How to Let Go of What You Think You Need

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A little while back I was hosting a beautiful event with Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. I was backstage listening very intently to what they were saying because my role at the event was to come out and comment on these teachers’ profound words — a job I obviously didn’t take lightly!

There was one thing I heard while I was backstage that nearly knocked me off my chair. Deepak said that when you’re happy for some reason, you’re still in misery — because that reason can be taken from you tomorrow.

Wow! This statement blew me away. If I’m happy for some REASONS in my life, I’m actually still in misery.

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Deepak’s words reminded me that when we focus on what we think we need, that’s when we weaken our connection to the Universe.

Instead, strengthen that connection! Rather than focusing on certain circumstances or accomplishments or objects, practice letting go.

Watch the video for more guidance and let me know in the comments what you’re willing to release. Make your commitment to it.

I hope this video serves you.

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  1. Thanks for your vídeo.
    Here it goes:
    I want to release my need or obsession of having a kid with my boyfriend (he doesn’t want any more, as he has 2 from an ex). I Don’t know if I am in denial of who I am, or if I am scared of Loosing this relationship (he never placed an ultimàtum but expressed his feelings clearly).
    Any thoughts/told about it to help me cope with it would be much appreciated it. Thanks!

  2. I am learning to let go of my desire to be pain free and agile as I was previously. I believe that focussing on this need is stopping me from enjoying all the gifts I have around me, in me and coming to me. In letting go I am starting to be more open and blessings are visible, audible and tangible. I am opening space to enjoy which is in itself a relief for some pain.

  3. Willing to release this idea that I have that outside validation is what I need to move forward with confidence. That relying solely on my own ability to see and embrace my worth is truly what will carry me forward. But to go even deeper… is my own validation truly necessary to be ok? Just as I am? A tree doesn’t use affirmations to help stand tall. It just is. A star doesn’t lean on inner strength to shine brightly for all to see, it just is. The wind doesn’t give itself permission to move in tremendous ways. It just is. In its natural state without even inner validation

  4. Thank you, Gaby, for this video! I have been thinking about something similar to this lately and clarifying for myself… my conclusion/understanding so far is that there is needing something, finding joy in something outside of being one with Self and there is needing and depending on something as part of that oneness with Self. I think that’s what you said also, just different wording. 🙂 In the way of oneness, to reject these needs is to be rejecting this part of Self and thereby getting out of alignment and attaching to ‘my judgements’ as the previous poster mentioned of who Self ‘should’ be, what the Truth should be, how life should be…

    You are a beautiful light for the world! I can feel your pure, grounded energy when I watch you videos.

  5. Gabby I wanted to share what happened to me after I listened to your powerful message at the I Can Do It Conference in Toronto. It was a beautiful day and I had been blessed to meet you and have you sign my book. With my new lessons in hand I honestly was feeling “untouchable”. I left the conference to go back to a friends place and within an hour of leaving I was nearly passing out because of heat exhaustion. I was scared and could not believe how quickly my day had turned. I honestly was listening to you in my head and how this fear that could be going through me and I need to face it. I was able to calm down and cool down within a half hour. I enjoyed my night and throughout the whole ordeal I was trying to reveal what perhaps I was hiding. There is no doubt I was overheated but I do believe I was/am blocking something that needs to come to light. I just want to thank you for your truth and sharing it on Sunday.

  6. I will let go of the things i think I need. I will focus on happiness and joy as my primary focus, and happiness and joy will follow 🙂

  7. I am willing to release my self-criticism, as well as the outcomes of my changing life. I let go of my hopes and trust that my spiritual condition will create the experiences I am meant to have (that may very well exceed my current expectations!).

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