What It Means to Be a Super Attractor

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Being a Super Attractor means you're aligned with the love of the UniverseWhat is a Super Attractor?

I’ve always known that there is a non-physical presence beyond my physical sight. All my life I’ve intuitively known how to tune into it and use it as a source for good.

Tapping into our Super Attractor power changes our life

I’ve tapped into this unlimited presence of power to heal my body, support my relationships, write books that serve others and attract my greatest desires.

There are many names for this spiritual presence. I refer to it interchangeably as the Universe, God, Spirit, inner guidance, love and other terms. What we call it is irrelevant. Connecting to it is imperative.

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Claiming my connection to the presence of this power has directed the course of my life. The simple choice to tune into this source of love has helped me recover from addiction, heal PTSD, undo fearful beliefs and live with clear purpose. Living my life in the daily devotion of this non-physical source of power has made me a Super Attractor.

Being a Super Attractor means that what you believe is what you’ll receive

What is a Super Attractor? Being a Super Attractor means that what I believe is what I will receive. I can co-create the world I want to see by aligning with good-feeling emotions and directing them toward my desires.

I can tap into an unlimited source of creative energy to contribute inspired ideas, offer wisdom, receive abundance and feel free. And best of all, I can harness this power into a force for good in the world.

Being a Super Attractor doesn’t mean I haven’t had to face very real challenges. But I can see clearly how my struggles have been spiritual assignments for growth and healing.

I know that I can accept difficult experiences as opportunities to fine-tune my inner power and get closer to consciousness. I show up for life with faith and ease, no matter what.

Freedom is the greatest gift

Gabby Bernstein | What It Means to Be a Super AttractorLiving my life in this way has brought me what I desire most: freedom. I feel free knowing that there is an ever-present energy of love within me and around me. I’m free knowing that I’m always being guided and that I have the power to co-create the world I want to see.

Freedom is the greatest gift of all. Nothing holds me back. I no longer play small. For more than a decade I’ve lived, loved and taught with this freedom. When I aligned myself with my Super Attractor energy, I stopped feeling like a slave to fear. Freedom has given me the experience of being an untethered force of light in the world.

Here’s the really cool part: I am not exceptional. You have this connection, too!

When people ask me, “What is a Super Attractor?” I say: “You are. You have a Super Attractor power.” And harnessing it is both fun and easy.

How to claim your Super Attractor power

You can start reconnecting to your Super Attractor power today. Take the first step, which is to recognize that the Universe always delivers. We are always sending out energetic requests, and the we’ll get what we ask for … whether we want it or not.

In order to attract what you truly desire, you need to clean up your energetic requests!

Clean up your energetic requests with Super Attractor mantras

There’s a simple way to clean up the energy you’re putting out:

Say out loud whatever it is that you want to call into your life. Then write down in your journal how you feel when you say it. If you feel excited, inspired and hopeful, then you’re energetically aligned with it. If you feel scared, anxious or just uncomfortable, then there’s a misalignment.

If you’re out of alignment, shift your energy with a simple affirmation. Say:

“I welcome infinite possibilities and I’m open to receive.”

This takes the pressure off your request and opens you up to great possibilities! This moment of surrender allows you to feel worthy of receiving, release your desire and feel good about the possibilities.

And here’s another mantra I shared during my Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop (details below) that you can start using now to strengthen your belief that you’re worthy of attracting what you want.

Manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams with Super Attractor

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, by Gabrielle BernsteinMy new book, Super Attractor, is out now! When you order it, you’ll get my 2-hour Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop FREE! This workshop gets you ready for the book.

Super Attractor is a manifesto for confidently claiming your desires. You’ll learn how to co-create the life you want.

You’ll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Most importantly, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you give off a presence of joy that elevates everyone around you.

Click here to order Super Attractor and claim your free workshop!

The next time someone asks you, “What is a Super Attractor?” your answer will be, “I am.”

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  1. Dear Gabby, I have a question for you that’s been bothering me for quite some time now. I know there’s a source/universe but who created the source? There has to be something right? Can you please tell me?

    1. This is a question that theologians, philosophers, and spiritual teachers have been asking and trying to answer for thousands of years, Urvashi. While I cannot answer this question for you, I can share some resources with you that may find helpful on your journey of truth and discovery:
      – 6 Amazing Books That Will Inspire and Support You on Your Spiritual Path: https://gabbybernstein.com/best-spiritual-books/
      – Feel more connected to the Universe by creating a faith statement: https://gabbybernstein.com/connected-universe-create-faith-statement/
      – If you are looking for a clarification specifically from a religious standpoint perhaps reaching out to a spiritual leader in your community would be helpful

      1. Thanks for your valuable response. It means a lot. I don’t believe in religion much . Spirituality is everything for me. I am having my spiritual awakening (ongoing process don’t know how long it will take!) and had kundalini awakening too. Since then everything has changed. Why do I have this immense curiosity to find out how everything works in the universe and the dimensions or spirits that we can’t see through our eyes? Did you have this curiosity too ? It pulls me !

  2. If there was ever a need for Zoom, this must be the time! How would the Universal laws solve this problem. Hi Gabby. I just bought your Super Attractor book. After 28 years of set backs and all kinds of bad luck, I have to change something! However, I’m not sure how to handle this new event. We have a neighbor who will be passing on from a terminal brain disease. There will be a farewell party for her next Saturday (the 11th). Approximately 20 – 22 people will be going. They are taking precautions due to the COVID. My husband is very concerned about going, even when we are wearing masks and gloves and bringing our own food. How do I know if going there is the right thing to do according to Universal Laws? With all the circumstances I’ve experienced over the past 28 years I have no idea how to make things work better. Hoping your books will help guide me! Thank you for writing them.

  3. I just finished this book and what an enlightening book. I have a funny story to tell you. I listened to the book on my morning walks and several times I crossed paths with a skunk. I was freaking out each time but because of this book I realized today that it’s my spirit animal. (couldn’t be a cute bird or bunny!!) When I looked up what the spirit meaning of a skunk was it totally made sense. Thank you for writing this book. Very helpful!! Will be reading this again.

    1. Amazing, Carolyn! So glad Super Attractor resonates with you and that you found your spirit animal! Thanks for sharing your miracle moment with us! xoxo

  4. Your gift of getting across to people is so inspiring. I to consume all the knowledge you have to share. I wish I could instill this onto my daughter because as I consume this, it is screaming her name. However, every time I nudge her w/info, offer to buy her the resources, etc. it goes unnoticed or with a lack of interest. Any suggestions for manifesting that she, too, can land upon the type of spiritual awakening? It’s so working for me, as the signs I’ve gotten are beyond coincidental, but I so want the Universe to have her back too. I know I can’t control her life (she’s a young adult), but as her Mother I wish to be a conduit to helping her. How can we help others?

    1. I’m so glad the work resonates with you, Lori! Here are two things that you can do:
      1) Lead by example. The lighthouse attracts lost ships by standing tall and shining its bright light. Think: “Attraction not promotion.”
      2) Pray that your daughter will be guided to the resources that she needs at the right and perfect time.

    1. Great question, Anna. Aside from Law of Attraction, Super Attractor is about strengthening your faith, working with your spirit guides, and releasing fear that may be blocking you. xoxo

  5. I was walking around Barnes and Noble….I told myself I have to start reading again! I was searching for about 30 minutes for a book that stood out to me. I picked up a few but put them down. I just didn’t feel “it”. I finally passed by your book and felt a good vibe. I knew this was the book I needed to read! I have finished your Super Attractor book! And have bought two more of your books now! I highlighted parts in the book that I wanted to really reflect and meditate on! I have since passed the book along to a co-worker and my manager bought herself a copy too!

    It’s really been helpful for me! I am so thankful I bought your books!

  6. I’ve been listening to your book on Audible. What was it you said about seeing rejection as a protection ? I was in the middle.of a 3 hour drive and couldn’t pull over to write it down !! There are so many powerful messages in this book. Thank you for your contributions to my journey !

    1. Hi Heather. So glad Super Attractor is serving you. One way to look at rejection is that it’s the universe’s way of protecting us from a situation that was not meant for us. For example, often times when we don’t get the job, get the guy, get the opportunity– it’s because the universe has something even more “aligned” in store for us. The lesson here is to trust that the universe is at work! xo

  7. Hello Gabby!
    I’ve been listening to your book on Audible and even have my 13 year old daughter listen on our way to school. I’m so grateful to have searched your books out and will share them with my 19 year old daughter as well. I will be putting to mediations to practice. I’m a teacher and want to be a positive influence to my students as I have concerns for the world they will inherent from us. Your practices of alignment seem the best way to give hope and joy to others.
    Thank you, Shellie

  8. Hi Gabby !
    Listening to snippets from you and then reading about you was something that resonated and reiterated my thoughts.
    Thank you.
    I ordered the book but did not receive any details on the free workshop. Is it different from the 21 day challenge that I am also doing ?
    Would I be able to still receive it, please?
    Thank you

  9. Hi Gabby, are the books going to be or being translated to portuguese?
    If not, can we make it happen? 😀
    It gets expensive to buy a book from US and get it deliver in Brazil.

  10. Hello Gabby and Supper Attractors!
    I would like to share my experience with all this Super Attractor thing. Before I bought the book I got the SA meditation album Album and I went over the SA Jumpstart training. By the time the book arrived I was ALREADY experiencing amazing stuff! I had faith in Gabby and in the Universe, but I am impressed things have gone way beyond my expectations. Something funny is that when I am reading the book I start thinking about things that come up just in the next page: I was reading first pages of chapter 4 about the emotional scale and thought -this could work great with the Choose Again Method. And in next page I read exactly that! Among other examples. On the other hand, the synchronicity, little big miracles, angels sending messages, a late friend making me feel his presence, and great feelings are THE DEAL! Not to mention I am having a blast with guys!

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