dream by Priscilla Ahn came on. Made me think of this vlog. 🙂 Keep dreaming BIG…

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