Lewis Howes’s Book ‘The Mask of Masculinity’ Helps Men Embrace Vulnerability

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When we’re on a path of personal growth, one of the most important things we must do is embrace our vulnerability and be willing to get honest in order to experience miracles and radical shifts.

Masculinity and vulnerability


Tweet: ‘The Mask of Masculinity’ by @lewishowes will be the catalyst for many powerful breakthroughs for men and women alike @gabbybernstein

My dear friend Lewis Howes realized that he struggled to embrace his vulnerability. Growing up as an athlete, he couldn’t connect with messages about vulnerability because the language didn’t speak to him and his friends.

Lewis realized this block was keeping him from living up to his fullest potential and forming truly deep relationships. So he set out to write a book that would help him heal and resonate with men who could relate to his experiences.

Lewis Howes teaches men and women how to be both vulnerable and strong

The amazing result of that effort is Lewis’s book The Mask of Masculinity. And I recently got to sit down with Lewis to talk about it!

I know this book will be the catalyst for many powerful breakthroughs for men and women alike.

Lewis uncovered the nine masks of masculinity that hold men back from true fulfillment, and he offers inspired and practical guidance on how men can remove the masks in order to love, connect and be their real selves without self-doubt or apologies.

The Mask of Masculinity isn’t just for men. It will also help women better understand and support their partners. And if you struggle to embrace your vulnerability, it will help you experience beautiful shifts.

My interview with Lewis Howes about ‘The Mask of Masculinity’

I love this conversation! Watch it below and order The Mask of Masculinity here.


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