How to Heal Judgment and Live a Better Life with the Judgment Detox

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gabby bernstein judgment detox bookOn January 2nd, 2018, I published my sixth book, Judgment Detox: Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living a Better Life.

Since it was published, I have heard from so many people about the miracles they have experienced as a result of practicing the six steps in Judgment Detox! I want to share this transformational method with as many people as possible, so I created this guide as a beautiful introduction to all things Judgment Detox.

What you’ll learn in this Judgment Detox blog post

Keep reading to learn…

  • How I came to write Judgment Detox
  •  What judgment is
  • Why we need to detox from judgment
  • The promise of healing judgment
  • The six steps of the Judgment Detox, including spiritual tools you can put into practice today
  • How you can get started on your Judgment Detox journey now
  • How to take your Judgment Detox experience to the next level

I wrote ‘Judgment Detox’ after many years of spiritual work

Judgment Detox is the culmination of many years of spiritual work. I had been talking, writing and thinking about the problem of judgment for a long time. I dedicated a chapter of my book The Universe Has Your Back to healing judgment, and it soon became clear to me that the topic was so much bigger than a single chapter! The topic of judgment and how to heal it required an entire book.

My commitment as a spiritual teacher is to keep it real. So in order to write a book called Judgment Detox, I had to get fearlessly honest about my own judgment.

This is my truth

I struggle with judgment every day. I judge far and I judge wide. I judge strangers. I judge my friends. I judge my husband and my family members. And, of course, I judge myself for just about everything.

Tweet: When you heal judgment, you shift your energy to free-flowing love. And when you’re in harmony with love you receive more of what you want! @GabbyBernstein #JudgmentDetox

For years I tried to rationalize or dismiss what seemed like innocent enough behavior. We get a quick hit of self-righteousness when we judge others. It’s a reliable little crutch when we feel hurt, insecure or vulnerable. Our judgment towards others seem to make us feel better than them — smarter, savvier, more enlightened, healthier or wealthier.

Inevitably, though, this feeling fades. When I judge I feel my energy weaken and my thoughts darken. Time and time again, judgment left me feeling deeply uncomfortable, isolated and out of alignment with the woman I want to be.

What is judgment?

My definition of judgment is pretty straightforward: separation from love. The moment we see ourselves as separate from anyone else we detour into a false belief system that is out of alignment with our true nature, which is love. Deep down we are all loving, kind and compassionate beings.

There are many spiritual terms for this truth, such as spirit, source and God. Throughout Judgment Detox I refer to this truthful state as love. This separation from love is the force behind everything from playground bullying to systemic racism, xenophobic world leaders and even terrorism.

Why do we need to detox from judgment?

I created a beautiful video that shows the many ways that judgment hurts us. Healing judgment is urgent. It is absolutely essential in healing the world.

Watch below:

To begin the journey of healing judgment and restoring love, we must recognize that we all have the same problem and the same solution. Our problem is that we separated from love and the solution is to return to love.

Our separation from love

So why and how did we separate from love? From a spiritual perspective, our life’s hangups stem from this moment of separation, when our internal voice of fear (our ego) led us astray from love, compassion and oneness. Our separation from love can be the result of a  traumatic experience or a seemingly insignificant event.

healing judgment quote gabby bernstein judgment detoxWhile we all have different stories that caused us to separate from love, we all have the same response to feeling alone in the world: fear. One way we respond to that feeling of fear is to fight back by judging others. It’s our way of trying to build ourselves up. We lean on judgment as our great protector.

I cannot overstate this: Judgment is the #1 reason we feel lonely, sad and disconnected.

Our popular culture and media place enormous value on social status, looks, racial and religious separation, and material wealth. We are made to feel less than, separate and not good enough, so we use judgment to insulate ourselves from the pain of feeling inadequate, insecure or unworthy. It’s easier to make fun of, write off or judge someone for a perceived weakness of theirs than it is to examine our own sense of lack.

Judgment drains our happiness

Check out this video from The Dr. Oz Show, where I talk about how judgment is the one sneaky thing that drains our happiness:

We can heal judgment

The good news is that we can heal judgment! My commitment to healing my own relationship to judgment has changed my life in profound ways. My awareness of my judgment has helped me become a more mindful and conscious person. My willingness to heal these perceptions has set me free. I have been able to let go of resentments and jealousies, I can face pain with curiosity and love, and I forgive others and myself much more easily.

Best of all, I have a healthy relationship to judgment so that I can witness when it shows up and I can use these steps to quickly return to love.

All of this is available to you, too, when you practice the Judgment Detox!

What is the Judgment Detox?

At our core we are all love and light | Gabby Bernstein | Judgment DetoxThe Judgment Detox is an interactive six-step process that calls on spiritual principles from the text A Course in Miracles, Kundalini yoga, the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping), meditation, prayer and other metaphysical teachings. I’ve demystified these principles to make them easy to commit to and apply in your daily life.

Each lesson builds upon the next to support true healing. When you commit to following the process and become willing to let go, judgment, pain and suffering will begin to dissolve.

When you read Judgment Detox, you will practice six steps in order. Below I break down each step and give you a preview of what to expect.

Step 1: Witness your judgment without judgment

The way out of judgment begins when you witness the judgment without more judgment. When we look at our judgment with love we can begin the healing process.

witness judgment without more judgment gabby bernstein judgment detoxIn Step 1 you’ll get intimate with your judgment, identify the triggers underneath it and get honest about how it makes you feel.

This is a beautiful practice. What is asked is that you become more conscious of the ways you separate yourself from others and the world. This step requires an honest inventory of your thoughts, words and actions.

When you look closely at the ways you judge, you may be tempted to judge yourself. Let’s take that off the table now by accepting that we all judge all the time! We live in a world filled with judgment and no one is a saint. Therefore, let’s accept that we’re all in it together.

This step by itself is likely to heal some of your judgments completely!

Step 2: Honor the wound

The next step in healing your relationship to judgment is to honor the shadows and bring them to the light. In this step I teach a powerful technique called the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping.

EFT is a psychological acupressure technique that supports your emotional health. I have found that EFT is one of the greatest ways to address the root cause of emotional issues that live below the surface of our judgment.

This practice will help you heal the triggers, wounds and traumas that live underneath your judgments. This process can have a huge healing effect on your life.

Guided EFT: Tapping on judgment

You can start right now by watching this video in which we tap on judgment. This video comes from my new digital course, The Judgment Detox. (Read more about the course later in this post!)

Step 3: Put love on the altar

Once you’ve witnessed your judgmental thoughts and honored the wounds through EFT, you pray. This is a practice of offering up your judgment through prayer.

pray to release judgment gabby bernstein judgment detoxIt doesn’t matter whether you believe in God, spirit or the energy of the Universe. All that matters is that you’re willing to let go and be free. Your desire to be free from judgment is enough to establish a spiritual connection. Throughout this step I’m going to ask you to suspend any disbelief you may have and open up to surrender your judgment to a power greater than you. If this is new to you, then get psyched! Endless freedom and grace are available to you when you receive spiritual guidance.

If you’ve never prayed before or haven’t done it in a long time, here’s something to keep in mind: The desire to release judgment is itself a prayer. So rest assured that you already know how to pray! The fact that you are reading this blog signals that you’re willing to release judgment. You’re already on your way.

Step 4: See for the first time

When you proactively see others in the light, you allow the stream of well-being to flow | Gabby Bernstein | Judgment DetoxOnce you’ve prayed and cultivated compassion, you’ll be ready to shift how you see the people you’ve judged. We often judge others (and ourselves) by projecting old experiences onto our current circumstances.

But when you practice seeing someone for the first time, you release them from the false projections you’ve put on them and the false beliefs that separate you.

You’ll learn how you can choose to look at a person (or a situation) as if you’re seeing them for the first time. Imagine how free you would be if you didn’t lug your past into your present with every encounter!

The experience of seeing someone for the first time is one of deep relief. You free the person from the stories you’ve placed upon them and you free yourself from the bondage of attack. You’ll feel relieved because you’ll be returning to your truth.

Step 5: Meditate for oneness

Learning how to see others for the first time sets you up for the powerful practice of meditation. In stillness all separation melts away and oneness is restored.

Step 5 contains visualization meditations, Kundalini meditations and mantra-based meditations to help you heal your relationship to judgment. One of my favorite meditations is part of this step: the Cord-Cutting Meditation.

We all have energetic cords tying us to people all over the world. Sometimes we have cord connections to people we don’t even know. You might have a cord connection to a celebrity or to someone you met only once. When you have any kind of relationship with someone, your energy becomes connected, especially when a strong emotional event occurs between you.

Even when that relationship ends, the energy cord can still be intact, particularly in situations where you’re thinking negative, judgmental thoughts about that person.

The Cord-Cutting Meditation allows you to let go and get closure from a past relationship.

Guided Cord-Cutting Meditation

Below is a guided Cord-Cutting Meditation from The Judgment Detox Digital Course. When you are ready to meditate, simply press play, close your eyes and pay attention to the words I’m speaking:

Step 6: Forgive

The final step of the Judgment Detox is to practice forgiveness. This step is the most passive, but also the most powerful.

If we want to be free from judgment, we must be willing to forgive. Without forgiveness we continue to live in the shadows of our past and our projections of the future.

forgiveness quote judgment detox gabby bernsteinThe key word here is willingness. You may find that it’s easy to forgive some people, but the thought of forgiving someone who hurt you greatly might seem impossible. That’s okay. We don’t need to forgive immediately. We simply need to be willing to forgive. Our willingness is enough to open the door to forgiveness.

When we become willing, spirit hears our call and guides our path. A Course in Miracles says, “Do nothing, then, and let forgiveness show you what to do.” Looking at our separation and judgment through the lens of our internal teacher makes forgiveness possible.

By being willing to forgive — even if we aren’t sure how it will happen or how long it will take — we allow ourselves to begin to heal. Forgiving doesn’t mean you let someone off the hook for seriously hurting you, and it certainly doesn’t mean you need to have this person in your life. But you don’t have to expend energy on judging them. Instead, you can be free. Forgiveness is a blessing for you.

In this final step of the Judgment Detox, I will guide you toward forgiveness. You will feel an incredible lightness and a sense of completion, and you’ll be ready to apply the practices of Judgment Detox in your everyday life.

Final chapter: Living the Judgment Detox

The final chapter of Judgment Detox is dedicated to showing you how to live the practice in everyday life.

Once you complete the six steps, you can use the practices in the book anytime, anywhere. You may find one or two steps come more easily to you than others. Do what feels good to you. When you’ve experienced the complete detox there’s no right or wrong way to continue to apply these principles in your life. All that I suggest is that you use at least one step daily to stay consistent on your path.

What matters is how quickly you come back to love.

It’s important to go easy on yourself and remember that you won’t (and can’t) be judgment-free all the time. What matters is how quickly you witness the judgment and come back to your right mind. You’ll be amazed by how fast you can do this once you’ve completed the detox!

In this final chapter I’ll give you tips and tools to stay consistent with your practice. This will help you to maintain the sense of joy, freedom and peace that the Judgment Detox offers.

Since I wrote this book I have experienced many miracles. I’ve also heard from countless readers about the miraculous transformations they’ve experienced! Now it’s your turn.

What happens when you practice the Judgment Detox

let spirit lead the way gabby bernstein judgment detoxThis practice offers many promises. Petty resentments will disappear, compassion will replace attack, the energy of resistance will transform into freedom and you’ll feel more peace and happiness than you’ve ever known. I can testify to these results because I’ve lived them. I’ve never felt more freedom and joy than I have when writing and practicing these steps.

And the miracles keep coming. Once you begin to feel better you start to release your resistance to love. The more you practice these steps the more love enters into your consciousness and into your energetic vibration.

When you’re in harmony with love you receive more of what you want. Your energy attracts its likeness. So when you shift your energy from defensive judgment to free-flowing love, your life gets awesome! You’ll attract exactly what you need, your relationships will heal, your health will improve and you’ll feel safer and more secure.

Detoxing from judgment heals the world

I wrote Judgment Detox to help us all feel better. As a spiritual activist I believe that my greatest contribution to the world is to help people reconnect to the power of love. When we make this shift we begin to vibrate at a new frequency. When you change your frequency, your family, neighbors and friends reap the benefits. One person’s energetic shift has the power to create a ripple effect across the globe. And as more and more people vibrate love, the vibrations of hate and judgment weaken.

commitment to love gabby bernstein judgment detoxThe times we’re living in require our commitment to love. We are divided, fearful, angry and traumatized. The only way to survive these times is to change our frequency. This practice is not just about feeling happier and attracting more — it’s about healing the world.

We all feel the call of our own inner activist. The most powerful way to respond to that call is to shift our inner life. When we make inner shifts we intuitively know how to show up on the outside. We lead from a place of compassion and forgiveness. We become more conscious on our social media feed and in our face-to-face conversations. We become a better example for our children.

Each loving thought we have becomes a peaceful protest that energetically heals the epidemic of hate in the world. One loving thought at a time creates a miracle.

How to start your Judgment Detox journey

gabby bernstein judgment detox bookYou can begin your journey now by buying your copy of Judgment Detox online or in a bookstore, or by downloading the audiobook. When you buy the book, you also get a gift: lifetime access to my Super Attractor online workshop!

The Super Attractor workshop is a beautiful supplement to your Judgment Detox practice. When you heal judgment, you raise your energetic vibration and strengthen your attracting power!

You can get started with Judgment Detox by downloading the audiobook intro for free! Click here to get the free audiobook introduction to Judgment Detox.

free audiobook introduction judgment detox gabby bernstein

Support your practice with the Judgment Detox Journal

I created the beautiful Judgment Detox Journal to support your practice! This journal makes it easy to follow along with the exercises in the book. With the Judgment Detox Journal, you will:

  • judgment detox journal gabby bernsteinEasily follow the Judgment Detox process with guided prompts that help you reflect, observe, dig deep and explore.
  • Track your progress through all the practices in the book.
  • Get lots of encouragement and inspiration from me along your journey, following a clear path that unfolds before you.
  • Celebrate your miracle moments in dedicated sections for reflecting on your awesome successes!

Even if you’ve never kept a journal before, the Judgment Detox Journal makes it easy and fun to stick to the practice.

Try the Judgment Detox with my free mini course

Gabby Bernstein's free Judgment Detox Mini Course

In my FREE Judgment Detox Mini Course, I guide you through 3 core practices of the Judgment Detox method so you can feel fast relief.

The mini course is delivered via email over the course of one week, and it takes just a few minutes a day!

Get your free mini course here.

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  1. Hi Gabby,
    I am just reading this book and am at the first exercise and am really stuck. It’s where we make the 4 columns and answer the questions. So most of my judgements are against myself and I’m struggling to answer the 4th column – what moment in my life triggered me to feel justified in this judgement.

    I judge myself for not having my life together and for addiction patterns. So are you able to give some examples please as to how I can answer the 4th question when the judgement is against myself?

    Thank you so much I’m advance for your response xxx

    1. Thanks for this great question, Caryn. Gabby wrote the exercises so that they can be applied to feeling judged by others or if the judgment comes from within you (or both). Journaling is an extremely helpful tool for this column. Try free writing about past experiences and situations where you remember this self judgment coming up strong and into your life. Grateful that you showed up here and are doing this beautiful healing work. <3

  2. Hi Gabby,

    I’m Reading Judgement Detox and I love it!
    At this point I’m on page 149 and want to begin cord-cutting meditation. I can’t find the audio recording on your website. Can you help me? Where can I listen to it so I can begin day 1.

    Thanks a lot!!

    Kind regards,


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