Appreciate What You Have Now and You’ll Attract What You Want

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There’s a game I like to play called the appreciation game. This is a practice created by the great teacher Abraham-Hicks.

It’s very simple: You just appreciate and appreciate more. You appreciate everything in your life that’s good right now, even the smallest stuff.

The appreciation game can change your mood or the dynamic between people within minutes. It’s also a fantastic tool for manifesting.

Appreciating what you have now is key to attracting what you want

You might be thinking, “Okay, I can appreciate the things in my life that I like. But what about the stuff I don’t like and really want to change?”

Good question. Let’s say you have a job you don’t like. Every day you wake up and sit on the edge of your bed and stare at the wall and think about your commute and the long meetings.

Then you walk into work and you’re thinking, “Let’s just get through this.” You’re bored and complaining to your friends or your partner. You’re counting down to the weekend. And by Sunday night you’re staring at the wall again.

All you want is a new job, but every time you look there aren’t any good listings. No one responds to your applications. The few jobs that look interesting don’t pay enough.

One mindset shift makes all the difference

This kind of situation can make you feel very frustrated and stuck.

But the truth is that all you have to do is make ONE mindset shift in order to get on the path to the job you love.

That shift is to begin appreciating what you do have right now, in THIS job.

When you appreciate the job that you have now, no matter what it is, it actually helps you attract that exact career path you want!

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This is where your logical mind might step in and say, “Whoa, not so fast.”

It may seem counterintuitive at first. You might think, “I don’t want to appreciate this thing I don’t want. That’s sending out a message to the Universe that I want something I don’t want!”

Actually… NO.

This is a big misconception.

The truth is that the more you appreciate what’s in front of you, the more you attract what it is that you desire!

Check out this clip of a talk I gave on this topic at the Play/Ground event in June 2018, which was put on by POPSUGAR. Then keep reading for a breakdown of the power of appreciation and how to play the appreciation game!

The power of appreciating what you have

When I'm connected to my joyful presence, I attract support from the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckIf you begin to appreciate that job that’s not that great, you start to emit a higher-frequency energy. You show up to work with a better attitude. You speak up more in meetings. You find ways to make your work more interesting and purposeful.

Your boss and coworkers pick up on that energetic shift. They start to see you a bit differently. Maybe they see that potential in you and give you a cool new project or a raise.

One day you realize you’re just in a really good mood because you’ve been appreciating everybody, your resentment has lifted and you’re no longer complaining.

You get on an elevator with someone who picks up on that high-vibe energy you’re giving off and they strike up a conversation. They say, “What do you do?” You say, “I’m a copy editor.” And then they say, “Oh, how interesting, we’ve been looking for a copy editor.”

The next thing you know, you’ve set up a call with this person for the next day.

This is not some wild coincidence. This is the kind of encounter you can expect to attract when you are in an energy of appreciation. Your appreciation creates these opportunities.

But when you’re in an energy of lack, fear or negativity, you’re likely to deflect the creative possibilities in your life. Your energy literally repels them.

The Universe responds to energy. When you’re in an energy of appreciation, you attract the exact people, circumstances and opportunities you desire.

How to start appreciating what you have

I know your logical mind is still giving me a skeptical look right now. You’re curious, and this sounds really cool, but you’re still wondering:

Gabby, how the hell do I appreciate something I don’t like?!

Let me give you some examples. Because like I said, this game is EASY.

All I ask is that you be willing to try it out.

Here are some examples of what you might say about that current job you don’t really love…

  • I appreciate that I have a job in the field I want to be in.
  • I appreciate that I can pay my bills and put money into savings.
  • I appreciate my coworker for always helping me out when things get crazy.
  • I appreciate that really nice client.

So far I’ve been talking about a work-related example, but you can play the appreciation game with anything in your life.

Maybe you’re on the dating scene and you’re sick of being single, and you’re ready to attract an awesome relationship. Here are some examples in this situation:

  • I appreciate the freedom of being single and the excitement of meeting new people.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to meet so many different people. Even if it’s not true love, it’s really cool to connect.
  • I appreciate dating because I get to check out great restaurants and try new activities!

If you’re really stuck in negativity, you can keep it even simpler. Gently notice something around you that brings you just a bit of joy. Maybe it’s the snack you’re eating or the sound of rain falling. Just appreciate.

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How appreciation amps up your attracting power

In a state of appreciation you’re relaxed, surrendered and faithful. That is the perfect energy for allowing your desires to come into form. When you’re aligned with appreciation you can surrender your desires to the Universe and trust in a plan beyond your own.

When you assume an energy of appreciation, you feel good in the present moment regardless of whether your desires have manifested yet. In a state of appreciation you’re having fun along the way.

So today, become willing to appreciate. Even if you’re still a bit skeptical, give it a try. Start to make it a habit to pivot into appreciation and allow yourself to feel good!

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  1. I have school loans and see know way of paying them totally scared it’s way to much to pay. I am 62 … no home to retire and it’s late in the game.

    1. Hi Tena, just because we can’t see a way to overcome an obstacle doesn’t mean that their isn’t one! When we invite the universe in, all things are possible. I encourage you to check out this blog post about reframing your thoughts so that you can shift from fear to faith: I also encourage you to use is this money mantra: “I am open to creative possibilities.” xoxo

      1. Woah! This convo applies to me as well. Thank you Gabby. I’m going to check out this linke.
        I’m so glad I “met” you online last week. I’m so grateful for you.<3

  2. Starting today! Wanting to build client numbers, so will appreciate every single one I have, and every single order! Also my FB biz page that I just got intentional with in August…I will appreciate every show of engagement to grow the page. Thank you Gabby. xx

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for this article. It is so good :). However I still wonder – I understand that when appreciating what I have, I attract what I desire. But how do I let the Universe know of my desires while being appreciative of what I already have and of what I do?

    thank you,


    1. Hi Lotte! Journaling is a fun exercise for manifesting. You can free write about what your dreams and desires are, as well as write the things you’re grateful for. Being in the vibration of gratitude helps connect you with those dreams. XOX

  4. Divine timing as always – I was stuck in some negative thinking amd overwhelm. This post reminded me of the path forward – through gratitude and appreciation.

    Thank you

  5. Yes! My lifetime quote has been from Dr. Michael Beckwith. “Nothing new can come into your life until you are already grateful for what you already have”. Even in my darkest moments, I am grateful that I just have breath. Love you Gabby!

  6. Beautiful Gabby, thank you! <3
    I know my current job is not what I like the most, yet I try to learn both at the professional and personal level. People who push my buttons at work are my greatest teachers! And I am actually learning new skills, and traveling a bit. And paying my bills+saving! So it's not that bad 🙂 Yet I know I want to move on. What can I do if I am not clear on what I want? I haven't been clear in two years now……. Love, M.

    1. This is fabulous Mary! Keep going with that attitude of gratitude! By sharing your appreciation and doing things that bring you joy, you’ll move towards that clarity. Focus on what you do enjoy rather than what you don’t. You’re doing great work! <3

  7. Hi Gabriel. First I would like to thank you for the work you do and support you give so many! I appreciate that a lot. Secondly, how can I use it to change a relationship with my very challenging son, who gets a lot trouble at school and afterwards I have to face the criticism and so on. I love ❤️ this boy of mein but after situation were I am at attacked by other parent or so it’s hard to function and support my son, help him change, see other sides of him. And I know that if am not on his side who then? Lots of love J

    1. Hi Justyna. I’m so sorry to hear about the struggle you are experiencing with your son. I am a big believer in working with therapists and counselors. Does the school offer counseling options, or can they refer you to an affordable counseling/therapy program? You may also want to talk with your pediatrician about whether there may be a condition underlying your son’s negative behavior. Your pediatrician may also be able to refer you to a therapist who can work with your son to address what is behind his behavior. I’m holding you in a lot of love and light as you work through this together.

  8. I am working exactly on that. It is difficult to get around and appreciate a place you feel repelled to and you feel like your wasting your energy every day. I passed the phase of despair, and now I am working on changing the energy around. Thanks for this post! :*

  9. I’m here manifesting a free membership to Spirit Junkie Master Class digital
    -I appreciate the teachers that have guided me through my spiritual journey
    -I appreciate listening to Food heals podcast in the mornings and Super Soul conversations
    -I appreciate the wisdom the book ask and it is given has brought me
    -I appreciate the green trees and sun-rays displaying right in front of me right now
    -I appreciate my openness and curiosity through life
    -I appreciate not giving up

  10. I just want to say Thankyou Gabby!
    For everything.
    I want to tell you that the sign game is dope.
    It was just late night when i was reading the Universe has your back and thought what will be my sign?
    It was lizard which first came to my mind and in the very morning i went washroom and got my sign.
    It was such a great start to my day.

  11. Just what I needed to hear today! I was praying to see my work situation differently because I am going though a tough time there and it was bringing me down in many ways. Excellent advice! It changed my whole perspective. The Universe does have my back!

  12. Love this! Thank you for the reminder to appreciate what I have, instead of worring about what I don’t.

  13. Hi Gabby! I think the universe make me read this today…I’m actually struggling with finding a job, it has been going for almost 5 months, I’ve been to many interviews but they never called me back and sometimes I really feel frustrated. I’ve visualized, pray, meditate to surrender like you said in your video, give thanks and actually appreciate the things I could do this time and part of me really thinks the universe is trying to show me something with this situation but i don’t know what else I could do to finally find a job. I think I’m blocking some energy or something and I don’t even realize it. Can you give me some advice please?

    1. I’m so glad you’re here Diana. Acknowledging all the things that are currently going well and expressing gratitude for even the little things during your job hunt will help you find that right job! Some things to ask yourself: what can you be thankful for during this process? What’s something new that you learned while on an interview? What’s something cool you learned about yourself during your job hunt? Continue to give thanks for all the things going well, which will help you lift any blocks and connect with the right position. <3

    2. Diana-
      Try this verbiage…you are currently Employable!! Instead of referencing being “unemployed”. Along with what Gabby said about appreciation and small shifts in describing your circumstance (and writing about it) you’ll absolutely see a shift in opportunity!!

    3. Hi Diana! I was in the same situation recently and beside manifesting, visualizing, being grateful and all this stuff I also used EFT. You might know this technique, if not, there are awesome videos on Youtube to clear unconscious blocks that can hold you back from getting that new job. These videos help you work on different issues so there is a good chance of finding the right one 🙂 Hope it will help, best of luck!

  14. Great post, with such a powerful yet simple message. Appreciation is free, and we can all join in on the fun. I am currently experiencing an enormous life shift, the ending of a relationship that lasted the majority of my twenties, the loss of a pet, work challenges, and the list goes on! Some days I find myself in a yucky mind-space focusing on lack and my current perceived limitations. These simple tools can really change your state. Thanks for the reminder, Gabby!


  15. I too have learned this game from Abraham-Hicks. While playing and feeling appreciation I can instantly feel my emotional and energetic Being begin to expand, raising my vibration almost instantly! It is something I practice on a daily basis. This game or rather to me, way of being, along with meditating daily has increased my ability to align with my Higher Self. I add to this daily practice drawing one of the beautiful cards from The Universe Has Your Back deck. I appreciate you Gabby! You inspire me as I aspire to uplift and inspire others in their everyday moments. Thank you!!!

  16. Thank you for a beautiful post today. I appreciate that I was able to go to London and see you live Friday night. You are awsome! Such an inspiration. So much love. I appreciate you and all that you teach.

  17. I like my job and my team, but the commute and cubicle vibes have been really getting to me even though it’s only 3 days a week. I took this week off to recalibrate so this appreciation game is exactly what I needed and oh so timely! Thank you.

  18. Thank you Gabby
    Appreciation is taught in the Bible
    We must give thanks to God when we pray
    So the Appreciation Game is in harmony with the way God wants us to be
    I will be even more appreciative for the things I have and the things I want and play the game everyday

  19. I love the appreciation journal and the idea of writing it down is a great boon to reminding myself of the awesome things, people and experiences that are already in my life.

  20. What a great reminder! Thank you, today I was stressing about my job and where I should take my career. And then I read your blog and started the appreciation game, I immediately felt better and I have reminded myself to have faith, that the universe will show me the way. Thank you

  21. Hi Gabby,
    I know my question is unrelated to the topic of this month, but I really appreciate your reply. Does this count if you receive your sign from universe in a lucid dream?

    1. Hey Mia! When you ask the universe for a sign, be open to all the ways in which it can show up. Signs can often present themselves in dreams. Check in with yourself and see if this is coming from a place of love (trusting the sign) or coming from a place of fear (ego energy). <3

  22. Thank You Gabbi so much for this mail and message. I really appreciate that and i am about to write a list od things I appreciate every day without realizing that ❤️❤️❤️

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