MAY CAUSE MIRACLES Interview with Patricia Moreno

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In my May Cause Miracles interview series I sit down with Patricia Moreno the founder of intenSati. We talk, fitness, body image and how to be super happy. Learn how to call forth your inner strength and heighten your miracle-mindset.

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  1. I started reading Marianne’s book A Course in Weightloss the other day & sat by the ocean surrendering my weight & fear to the higher power! Then I come to your lovely video and hear this beautiful message which I will incorporate in my journey to the best I can be!!
    Thanks for another reminder of my strength 😉

    1. just be careful ; she said that she had an eating disorder and it seems like the message here is to have change your life with affirmations . i have been in recovery for 26 years from aneroxia, bulimia and complusive overating and if you have crossed the line there is no amount of self affirmations that are going to make a difference i went into a 12 step program and by going thru the steps the obsession was lifted and i had a changed life

  2. Gabby! LOVE that you featured Patricia in this series. Finding IntenSati was such a miracle in my life and helped me in forming my self-defense and empowerment class for girls; the i am initiative.

    I adore teaching IntenSati in Minneapolis and many parts of it (including ‘i am strong’) have become a part of my class empowering girls to step into their power and own their uniqueness in the world.

    This was a fab interview, and you keep GREAT company!
    Love you, L-

  3. IntenSati showed up in my life the week I started reading Spirit Junkie. I told Patricia that I felt my ~ing bringing my to IntenSati. Now I am reading Fire Starter Sessions with SLWT and feeling all the pieces connect. Feeling greatful for this fabulous community of inspiring, happy and spiritual women in NYC 🙂 xox wishing you a great night Gaby!

  4. Thank you, Gabby & Patricia. It’s something I need to hear at the moment because I doubt my ability to face the situation at work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you both!

  5. Hi! Gabby, I love what you said about trying to stop asking other people for advice. It is rude to ask people for advice and go back to what you were going to do anyway, which is what I do all the time. Trusting ourself and God’s guidance is a gift, and starting today, Iwant to quit spinning my wheels, wasting my time and everyone else’s , asking for advice incessantly. I, too, will be more calm and confident! Thanks!

  6. Great interview! I’ve enjoyed countless classes with Patricia and she’s a dear teacher of mine. I remember when she was just starting to teach intenSati. Combining the power affirmations with physical movement has been so powerful for me! Thanks Gabby for sharing this vlog!

    With love + gratitude

  7. I really love the combination of Paticia’s program…It’s amazing to find our purpose through what we love to do. Other’s are so attracted to the ones that put 2 and 2 together…This seems like an easy equation but it’s not! The way we discover our ultimate message is often through years of soul searching. Great video ladies!

  8. Hello Gabby:)
    Thank you for your work and sharing.
    I`m from Norway. I have read your book and worked with it. I got in contact with my -ing, I really felt the strong energy, and I was Ing-writing and got answears. I had the connection for three days. Then I lost it. I pray for help. I try to ing-write but I don`t get the connection again, and I feel scared it`s gone….please can u give me an advice?is this normal to loose it like this?

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